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Mature Fantasy Club Ch. 01

 — Bored seniors find club to fulfill their fantasies. by Singularly6612/29/054.40

Mature Fantasy Club Ch. 02

 — New members join the seniors sex club. by Singularly6601/12/064.61HOT

Mature Fantasy Club Ch. 03

 — Seniors search for the G-Spot together. by Singularly6602/02/064.48

Mature Fantasy Club Ch. 04

 — Seniors continue finding new ways to have sex together. by Singularly6603/30/064.53HOT

Mature gets her Toes Sucked

 — A short story for those of you that like foot sex... by LaceyDresser10/08/174.68HOT

Mature Is Best

 — She wants more than a portait from him. by Troglodite4508/11/024.06

Mature Jan Gets Gangbanged

 — 58 year old gets drunk with 5 young men. by MatureLadyLover11/07/104.48

Mature Jill's Revenge

 — Mature slut gets revenge on co-workers by fucking their sons. by MatureLadyLover07/05/124.45

Mature Lady Gets Fit

 — For part of a soccer team. by BobCarole07/14/114.18

Mature Latino Porn Star

 — Mature Latino porn star meets man for oral and anal sex. by mrstanley10/07/174.20

Mature Love

 — Mature Loving and Swinging. by amorouslion02/08/184.41

Mature Model Young Photographer

 — Wife auditions for a modeling gig. by TonyMA7002/08/183.87

Mature Muscular Girlfriend

 — Older woman has kinky sex with younger man. by mrstanley07/03/154.22

Mature Neighbor Needs My Help

 — Young man helps out the next door neighbor. by standingstones07/28/134.23

Mature Neighborly Passion

 — Old enough to be his mother she was still hot & insatiable. by walterio06/26/164.33

Mature Office Affair

 — His affair with a sexy older woman. by velcro_zipper11/30/064.39

Mature Pussy needs Young Cock Ch. 01

 — High school quarterback scores big with older women. by TeenStudforOlderWomen04/19/184.10

Mature Shares Her Husband

 — Matures shares her husband with a good friend... by LaceyDresser08/12/174.42

Mature Squirter

 — Young man hooks up with a cougar who shows him a good time. by nylonluvr7801/29/104.09

Mature Teacher Gives Private Tuition

 — Girls' school headmistress is a nympho. by fantasyboy08/07/013.86

Mature Widows Ch. 01

 — Loving mature, voluptuous Emma. by andy_r_1445608/18/044.49

Mature Widows Ch. 02

 — Loving mature, voluptuous and caring Bev. by andy_r_1445608/23/044.56HOT

Mature Widows Ch. 03

 — He loves friend's mom; enlists to serve in Vietnam. by andy_r_1445609/11/044.65HOT

Mature Wife Play Prostitute

 — Mature wife and husband play an erotic game. by triplexgreg10/16/114.44

Mature Wine

 — Old man meets young woman for dinner and more. by dewdropz10/26/073.86

Mature Woman Conquest: Beth Ch. 01

 — They dominate and deflower virgins. by lilguy05/04/034.10

Mature Woman Conquest: Beth Ch. 02

 — Beth deflowers a timid young man. by lilguy05/06/033.93

Mature Woman Has Her Way

 — He gets job in older ladies clothing store. by Panty_Licker08/12/044.51HOT

Mature Woman Has Her Way Ch. 02

 — A new playmate gets involved. by Panty_Licker08/15/044.54HOT

Mature Woman Has Her Way Ch. 03

 — The “treat” wakens undiscovered urges. by Panty_Licker08/21/044.54HOT

Mature Woman Has Her Way Ch. 04

 — Bringing it home. by Panty_Licker08/26/044.61HOT

Mature Woman Has Her Way Ch. 05

 — New depths of depravity are reached. by Panty_Licker02/01/054.54HOT

Mature Woman Takes the Lead Ch. 01

 — Sarah brings Jim home & she has fun with him along the way. by JustABitKinky11/03/094.17

Mature Woman Takes the Lead Ch. 02

 — Sarah and Jim finally make it inside the house. by JustABitKinky11/10/094.35

Mature Woman's Awakening

 — Mom opens up to sexual pleasure. by LonelyMom10/10/064.46

Mature Women Can Teach You So Much

 — Dan gets a surprise visit from mom of boy he is bullying. by MatureLadyLover07/01/104.33

Mature's Birthday Surprise

 — Mature gets a special triple treat on her birthday. by LaceyDresser10/18/174.32

Mature's Cinematic Debut

 — Mature's cinematic debut leads to a lesbian love fest. by LaceyDresser10/28/174.50HOT

Mature's First Anal Massage Pt. 01

 — A regular scheduled massage ends up being anything butt... by LaceyDresser09/14/174.54HOT

Mature's First Anal Massage Pt. 02

 — Two mature couples move beyond simple massage sex... by LaceyDresser09/20/174.58HOT

Mature's First Anal Massage Pt. 03

 — Oral ending of mature couple's first foursome together. by LaceyDresser09/27/174.58HOT

Mature's First Orgy Pt. 01

 — Mature's first orgy proves to be an arousing success. by LaceyDresser02/02/184.21

Mature's First Orgy Pt. 02

 — Mature's first orgy beyond the group masturbation stage. by LaceyDresser02/14/184.37

Mature's First Orgy Pt. 03

 — Orgy ends with some friendly oral competition. by LaceyDresser02/27/184.22

Mature, and So Much More!

 — Mature/MILF and I met in a hot tub. by stilldoinit09/29/134.17


 — Long time tennant meets his new landlady. by Hcstuds06/22/034.38

Maude Ch. 02

 — Maude continues to force the pleasure. by maudecardy05/01/074.51HOT


 — Straight guy has sex with a lesbian. by espeteroh04/18/054.21


 — Christmas Spirits arouse her. by tlc14311/21/114.33

Max and Jaime, Vegas Night 01

 — Passion so hot they barely make it to the hotel room. by JackOfDiamonds06/13/084.40

Max's Curse

 — Part 3 of the Caroline saga. by blankbob2005/21/152.27

Max's Long Weekend

 — Max spends the weekend with a new girl. by blankbob2005/26/152.29


 — A landlord's story. by Pantythief07/01/063.82

Maxine's Naughty Little Surprise

 — Caroline was great, but how good was her mother? by Bazzza06/24/064.58HOT

May & December

 — Young woman falls passionately in love with her professor. by Katherine English 211/02/024.74HOT

May & Deke Ch. 02

 — May opens up to new possibilities. by BlueByrd09/23/054.23

May & Deke Ch. 03

 — May doubles her pleasure. by BlueByrd10/07/054.45

May and December Ch. 01

 — Elderly man takes younger woman under his wing. by qdata09/13/134.45

May December

 — He was old enough to be her father; she was a nut case. by Dinsmore10/20/064.64HOT

May Showers

 — Planting flowers is even more fun when it rains by TxRad05/23/084.57HOT

May to December

 — Younger man, older woman, lust, and love. by DawnJ01/12/134.45

May to December Ch. 02

 — Younger man, older woman, lust, and love. by DawnJ01/13/134.74HOT

May to December Ch. 03

 — Younger man, older woman, lust, and love. by DawnJ01/14/134.77HOT

May to December Earth Day Romance

 — The young volunteer likes his director. by JuanVato04/06/134.54HOT


 — A story of unrequited lust (no sex). by fifty509/09/052.88


 — An older woman becomes his masturbatory dream. by Many Feathers08/22/094.45

Maytag Repairman

 — The washing machine broke. by HarryOrwell08/04/114.36

McDonalds in April

 — It gets hot inside as well as outside. by fighterpilotB405/19/094.29

Me & Mrs. Jones

 — She turns endowed, inexperienced young man into a stud. by Stormbringer06/16/014.59HOTContest Winner

Me & Mrs. Jones

 — We got a thing going on... by mrpeachesva11/10/174.46

Me and Belinda

 — Young man and his mother's friend hook up. by boogieman1046910/28/124.09

Me and Ms. Hagerty

 — My tale of sex with the hottest High school teacher ever. by tbf299205/14/123.92

Me for Dinner

 — The sweetest meal you've ever made. by babygirlheather11/26/024.37

Me, Myself, and I

 — I give myself a fantasy. by staciliv11/29/074.64HOT

Measuring Up

 — Teacher discovers identity of young secret admirer. by GreenLover05/16/034.31

Medallion Ch. 02

 — Joey has some fun with the principal. by ilovematurewomen06/22/034.43

Medallion Ch. 03

 — Joey makes love to the cleaning lady. by ilovematurewomen06/23/034.45

Meet Me In the Janitor's Closet

 — Chubby Rose, the old black Janitor and... by MisterNatural01/14/184.09

Meet Me in the Park

 — Fulfillment of a long time fantasy. by redhot_36323607/17/124.46

Meet My Granny

 — She takes a stud to meet her granny. by Ed061309/09/074.27

Meet the Parents

 — I though his dad was a paralyzed waist down...I was wrong. by NaughtyNurse1305/25/144.42

Meet the Parents Ch. 02

 — His father takes me again. by NaughtyNurse1302/10/154.47

Meet-up after Break-up

 — Reconciliation fails, but a new, younger opportunity arises. by carolina6708/05/174.23

Meeting Erica

 — Reporter meets Lady B. by sonofgreg05/07/074.61HOT

Meeting Esther

 — Her husband was his friend, she became more. by tlc14310/21/114.46

Meeting Her Mom & Grandmom Ch. 2

 — Devonshire Quarles further adventures by Jonesfalls10/13/014.40

Meeting Her Mom & Grandmother Ch. 3

 — The further adventures of Devonshire Quarles. by Jonesfalls10/26/014.42

Meeting Her Mother & Grandmother

 — Devonshire Quarles meets his girlfriend's family. by Jonesfalls10/08/013.95

Meeting Holly

 — Older man meets young woman. by tall75803/29/054.49

Meeting in Dressing Room

 — Sue helps him make sure clothing fits well. by mgag1210/04/014.07

Meeting in Dressing Room Ch. 2

 — Sue to teaches him new pleasures. by mgag1210/08/014.41

Meeting in the Mall

 — An older woman and younnger man meet in the mall. by Moondrift05/28/104.43

Meeting In The Park

 — Runner encounters lovely young divorcée. by pard7401/29/024.16

Meeting James Ch. 01

 — A college girl meets an older man in Las Vegas. by melanieatplay01/01/154.62HOT

Meeting James Ch. 03

 — Last day in Vegas, Melanie reveals her past to James. by melanieatplay01/10/154.83HOT

Meeting Maggie

 — Our men's group meets a hot mature female at a hotel. by fordcurry03/17/074.17

Meeting Margaret

 — Young man seduced by an experienced older woman. by AaronAardvark06/21/164.53HOT

Meeting Marla

 — Marla was anything but typical. by Deadhed07/25/104.07

Meeting Megan

 — A teacher enters into a forbidden relationship. by Bloodmosaic09/15/174.59HOT

Meeting My Internet Lover

 — She meets him for the first time. by tealblaze0106/12/073.60

Meeting Roe

 — She meets the sexiest man. by roesgirl03/02/053.39

Meeting Rosa & Her Mom

 — Strolling along the beach, he meets two delicable women. by Paris Waterman12/18/104.38

Meeting Sunny in the Park

 — The share a coffee break in the park. by JerseyCop09/05/054.69HOT

Meeting the Boss's Daughter Ch. 02

 — Katie's visit at the office. by littleladyfun11/16/164.20

Meeting the Boss's Daughter Ch. 03

 — Katie's visit at the office Part 2. by littleladyfun11/20/164.53HOT

Meeting the Boss's Daughter Ch. 04

 — Katie bent over with daddy just outside. by littleladyfun11/22/164.54HOT

Meeting the Boss's Daughter Ch. 05

 — A favor for a favor. by littleladyfun11/24/164.57HOT

Meeting the Boss's Daughter Ch. 06

 — One of the highlights of our hotel stay. by littleladyfun11/29/164.61HOT

Meeting the Boss's Daughter Ch. 07

 — Bryan's experience with an older woman. by littleladyfun12/14/164.45

Meeting the Boss's Daughter Ch. 08

 — A sweet outdoor moment with Katie. by littleladyfun12/16/164.60HOT

Meeting the Boss's Daughter Ch. 10

 — A rendezvous in the shower. by littleladyfun01/22/174.56HOT

Meeting the Boss's Daughter Ch. 13

 — The aftermath. by littleladyfun01/28/173.96

Meeting the Boss's Daughter Ch. 14

 — After the woods. by littleladyfun03/09/174.21

Meeting the Boss's Daughter Ch. 15

 — A somewhat new chapter for Katie since Adam. by littleladyfun03/10/174.03

Meeting the Boss's Daughter Ch. 16

 — Playing hooky in school. by littleladyfun03/11/174.13

Meeting the Boss's Daughter Ch. 17

 — Katie and Adam - a continuation. by littleladyfun06/30/174.41

Meeting the Boss's Daughter Ch. 18

 — Rekindling an old naughty flame. by littleladyfun07/13/174.44

Meeting the Boss's Daughter Ch. 19

 — Second Day at the Convention. by littleladyfun07/24/174.14

Meeting the Boss's Daughter Ch. 20

 — The End. by littleladyfun12/21/174.28

Meeting the GILF

 — Meeting a GILF on a plane leads to unexpected fun. by ero_senin0501/19/183.88

Meeting the Parents

 — MILF may have met her match. by zrob03/31/084.36


 — Jennie's other friend wants her turn. by brian47331705/13/094.59HOT

Mellow Yellow Ch. 25

 — Yellow pussy for breakfast – aged to perfection. by miskeivitch05/12/044.13

Melody Malone

 — Some one from the past. by Just Plain Bob12/13/094.53HOT

Melon Land

 — Young man gets some help in produce. by Rod Masters05/03/024.40

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 01

 — Emily has a crush on her church youth director. by FunWhileItLasted12/17/154.26

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 02

 — Emily and Ted start flirting. by FunWhileItLasted12/27/154.48

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 03

 — A fantasy and a text conversation. by FunWhileItLasted01/06/164.55HOT

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 04

 — Emily sends Ted a risqué picture. by FunWhileItLasted01/15/164.54HOT

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 05

 — Ted and Emily share a sexy phone call. by FunWhileItLasted08/27/164.65HOT

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 06

 — Emily plans to meet Ted in person. by FunWhileItLasted10/02/164.47

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 07

 — Ted takes Emily to his favorite place. by FunWhileItLasted10/26/164.44

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 08

 — Ted explores Emily's body the first time. by FunWhileItLasted11/07/164.58HOT

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 09

 — Ted and Emily are alone in Ted's office at church. by FunWhileItLasted11/22/164.67HOT

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 10

 — Emily explores oral sex with Ted. by FunWhileItLasted12/19/164.47

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 11

 — Emily brings Ted to climax for the first time orally. by FunWhileItLasted12/29/164.66HOT

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 12

 — Emily and Amy have a sleepover. by FunWhileItLasted01/18/174.42

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 13

 — Emily and Amy masturbate together. by FunWhileItLasted01/25/174.60HOT

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 14

 — Ted goes on a secret date with Sierra and Emily. by FunWhileItLasted02/01/174.50HOT

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 15

 — A date with Sierra and Emily results in backseat blowjobs. by FunWhileItLasted02/07/174.67HOT

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 16

 — Emily strips in her backyard, unaware she's being watched. by FunWhileItLasted02/16/174.21

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 17

 — Emily's photos, Geoff's tribute, and Walter's porn film. by FunWhileItLasted02/21/174.62HOT

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 18

 — Emily gives Ted her virginity. by FunWhileItLasted03/01/174.67HOT

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 19

 — Ted makes Emily masturbate with her father in the room. by FunWhileItLasted03/09/174.62HOT

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 20

 — Emily and Ted roleplay and have an unexpected audience. by FunWhileItLasted03/15/174.71HOT

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 21

 — Ted buys Emily some sex toys, and she tries them out. by FunWhileItLasted03/23/174.26

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 22

 — Emily learns that Walter was once a porn actor. by FunWhileItLasted04/02/174.52HOT

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 23

 — Emily gives Walter Mitchell a BJ. by FunWhileItLasted04/11/174.36

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 24

 — Emily does a live webcam show for her internet fans. by FunWhileItLasted05/13/174.42

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 25

 — Ted takes Emily into some woods for a bondage game. by FunWhileItLasted05/18/174.45

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 26

 — Emily is restrained in the woods, and a stranger uses her. by FunWhileItLasted05/31/174.40

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 27

 — Late-night games on rural roads. by FunWhileItLasted06/17/173.88

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 28

 — Abandoned, half-naked, Emily is pursued by a stranger. by FunWhileItLasted06/24/174.13

Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 29

 — Ted and Emily have a foursome with Scott and Dana. by FunWhileItLasted07/16/174.48

Memories of a Virgin

 — Young man gets a detailed introduction to the female body. by HotRoger10/14/014.43

Memories of Banging Maths Teacher

 — Erotic encounters of Jithin with his Maths teacher. by Desikid05/31/133.43

Memories of Ben

 — Natalie reminisces upon her life with Ben. by spinningwheels204/24/184.59HOTNEW

Memories of Linda

 — My memories of moments shared with my best friend's mother. by demon16009/15/164.83HOT

Memory Lane

 — A visit to an old professor leads to more than conversation. by freya471109/24/094.26

Men Love to Fuck Polly Urquhart

 — Polly has competition and enjoys it. by acdd12301/13/104.26

Menopause, a Chronicle

 — A love story in later life. by Scorpio44a10/22/104.73HOT

Mentor Ch. 01

 — A young writer is tutored in her sexuality. by Megarae1305/04/114.46

Mentor Ch. 02

 — Mona enjoys a further introduction into the world of sex. by Megarae1305/10/114.63HOT

Mentor Ch. 03

 — Mona starts a long vacation with her mentor. by Megarae1305/14/114.30

Mentor Ch. 04

 — Mona's weekend with Simon continues. by Megarae1305/23/114.39

Mentoring the Protégé Ch. 01

 — She said she wanted to learn from an older man. by heartlandwriter07/15/144.39

Merry Ex-Mas

 — Mom gets some Christmas cheer from daughter's ex-boyfriend. by RejectReality11/30/104.62HOT

Messy Computer Birthday

 — Daughter’s friend Sally has a gift for Mr. Marcus. by HarveyMarcus08/31/024.42

Mexican Creek Ch. 01

 — Two women find fun at a secluded ranch. by Birds__Eye05/23/094.38

Mexican Housekeeper/The Interview

 — Retiree seeks a suitable employee. by bigguy_4803/17/124.28


 — Older woman meets young rogue. by Chrissie3902/28/094.63HOT

Michael Takes Care of Me...

 — She finally meets her online lover. by Nereida01/02/044.21

Michael's New Calling

 — College jocks service hungry cougars. by Chuck1101/23/104.23

Michaela's Lesson

 — Teacher gives birthday girl a little extra help. by Naughtybutnice11/24/014.47

Michelle On Her Own

 — She meets a younger man. by saturna09/16/103.99

Michigan Mature Wife

 — Mature ladies like young guys by Vinner123403/28/123.70

Mick from Montana

 — Her old friend sends her regards. by HarryOrwell06/13/114.37

Mickey and the Stockings

 — Stockings -- and his mother-in-law. by flimbim08/15/054.30

Mickey and the Stockings

 — Mother-in-law wears her daughter's stockings. by flim6212/09/064.50HOT

Microchips Ch. 01

 — Dale learns about the Adult side of technology. by Ghostwalker04/24/184.68HOTNEW

Mid-Life Adventure Ch. 01

 — Recent widower meets a sexy gymnast. by oldeman02/08/104.54HOT

Mid-Life Adventure Ch. 02

 — Rick beds an inexperienced student, with Mom's help. by oldeman04/15/104.58HOT

Mid-life Crisis

 — The best and dirtiest sex he have ever had. by Dr S Crow09/30/064.28

Mid-life Crisis

 — I fuck a twenty year old guy. by mandywilluk200003/21/124.42

Middle-Aged Man Finds BBW Love

 — A grocery store hook-up. by 40yrman09/14/064.15

Midlife Teen

 — Flirting with the fast food girl leads to more. by DeadSince200105/29/144.50HOT

Midlife Teen Ch. 02

 — Midlife crisis gets serious. by DeadSince200107/06/164.71HOT

Midlife Teen Ch. 03

 — Matters move from the body to the mind and heart. by DeadSince200111/17/174.61HOT

Midnight at the Oasis

 — All cats are equal in the dark of the night. by Ann Douglas09/30/174.73HOT

Midnight Basketball

 — A love of community brings two people together. by komrad115608/26/164.80HOT

Midnight Tryst with Sunita

 — Midnight adventure with my best friend's mom. by dennycrane10006/09/124.07

Might Have Been

 — Sometimes things are not as they seem. by Tara_Neale12/23/124.41

Mighty Neighborly

 — Neighbor pays him for fixing bike. by Bud Lempke12/23/004.00

Mighty Neighborly of Me

 — PIA neighbor's daughter makes up for father. by JRob06/06/104.41

Mike & Mary

 — He's easily aroused by sexy older lady. by venus_can09/01/04

Mike's Fantasy Wife 03

 — Linda falls for the lustful attention of three mature people. by avalon_sunset10/28/104.71HOT

Mike's Mom

 — Morning pee leads to erotic opportunity. by Sid_Silver01/20/114.25

Mike, Claire, Sid and Daisy Ch. 01

 — Too different age couples become close friends. by MaryR06/19/134.51HOT

Mile High Club Adventure

 — Young girl and older man join the exclusive mile high club. by RobynG02/14/114.44

MILF Addiction Ch. 01

 — An 18-year-old boy helps his girlfriend's mom in her garden. by MoreWood03/16/174.60HOT

MILF Addiction Ch. 02

 — More work in the garden, and the garden of Eden. by MoreWood04/10/174.56HOT

MILF Addiction Ch. 03

 — More MILFs in the Garden of Ellen. by MoreWood05/09/174.63HOT

MILF Addiction Ch. 04

 — Ellen & Lily have fun, and meet their husbands at the Club. by MoreWood06/02/174.45

MILF Addiction Ch. 05

 — Further Adventures, Ellen comes out of her shell. by MoreWood09/28/174.42

MILF and Did! Ch. 01

 — College freshman seduces his best friend's mother. by walterio11/10/064.67HOT

MILF and Did! Ch. 02

 — The offer is accepted and the affair continues. by walterio11/26/064.70HOT

MILF and Did! Ch. 03

 — Monica has a visit from her college roomie. by walterio12/29/064.74HOT

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