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awesome climax

How about another chapter?

I pity he boyfriends

Looks like another case of robots taking the place of humans.
It's a well written story however and deserves to be continued. It'll be interesting to see how the respective boyfriends handle the competition.

That one deserved 6 stars.

Thats right up there with Class Nudist!

Love your works!

I can relate to the characters and the situation. I love your writing. Really good setup and anticipations. Class Nudist is one of my all-time favorites. Im so happy to see youre posting new works. Keep it up! Thank you for writing these!

I want one

Damn! I want to feel that machine inside me!


Masterbated and hardcore orgasmed to this

Caught at work

Got caught pounding my wife from behind by the bosses son. Look on his face was priceless, n me n the wife didnt drop a stroke...if anything it made it all that much hotter!


I didn't know I could shoot so far! I'll be so glad when you get back!

Nice fantasy.

It's a nice, well written fantasy. Sadly, kind of ruined by being too lazy to actually go to sybian's website and figure out what they actually do, and how they are actually controlled.

If you've ever actually played with one, it's kind of unreadable, because sybians don't thrust up and down, and they don't have a "remote" and they don't have "randomized" settings: They have a wired controller with two on/off switches and two speed control knobs, one set controlling the vibration speed, and one set controlling the rotation of the dildo.

So if you've actually used one, it's like reading, "She hopped in the driver's seat of the Ford Explorer, hit the start button, and activated 'self drive'."

Great story!

He should have lifted her! Should have closed the door after entering her room and then he does what he wanted to do with her! She can plead him to be slow and take care of her as it is first time for him! She is afraid that he might hurt her in lot of enthusiasm. His fear for making her pregnant can be shown to which she creatively answered! His innocent questions about female anatomy and her bold answers can be great content!

It's always wonderful watching someone trying to correct mistakes, make them.

Pelilu is most likely Peleliu, the specific island. Not that it matters, CT has been dead for quite a few years and will be unable to take your suggestions to heart. ☹

Cruiser, thank you so much! I'm so glad you see yourself in this college jock! I'm so happy you thought it was hot!

Anonymous, technically semen is mostly formed in the seminal vesicles, with some help from the prostate gland and bulbourethral glands. The sperm from the testicles provides 5% of the volume of an ejaculation. Although some men do feel the sperm travelling from their testicles, it's very common for men to feel the fluids trickling from their seminal vesicles to the urethral bulb, at the base of the penis. The seminal vesicles are in the lower abdomen, and I considered "crotch", "loins", "hips", and "groin." "Butt" and "ass" are not quite right, but the glands are sort of in between the gluteus maximus and the front of the pelvis, so I figured a jock type would use the word "ass". Likewise, the muscles that cause ejaculation after semen has accumulated in the urethral bulb are kind of between the legs; "taint" (the area between the testicles and anus) would probably be the closest, but again, I thought of all of the words above before deciding that "ass" was most consistent with the character. Thanks for your feedback.

Better than it's rated!

If I were rating this story, I would give it at least a 4.8. Fairly believable and pretty darned hot!


Well my ass certainly clenches when I thrust my hips as my cum squirts! Great story accurately describing where every boy's been, the thoughts that fill a guy's mind as his cum rises (girl, butt, shower .... mmm!) even down to the semen trickling down and catching in the pubic hair. Been there so many times since that first luscious time so long ago.

i cummed 6 times

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