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Pure Enjoyment

How did I not see this reflection until now? Whimsy & erotic.....what a great combination. How can you not enjoy! Cat, you have a gift with words.

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This is how life should be

Fun and wonderfully arousing

Excellent story, not your typical Porn. Great character development and outstanding details about all of them. Way to go !!!!

Gareth? Is that you?

Why does everyone have towels and lotion at your college, do you have a sponsorship or get it subsidised?

26 yo female

i just came twice reading this. great job!

Great GREAT story love how you write

if you like cuckold stories like dear annony and others you'll love this and all of Cuck's stories

The worst attempt I have ever seen!

The supposed subject is one that interests me, but your writing is the worst I have ever seen from someone over the age of 10. You probably heard some authors somewhere talking about breaking a few of the rules, and still turning out a good piece of work. That does happen, but it doesn't mean you can just go ahead and write when you don't have the first idea how to. There are countless resources online to teach prospective writers; use some of them!

Your attempt here is utterly pathetic in every way!

Manipulative slut

Not my favorite format, but effective. This struggling wimp needs to run from this slut ASAP. If not his short marriage will be hell and he will have scars the rest of his life!!


Sweet story, nicely written. Nothing like a photo to preserve discretion!

I agree!

Others' comments perfectly describe my reactions to the story, So well done!


Comedic erotica.

Oh my fuck this is hot

I nearly came half way through

Very nice read!

I loved your story please continue with other story's of what you have stuck inside you.

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