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Sweet, sensual, vaguely transgressive.

"Her tongue felt lithe and muscular and sinful."

Oh my, that makes the equipment tremble.

Lovely evocative descriptions, not overdone.

Not Alone

A good orgasm can lift one's mood. You're not alone in that way. Letting others appreciate your pleasures makes you an important part of a crowd.


this entire story gave me the creeps...

Sexual experimentation taken full circle.

How do each gender's bodies responding to various stimuli? No need to theorize, just hop inside and take each body for a test drive. Of course when the trial is over are you fully satisfied forever being back where you started? Will you want to take another trip to explore more? What will the reaction be if they discover a reproductive "oops?"




Terrific story of a frustrated young man's growing lust, penis straining voyeur experiences and ultimate masturbation. More of Daniel please!

Try it!

It need not affect your masculinity at all -- I've been fucked well over 100 times by 40+ men, and loved it each time it happened, and no one has ever suspected except the men I've climbed into bed with .... but it will change forever how you FEEL about men!

Try it -- you'll love it!

Choose your first man carefully, someone you can trust to 'do you' bareback and pour his warm, wet, fluttery feelings out deep inside you when finishes, and will give you ENOUGH TIME to get it in without hurting you; you'll never get enough if that first time goes well! Please, let me know how ot feels to you when it happens!

Really relatable!

This sounds either like it happened or could very well happen. Either way, keep this going and maybe turn this into a community based theme?!

Nice story

Nice! Good slow build up. The great thing about women in the pleasure industry is that they don't obey the "normal" conventions. See my "Business Model" and "We strip just for you" pleasure industry stories. In a story, remember character viewpoint, the reader can only be in one person's mind. I think the two most important elements in an erotic story are plausibility and real characters and you seem to have hit that. Keep writing!

There's something really hot about realizing that sex isn't wrong or dirty. Something I'm still trying to un-learn thanks to the great teachings of religion. This is great and I hope you write lots more!

I've done this too and raised my hips up to feel the vibrations of the steering wheel on my clit. I was driving down a dirt road and I almost went into a field!


Fuck. I too have often wondered what it would feel like to be fucked by another man. I though, have never had the balls to try it. You make it sound so very sexy and eroticaly appealing that were some one available right now I would be sorely tempted to " Let it all hang out. "

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