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Fantastic as usual

I just love this on going story. An innocent naive teenager being seduced by an older lesbian is what I really love in a story. I love all your lesbian inspired stories Jasmine & I am really looking forward to the next chapter in this story. I am especially looking forward to Mary’s friend joining her in being seduced & also to Mary’s mother joining the group. It would really excite me if Gloria seduces Mary’s mother & then has Mary & Tiffany join them as a foursome!.

Keeps getting better

This is one of your best series. Continue!!!!

Well done.

Well done. Glad to see another chapter in this series. Looking forward to 2018 for Mary to “lose” her virginity to Mistress Gloria.
Ignore “anonymous” comment about delete. Must have read to complain so much. Can’t be that bad.
Another chapter is needed for the 1950’s Housewife Lesbian Society. Continue on.

Happy holidays, SSL !!!


Oh my God! I've been looking for this guide for a long time all over the Internet! it's beautiful! Thank you!

Telling it straight

A masterpiece? Eh, not quite. Pure schlock? Are you mentally challenged or just spiteful? Look, SSL is good. You're a liar, an idiot, or both if you say different. She writes very well, and can come up with good ideas. Her problem is twofold. One, her stories usually quickly devolve into the same tired formula. It may start out fresh, but ends up with insert tab a into slot b, with only the names changing. Two, her ADD kicks in and she can't stay focused on stories. Many here complain she needs sequels to certain stories. I would say she doesn't so much need sequels as to complete ongoing stories. I am pleased she has continued this one. We shall see if she continues or does like many other abandoned stories and chases after squirrels. But schlock? You sir, are a fool. Keep it.up SSL. Just try to stay focused.

Guys love female ejaculation too

Any self-respecting pussy-eating enthusiast should be thrilled when a woman comes into his face. The connection between pee and squirt is not always obvious though. One girl I was friendly with squirted like a fountain during her orgasms but was very bladder shy. She couldn't intentionally pee into my mouth or anywhere else for that matter when I was around. She needed privacy in the bathroom. On the other hand, she never shied away from sharing her gushing pussy juice with me and often. Good times.


Such a wonderfully erotic story. Looking forward to tomorrow!


Schlock. Delete account, please.

That was really hot. I gotta try it sometime

Glad you enjoyed!

I was feeling "medieval" when I wrote it....part 4 to Mrs. Anderson should be up this week or early next:)


Would love to be a part of such a wonderful event as you describe. Yummy

Fuhuhuuuuck I'm so horny now

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