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Sorority Supplicant Ch. 01

 — Kim does all she can to join mother's old sorority. by AchCiarrai11/02/044.05

Sorority Supplicant Ch. 02

 — Kim's testing continues with Joan. by AchCiarrai11/04/044.29

Southern Afternoons

 — Hot summer afternoon leads to an even hotter experience. by britster05/24/014.03

Special Delivery

 — Katie quickly tore away the plain brown wrapping. by Hudson12/02/094.21

Special Delivery

 — Fiona gets a new toy. by tk555507/13/124.20

Special Viewing

 — She bathes, he watches and gets a suprise. by robyn_blais04/19/043.91

Spice Ch. 02

 — Jodie discovers cybersex by AlexisShore10/02/113.93

Spiders Eggs

 — Dessert never tasted so good! by His_Fantasy_Reality12/19/01

Spring Release

 — A young woman gets off while he watches her in the sun. by gmpok04/27/154.33

Spying on My Sister

 — Catching my sister play in the bath. by hblocalgrl12/23/134.17

Squeaky Clean

 — Rubber Ducky, you're the one... by china-doll04/09/084.58HOT

Stacey Ch. 01

 — An older married man has an obsession with his neighbour. by PicturePainter06/08/103.88

Starlit Night

 — Missing her lover, she satisfies herself. by SweetMystery08/09/104.34

Starting My Morning Off Right

 — What a way to start the day. by mynaughtypix01/22/124.03

Starting Over

 — What could have been the end turns into a fresh start. by Silverlily05/28/04

Starting the Day

 — Julie grabbed the bottom of her short nightie and lifted it. by Hudson12/02/094.15

Staying Out of Trouble

 — Online lovers finally meet, enjoying good vibrations. by AmysNewFreedom02/25/034.55HOT

Steam and Sorcery Ch. 01

 — A spell introduces a young sorceress to adult pleasures. by Elenriel11/26/154.37

Steam, Sweat & Semen

 — Paul enjoys himself while alone in the sauna. by Akito0102/22/054.13


 — Harder, better, faster, stronger. by PinkAndWhite02/24/174.04

Step This Way, Please

 — Katie is caught with something naughty in her suitcase. by janiexx09/26/064.54HOT

Stephanie's Masturbation Research

 — Experimental device leads to mind-boggling orgasms. by HeyAll05/27/154.56HOT

Stephanie's Silver Bullet

 — Her favorite toy will take care of her horniness. by SweetPrettyAss06/03/144.32

Steps 01-02

 — Wife plans very special evening. by Michael3608/02/034.00

Still Horny The Morning After Ch. 01

 — Carmen is left wanting more. by nyprince01/10/044.26

Still Waters

 — A single mom's sexy shower. by FlyingAgain04/22/054.30

Stockings & Stillettos

 — Masturbation. by SexyKat01/01/094.13

Stolen Days Ch. 03

 — The drive couldn't be more fun. by gr8_4play05/04/034.39

Stolen Moments of Pleasure

 — Lonely Mrs. breaks in new toy. by SugarNSex04/07/094.31


 — Uninhibited couple share their most basic sexual feelings. by highpowererot03/01/074.45

Store Clerk Ch. 01

 — Day behind the counter is always better with a few toys. by Anobody708/26/084.46

Story of a Girl Ch. 02

 — She teaches a girl to use her toys. by tyralyn01/17/054.17


 — I read you a story and naughtiness ensues. by Toqueme01/28/144.35

Stranded & Aroused

 — Best friends find an unusual way to keep warm. by HeyAll11/16/154.48

Strange Dreams

 — She makes a strange dream. by romane11/20/034.25

Strange Feelings

 — Excerpt from a Novel. by warmme302/24/083.00

Stranger and a Shower

 — Hot conversations lead to hot showers. by cheerleader_of_doom01/16/054.07

Strangers in Paradise Ch. 02

 — She fantasises about the black man that took her. by Roleplay_LouiseUk09/17/123.91

Strangers on a Train

 — She chooses him and makes his day. by FoxyFaith01/09/103.50

Strap On Something New

 — Girlfriend talks her into using a miracle of technology. by Cockatoo07/05/014.44Editor's Pick

Strap-On Fantasy

 — Mental seduction by a strap-on girl. by jadedSHADOW09/25/054.23

Strip Hearts Ep. 02 Ch. 02

 — The Women and the Rules -- Let the Games Begin. by alternatereality12504/01/164.68HOT

Strip Hearts Ep. 02 Ch. 03

 — Everyone gets involved. by alternatereality12504/01/164.56HOT

Stroke of a Lifetime

 — DVD and lube makes for a good day. by dirtyjoe6912/23/062.94

Strokes of a Genius Ch. 3

 — She takes a 'hands-on' approach to pleasure. by Violette05/03/024.38

Stroking With Jan

 — She discovers that Jan shares a love for masturbation. by jingo03/16/044.55HOT

Struggling to Sleep

 — Alice finds release even with Laura in the next bed. by tigerslittleprincess12/09/134.36

Stuck in Traffic

 — Frank tells Fiona a sexy story to pass time in a traffic jam. by tk555509/02/123.96

Students & Masturbation

 — Mr. Rubinstein's students discover what college is all about. by expressiveness12/30/083.40

Students' Holiday Ch. 01

 — Students James & Jean enjoy mutual masturbation on a train. by JamesHunter10/06/084.18

Study Break Snack

 — You don't have to always eat your vegetables. by Xatiqua10/03/044.38

Stuffed In Her Ass

 — Anal play with a cucumber gets humiliating. by NiteWriter05/14/034.44


 — Long distance relationships can still be fun. by Enchantress1502/14/094.13

Submission to My Fantasies

 — She fantasizes about a lover while masturbating. by SlaveInTraining08/22/054.39

Sue Jean's Perfect Birthday Gift

 — Rob gives Sue Jean the (vibrating) gift that keeps on giving. by angryjimmy07/17/084.32

Summer Art Class

 — Monica enrolls in a summer art class with unexpected results. by ms_4tune06/13/174.46

Summer Camp Discovery

 — Having fun with my friend at Soccer Camp. by hblocalgrl01/22/134.36

Summer Money

 — Substitute therapist uses handcuffs. by papadog03/26/044.29

Summer Nights in My Jacuzzi

 — Divorced woman finds alternative to ex husband. by Dawns10/06/133.15

Summer of 1957

 — Jenny remembers back to the summer she met Nick. by Selena_Kitt04/01/064.39

Summer on the Farm Ch. 03

 — Christian continues to watch, relationships develop. by christian_hm06/10/064.48

Summer Ride

 — A summer motorcycle ride turns into a sexual exploration. by missbhaven196807/14/074.24

Summertime Blues

 — Husband suggests she buy something to fill her time. by Chicklet12/27/024.21

Sun Affair

 — She creates some relaxation that is well deserved. by apathykiss05/22/034.15

Sun Affair Ch. 02

 — Jason assists Claire in her pleasure. by apathykiss07/06/033.89

Sunday Afternoon Alone

 — She's alone and horny, but her dildo is her friend. by HotWords4You03/10/033.79

Sunday Night Fantasy

 — She tries on a sexy outfit. by Pink Sugar02/23/064.54HOT

Sunita Takes Out His Lust In Public

 — His airport encounter airport with her leads to a release. by misterwho11/26/063.91

Sunita Tells Of Her Night Before

 — They get hot and she makes him cum. by misterwho11/24/063.77

Super Dildo

 — Carol has great orgasms from a mechanical dildo. by Ken65B08/19/143.53

Super Toy

 — The ultimate sex toy. by Charlie1711/23/064.22

Supergirl Saves the Planet

 — Supergirl saves the females of Earth. by rocketman6002/26/163.39

Superslut Ch. 2

 — Katie discovers the ultimate sex toy. by 10258201/21/013.20

Surprise Massage

 — Fireman gets a nice surprise when he arrives for his massage. by Acal07/04/094.07

Surprise Massage

 — Present from Hubby. by Ginger_Sun09/13/154.23

Surprising Evening

 — Lover surprises John with a new toy. by Lady Lay07/18/034.60HOT

Susanne Gets Stuck

 — Writer has difficulties and gets permission to play. by sassypeach03/22/084.04

Susie Suckit

 — A girl lives up to her name... by Bowzer10/26/174.17

Suzanne's Massage Surprise

 — A chance mistake in the salon opened Suzanne's eyes. by SuzanneHandzon09/03/164.67HOT

Sweet Dreams

 — Phone sex with you leads to an erotic session. by Texas Tease06/20/054.50HOT

Sweet Jesus: Confessional

 — Father Jesus gets hot and bothered when a stripper confesses by jill_gates05/21/144.20

Sweet Release

 — I sneak in a little play time. by bunnie191105/27/104.30

Sweet Sweet Theft

 — Ever heard of kleptophilia? by Mirrored08/26/064.00

Sweet torment

 — He is with her even though she is alone. by cnightshade11/29/073.73


 — Middle aged circus lady does an erotic act on camera. by al_Ussa12/22/104.27

Sybian Games

 — Two couples share a Sybian. by Bob Waters05/22/094.52HOTContest Winner

Sybian Sisters

 — A bride-to-be learns to cum with her friend's toy. by queenhobart06/16/114.29

Sybian Surprise

 — The story of an unforgettable ride. by wife2hotblk12/07/093.97

Sylvia's Narcissistic Transformation

 — Coed succumbs to her own sexy body. by notlib10/08/054.39


 — She wants you to imagine.... by vixen6207/18/074.24


 — Couple celebrates Friday with playtime. by CJ10/09/003.80

Take a Break

 — She uses just the tip of her index finger. by Afterdark197411/09/034.15

Taken, Not Asked Ch. 01

 — Woman pleasures herself while thinking about him. by badcharlotte04/25/093.57

Taking Care of Business

 — Taking matters into her own hands while her man is in Iraq. by Bewitched6907/04/074.38

Taking Care of Herself

 — Alone in a hotel room, she takes care of herself. by Rbk_4709/07/174.25

Taking Hot and Wet To an All New Level

 — Two friends masturbate each other in a hot tub. by letscumtogether03/14/144.00

Taking The Edge Off

 — After a bad day, Genna takes the edge off. by simplyme07/25/083.73

Taking the Lead

 — A story about assisted masturbation. by SassyBird11/06/083.68

Taking Turns

 — She misses her lover & eases her own ache as she waits. by sweetangelelise10/11/084.08

Tala's First Performance

 — Her first time touching herself - & with an audience. by Lisolette Gilcrest03/15/064.26

Tales of a Mature Prostitute Ch. 01

 — My first client. by GabbyBX06/01/134.34

Tales of a Mature Prostitute Ch. 02

 — Harvey and his porn. by GabbyBX06/07/134.57HOT

Tales of a Mature Prostitute Ch. 03

 — Games my clients play. by GabbyBX06/16/134.30

Tales of a Mature Prostitute Ch. 04

 — Outercourse. by GabbyBX06/22/134.44


 — Virgin coed experiments with her sexuality. by ny_girl1410/06/074.37

Talk and Action Ch. 01

 — Friends reconnect and she learns and practices masturbation. by misterwho01/02/154.26

Tam's Toy

 — Is it enough? by sarge1303/03/074.22

Tamed Cougar Ch. 04

 — Tammy takes a trip to meet her mistress. by Tappy_McWidestance12/13/104.62HOT


 — M/F tandem masturbation in restaurant restrooms. by screwpunch05/23/084.00


 — Hannah finally has a moment alone. by flamekitten10/11/054.47

Tantric Masturbation

 — I love to get high and edge for hours. Here's a play by play. by Imasturbatedaily10/24/173.64

Tardiness Requires a Punishment

 — Alesha is late for work again. by groovykindoflove04/29/054.14

Tasha Pt. 01

 — Coming home to an empty house. by whatsosticky09/30/153.55


 — Katie gets a taste of her own medicine. by hornystonerr42007/05/143.72

Tax Day Relief

 — Ready to stroke it and I get some help from text friend. by ThinkingDog05/24/184.75NEW

Teacher's Pet Ch. 05

 — Mr Burton has an unintentional effect on his fellow faculty. by jamesofthedead12/24/124.34

Teaching Chantelle Ch. 00

 — Prologue: it started with just talking in the car. by BlueTang09/29/113.92

Teaching Chantelle Ch. 01

 — Chantelle still doesn't have her own vibrator. by BlueTang09/30/114.64HOT

Teaching Chantelle Ch. 02

 — Chantelle's vibrator play turns anal... with a twist. by BlueTang10/01/114.67HOT


 — It's not cheating if we don't touch each other. by pinkysurprise03/15/154.29


 — Dreams & memory merge. by Xeyda05/19/043.00

Teasing Her

 — Teasing in the bathtub during a blackout. by WFEATHER08/04/064.09

Teasing Lena

 — Lena experience's heightened senses and unexpected pleasure. by asphyxiation09/15/153.45

Teasing Teacher

 — A preschool teacher offers dads a peek at her body. by jenniferleigh08/05/144.23

Teasing Touches

 — She's fantasizing about you. by Arinn02/20/054.34

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