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Alexandra the Great Ch. 02

 — Alex and Shanna form a circle of orgasm. by Mercurius01/19/064.28


 — Redhead finds her groove with Kenyan drummer. by violerika12/13/093.87

Alice Remembers

 — While hubby is away, Alice has a play. by WoodyTheWise05/18/124.26

Alisa's Art Walk

 — A girl finds excitment at an art gallery. by AudreyBloome07/12/134.00

Alison + Me

 — An accountant meets & watches Alison. by SexSmith01/01/083.23

All Alone

 — Her parents are gone and it's time to release stress. by JLPE1512/01/154.38

All Alone on Christmas Eve

 — Short sweet to the point masturbation. by bb_peaks12/18/084.11

All By Myself

 — When one door closes, another opens. by the_shires10/29/134.44

All by Myself

 — A young man explores his sexual fantasies alone. by perna01/10/164.32

All Day Sunday

 — She plays, dreaming of you. by Veronika04/24/074.38

All in a Day's Work Ch. 01

 — He sees more than she wants him to one day. by themarquise08/05/064.37

All in a Day's Work Ch. 02

 — Watching and being watched, but with a remote! by themarquise08/07/064.43

All In the Fine Print Pt. 01

 — Liz & Kara visit an adult store & learn about making a dildo. by timyellow04/30/144.14

All In the Fine Print Pt. 02

 — Liz talks to Tom about her idea. by timyellow05/02/144.17

All In the Fine Print Pt. 03

 — Liz returns to the store & meets an interesting woman. by timyellow05/07/144.17

All In the Fine Print Pt. 04

 — After she gets home Liz takes a look at what she bought. by timyellow05/24/144.31

All In the Fine Print Pt. 05

 — Liz has a dream, of things to come? by timyellow05/25/143.71

Allie's Pilgrimage Ch. 02

 — Allie discovers the orgasm. by Pervygrrrl03/16/044.38

Allie's Video Diary

 — Allie makes a short video for Daddy while he's away. by Jezemaya08/28/164.00

Allison's Schoolgirl Adventures Ch. 1

 — Horny girl uses toys; gets nasty with principal. by CherryLicious05/02/024.26

Allison, The Pumping Machine

 — An interview to the handjob world champion. by valis200407/01/073.18

Almost Ethical

 — They should never have made him a doctor. by piltdownman07/23/073.65

Almost Melting the Frost Pt. 01

 — Love, Lust, or just plain SEX? by jack_ffrost09/09/074.31

Almost Melting the Frost Pt. 02

 — The final part of the tale of lust. by jack_ffrost09/15/074.65HOT

Almost Spoken

 — A woman, 'alone' in bed. by DreamerKitty06/28/083.75


 — Are we ever really alone? by truestorygirl07/03/064.22


 — Lust fulfilled through masturbation. by wcuddyf07/15/06


 — Dreaming of my lover. by 1SpiceyAngel03/13/074.47


 — Just one woman's alone time. by Melissa_Slutski08/01/094.02


 — A woman on her own rediscovers her sexuality. by seemeemee07/14/104.03


 — It's about 3am, and nothing to keep me company. by prettybadkittykat04/05/114.07


 — Michi finds being alone in the country is very stimulating. by MichiMartin03/30/174.33


 — A story of lust and self pleasure. by the_shires12/14/174.33

Alone & Dreaming Of You

 — She pleasures herself while thinking of her mate. by pcyzobitch07/03/013.81

Alone at Home

 — Lonely housewife misses her husband. by Kifarupembe07/22/054.00

Alone at My Hotel

 — He fantasizes about you on a business trip. by SeekingSanity02/09/043.93

Alone at Work

 — A short story about being alone in the office. by hergasm09/14/173.92

Alone in My Bed

 — A story thinking about his cock as I masturbate in bed alone. by Hummingbird3803/14/104.11

Alone in the Dark

 — The joys of male masturbation. by sobold08/24/042.53

Alone in the Glade

 — He is inspired by nature to pleasure himself. by jcstroker07/27/094.00

Alone on the Beach

 — A black girl masturbates alone on the beach. by Sean Renaud01/18/093.82

Alone Time

 — She tells you about her favorite kind of shower. by Texas Tease05/10/053.85

Alone Time

 — He thinks it's a secret, but it inspires her! by ScottieDog6109/06/104.58HOT

Alone Together

 — They both remember last night. by lightnin10/07/094.46

Alone With an Imagination

 — Monica has a night at home thinking about her fantasy man. by xTripleXQueenx04/21/083.50

Alone with Banana

 — She finds relief with fruit. by passionmaster09/07/013.84

Alone With My Thoughts

 — What happens when she thinks of you. by Sexual Narcotic05/09/034.38

Alone, Last Night

 — How I pleasured myself, thinking of you. by kimbelina01/20/104.12


 — Missing my lover, I find my own release. by prettygirlaspen11/07/134.06

Amanda's Journey into Submission Ch. 02

 — Innocent exec is blackmailed at work. by bigrock47603/27/104.10

Amazing Vibrations

 — Your day at the office gets very interesting. by vinoveritas198202/03/084.23

Amber Lets It Happen

 — Virgin Amber lets loose with her boyfriend for first time. by luxxxury12/07/124.10

Amber's Reunion Ch. 01

 — Coed fantasizes of past relationships & new encounters. by AngelicBitch10/05/064.33

American Gothic

 — She marvelled at the sculpture's intrinsic beauty. by MungoParkIII02/18/073.00

Amusement Park

 — We give each other a hand. by highclassic07/01/164.41

Amusing Myself

 — Waking up by myself isn't always bad. by jadepixie11/22/103.95

Amy Finally Lives Out Her Fantasies Ch. 03

 — A surprise for "Kyle". by LuvAGoodPegging01/17/074.20

Amy's Addiction

 — The 12-inch pumping & humping, squirting realistic cock. by Hudson12/16/014.20

Amy's Double Dildo Delight

 — Amy experiences double dildo penetration. by Hudson01/08/024.37

Amy's Filthy Phone Call

 — Phone sex & masturbation with friend's boyfriend. by Big Gunz03/21/074.38

Amy's Seduction

 — She's seduced by a cucumber. by Hudson12/24/014.13

Amy's Tickling Panties

 — Amy loses control of her control. by Hudson02/23/024.33

Amy: Experiences Ben Wa Balls

 — ...then she experiences Anne Marie. by Erogenous Zone11/30/013.72

Amy: It's Her Turn To Lead

 — ...and it's cock and ball torture. by Erogenous Zone12/18/014.22

An Achievement To Be Proud Of

 — Wife rides a monster toy......deep! by toymad101/13/134.47

An Afternoon Alone

 — A man pleasures himself. by creosote308/12/064.34

An Afternoon to Myself

 — After waxing herself bare, Mom gets to play with her toys. by DirtyDeni04/24/124.46

An Ancient Seed Re-Planted Ch. 04

 — Billy tries to drown his Chinese prof in sperm. by spectral_badger05/24/074.56HOT

An Arduous Journey

 — Mikha and Kye spend time together after a miserable hike. by Kylock1207/16/113.87

An Audience of None

 — Anna indulges her exhibitionist desires, all by herself. by MisterBelial12/11/123.95

An Author Finds Release

 — As a servant maid reaches across class boundaries. by misterwho03/01/094.46

An Early Christmas Gift

 — She receives an early gift at dinner. by secretdrms09/02/064.08

An Electrical Experience

 — Jim is subjected to Allison's whims. by schmant04/08/014.03

An Enchanting Dream

 — She masturbates to dream love. by texastornado03/23/043.45

An Ex Girlfriend and a Step Too Ffar

 — Me and an ex have fantasy play. by bighands9906/29/093.75

An Ex with a Fetish

 — Ariana experiences what her kinky ex has in mind for her. by Silver_Starlight01/13/133.33

An Experiment in Pleasure

 — Woman thinks of her lover as she pleasures herself. by Hearts_bound_angel10/29/024.27

An Idea Born From Necessity

 — She discovers she doesn't need a partner to have anal. by Linypsi06/24/104.38

An Innovative Fuck Session

 — She takes him to heaven during her periods. by sexideas11/22/054.02

An Obsession

 — A masturbation fantasy comes true. by wiseoldowl05/13/074.28

An Online Partner Gives Her Ideas

 — She didn't know her body could do such things... by BlueEyes36D04/29/104.21

An Unexpected Birthday Surprise

 — A single mother gives into temptation at her sons' birthday. by bbettyblambabam05/15/144.01

An Unexpected Surprise

 — Couple's sex life changes. by Many Feathers05/01/074.49

An Unusual Request

 — Another Chapter in the Masturbation Club Series. by tulsaliza12/12/134.35

Anal Discovery

 — She describes her anal masturbation. by AnalAnnie1909/18/064.66HOT

Anal Surprise

 — Jennie has a fantasy to live out; Mark gets to play. by gotmilf07/13/064.45

And Then...

 — A vibrator tease. by beepjr12/31/074.24

Andi's Summer - Day 05

 — Thursday -- Mr. Cooper's electrifying gifts. by Gilead3901/08/154.50HOT

Angel Alone

 — Erotic masturbation. by AngelinTx12/18/133.94

Angelica & Drew Meet

 — Two lonely people masturbate, then meet and sparks fly. by SassyNNasty02/27/154.04


 — They find out what happens when you go to bed angry. by kylewhitney09/08/084.20

Anna and Ellie are Drunk and Horny

 — Anna and Ellie turn up at Jack's house and get his toy out. by EnglishTongue09/28/174.40

Anna and Jack Enjoy a New Toy

 — Anna buys Jack a toy and the two of them enjoy it together. by EnglishTongue09/18/174.53HOT

Anna Experiments with a New Toy

 — Ellie brings sexy new products for Anna to try out. by EnglishTongue10/03/174.55HOT

Anna Is In Control

 — A woman uses a remote control vibrator to play with stranger. by TheCowboy09/10/144.20

Anna's Friend Needs Cock Training

 — Anna's friend is round and Jack is happy to give a hand. by EnglishTongue09/23/174.64HOT

Annabelle Heads Back to School

 — Annabelle uses her fingers instead of a boyfriend. by JAGie08/18/174.33

Annette's Toys

 — The man wouldn't take care of her needs, but her toys will. by SweetPrettyAss11/09/134.11

Annie and Theta

 — Making Mischief. by grgor05/31/073.50

Annie Rides the Sybian Ch. 01

 — Annie rides her neighbor's Sybian while he's away. by Goldeniangel01/15/144.59HOT

Annisa Ch. 01

 — She prepares for no ordinary date. by Wickid Cherry Pie08/25/054.30

Anniversary Gift

 — Erik gives Elise a gift: Mandy, and a spanking new dildo. by kelouisa05/15/124.61HOT

Another Deposit in the Bank

 — Co-worker provides additional images. by SexySoxFan09/16/083.29

Another Dream Of You

 — She dreams of sex with him. by shydreamer04/06/034.29

Another Hard Day

 — A woman masturbates after a hard day at work. by JBmanly5002/13/143.90

Another Night In

 — Carrie's broken date leads to self-discovery. by Peacefulpoet2707/29/154.05

Another One of Those Days

 — A chance meeting on train. by Dreams of Desire07/01/064.31

Answering the Call

 — A young woman gets a call from her soldier boyfriend. by llambert01/13/163.65


 — Clair anticipates Sebastian's arrival home. by Anklegoddess204/28/033.59


 — Rose has a damn good reason for hurrying home. by Kingpin509/11/064.31


 — Anticipation of listening to an erotic audio submission. by Prcious103/06/184.12


 — Husband's large dildo gift drives wife crazy with lust. by tonysnow12/27/074.04


 — After a tough day at work, Mandy gets anything she wants. by PricklyRedRose04/02/174.34

Anything But...

 — Angel is forbidden to have penetrative sex. by xtcnymphette01/25/084.40

April's Bed

 — Anticipation can be half the excitement. by Chicklet08/29/034.25

Apt 7 has a Golden Shopping List

 — Carie sends Vasily shopping for some new toys. by l8lastnight02/03/174.62HOT

Arabelle's Library Break

 — Foreign exchange student finds pleasure in school's library. by myhiddendesire276910/17/063.88

Arabelle's Toy

 — Foreign exchange student finds pleasure with dildo and book. by myhiddendesire276910/18/064.40

Arcade Games

 — Fun in a peep show arcade for a woman alone. by budnging200009/01/014.17

Archive Relief Ch. 01

 — Down in the basement. by EvaApple01/14/064.23

Are You Horny?

 — Delia and Josh tell each other what it feels like. by Lexi_White01/03/184.19

Ariadne and the Chair

 — A girl's first time with a futuristic fucking machine. by Kittycat1310/23/104.05

Arizona Nights

 — Toys, Camera and a warm Arizona Night. by NORSAGE02/03/044.25

Artistic Touch Ch. 03

 — Continuation of teacher's infactuation with a former student. by freaky.tales11/16/044.03

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