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Meaningful for her

but for me it was rather prosaic. The action seemed too mechanical and lacked real passion.

I would love to be Rob

Correction, I NEED to be Rob!!!!

Great story, well written, very erotic.

So hot

Wow, what a great storyline. I came so hard and licked my fingers clean afterwards. Would love to do this in front of a woman who appreciates a nice show.


This is one of the hottest things I've ever read.

It got my panties wet so it was amazing

Top story

Good stuff here. Loved the potential, the lead in, the tension and the submission. Felt like the only thing missing is a spot of tables turning and what really happened with the handcuffs.

I'm humping my chair too. It feels so good. I'm trying not to cum yet but I'm gonna cum iny jeans any second now I can't hold it. I need it so bad


You're right, it's been 11 years!

To be continued??

That's what you wrote back in December 2006. It's now 2017. Somehow methinks the sequel has vapourised by now, hopefully you haven't.

Next chapter??

Great story but where's the next page or chapter??
It's too short and needs a sequel desperately.


It might have been me writing that, right down to my eyes involuntarily locking onto her bush when I squirt my load. Been there so many times since that glorious evening at age 13 when I jacked off first time.

Sorority lust.

I read Ch 4 first by mistake so I'm starting back at Ch,1, and I've not disappointed so far......

That's my girl.

New dress and lingerie, all purchased on sale, I'm in love. I think I'm looking forward to this evening as much as Beth and Janet. I am saving up for tonight. Nicely written by the way.

Great story!

Loved it. Every boy's dream come true!


Just the kind of story I love. Good work.

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