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This was very lovely. Thanks for the visuals ;)


Own it girlfriend !


A perfect description of that slow build up ogling naked women then that delicious stroking and the exquisite pleasure of orgasm that every guy knows so well! Even better with a wife watching and her body to play with!

What happened,

Love on the table top, Bells and let Antonio do the driving.


I waited till the end of the story to write a comment mostly because I couldn't stop reading. It was THAT good. It is usually difficult for me to follow a story with multiple chapters but with yours it was a must. I had to see how far they'd go. I hope you see this comment and I hope some day you'll write a sequel. Thank you for one of the best stories I have read in a long time. DW

so good!!

Your writing is exquisite! You have a gift for expressing your sexy, naughty thoughts.

A LONG Hot Summer

You've created a monster - a great set of characters and an interesting story line. The monster is your fan club waiting patiently for part 4. These kids are getting too old to wait much longer to consummate there urges.


A perfect little vignette. Just, well, wonderful.
Thank you.

Let it Rain!!

Oh Em!

You turn me on beyond belief! Let's go find a Sybian and ride together in a warm spring rain.



Can I copy this?

Hi, so I copied this on wattpad, gave you all the credit. If that wasn't ok please let me know and I will take it down instantly. You can find me on wattpad by the username @ForgottenCharm


Scrivi benissimo!

Your writing is superb. It was easy to suspend my beliefs and flow with the Voodoo element so that I experienced the swirl of hot arousal in the extremely sensuous and satisfying world you create in this story.

You deserve to have one this competition.

She could.

Oh a missed opportunity this was the perfect time for Hanna to speak out. One thing about almost being caught you probably were. Myduchess a good place for a alternative ending, however Chris would have to grow a pair of balls.

Not so sure

Their both brave to do this. You pointed out several things that make this dangerous to both participants. Guys don't normally buy pink razors or special shampoo. How can you hide in a small apartment. I think a little more interaction would make for a more believable and still a very embarrassing encounter. Two lonely people hopfuly have coffee together.
Let us know how this works out for a future hook up


Not too long, to the point and almost possible in real life!

No time to waste

So if I happend upon this situation will I have the courage to strip off and claim to enjoy this lifestyle myself. Hell yes. Its to crowded in So. think you would find a lake with out hundreds of people. I am enjoying the fantasy of it all. Wait her friend will be here tomorrow ?

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