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Needy Neighbor

 — Widower receives a surprise visitor. by Deadhed11/23/064.43


 — Neglect eventually leads an older woman to love. by komrad115612/13/164.72HOT

Negotiating With Ms. Baxter

 — A young businessman meets a subject of childhood fantasy. by zaraje03/12/074.33


 — Young waitress's ride home leads to fireside massage & more. by gapster709/15/154.80HOT

Neigborhood Pool Party

 — Older man becomes infatuated with teen next door. by Collier03/10/014.24


 — "That is some wife you got." He told me. by magmaman08/04/134.01


 — Neighbour suspicious of old man's friendship with wife. by IgneousRocks01/05/184.26

Neighbor Becomes Angel to Widower

 — Widower grows fond of neighbor girl. by Lrt8304/06/183.83

Neighbor Ch. 02

 — Events in the neighborhood get complicated. by IgneousRocks02/15/184.33

Neighbor Ch. 03

 — Jim Confesses. Gee poses topless. Ruth plans a party. by IgneousRocks03/05/184.39

Neighbor Love

 — Coed continues naughty relationship with old neighbor. by kaliandy2407/17/133.61

Neighbor's Phone Strip

 — Mature woman lets young neighbor see her undress. by George VI10/25/024.38

Neighborhood Dad

 — 38-year-old man finds himself infatuated with daughter's new friend. by LittleHenry12/13/134.42

Neighborhood Dad Ch. 02

 — Dad feels drawn to daughter's new friend. by LittleHenry12/14/134.47

Neighborhood Dad Ch. 03

 — A Halloween party brings several girls into the house. by LittleHenry01/02/144.54HOT

Neighborhood Dad Ch. 04

 — Girls discuss Dad's hotness. by LittleHenry01/21/144.55HOT

Neighborhood Dad Ch. 05

 — Dad feels the tug of lust. by LittleHenry01/31/144.50HOT

Neighborhood Dad Ch. 06

 — Daughter's 18th birthday brings new developments. by LittleHenry02/03/144.78HOT

Neighborhood Dad Ch. 07

 — The aftermath of ecstasy. by LittleHenry06/07/144.66HOT

Neighborhood Dad Ch. 08

 — The basketball team moves into its season. by LittleHenry06/08/144.64HOT

Neighborhood Dad Ch. 09

 — Celebrating. by LittleHenry06/11/144.59HOT

Neighborhood Dad Ch. 10

 — Dad & daughter have a talk. by LittleHenry06/14/144.60HOT

Neighborhood Dad Ch. 11

 — Starting the new hobby. by LittleHenry06/17/144.60HOT

Neighborhood Dad Ch. 12

 — Finding some quality time. by LittleHenry06/18/144.80HOT

Neighborhood Dad Ch. 13

 — Dad and teen spend more time together. by LittleHenry06/27/144.77HOT

Neighborhood Dad Ch. 14

 — Sometimes life gets in the way. by LittleHenry07/18/144.80HOT

Neighborhood Dad Ch. 15

 — Road trip. by LittleHenry08/08/144.73HOT

Neighborhood Dad Ch. 16

 — Wrapping up the road trip. by LittleHenry08/25/144.71HOT

Neighborhood Dad Ch. 18

 — Taking a trip into the mountains. by LittleHenry01/21/154.78HOT

Neighborhood Dad Ch. 19

 — Time with girls leads to disturbing thoughts. by LittleHenry02/16/164.67HOT

Neighborhood Dad Ch. 20

 — Henry has to make the tough decision. by LittleHenry02/17/164.67HOT

Neighborhood Dad Ch. 21

 — Girls get dressed up for prom. by LittleHenry02/22/164.66HOT

Neighborhood Dad Ch. 22

 — Daughter probes Dad about Randi. by LittleHenry06/08/164.73HOT

Neighborhood Dad Ch. 23

 — Dad decides to take the initiative. by LittleHenry06/09/164.66HOT

Neighborhood Dad Ch. 24

 — Coach gives in. by LittleHenry07/03/164.69HOT

Neighborhood Dad Ch. 25

 — Things never work out like they're planned. by LittleHenry08/06/164.62HOT

Neighborhood Help

 — Cassandra gets help from her younger neighbor by f1racer2202/23/14

Neighborhood Milf

 — Life long dream fulfilled when he has her. by leanmachine305/16/104.58HOT

Neighborhood Milf Ch. 02

 — Mrs. Jensen finds out about Chris and Mrs. Jensen. by leanmachine306/23/104.60HOT

Neighborhood Milf Ch. 03

 — Chris gets dirty and showers with Mrs. Taylor by leanmachine303/13/144.60HOT

Neighborhood Milf Ch. 04

 — Chris gets lucky again with a mature woman. His teacher. by leanmachine307/11/154.63HOT

Neighborhood Milf Ch. 05

 — Can you handle this grand finale to neighborhood Milf? by leanmachine307/18/154.67HOT

Neighborhood Mom at July 4th Party Ch. 01

 — Milf gets drunk and younger guy takes advantage. by bronston2207/17/113.98


 — Young cock tease gets neighborly with two older men. by Treeangel12/21/08


 — An older man's fantasy come true. by emlpal02/01/094.35


 — A 19 y/o seduces her unsuspectingly rough 43 y/o neighbor. by sweetcheex9005/17/154.21


 — Young man moves in next to an older woman. by jasliz08/28/144.47

Neighbors Ch. 01

 — A classic story of falling for the girl next door. by flyboy1006512/10/164.65HOT

Neighbors Ch. 01: Window to Paradise

 — Young man and older woman enjoy mutual voyeurism. by sexagenerian6606/14/164.51HOT

Neighbors Ch. 02: The Fall

 — Luke is discovered. by sexagenerian6606/16/164.66HOT

Neighbors Ch. 03: Resurrection

 — After the fall Luke is resurrected. by sexagenerian6606/17/164.69HOT

Neighbors Ch. 04: A Revelation

 — Jane and Luke share a revelation about their future. by sexagenerian6606/21/164.70HOT

Neighbors Ch. 05: A New Beginning

 — A door opened and a trip to heaven. by sexagenerian6606/22/164.76HOT

Neighbors Ch. 06: Matchmakers

 — Grace and Luke try to find matches for Jane and Matt. by sexagenerian6606/23/164.73HOT


 — He has a perfect opportunity. by stufish11/02/022.71


 — Help from lad next door leads to passionate afternoon. by woorie11/04/064.30

Neighbour's Garden

 — His adventures with Dee and June. by stevelorimer10/27/03

Neighbourhood Watch

 — He gives neighbor a hand, & she gives him more. by SteveM02/17/014.09

Neighbourhood Watch Ch. 2

 — The affair continues, and her hair gets shorter. by SteveM04/28/013.57


 — What she's about to do... by adamgunn09/28/134.59HOT

Nervous Exhaustion: A Professional

 — Young doctor and granny patient seduce each other. by eksynapse12/24/074.65HOT

Nettie's Surprise

 — His parent's best friend? More than a friend! by bbare02/22/184.23


 — The nerd broadens his horizons. by snapper31df07/02/074.28

Never Disappoint the Bride's Mother

 — A young man seduces the mother of the bride. by Loving5009/30/144.41

Never say Never

 — The man couldn't raise one until he met her. by lovelyladyfaire03/22/134.61HOT

Never say Never Ch. 02

 — Sheri meets her match, and he wears her out. by lovelyladyfaire03/30/134.57HOT

Never Too Late for Good Loving

 — Young man meets a sexy older woman. by Shamor208/09/054.32

Never Too Late To Learn Ch. 01

 — Mature married woman succumbs to a single young stud. by walterio05/09/154.44

Never Too Old

 — Older man & horny young housewife. by Jerrycurious09/12/114.42

Never Too Old

 — Mature woman wonders if she will ever have sex again. by asexyiris09/25/154.36

Never Too Old To Dream

 — Old Fart needs help. by rickydean5605/23/144.45

Never Too Old To Dream Pt. 02

 — Still dreaming. by rickydean5607/04/144.61HOT

Never Too Old To Dream Pt. 03

 — Fantasy or plan? by rickydean5607/14/144.40

Never Too Old To Dream Pt. 04

 — Old fart finally gets off again. by rickydean5607/24/144.49

Never Too Old To Learn

 — Older couple win lotto, celebrate, & get a surprise. by maggie200204/27/024.25

New and Different

 — First face-to-face encounter between May/December lovers. by supergodjesus08/06/074.46

New Beginnings

 — A devastating diagnosis leads to true love. by komrad115609/15/174.78HOT

New Beginnings Ch. 03

 — The older Indian woman gets her own pleasure elsewhere. by misterwho10/08/124.48

New Beginnings, New Family

 — A young hitchhiker finds love with a middle aged couple. by goodchaos07/02/174.29

New Bikini New Shagbunny

 — Older married woman loses inhibitions on girls' holiday. by withinreason05/09/174.72HOT

New Business Drive

 — Managing director's wife jerks him off under the table. by MrPogo05/10/104.14

New Clothes

 — Buying clothes was tough until older lady helped. by DR_Literotica01/20/053.70

New Driver

 — Finding new help isn't always easy. by qwertym5w1e606/17/103.52

New Friends

 — Never underestimate a quiet night. by GemimaCav02/09/144.26

New Groove for Old Babe

 — Horny old lady seduces repairman. by blackstroker07/11/144.45

New Horizons

 — His first job came with unexpected benefits. by Ann Douglas01/16/184.75HOT

New Job at the Village Store Ch. 01

 — New shop assistant takes control of shop owner's wife. by James7306/20/103.93

New Job at the Village Store Ch. 02

 — John takes Paula further, much further. by James7308/28/103.97

New Job at the Village Store Ch. 03

 — Along comes Shona. by James7309/20/104.18

New Job at the Village Store Ch. 04

 — Shona is visited by John and Paula has a night away. by James7310/14/104.38

New Job New Me

 — A new job lets me discover a new me with the pub landlord. by jessica199204/07/184.09

New Job with Benefits

 — Did Peter Grant Read the signs right? by DarcyUK77705/24/174.42

New Job with Benefits Pt. 02

 — Does Peter survive after his outburst? by DarcyUK77706/03/174.59HOT

New Job with Benefits Pt. 03

 — Peter learns some more benefits. by DarcyUK77706/12/174.71HOT

New Love at the Old Home

 — A disgruntled codger finds a lover. by PenanceS08/12/034.23

New Neighbors

 — 18-year-old meets her new neighbor. by SlightlyDivine11/01/084.46

New Neighbour Sally

 — Mike introduces Sally to the neighbourhood. by bigmaster_uk04/02/053.90

New Older Man

 — Jan and an older man find love together. by sleepingfaery07/05/074.73HOT

New Older Man Ch. 02

 — The continuation of the story about John and Jan. by sleepingfaery08/23/074.71HOT

New Older Man Ch. 03

 — The conclusion of Jan and John's story. by sleepingfaery09/04/074.77HOT

New Outlook

 — Fifty-year-old beauty learns from sex therapist. by Grey Eagle 28611/23/054.53HOT

New Teaching Job

 — Older professor can't resist thinking about college guy. by brianup4nething197908/10/083.56

New to Nudism

 — An introduction to Progresive Nudism. by NudistEllen12/12/054.52HOT

New to Nudism Ch. 02

 — Progressive nudist goes to a nude beach. by NudistEllen02/25/064.34

New Trainee

 — He is new, and she is old. by HarryOrwell04/28/114.48

New Widower Charlie Creek

 — Charlie thought he wouldn't mind a younger woman. by Egmont Grigor04/15/094.47

New Year's Eve Birthday

 — Mr. Marcus celebrates New Years as only he can. by HarveyMarcus09/24/024.53HOT

New Year's Eve: The Basement

 — Older woman seduces soon-to-be married man. by GreenLover01/12/054.13

New Years Eve with Serena's Mom

 — Girlfriend gets flue so boyfriend goes as date with mom. by stoneypoint01/01/074.45

New Years Resolution

 — Keeping the Love alive. by TxRad11/10/104.17

New York Annie

 — Annie makes my trip to New York worthwhile and memorable. by ZoneMaster10/06/064.36

New York Minutes

 — A young woman meets her idol in his home town. by EnigmaDoll02/22/093.50

New York Minutes Ch. 02

 — A girl becomes a muse to her artist idol. by EnigmaDoll06/05/093.83

Newport Conference

 — A writer's conference brings unlikely lovers together. by tarnished_knight05/24/094.57HOT

Next Door Neighbor

 — The MILF next door convinces me to spend the night with her. by penthesword05/23/094.41

Next Door Neighbor Ch. 01

 — A disabled guy and his older neighbor fall in love. by WHEELLOVE01/05/134.21

Next Door Neighbor's Kid

 — Son's friend dips stick in her oil pan. by stoneypoint10/25/064.07

Next Door Neighbors Ch. 1

 — Samantha catches neighbor masturbating & helps. by usm1carbine02/23/014.42

Next Door Neighbors Ch. 2

 — Samantha is blackmailed by Tom's niece. by usm1carbine02/25/014.48

Next Door Neighbors Ch. 3

 — Samantha gets down with Tom & his niece. by usm1carbine02/26/014.52HOT

Next Door Neighbors Ch. 4

 — Life is good for Samantha. by usm1carbine03/04/014.60HOT

Next Door Neighbours

 — Tom and Julia get to know their neighbours. by Croony04/24/184.48

Next Door Nurse

 — Boy loves next door neighbor's huge breasts. by Jigglin06/16/033.82

Next-Door Neighbor

 — Young man licks neighbor's pussy. by BonViv12/18/133.88

Nextdoor Neighbors Kid

 — Married woman next door was taking 19 year old to school. by stoneypoint10/18/063.97


 — 20-year-old gets picked up by older woman. by zotique02/25/063.61

Nice Work

 — An elderly encounter leads to an interesting job opportunity. by gauchecritic08/06/024.37

Nicholas Ichabous & The CVS Girl

 — Sometimes the Nice Guy wins. by SPEN STERLING10/22/124.76HOT

Nicholas Ladies Shoe Shop

 — A young man gets a job in a ladies shoe shop. by Mag5803/02/094.63HOT

Nick and the Librarian

 — Nick studies a new subject. by Foxee Browne02/27/074.57HOT

Nick Stud P. I. Case File 6969

 — Nick gets his first case. by Troglodite4506/24/024.24

Nick's Babysitting Adventure

 — Babysitter is seduced by unappreciated MILF. by Cattoy10/04/054.63HOT

Nicki's First Affair

 — Mature wife cheats for the first-time with a younger man. by licyou6912/14/124.36

Nickie and Me

 — A young woman and her mentor come together. by nevets1310/12/164.74HOT

Nickie and Me Ch. 02

 — The next door neighbor knows. by nevets1311/21/164.63HOT

Nico's Rules

 — The Middleton MILFs go clubbing. by zrob01/05/094.57HOT


 — Nicole meets an older man at a wedding. by lasarus_long07/05/124.20

Nicole and Colleagues

 — Nicole shows colleagues another side to her 44 years. by MrPovey02/05/16

Nicole and Dr. D

 — A returning Black student falls for her White professor. by nikkifromny01/30/123.83

Nicole and Her Businessman Pt. 02

 — Nicole finds her man and is off to the bright lights. by jaycox01/31/154.29

Nicole Deviates

 — A horny cougar finds her cub. by vampiric_demigod06/04/134.34

Nicole Pt. 02

 — The morning after the wedding. by lasarus_long09/07/164.37

Nicole's Decent Ch. 07

 — It's a wedding. by Sophie160502/01/144.48

Nicole's Decent Ch. 09

 — Nicole and Gale go out. by Sophie160505/03/144.48

Nicole's Decent Ch. 10

 — Gale and Nicole run into trouble. by Sophie160505/23/144.50HOT

Nicole's Decent Ch. 11

 — Gale and Nicole finally admit their feelings. by Sophie160505/24/144.51HOT

Nicole's Surprise.

 — A very special gift from her favourite 'uncle.' by Thomas Drablézien01/24/094.07

Nieghbourly Relations

 — Mature teacher seduces past pupil. by AStropirate01/15/114.29

Night Fun at St. Marks Daycare

 — Daycare Director gets serviced by the Janitor. by redpilldad06/12/173.90

Night Nurse Surgery Prep

 — Pretty black orderly shaves my pubes at night. by scentto12/16/144.23

Night of Masturbation & Pleasure

 — Lover watches his mistress pleasuring herself. by SensualBeauty10/21/154.00

Night Owls

 — Student experiences first time with an older man, by Lady Ceinwyn09/26/024.35

Night School

 — Mature woman takes a class. by tlc14310/22/114.20

Night Train and "Eau de Puss"

 — Man riding Chicago train is invited for a snack. by stoneypoint02/25/063.69

Night with Girlfriend's Mom

 — I want you to do to me in the shower. by cutiepie2305/28/122.68

Night with Mr. Morgan

 — Young teacher's fantasy fulfilled with older man. by AngelPoet02/08/064.50HOT

Night Writer

 — The journey of a woman re-establishing after divorce. by EgmontGrigor201112/16/114.19

Nights with Nina

 — Sometimes, supper and sex is not quite enough. by SamScribble05/05/164.43

Nighttime Interlude

 — A night of passion. by Butterfly Guy06/09/074.25


 — Every single mom needs a friend like this. by Nightwork103/14/094.27

Niki Cleans for John

 — John's cleaner earns some easy money. by richywood01/04/124.25

Niki Takes an Interest

 — Niki seduces a random stranger in a diner. by contessavalmont09/29/074.31

Nikki Lit - "Torture"

 — A realistic tale of a woman and a young man. by Nikki23kk04/09/152.42

Nikki's Plan

 — A young friend changes the relationship. by Goshawk11/24/084.65HOT

Nina Black Emerges

 — Difficult mother and beloved grandfather draw out talent. by Egmont040912/24/094.60HOT

Nine Days of Heaven

 — A widow's life is changed forever after meeting a musician. by micjammusic07/28/174.54HOT


 — Neighbors get it on. by dass445011/25/044.55HOT

No Cake But Plenty of Cream

 — Missis Claus treats a prince. by SuperwomansSub07/29/044.12

No Early Birds

 — Mature man hits on new mothers. by Slickman08/08/064.74HOT

No Frame of Reference (New Knees!)

 — Very old woman helped in knee-rehab by much younger man. by XXscribbler03/31/184.61HOT

No Greater Gift Ch. 01

 — Getting someone to help around the house. by LaPatitMort09/16/074.57HOT

No Greater Gift Ch. 02

 — Slipping from one family to another. by LaPatitMort09/24/074.63HOT

No Holding Back

 — 19-year-old girl gets her older stud. by TLThorn09/29/07

No Kissing Allowed

 — She saved Him. by TranslucentGirl11/01/164.29

No Longer in a Mini-van Pt. 01

 — MILF's erotic journey comes full circle. by zrob07/22/094.35

No Longer in a Mini-van Pt. 02

 — MILF's erotic journey comes full circle. by zrob07/23/094.54HOT

No Longer the Little Church Girl

 — From church girl to erotic slut. by 98941girl05/04/064.11

No More Tissues!

 — Older lady seduces a student on the bus. by anonsipen03/21/044.41

No One Fucks Me Better Than You

 — Some good luvin'. by 64 Arts10/27/054.17

No Panties

 — Older BBW is disciplined by a young stud. by plush11/06/013.85

No Regrets

 — College freshman beds best friend's mom. by blueplains10/17/094.73HOT

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