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Awesome series

Hope you'll upload the next part soon


Love how over-the-top is it. More more more.


Winner of *Best Use of an Appliance in a Literotica Story 1999*
"A clamp? In the shape of a large U, with bits of jewelry and bells? I turned my head, looking at him, frowning. He rubbed the thing on mouth, my nipples, then ordered me to keep my hands behind my back. He pulled up my clit and lips, sliding the U over the whole until all of it was pushed together and I could feel the beat beat beat of blood in my pussy."

Originally published under the pseudonym Ariel79.

too detailed

i couldnt b arsed to read it

Very descriptive

Your writing is very descriptive. I could actually envision the whole scenario in my mind. Actually for a moment I thought the horny dad was going to turn out to be the Master. Wouldn't that have been something!

pierced part 1

keep up the writing, this story has more chapters to come and more plot to explore. does she have it done, does it change her life, how does she explain it to her husband, does it change him and does she have her cunt lip and nipples pierced? good luck, I'll watch out for you.

A Dream

This would be a dream cum true for me. I already cum in my coffee, but to have my wife know it and want me to to cum in my coffee would be awesome.

Somewhere in the middle

Although some phrases like burning breasts and asshole made me laugh, I think your story is nicely done for a short stroker. You've successfully managed to show that your protagonist is one helluva nymphomaniac, if that's what you were trying to attempt.

Toys and Masturbation Category isn't my forte, but I liked reading this one. Well done. I'd rate this a 3* (I didn't actually rate this story, just sayin')


Mystery Man

I see a cheating slut story coming............................................ ..The Big "D" oh what fun

Co-Ed Masturbation

I really love stories about guys and gals doing it together.

Thank you, Unicorn Princess

No offence taken.

It's a talent, honed by years of practice... ;)

All kidding aside, while I have shortened the time frame, the story is basically true.

Thanks for reading!


Um, no offence, but how can someone make someone else cum just by typing a few sentences? Just asking.

loved it

really nice story, I hope you keep writing, I'd love read more from you. thanks for sharing this hot story =)

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