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Thoughts of Her Master

 — Thoughts of Him bring her pleasure. by boundtoHimalways09/28/094.70HOT

Thoughts of Him

 — A brief meeting leads to erotic thoughts and self pleasure by enjoyingitall07/14/034.29

Thoughts of You

 — She thinks of you in the bath. by katlin696909/29/054.11

Thoughts Of You

 — Relaxing in the bath while thinking of you. by molly_hunter2802/01/083.83

Thoughts of You

 — Thinking of you as I play. by chregr01/14/164.44

Thoughts Of You Ch. 02

 — A morning awakening. by molly_hunter2802/11/083.00

Thoughts Of You Ch. 03

 — A long day, the perfect way to unwind. by molly_hunter2803/01/085.00

Three is an (Enjoyable) Crowd

 — Daisy spoils Anna and Jack's special alone time... by EnglishTongue10/10/174.67HOT

Three Plus One at the Pool

 — A sister watches a 3 way circle jerk... by Dirty_Al04/10/144.17

Three's a Circle, Not a Triangle Ch. 07

 — Striptease surprise well worth watching and waiting to see. by SusanJillParker03/25/13HOT

Three's a Circle, Not a Triangle Ch. 08

 — Every night, Susan, William, and Liz masturbate together. by SusanJillParker04/07/134.24

Three's a Circle, Not a Triangle Ch. 09

 — William and Liz masturbates while watching Susan masturbate. by SusanJillParker04/08/134.11

Through His Eyes

 — His fantasy turns into my pleasure. by Eurika05/24/084.55HOT

Through the Bathroom Window

 — She came through the bathroom window. by ttragula06/30/104.00

Thrusting Machine

 — Brad has trouble keeping his nympho Amber satisfied. by John_the_Author04/21/094.29

Thrusting Machine, Revisited

 — Amber does play while Brad is away --- and gets caught! by John_the_Author05/27/094.39

Thursday Dinner

 — Stew and Sherry host their new friends for dinner. by Humpdee8401/31/154.29

Thursday Morning Wank

 — Can her house mates hear? by foxyfiona02/06/084.41

Time Alone

 — She was looking forward to enjoying being a woman. by Hudson10/29/084.05

Time and Distance

 — A set of lovers overcome time and distance to enjoy the other. by Blueboyrobert03/23/133.67

Time to Herself

 — A busy mom has to pamper herself once in a while. by Irish Moss04/20/114.08

Time to Play with My Toys Again

 — September sixth is finally here. by Mysteria2709/09/164.20

Time’s Running Out!

 — Following his instructions on the train. by kimuk09/05/114.33

Tit for Tat

 — Three couples head off for a wild weekend together. by Many Feathers05/23/104.51HOT

To a Crisp Ch. 01

 — He knows what she wants, and he delivers. by Do_me_rough11/12/054.05

To Carmen G from Alan M

 — Dreaming of you, I touch myself. by TheMOster08/08/103.00

To Spend the Night

 — After a breakup. by litpervgrrl07/22/054.23

To Whom It May Excite Ch. 01

 — My diary entry. by Pet_my_Kitten06/19/17

To Whom It May Excite Ch. 02

 — My second erotic diary entry. by Pet_my_Kitten06/20/17

Together Forever Ch. 1

 — Best friend introduces her to the new best friend. by ~Black-Wolf~08/13/014.11

Toni Enjoys Herself Sunday Morning

 — I watch my lover in an unpredictable way. by OneMansFantasies01/21/093.38

Tonight Ch. 02

 — You bring out the toys - who's that in the room with us? by WantonTease07/07/074.27

Tonya and her Toy Ch. 01

 — She beats sexual frustration with Secret Santa gift. by LuciousBi-Writes4U12/31/053.57

Tonya and her Toy Ch. 02

 — Girl satisfies herself to take away her holiday frustrations. by LuciousBi-Writes4U01/01/064.00

Too Far Away From Home

 — Without him, she pleases herself watching him on video. by bawidgetcoms05/13/134.05

Too Hot for Sex

 — they satisfy themselves separately. by MagicaPractica12/26/074.14

Too Hot To Handle

 — She satisfies herself after day of hyperarousal. by wordmad08/05/033.90

Too Much Zucchini

 — She tries out zucchini, husband walks in. by Fanny_Bancroft09/14/124.03


 — Woman enjoys her favorite sex toy. by rydia5701/20/054.04

Torments and Orders

 — They were in their regular chat room. by Youcantmakemeeee03/22/054.48

Tortilla Lover

 — One of the most incredible sexual experiences of his life. by SunrockSin05/01/083.46

Tortured Daily Pleasure

 — Slave does daily task for those that control her. by kimkitten2610/13/184.04

Touch It

 — Her first orgasm. by RenaeNicks07/10/073.88

Touch Me Again

 — I enjoy your touch. by MissDXX04/14/154.30

Touch Myself

 — She pleasures herself. by SweetHat11/15/073.90

Touched for the First Time

 — A young woman masturbates until orgasming. by justanotherwriter5407/27/13

Touching Myself

 — This is how I masturbate. by thisgirlistrouble11/28/134.39

Touching Myself for Matthew

 — He told me to think of him, even though its wrong...I did. by SerenityKMoon01/20/153.56

Tour de DeGarde

 — The bicycle race is on in her bedroom. by JimBob4410/22/144.29

Toy Box

 — She takes matters into her own hands. by Clohi12/12/034.43

Toy Boy Ch. 02

 — Teacher Jenny & ex-student Michael. by high_heels_lover07/25/134.54HOT

Toy Bunny

 — New apartment & old friend: what could be better? by PenanceS03/15/033.75

Toy Discovery

 — Adding to the wand collection. by glory_first06/18/123.67

Toy Pictures

 — Documenting a new addition to the collection. by glory_first07/21/123.56

Toy Store-ies 1: Nailed!

 — Adventures in adult toy sales. by MasterGunzen06/09/134.49

Toy Store-ies 2: A Walk to Remember

 — More adventures in adult toy sales. by MasterGunzen06/14/134.44

Toy Story

 — Girlfriend gets caught playing. by Buffffy05/07/013.81

Toy Story

 — Quick account of toy fun between a married couple. by AwokenDesire08/02/174.41

Toy Story (A Tale of Longing)

 — A busty housewife satisfies her needs. by PicturePainter06/04/104.46

Toy Story Ch. 01

 — Coming home from trip, he brings toy for his girl. by kotori02/05/034.11

Toy Story Ch. 02

 — Coming home early, he catches you playing. by kotori02/10/033.58

Toy Surprise

 — Jenny makes a little trip to the sex toy shop for her man. by Eroscribe6710/10/074.50HOT

Toy Time

 — Man uses many foreign objects on his wife. by Goldeniangel02/22/054.48

Toy Time

 — She gets a workout with dildo and porno DVD. by bunny337401/05/083.72

Toy Time

 — Wife gets caught pleasing herself. by DatsunZ12/12/103.80

Toy Training

 — I finally find a playmate who likes toys like I do. by ShaeLeeTanner05/08/174.62HOT

Toy Training Ch. 02 - His Turn

 — I teach him what toys can do for his pleasure. by ShaeLeeTanner05/18/174.34

Toyboy and His Women Pt. 01

 — A college boy sells pleasure tools to his women friends. by freeman6405/10/144.14

Toyboy and His Women Pt. 02

 — Toyboy meets a women with problems in touching a peak by freeman6405/13/144.07

Toyboy and His Women Pt. 03

 — Toyboy who sells dildos to women meets Hotopenlips by freeman6405/28/144.33

Toyboy and His Women Pt. 04

 — After an erotic night, Toyboy uses his toys on Hotopenlips by freeman6406/16/144.33


 — Couple finds erotic pleasure in daily life. by SistaShakespeare02/11/043.36

Toys are Us

 — Win a contest and change your life. by TxRad02/18/074.56HOT

Toys are Us Ch. 02

 — The second toy arrives and things get complicated. by TxRad05/14/074.52HOT

Toys are Us Ch. 03

 — Hubby learns about the toys by TxRad06/12/074.68HOT

Toys are Us Ch. 04

 — Still loving and learning. by TxRad08/06/074.68HOT

Toys For My Pet

 — Submissive wife becomes her hubby's pet for the day. by Firewagn6901/14/014.15

Toys for the Teacher

 — Philip's college lecturer shows a new use for vegetables. by goodyearman08/23/173.72

Toys for Toots Ch. 01

 — Toots and Larry love each other but are kept apart. by Stultus03/04/124.34

Toys for Toots Ch. 02

 — Toots and Larry rekindle their love. by Stultus03/05/124.42

Toys for Toots Ch. 03

 — Toots and Larry love each other... and lots of sex toys. by Stultus03/06/124.45

Toys, Toys, Toys in the Attic

 — They introduce a toy into lovemaking. by Steve Orshon11/01/034.16

Traced Memories

 — Part III - Sarah's memories get tangled before a night out. by privatedeviancies05/30/164.22


 — Young man caught masturbating demonstrates for his nurse. by highpowererot02/16/074.41

Traffic Jams

 — Don't you hate getting caught in traffic? by blackstallion2107/05/094.42

Train Adventures Ch. 01

 — She steals a little private time. by CTrei12/19/044.17

Train Journey

 — Images - so vivid, so powerful, so real. by mrsoggypecs200510/25/123.65

Training Days (A Marie Story)

 — She's all about big... fists and dildos especially! by Cherish_Desire03/17/164.20

Travel Mates

 — She uses creative toys. by zJuliaInTX03/27/073.79

Traveling with Sherry

 — Unexpected trip leads to mutual masturbation. by author11303/01/134.16

Treadmill, 4% incline at 3.2 mph

 — Unexpected benefits when the treadmill is just right. by Crystal_L_Veey03/20/163.64

Triple Play

 — A triple penetration fantasy is fulfilled. by rthnck12/12/054.04

Triple Threat

 — Woman, her ex, and his girlfriend explore new toy. by SpankMeDaddy12/08/084.27

True Blue

 — Inspired by conversations with my True Blue Italian by sylverwolfe03/25/034.35

True Pleasure

 — A story of one man who is need of pleasure. by breastfan05/17/073.11

Truth or Dare

 — Students at life's crossroads break down their barriers. by insects_of_caring08/21/184.79HOT

Tub 'N Toy

 — Woman "relaxes" in the tub. by swiss_miss7706/15/084.43


 — A young scientist enjoys her super-computer. by PnkOcelot07/13/103.65

Tuition Doesn't Pay Itself Ch. 01

 — Nikki works corners and gets an unusual client request. by TheLooseCannon06/20/174.25

Tuition Time Ch. 06

 — Reese, David and Mac frolick through Saturday morning. by Stephen7Redo10/05/074.61HOT

Tunnel of Love

 — The games people play. by RomanCEisdead211/19/064.54HOT

Turning the Page

 — Man gets over his girlfriend in a unique way. by leftist05/31/073.79

Turning to the Bottle

 — Without her 'toy', she finds something else to play with. by red_rose06/17/024.26


 — Geeky sex with toys. by Jaisen04/19/103.73

Twenty Questions

 — Boomer describes his experiences with masturbation. by highpowererot01/02/104.54HOT

Two Birthday Gifts

 — A special waxing gift from husband. by russiandoll07/02/094.33

Two Face

 — Denise must once again face her demanding alter ego. by kyliehot200701/12/184.40

Two Guys in the Changing Rooms

 — Unexpected mutual jack off session at the gym. by IrishGirth04/01/164.11

Two Is Better Than One

 — How she plays with herself. by gypsyeyes07/03/023.98

Two Minute Warning

 — Erica gave up her husband & took the game into her own hands. by Decayed Angel12/02/063.94

Two Minute Warning Redux

 — Joe's version of Erica's story. by Decayed Angel12/03/063.25

Two on One

 — I am awakened in the middle of the night. by B504090506/06/124.26

Two-Way Toy Time

 — Collette & I get freaky. by michaelhunt09/26/074.32

Txt Msg

 — An old flame is rekindled by text, leading to hot phone sex. by principessa0704/18/074.11

Tyu vs. The Machine

 — A simple product testing job turns out to be something more. by Kardas03/29/113.63

Ultimate Sexual Aid

 — A husband sends his wife a machine that is incredible. by ViSexual05/02/074.17


 — What happens when he's no longer unavailable? by Silvercatseye03/03/103.75

Uncle Jim's Pet Store Ch. 03

 — While alone and scared, she pleasures herself. by vic_elor01/14/064.28

Under Covers Ch. 01

 — "Crystal Waters" gets her start in the porn industry. by Squawk0010/21/14

Under Mr. Nolan's Bed Ch. 02

 — Erica shows Leah her toy and her father's video collection. by Selena_Kitt07/24/064.62HOT

Under the Blanket

 — It's amazing what you can get away with under a blanket. by Goldeniangel01/02/084.39

Under the Moonday Sun: The Lake

 — A couple on a lake on a June afternoon. by D_K_Moon06/21/10

Unexpected Call

 — She does exactly what you tell herEvery time. by Purple_Gloss03/01/084.00

Unexpected Office Fun

 — Working alone at night brings unexpected benefits. by Coalporter01/24/103.56

Unexpected Pleasure

 — He has an encounter while getting a massage. by bie04/04/044.12

Unexpected Pleasure in the Hot Tub

 — Masturbation with the hot tub water jets. by jessicaga8909/15/134.26

Unhappy Birthday

 — It's my birthday, again soon. by ArrowDel09/08/093.62

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