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very close

to being accurate. my wife gave up after three trys to keep them in.

This was really nicely written. Better than nicely, it was sexy & beautifully masked in terms of character gender until after climax. Really creative & unique.

Great Story

Should definitely write a follow-up to this. What a great story


Good start!
Looking forward to the continuation.....

Nice Little Story!

Great description of a naughty incident! Share more!

Good story

But using the word Beast in every other sentence gets a bit old. I get that you've named it the Beast, but try some other descriptions for variety and it'll be a better read.

Loved it!

Please keep checking and sharing with us!!

What a great read! I've often wondered what fantasies a woman has during her alone time. To me there is nothing more intimate than knowing someone's thoughts. Fascinating take on this topic, thanks for sharing.

Insanely Good Stuff

This series is insanely good. I love the way it gets into the subjects heads while they're being tormented and the gentle manipulation and coercion is priceless.

Fantasy Or Real?

Nice segway from dream to reality or was it? More!


Lovely I hoppthere are a lot more chapters to cum!!


Well written, the curious innocent exploring ... ;)

Well done

“This one goes out to all my fellow horny introverts who just can't bring themselves to flirt like normal people and simply daydream about their manic pixie dream person to come up to them and – without much ado and discussion – sweep them off their feet, right into their bed, right onto their cock or into their pussy... “

The story was well written but the intro made my day. Thank you!

Great job!

You've got a great way with words! Excellent picture painting and description.

I knew that mom was a naughty one....;)

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