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Father Knows Best

 — Naughty schoolgirl is saved by Father "A". by Mdeejohn06/13/044.33

Father Uses Huge Asset

 — His son is unable to compete. by acdd12311/20/054.04

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 02

 — Son is still unable to compete. by acdd12311/30/054.38

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 03

 — Son loses girlfriend to his father. by acdd12312/01/054.25

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 04

 — Continuing story of arrogant father. by acdd12312/02/054.39

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 05

 — He avoids being caught - just. by acdd12312/03/054.45

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 06

 — Business rival loses everything. by acdd12312/08/054.28

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 07

 — Kim develops her plan. by acdd12312/09/054.15

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 08

 — Father's massive asset takes son's fiancee. by acdd12312/10/054.30

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 09

 — Cheating father has tool for the job. by acdd12312/11/054.32

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 10

 — The day before the wedding. by acdd12312/16/054.35

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 11

 — The wedding. by acdd12312/20/054.40

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 12

 — The honeymoon. by acdd12301/23/064.35

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 13

 — You know what happens. by acdd12302/10/064.23

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 14

 — Son leaves home. by acdd12303/09/064.37

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 15

 — His son's new girlfriend. by acdd12304/12/064.25

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 16

 — Marriage guidance. by acdd12304/17/064.20

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 17

 — A step too far? by acdd12305/06/064.32

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 18

 — Meeting your match. by acdd12306/02/064.25

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 19

 — A battle for supremacy. by acdd12307/13/063.95

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 20

 — Richard's big cock diaries. by acdd12312/07/064.30

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 21

 — What a nice young daughter in law to be. by acdd12305/06/074.22

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 22

 — Either side of the wedding service - how naughty. by acdd12307/01/074.07

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 23

 — Richard puts his asset to good use. by acdd12312/01/074.14

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 24

 — A BLAST from the past. by acdd12307/06/094.25

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 25

 — Til death do us part (or a huge cock comes along). by acdd12307/13/094.08

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 26

 — Lisa can have a happy marriage - or something bigger. by acdd12308/12/114.11

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 27

 — Lisa makes the perfect canvas. by acdd12303/17/124.05

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 28

 — Lisa's marriage creaks - or is that just the door. by acdd12310/02/124.34

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 29

 — Blast from the past 2 by acdd12303/18/134.38

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 30

 — Richard and Lisa torment Keith - badly! by acdd12304/04/134.26

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 31

 — Lovers demonstrate their superiority - poor Keith. by acdd12311/23/134.19

Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 32

 — The score - Richard is a bit out of the ordinary. by acdd12301/17/174.05

Father's Friend

 — Girl seduces her father's divorced friend. by Goldeniangel07/27/054.42

Favour for an Old Man

 — Old Mr Wilson asks Lisa for a favour. by PortJensen04/14/104.51HOT

Fawn's Friend

 — Daughter brings her roommate home for the holidays. by Madabouthair07/03/134.40

Feasting on the Cheerleader

 — Student seduces teacher who sucks and fucks her. by klagatoman01/10/104.39


 — Young curious woman finds an older tutor. by Hitchhiker11/19/094.61HOT

Feeding Desire

 — The pirate's daughter has her way with a rival captain by Freakydreams07/26/164.33

Feeling Free

 — He screws his female boss. by GraceB197002/06/134.27

Feeling Myself Again

 — My hand was in my boxers when her mother saw me. by WayneGibbous11/11/104.41

Feeling the Touch of Experience

 — He finds mature lover online. by J P12/14/003.85

Feet First

 — Gramps' friend pays her respects. by HarryOrwell05/21/114.58HOT

Fellow Traveler

 — A young lifeguard obsesses over a middle-aged sunbather. by DesmondAndromeda04/24/124.72HOT


 — Co-workers lose control. by richardpuffer10/11/064.37

Few Strings

 — A random encounter. by RetMarut08/30/113.41

Field Trip

 — Sleeping with my friend's coworker. by LikeItHardAndRough03/01/144.34

Fifth Wheel

 — Spring Break 1973. by Ann Douglas02/16/184.70HOT

Fiftieth High School Reunion Ch. 01

 — College students discover the value of experience. by highclassic07/11/174.67HOT

Fiftieth High School Reunion Ch. 02

 — They discover the value of experience. by highclassic07/21/174.64HOT

Fifty Dollars

 — Mature handy man tries to earn money for whore. by Ed061301/01/014.40

Fifty-Somethings in Vegas Ch. 01

 — They thought they'd never see each other again. by 50something211/21/044.58HOT

Fifty-Somethings in Vegas Ch. 02

 — The guys thought they were going to watch football. by 50something212/02/044.42

Fifty-Somethings in Vegas Ch. 03

 — A visit to the canyon. by 50something212/16/044.43

Figure Student Ch. 01

 — Mature woman becomes a nude model. by Canadagander04/11/03

Figure Student Ch. 02

 — Modeling gets even steamier. by Canadagander04/13/03HOT

Filing Isn't Necessarily Boring

 — Office junior helps with his filing. by marriedbuthoping06/12/064.03

Filling Her Needs

 — Young man meets older woman who has needs. by SexySwede11/17/104.27

Filling the Fantasy

 — Middle-aged guy seeks control from an older couple. by ozzymike06/19/094.12

Fin and Travis Ch. 03

 — Fin and Chad team up. by Jena12107/20/084.23

Final Examination

 — Young inexperienced man seduced by older woman. by bucksboy04/06/084.25

Final Lap

 — Nearing the end of a terrific week. by The Mouse08/17/114.58HOT

Final Love

 — Fantasy. by clarencechica08/03/163.95

Final's Week

 — Coed gets some extra help from her professor. by liplash01/17/024.39


 — Crush on an older man becomes a reality. by wantmore197806/18/054.41

Finally Have Fun with My Neighbour

 — Fun with my drunk neighbor. by spookypaul06/10/184.14

Finally, My Sister-In-Law, We Visit

 — Sisters swap husbands. by msm86505/04/154.18

Finally, of Age

 — Daughter's friend is finally old enough for fantasy to stop. by texas1954m106/24/074.10

Finding a Daddy at College

 — Younger woman chooses older man as her Daddy. by Giveandgetoral04/22/114.69HOT

Finding A New Guy

 — Older Janice finds a young guy. by Nevermind11/02/014.02

Finding a Virgin Ch. 01

 — Gretchen decides to fuck a she has to find one. by emma57907/19/114.43

Finding a Virgin Ch. 02

 — Gretchen gets her virgin, but that's not the end of it. by emma57907/29/114.36

Finding Ginger

 — An older man falls in love with a younger woman. by Pop-O12/08/044.53HOT

Finding Heaven in Ruby Tuesday

 — Two people find love and lust in the air. by RomanCEisdead202/15/084.66HOT

Finding my Place

 — A young loner finds a mentor. by Lost_Yonder09/27/094.61HOT

Finding my Place Ch. 02

 — Shaun cums for Oliva and connects with Katie. by Lost_Yonder10/04/094.63HOT

Finding my Place Ch. 03

 — Katie relates her experiences with Olivia and William. by Lost_Yonder10/16/094.53HOT

Finding my Place Ch. 04

 — Shaun discovers his past. by Lost_Yonder11/09/094.64HOT

Finding One Lover at a Time

 — Wilda is just having fun. by WildaRaven03/13/064.54HOT

Finger Lickin Good

 — He continues music lessons with new teacher. by Rod Masters06/26/024.54HOT

Finishing a Job

 — Hairy man has some fun while his wife is downstairs. by womble08/28/034.23

Fiona Loses Her Cherry

 — Young woman deflowered by old family friend. by PhilMc11/02/074.52HOT

Fiona, Eager to Please

 — My mother in law Fiona seems so willing to please. by MILowner04/01/134.14

Fire and Ash

 — A Lonely older man helps a younger neighbor and life changes by BogartsBoss06/14/144.60HOT

Fire and Ash Ch. 02

 — The neighborhood gossip is taken in hand. by BogartsBoss06/20/144.67HOT

Fire and Ash Ch. 03

 — New Furniture, New Home, New Friends. by BogartsBoss06/23/144.65HOT

Fire and Ash Ch. 04

 — Wedding bells by BogartsBoss06/25/144.56HOT

Fire and Ice Ch. 02

 — Carla uses sex to get job promotion, also as a distraction. by Kissytina05/05/164.41

Fire and Ice Ch. 03

 — Carla, thinking this is a no sex day gets an unexpected fuck. by Kissytina02/20/183.81

Fire in the Night Ch. 01

 — A beautiful young woman hitches a ride with an older man. by sunnylynn01/13/074.27

Fire in the Night Ch. 02

 — A hitchhiker becomes attracted to an older man. by sunnylynn01/14/074.42

Fire in the Night Ch. 03

 — His attraction for his young hitchhiker grows stronger. by sunnylynn01/15/074.52HOT

Fire in the Night Ch. 04

 — As bedtime approaches, her attraction grows. by sunnylynn01/17/074.66HOT

Fire in the Night Ch. 05

 — He reaches the point of no return. by sunnylynn01/19/074.72HOT

Fire in the Night Ch. 06

 — Caitlin shares the horror of her past with Jack. by sunnylynn01/22/074.70HOT

Fire in the Night Ch. 07

 — His true feelings for his hitchhiker begin to emerge. by sunnylynn01/24/074.73HOT

Fire in the Night Ch. 08

 — Caitlin tries to understand Jack's feelings for her. by sunnylynn01/26/074.73HOT

Fire in the Night Ch. 09

 — Does Caitlin recover? by sunnylynn01/30/074.70HOT

Fire in the Night Ch. 10

 — Caitlin's dysfunctional family has arrived. by sunnylynn02/03/074.68HOT

Fire in the Night Ch. 11

 — Billy finally pays for what he's done. by sunnylynn02/06/074.65HOT

Fire in the Night Ch. 12

 — A happy ending for all; a hint of what's to come. by sunnylynn02/11/074.78HOT

Fire Storm

 — A fireman and four women in a forest fire. by Kandra_Svenbjorn11/06/174.31

Firecracker Ch. 02

 — More adventures of Keith and Kammie. by Nigel Debonnaire10/09/08

Firecracker Ch. 03

 — Keith navigates storny waters. by Nigel Debonnaire11/12/08


 — Young man & older woman enjoy fireworks on a public beach. by asrespond06/04/014.16

Firm Hands

 — Something to get through another cold night. by supple_curves02/21/043.71

First Affair

 — A MILF has a night of debauchery. by MsHoudini01/08/134.20

First Bi-male Experience

 — Tales of male bisexuality. by sparktj04/25/134.19

First Class, With Honours

 — Mind games between a lecturer & student. by EmeliaBell07/31/064.59HOT

First Date

 — Ruth lets herself become his toy. by Clafoun09/09/144.27

First Day

 — When 60 year olds sit on the couch and start necking. by 2Xwidderwoman07/19/084.44

First Day at Work

 — A young man has a productive first day. by The_Young_Gun08/21/08

First Kiss

 — A young woman addicted to food finds love with an older man. by komrad115606/29/174.75HOT

First Massage for Mrs. 'M'

 — Naive woman gets a memorable massage. by Writeman07/17/014.61HOT

First Meeting

 — You finally meet your cyber lover. by holden_200511/20/064.74HOT

First Night at Monica's

 — Watching porn alone, interrupted by a knock on her door. by brigel12/28/104.15

First Sunday

 — Older landlord makes arrangement with a young French coed. by gapster708/01/094.72HOT

First Taste of Chocolate

 — The further adventures of Jim and the friends of Mrs. Jordan. by thrustmaster300011/07/074.43

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