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I read with excitement your depiction of your experiences, great! I have always wanted to try estim but haven't. As far a phone sex with a jackoff buddy - I can appreciate the extra stimulation from a mutual experience - Great. Thanks for sharing and here's to more cum blowing experiences!

Lucky guys

Not sure who I want to watch more, Kelly or Anonymous from this year whose gf can take the two liter sized dildo. My wife doesn't like dildos but can take my four fingers all the way to the last knuckle; I have to thank one of her big cocked lovers for that erotic pleasure. I love fucking my wife's well stretched pussy.

I never came so hard in my life!


thank you . i am glad you enjoyed it. I am confident you will experience a hands free orgasm soon. When you do I would love to know a bout it. I have a new post coming soon. Estim is a wonderful orgasmic experience, from an obviously VERY biased pont of view!

Next Chapter

Just submitted the next one, should be up in a few days!


Cant wait for the rest, i hope there is more

Oh yeah

My pussy is so wet!! Come and eat it. It's dripping like a honeycomb. Make me cum! Shot your hot load all over my pussy and stomach. I want to hear you come!

Job well done!


My pussy is so wet its dripping down my thighs!

This is so fucking good. Wish I could fuck myself now.


This is great

I can't wait to

Oh god...

You've left me all flushed and horny with the mutual masterbation session... More please?

Left Kazoo in "61"

but have fond memories! I like to include specific details to give stories a touch of reality. Sadly they're mostly fiction.


OMG, this was absolutely fantastic, I think this kind of store should be in every shopping mall in the world, I would never leave. PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE, a sequel is required, there is so much scope to expand both the story and characters in this. Excellent progression and development.

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