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Old Man, New Business

 — Wife finds great new career for her man. by Scorpio4401/11/064.70HOT

Old Mrs. Finney

 — 72-year-old lady seduces 18-year-old delinquent. by dirtyjoe6907/05/064.38

Old Mrs. Finney Ch. 02

 — After dinner, desert. by dirtyjoe6907/28/064.52HOT

Old Mrs. Finney Ch. 03

 — Anne's mother gets a birthday present. by dirtyjoe6907/31/064.42

Old Mrs. Thornton

 — Mrs. Thornton becomes a desirable Kat Thornton. by stoneypoint09/09/064.23

Old People

 — An abrupt decision. by jjcole02/20/134.49

Old Uncle Jack Visits Ch. 03

 — Well-endowed older man gets beautiful young wife. by tazsis110/18/104.37

Old Uncle Jack Visits Ch. 04

 — Older man takes young wife as husband watches. by tazsis101/13/114.22

Old West Cowgirl

 — A cowgirl barmaid redefines the The Wild West. by Latina12/13/004.32Editor's Pick

Older & Timid

 — A late night surprise. by guitarman19408/23/053.99

Older and Mmmmmm Wiser

 — Older man, younger woman, hot time. by SweetcheeksSt02/06/034.32

Older Busty Black Woman Ch. 02

 — White guy, Black tits, uncharted territory. by Jigglin12/10/033.91

Older But Not Old

 — Middle-aged man & younger woman makes for good times. by Bully_Hayes12/15/084.33

Older Gal With A Group Of Boys

 — She'd started early and years passed... but her hope remains. by Xesevoli04/24/114.18

Older Girls Need Spankings Too

 — Spanking and beginning submission. by smazylarchen10/18/024.18

Older Interest Ch. 01

 — Mature Steph thanks him for his work. by Lovebuldge09/06/084.04

Older Interest Ch. 02

 — James takes her to the bedroom. by Lovebuldge09/07/084.07

Older Is Always Better

 — Older woman & her boss find a moment. by mfitalian09/25/044.24

Older Is Beautiful

 — Guy starts a relationship with a senior. by Rapide03/29/094.37

Older Is Better

 — Her first time with an older man is amazing. by true2tell07/04/054.28

Older Ladies Make...

 — Guy with mom lust falls for older woman. by Tidewater134712/17/004.18

Older Man Samples Lynn Ch. 01

 — He takes the initiative and shares his wife. by TuWatchu10/06/144.32

Older Man Samples Lynn Ch. 02

 — Lynn shares more of her charms. by TuWatchu11/12/144.37

Older Man?

 — Wife finds love with another older man. by tweetybird03/07/024.12

Older Neighbor Needs Love Too

 — Mr. P confesses his lust and more. by throatj0b12/23/074.48

Older Office Pleasures

 — His dreams turn to reality with sexy, mature coworkers. by James 2nd10/08/014.25

Older One

 — A boy becomes a man taught by an older woman by abledisabled08/01/104.24

Older Secretary

 — Secretary shows inexperienced man the way. by sandman_4011/11/044.45

Older Swingers

 — Older swinger educates a younger man. by alanc05/30/024.19

Older Teacher Gets Her Turn

 — Home ec teacher gets the time of her life. by Horny_ArTiSt08/31/013.96

Older the Better

 — He gets seduced from an unexpected person. by standingstones07/01/074.44

Older Woman & Stockings

 — His first stocking encounter. by Hosieryboy11/09/034.03

Older Women Are Beautiful Lovers Ch. 2

 — They begin a road trip. by manfromvenus09/02/024.54HOT

Older Women are The Best

 — 18-year-old guy meets two hot MILFs. by James_Brown04/24/084.36

Older Women at the Farm Store

 — An older customer "teaches" a young counter clerk. by maninconn11/07/084.48

Older Women Make Beautiful Lovers

 — He cheers his mother's friend up. by manfromvenus08/13/024.51HOT

On and Off The Ice

 — Sean and Amelia try to make their relationship work. by MugsyB06/18/094.79HOT

On Being the 'Other Man'

 — He experiences the love of another woman; his father's wife. by M.A.Thompson08/12/024.45

On Board

 — Under water love affair. by dezired10/31/153.03

On Holiday With Mother

 — Holiday with elderly mother is suprisingly fun. by patuk5407/19/034.38

On My Arm

 — Mature woman treats herself. by Jakey02/14/114.14

On My Own Now

 — A young man comes of age in the 1960s. by 1gearhead09/14/084.55HOT

On Staff Ch. 01

 — Younger man is hired on staff. by hjames195005/05/064.49

On Staff Ch. 02

 — Melissa has a party and a "naked houseboy". by hjames195006/04/064.43

On the Beach Ch. 01

 — 30-something man meets mature woman. by Kathi11/27/063.83

On the Beach Ch. 02

 — He can't stop thinking about her. by Kathi11/28/064.24

On the Beach Ch. 03

 — He meets her on the beach again. by Kathi11/29/064.29

On the Beach Ch. 04

 — She's a beautiful woman. by Kathi11/30/064.40

On the Beach Ch. 05

 — She lets go in private. by Kathi12/01/064.15

On the Beach Ch. 06

 — A long trip home, conclusion. by magmaman01/30/054.28

On the Beach Ch. 06

 — He can't help but care. by Kathi12/02/064.42

On the Beach Ch. 07

 — Conversations from the balcony. by Kathi12/03/064.43

On the Beach Ch. 08

 — He meets her on the balcony. by Kathi12/04/064.45

On the Beach Ch. 09

 — 30-something man meets mature woman on beach. by Kathi12/05/064.50HOT

On the Beach Ch. 10

 — 30-something man meets mature woman on beach. by Kathi12/06/064.49

On the Beach Ch. 11

 — 30-something man meets mature woman on beach. by Kathi12/07/064.41

On the Beach Ch. 12

 — 30-something man meets mature woman on beach. by Kathi12/08/064.39

On the Beach Ch. 13

 — 30-something man meets mature woman on beach. by Kathi12/09/064.31

On the Beach Ch. 14

 — 30-something man meets mature woman on beach. by Kathi12/10/064.44

On the Beach Ch. 15

 — 30-something man meets mature woman on beach. by Kathi12/11/064.48

On the Beach Ch. 16

 — 30-something man meets mature woman on beach. by Kathi12/12/064.53HOT

On the Beach Ch. 17

 — 30-something man meets mature woman on beach. by Kathi12/13/064.52HOT

On the Beach Ch. 18

 — 30-something man meets mature woman on beach. by Kathi12/14/064.56HOT

On the Beach Ch. 19

 — 30-something man meets mature woman on beach. by Kathi12/15/064.46

On the Beach Ch. 20

 — 30-something man meets mature woman on beach. by Kathi12/16/064.42

On the Beach Ch. 21

 — He knows where he belongs. by Kathi12/20/064.66HOT

On the Lakes

 — Cruising with the kids and then alone with their mom. by EgmontGrigor201112/03/114.38

On the Lips Ch. 01

 — Heather has an obsession with younger men. by PrincessErin03/03/084.21

On the Lips Ch. 02

 — Heather has an obsession with younger men. by PrincessErin03/04/084.41

On the Lips Ch. 03

 — Heather has an obsession with younger men. by PrincessErin03/05/083.98

On the Lips Ch. 04

 — Heather has an obsession with younger men. by PrincessErin03/06/084.43

On the Prowl

 — A woman in search of a man to please her. by rings-n-things01/31/063.73

On The Train

 — Young man and mature woman connect on daily commute. by ilikeithot630807/24/154.78HOT

On The Train Ch. 02

 — Samantha and Alex deal with her cheating husband. by ilikeithot630808/31/154.80HOT

On Top of a Mountain

 — She was so vulnerable. by Jena12109/14/124.16

Once Again

 — Exes surprise each other with great sex. by longjohn3704/19/153.82

One Fall Semester Break

 — Older university professor revitalized by a new grad. by Alex75601/28/034.64HOT

One For Good Luck

 — Rubbing Mr. Marcus is more effective than a rabbit's foot. by HarveyMarcus06/27/054.58HOT

One Good Deed Deserves Another

 — Helpful neighbor reaps rewards. by soulmates81110/21/034.35

One Hot Afternoon At The Beach

 — 50 year old wife enjoys an 18 year old. by biber10/27/043.53

One Hot Night Ch. 03

 — A hot MILF needs to be satisfied discreetly. by Irish Moss10/17/084.37

One Hot Summer

 — Charlize has a summer fling with a much younger coworker. by BeverlyLove01/19/074.47

One Hot Weekend

 — She decides to take him up on his offer. by shameless197109/15/073.95

One Incredible Costume

 — Daughter's friend has an unexpected Halloween treat for Dad. by RejectReality10/30/144.68HOT

One Last Gift

 — Annie gets a special Halloween gift from someone unexpected. by bella_arcana10/16/06HOT

One Last Shag

 — Nurse in a home for retired servicemen answers call of duty. by AwkwardSquid01/03/154.18

One Last Virginity

 — A woman too old discovers her pleasure. by hickoryfarmer01/25/084.23

One Little Squirt Ch. 02

 — Then came the "followup." by magmaman04/12/104.48

One Night

 — She entertains a client. by angelfase212/22/104.41

One Night At The Farm

 — Indian boy spends a night with his mom's hot friend. by sahil_ahmedabad10/06/113.87

One Night in Cougar Town

 — Chance meeting with a younger stranger... by Mysticals7106/19/103.35

One Of Those Days

 — A chance encounter between you & a stranger. by Lilone11/08/014.02

One Old Man and a Barmaid

 — On impulse, he offered a little help. by magmaman12/10/084.68HOT

One Old Man and a Barmaid Ch. 02

 — Life is full of choices. by magmaman12/17/084.65HOT

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