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One Of The Best

Great writing! Enjoyed ever word!


Love this story. Definitely rubbing my pussy now hoping to cum soon. Thanks

Love This!

Well written and very very hot...!


k xo

Great Story

Very good detail. Turned me on immensely.


I just need someone to talk dirty to me for me to orgasm, this is soooo hot!!!

So realistic

The steady rise of sexual excitement is so well described. It is so good to see correct anatomical names used and not slang. An excellent read.


Need a ladies version! This is perfect!

Third person

You need the person in the story to be describing what she feels rather than you explaining what you feel.

we're you masturbating..

Amazing. It's like you. We're masturbating and writing at the same time. Hot!


Whenever I masturbate I try to take a long time tease myself as long as I can stand it. One of the reasons I love Electro stimulation because it teaches your body to respond and you learn to read you body 's signals so that you can prevent it come too soon.
Thanks for really great Stroke by stroke description of your masturbation it was really hot

got me horny

That was so fucking I'm going to read it again and masturbate right now thank you

Loved It.

Thanks, Erica! Exactly what I was looking for.


Please sir may I have another?


Okay I'm definitely not going to lie about this your story got me hard as hell

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