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Bragging Rights

 — Two married friend push the boundaries of their relationship. by choclit_tai12/04/074.23

Breaking in My New Sex Toy

 — Breaking in my new glass dildo with help from my lover. by yourbabygirl711/04/144.35

Breaking in the Sub Pt. 02

 — My journey from vanilla to Dom with a special Sub. by clitomus05/19/163.88

Breast Play

 — A woman spends time with her huge breasts. by wetsexgirl08/25/063.93

Bree Impaled

 — Bree discovers the joy of her new huge dildo. by CandyBree8310/31/084.45

Brenda and Jennifer Ch. 03

 — Friends masturbate secretly about each other. by jennifer31_3203/20/074.52HOT

Bribe to Go Shopping

 — Convincing him to shop, his reward is a show. by Lion600001/02/053.88

Broken Date

 — Ann's broken date leads to a pleasurable revenge. by BackDoorRed06/28/064.31

Brooke Plays: A Masturbation Story

 — She thinks of her boyfriend. by EroticaSeanStyle08/26/034.20

Brookie's Holiday Submission

 — Young submissive enjoys her XXXmas gifts. by bbkradwell12/20/074.38

Brookie: BB's Internet Sensation

 — Master has His way with her from 1,000 miles away! by bbkradwell09/07/134.24

BtB: Home 'Movie'

 — Home alone and taking things 'in hand'. by Edge2311/23/053.86

Bubblebath Ends in Pleasure

 — Kat imagines her online lover would pleasure her. by VrgnKat05/01/063.94

Build It And She Will Come

 — Self bondage machine built to order. by Bookbinder11/25/044.35

Building 2B Ch. 01

 — Annie moans for the first time. by an0nym0uss02/22/124.10

Building A Cum

 — Just another solo masturbation story. by NoahBody09/06/094.16

Bullets of Water Ch. 01

 — A girl discovers something new in the shower. by Redm_the_great4207/13/164.06

Burning Thoughts

 — Will chance meeting lead to mind-blowing sex? by serendipity_lost02/26/074.27

Business Begins: Katie's Arrival

 — Katie starts out the agreement by getting prepared. by RedHairedandFriendly05/06/064.38

Business Call

 — Businesswoman gets caught using her cell phone as a vibrator. by al_Ussa04/17/093.66

Business Trips

 — They meet in a hotel bar. by A_Jerotica696902/23/114.34


 — He just wanted to jack off..then she gave him the real thing. by DireLilith07/01/07HOT

Busted Again!

 — She wants to see more of his bi-sexual side. by Livelycouple05/15/124.50HOT

Busy Fingers

 — Two girls get too hot not to give themselves some fun. by Otazel10/14/094.63HOT

Busy Fingers Ch. 02

 — The two women are back on the sofa and feeling just as hot. by Otazel11/28/094.68HOT

Busy Fingers Ch. 03

 — Back on the sofa, this time with toys. by Otazel12/31/094.67HOT

Busy Fingers Ch. 04

 — Our two girls move on and into the bedroom. by Otazel02/01/104.68HOT

Busy Fingers Ch. 05

 — The final part and the girls get it together fully. by Otazel06/14/104.68HOT

Busy Hands

 — Reminiscing about a lifetime of masturbation and other fun. by sar195307/14/174.03

Butt... Butt...

 — Girlfriend shows him his feminine side. by possum09/01/003.98

Butterflies Ch. 01

 — Sorority girls explore public masturbation. by lakesailer_mi01/23/104.44

Butterflies Ch. 02

 — Sorority girls explore public masturbation. by lakesailer_mi01/28/104.45

Butterfly Dinner

 — A remote vibrator, dinner, & an awards banquet. by Seeker19612/19/014.63HOT

Butterfly Effect

 — Why guys love remote controls. by alsensu09/14/063.58

Buying a Rabbit

 — Mary buys and uses her first sex toy; her husband finds out. by billhenderson06/18/114.39

Buying Love Ch. 01

 — Orgasm at the shopping mall. by gmikeisbad09/05/154.05

Buying Love Ch. 02

 — A sexy visitor shares Olivia's new hobby. by gmikeisbad09/06/154.32


 — A dream of a sex-obsessed man. by Salvor-Hardon07/24/063.93


 — An author reads his female editor sex scenes. by Barnaby08/05/024.44

Cabin Fever

 — Donny, Matt and Kay are friends but so frustrated. by bill_p9908/29/064.39

Cabin Fever Ch. 02

 — More from Donny, Kay and Matt. by bill_p9909/18/064.53HOT

Cabin Fever Ch. 03

 — Kay has her eyes opened at the trials. by bill_p9910/11/064.41

Cabin Fever Ch. 04

 — Back together Donny, Kay and Matt. by bill_p9910/14/064.74HOT

Cabin Fever Ch. 05

 — Donny Matt and Kay meet after their vacations. by bill_p9904/10/074.58HOT

Cabin Fever Ch. 06

 — Kay tells more of her vacation. by bill_p9904/23/074.52HOT

Cafe Cravings Ch. 02

 — Michelle surprises Sarah at work, in more ways than one. by indigo sky03/13/034.01

Caldera Ch. 01-03

 — A stripper and more for Christmas! by Writerotic11/08/064.67

California Dreaming

 — Frustrated wives find release. by browngrad09/25/063.73

Call Me

 — Couple explores semi-public phone sex. by notfrommars01/07/083.67

Calliope's New Life Ch. 05

 — Callie makes a present for Paddy. by xelliebabex02/18/144.61HOT

Camilla Ch. 022

 — Camilla gets home, makes love with Candice. by MawrGorshin09/25/114.38

Camping Trip Ch. 1

 — She discovers camping alone can be fun. by Nicola3106/02/023.73

Can A Dream Become Reality?

 — He spends time looking at images of his perfect woman. by the_apocalypse05/01/113.50

Can You Keep Up?

 — What she does when she thinks of you. by Texas Tease06/19/054.47

Can You Make Me High?

 — Is this what you do when I'm not with you? by sinfulcaramel11/07/174.38

Can't Help Myself

 — She's sitting at the computer playing with herself. by tipofyourtongue09/06/064.34

Candi Takes A Bath

 — She has some fun in the tub. by Sweet_Candi04/08/034.35

Candles for One

 — Mary finds release with candles and imagination. by candlesfyre11/01/114.20

Candles for One Ch. 02

 — Mary watches a porn flick and starts thinking. by candlesfyre11/20/113.88

Candy Cane

 — Candy is entertained by her Candy Cane. by My Erotic Tale11/21/054.17

Canista's Phone Sex

 — Coed enjoys phone sex with an older man. by SpankerSam09/02/064.46

Carnal Pleasures Alone

 — Her drive to please herself. by XXNoraJeanXX08/30/074.41


 — Public Sex without anyone knowing. by sr19114me07/31/153.91

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

 — Unusual diagnosis and treatment for CTS. by 0ra11yfix8ed09/12/174.05

Carrie's Computer

 — Prying repair man finds more than he expected. by blackpenblueink07/30/064.30

Carrie's Computer Ch. 02

 — Carrie's prying repair man finds even more. by blackpenblueink08/20/064.46

Casanova Redux Ch. 03

 — Jenny shows Cassia how to cum. by velvetpie02/12/054.11

Case Dictation

 — Dr. Treats Christine for Conversion Disorder. by boo5601/15/153.95

Cassandra's Awakening

 — Cassandra's body awakens after a surprise discovery. by LADYSANGLUPA06/20/113.59

Cat Burglar

 — Lisa gets fucked next to her sleeping boyfriend. by pixie200209/06/054.56HOT

Catching Her

 — He's watching you - and enjoying. by kinggamuche06/20/084.28

Catching Jason

 — Masturbating with my housemate. by millieteases03/06/094.53HOT

Cathy and Chris Ch. 14

 — Brother in law and sister in law - living & loving together? by Crazeems03/15/114.44


 — Catching partner masturbating. by charliechoc04/29/064.07


 — Humiliation in the 1950's. by MirageLM02/26/164.37

Caught by a Colleague

 — Kelly wants a little relief, but then Daniel walks in. by tigerslittleprincess12/26/134.29

Caught by Her Lover

 — She is caught by her lover having online sex. by robart09/07/174.06

Caught By Surprise Visitor

 — Ex-girlfriend's mother catches Eddy jacking off. by Eddy_Bort09/13/044.34

Caught Dancing

 — Holiday dildo dancing for one, turns into a party for three. by BlindEyes07/04/064.14

Caught Doing Self Service

 — Caught by wife masturbating. by GOODFORYOU207/13/063.90

Caught Her Masturbating... Ch. 01

 — She loves to masturbate, and I love catching her. by catchherorgasm09/16/093.86

Caught Her Masturbating... Ch. 02

 — She loves to masturbate, and I love catching her. by catchherorgasm09/17/093.65

Caught in Bliss

 — She's had enough, but it's stuck inside. by LWeaver01/04/144.31

Caught in the Act

 — Sometimes being a bad girl pays off. by EmelieDragon08/02/164.21

Caught in the Act!

 — You come home to find her thinking of the night before. by hornetsprincess11/14/054.37

Caught in the Office

 — Caught jacking off at my desk. by FLrider04/05/173.80

Caught Masturbating

 — He is caught masturbating while thinking of the office slut. by ky_fella_5710/15/153.76

Caught Playing in the Pool Room

 — My sexy sister-in-law walks in on a private game. by fsas2001/22/124.21

Caught Wet Handed

 — Janie enjoys a fantasy, only to be caught on tape. by kelkel7909/28/103.94

Caught with My Pants Down

 — Miscommunication leads to an awkward moment of fulfilment. by Alexandra05/05/104.47


 — My fiancee catches me with a toy she didn't know I had. by VAGradSch05/14/094.17


 — Thinks his girl is gone he masturbates, she catches him. by schreckdog04/13/143.71

Celebrating in San Francisco

 — They celebrate 10 years of marriage with some kinky fun. by candjs07/05/084.17

Cellphone Delight

 — An unusual call from his boss. by Master_Vassago02/08/064.47

Changing my Attitude Ch. 01

 — A conservative girl changed her attitude. by karen194709/16/174.19

Chantal's Clothing Becomes Her Toy

 — When playtime lasts all day. by Coeur de Dragon10/16/054.36

Chantilly Lace Pt. 01: The Gala

 — My luxurious panties are rubbing me just the right way. by ThelovelyCaroline11/18/174.49

Charlotte's Ivory Pleasure

 — She took a trip to Cambodia. by FlaubertinEgypt06/26/133.07

Chatroom Fun

 — Woman new to chat discovers a whole new erotic world. by AngelSCC01/16/114.07

Cheating the Test

 — Got caught in a real situation. by yblack503/13/163.57

Checkout Lane Hookup Ch. 02

 — Pete takes Carolyn to a sex shop and pushes her limits. by tk555503/04/144.55HOT


 — She wants herself. by SistaShakespeare02/11/044.00

Cheerleader Chronicle Ch. 01

 — An 18-year-old guy gets an offer he can't refuse. by tk555509/08/124.48

Cheerleader Chronicle Ch. 02

 — Rick goes on a scavenger hunt at Nancy's house. by tk555509/11/124.37

Cherie in the Kitchen

 — Her new vibrator had awoken Cherie to other possibilities... by Scarlet_Pen02/09/034.31

Cherie's New Toy

 — Was Cherie really the sort of woman who could use a vibrator? by Scarlet_Pen01/19/034.11

Cherry's Revenge Ch. 03

 — Damien comes round to give Cherry a present. by mightypinkdms04/20/164.53HOT

Chill of Glass

 — Her weakness to the pleasures of him wielding the toys. by weekender4307/22/173.92

Chris Dunn Ch. 01

 — He masturbates for forgiveness. by Ginopikken05/23/104.19

Christina Looks for a College Ch. 03

 — Christina gets some alone time. by 212/18/034.51HOT

Christina Looks for a College Ch. 06

 — The boys masturbate with a cheerleader. by 204/26/044.32

Christina Looks for a College Ch. 09

 — Christina enjoys her shower with two mystery women. by 212/27/054.39

Christina: Pranked

 — A catnap in the sun leads to a sisterly prank. by Christina Samuels01/03/124.24

Christine's Pleasure

 — Horny wife gets off while waiting for the Doctor. by Horny Couple09/19/054.22

Christine's Toys

 — Married girl makes an acquaintance in an Adult Boutique. by NiteWriter04/23/014.25

Christmas Eve At Work

 — A new washing machine never felt so good. by svanswords12/15/024.22

Christmas Eve Bath

 — Relaxing after a party. by Champagne_Supernova12/12/023.62

Christmas Gift

 — Two old friends spend some time together before Christmas. by 4phr0d1te01/09/184.53HOT

Christmas Promises Wrapped in Dreams

 — She enjoys herself while awaiting his return. by NatalieRose11/30/054.41

Christy's Helpful Video

 — Video helps divorcee take care of business. by Jeff81801/16/044.03

Church Girl: 7 Days of Self-Sin

 — Virgin teen discovers the joys of creative masturbation. by silkstockingslover12/15/174.75HOT

Cin 24: Midnight to 1 am

 — Cinnamon watches a movie while she waits. by GentleGeorge03/30/043.90

Cindy Called Back

 — She wanted to masturbate with me. by secret_admirer7211601/10/134.67HOT

Cindy Gets a Grip

 — Her hand job is almost as good as fucking. by Bakeboss05/25/103.32

Claire Cums Undone

 — Claire learns to cum in front of her man. by ClaireM08/13/053.94

Clara and Karl: The Beginning

 — Clara fantasizes about the beautiful man at the theatre. by BBWSaphrina03/16/104.00

Classic Cars...

 — An encounter by the roadside by ClaudiaNovotny09/10/123.71

Classmate Crush

 — After lecture ends, there's time to "study". by DanielBrown03/22/184.49

Classroom Masturbation

 — She masturbates in history class. by centralcalguy03/02/044.05

Cleaner Close Pt. 04

 — A submissive girl uses toys to pleasure herself for Master. by Posy_Churchgate11/26/164.23

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