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The Land Lady

 — A new tenant catches the eye of a restless landlord. by bluefox0710/28/064.50HOT

The Landlady

 — His new landlady is also his favorite porn star. by Oeddie09/01/084.29

The Landlady

 — Lonely widow young tenant. by Wordmate06/12/134.22

The Landlady's Daughter

 — Young college professor enjoys a student. by Baxter7206/26/084.27

The Landlady's Daughter Ch. 03

 — Tiffany is taught how to play Strip Chess. by Baxter7209/30/104.27

The Landlady's Friends Ch. 01

 — Max meets a sociology lecturer. by Elysium_Knight06/17/093.92

The Landlady: Dropping By

 — Young and old back for more. by Wordmate07/08/134.32

The Landlady: Early Rise

 — Lusty granny. Young lover. One more time. by Wordmate01/17/154.30

The Landlady: Last Night

 — Old and young from the beginning. by Wordmate07/16/164.29

The Landlord

 — University student gets more than room and board. by Bigguyyyyy09/07/084.43

The Landlord

 — A change in a young man's fortunes, from an unexpected place. by oenopion07/15/174.65HOT

The Landscapers Daughter

 — Camila does the landscaping while her father is away. by paulsmeenus07/27/144.46

The Language of Love

 — Spring & utumn affair with supporting passion. by ericviking6904/12/054.60HOT

The Laptop Surprise of My Mom Ch. 01

 — A son discovers that his mom has videos on her laptop. by TheRiseFromAshes09/02/144.33

The Laptop Surprise of My Mom Ch. 03

 — The son's once innocent mom reveals how she turned bad. by TheRiseFromAshes11/18/144.32

The Lark

 — Haven't you ever just had a yen to do something outrageous? by romancer11/12/164.47

The Last Day Of School

 — Student loses his virginity to sexy teacher. by thehumpman07/27/014.15

The Last Hotel Room

 — Three mature women and two college students. by sb6912/30/154.45

The Last Man Standing

 — Take care who you bite. They might bite back! by fanfare10/28/144.32

The Last School Bus Ride

 — Teen's fascination with a butch looking driver. by Madabouthair11/19/154.39

The Last Time

 — A fuck inside a prison ends up in a bitter confrontation. by jamesmarlowe11/18/143.35

The Late Night Call

 — Late night cheating with a good friend. by southern-man01/04/064.31

The Launderette

 — MILF gets caught in the rain and enjoys a young man's help. by Dani_Kadlo01/20/174.38

The Laundry Room

 — College boy finds a surprise in his dryer. by sethp09/21/064.42

The Laundry Room

 — Unfulfilled encounter with lover. by soncurious09/19/083.41

The Lawnboy

 — A mature woman gives the lawnboy a tip. by commax6910/15/034.46

The Leather Armchair

 — Professor gets an unexpected visit from a student. by Kristi Seaton12/01/014.25

The Leatherneck Comes Home

 — Returning war hero engages in threesome with mature couple. by MiamiCuban07/19/054.42

The Ledger Ch. 01

 — Man & wife influence the sex lives of others. by pandsal04/08/064.21

The Ledger: Conclusion

 — Man & wife enhance the sex life of others - & their own. by pandsal04/08/064.30

The Left-Hand Way

 — Mature black lady rediscovers herself through young blonde. by newoldcentury04/19/12

The Legend of Zelda

 — College student is made a believer by older cowgirl. by BaddJack10/23/054.56HOT

The Leonids

 — An older man finds a younger woman who seduces him. by Size1306/21/104.39

The Leopard Lounge

 — A businessman meets a "Cougar" in Palm Beach FL. by StevenCin03/07/184.61HOT

The Lesson

 — Pretty blonde mother-in-law's teasing goes too far. by coops18111/21/074.55HOT

The Lesson

 — My older lover had never masturbated until I called. by hafnium1003/05/093.92

The Lesson Ch. 03

 — Mother-in-law tries to end it, but she learns a thing or two. by coops18106/14/084.55HOT

The Lessons Ch. 03

 — Mr. Peters teaches Tina a lesson. by Charles Petersunn08/21/054.69HOT

The Lessons Ch. 09

 — Miss Harding teaches the boys a lesson. by Charles Petersunn09/16/054.54HOT

The Lessons Ch. 19

 — Wendy gets her yearbook pictures. by Charles Petersunn02/08/064.68HOT

The Lessons Ch. 21

 — Jackie learns to balance her studies. by Charles Petersunn05/13/064.69HOT

The Librarian

 — Younger man and older woman. by CyAdora07/21/114.25

The Librarian

 — College Library Assistant furthers his education. by luvjuice4312/31/114.27

The Light Is On

 — Frigid wife turned on by wild night at a swinger's club. by Forrest_Hump03/17/094.20

The Lighthouse Ch. 01

 — One man's struggle to find truth; before it's too late. by JacobEmet03/26/15

The Lighthouse Ch. 02

 — New Beginnings. by JacobEmet04/09/15

The Lighthouse Ch. 03

 — Muddied Waters by JacobEmet05/03/15

The Lighthouse Ch. 04

 — Team can't seem to win; relationships develop. by JacobEmet06/05/15

The Lingering Scent of Jasmine

 — Young southern woman finds her soulmate. by mountaincat408/09/164.74HOT

The Lion and the Senior

 — She makes him roar. by tlc14312/18/114.29

The Lioness of Montgomery Pt. 03

 — The Busty Professor juggles sub life with 2 of her students. by Ravenblackerotica04/13/164.67HOT

The List

 — Continuation of 'After Isobel'. by Rellik0412/11/044.61HOT

The Literature Professor

 — Older lady professor takes a new sex student. by mostanything01/21/054.51HOT

The Literature Professor Ch. 02

 — The lessons begin by pjstewart5006/29/054.65HOT

The Little Black Dress

 — A fumble on a bench leads to something a lot more intense. by Itsalljustforfun11/10/164.61HOT

The Little League Coach

 — Young man continues his exploits with older women. by thehumpman07/30/014.33

The Little Minx That Killed Me

 — Teen girl falls for single next door neighbor. by 1965Squash08/07/154.32

The Little Minx That Killed Me Ch. 02

 — The girl next door falls for older neighbor. by 1965Squash08/11/154.34

The Little Minx That Killed Me Ch. 03

 — A young neighbor girl and an older man. by 1965Squash08/13/154.58HOT

The Little Minx That Killed Me Ch. 04

 — Love between the girl next door, and her older neighbor. by 1965Squash08/16/154.52HOT

The Little Minx That Killed Me Ch. 05

 — Love between the girl next door and an older man. by 1965Squash08/19/154.61HOT

The Little Neighbourhood Slut Ch. 02

 — Things get even more intense with Sara's best friend. by pleasuremmmman05/14/094.41

The Little Vixen

 — Sexual tension erupts between Victoria and Travis. by the_torrid_temptress02/09/054.43

The Local

 — An older woman sees an opportunity with a young sailor. by Spikile01/03/064.39

The Lodger Ch. 01

 — When he answered the ad, he had no idea. by mature_amazon_lover02/01/053.39

The London Fuck

 — Tale of deep fucking and love making. by Desireddream8208/10/174.17

The London Life

 — For 19-year-old Tom, London was a whole new world. by SamScribble01/22/154.56HOT

The Lonely Housewife

 — Horny wife, construction men, husband away. by DeeLishus01/22/123.63

The Lonely Lady

 — A lonely lady meets a door-to-door missionary. by Tio_Narratore01/07/094.53HOT

The Lonely Lady

 — A widowed mother falls for her daughter's boyfriend. by darkoverlord605/25/184.58HOT

The Lonely Lady Ch. 02

 — The daughter returns scheming to reclaim her boyfriend. by darkoverlord606/08/184.65HOT

The Lonely Neighbor

 — Lonely petite housewife finds stud nextdoor. by bradreler03/26/034.31

The Lonely Sensual Widow

 — A stranger meets a beautiful sensual widow and a rainy night. by SensualBeauty10/06/154.42

The Long Hot Summer

 — It was more than a summer job. by droopy dog04/15/054.45

The Long Wait

 — Trent's long wait is over. by Moondrift12/08/074.30

The Long Way Home

 — Hell. That's what friends are for. by elbiscayne01/24/054.48

The Long Weekend

 — Tom preps Connie for a long weekend. by BrowningP3802/26/054.00

The Long Weekend Ch. 25

 — Late Sunday Afternoon. by beachsf108/28/104.52HOT

The Long Weekend Ch. 27

 — Dinner + bowling. by beachsf109/05/104.57HOT

The Long Weekend Ch. 29

 — Sunday night Beth + Jake. by beachsf109/13/104.52HOT

The Long Weekend Ch. 37

 — Jake, Claire + Beth. by beachsf111/15/104.65HOT

The Long Wet Kiss Ch. 01

 — My love affair with an older woman. by helplessromantic02/20/094.24

The Loop

 — Niece's friend breaks him down. by ratdog12/29/064.33

The Lost Story Ch. 01

 — Philip goes on vacation and meets up with a past student. by thedeviantsmind06/08/164.05

The Lost Story Ch. 02

 — Philip attempts to redeem himself. by thedeviantsmind08/21/164.06

The Lost Story Ch. 03

 — Philip comes to a realization. by thedeviantsmind08/24/164.39

The Lottery Company Ch. 01

 — Younger woman turns his world upside down. by Rum06/11/064.54HOT

The Lottery Company Ch. 02

 — Leslie brings Katy into the mix. by Rum01/11/074.59HOT

The Lovely Lodgerette

 — Girl moves in with older guy & becomes more than a lodger. by englishnomad02/04/104.50HOT

The Lovely Martha

 — She has never said no. by Oralcreamlover09/23/084.14

The Lovely Martha Ch. 02

 — She comes back for more. by Oralcreamlover09/26/084.16

The Lure of Lingerie!

 — What young man hasn't been fixated by a mature woman? by peterpeck10/24/174.67HOT

The Lure of Lingerie! Pt. 02

 — Sarah shares her lingerie with Jane. by peterpeck10/28/174.68HOT

The Lure of Lingerie! Pt. 03

 — Peter finds further relief with Jane and Sarah. by peterpeck10/29/174.69HOT

The Lure of Lingerie! Pt. 04

 — Sarah, Jane and Peter finally get it together...! by peterpeck11/01/174.76HOT

The Lure of Lingerie! Pt. 05

 — Mature Sarah and her young friends get to know one another! by peterpeck02/19/184.77HOT

The Lure of Lingerie! Pt. 06

 — The charity evening is a success! by peterpeck02/20/184.55HOT

The Lust Express

 — Story two: midnight passions. by JMiller6908/07/044.12

The Maid in the Jacuzzi

 — Who was that sleeping man? Did she care? by DireLilith11/06/07

The Maid, the Young Man and Aunt

 — A young man has fun with his maid and his 'aunt'. by nonameleader03/31/154.20

The Mail Order Bride

 — Older lovers in the old west. by Silverstag09/20/054.69HOT

The Maintenance Man

 — It helps to be versatile. by HarryOrwell05/25/114.32

The Make Up Exam

 — Taking advantage of the situation. by Ann Douglas12/28/174.58HOT

The Makeover

 — Mom's friend's makeover stirs new interest. by HarryOrwell03/03/174.45

The Mall

 — She has a fantasy while at the Mall. by lou4short200005/28/084.22

The Mall Ch. 02

 — Return to the Mall. by lou4short200006/16/084.25

The Man from the Internet Ch. 02

 — Young girl continues to tease Old perv. by BoredBBW2101/27/183.34

The Man Who Lives with Us

 — Gary sneaks around with Bill's daughter. by AnAmericanDarling05/23/074.27

The Man with the Dragon Tattoo Pt. 01

 — Falling to this dark gentleman changes Nadia's life forever. by LilaMina11/09/174.23

The Man with the Dragon Tattoo Pt. 02

 — Nadia fails to escape her yakuza lover and his world. by LilaMina11/10/174.48

The Man with the Dragon Tattoo Pt. 03

 — To save herself, Nadia submits to her lover and his wife. by LilaMina11/14/174.29

The Marital Bed

 — He loves her family, one of them, perhaps too much. by Tx Tall Tales09/07/154.76HOT

The Mark of the Immature Man Ch. 01

 — A busty accountant has an affair with an 18 year old. by stfloyd5607/05/164.83HOT

The Mark of the Immature Man Ch. 02

 — After a major complication, Evan and Tina are reunited. by stfloyd5608/05/164.82HOT

The Masquerade

 — Something wicked blooms behind their Masks. by HexingGirl08/18/124.54HOT

The Massage

 — Older woman receives massage from 18-year-old guy. by babes6612/26/034.60HOT

The Massage

 — Massage leads to sex. by Seagirl6505/07/153.64

The Massage

 — An erotic massage encounter. by bearmark12/23/154.23

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 06

 — Pamela's Tales, Part 1. by SteinWolf802/19/174.50HOT

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 19

 — Bethany's Tales, Part 2. by SteinWolf803/10/174.53HOT

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 25

 — Cynthia's Tales, Part 2 by SteinWolf804/17/174.44

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 33

 — Heather's Tales, Part 1. by SteinWolf805/19/174.36

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 35

 — Rebecca's Tales, Part 2 by SteinWolf803/08/174.37

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 38

 — Rebecca's Tales, Part 3 by SteinWolf804/10/174.37

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 39

 — Gabriella's Tales, Part 2. by SteinWolf806/04/174.42

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 40

 — Bethany's Tales, Part 3. by SteinWolf806/05/174.41

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 46

 — Cynthia's Tales, Part 3 by SteinWolf806/26/174.38

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 59

 — Joan's Tales, Part 4. by SteinWolf812/02/174.54HOT

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 62

 — Samantha's Tales, Part 1. by SteinWolf812/09/174.48

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 63

 — Rebecca's Tales, Part 4. by SteinWolf812/13/174.47

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 67

 — Bethany's Tales, Part 4. by SteinWolf812/18/174.29

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 69

 — Gabriella's Tales, Part 3. by SteinWolf812/24/174.35

The Mature Lady

 — What will the mature woman do for the younger man affection? by TonyMA7003/22/184.31

The MD and IT guy

 — May to December office romance. by tallone12310/21/154.68HOT

The Meaning of One Word

 — He had to experience it to understand. by Scorpio44a11/19/104.59HOT

The Medallion Ch.01

 — Joey inherits a special medallion from his grandfather. by ilovematurewomen04/01/034.41

The Mentor

 — With the help of her book, she gets the man she longs for. by sydney638511/07/084.36

The Mentor

 — She has a problem. He has a solution. by HuckPilgrim08/26/154.50HOT

The Mentor

 — A college student finds a mature lover. by TobyTyke01/14/164.48

The Merry Widow

 — Old wrinklies still do it by merf6807/26/164.62HOT

The Midnight Train Going Anywhere

 — Fate gives Lisa a chance with her former professor. by Stardog Champion10/30/094.50HOT


 — He's looking for a way to have the MILF of his dreams. by Seductive_Wolftress02/03/054.44

The Milf Across The Road

 — Their First Encounter. by mazooman2901/30/133.96

The Milf Across The Street

 — Years after high school, I finally live out my fantasy fuck. by carlf191810/13/104.20

The Milf Chronicles - Janice

 — A guy discovers his best friend's mom was a porn star. by xxSnakePlisskenxx05/21/184.48

The MILF Experience

 — 26-year-old gets involved with an older woman. by KlassActt910/13/054.66HOT

The Milf Next Door

 — A shy 18 year old boy loses his virginity to a 50 year old. by Fatcock22209/23/144.40

The MILF Next Door

 — Younger guy finds sexy partner closer than he thought. by ilikeithot630802/07/174.73HOT

The MILF Next Door Ch. 01

 — A mature woman finds joy with a younger man. by Argonaut_197507/07/154.54HOT

The MILF Next Door Ch. 02

 — Samantha and Stephen spend more time together. by Argonaut_197510/20/154.72HOT

The MILF Next Door Ch. 03

 — Samantha and Stephen eat on a picnic. by Argonaut_197504/25/174.76HOT

The MILF Next Door Ch. 04

 — Samantha and Stephen and Helen makes three. by Argonaut_197506/07/174.71HOT

The MILF Next Door Ch. 05

 — Another day, another threesome. by Argonaut_197501/26/184.75HOT

The MILF Next Door... Some More!

 — Ronnie and Emma continue to explore each other. by ilikeithot630805/13/174.77HOT

The Milf The Boys And The Gazebo

 — Sally gets what she wanted, So did Tony, twice. by DBarclay07/15/104.11

The Milf The Boys And The Pool

 — Its Sex 101 for the boys. by DBarclay08/05/104.17

The Milf, the Boys and Pam

 — Sally brings Pam into the sex fold. by DBarclay06/28/104.28

The MILF: A Prequel Story

 — Young stud meets a high-powered business MILF for an affair. by fiftyFIFTY05/24/174.06

The Mirror

 — Ex colleagues meet after 15 years. by tetherer04/08/104.09

The Mistake

 — A secretary creates a problem for herself at work. by Whiskey_Sour01/31/124.04

The Mistake Ch. 02

 — Ginny does what her boss wants her to, to preserve her job. by Whiskey_Sour02/05/124.37

The Mistress Ch. 04

 — A story of two star crossed lovers that spanned two decades. by Emmanjoy05/29/162.78

The Model

 — She makes a promise it's embarrassing to keep. by Francine-frcxa10/23/014.22

The Mom

 — Tutor teaches mother & daughter. by Fever10/08/004.13

The Monster

 — Mrs. Anderson finds joy with the monster. by Captain Jack01/01/034.47

The Monster Ch. 02

 — Mrs. Anderson can't her hans off Jack! by Captain Jack01/06/034.54HOT

The Monster Ch. 03

 — Jack finally reaches his goal. by Captain Jack01/12/034.59HOT

The Monster Ch. 04

 — Will Jack find happiness in the mountains? by Captain Jack01/15/034.59HOT

The Monster Ch. 05

 — Jack fines out just how lucky he really is ! by Captain Jack01/25/034.52HOT

The Monster Ch. 06

 — Jack gets surprised by Missy and sure of another! by Captain Jack01/29/034.63HOT

The Monster Ch. 07

 — Heaven, heaven at last. by Captain Jack02/04/034.64HOT

The Monster Ch. 09

 — Three can play better than two, if you try hard by Captain Jack02/23/034.65HOT

The Morning After

 — MILF is seduced at awards banquet. by zrob08/19/084.38

The Morning After

 — My best friend's daughter. by wantsomefun195105/16/094.62HOT

The Morning After

 — A young teacher falls prey to his adventurous students. by Voboy11/28/164.77HOT

The Most Beautiful Woman

 — Even a crippled old man gets lucky occasionally. by techsan04/03/064.61HOT

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