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December Romance

 — She engages in a secret romance. by creativesource01/19/034.15


 — A simple indiscretion between former lovers, or is it? by clairejones01/13/064.46


 — Mature woman's decision. by TonyMA7002/13/184.09


 — Young salesman gets a pleasant surprise. by techsan03/27/054.43

Dee At The Adult Book Store

 — Hot wife has a hot time in the Adult Book Store. by marriedpervs12/22/054.18

Dee Dee Ch. 1

 — A young boy's infatuation and affair with an older woman. by RobbyRoberts10/25/023.92

Dee's First Porn Shoot

 — Mature woman agrees to shoot scene. by Vitorio04/27/094.33

Deep Inside Michelle

 — Chance meeting turns boring convention into hot Vegas night. by gapster711/02/064.68HOT

Deep Sea Fishing & More

 — Mature lady gets laid on a boat. by BobCarole05/10/114.45

Deep Sea Fishing & More Ch. 02

 — Mature Lady goes further. by BobCarole05/12/114.45

Deepa's Challenge Ch. 01

 — Deepa plans to restore dignity and banish taboos by misterwho02/27/094.06

Deepa's Challenge Ch. 02

 — How Sunita thwarted her friend's plot. by misterwho02/27/094.41

Deepa's Challenge Ch. 03

 — The person on watch, watches as her prep fails. by misterwho03/03/094.79HOT

Defrosting Mrs Winter

 — A woman seduces her younger colleague after hours. by Mag5802/14/144.52HOT

Defrosting Mrs Winter Ch. 02

 — The colleagues continue their torrid affair after work. by Mag5803/12/144.48

Del Mar

 — First morning starts the So Cal vacation swimmingly. by johnnieblue4409/05/124.42

Delayed Gratification

 — Some things are worth waiting for. by Ann Douglas01/06/184.68HOT

Delectable Kiwi Ch. 02

 — The meeting. by Seductive_Wolftress07/11/064.40

Delicious Dirty Old Men

 — A lunch date turns into a party with dirty old men. by lovelyladyfaire04/25/144.60HOT

Delicious Quickie

 — She and her teacher find something to do on the couch. by jele05/14/034.32

Delight During the Party

 — Claire Hutton has a torrid encounter. by SHAKE108/05/024.17

Delight in My Son's Best Friend

 — She seduces son's best friend. by SHAKE107/06/024.54HOT

Delight in the New H.S.Quarterback

 — Jeremy Thorne is Seth's replacement in more ways than one. by SHAKE107/31/024.45

Delighted of Tunbridge Wells

 — Co-workers click gradually but thoroughly. by Pleasertwiceover01/11/174.32

Delivering Nancy's Gift

 — Guy delivers present to his Mother-in-Law. by Cass_197008/05/044.14

Delivery Gal Ch. 02

 — She returns with a friend. by Silentman4509/20/034.41

Delivery Man Diaries Ch. 01

 — He delivers more than letters to his customers.. by Bigbootylover71808/28/083.41

DeLuca's Pleasure Pt. 01

 — Nick has a fling with his sexy young housekeeper. by FHH6912/11/144.50HOT

DeLuca's Pleasure Pt. 02

 — Julia has an affair with her son-in-law. by FHH6912/12/144.52HOT

DeLuca's Pleasure Pt. 03

 — Kara's doctor helps her with post-partum issues. by FHH6912/23/144.32

DeLuca's Pleasure Pt. 04

 — Katie's sexy brother-in-law is her birthday gift. by FHH6901/03/154.34

Demanding Dee

 — A mature woman wrestler comes back to the ring. by StoneKidman07/12/144.03

Demanding Older Lady Boss

 — Stockinged lady boss gives him overtime. by alanc08/04/024.48


 — Relationship between a young man and an older woman. by writerfromoz12/24/114.52HOT

Dennis & Mrs. Green Ch. 1

 — 18-year-old hunk gets it on with friend's mom. by denny905/16/014.35

Dennis & Mrs. Green Ch.2

 — Friend's mother continues teenager's education. by denny905/19/014.46

Denny & Mrs. Green Ch. 3

 — Thankful teenager gets the upper hand. by denny905/26/014.57HOT

Denny & Mrs. Green Ch. 4

 — She plays a hooker, & they battle for control. by denny905/31/014.52HOT

Denny as The Handyman Ch. 1

 — Denny is sent to help his Aunt for the summer. by denny907/12/014.43

Dental Appointment

 — A routine dental appointment turns into something else. by menzies08/08/114.52HOT

Derailed Ch. 01

 — Workaholic stockbroker lands beautiful new client. by Uncle South Loop07/30/044.44

Describing Beauty

 — Forces of nature can come in elegant packages. by Lady_Silver10/10/064.46

Desert Diamond

 — Marlene finds a half-dead man on her land. by 50ShadesOfDance07/14/134.35


 — Lorna has to choose between her head and her heart. by janiexx07/14/094.29

Desire Ch. 02

 — Lorna faces a difficult decision. by janiexx07/16/094.35

Desk Set

 — She is seduced by the boss's son. by litgrrl06/04/084.04


 — A lonely woman turns to a dating website. by JustLikeEwe10/17/094.65HOT


 — Desperation forces a mother to flee her abusive husband. by komrad115607/20/174.60HOT

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

 — A woman's sense of desperation changes her life forever. by komrad115602/02/184.72HOT

Destined To Repeat It

 — Coed seeks help from hunky professor. by Liquid Silver12/08/014.40


 — A mature woman meet and dates a younger man. by JustALittleCrazy09/13/144.55HOT

Detective Bobby Morgan's Case

 — If you can't stand her, love her instead. by Perja03/11/084.71HOT


 — Jim is shocked that he has the hots for his teacher. by jansen_jan12/05/173.73

Detention Isn't So Bad

 — Ditzy girl is tricked in Detention. by AssMan6604/04/183.79

Detention Pt. 03

 — Toby falls foul of his mature teachers. by Croony06/28/174.49

Detention with Mr. Green

 — Grace enjoys her detention with her gym teacher. by sexypussy1701/26/123.69

Devanna Estates

 — Young man submits to big tit women. by cravin88311/12/064.62HOT

Devil's Bargain

 — Dealing with the Devil has its advantages. by Ann Douglas01/20/184.74HOT

Devon Horse Show

 — A coming-out party on Philly's elite Main Line. by johnnieblue4408/09/114.73HOT

Dhanno and Kammo

 — A young man has sex with two live-in mature maids. by nonameleader10/24/164.25

Diana the Seducer

 — Thirty-something Diana seduces neighbour's son. by englishjames05/22/034.51HOT

Diana's Self-Liberation Ch. 01

 — The plan and the prey. by nortythorts03/18/134.34

Diana's Self-Liberation Ch. 02

 — She lands her catch - he's never been caught before! by nortythorts03/22/134.46

Diana's Self-Liberation Ch. 03

 — His second time and disclosing his fantasies. by nortythorts04/11/134.56HOT

Diana's Self-Liberation Ch. 04

 — Both home alone with a phone. by nortythorts05/12/134.60HOT

Diana's Self-Liberation Ch. 05

 — Work and play. by nortythorts12/02/134.64HOT

Diana's Self-Liberation Ch. 06

 — Called in to see the "boss". by nortythorts12/11/134.42


 — Mom's exhibitionism leads to prostitution. by Barry C07/16/054.10


 — A young man desires sexy older co-worker. by bignfirm03/23/094.40

Diane "My Story" Ch. 01

 — Discovering my sexuality. by st3ph106602/18/094.15

Diane Ch. 02

 — A young man and sexy older co-worker. by bignfirm04/08/094.53HOT

Diane Ch. 03

 — Three years later... by bignfirm09/12/134.39

Diane Gets A Nasty Surprise

 — Girlfriend's mum get too close and then gets taught a lesson. by MatureLadyLover07/27/124.46

Diane Gets A Nasty Surprise Ch. 02

 — Diane takes things beyond the point of no return. by MatureLadyLover02/11/134.39

Dianne - Meeting with Peter's Wife

 — A surprise meeting with Peter's wife told a new story. by Ausgirl6605/02/183.90

Dianne Ch. 02

 — Dianne and Hugh have new adventures. by Red Hugh10/05/034.52HOT

Diary Of a Dirty Old Man: Shawn

 — Life of a man told through his writings from the 1970's. by VeryDirtyMind07/03/134.33

Did It Really Happen?

 — Ski instructor, seduced by three older women. by walterio03/12/094.40

Difference between Boys and Men Ch. 01

 — No nonsense trucker teaches the snotty neighbor girl that. by VeryDirtyMind01/31/184.60HOT

Difference between Boys and Men Ch. 02

 — Meredith's friend appears out of the blue. by VeryDirtyMind02/03/184.49

Different Worlds

 — Young man & older woman connect. by atkins05/07/044.19

Digital Manipulation

 — Oh, that stranger's hands! by Alessia Brio03/06/124.22

Dina Ch. 02

 — Older woman and younger man. by bignfirm11/27/164.54HOT

Dina Ch. 03

 — Older woman and younger man. by bignfirm12/16/164.38

Dina's Sexy Elevator Ride

 — Sexy GILF has her way with young man in elevator. by milfleglover05/27/113.88

Dine In, Dine Out

 — An older woman offers a buffet. by hickoryfarmer02/16/084.39

Ding Dong

 — After talking across the sea Ann gets her reward. by Hitchhiker11/17/164.39


 — Being faithful to a marriage and your family. by wieliczka10/27/154.24

Dinner and Drive with Daddy

 — A simple date with an older man gets kinky. by babygirlheather09/20/024.29

Dinner at the Neighbor's

 — Salad isn't the only thing that gets eaten. by Madam-Cecilia03/07/044.54HOT

Dinner Ch. 02

 — Being faithful to yourself and your marriage. by wieliczka11/05/154.35

Dinner Ch. 03

 — Faithful to our marriage. by wieliczka11/20/154.48

Dinner with Friends

 — Can she help him avoid Christmas with the Jones sisters? by oggbashan11/13/044.34

Dip in the Lake

 — Mom's best friend catches him drinking by the pond and... by RejectReality09/05/144.64HOT

Directing "The Crucible"

 — Fiction and Reality merge for a young ingenue. by Baxter7206/17/084.25

Dirty Dancing

 — Old flames never die. by VeniVici08/04/094.49

Dirty Dawg: Big Boss Booty

 — Getting more than he bargained for...and a MASSIVE DONK!! by mondotoken07/14/174.48

Dirty Deeds

 — There are some dreams you will just never forget. by TTeddy06/02/033.95

Dirty Laundry

 — Country girl makes friends in the city. by jennb12/22/014.35

Dirty Little Girl

 — She makes fantasies about older neighbor a reality. by TangibleDreams01/08/054.49

Dirty MMF Play

 — Filthy MMF meet at a UK Travelodge. by sparktj04/15/134.43

Dirty Molly & the English Greenhorn

 — A student meets his first big, big woman. by Pussyrider09/19/084.63HOT

Dirty Old Men

 — Gail takes her nursing duties one step further. by Mag5803/02/064.46

Dirty Secrets of a Bored Housewife

 — She decides to make her life more interesting. by atariblue05/11/094.11

Dirty Summer Ch. 01

 — Summer meets an older man and loses her virginity. by summerlacey05/22/094.29

Dirty Talks

 — Mature woman talks with young lover about sex. by revert05/21/162.45

Dirty, Cheating Sex

 — A filthy, cheating whore meets up with a lover. by DirtyCheatingDiva12/13/173.17


 — Shane is tempted by his girlfriend's daughter. by Mr. Unsexy09/10/014.38

Discount Auto

 — Sexy mom helps son get a car. by TheStinger01/06/084.58HOT

Discount Auto Ch. 02

 — The continuing adventures of Rachel Rowland. by TheStinger07/26/094.52HOT

Discount Auto Ch. 03

 — The Trilogy Concludes. by TheStinger07/27/094.65HOT

Discount Real-Estate

 — A widow gets into a hot threesome. by WildaRaven05/15/064.42

Discovered Passion

 — Mature woman finds pleasure with much younger man. by tantricjim07/19/174.61HOT

Discovered Passion Ch. 02

 — Older woman's affair with young man takes a new direction. by tantricjim09/01/174.70HOT

Discovered Passion Ch. 03

 — Snowbound, two mature ladies tag-team an obliging young man. by tantricjim10/20/174.80HOT

Discovering Christina

 — A mature man learns about passion from an unexpected teacher by RossDaniels07/09/074.65HOT

Discovering Christina Ch. 02

 — His erotic adventures with a much younger woman continue. by RossDaniels10/18/074.70HOT

Discovering Christina Ch. 03

 — Christina takes control. by RossDaniels12/19/074.79HOT

Discovering Christina Ch. 04

 — Christina's weekend with the girls creates problems. by RossDaniels12/26/074.63HOT

Discovering My Aunt

 — He plots to seduce his aunt. by SimonScottUK08/24/074.45


 — Ruth's sexuality begins to emerge. by Clafoun08/28/144.23

Discovery Ch. 02

 — The morning after and another revelation. by yesitisbig03/08/074.25

Discovery Island

 — A mature woman discovers her own sexuality. by RomanCEisdead212/26/134.69HOT

Disneyland Excitement

 — Josie takes a ride on Dumbo. by LaTourEiffel09/03/104.22

Distraction in the Lab Pt. 01

 — A gorgeous Nordic woman flirts with a young nerd. by farewell10/28/153.99


 — You walk by, first thing in the morning. by tnredneckchic08/11/043.76

Divorced in South Florida Ch. 01

 — Man in his 60s describes his perfect, slightly kinky lady. by BoRaFL01/14/103.85

Divorced in South Florida Ch. 02

 — Man in his early 60s meets a perfect, slightly kinky lady/ by BoRaFL01/15/104.39

Divorced in South Florida Ch. 03

 — A mature man finds that older lovers are even kinkier. by BoRaFL01/17/104.33

Divorced in South Florida Ch. 04

 — The mature man unveils an innovative way to get laid. by BoRaFL01/20/104.37

Divorced in South Florida Ch. 05

 — A mature man teaches a married woman how to be kinky. by BoRaFL01/23/104.46

Divorced in South Florida Ch. 06

 — The mature man struggles to find new women to share his bed. by BoRaFL01/29/103.72

Divorced Mature Woman Sells Cookies

 — She needed to sell cookies. That was not all she needed. by quincyhart01/05/154.10

Divorcee Enjoys a Special Visitor

 — Young Marine home on leave brings pleaseure to a MILF. by walterio07/27/134.50HOT

Do I or Don't I?

 — Letting that mature co-worker know that you feel the same? by olympus197112/02/153.88

Do I Tell Her She's Passed Her LFD?

 — Misreading her words has consequences, this woman has options. by Focussed06/14/183.91NEW

Do Not Collect $200

 — A game of Monopoly turns freaky with his friend's daughter. by nawty_angel8603/12/094.21

Do You Believe?

 — Leaving L.A. was the beginning of an unusual adventure. by Scorpio4404/01/054.76HOT

Do You Believe? The Party

 — Nick's birthday brings surprises for everyone. by Scorpio4404/13/054.77HOT

Doctor Dick

 — Doctor visit ends with a special massage. by Mag5810/10/034.42

Doctor Feel Good

 — My visit with the surgeon for a post operative check up. by blukitty196201/19/103.47

Doctor for Me!

 — A story about a girl who goes to the doctor and fucks! by LizSexFever306/22/133.51

Doctor Gets a Prescription Ch. 06

 — Prema entices her young neighbor. by bangopee01/28/074.10

Doctor Love

 — I get together with my favorite mature doctor. by blukitty196212/08/093.76

Doctor Z Ch. 1

 — One by one, young women are his. by Softly04/09/024.50HOT

Doctor Z Ch. 2

 — 51-year old mother of Jo Jo & Ruth is ravished. by Softly04/13/024.46

Doctor's "Harem" 01

 — Nurse Deena: "the BBW angel". by bbw_maniac12/14/164.04

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