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Georgia Girl

 — The saga of a movie star. by Softly09/09/014.25

Georgia on my Mind

 — A few cold ones can lead a young man astray. by HarryOrwell04/17/114.40

Geriatric Lover Ch. 1

 — A 1960s boy's love for old women. by Eliogabalo10/16/023.93

Getting a Trim

 — 50-year-old gets some trim from his hairdresser. by geilguy04/28/07

Getting Back in the Game

 — Younger girl gives a middle-aged guy new life. by silverisgold05/17/144.69HOT

Getting Back in the Game Ch. 02

 — Middle-aged guy finds more fun with another younger woman by silverisgold05/26/144.71HOT

Getting Back in the Game Ch. 03

 — The game gets more intense for Martin. by silverisgold06/27/144.81HOT

Getting Back in the Game Ch. 04

 — Things come to a crossroads for Martin. by silverisgold07/22/144.76HOT

Getting Back in the Game Ch. 05

 — A new relationship, and a startling revelation contained. by silverisgold08/20/144.72HOT

Getting Back in the Game Ch. 06

 — A new game, played with four instead of two. by silverisgold09/08/144.61HOT

Getting Back in the Game Ch. 07

 — Sometimes you find fun in places you don't expect. by silverisgold08/12/154.68HOT

Getting By

 — Man has affair with four cougars, then finds love. by SW_MO_Hermit05/17/134.69HOT

Getting Caught

 — Older neighbour catches younger girl fantasizing about him. by lily_ann06/20/084.68HOT

Getting Caught Opens Her Doors

 — Taught by my beautiful neighbour. by uckers12/31/154.57HOT

Getting Even with My Mother-in-Law Ch. 01

 — Mother-in-law pays for all her pranks. by Aussie_Teacher12/18/04HOT

Getting Even with My Mother-in-Law Ch. 02

 — Daughter joins her husband and her mother. by Aussie_Teacher04/02/05HOT

Getting Freaky With An App

 — Drew is asked to write an honest review of a new app. by eroticawriter31301/27/154.23

Getting Jack Ch. 01: Scharza

 — A voluptuous, young coed attempts to seduce an older man. by RoryOmore08/28/174.54HOT

Getting Jack Ch. 02: Rikki

 — Jack's stalker interrupts an intimate meeting with Rikki. by RoryOmore09/02/174.38

Getting Kinky with Daddy

 — Experiences with an older man. by babygirlheather09/16/024.13

Getting Laid

 — Eric pleases the maids but will he reach his goal? by Libertine05/10/104.43

Getting Laid The Mature Way

 — Eric spots a mature lady who invites him in. by Libertine05/15/104.58HOT

Getting Laid The Mature Way Ch. 02

 — Teaching bitchy maids a lesson takes an unexpected turn. by Libertine05/19/104.58HOT

Getting Laid The Mature Way Ch. 03

 — Eric´s stamina is rewarded beyond his wildest expectations. by Libertine06/03/104.49

Getting Old is a Bitch!

 — It's after 2am and memories make a difference. by Scorpio4404/03/064.57HOT

Getting Old Sucks

 — He's feeling young again. by sirhugs10/24/024.40

Getting Our Signals Straight

 — Middle-aged man and younger woman flirt. by nhplayguy09/04/064.62HOT

Getting Paid For It

 — My first experience getting paid by an older man. by pamela_ussss10/14/024.51HOT

Getting The Grade

 — Janice tries another way to get an A. by Lillyflower7205/20/024.06

Getting The Story

 — Aspiring young writer gets more than he bargained for. by BadBoyA01/16/074.18

Getting To Know Her Mom

 — College guy spends week with girlfriend's sexy mother. by The Duke09/16/014.40

Getting to Know Maggie

 — A woman tutors a young man while out camping. by FLrider09/11/154.38

Getting To Touch His First Crush

 — He gets to reunite with a crush from years ago. by icravekitty11/04/093.83

Getting Together Again... Finally

 — They'd separated and gone their way, but had another chance. by Xesevoli03/14/124.23

ghbourhood Watch Ch. 02

 — The follow-up meeting with his cheating older neighbour. by Big Gunz11/15/094.47


 — He had to look closely to be sure. by magmaman10/03/094.52HOT

Ghost Memories Ch. 01

 — An itch is scratched and love blossoms. by Heinz5707/17/074.27

Ghost Memories Ch. 02

 — An itch is scratched and love blossoms. by Heinz5707/18/074.53HOT

Ghost Memories Ch. 03

 — An itch is scratched and love blossoms. by Heinz5707/19/074.65HOT

Ghost Memories Ch. 04

 — An itch is scratched and love blossoms. by Heinz5707/20/074.39

Gift of the Graduates Ch. 01

 — An offer he can't refuse. by someoneyouknow01/08/134.72HOT

Gift of the Graduates Ch. 02

 — An auspicious start to the week. by someoneyouknow01/23/134.81HOT

Gift of the Graduates Ch. 03

 — Hump day. by someoneyouknow02/22/134.80HOT

Gift of the Graduates Ch. 04

 — Getting it out of her system. by someoneyouknow03/23/134.72HOT

Gift of the Graduates Ch. 05

 — Letting it all hang out. by someoneyouknow05/04/134.76HOT

Gifts & Surprises

 — Tycoon gets 2 Valentines & 2 concubines (sequel to 'SB'). by P4U01/31/074.59HOT


 — Ex-girlfriend's mother fills in. by jjcole12/22/094.51HOT

Gigolo Ch. 03

 — Academic blossoms into sensational shag. by dass445007/28/034.62HOT

Gigolo Ch. 04

 — Busty theatre critic makes like a baby. by dass445007/30/034.57HOT

Gigolo Ch. 05

 — Famous film star fucks. by dass445008/13/034.59HOT

Gigolo Ch. 06

 — Old mammoth breasted sisters double team the lad. by dass445009/01/034.64HOT

Gigolo Ch. 07

 — Old red headed dynamo wants a baby. by dass445009/07/034.60HOT

Gigolo Ch. 1

 — Young guy learns older is better. by Sobek04/28/024.47

Gigolo Wanted

 — 35 yr old virgin deflowered by mature gigolo. by hotpup05/24/074.42

GILF Anna's Oral Servant

 — Sexy 60-something needed young stud's oral skills. by milfleglover07/16/114.47

GILF Anna's Oral Servant Ch. 02

 — Sexy granny returns stud's oral expertise - and then some... by milfleglover06/22/144.53HOT

GILF Anna's Oral Servant Ch. 03

 — Sexy granny "ambushes" her young oral slave. by milfleglover07/17/144.33

GILF Bobbie's Brutal Butt Bashing

 — Sexy old woman's wrinkled ass was a demanding one. by milfleglover08/23/114.11

GILF Sisters Milk Ball Boy

 — Older sisters find boy with huge nuts to drain dry. by milfleglover10/03/134.18

Gillian Newark's School Tales Ch. 01

 — A schoolteacher, an 18-year-old schoolboy, & a dare game. by SylviaG04/26/084.18

Gillian Newark's School Tales Ch. 02

 — Gillian and Pete get close. by SylviaG04/27/084.39

Gillian Newark's School Tales Ch. 03

 — Pete gets his teacher into bed. by SylviaG04/29/084.29

Gillian Newark's School Tales Ch. 04

 — The dare game continues, & a school teacher talks dirty. by SylviaG05/01/084.54HOT

Gillian Newark's School Tales Ch. 05

 — Don't you want to spunk in your teacher's mouth? by SylviaG05/03/084.48

Gillian Newark's School Tales Ch. 06

 — More dares; a student with an upskirt video of Gillian. by SylviaG05/06/084.55HOT

Gillian Newark's School Tales Ch. 07

 — Was Gillian just a dare for Pete? by SylviaG05/06/084.70HOT

Gillian Newark's School Tales Ch. 08

 — A spanking for Gillian. by SylviaG05/08/084.51HOT

Gillian Newark's School Tales Ch. 09

 — All good things come to an end, or do they? by SylviaG05/10/084.69HOT

Gin with Gerri

 — I thought that I should get to know her. by SamScribble02/12/184.40


 — A romantic May-December affair. by Foxe-Male06/27/024.37

Gina Ch. 01

 — Tommy loses his virginity & meets an older woman. by Tommy198208/12/064.18

Gina Continues Ch. 02

 — Gina visits Mr. Lay's house for the first time. by Goldeniangel06/12/054.47

Gina Continues Ch. 03

 — Gina and Mr. Lay's night continues. by Goldeniangel06/13/054.58HOT

Gina's Ride

 — 51 year old Gina with a big libido, plans her evening. by trusty_sam02/21/084.28

Gina's Ride Ch. 02

 — Their hot threesome continues. by trusty_sam03/09/084.15

Ginelli's Whore

 — Ginelli takes Matt's wife by English Bob01/26/034.27

Ginger Snap, Crackle, Pop Goes the

 — She went from skinny girl to complete woman. by manthing06/18/034.69HOT

Ginny Lays Her Claim

 — Ice skater and Daddy-in-law are addicted to quickies. by jay.palin09/09/034.68HOT

Ginny Remembers Daddy

 — Older guy is seduced by lustful ice skater. by jay.palin08/22/034.69HOT

Ginny's Witnesses Ch. 01

 — Tropical vacation mixes pleasure with business. by jay.palin04/07/054.70HOT

Girl at the Peace Camp

 — Older campaigner fucks a teenage girl peace-camper. by Scotsman6908/12/134.34

Girl Next Door

 — Housesitting for his parents leads to a hot time. by walkwolf202/18/084.44

Girl with The Wind in her Hair

 — Gentle romance between a young girl and an older man. by rawsilk12/08/164.33

Girl's Night Ch. 2: Rebecca

 — One of the ladies throws party for her 'nephew'. by boogieman1046901/10/024.21

Girlfriend's Daughter Makes a Move

 — Complications ensue due to temp living arrangement. by rutger505/16/174.42

Girlfriend's Mom

 — His girl's mom visits, with lusty results. by Ricky T10/06/014.02

Girlfriend's Mom

 — Girlfriend's mom takes advantage. by alanc06/15/024.41

Girlfriend's Mom

 — College guy seduces his girlfriend's mom. by Hot Italian Beef01/01/063.80

Girlfriend's Mom on New Year's Eve

 — Mom fills in for cock teasing daughter. by JustinNickThyme02/28/084.00

Girlfriend's Mother Ch. 01

 — I had caught her cheating. by qualitywheat02/03/114.19

Girlfriend's Sexy, Slutty Daughter

 — He dumps his girlfriend 4for her 24-year-old daughter. by SusanJillParker04/16/124.08


 — Woman tries to set up married girlfriend with young lover. by romancer02/01/184.22

Girlfriends Mother

 — I caught her cheating. by qualitywheat01/26/114.22

Girls At The Beach Threesome

 — My girlfriend carmen allows another girl to join us. by badboylax09/10/134.47

Girls on the Turps

 — An Aussie MILF plays hardball during Olympic softball. by Voboy11/06/184.52HOT

Girls Tennis Coach

 — Middle age man finds coaching has its rewards. by Slickman03/06/044.68HOT

Girls Tennis Coach Ch. 02

 — Man & his wife find happiness coaching girls. by Slickman05/15/044.76HOT

Give Me a Ginger!

 — How Holly developed a preference for ginger-haired men. by bbw4youngercocks106/27/164.64HOT

Give Me a Ginger! Ch. 02

 — Holly's continued affair with her ginger-haired professor. by bbw4youngercocks101/02/174.60HOT

Give Me An Older Woman Every Time

 — He finds older lady a good teacher. by Joseki Ko04/26/043.87

Give Me One Night

 — Barb makes a surprise call on web friends. by Barb36D08/26/094.32

Giving Her What She Needs

 — How I met and had a fling with a neglected married woman. by tbs0406/10/164.55HOT

Giving Her What She Needs Pt. 02

 — I meet up with Kay again on a Friday night in her hotel room. by tbs0408/27/164.48

Giving In Ch. 06

 — What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. by linkznut09/28/034.57HOT

Giving In to Temptation

 — A smoldering look ignites a passionate fire. by redhot_36323607/17/124.18

Giving in to Temptation

 — I fucked a crazy homeless old man and nobody knows it. by tooshytodare09/08/164.29


 — Lonely milf neighbor has the goods. by manhattanlatin02/28/154.42

Gloria's Friend

 — Like a younger man. by tallone12307/14/164.53HOT

Gloria's Friend Ch. 02

 — This lady likes the younger man. by tallone12309/18/164.57HOT

Gloria's Friend Ch. 03

 — One other then finally Gloria herself. by tallone12310/29/164.59HOT


 — It was late, very late when I sat next to her at the bar. by Kaishaku02/16/113.34

Go Ahead

 — A young man's first time with a friend. by SomewhereInMyPast02/07/144.17

Go Ahead Ch. 02

 — Continuation of a young man's exploration with a woman. by SomewhereInMyPast02/20/144.45

Go Ahead Ch. 03

 — Continuation: a young man's exploration with older neighbor. by SomewhereInMyPast02/28/144.30

Go Home

 — Unlikely couple meet during a hurricane. by LongFellow87709/13/044.53HOT

Go Home Ch. 02

 — Steve & Laura continue to enjoy each other. by LongFellow87709/25/044.60HOT

Go Home Ch. 03

 — Steve and Laura get closer as the hurricane nears. by LongFellow87709/29/044.70HOT

Go Home Ch. 04

 — Steve & Laura weather Hurricane Frances. by LongFellow87710/09/044.73HOT

God or the Devil?

 — Churchgoing lady enjoys sex. by Whitesocks01/19/084.65HOT

Goddess of Love

 — I am his Goddess of love. by sweetpinky12/01/114.15

Godiva on the Scooter

 — It was ballet, the marriage of pure rhythm, perfect form. by Kaishaku06/23/054.50HOTContest Winner

Godson Ch. 1

 — Teenage cousins seduce middle-aged godmother. by boogieman1046912/02/014.41

Godson Ch. 2

 — Godson & godmother celebrate her birthday. by boogieman1046912/03/014.31

Godson Ch. 3

 — Godson enjoys older Black & White women on birthday. by boogieman1046912/25/014.47

Going Back

 — A widower, his college crush and a reawakening. by JayDavid09/07/154.63HOT

Going Deep

 — MILF and the QB have a workout. by zrob02/21/084.41

Going for the Triple

 — Helping out the neighbors. by Sven the Elder10/05/064.60HOT

Going from Lust to Hatred to Pity

 — The story of Alice. by JerseyCop04/13/044.25

Going Home

 — Unable to deploy a Marine widower returns home to start over. by komrad115609/09/184.75HOT

Going on Thirty

 — A teacher's world is turned upside down by a mature student. by komrad115605/04/174.79HOT

Going Out On A Limb

 — A hot tale about getting friendly with an untouchable woman. by black_spring07/22/074.29

Going With The Flow

 — Sara falls instantly for an older man. by Goldie Munro09/03/044.48

Golden Oldie

 — Welcoming a new neighbour. by snapper31df02/03/084.08

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