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Fucking Machine Letters: Sandra

 — She tests a friend's toy and gives an uncensored review. by rthnck04/13/084.59HOT

Fucking Myself

 — A webcam and a big dildo result in a bigger orgasm. by amazingalicia01/10/064.26

Fucking Myself Bloody

 — A woman fucks herself with a vibrator during menstruation. by bawidgetcoms04/30/134.16

Full Body Massage

 — A high tech massage table does the trick. by technolover10/10/084.34

Fun and Fornication Ch. 03

 — He starts to get some revenge. by SideshowD04/08/144.58HOT

Fun Before The Trip

 — Teacher has fun with herself before a ski trip. by football_stud03/20/072.61

Fun for Himself

 — He gets lonely and she's too far away...yay for phone sex. by biguy1309/19/063.78

Fun in the Kitchen

 — Jamie cooks up more than dinner. by CozyBoy01/14/014.06

Fun in the Sun

 — A trip to her special place. by Drunken_Fingers12/07/074.50HOT

Fun with Deepak Ch. 02

 — They have sizzling hot phone sex. by Babli512/24/113.96

Fun with Karen

 — A guy and a girl strip naked and masturbate together. by JohnR3303/30/123.99

Fun, Dirty Girl, Ch. 02

 — Younger Neighbor shares secrets, wild side. by Styxman11/24/064.36

Funny Business Ch. 02

 — After cumming IN the closet, Maddie tries it alone. by purfikt08/06/134.00

Funtime Alone

 — Coed enjoys phone masturbation with boyfriend. by Beautifullittlebaby06/16/063.71

Game On

 — She started the game, will he finish it? by SJZ7609/04/094.22

Garden Romp

 — You watch her play with the hose. by Therapie03/09/033.81


 — A quick trim becomes a naughty treat. by seafever12/04/094.05

Gathering Storm Ch. 03

 — It begins to storm both inside...and out. by Many Feathers05/30/104.59HOT

Geek Sex Ch. 01

 — The story of a college junior study geek. by tessawolf04/10/064.54HOT

Geek Sex Ch. 02

 — Jan experiments with her roommate's toys. by tessawolf04/11/064.56HOT

Geek Sex Ch. 03

 — Jan and her roommate masturbate together. by tessawolf04/12/064.53HOT

Geek Sex Ch. 05

 — She experiments with a butt plug. by tessawolf04/18/064.42

Get Her Cumming!

 — Boyfriend helps girlfriend cum with toys. by SXY_Hot_Mamma10/21/05

Getting Caught

 — She thought she had the night to herself. by Dsireme03/20/073.90

Getting Off On Mel

 — She plays with the toys on her fuck buddy's bookshelf. by 12xalt08/22/043.75

Getting Pegged

 — Man's fantasy is fulfilled by sister's lesbian lover. by pegboy06/16/024.23

Getting Ready

 — Showering for a hot date. by Nyarlathotep3201/16/043.10

Getting Vibes with BF Roommate

 — Secret pleasure from my boyfriend's roommate. by Ginger_Sun01/19/153.96

Getting Watched by a Neighbour

 — Moved into a new flat and I give the sexy neighbour a show. by lazydayerrotic01/30/144.00

Getting What You Pay For

 — Redhead and husband enjoy first use of a Rabbit Vibe. by RedHairedandFriendly08/01/064.49

Ghost Rider

 — Valentine's surprise leaves Sienna exhausted. by loganforester02/05/094.08


 — A mystery in a college dorm. by 4eyedbrit02/18/123.65

Gift in the Mail Ch. 01

 — The bra that did more than lift and separate. by Deep Soaker10/25/114.20

Gift in the Mail Ch. 02

 — Matching panties may actually be the sex toy Cherry 2001. by Deep Soaker11/14/114.61HOT

Gift in the Mail Ch. 03

 — Cherry Product representative loses his cherry. by Deep Soaker03/01/124.51HOT

Gift of the Magical Vibrator Ch. 01

 — Husband goes to sex shop to buy the perfect vibrator. by myeroticvamp04/27/124.00

Gina Ch. 02

 — Tommy and Gina have fun in her car. by Tommy198208/13/064.38

Gina Ch. 08

 — Tommy calls Gina while she's at work. by Tommy198208/19/064.34

Girl Interrupted

 — Self-bondage - until she gets a visitor. by Goldeniangel06/18/054.60HOT

Girl Interrupted Ch. 02

 — Doug comes over to play with her again. by Goldeniangel06/26/054.58HOT

Girl Interrupted Ch. 03

 — Doug goes grocery shopping and brings home goodies. by Goldeniangel08/17/054.39

Girl Next Door Ch. 01

 — Things start to change between old friends. by PrurientFantasies11/01/084.38

Girlfriend's Message Instructions

 — I instruct my girlfriend on what to do with herself. by CasualPosterWoo07/19/124.31

Girls and Their Toys

 — Jared catches Lena playing with a vibrator. by athenamystique04/17/134.35

Girls and Their Toys

 — Girls' night out turns wild. by Ginger_Sun05/14/154.35

Girls on Film

 — Who knows where watching porn together could lead? by Athene08/30/034.41

Girls Talking About Sex

 — Three solo girls talking and masturbating. by leBonhomme01/29/144.18

Girls will be Nymphos Ch. 01

 — Zelda is changing, right before Victoria's eyes. by Plasmawarrior07/17/053.64

Glass Becomes Me

 — Awakened from a dream, she reaches for her toys. by LilSliceOfCherryPie10/01/054.44

Glass in the Ass Ch. 01

 — Her first anal adventure with glass. by Pink Sugar04/04/064.39

Glass in the Ass Ch. 02

 — She discovers two toys are better than one. by Pink Sugar08/02/064.45

Gloria's Gift

 — When good toys go bad. by wolf18210/28/044.58HOT

Glorious New Toy

 — A heavier magic wand has won her heart. by glory_first08/29/074.16

Glorious Toy

 — Coiled in pleasure. by glory_first01/30/064.28

Goddesses Ch. 03

 — Serenity discovers the joys of Lil's vibrator. by MissBri05/03/064.08

Going Mechanical

 — He's stroked while friend's wife gets mechanically poked. by Bryce Schafft107/12/064.13

Golden & the Three Behrs

 — Another AU rendering of an old fairy tale. by Cinner08/17/124.29


 — Modern day Goldie defiling a residence. by tipofyourtongue06/22/064.28


 — He buys a robot woman to replace missing partner. by oggbashan04/10/054.39

Gone Fishing

 — A fishing story that had to be seen to be believed. by Many Feathers04/19/134.28

Good Dream

 — Some dreams are meant to be relived. by spankerz05/17/084.71HOT

Good for Seconds and Thirds

 — Jacking off while fantasizing about the sexy neighbor. by Boxlicker10111/08/053.84

Good Morning

 — Waking up all alone she decides to have some solo fun. by CanadianAngel83507/15/143.84

Good Morning Babe

 — He has an early morning wank over you. by pinkpro10/17/073.75

Goody Two-Shoes Ch. 02

 — Sam finally hears from Jay again. by KarennaC03/15/084.46

Got Any Toys?

 — Popular question, guys. Here's my honest response. by goddessinjapan10/12/093.59

Graduate School

 — Dave & Cheryl need change in their lives. by pixie200207/06/054.32

Great Sex After Marriage

 — A happily married couple get a little wild. by ava2306/17/134.36

Greatest Love of All

 — A journey of self-discovery for one middle-aged widow. by wife2hotblk01/31/104.13

Greedy Joss

 — She gets her first orgasm from his hands. . . by HotPeter01/24/143.69

Grey Flannel Skirt

 — Frustrated administrative horny slut. by dedimm12/08/083.91

Groggy Morning

 — He wakes me up with exactly what I need. by CoffeeGal04/07/154.16

Guided Masturbation - Fantasy Woman

 — Self-love with your first fantasy woman. by Pumpkinhead3701/18/113.67

Gwen's Release

 — She fantasizes about a man she can't have. by Reflection8306/12/064.38


 — Antony alters home gym, with delicious results for Sarah. by Frans Tooten10/08/003.20

Gym Class Secret

 — Woman remembers a girlfriend from high school. by logophile11/16/044.24

Hair Today

 — Young man gets an unusual job offer. by 0ra11yfix8ed03/10/154.26

Hairbrush Hangover

 — She misses her man's cock and reaches for the hairbrush. by StinkinThinkin03/21/134.00

Hallucinatory Sex

 — Is the sex real or not? We'll see. by Tythos08/20/053.33

Hand-ling A Sexless Marriage

 — Past memories give a frustrated wife a helping hand - or two. by whoruwhoami04/26/103.73


 — Jill gets a special present from her older sister. by humminglight1207/07/124.54HOT

Handjob Ch. 01

 — How a girl can get what she wants. by CuckoldGuy02/19/11

Handjob Ch. 05

 — Gaining sexual independence. by CuckoldGuy05/22/143.99

Handjob Ch. 06

 — The beginnings of a cuckold. by CuckoldGuy05/29/153.92

Handjob Ch. 07

 — My struggle not to become a cuckold. by CuckoldGuy06/27/154.06

Handjob Fascination

 — She loves to stroke it and seeing men stroking. by marleymusic200207/19/064.38

Handled By A Woman

 — How a handjob ended his marriage. by fuse136903/22/073.82

Handling Things

 — Ron and Shelly get hold of one another. by Selbryth03/28/06

Hands On Ch. 01

 — Solo masturbation secretly during a phone conversation. by m1k304/23/082.44

Hania Ch. 01

 — Polish student Hania enjoys a wine-soaked evening in Prague. by Go_east11/16/084.11

Hannah Frustrated

 — Lust for boss only leads to frustration. by Hneedsitbad01/13/103.92

Hannah Relieved

 — The boss finally gives Hannah the release she needs. by Hneedsitbad01/14/103.79

Happiness is a Prop Gun

 — Actors get frisky with their props. by stagemage2108/21/094.00

Happy Camping

 — Wife needs to masturbate while camping with another couple. by _brent_12304/02/144.39

Happy Consequences

 — A mix-up at the airport leads to fun... by SeptimusWS03/18/144.17

Happy Halloween Caitlin 01

 — A woman, a pumpkin, a dark and stormy night! by wastor6412/19/134.07

Happy X-mas

 — A stolen moment alone during the holidays. by cedarlooman12/24/103.71

Hard and Deep

 — She experiments on her bathroom floor. by xox.sweet.xox03/07/064.30

Hard At Work

 — A bit of porn and cock stroking makes the hours fly. by Akito0108/21/064.11

Hard Steel

 — A beautiful daughter of a factory owner pleasures herself. by uksnowy04/12/124.39

Harri: Face the Slut Within Ch. 02

 — Can Harri tame the slut within? Does she want to? by thenry12/04/094.25

Harry and His Wife's Panties

 — Harry's marriage had reached a terrible lull. by SunrockSin10/25/083.65

Harry and the Pumpkin

 — Harry wasn't proud, in fact he was a bit embarrassed... by SunrockSin10/24/083.40

Harry and the Video Arcade

 — Frustrated once again by his wife's lack of interest in sex. by SunrockSin10/31/083.69

Have You Ever Been Teased?

 — I touch and tease you until you cannot wait anymore. by storytyme09/02/144.32

Having a Taste...

 — She makes me eat my own cum. by Jay Richards02/20/064.48

Healing Hands

 — Paralised patient gets a helping hand. by mrhoppity07/25/074.15

Hear My Cry

 — Rolling thunder and a very wet woman. by LadyGrey12/06/044.10

Heard But Not Seen

 — Louise listens to her parents. by piltdownman02/08/084.22


 — Man alone + broken a/c + hot, muggy day. by biaznboy07/22/044.52HOT

Heather's Honeymoon Ch. 03

 — Heather realizes she's cut out for being a love slave. by HamSwift12/27/064.58HOT

Heather's Toy Box

 — Heather enjoys a lonely afternoon at university. by TheMorg10/15/044.06

Heating a Cold Winter Night

 — Bathtime play. by Midol07/01/054.35

Heavy Breathing

 — Returning home early from work has its rewards. by WFEATHER11/28/054.38

Heidi's Hot Halloween Holiday

 — Toys-the perfect Halloween gift for your wife or girlfriend. by andtheend10/17/103.28

Hello Lover

 — Email to a lover; read over the phone to her. by tripstarryeyed09/09/134.56

Help From A Friend

 — Frustrated nympho is given a solution. by Biopower06/15/064.44

Henry's Birthday Threesome

 — Henry gets a few surprises. by AnnaRed07/11/084.23


 — She likes reading erotic stories. by ThatSexyIrishGirl02/27/064.30

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