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Great twist!

Lovely - the imagined discipline was a great new twist. I'm now curious as to what goes on when her disciplinarian is actually present! Phwoar!

One fix.

Something needs to be done with the drop, talk about ruining a perfect evening. A chace to be the hero, oh clever. She certainly was impressed, was it your part or all the machines part ?


thought this story very good made me chuckle

Very good!

That was exciting!!! I have a feeling that it was a TRUE story!! Great job!

Well written!

Great erotic story! Would love to read more of these characters.

So hot!

Love how Bruce takes control after catching her! He could catch me anytime :)


We thoroughly enjoyed your story, being from the low country ourselves, it kinda hit home with some of the things we've done while out fishing/boating. Maybe some day we'll cross paths with Carl and give him a show of our own.


cuck shit.

Very Sexy Read!

Wow this story really got me going ;) I wouldn't mind reading more from this author. Keep it coming!

If you keep giving her Adam she will eventually want to try a real one but I think that's what you want


Revenge? About what? 2*


another faggoty cuck.

Terrible writing. Seems forced like a pornographic Twilight novel.

Very Sensual

Lilith is a sensual tale of high quality! Enjoyable

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