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Toys & Masturbation Stories

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Teddy Bang

 — She really "enjoys" her stuffed animals. by Caramel Wish05/01/044.18


 — Young woman enjoys hot phone sex with her husband. by Scott_Harper08/08/084.43

Tell Me About It

 — Mary tells her boyfriend about her first day of porn. by Sean Renaud06/19/143.80

Temporary Roommates

 — They both get a surprise. by Fallen_7606/01/074.50HOT


 — A beautiful woman's desire for release overwhelms her. by TheEnchantress07/08/084.23

Ten Minutes

 — A girl is teased and pleased to completion by her Dom/Daddy. by roninbear01/04/154.00

Teresa's Turn with Toys

 — Teresa takes the lead with toys of her own. by hot_kinky_chic02/03/074.42

Teri, Please Don't!

 — Two flatmates play a game with unintended consequences. by bingochalice03/21/104.36

Terri's Frustrations

 — Terri and a girlfriend masturbate together. by IRonMan7808/17/084.52HOT

Terri's Frustrations Ch. 02

 — Terri and Sherri go further that Terri expected. by IRonMan7804/12/094.32

Terri's Time Alone Ch. 01

 — Terri makes her first erotic video. by IRonMan7804/15/094.00

Test Subject

 — Private Arnold's semen become a test subject. by Blackz_Sidez05/15/054.45

Test the Limits

 — He takes control during her big presentation. by LansaraStar02/23/014.09

Tete de Negresse

 — A jewelry maker finds inspiration. by Apollo Wilde02/19/164.00

Texted Masturbation

 — Texting just isn't as good as the real thing. by BadgirlNC05/12/114.33

Textual Sexual

 — Apart, but together. by HipRoller8807/08/104.31

That Damn Imp Ch. 04

 — Puck has fun with himself, Koshka has fun with him. by cultofstrawberry05/21/164.64HOT

That Fun New Store at the Mall

 — Two girlfriends enjoy a new "toy store" at the mall. by BuckRivers03/28/154.71HOT

That One Time

 — Two young men release sexual tension in a hotel locker room. by Bitrotic08/26/154.39

That Shower Only Made Me Wetter

 — She had to get off. by lick_me_there03/24/044.23

That's My Girl

 — Her erotic fantasy starts with a shower. by Allyrianna01/14/054.26

The 35 Centimeters

 — A woman learns a lesson of anal toy sex. by darkman2710/24/103.41

The 35 Centimeters 2

 — Male masturbation story with huge toy by darkman2701/04/033.65

The After School Special

 — Confessions of a schoolteacher. by ARTG08/21/124.38

The Anniversary Surprise Pt. 01

 — Husband and wife take a weekend trip for tenth anniversary. by Guido8309/18/153.59

The Appetizer

 — Melissa can't wait for lunch by Carson Michael06/18/033.38

The Arrangement

 — Sex without having sex: toys can be fun. by DeepTouch09/14/024.00

The Arrangement Plan B

 — Mutual masturbation helps bring in the harvest. by Grey Beard06/06/044.22

The Artist Ch. 01

 — Why no, I've never posed nude. by MidnightChoices01/19/144.41

The Awakening of Kristen Ch. 01

 — Literotica helps when husband's away. by ReggaeMan04/29/114.37

The Babysitter

 — What happens after we go out. by snaillover6911/21/114.00

The Bad Professor Returns Ch. 02

 — She imagines fucking her professor and her friend. by MikeWrites08/10/124.18

The Bag

 — Man discovers house sitter has found his 'toy bag'. by Water Tiger08/22/014.46

The Barbarian Ch. 01

 — Unwanted toy gets a new lease of life. by Decovampire06/26/064.05

The Barbarian Ch. 02

 — Helen trys to get her sister's toy back. by Decovampire07/10/064.29

The Barbie Doll Ch. 01

 — Shy woman gets lessons in love from her doll. by Carnevil903/08/084.24

The Barbie Doll Ch. 02

 — It's the boyfriend's turn to get lessons in love from Barbie. by Carnevil903/12/083.91

The Bath

 — She masturbates in a most unusual manner. by *Snatch08/31/014.10

The Bath

 — They turned bath time into playtime. by basool12/08/043.92

The Batteries

 — She takes a dare. by allie_cromley07/01/043.87

The Beach

 — Caught in the act. by Nortidazzer12/17/053.67

The Beach

 — Nighttime trip to a beach brings a surprise. by FortunesFool02/17/073.12

The Benefit of Plasma Television

 — Sharon discovers a way to satisfy herself as she waits. by Kitkat10308/22/104.21

The Best Dinner!

 — Nothing more fun than playing with your food. by SweetcheeksSt01/12/023.97

The Best Kind of Morning

 — I talk you through a typical morning masturbation session. by Gee_star10/27/114.26

The Bet

 — I lose a bet and we win a prize. by tdallyn08/05/144.55HOT

The Bet on the Biggest

 — Big woman takes on the biggest of toys. by dirtyjoe6912/24/063.77

The Bicycle Pt. 01

 — She bikes to his house. by PrettyPrettyPrincess02/15/154.32

The Bio of a Masturbator

 — A life story of a masturbator. by Chatomana04/17/104.05

The Birthday Gift

 — A surprise gift made her birthday very pleasurable. by CatUK02/10/104.15

The Blindfolded Massage

 — Feathers, oil, & strap-on fulfill desire. by christyanne06/13/034.45

The Body Butter Ritual

 — She masturbates in the bath. by rosebud_605/10/094.45

The Box

 — Young woman gets a package in the mail. by Amber jayne01/16/053.80

The Box in Jillian's Closet

 — New batteries kick it up a notch. by ItGirl05/29/043.98

The Butt Plug

 — Jimmy has Arane try out a new invention. by Diamond_Girl01/11/104.43

The Butterfly

 — A hidden vibrator, and a walk in the mall. by Seeker19612/07/014.28

The Butterfly Effect

 — Me and my butterfly go out to lunch with you. by Usagi-chan01/08/064.56HOT

The Butterfly Effect

 — A simple naughty toy chnages their life. by Many Feathers01/07/094.49

The Call

 — She calls her friend for some fun. by candiman4005/18/064.42

The Call

 — An unexpected call is the first of many. by naughtylilschoolgirl11/28/044.19

The Call

 — A regular appointment has a woman on the edge of her seat. by warmthinthedark09/09/094.17

The Call

 — He got a special call from me. by Sonatrix06/22/143.52

The Candle

 — How a married man can pass an afternoon. by V1xen02/07/123.65

The Chair

 — She sits in the chair and waits for you. by rydia5711/04/044.41

The Chair

 — Candice discovers the many secrets of the basement room. by Colleen Thomas03/10/064.62HOT

The Chair Ch. 01

 — He tells her story about automated chair. by Rickd_196007/17/044.26

The Chair Ch. 02

 — She helps him design their own chair. by Rickd_196007/19/044.26

The Chair Ch. 03

 — They make love for the first time. by Rickd_196007/20/044.36

The Chair Ch. 04

 — The chair begins to take form. by Rickd_196007/20/044.28

The Chair Ch. 05

 — They went shopping and made a new friend by Rickd_196007/26/044.53HOT

The Chair Ch. 06

 — The redhead takes Chair for test drive. by Rickd_196007/28/044.57HOT

The Chair Ch. 07

 — They invite friends to try out the Chair. by Rickd_196008/10/044.59HOT

The Chair Ch. 08

 — Nikki returns to help him test some modifications. by Rickd_196008/12/044.55HOT

The Chair Ch. 09

 — The chair has been modified to provide ultimate pleasure. by Rickd_196008/20/044.40

The Chair Ch. 10

 — The redhead invites a couple girlfriends to try the chair. by Rickd_196008/22/044.49

The Chair Ch. 11

 — This time, he experiences the chair. by Rickd_196008/25/044.26

The Chair Ch. 12

 — He leads co-worker through a series of firsts. by Rickd_196008/26/044.48

The Chair Ch. 17

 — They invite the girl from the plane to try The Chair. by Rickd_196009/08/044.25

The Chair Ch. 18

 — The redhead takes him to a different type of costume party. by Rickd_196009/10/044.23

The Chair Ch. 19

 — He surprises her with trip to the fetish club. by Rickd_196009/17/044.40

The Chair Ch. 20

 — They test the first Chair off the assembly line. by Rickd_196009/18/044.37

The Chair Ch. 23

 — An old friend helps him and then tries out the chair. by Rickd_196009/26/044.35

The Chair Ch. 24

 — They take turns with erotic surprises for each other. by Rickd_196009/27/044.17

The Chair Ch. 30

 — Our couple makes a friend online who helps test new device. by Rickd_196002/03/054.46

The Closet

 — A mysterious device shatters a quiet Sunday afternoon. by Bluegrassemily02/21/164.53HOT

The Convention

 — Co-worker becomes the best tease. by AskMeFirst03/19/074.13

The Conversation

 — Long awaited phone call is more than expected. by spurlyng09/07/073.88

The Corn Husker

 — Couple discover how pleasing vegetables can be. by R.T.McCants06/03/064.30

The Couch Afffaire

 — A woman's masturbatory adventures with unlikely objects. by scifivxn09/25/074.38

The Cowboy Ch. 03

 — He gets her all hot and bothered. by lustpassion0403/02/064.75

The Cruelest Master

 — Sandy's master loves to torture her. And she deserves it. by jalaurie08/08/153.94

The Crystal Dildo

 — A fairy tale with a naughty twist. by LittleP04/16/024.61HOT

The Cuckold Ch. 01

 — A married couple find a new way to use a fleshlight. by sissyboycamille04/09/124.07

The Cuckold Ch. 02

 — A married couple find out which one is better in bed. by sissyboycamille05/02/124.37

The Dance

 — A girl on the dance floor. by DemoonKatjie08/14/073.33

The Dark Side

 — Evening getaway at cabin in the woods. by SurfinRadically09/03/043.91

The Day After The Day Before

 — Imaginary infatuation. by Jakeza04/26/083.14

The Decision

 — Diary entry of my decision to lose my virginity. by steves_mom08/14/114.25

The Delay

 — Finding relief in the most public place. by the_shires04/03/143.59

The Demolisher

 — When Mike comes home drunk his horny wife needs a substitute. by Sean Renaud06/18/143.47

The Deposit

 — He sells sperm, at the local sperm bank. by jthserra05/11/044.17

The Desk

 — Short skirt leads to surprise. by ssbg1301/26/024.34

The Doll

 — Max's new invention is an erotic hit! by Dilla978201/21/104.17

The Domestic Goddess

 — A woman and her vacuume show off. by Mistress Kalpana06/26/054.05

The Door

 — She likes having him watch her. by ssbg1301/23/024.43

The Double Headed Monster

 — Size queen takes on a monster toy. by dirtyjoe6912/19/064.07

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