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Well, what can I say! So delightfully written,, well-researched, and full of knowing guile. You have talent and knowledge, wit and an eye for the sensuous. I wonder, have you lived in the lifestyle, if not you have explored it well with insight.

Please do email and tell me more. You may contact me at I look forward to hearing from you.


Pretty good. 4 stars cause I wanted more.

A few thoughts

Will gift cards be available for this christmas.? I've wondered about Symbians wouldn't ladies like if their lover was always behind them. I'm sure most love big dongs, butt it must be their choice as well.
The squrt room enough of that thought i might squirt too. Can she have a friend present in any room she desires. Did Anajolie use uber or a private car, was Brad driving, I'm not from TMZ.

Thank you for the comment jim_bo888

It is an incredible turn-on for me to imagine her in a state of uninhibited sexual bliss. As much as I would like to have audio or video, I believe it would probably take focus away from her experience of just wanting to orgasm and play however she wanted. I have always been wired in that I get great pleasure from a woman's sexual pleasure, regardless if I'm there or not. I believe the more orgasms a woman has, in most cases the happier she is with the rest of her life. Simple, though I would like to think it is true. Regardless, it is good energy for me.


sounds like you enjoy thinking about your wife's time alone. Good step by step description of what you imagine goes on and the intense pleasure it provides. What are you feeling as you imagine the experience? You might suggest to your wife to record, for both your private viewing, some audio or perhaps video.... it might add a bit of spice to your together time.... Thanks for the images


I love strangers fucking especially in public. That just gets me wet.
And I would love someone sliding their fingers in me at a bar..mmm..

Barely literate

Total tripe without rational structure

Beautifully explicit, both as to action and emotions. What a way to win the heart of fair lady

Than You

Thank you for providing a story that is not only erotic, but loving and romantic. It is refreshing to see a pegging story that isn't about breaking a man, but shows that pegging can be hot and romantic.

Please continue

I am really enjoying it. The story is similar to a fantasy I have had for years.

Love the story

Have to admit this is some fine writing


Five stars! You've got me hooked... keep it on a roll! More!

Great story

Makes me want to visit a play house myself!

I Keep Cumming Back to This Story

I guess the simple, straight-ahead quality of this story gets me horny. The exhibitionism is a turn-on, too, as is the undertone of submissiveness in the woman's (yours, RudeGrl?) behavior.

Short, hot and sweet

A nice erotic "interlewd". Hot fantasy, well written with just enough description. Could have used a bit more description of what the author was thinking and feeling, but on the other hand.... sometimes a nice short story is a good thing.

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