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Better Living Through Chemistry

 — Drug exec tests new formula with unexpected results. by masterinnc4u08/02/074.16

Better Than a Telegram

 — Young Lauren volunteers for sex with the elderly. by The_Red_Duke01/20/154.56HOT

Better with Age Ch. 01

 — Chance meeting with older woman on subway changes his view. by goes4grey08/01/094.54HOT

Better with Age Ch. 01

 — A chance encounter with her friend's father leads to fun. by TabooDreaming07/22/124.50HOT

Better with Age Ch. 02

 — As the evening goes on, so too does the encounter. by TabooDreaming07/26/124.60HOT

Better with Age Ch. 02

 — Mike returns to Ms. Merryweather's office for more fun. by goes4grey04/15/104.63HOT

Better with Age Ch. 03

 — Mike & Jean go crazy on a weekend trip. by goes4grey11/25/104.71HOT

Betting On A Sure Thing

 — Friend's mother decides outcome of hot wager. by pullmepushyou01/08/024.73HOT


 — Younger male, older female. by Woodtool11/05/124.47

Betty Boop Birthday

 — Can he get three out of three? by HarveyMarcus08/03/024.42

Betty Ch. 02

 — Mature woman, younger male. by Woodtool11/11/124.63HOT

Betty Gets Her Big Mac

 — Night of several firsts with seductive older woman. by MacDuke12/30/064.75HOT

Bettyboop on Webcam Ch. 02

 — Betty gets recognised by one of her online buddies. by Mag5811/02/084.51HOT

Between the Lines

 — What happens when a secret fantasy is no longer a secret. by Dreambeliever05/29/084.09

Beverley's Ride Home

 — A evening's commuting becomes interesting. by Zorro6910/28/054.12

Beverly Rising

 — Younger male, older female. by Woodtool11/11/124.48

Beyond My Control

 — Uncontrollable disappointments pile up. by techsan02/23/064.71HOT

Beyond the Pool

 — George meets up with his young neighbour again. by PixelChick07/11/074.49


 — Cleaning up with a mature couple. by sparktj04/08/134.40

Bible Erotica 03

 — Potiphar's wife from Genesis 3 by Church_Lady5910/12/094.08

Big Beautiful Cass Ch. 01

 — Recently widowed Sam falls hard for mature BBW. by jerseyguywrites06/03/124.20

Big Beautiful Cass Ch. 02

 — Widowed man falls hard for mature BBW businesswoman. by jerseyguywrites06/08/124.19

Big Beautiful Cass Ch. 03

 — Sam had noticed that Cass dressed very nicely. by jerseyguywrites06/16/124.24

Big Beautiful Cass Ch. 04

 — Sam learns more about Cass' business interests. by jerseyguywrites06/25/134.17

Big Beautiful Cass Ch. 05

 — Cass has a larger sexual appetite than Sam can handle. by jerseyguywrites01/21/154.59HOT

Big Boat

 — Debs and I took one of those "adult" cruises. by magmaman02/07/134.30

Big Brother

 — Young man has to be big brother to kid with hot mom. by thehumpman06/02/134.41

Big Girl's Revenge Ch. 01

 — The now hot big girl fucks her enemy's boyfriend. by nikki___09/28/154.09

Big Is Beautiful Mature Is Divine

 — A young man meets an older lady. by ElaineGolden09/11/034.46

Big Mouth

 — He couldn't help himself - they were huge! by dass445002/02/034.64HOT

Big Ol' Barfly

 — College guy picked up by BBW granny at a bar. by Buttsmoocher200207/09/074.28

Big Old Daddy

 — Older man has escalating affair with son's wife. by wittywill05/14/014.59HOT

Big Old Daddy Ch. 02

 — Jenny loves Dave - or does she? by wittywill01/26/054.22

Big Titted Horny Neighbor

 — He was a virgin, but she took care of that. by Troglodite4509/07/024.41

Bill and Kate Conclusion

 — Bill makes a decision. by Swilly01/29/144.79HOT

Bill and Melanie

 — Friends finally realize their passion for one another. by magicguy197112/30/113.94

Bill and the Red Lettuce

 — Picking up pussy in the produce aisle. by magdason04/11/104.55HOT

Bill's Mom Unveiled

 — College guy finds bliss with roommate's mother. by JRob08/29/014.40

Bill's Sexual Awakening

 — Bill is taken advantage of by a an older woman. by desirelit04/17/124.46

Billy and His Neighbors

 — A young man gets to know his mature neighbors. by FLrider10/14/134.35

Billy on the Rooftop

 — A brief midnight encounter. by julia so sweet10/18/053.78

Billy's Mistress

 — She shows a man a hot sexy time in the shower and in bed. by mysterylady92703/26/033.90

Bimbos Are Made, Not Born Ch. 01

 — I help young Emilee become a bimbo. by badboylax03/28/124.61HOT

Bimbos Are Made, Not Born Ch. 02

 — Emilee is 19, hot and learning to be my bimbo. by badboylax04/08/124.56HOT

Bimbos Are Made, Not Born Ch. 03

 — Emilee continues becoming more bimbo. by badboylax10/06/134.31

Biology 101

 — Class gets out of hand. by Phallicwhale06/21/094.11

Biology Homework

 — Extra homework for the holidays. by ttcrusader07/27/114.69HOT

Birds of a Feather

 — A rebellious co-ed learns a life lesson the hard way. by komrad115604/19/164.47

Birthday at the Lake

 — She gets what he wants for HER birthday. by chasingyouolds06/18/052.90

Birthday Delight Ch. 01

 — Dedication birthday story for a good friend of mine. by rcwilliams08/29/144.37

Bitch I'm Going To Fuck Your Mom!

 — And her sister too, as his revenge continues. by thehumpman07/28/094.26

Bitch in Law Ch. 02

 — Someone finally defrosted the cast iron bitch mother in law. by geek_writer04/01/084.46

Bitch in Law Ch. 03

 — Defrosted, they go to aruba to see what happens next. by geek_writer04/02/084.52HOT

Bitch of a Boss

 — Tables are turned on mature boss. by hotpup08/25/044.55HOT

Bitchy MILF and the Delivery Boy

 — Mature MILF pushes him over the edge. by talespinner055903/04/124.44

Bitter Sweet Betrayal

 — Judge for yourself. by BlackStallion05/09/022.89

Bj Bar Talk

 — A stimulating bar discussion. by oldbob6804/29/164.22

Black Bitches Of Ottawa

 — Black college man meets horny older Black slut. by Samuelx01/16/113.41

Black Book Diary Entry: Gertrude

 — We were just friends and co-workers. by PositiveThinker12/19/094.07

Black Book Diary Entry: Wilma

 — I worked with Wilma. by PositiveThinker12/18/093.48

Black Journal Ch. 19

 — Grocery Store Gilf by Dhc00033301/05/153.72

Black Leather Gloves

 — The whore next door. by a1fiend08/06/164.20

Black Sheep

 — Young man moves in with Relatives. by HarryOrwell07/18/114.38

Black Silk & Emeralds

 — Ms. Marsden offers Paul a unique opportunity. by polomoche09/09/014.37

Black Thigh Highs & Heels

 — Man 'innocently' falls victim to older seductress. by NY Blonde Guy01/21/024.49


 — Joey gets a chance with his mature teacher. by ilovematurewomen10/23/024.35

Blackmailed Ch. 02

 — Zilpha gives in to her emotions. by ilovematurewomen11/04/024.60HOT

Blackmailed Ch. 03

 — Joey makes it with Zilpha. by ilovematurewomen12/07/024.56HOT

Blackmailing My Mom's Friend

 — I had the hots for a friend of my mom. by taylor_lang09/27/074.33

Blame It on Monica

 — Monica comes to be helpful. by Sven the Elder07/26/094.32

Blame It On The Bossa Nova

 — A "fender-bender" leads to an Erotic Dance. by GreenEyedRobin11/26/034.43

Blame It On The Night Ch. 02

 — The First Fuck Couple. by vaishali_k03/06/124.29

Blast From The Past

 — She rekindles affair with young lover years later. by Big Gunz02/27/084.20

Blind Date

 — A blind date leads to fiery passion. by Admirableintentions08/14/064.26

Blind Squirrel Finds Nut

 — Desperate times force a woman to take desperate measures. by komrad115610/05/164.77HOT


 — Teenage hitchhikers teach old dog new tricks. by Seymour_Klitz11/01/014.54HOT


 — A holiday takes an unusual turn. by Rikki06/09/023.98


 — Her sexual relationship with an older man helps. by naughty68903/20/064.36

Blossoming Ch. 02

 — Her sexual relationship with an older man continues. by naughty68905/29/064.40

Blossoms in the Fall Ch. 01

 — Peter's adventure with an older woman begins at the dentist. by the_bigbadw0lf07/20/134.33

Blow Job Overload Ch. 01

 — College guy sees the world is full of women blowing guys. by rightrider09/27/083.92

Blowing Off The Laundry

 — She's taking the day off from being a Mom. He's a bonus. by summerstorm52107/20/144.51HOT


 — She pleasures the man of her desires. by SxyRn200004/23/013.22

Blown Fantasy

 — A surprise not soon forgotten. by silky_satin_thighs06/04/083.76

Blue and Mature

 — Pensioner pussy and a horny plumper. by CuddlyAl01/14/11

Blue Eyes Pt. 01

 — I met an older woman. by IllCumInYourWomb05/26/154.15

Blue Eyes, Blue Uniform Ch 04

 — Mature housewife discovers her sexual side. by KingLeonides08/24/144.36

Blue Eyes, Blue Uniform Ch. 01

 — Betrayal leads to mature woman finding her sexuality. by KingLeonides06/14/144.31

Blue Eyes, Blue Uniform Ch. 02

 — Mature housewife finds her sexuality through an affair. by KingLeonides06/25/144.14

Blue Eyes, Blue Uniform Ch. 03

 — Mature housewife discovers her sexuality through an affair. by KingLeonides07/06/144.41

Blue Magic

 — A mature man takes his little blue pills for a test run by Bakeboss11/12/094.24

Blueberry Muffins, and More

 — Deborah is frustrated and Harley is the cure. by FLrider11/07/134.61HOT

Blueberry Muffins, and More Ch. 02

 — Deborah and Harley enjoy muffins and more. by FLrider11/25/134.59HOT


 — Older is wiser...and more sensuous. by chibicur09/14/014.34

Boating Ch. 2

 — He's introduced to the pleasures of a threesome. by chibicur09/16/014.30

Boating Ch. 3

 — He has bad early sexual experiences, but no longer. by chibicur10/11/014.45

Bob & Angie Pt. 01

 — Angie cheats on Bob. by slimpic1106/17/164.16

Bob & Angie Pt. 02

 — Bob catches Angie cheating on him and takes control. by slimpic1106/19/164.34

Bob & Angie Pt. 03

 — Bob starts training Angie to his desires. by slimpic1106/21/164.45

Bob & Angie Pt. 04

 — Bob takes Angie to a nude beach. by slimpic1106/22/164.56HOT

Bob & Angie Pt. 05

 — Bob and Angie play group strip pool. by slimpic1106/23/164.59HOT

Bob & Angie Pt. 06

 — Angie entertains a potential client for Bob. by slimpic1106/25/164.62HOT

Bob Said It Was the Sea Air

 — Young man starts a fruitful relationship with an older woman. by byronbert09/05/144.56HOT

Bobbi Strays

 — A woman seeking extramarital sex feels stymied until... by egmontgrigor201002/08/104.07

Bobbi's Surprise

 — Invitation to dinner leads to a surprise. by Deadhed11/23/064.35

Bobbie Says

 — A Simon says game takes a twist. by ReallyTerrificGuy12/28/144.34

Bobbie Says Ch. 02

 — A boy with a toy and 2 beautiful friends. by ReallyTerrificGuy12/31/144.64HOT

Bobby Helps an Old Lady

 — His helping around the house is all pleasure. by Bakeboss12/21/094.05


 — Hot Mom's witch costume gets her a bone for her cauldron. by RejectReality10/23/114.59HOT

Bonita BBW

 — Older Couple find lust in the Desert. by mrstanley06/18/154.28

Bonita BBW a Decade Later

 — Mature couple eleven years later-happily married. by mrstanley03/13/174.07


 — An unexpected meeting... by BaronVanZon08/06/154.32


 — A secret rendezvous, with a man. by StoryTeller0711/10/104.25

Bonus for the Nanny

 — Katie finds Will's porn, dozes off, then gets a surprise. by will_4_rp03/19/094.46

Bonus for the Nanny Ch. 02

 — Katie and widow Will's first "date" goes with a bang. by will_4_rp03/30/094.52HOT

Bonus for the Nanny Ch. 03

 — Katie prepares for a probing mock interview. by will_4_rp04/09/094.46

Bonus for the Nanny Ch. 04

 — Katie and Will's relationship takes a new and final turn. by will_4_rp08/27/094.55HOT

Book Store

 — He meets an older, voluptuous woman in a book store. by Sexual_Thoughts07/09/13

Book, Cover

 — An older retired librarian and a tourist help one another. by melbclayman08/20/114.45

Boomerang Thing Ch. 01

 — She's reunited with an older ex-boyfriend. by AnAmericanDarling09/08/074.10

Bored At Work

 — Boredom turns to lust. by BlackStallion05/09/023.12

Bored Blond and Banged

 — Bored housewife goes looking for fun. by Splikie10/12/094.06

Bored Blond and Banged Ch. 02

 — Bored housewife still looking for fun. by Splikie11/08/093.80

Boring Betty

 — Prim, proper widow her exciting sex life to her friends. by Softly04/11/014.41

Boring Weekend

 — He spends time with his mother-in-law. by xelavie03/13/014.25

Born with a Gift

 — Well-endowed young man meets an older woman. by dre_jones10/19/074.43

Born with a Gift Ch. 02

 — Endowed young man experiences mature mistress. by dre_jones11/19/074.28

Borrowing From a Friend

 — Busted visit to an old friend turns into a romp. by nowunuknow04/23/08

Boss Ch. 01

 — A young college student pleases his middle aged boss. by Debutante02/13/053.91

Boss Ch. 02

 — The boss returns the favor. by Debutante02/17/054.38

Boss Ch. 03

 — Young college student fulfills his first assignment. by Debutante08/27/054.43

Boss Lady

 — A young man falls for older woman. by L.A. Wicker05/27/034.54HOT

Boss's Niece's Birthday

 — Mr. Marcus is stuck with(in) the boss's niece. by HarveyMarcus04/06/034.36

Boudior Bro-Ha-Ha

 — Louise's saucy snap session gets hotter by the minute. by JustaNiceGuyUK06/20/114.53HOT

Bountiful Lady Ch. 01

 — An old girl's fantasy. by Melody04/09/063.96

Bowling Night

 — Bowling was far more exciting than he expected. by Many Feathers04/29/084.51HOT


 — A summer holiday makes a man of him. by CyranoQ05/11/084.04

Boy Friday

 — Young man dips his pen in the office ink. by kiki_larue04/02/02

Boy Friday in Training Ch. 1

 — He gets his first lesson. by kiki_larue04/09/02

Boy Next Door

 — Elaine was hot and Jason was available. by Barbara_Em10/11/144.67HOT

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