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University Life Ch. 12

 — Female professor and coed try out sex chair. by blindjack02/09/074.58HOT

Unknown Caller

 — Trish rediscovers self gratification after a text message. by tbabyhot01/04/104.55HOT

Unknown Caller Ch. 02

 — Trish's story continues... by tbabyhot01/11/104.80HOT

Unknown Caller Ch. 03

 — Trish finds out the truth. by tbabyhot01/21/104.53HOT

Unlocking Tally Ch. 01

 — A young nerdy woman comes out of her shell, thanks to a toy. by NerdyNymph01/29/144.55HOT

Unlocking Tally Ch. 02

 — Tally makes supermarket theft. by NerdyNymph01/31/144.21

Unlocking Tally Ch. 04

 — Tally's Date Day with Rei begins, with a plug and a drive. by NerdyNymph02/12/144.57HOT


 — A little good ol' self-love. by ladylove12/22/014.20


 — Restlessness leads to pleasure. by Kbxxx09/18/123.75

Up Close & Personal Ch. 01

 — Coyness turns to lust. by miss_aubergine02/13/044.48

Up on the Roof

 — Stranger catches a woman masturbating. by lothlorien06/02/014.20

Up On the Rooftop

 — A young woman savors a holiday alone. by Athena_e1912/04/074.30

Uses of Paper Towels

 — A new way to get off. by the_norfolk_stud06/28/073.20

Usha Akka Satisfied Me

 — Indian guy plays with older neighbor. by kamaladevan05/28/043.58

Usually Better

 — Thinking of him. by reign7204/09/102.67

Vacation Hotel

 — A couple goes at it and anything goes. by leilianu06/28/063.45

Vacuuming Is Fun

 — He has multiple orgasms with a prostate toy. by dooboige08/11/094.15

Val's Valentine's Day Panties

 — Val's friend hijacks her Valentine's gift. by EesomeBeastie01/30/124.37

Valentine Witch

 — Tansy conjures up a man ... or does she? by glynndah01/24/114.33

Valentine's Day with Vibes

 — My hubby got me a remote control vibrator for Valentine's Day. by Ginger_Sun05/07/144.34

Valentine's Day with Vibes Ch. 02

 — I got my wife a remote controlled vibrator for Valentine's by Ginger_Sun05/12/144.13

Valerie the Magnificent Ch. 06

 — The die is cast. by val wrangler10/11/054.61HOT

Vanessa and Her Dildos

 — With her boyfriend away, she must play by herself. by Boxlicker10105/24/124.02

Vanilla Room

 — She abandons herself to solo pleasures. by SerenaLeigh03/20/102.00

Veg Masturbation

 — A home made masturbator. by sexity07/04/063.31

Veggie Stew

 — Diary reveals old girlfriend's love of vegetables. by JRob05/24/014.11

Venus School of Sex Ch. 02

 — Jessica takes her first class: Self-Pleasure. by Goldeniangel05/02/124.55HOT

Veronica, A Doll Story

 — John plays with his blow up doll. by vulpis06/16/073.24

Very Special Toolbox

 — A new invention for a tool man. by Winemaker12/18/084.39


 — Masturbation session after a weekend with her lover. by JacksBaby104/25/033.95

Vibrator Rush

 — Combining the old and the new. by glory_first12/03/124.48

Vickie's Toy Box

 — Vickie shares her passion for masturbation. by Many Feathers08/05/05Contest Winner

Vicky and Her Vibe

 — When her boyfriend can't satisfy her, her toy can. by Boxlicker10104/06/054.21


 — A brief encounter. by bill_p9905/09/074.17

Victoria's Big Toy

 — Victoria gets screwed with a giant dildo by her boyfriend. by girliekiller02/20/033.85


 — After checking into a hotel he turns on a video. by MungoParkIII11/19/073.73

Virgin Bride

 — Young woman gets help conquering her hangups. by ldrequiv06/07/034.32

Virgin Territory

 — I pass up the perfect chance to get fucked... again. by angelwithdirtyface10/08/144.09

Virtual Lover

 — Couple have more fun alone than with each other. by Robski01/30/023.79

Virtually Fucked

 — Cute coed needs help with her first orgasm. by Extreme Bohunk06/21/054.56HOT

Viruses Are a Bitch

 — Brandon buys a new toy in the year 2060. by Eroticalover196806/14/144.10

Visions of You Ch. 01

 — He thought of you today. by baldirishman05/28/054.33

Visit to a Stud Farm

 — Two girls show Roy a new way to enjoy sex. by wyo_girl09/25/024.56HOT

Visiting my Mother-in-Law

 — Couple watches a video & masturbates for each other. by statestreet12/19/084.11

Vivid Imagination

 — Just a sleazy, quick, get-off on a daydream. by Tzah09/16/074.51HOT

Voyage, Voyage Pt. 01

 — Ellie gets a bit naughty at uni... by DinaParker6903/21/154.13


 — Female voyeur and fun in the woods. by Morrigu05/28/074.27

Voyeur Fun

 — They watch each other get off. by talleywitt007177608/21/064.16


 — Self-imposed orgasms while she waits for you. by beginnergurl09/26/083.36


 — Her fantasies take over as she waits for him. by RelentlessPerversion06/10/094.60


 — A lonely housewife takes matters into her own hands by untoldstories06/23/144.30

Waiting For You

 — Impatient and waiting for you. by armywife8203/21/064.05

Waiting for You

 — My body is waiting for you to come home and claim it. by MythMinded07/11/094.00


 — After a period of depression I start to come back to my life. by ptm02/10/153.80

Walk of Shame Ch. 02

 — Jacki seeks out more elicit encounters. by Stardog Champion10/07/104.30

Wall Mounted

 — She enjoys a new wall-mounted sex toy. by Scott_Harper08/13/083.96

Wanda's Story Ch. 24

 — Wanda learns to love again. by rpwilbur12/12/044.12


 — A girl becomes one with herself in the great outdoors. by mrbutch04/07/043.69

Wanking for Pleasure

 — Wanking brings such excitement to a couple. by martinjulia10/08/094.09

Wanking for Wendy

 — Not a Peter Pan biography. by encountersxxx01/19/054.38

Wanking with Mrs Smith

 — Inexperienced college boy discovers he's being watched. by felt07/07/054.14

Wanna Bet? Ch. 04

 — She masturbates with a vibrating dildo that he controls by Goldeniangel06/19/054.54HOT

Wanna Bet? Special Chapter

 — Derrick asks Kerry to tie him up and play. by Goldeniangel07/14/054.61HOT


 — We shouldn't do this, but we want to anyways. by Dominus_Lucius04/05/143.33

Wanted: One Good Man Ch. 01

 — An internet affair turns to fantasy. by Fantasealor01/13/044.26

Warm Breezes

 — You have a burst of pleasure with a new toy. by saabigtime12/14/053.90

Warming Up

 — She prepares herself as a suprise for when he gets home. by pinball_fun07/08/084.34

Was It Really A Dream

 — Did that blow up doll just make love to me? by enriquespappa10/09/074.29

Washing the Blues Away

 — No better way to end the day together than a hot shower. by Commando08/30/024.46

Watch Me

 — She's feeling rather naughty. by TheForgottenPrincess05/29/044.36

Watch Me

 — He wanted to watch, so she let him. by rthnck01/04/064.36

Watch Me Cum

 — You asked - I obliged. by NoahBody12/22/094.45

Watch Me Play

 — My pleasure becomes your pleasure. by DeliciousInRed07/20/104.33


 — She masturbates while her friend's husband watches. by ebethalize05/13/094.35

Watcher in the Shadows

 — I thought I came home to an empty house. by femmedeviant03/15/073.97

Watching Her

 — He watches his lover masturbate. by coyotegawd06/04/044.34

Watching Her

 — Home for R&R, Steve want to watch. by lyke2bite03/27/114.13

Watching Her Face

 — Lying beside each other for the night they play. by CraigLake11/21/113.54

Watching Him Edge

 — Skype call where she watches him edge and then cum for her. by Ember Faye02/19/154.00

Watching Jenn

 — Kath's morning routine will never be the same again. by Prudo07/29/084.37

Watching Jules Ch. 03

 — Watching a neighbor in their most private moments. by enamoredwriter10/17/113.93

Watching Myself

 — I shave my pussy, play, cum and squirt. Informational. by bawidgetcoms05/09/134.00

Watching Nina

 — A live sex show turns extreme teasing. by Aruri09/01/144.39

Watching Victoria

 — A girl spies on her flatmate in the bath and in bed. by jenny4her05/24/104.33

Watching Victoria Ch. 02

 — Jenny gives Victoria a treat. by jenny4her05/29/104.27

Watching You, Watching Me

 — Whenever I think of you, I think of this. by Many Feathers04/11/084.32


 — She relays story and its erotic effect on her. by Wildeyedwendy04/22/063.75

We Met Online

 — A cyber friendship heats up to the next level by Time2GL02/09/103.78

We Started in the Car

 — You give him a helping hand on the ride back from dinner. by NYNiteRiter03/23/084.05


 — Accessories spice up a woman's shopping trip by KissingMarriedWomen06/12/104.53HOT

Webcam Chat

 — Two chatters sharing intimate acts over a webcam session. by Lotus_Maiden10/21/143.35

Webcam Wank

 — I perform for her via webcam. by seducethemind6901/22/113.57

Wednesday Evening

 — A lonely night with out him. by lilvixenchica09/28/104.20

Weekend Away Ch. 01

 — Exploring a fantasy with a little help from a dildo. by majal01/08/104.39

Weekend in Connecticut

 — Paula finally has an opportunity to enjoy DP. by Steve Orshon08/17/044.39

Weekend On Her Own

 — Nadine spends some time alone. by redking9912/19/124.29

Weekend with Connie and Dave Ch. 02

 — Dave and I discuss what happened with Connie and Me. by Ebolaone08/15/074.36

Weekend Work: Her Story

 — Her private time with toys isn't so private. by Annie_O01/15/134.50HOT

Welcome Home Ch. 02

 — She continues relaxing man after hard day's work. by Jennyeou08/09/054.40

Welcome Intrusion

 — She talks dirty to a telemarketer. by OpalEssence02/16/124.31

Welcome to Freshman Year

 — Put my feet in the stirrups -- you've got to be kidding! by highpowererot08/29/094.21

Wendy's Out Of Control Pussy

 — She never dreamed that dinner could be so fulfilling. by exec110102/01/074.36

Wendy's Purple Passion

 — Andrew & Wendy's fun with the vibe continue. by exec110102/14/074.38


 — Ryla gets rammed by Brooke. by Windstalker03/07/044.33

Wet Dreams

 — She has more fun than she hoped with his new toys. by Aleirian11/05/014.49

Wet Miranda Squirts

 — Miranda learns about female ejaculation. by Wet Miranda02/25/054.41

Wet Suck! "Practice Makes Perfect"

 — A young military wife learns to throat it! by Sweet_Pea2408/01/104.29

What a Day

 — Just the perfect way to start out your day. by cheercutie198408/18/074.37

What a Gift!

 — A husband gives his wife Valentine's Day gift. by teohamilton02/02/154.50HOT

What a Lousy Day

 — It had just been one thing after another for Jason Dixson. by Middleagepoet01/01/103.40

What a Way to Relax

 — Wife gives him a handjob to ease the tension. by TwistedPlayr06/06/054.35

What Are Friends For

 — Woman helps a gay friend through his problem. by swiss_miss7703/26/084.44

What Are Friends For?

 — A female helps a gay friend in need. by kristiz12/22/134.08

What Friends Are For

 — The most memorable gifts come from friends. by Xxene11/02/054.33

What Gets Me There

 — One of the many fantasies I imagine while masturbating. by bindme03/02/144.31

What Happens in Vegas

 — A brief interlude between 2 strangers. by guitargal8101/24/164.46

What Makes You Think?

 — What makes you think I want to fuck you? by Zrnko_Pisku12/02/123.91

What You Do To Me

 — She imagines you on her. by katlin696909/28/054.03

What You Said

 — Remembering his words and how they affected me. by corpusconfero01/15/104.33

What You've Made Me Do...

 — I get off thinking how I'm going to tell you all about it... by amend07/25/094.24

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