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First Time (with an Older Woman)

 — His first time is with an older, hairy woman. by j_zep200108/29/084.60HOT

First Time and Many More Ch. 01

 — Educating a young man in how to please a woman. by Paddyomy04/15/124.27

First Time and Many More Ch. 02

 — My Continuing Education with Barbara. by Paddyomy04/16/124.56HOT

First Time and Many More Ch. 03

 — More Erotic Education with Barbara. by Paddyomy04/17/124.52HOT

First Time Milf

 — Watching best friend's mom leads to new fun. by hardwillingone04/10/064.15

First Time on Nudist Beach

 — Young guy gets more fun than he expected with older woman. by swimgirl8005/02/064.25

First Time Whore

 — A young woman exchanges money for sex for the first time. by isitnotsweeter11/04/164.12

First Time with Gail, My Secretary

 — They begin a long term affair. by ALawyer01/27/044.43

First Time with Older is a Blast

 — His first mature experience. by bignfirm03/20/074.36

First Time with Older is a Blast Ch. 02

 — His fantasy with an older co-worker. by bignfirm04/02/074.39

First Tri Comes from Older Bi

 — Older couple show young guy a few things. by mfitalian10/02/044.38

First Visit to Paradise

 — Thirty-something woman plays with thing male. by Broken_Spoke12/23/024.45

First-Class Feet

 — Sexy older businesswoman seduces young passenger by milfleglover07/21/144.44


 — Teacher takes her young student's virginity. by MaryGirard03/14/134.15

Fish or Cut Bait

 — Millie has to make a decision. by velvetpie01/22/054.31

Fish Tacos

 — A sunny day in May changes three lives forever. by komrad115611/01/174.75HOT


 — You never know what you might catch. by magmaman01/10/094.57HOT

Fisherman Ch. 02

 — Strange gets stranger. by magmaman10/29/094.67HOT

Fisherman Ch. 03

 — Nothing lasts forever. by magmaman11/03/094.66HOT

Fishin' Trip

 — He met a young woman on the way fishing one morning. by texaz4510/26/074.43

Fishing with Mr. Neighbor

 — Neighbor goes deep in a young lady on fishing trip. by kaliandy2407/17/133.76

Fishing With Mrs Duckett

 — A wife's minder puts oomph into her day out fishing. by Egmont Grigor03/06/074.44

Five Amigos Ch. 03

 — Sex gets even hotter even for Sarah's husband. by hotpup08/04/074.67HOT

Five Minutes and Forever

 — An unexpected reward. by Ann Douglas11/25/174.84HOT

Five Minutes For Mom

 — Unhappy with daughters new man, mother accepts the challenge. by bigdaddysmooth10/31/114.49

Five Minutes Four Mom and Daughter

 — Mother must hide the truth from her daughter. by bigdaddysmooth08/01/124.47

Five O'Clock Shadow

 — Ross loved to watch his co-worker raise her hand. by Madabouthair03/31/104.56HOT

Fixed Wright Up

 — When her former paperboy shows up at the nudist camp... by RejectReality07/10/174.67HOT


 — A daughter tries to control her mother. by JakeZ05/13/103.41


 — Sex-hungry woman seduces mature stranger with tire troubles. by Parris07/26/014.46

Flat Tire

 — Older man helps girl with flat tire. by stllrnng4701/30/174.18

Fleet Week

 — New York City, Fleet Week, old dowager... and surprises. by atkins12/12/074.63HOT

Flesh and Spirit

 — Greg finds more than a job at The Hill. by Moondrift11/20/054.76HOT

Flight Companion

 — Mature man and woman share insecurities and more. by BillAdams01/08/164.78HOT

Flip or Flop

 — A flip gone awry leads an older woman to a young man's love. by komrad115604/21/164.66HOT

Flirty Gertie

 — John's neighbour gives him the benefit of her experience. by Pussyrider05/06/074.58HOT

Florida Cougar

 — The 60s wasn't just the golden age for music. by HarryOrwell04/09/114.39

Florida Cougar Ch. 01

 — Landscaping lad 'falls' prey to mesmerizing older woman. by GentlemanT02/22/104.45

Florida Cougar Ch. 02

 — Connor and Mrs. Debra take in dinner and a "show." by GentlemanT02/25/104.54HOT

Florida Cougar Ch. 03

 — Connor and Mrs. Debra meet a new friend. by GentlemanT03/25/104.74HOT

Florida Cougar Ch. 04

 — Mrs. Debra takes the wheel. by GentlemanT03/26/104.63HOT

Florida Friends

 — Mature lover brings a friend into the bedroom. by Eroteswhite02/03/134.04

Florida Weekend

 — It's her first sex for five years. by tetherer09/14/084.16

Flowers for Laura

 — Older woman shares gardening with a special friend. by Madam-Cecilia10/31/014.21

Flu Shot

 — He gave something more than just a flu shot. by Decayed Angel11/08/064.22

Fly Girl

 — She gets her pilot's license, and a bit more. by PygmyCoho07/01/104.73HOT

Fly the Friendly Skies

 — BBW lives out her fantasy; taking them to new heights. by blackhillsbbw04/19/104.52HOT

Flyin' High

 — Incredible sex at 30,000 feet. by Gordon6704/18/013.57

Flying the Coop Ch. 01

 — Coed has affair with sexy professor. by Quinn_7603/01/074.37

Flying the Coop Ch. 02

 — Coed gives professor a clear shot. by Quinn_7607/11/074.26


 — Three points of view in alternative love dynamic. by Viva Dharma11/22/022.46

Following the Sun

 — A widower takes a young woman aboard his camper van. by Egmont040912/08/094.58HOT

Following the Sun Pt. 02

 — Pete with his RV appeals to the females of the family. by Egmont040912/15/094.64HOT

Fond Memories

 — When all alone, fond memories return for her arousal. by Aliana07/28/073.85

Fond Rememberance: The Sequel

 — Norm, Marge & Molly get it on together. by thesage07/20/034.66HOT

Fond Remembrance

 — A young woman seduces an older man. by thesage06/06/034.61HOT

Fontana Dam

 — A younger man is rescued by an angel of mercy. by Ineedamuse09/22/024.53HOT

Food For Thought

 — Full-figured lady has dinner guest of a lifetime. by ACigarNTat2z05/28/014.55HOT

Football Widow's Fantasy

 — They were not cheering for her. by Lyndsi08/12/143.77

Football, Sweat, Sex

 — Old guys can sometimes surprise you. by clarissaj198203/26/174.03

For A Change

 — Middle aged mom learns hot lesson in a fitting room. by Dakota_North10/06/024.54HOT

For Closure Ch. 01

 — A couple's sordid past catches up with them. by Stardog Champion02/14/114.29

For Closure Ch. 02

 — He takes the wife. by Stardog Champion02/15/114.40

For Gary

 — They love each other but can't be together. by Lucyslovers01/29/144.29

For Old Time's Sake

 — High School sweetheart gets better with time. by The Needler03/01/124.09

For Services Rendered

 — Bob negotiates a trade. by JohnRussell08/24/064.72HOT

For The Love Of Art

 — Jenny & Alan find love through art. by Starlight04/24/024.47

For the Love of Clarissa

 — An older man meets a girl on a bus ride home. by julie_hypnotic06/07/034.74HOT

For The Love of God Ch. 01

 — Religion and eroticism: strange bedfellows? by istanbulnoir10/22/074.59HOT

For The Love Of God, Apologize!

 — Son gets to watch hot mom apologizing to rapper... by hunter_gatherer06/24/144.17

For You

 — A woman waits patiently for her older lover to come home. by vegasokie0307/19/154.06


 — A night with my Enigma. by EnigmaDoll10/26/013.41


 — Fraternizing. by Mari1201/18/183.88

Forbidden Ch. 01

 — Older woman surrenders to her lust for a younger man. by linkznut12/31/024.54HOT

Forbidden Ch. 01

 — A widower falls for a married woman. by DawnJ02/26/084.33

Forbidden Ch. 02

 — A widower falls for a married woman. by DawnJ02/27/084.51HOT

Forbidden Ch. 03

 — A widower falls for a married woman. by DawnJ03/14/084.51HOT

Forbidden Ch. 04

 — Tommy and Jill enjoy the morning after. by linkznut01/18/034.52HOT

Forbidden Ch. 04

 — A widower falls for a married woman. by DawnJ05/05/084.46

Forbidden Game Of Pleasure

 — Orthodox housewife finds young stud irresistible. by rubysen06/05/044.58HOT

Forbidden Lovers A Holiday Retreat

 — Christopher and MaryBeth accidentally meet up in Hawaii. by CLorenzo210/29/094.10

Forbidden Lovers A Second Encounter

 — A Christopher and MaryBeth continue their affair. by CLorenzo210/28/094.36

Forbidden Lovers MaryBeth's Desire

 — A college student and professor become intimate. by CLorenzo210/27/094.43

Forbidden Lovers Return to Reality

 — Christopher and MaryBeth return home to face life. by CLorenzo210/30/093.43

Forbidden Lovers: A Second Chance

 — MaryBeth and Christopher get a second chance at happiness. by CLorenzo211/12/094.53HOT

Forbidden Lust

 — Sex with a neighbor. by Pleezer4U11/25/044.45

Forbidden Lust

 — Jack falls into his own trap. by Many Feathers12/15/084.50HOT

Force of Nature Ch. 01

 — Gillian braids Andrew's salt-and-pepper hair. by thewordsmith259005/08/064.21

Forced to Finish the Job Ch. 01

 — Sexy granny makes young man finish what he started. by milfleglover12/06/164.18

Forced To Worship GILF Legs

 — Young man slave to gorgeous older legs and feet. by milfleglover03/18/144.15

Foreign Language Student

 — My wife and I host a young language student for the summer. by sparktj10/12/144.32

Foreman Pleasures

 — A construction firm secretary meets the new foreman. by farm88girl11/10/084.14

Forever Came Early

 — Older man Jake gets what he wants. by gracie_loves06/07/134.04

Forever Waiting...

 — Reflection of an older woman/younger man relationship by Mysticals7106/19/103.00

Former Cheerleader Needs $200

 — "Safe" older man is urged to help an abandoned young mom. by LaPatitMort11/03/094.46

Fortune Favors the Bold

 — Good things happen when Tom takes a chance. by Anatomical05/25/164.49

Found Love in Mature Woman

 — Married Ex-Girlfriend's Mum. by jackjill811/17/164.15

Four in a Bed

 — Virgin guy scores with friend's mom in law. by Sergio06/03/024.20

Four Old Men and Me

 — They kept it in the family. by lovelyladyfaire01/17/144.50HOT

Four Star

 — Middle-aged wife gets home delivery. by Minervous07/27/064.22

Four Stars for Miss Dabney

 — He finds sexual delights with retired secretary. by redstang9801/26/054.36

Four Years Later

 — Hunky younger guy consoles friend's mother. by Scotty Boy07/23/014.41

Fourth of July Birthday

 — Fireworks aren't the only thing getting hot. by HarveyMarcus07/05/024.50HOT

Fourth Period English: Ms. Thompson

 — Ms. Thompson has assigned me detention. by dtatheizan01/18/103.38

Fourth Quarter

 — Young athlete meets a hungry, mature woman. by chromebutterfly03/01/054.58HOT

Foxy Teacher

 — She gives her best lessons after the day has ended. by Boxlicker10102/16/094.51HOT

Foxy Teacher Returns

 — Selma already has one boytoy, but now she wants another. by Boxlicker10112/11/094.46


 — Ignoring her intuition, she makes a near fatal mistake. by komrad115605/04/164.34


 — Sex isn't the same as it was 40 years ago. by ainu08/16/024.56HOT

Fran and Jason

 — Missing a guy in her life Fran meets Jason... by alexcarr09/19/134.03

Fran Johnson Ch. 07

 — Housewife Fran pleasures 20 year old neighbor, Trevor. by Heironymous04/25/104.61HOT

Fran Johnson Ch. 08

 — Housewife Fran finds new ways to fuck 20-year-old Trevor. by Heironymous04/30/104.42

Frances Fucks Her Friend's Dad

 — A girl in her twenties picks up an old friend. by englishwatcher02/07/033.47

Francine and Her New Neighbors

 — Francine plays with her new neighbors. by Lrt8304/03/184.21

Francine and Her New Neighbors Ch. 03

 — Francine finds new ways to humiliate her neighbors. by Lrt8304/21/184.12


 — Older man meets hot, manipulative Latina. by Hcstuds06/21/024.03

Francy Ch. 2

 — The relationship heats up. by Hcstuds07/12/024.42


 — She meets a guy online and they begin dating offline. by Lola4909/15/09

Frank: Marge's Mother

 — Frank and his experiences. by Rellik0401/30/054.57HOT

Frank: The Carer

 — Continuation of Frank's adventures. by Rellik0402/01/054.53HOT

Frank: The Woman On The Corner

 — What is so mysterious about her? by Rellik0402/02/054.54HOT

Frankie & Mrs. Young

 — She gives him a summer he won't soon forget. by NymphWriter07/22/124.74HOT

Frankie & Mrs. Young Ch. 02

 — A year later, Frankie returns home. by NymphWriter05/19/134.73HOT

Freakin' with the Enemy Ch. 03

 — Pageants, mothers, and small-town revenge. by Stardog Champion08/17/104.38

Fred & Mary Again

 — Mary's second visit. by OVERLAND11/14/054.57HOT

Fred, Mary & Jessica again

 — Jessica returns alone to see Fred. by OVERLAND02/08/064.77HOT

Freddie the Widower ? Oh Man!

 — A plus-60 guy wins back an adventurous sex life. by Egmont Grigor01/01/094.62HOT

Free at Last!

 — I find some love again! by pttyjones04/21/113.96

Free Fall

 — Student discovers her true passion with older single dad. by angel_grant05/19/154.82HOT

Free Fall Ch. 02

 — Their first date, a little bit secret. by angel_grant06/17/154.83HOT

Free Fall Ch. 03

 — Thanksgiving with Nico's family. by angel_grant05/31/174.79HOT

Free Golf Lessons

 — I get free lessons, and then more. by LikeItHardAndRough01/10/144.28


 — Samantha is set free by an older man. by Harper201/13/144.54HOT

Freedom Ch. 1

 — When Life begins, and friendships bloom. by Harold Masters05/29/023.90

Freeing Writer's Block

 — Young Mom sorts out professor struggling as a novelist. by egmontgrigor201006/20/104.52HOT

Freeze, Asshole!!!

 — Damaged older lady cop resists young gypsy stud, but... by dass445006/21/064.46

French Doors

 — The island is not deserted & the man is wanted - by her. by marybethf11/16/064.49

French Exchange

 — Teacher and student find each other on field trip by ilikeithot630804/21/144.76HOT

French Exchange Part Deux

 — Miss V and me, among others. by ilikeithot630805/11/144.81HOT

Friday Night with Mr. Burke

 — Sara spends a night with teacher. by stoneypoint02/10/073.66

Friend Amit's Mother Ch. 01

 — Fahim gets to chance by chance. by bena4u03/09/164.47

Friend of the Family

 — Young guy yearns for sexy older lady. by JJ Sly10/21/004.11

Friend of the Family

 — Young guy yearns for sexy older lady. by J.J. Sly09/01/004.26

Friend of the Family

 — An older woman unleashes passions. by StrongMaster701/28/054.56HOT

Friend of the Family

 — When Lorelei comes home she meets an old friend. by Dragondter10/23/084.02

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