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Something's missing

This is taking a good long time and I'm enjoying it. I express myself and nicely slaps my butt, reminding me of the noise. I agree and she continues on my legs.

Those 3 lines make no sense together.

I liked the storyline but would have preferred more details on the penetration and a what followed.

Very well done

Fabulous story! I loved every word.


I had never heard of a Sybian before and boy I feel like I have been missing out on something AMAZING. I Google the pics of it and all I can say is wow....

Alive & Well

Pooky12349: It's been quite awhile since I wrote this story. If I remember correctly, I had Dex go on a business trip (he left a note) and she's not sure where. But he is very much alive.



A most interesting story. I enjoyed every minute of it, but at the biginning I was a little worried that Dex had died somehow. But as I read the story I thought that he might not have, but once I got to the end I wasn't so sure.
In any event I hope he didn't because he has one terrific wife and it's apparent that they really know how to please each other. And she really knows how to please herself!
On a different note: I copied your rules of grammar, beats the hell out of running back and forth to the Chicago Style book. Thanks for posting them.]

Lucky woman

Lexi's adventurous nature is certainly paying off for her. Marie's husband is quite innovative...when do we get to meet him? As usual, this story is well written and the characters are 100% believable. I wish I had the same sexual stamina.

She isn't the only one

A quick story if she relishes taking her time for satisfying her Orgasim. My thanks to this writer for not trying my patience to achieve the same. There is nothing else like the satisfying feel of good Hard wood !

hot cock

ill jackoff for any woman im not related to afterall cunt is cunt if you wanna peak watch me beat the meat

And after tearing his sphincter muscle badly

Did he make it to the hospital or did he bleed to death? Because after you describing the size of the toys, there's no doubt she ripped him up badly and that he would have been bleeding profusely. Really nasty, horrible abuse.


Your story brings back memories of my time in Germany, when I was the "Other Man" for a couple. After many times of her and me along, she invited her husband to join in. We both had her, watching the other. She then took control. She was our Master, as such, and had us jerk each other off, and after she licked us clean, made us lick her juices up, along with whatever we'd left behind earlier. After, she had us jerk each other off, and then lick each other clean. The next time, well, she watched and we performed! What fun! I'll always have a soft spot for dominant blonde big-tittied German girls!

It's getting good.

Oh it's getting good now you have to keep writing more chapters to this story.

Really fun

I would love to do this with one of my friends, but I would be afraid to bring it up.

Thank you

I enjoy your wonderfully fun and honest writing style.
Sure hope you will be able to continue on with this journey.

Surprisingly fun

Great premise and execution as the tension escalates.

I had thought the group was going to get bigger, and had thought the action was going to spiral much more out of control. But it was less grandiose. This made the story more feasible than I would have imagined, and easier to put myself into the character's shoes.

Amusingly, I was proud of the character's maturity as they navigated the options presented to them and chose their path. I say amusingly because they are just made up characters after all. But again, my connection formed with this group makes me wish they had taken on a fifth member. me. And perhaps another girl. Because. well, you know. I wanted to be able to share "sushi" with someone as well.

Exciting Moment

I encourage you to continue writing no matter if your "critics" praise or condemn. Your style is rookie-ish but readable with a likable story.
My personal wonder: you say you're into girls (you're gay and apologize to us fellas) BUT you use a liberally-lubed dildo to make yourself cum. It appears there's a man at the bottom of this mystery.
Please continue writing. As a child I loved reading Sherlock Holmes mysteries and your mystery begins with a paradox. Thanks for posting something I like.

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