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Addison: Mature Southern Belle Ch. 08

 — How things started with Trent. by goamz8609/27/074.31

Addison: Mature Southern Belle Ch. 09

 — Her daughter's ex; a little more fun with Jared. by goamz8610/05/074.25

Addison: Mature Southern Belle Ch. 10

 — Addie finds young cock at a retirement community. by goamz8601/13/084.28

Adjusting to Age Difference

 — First a roof over their heads & sort out the sex. by Egmont Grigor03/30/074.47

Admired from Afar

 — A distant voyeur or maybe a stalker? by uksnowy08/10/173.43


 — Relentlessly Kelly pushes for acceptance. by Egmont040912/17/094.56HOT

Adult Theatre Fun

 — Vicky's first visits to an adult theatre. by FLrider06/05/114.35


 — An old friend becomes more too easily. by ofloveandlust04/05/164.54HOT

Advancing His Career Ch. 01

 — Unsuspecting Kelly helps her husband and herself. by Loving5010/26/174.14

Adventure Finds Dan at Home

 — Three girls move in nextdoor and one falls for Dan. by graydave05/17/114.26

Adventure in France Ch. 02

 — Girlfriend's older sister stops by. by flim6206/11/064.28

Adventure in the Wilderness

 — Older woman & young military hunk have fun in the woods. by bunny337407/10/093.85

Adventure Rider Tours Nova Scotia

 — Hot sex with an intoxicated older woman. by ADVrider10/14/104.20

Adventure Rider Tours Nova Scotia Ch. 02

 — Hot sex with an intoxicated older woman. by ADVrider11/04/104.26

Adventure with Older Rita Continues

 — Nick has more fun & games with mature barmaid. by Nick0801/06/074.30

Adventures at the Lake

 — Married man has fun with young neighbor. by msm86512/10/134.15

Adventures at the RV Park Pt. 01

 — Sexual adventures at a clothing optional RV Park. by RobAnthony5308/24/164.31

Adventures at the RV Park Pt. 03

 — More RV park adventures and shaving Sandra. by RobAnthony5308/28/164.60HOT

Adventures at the RV Park Pt. 04

 — Quality time /w Madeline. by RobAnthony5309/05/164.63HOT

Adventures at the RV Park Pt. 05

 — Registering with Pamela. by RobAnthony5309/07/164.69HOT

Adventures at the RV Park Pt. 07

 — Meeting and playing with Phyllis and Walt. by RobAnthony5310/01/164.64HOT

Adventures at the RV Park Pt. 09

 — Meeting Aunt Gail. by RobAnthony5310/20/164.51HOT

Adventures at the RV Park Pt. 10

 — An Evening with Gail. by RobAnthony5311/01/164.69HOT

Adventures in Grocery Shopping Ch. 02

 — Meeting A Football Mom. by cuninglinguist6108/23/124.72HOT

Adventures of a Cad Ch. 01

 — Young man gets experience from grandfather's girl. by AngelGowild01/24/044.36

Adventures of a Drycleaner Ch. 1

 — Man new to the business finds there are perks. by Hcstuds08/17/014.41

Adventures of a Drycleaner Ch. 2

 — The adventure continues, this time with Lucy & Sarah. by Hcstuds08/21/014.54HOT

Adventures of a Drycleaner Ch. 3

 — The adventure continues...add Pam to the mix. by Hcstuds08/25/014.54HOT

Adventures of a Drycleaner Ch. 4

 — The adventure continues with Lucy, Beegee, & Sarah. by Hcstuds09/01/014.66HOT

Adventures of a Drycleaner Ch. 5

 — Add Hiromi: a touch of Japanese flavor. by Hcstuds10/15/014.59HOT

Adventures of a Drycleaner Ch. 6

 — The adventure continues with Sarah, Lucy, & Hiromi. by Hcstuds11/24/014.64HOT

Adventures of Babydick Ch. 01

 — Undersized college freshman gets close to his landlady. by babydick09/27/054.05

Adventures of Babydick Ch. 02

 — The humiliation continues. by babydick10/09/054.37

Adventures of Maggie & Dinah Ch. 01

 — Two college roommates search for hot men to fuck. by headoverheelgirl07/02/123.93

Adventures with Anne Ch. 01

 — My first physical encounter with my long time lover. by WDWriter5202/03/103.65

Adventures with Dolores

 — The first time fucking the MILF at work. by beaverjoe04/20/074.18

Adventures with Friend's Mother

 — I have fun with my friend's hot mom during a vacation trip. by Loulex07/22/174.05


 — 18-year-old gets advice from dirty old man. by Ballzac06/25/044.21

Advice from Mrs. Lewis

 — A young lad learns how to please women. by Bakeboss02/15/103.82

Advising Audrey

 — A pep talk to a coed ends up in hot outdoor sex. by jayrandolf10/10/073.89

Aengus and Swan: 60 Minute Man

 — Swan helps Eric find his confidence. by Katthrynn10/06/114.55HOT

Aerobics Class

 — Quick hook-up after class. by HarryOrwell07/22/114.35

AFC Title Game

 — Mom lets son's friends over to watch game. by thehumpman01/28/054.04

Affair in a Tent

 — I went on a work trip and ended up fucking my friend. by goldcloak03/16/163.78

Affair of the Heart

 — Accident brings two aching hearts together to find love. by LastInLove11/03/024.63HOT

Affair of the Trainee & the Manager Ch. 02

 — Relationship develops. by PottersWheel12/08/044.71HOT

Affair with an Older Man

 — I haven't been with a lot of men. by elisa433410/05/164.11

Affair with an Older Man Ch. 02

 — I haven't been with a lot of men. by elisa433411/09/164.25

Affair with an Older Man Ch. 03

 — I haven't been with a lot of men. by elisa433411/12/164.16

Affairs of Saint Mercy's

 — Volunteer gets more than she bargained for. by PhantomOfMoonlight04/20/074.31

Affairs of Saint Mercy's Ch. 02

 — Marybeth comes back for more. by PhantomOfMoonlight08/10/074.38

After "Reawakening"

 — Mature woman and younger dance teacher get together. by vargas11107/18/044.10

After 30 Years of Marriage

 — A middle-aged wife tutors her teacher's pet. by Itascan11/11/144.09

After 30 Years of Marriage Pt. 02

 — Jenny finds a new teacher's pet. by Itascan11/13/144.57HOT

After 30 Years of Marriage Pt. 03

 — Teacher instills an unforgettable lesson. by Itascan11/15/144.45

After a Birthday to Remember

 — Marg fucks Steve and his two friends. by NB_Marg05/16/134.23

After a Day at the Beach

 — Their relationship continues to grow. by sexygodess0611/25/06HOT

After Dinner Delight

 — A lonely young woman seeks gratification by an older man. by tightandwilling07/19/124.48

After Hours In The Office

 — Evening seduction of the new office girl. by Gabriel_Lee10/31/01

After Isobel

 — What he does with his inheritance and role in the community. by Rellik0412/09/044.61HOT

After Isobel The List 2

 — Now he has the list he starts visiting the ladies. by Rellik0401/30/054.60HOT

After Marcus

 — A night alone with an older man. by kyla220207/20/054.17

After School

 — Student helps teacher after class. by Madam-Cecilia09/06/014.26

After School

 — College freshman meets with older lady friend. by writermike10/07/054.51HOT

After School Meeting

 — Inexperienced student is seduced by teacher. by Max-Chaos01/10/063.84

After School Meeting Ch. 02

 — Teacher shows student a thing or two. by Max-Chaos01/17/064.18

After School Meeting Ch. 03

 — Max and Joan come together. by Max-Chaos01/26/064.19

After School Special

 — Todd's mistake gets surprising results from Miss Ross. by lovecraft6804/17/134.78HOT

After School With Miss Singh

 — 18-year-old student stays after with favorite teacher. by Agony10/04/014.00

After the Breakup

 — Breakup sex is the best. by r543d02/02/173.88

After the Crash

 — Can medicine restore his libido? An orally obsessed woman? by Global Carol04/06/174.68HOT

After The Divorce

 — Finding new love after the divorce. by fadedgiant07/07/134.59HOT

After The Tea Dance

 — It started with an erection. by tetherer10/30/084.11

After The Wife Walks In

 — It's all fun and games until... by Myhands31609/16/124.81HOT

After Work Benefits

 — Tammy is a surprise visitor after work hours. by FLrider10/21/134.05

After Work Surprise

 — Caught masturbating after hours at work. by FLrider03/01/144.28

After Work Surprise Ch. 02

 — Caught again, on purpose. by FLrider03/07/144.47

After Work Surprise Ch. 03

 — Caught after work, sort of, but liking it. by FLrider03/08/144.54HOT

After Work Surprise Ch. 04

 — A strange twist, some sweet revenge. by FLrider03/19/144.30


 — A wife's request brings two lonely people together. by Prizmatic04/08/094.34

Afternoon Delight

 — Online lovers meet for a day of wicked pleasure. by foofoo41605/13/064.58HOT

Afternoon Delight

 — Hot Francesca invites older lover around for the afternoon. by PrettyMissM04/20/114.09

Afternoon Delight

 — A fun afternoon. by Ann Douglas12/19/174.66HOT

Afternoon Nap Interrupted

 — What if someone blew him while he naps? by sirhugs07/09/124.46

Afternoon Nap Interrupted Ch. 02

 — Turnabout is fair play on older guy's couch. by sirhugs08/06/124.49

Afternoon Nap Interrupted Ch. 03

 — Ride'em cowgirl! by sirhugs08/16/124.46

Afternoon Session Ch. 01

 — It started in the pub. Mature Widow and Barman. by nic396308/24/144.15

Afternoon with my Neighbor

 — How we moved from exhibitionism to copulation. by Ajays21202/22/184.08

Afternoons with Mrs. K

 — Fun with a mature beauty. by Jay_Lloyd09/22/044.45

Afternoons with Mrs. K Ch. 02

 — The affair gets hotter. by Jay_Lloyd10/10/044.60HOT

Afternoons with Mrs. K Ch. 03

 — Will a son's visit stop the fun? by Jay_Lloyd03/08/054.43

Afterwork Surprise

 — Erotic surprise waits for my husband in the evening. by eagertolearnit11/23/074.04

Against All Odds

 — Life of a couple had changed forever. by Naseha06/11/164.34

AGD: Trick or Treat

 — Maria gets a treat for Halloween. by Azuldrgon10/15/094.30

Age and Youth Travel West

 — Young sisters with a mature man. by HDTopper03/16/124.13

Age Appropriate

 — He waited 10 years for her to come of age. by Pornprincesst09/29/064.52HOT

Age Equals Experience

 — Getting to know my older neighbor. by WayneGibbous07/26/114.42

Age Has No Limit

 — A meeting with an online friend. by caitvicky05/07/144.05

Age Is Not A Barrier: Dan's Story

 — A group of 50 year olds. by RomanCEisdead210/12/064.39

Age Is Not A Barrier: Debbie

 — Second story in series about group of 50-year-olds. by RomanCEisdead210/16/064.36

Age Is Not A Barrier: Joanne

 — The final story about a group of 50-year-olds. by RomanCEisdead210/31/064.42

Age Is Not A Barrier: Mandy

 — Fourth story about a group of 50 year olds. by RomanCEisdead210/25/064.39

Age Is Not A Barrier: Maureen

 — The third story about a group of 50 year olds by RomanCEisdead210/23/064.36

Age Really is Just a Number Ch. 01

 — Widower takes a chance with a college student. by nosebone05/11/184.74HOT

Aged to Perfection

 — The Real Estate Agent of my dreams. by WayneGibbous07/02/114.45

Aged To Perfection Ch. 1

 — Older woman and younger man get nasty. by John P07/29/014.38

Aged to Perfection Ch. 2

 — Young John and Margie, the morning after... by John P08/11/014.44

Aged To Perfection Ch. 3

 — Younger man and older woman find lust. by jpspatrick07/18/024.37

Ageless Desires Ch. 01

 — He remembers his wife and wants her back. by Lady_Silver01/21/064.74HOT

Ageless Desires Ch. 02

 — She wants him to want her again. by Lady_Silver01/22/064.83HOT

Ageless Passion

 — Woman discovers that age isn't always a limitation. by LrningDom10/01/084.17

Ageless Sex & Eternal Love Ch. 01

 — Jimmy, 24, drove drunken Susan, 39, home while she blew him. by SusanJillParker12/20/154.07

Ageless Sex & Eternal Love Ch. 02

 — Jimmy, 24, drove drunken Susan, 39, home while she blew him. by SusanJillParker12/24/154.19

Ageless Sex & Eternal Love Ch. 03

 — Subordinate, Jimmy, 24, has sex with his boss, Susan, 39. by SusanJillParker12/25/154.36

Ageless Sex & Eternal Love Ch. 06

 — Susan's mother, Deb, has sex with Susan's boyfriend, Tommy. by SusanJillParker12/28/154.35

Ageless Sex & Eternal Love Ch. 07

 — Susan catches her boyfriend having with her elderly mother. by SusanJillParker12/29/154.13

Ageless Sex & Eternal Love Ch. 08

 — Sue's BF 46 has sex with Best Friend's 20-year-old daughter. by SusanJillParker01/01/164.41

Ageless Sex & Eternal Love Ch. 09

 — Tommy, 46, is caught having sex with 20-year-old Christine. by SusanJillParker01/06/164.20

Agency Copy Writer

 — His first time cheating on his wife. by elainepwl10/21/104.41

Agnus and Malcolm Smith

 — John. Ten years later. by MaryR10/27/124.36

Agnus's Reawakening Ch. 01

 — Man indulges in the sweet carnal pleasure of mature women. by Rescueme91102/16/144.34

Agnus's Reawakening Ch. 02

 — Meeting Rose by Rescueme91103/05/144.57HOT

Ah Bombay Ch. 03

 — An Indian houswive indulges in a lusty masturbation session. by Cute Breasts11/28/064.00

Aiding Ms. Bronson

 — Young man gives older woman an enema. by 80niner04/06/024.55HOT

Ain't Wearin' No Bra

 — Things were different in rural upstate New York circa 1969. by JustLikeEwe09/15/124.29

Air Force

 — Long distance love affair. by WhettKitty07/17/173.63

Aisle Six

 — Brenda's grocery store seduction. by johnnieblue4401/04/104.55HOT

Alan and Marion

 — His new cleaning lady looked like Marilyn Monroe. by MDesign09/19/094.36

Alaskan Lake

 — Private encounter by a lake. by Sithica08/03/163.88

Alessa Lombardi: Free at Last

 — Alessa just kicked out her husband; now she needs cock. by Jett_Black12/12/074.26

Alessa Lombardi: The Masquerade

 — She attends a swinger's party, and meets a lover. by Jett_Black01/26/094.11

Alex and the Cougar

 — The next door milf gives Alex a surprise. by Andrewdust09/08/154.26

Alexandra Flatly Ch. 02

 — I meat my new breast friend's Mother! by DDDDave06/06/124.64HOT

Alexandra Flatly Ch. 03

 — Expanding options are explored. by DDDDave10/05/124.52HOT

Alexandra Flatly Ch. 04

 — Measuring Ms. Cropley. by DDDDave12/12/124.62HOT

Alexis and the Peeping Tom

 — When repair man peeps on Alexis, he gets a surprise. by DracnKitten09/21/064.51HOT

Alexis and Tyler

 — Alexis meets Tyler. by seeme_feelme03/02/134.30

Alexis and Tyler Ch. 02

 — They take the relationship further. by seeme_feelme03/04/134.45

Alexis Comes To Me

 — 23 year old virgin visits her law professor. by RogerK08/09/034.46

Alexis Has A Bad Day

 — Alexis reunites with her college professor. by AlexisDarling04/08/074.08

Alexis in Puerto Vallarta

 — 23-year-old virgin loses it to older lover. by RogerK02/07/044.38

Ali T, The Girl I Truly Love

 — Older guy falls for a lovely younger girl. by melsdad09/12/054.20

Alice Manipulated Ch. 03

 — Alice is seduced & exploited by older couple. by BeamMeUp02/14/084.48

Alice's Big Adventure

 — Mature woman does a photo shoot. by jakkinmd11/22/014.43

Alicia Saves Her Mother's Job

 — A woman is willing to do anything to help her mom keep job. by rutger505/03/174.57HOT

Alicia's Awakening

 — Alicia connects with a lost love. by lawman4310/04/013.83


 — She's a 54 year old divorced Grandma and ready to explore. by truesonofabraham09/08/024.34


 — Older man with a younger GF. by sambush08/19/163.87

Alison Furse Rejuvenated Ch. 4

 — Alison finds a new sexual life with an elixir. by Edwina05/22/013.77

Alison Furse Rejuvenated Ch. 5

 — Alison & James go further down the road. by Edwina05/23/014.23

Alison Furse Rejuvenated Ch. 6

 — Alison & Isabell enjoy Amsterdam. by Edwina05/24/013.80

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