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You write amazingly... it's well thought out and organized and keeps you interested the whole time. Bravo!


Purrfection I must say. A nice surprise . And yes. Going to use this again soon. Thank you. 😽

Tank you for the new chapter. I hope to read more later.


Who gives toys and no batteries ? Now let's get busy


This story sucks !
I can't help but wonder what would happen if you went pantieless outside on a windy day. Do you ever use the crevasse cleaner.
My cock won't fit in a Japanese vacuum, I need a 2 h.p. shop vac. With a micro filter. Perhaps you can try the wet, dry, model.

I love how this hits the right mix of childish and playful, but still sexy.

Loved it

Thank you.
I read this with a vibrator on random mode and a cup of tea.
Absolutely delicious

Delightfully wicked!

The story had potential, but the unrealistic and awkward dialogue ruined it.

this chapter is so erotically scorching,, these three seem to be quite in love/lust,, so hot,, where does this leave andy?

A sweet treat!

I like how you had him cream outside @Krispy Cream!

Nice first effort... ought to write more as this was excellent. I really enjoyed it. Short and sweet and a great read.


Oh my! i love this story it is so hot!


Great start. Keep it going

Re: Sy23

Thank you for your feedback! I wanted to do something different and a little out there, and I really enjoy hearing that it resonates with some people, even if it's just a few. :)

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