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The Babysitter

 — Monica does Mr. Wright. by Foxe-Male08/04/024.28

The Babysitter

 — Mature man and younger lady have fun. by Dusty Farkworth07/16/064.40

The Babysitter

 — The babysitter is a dominant college guy. by The Style Guy11/18/064.67HOT

The Babysitter

 — A bad date is not always wasted. by 1393295609/02/094.17

The Babysitter

 — Brandi takes care of young men & older men. by littlesquirt03/27/074.24

The Babysitter Ch. 02

 — Holly is woken up by the Dad of the kids she is sitting for. by erotic_bubbles10/06/094.50HOT

The Babysitter Ch. 03

 — Holly must bring a file to the father (John) at work. by erotic_bubbles10/07/094.59HOT

The Babysitter Revisited

 — Cathy joins Jana and Jack. by nasty_dan05/09/054.58HOT

The Babysitter Stays for a Week Ch. 01

 — Peter's wife goes away, and the sitter takes advantage. by EventualAffection07/23/124.37

The Babysitter's Surprise Ch. 02

 — Rachel continues her journey with Mr. Miller. by SexyJennay6901/13/094.55HOT

The Babysitter, The Other Side

 — College guy takes care of a sexy milf. by littlesquirt03/30/074.50HOT

The Babysitters

 — Three babysitters surprise the man of the house. by BlueFish1111/17/084.36

The Babysitters Pleasure

 — She's pleasured on the way home from babysitting. by yours2nite08/08/064.53HOT

The Bachelor Auction

 — David's 4th grade teacher buys him for the night. by CAP81101/09/074.67HOT

The Back Spasm

 — A massage expands into something more. by HDTopper04/09/074.51HOT

The Backup Plan

 — When they had nothing better to do. by JLCC02/27/174.07

The Ballad of Rob and Alexxxis

 — An older man, a younger girl, and limericks. by Rob_mDear08/18/104.65HOT

The Bar Fling

 — Beautiful woman gives into older sexy bartender. by jerkygurrl06/14/034.29

The Bar Scene

 — An older woman visits a younger crowd's hangout. by KeikoAlvarez10/30/163.98

The Barista

 — Older gent runs into his beautiful barista on a NY train. by gapster703/26/154.82HOT

The Barista

 — A hot break from work with my barista. by lauratmd04/18/184.04

The Barmaid and The Teacher

 — Alexia sees her English teacher at a club. by queenofthedamned1906/05/144.16

The Basket Ball Game

 — The things that can happen to a woman at a Basket Ball game. by SleekBlackRose03/23/023.62

The Bath

 — Got home exhausted and the soak in the tub had a suprise. by RG163710/10/124.05

The Bathroom Counter

 — Mature couple enjoys each other, again and again. by wickedstepdaddy01/19/134.23

The Bathroom Surprise

 — Mrs. Finch finds a willing partner. by JamieB12/22/064.40

The Beach

 — Meeting an very different, older woman on a beach. by Sexual_Thoughts07/10/13

The Beach

 — A wife spends a day at the beach. by Traci25503/15/193.80

The Beach House

 — Widow leaves the suburbs to live in a Beach House. by Starlight08/02/014.27

The Beach House Ch. 01

 — The summers he cheated; first up, the au pair. by Longdays05/20/064.38

The Beautiful Nancy

 — Thomas and a sexy cougar. by EighteenYearsOld04/13/094.41

The Beauty Next Door

 — He's obsessed with his hot blonde neighbor. by Gonzo09901/17/013.15

The Beauty of Their Forbidden Love

 — A story of a woman in love with a married man. by SensualBeauty10/01/154.22

The Beginning

 — She explores some of her sexual urges. by QuietSparkle11/06/074.22

The Beginning

 — She meets her new neighbor in an unorthodox way. by bethanneishere06/05/044.34

The Beginning

 — A new Middleton MILF learns the ropes. by zrob10/18/104.58HOT

The Beginning - Jason's Story

 — Jason learns from an older woman. by BookWurm08/25/064.58HOT

The Beginning of Stupid

 — Discovering Sex Too Late. by eldumbo06/19/143.92

The Beginning of Stupid Ch. 02

 — Another way to mess it up. by eldumbo06/27/143.91

The Beginning of Stupid Ch. 03

 — Yet Another Way to be a Dumbass by eldumbo06/29/144.20

The Beginning of Stupid Ch. 04

 — They want to do what? by eldumbo07/23/144.13

The Best Day Ever

 — The new gal on the job gets a great welcoming by ratrodder11/19/083.19

The Best Job in the World

 — Young Paramedic has a new experience. by athos6303/27/024.05

The Best Move I ever Made

 — Unemployed young man wins Looto and how his life changes by Rellik0401/30/054.42

The Best Move I ever Made Ch. 02

 — An older lady comes to his door. by Rellik0402/10/054.53HOT

The Best Move I ever Made Ch. 03

 — Jocelyn's apartment. by Rellik0402/12/054.63HOT

The Best of Everything

 — Leslie Blue's tribute to Young Ron. by LeslieBlue08/11/073.30

The Best Of Men

 — Extramarital affair with friend. by anglosextantyen4u02/04/094.36

The Best of Men: The Sea

 — Friends and Lovers. by anglosextantyen4u02/13/093.78

The Best Of Men: Treasures Of Loving

 — Friends and Lovers. by anglosextantyen4u02/05/094.42

The Best Sex of My Life

 — Passion late in life. by OhRhett01/08/173.98

The Best Summer Job Ever Ch. 01

 — He takes a gardening job from an older lady. by MasterBates1303/20/064.79HOT

The Best Summer Job Ever Ch. 02

 — The return of Ellen's daughter changes things. by MasterBates1303/29/064.76HOT

The Best Summer Job Ever Ch. 03

 — Dan comes clean on afternoon with her daughter. by MasterBates1304/08/064.77HOT

The Best Summer Job Ever Ch. 04

 — Dan's summer with Ellen concludes. by MasterBates1304/16/064.81HOT

The Best Summer Job Ever Ch. 05

 — After two years apart, Dan & Ellen find romance again. by MasterBates1304/23/064.86HOT

The Bet

 — Son bets a friend that he can't score with his mom. by TheStinger10/07/094.48

The Bet Pt. 01

 — Part 1. by jordongeff09/09/153.55

The Bet Pt. 02

 — Mature daddy bear fucks step daughter. by jordongeff09/10/153.69

The Bet Pt. 03

 — Mature daddy bear fucks step daughter bisex. by jordongeff09/11/154.13

The Bi-Wives Surprise

 — Bob and Ray come home to find there is some explaining to do. by dipperyslick11/19/164.47

The Big Change

 — The bright side of menopause. by oldbob6811/06/164.27

The Big Match

 — Sometimes experience pays off. by oldbob6810/01/164.55HOT

The Birthday Gift

 — When a young man is tied to a bed he becomes a birthday gift. by exquisitelifetime05/09/194.24

The Birthday Party

 — Birthday Boy gets the present he's been dreaming of. by AliceInWonderland7912/04/054.12

The Bitch Madison

 — Mike's college days take a surprising turn. by English Bob07/19/024.31

The Bitter Professor

 — Karl is left behind with sister's lonely Lit professor. by Darlantan05/05/054.04

The Blind Date

 — A lady has a blind date and gives a great blow job. by heatround11/27/104.52HOT

The Block Party

 — One night with an older woman. by JoeDreamer08/26/124.67HOT

The Block Party

 — Sara's accidental encounter. by drunkwife08/08/174.46

The Blog of Elizabeth and Ken Ch. 01

 — The blog of a mature couple. by Earningway07/02/193.62

The Blog of Elizabeth and Ken Ch. 02

 — The blog of a mature couple. by Earningway07/04/194.12

The Blog of Elizabeth and Ken Ch. 03

 — The blog of a mature couple. by Earningway07/06/194.10

The Blog of Elizabeth and Ken Ch. 04

 — Adventures of a mature couple. by Earningway07/20/193.91NEW

The Blow Out

 — Erica experiences Good Samaritan on lonely road. by LadyBlueMoon06/23/024.30

The Boarding House

 — Neither of them could stop it or wanted to. by ARTG09/02/124.27

The Bodacious Blonde Milf

 — A sudden attraction like a bolt from the blue. by The Fantasizer01/28/074.41

The Bonding

 — Tender sexual bonding between a man and a older woman. by KindEyes08/22/174.16

The Book Signing Pt. 01

 — When life falls apart Brittni4u is there to "fix things!" by FOUNTAINPEN6708/15/184.48

The Book Tour

 — An opportunity lost 20 years earlier comes around again. by spinningwheels202/24/154.65HOT

The Book Tour Ch. 02

 — Nathan and Marissa entice Eileen, and find her willing. by spinningwheels203/22/154.71HOT

The Book Tour Ch. 03

 — Led by 59 year old Mary, the authors amuse themselves. by spinningwheels205/18/154.68HOT

The Boss

 — She's hot for the boss. by pantyperv12/25/044.44

The Boss

 — Steve's dream job comes true. by sweetstud2109/21/024.31

The Boss Ch. 04

 — At his superior's request, he lays his black colleague. by Debutante01/24/064.22

The Boss Ch. 05

 — Young employee is indulged by the master of the house. by Debutante04/16/073.80

The Boss Gets Her...

 — Thick chocolate partner gets it from associate. by BigJohnHankins02/14/044.09

The Boss Gets Her... Ch. 02

 — Black attorney gets her young stud. by BigJohnHankins02/28/044.39

The Boss Gets Her... Ch. 03

 — Black attorney gets her young stud. by BigJohnHankins03/15/044.43

The Boss' Wife

 — What do you do when the boss' wife comes on to you? by Irish Moss06/25/074.42

The Boss's Wife

 — Mike gets to play with the Boss's Wife. by kknightsf05/01/124.26

The Bowyer's Tale

 — Rustic, young soldier's yarn of bets, courtesans, & intrigue. by Ziedrich02/01/164.32

The Boy

 — A middle-aged woman and the boy next door. by MsWenchiness01/27/083.99

The Boy Across the Street

 — Jan gets her man with front garden seduction by Starlight10/04/024.48

The Boy at the Beach House

 — A frustrated woman meets a beautiful young man. by harding02/28/114.58HOT

The Boy With the Blue Camaro

 — A sexy black neighbor satisfies a young admirer. by caramelgirl_208/03/084.30

The Boys and the Moms in Mexico

 — Mexico with the moms was going to get interesting. by TeenForMILFs12/30/144.09

The Boys and the Moms in Mexico Ch. 02

 — Eight moms and their sons might lead to some fun stuff. by TeenForMILFs04/08/154.10

The Boys Earn Their Treats

 — Housewife left alone lives out cliche fantasy for fun. by spicedream08/09/174.10

The Boys From Next Door

 — She gets young man meat. by krystalsucks07/27/084.43

The Break Up

 — A Widower comforts daughter's friend after a break up. by WidowerHillbilly06/25/194.17

The Breakfast Club

 — Enjoying Charlotte nightlife allowed me to get my Rox off. by angel_6909/16/104.11

The Bride's Mother

 — Photography assignment gets interesting. by garterman3611/07/104.47

The Bridge

 — Past lovers have a moment under the bridge. by IsayYES05/17/133.71

The Bridge Game

 — Young man seduced by Mom's bosomy friend. by JohnB7309/10/064.13

The Bully Turns To My Mother

 — My bully still humiliates me. He has a new way: My mom. by PlayOnWords06/06/133.69

The Burmese Fantasy

 — A fantasy of a romantic, spiritual and sexual encounter. by ZZStories12/20/134.42

The Bus to Pleasure Town

 — He wanted to tickle my fancy and more. by lovelyladyfaire02/06/164.66HOT

The Business Trip

 — A mature woman goes on a business trip and discovers lust. by Jacqueline195103/16/174.41

The Businessman, the French Girl & the Elevator

 — They enjoy the elevator. by rogo4612/03/083.89

The Busty Babysitter

 — John has it bad for his top heavy young babysitter. by sethp11/10/114.48

The Button Up

 — A short story about a girl in a button up shirt. by txprincess7404/08/074.55HOT

The Cabin

 — Man reunites with high scool crush. by Perja02/27/084.62HOT

The Call

 — She gets a hot, anonymous call. by MaryH06/22/064.16

The Candidate's Wife

 — Masseur helps relieve campaign stress. by zrob11/11/084.18

The Captains Office

 — He promotes and pumps her in the best interests of the Navy. by Troglodite4508/11/024.28

The Car

 — Older woman heeps ex-husbands sports car and finds romance. by jon.hayworth09/02/024.67HOT

The Car

 — An old car can produce some sexy outcomes. by Starlight11/28/024.52HOT

The Care Home

 — A warm hand leads to bigger things. by Bob_602/25/154.52HOT

The Caretaker Gets Careless

 — Ellen (18) meets her (older) school caretaker a second time. by EllenDean08/13/124.33

The Carpet Salesman

 — Making sale brings more than commission. by tinman69s09/08/044.49

The Carpet Shop

 — Inexperienced shop worker gets fucked by boss's cougar wife. by RizzeAllen03/29/134.26

The Casanova of Juno Terrace Ch. 00

 — The backstory to the Casanova of Juno Terrace Series. by XXXHacker05/27/15

The Casanova of Juno Terrace Ch. 01

 — Gio answers a fateful maintenance call from a horny BBW MILF. by XXXHacker05/28/154.44

The Casanova of Juno Terrace Ch. 02

 — Gio concocts the best way to use his new MILF slut. by XXXHacker07/07/154.58HOT

The Casanova of Juno Terrace Ch. 03

 — Gio's first tenant to fuck is his ex-girlfriend's mother. by XXXHacker08/14/154.38

The Cat

 — Felice Follows Feline. by jjcole10/25/124.62HOT

The Caterer Comes Early

 — Young writer meets older woman. by kramrezam12/17/044.40

The Chair

 — Married mature woman finds new excitement. by encore76903/14/184.15

The Changing Room

 — A shopkeeper gets a big suprise. by zzapple08/12/074.22

The Charity Ball

 — Not all Charity Balls are boring. by amischiefmaker01/31/134.37

The Checkup

 — It was just a simple physical by magichands04/23/034.28

The Chinatown Affair

 — Married Asian woman is seduced by younger man. by BatteryOperated01/05/103.80

The Chinatown Affair Ch. 02

 — Mark underestimates his wife's sex appeal. by BatteryOperated01/13/104.32

The Chinatown Affair Ch. 03

 — Mei and Jonathon spend the night together. by BatteryOperated01/31/104.55HOT

The Chocolate Room Ch. 02

 — Bows, Strings, Zippers and Things. And Pam's Tripod. by johnnieblue4408/27/104.45

The Choir Director

 — Even Choir Directors do it; it just takes a little help. by HonestMan11/25/154.37

The Chosen One

 — Wealthy mature woman selects younger man for pleasure. by tantricjim02/26/164.54HOT

The Christmas Job

 — Long-time lovers spend Christmas Eve together. by naturallysweet11/20/094.09

The Church Secretary

 — Maintenance man discovers he is being watched. by ti2xgr03/07/174.44

The Clara Chronicles Ch. 01

 — Mr. Marcus meets new neighbor with use for his skills. by HarveyMarcus05/17/074.59HOT

The Clara Chronicles Ch. 02

 — Mr. Marcus meets the Big Boss, and neighbor Clara's niece. by HarveyMarcus06/06/104.41

The Cleaner

 — What's thirty years between lovers? by reminnes10/24/014.48

The Cleaner Ch. 2

 — Young man goes with the Flo. by reminnes11/04/014.60HOT

The Cleaner Pt. 01

 — Immature male student gripped by mature cleaning lady. by Portmore_T_Bluebird07/03/124.29

The Cleaning Lady

 — After hours work leads to great sex. by Scanner08/05/014.15

The Clergyman's Wife Ch. 02

 — Will she or won't she? by richardpuffer09/07/064.50HOT

The Club Banquet

 — A mature lady is swept off her feet...and into her bed. by Helen195412/12/124.54HOT

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