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The Perfect Stranger Ch. 03

 — Samara gets roughed up in a auto shop. by BabyOnteora04/09/094.45

The Perfect Weekend

 — His daughter's best friend wore the perfect suit for swim. by Bigguyyyyy10/06/084.54HOT

The Perfect Weekend Ch. 02

 — Incredible sex with daughter's friend continues. by Bigguyyyyy02/13/094.59HOT

The Perfect Wife

 — A Horny, Mature Wife Wants And Gets More Cock. by erotiquill07/07/144.22

The Perfect Woman

 — Vignette from a perfect sex life. by JPJones02/03/074.16

The Pet Sitter

 — He gets more than expected from a dog sitter. by AliceInWonderland7901/14/063.91

The Pet Sitter Ch. 02

 — The night just keeps getting better & better. by AliceInWonderland7902/03/064.22

The Philatelists

 — Marika finds age is no barrier. by Moondrift06/29/074.32

The Philosophy Teacher

 — Philosophy talks lead to love. by Kalavo06/12/174.71HOT

The Photo Album Ch. 03

 — Taking it real. . . by theo_minor06/05/124.62HOT

The Photograph

 — A photo of my girlfriend's mother. by terravista05/12/164.57HOT

The Piano Lesson

 — Teenage girl falls for her piano teacher. by joan65803/31/094.53HOT

The Pilots Ch. 01

 — Mature pilot & young gal's love hits rough air. by Romantic108/10/074.71HOT

The Plans

 — Let's discuss a re-model on my house. by Mysteria2701/16/133.24

The Play Pen

 — Fantasy club gives older woman back her passion. by maggie200210/23/024.40

The Pleasuring of Granny

 — Guy finds sex, love and happiness with a wealthy widow. by djinnrummy11/18/11

The Pleasuring of Granny Ch. 02

 — He finds love, sex and happiness with a wealthy widow. by djinnrummy01/28/12

The Pleasuring of Granny Ch. 03

 — The diary of a very lucky man. by djinnrummy11/24/134.56HOT

The Pleasuring of Granny Ch. 05

 — A new sexual partner and a daughter's holiday. by djinnrummy11/26/134.64HOT

The Pleasuring of Granny Ch. 08

 — The Diary of a very Happy Man. by djinnrummy12/26/134.55HOT

The Pleasuring of Granny Ch. 09

 — The diary of a happy man. by djinnrummy10/09/144.71HOT

The Plot

 — He lusts after older woman. by Andrea Stevens01/03/013.74

The Poets Ch. 01

 — An older profesor mentors a young student. by Quantuman08/01/114.47

The Poets Ch. 02

 — Leah and Marty learn the rules. by Quantuman08/02/114.77HOT

The Poets Ch. 03

 — A new twist in the lives of the poets. by Quantuman08/02/114.61HOT

The Poets Ch. 04

 — Twenty Years Later. by Quantuman08/09/114.43

The Policeman's Helmet

 — Young policeman is caught red-handed by older single woman. by amsterdam09/30/024.36

The Policeman's Revenge

 — Policeman seeks revenge on sexy older woman. by amsterdam11/05/024.49

The Pool

 — 18-year-old girl gets it on with her older neighbour. by PixelChick07/29/064.14

The Pool

 — An older man has a mystical experience. by thesage05/22/034.72HOT

The Pool Boy

 — Mitch wanted to fuck Emma so bad. by Tammy_Nguyen_7702/26/134.37

The Pool Party

 — Camping at nudist retreat, wife get fucked by two other men. by Silenus63608/25/134.11

The Pool Table

 — Young student takes my wife. by badidea21101/25/174.38

The Porcelain Girl

 — A young beauty seduces dad. by wirepuller11/08/093.94

The Post Office

 — Always be aware, observant and flexible. by fighterpilotB405/28/094.44

The Postman Cums Quietly

 — A mature woman's new life begins here. by linlynn06/29/083.99

The Postman Cums Quietly Ch. 02

 — Mature lady has another encounter with a young Postman. by linlynn07/07/084.54HOT

The PowerPoint

 — The caring kindness of a successful businessman. by peterswiftt08/25/164.51HOT

The Practice Ch. 01

 — The worst of high school is over, the future looks bright. by wafflecone11112/02/144.61HOT

The Preacher's Daughter

 — Billy comes of age with preacher's daughter's help. by Hcstuds03/15/024.54HOT

The Preacher's Daughter Ch. 2

 — Billy & Lucy go to Atlanta. by Hcstuds03/31/024.52HOT

The Preacher's Daughter Ch. 3

 — Billy & Lucy continue as Mother & Bethann join in. by Hcstuds04/07/024.62HOT

The Preacher's Wife

 — How did a preacher's wife learn deep-throat blow jobs? by LynnGKS02/10/114.53HOT

The Precocious Young Girl Ch. 01

 — His daughter's best friend poses for sexy pictures. by espeteroh04/27/054.58HOT

The Precocious Young Girl Ch. 02

 — Katie gets a bit kinky with him. by espeteroh05/03/054.54HOT

The Precocious Young Girl Ch. 03

 — Katie and Carrie and daddy makes three. by espeteroh05/22/054.69HOT

The Present

 — A story of giving and taking. by AaronAardvark08/10/124.31

The Prey Ch. 01

 — Erin becomes the quarry. by britsoldieragain03/31/084.43

The Principal's Office

 — The principal takes an interest in the new kid's giant cock. by XXOrpheus112/05/174.29

The Privacy Fence

 — A single mature woman spends the day with a utility worker. by peterswiftt07/03/164.43

The Private Eye & the Blonde Bomb

 — Intensely sexy story about a private eye & sexy blonde bomb. by SensualBeauty08/11/153.87

The Prize

 — Young scholar takes the prize. by pjstewart5001/09/044.51HOT

The Prize Ch. 02

 — The scholar takes another prize. by pjstewart5001/16/044.56HOT

The Prize Ch. 03

 — The Prize is delivered. by pjstewart5002/25/044.79HOT

The Process of Illumination

 — Husband, wife, and boarder get more than what they bargained. by Barb36D03/01/064.59HOT

The Professional Ch. 01

 — Congressional aide lets his fingers do the walking. by Heironymous10/19/124.44

The Professional Ch. 02

 — French for Lunch? by Heironymous10/20/124.45

The Professional Ch. 03

 — Michael craves more with the Congresswoman. by Heironymous10/23/124.55HOT

The Professional Ch. 04

 — Mile High Finger Bang. by Heironymous10/24/124.41

The Professional Ch. 07

 — Michael knows what he wants, but can't have it. by Heironymous06/28/134.34

The Professional Ch. 08

 — Pizza For Dinner? by Heironymous07/07/134.49

The Professional Ch. 09

 — Michael gets tragic news. by Heironymous02/04/144.52HOT

The Professional Ch. 10

 — The congresswoman confronts her challenger. by Heironymous02/09/144.36

The Professor

 — A student finds her crush is shared. by Maddiegirl06/15/134.29

The Professor

 — The evening Terri became a woman. by TimothyBaur09/27/074.54HOT

The Professor

 — Mature woman reflects on sexual encounter. by 60andsensual01/03/183.71

The Professor & The Student

 — A student gets a life changing lesson from her professor. by Angel Fyre04/19/074.24

The Professor Ch. 2

 — The naughty professor continues her seduction. by Enchanttress08/22/014.13

The Professor Gets a Prize

 — Prof & student seduce each other. by henry4903/13/064.52HOT

The Professor Makes a Move

 — Younger professor works his magic with sophisticated woman. by Cougariffic03/23/163.93

The Project

 — A woman's mid-life crisis takes an unusual turn. by Tara_Neale09/19/113.93

The Prom

 — She escorts her best friend's son to the prom. by Reshbod10/20/084.33

The Promise

 — Middle-aged wife lusts for husband one fateful morning. by Mr.Mallard02/08/014.15Editor's Pick

The Promotion

 — Young man lusts for busty mature co-worker. by mandango08/15/084.41

The Promotion

 — Fucking your potential boss would be a dumb idea by Kiwilass01/19/144.45

The Promotion: A Night to Remember

 — Young man lusts for busty mature co-worker. by mandango11/26/084.61HOT

The Proper Grip

 — Young golfer teaches businesswoman the fundamentals. by Stiff Shaft05/05/014.58HOT

The Proposal

 — Sexual encounter between two strangers. by Senora02/20/154.23

The Proposal Ch. 01

 — In a bar, their eyes cross. by Rattlesnake177509/15/054.73HOT

The Proposal Ch. 02

 — Amber learns the truth about his feelings, and shares hers. by Rattlesnake177509/16/054.81HOT

The Proposal Ch. 03

 — And say hello to the parents. by Rattlesnake177509/17/054.83HOT

The Proposal Ch. 04

 — A deep down, and the highest of ups... by Rattlesnake177509/18/054.83HOTContest Winner

The Proposition

 — Student becomes slave to pimp mistress friend's mom. by snakesub05/03/054.43

The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking

 — Married woman saves a hunky, grateful hitchhiker from the storm. by Stardog Champion01/19/114.53HOT

The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking Ch. 02

 — Housewife gives herself entirely to the Swiss stranger. by Stardog Champion01/20/114.67HOT

The Pursuit of a Teacher

 — A smitten student seduces her beloved teacher! by Ahabscribe10/29/124.66HOT

The Question

 — A 19-year-old has sex with an older man. by hwilder06/14/123.73

The Quickie

 — A neighbor's hot daughter shows me how she really feels. by diver71005/24/164.27

The Quickie

 — A student develops a crush on his teacher for one quickie... by islandchica05/27/163.76

The Quickie Ch. 02

 — The student finally crushes his crush... literally. by islandchica05/30/164.58HOT

The Quiet Zone

 — Mya discovers the secret of library sex. by HexingGirl12/13/123.67

The Race Driver

 — Beth meets a Formula 1 racer. by MsErotica195010/27/054.47

The Ranch

 — Virgina confronts her core sexuality in the desert -- alone. by Clare_Ca05/07/094.56

The Ranch Ch. 04

 — He meets Cincy and her "mom" while at dad's. by heryankee02/26/064.34

The Randy Widow

 — A weekend with a older beautiful woman. by Richard96305/07/054.16

The Rape That Wasn't

 — "Daddy" makes her beg. by mindless_kismet01/18/044.11

The Real Bastard

 — A traveller encouters a broken down camper. by Rellik0412/08/044.03

The Real Estate Agent Ch. 1

 — Man gets Lucky at his job by Highlander03/21/024.13

The Real Estate Agent Ch. 2

 — He keeps getting lucky at the agency. by Highlander03/25/024.18

The Real Estate Agent Ch. 3

 — More fun with the realtors. by Highlander05/03/024.46

The Real Kelly

 — Kelly finds satisfaction with older man. by Kelly_simps03/17/023.35

The Reclusive Beauty

 — Mature woman has refined more than her taste. by RegularGuyinOly12/25/134.76HOT

The Red Headed Goddess

 — Mike's recent success gets to his head... and her bed. by duppy_conqueror12/25/104.39

The Red Queen Of Hearts

 — Jane Bond spends Valentines Day with a guard. by SuperwomansSub05/19/043.82

The Redhead Cougar

 — Redhead cougar fucks young stud. by JMays40201/18/183.78

The Reinvention of Beth Raines

 — Mature woman meets younger man and rediscovers herself. by swordstone05/08/104.43

The Reluctant Virgin

 — Pete loses his virginity to an older woman. by albert1er08/14/184.51HOT

The Reluctant Virgin Ch. 02

 — Pete is taken further into submission by Mrs. Mason. by albert1er10/10/184.47

The Renter

 — Getting to know my young renter. by longgreyline07/01/114.36

The Rescue

 — Saving a younger damsel in distress. by oldbob6807/22/164.58HOT

The Research Assistant Ch. 01

 — Professor and student study - each other. by HippieDyke11/02/054.59HOT

The Restaurant

 — A girl, a "daddy" and a waiter. by mindless_kismet06/24/044.00

The Retirement Community Ch. 01

 — At 50, Declan is introduced to Sex in the Golden Years. by DeclanMacallan05/12/174.63HOT

The Return Of The Bully

 — A bully returns. by wonderer410/13/144.44

The Return of the Goddess

 — A couple return to the Island of Love for a special holiday. by virusman01/26/183.87

The Reunion

 — A man renews old acquaintances. by HarryOrwell04/30/114.29

The Reunion Pt. 01

 — Rob scores at a 30th high school reunion. by RobAnthony5311/18/164.63HOT

The Reunion Pt. 02

 — The morning after a 30th reunion in the hotel. by RobAnthony5311/24/164.65HOT

The Reunion Pt. 03

 — Sunday Afternoon/Evening is full of surprises. by RobAnthony5312/03/164.73HOT

The Revenge

 — Sex...betrayal and then her vicious sting was inevitable. by BrianCaster04/18/112.91

The Review

 — Young man passes performance review by female boss. by Exakta6607/23/094.13

The Reward

 — Sister Jo enjoys her meals-on-wheels. by Eros con Pollo06/04/024.10

The Ride

 — Older man shows younger woman what good sex is. by the_bragis04/02/024.24

The Ride

 — An unexpected ride with her crush turns into so much more. by vegasokie0307/14/154.67HOT

The Ride of Her Life

 — Jessie goes for a ride with an older married man. by Hypnotic_2203/20/094.25

The Ride: Old man takes me out

 — Young girl and old man play out fantasies in his car. by Touch_Me_Eat_Me05/09/134.07

The Ring Ch. 03

 — Chase fucks his mother's best friend. by bamadude5510/08/104.48

The Robinsons

 — Mr. and Mrs. Robinson welcome Lisa to the family. by Slickman01/17/034.61HOT

The Rock Star Ch. 01

 — Older lady hooks up with a young rocker. by Evolution20XX10/12/054.54HOT

The Rockette

 — Chance meeting at hotel bar turns hot. by espeteroh04/11/054.39

The Rose Garden

 — Dana is aroused by a woman and reclaimed by her man. by Verynicehands03/10/174.75HOT

The Run

 — Early morning run leads to early morning fun. by Water Tiger10/06/014.22

The Run

 — Running with the neighbor's daughter. by Rangerdx05/22/073.95

The Russian Romp

 — Finding lust with a sexy older widow. by Maverick608/14/114.31

The Saga of Janie Ch. 01

 — A teacher and student fall in love. by redhot151712/29/124.35

The Sales Boss

 — My MILF boss gave a hell of a bonus. by T3Bloke03/16/103.88

The Sandwich Artiste

 — College grad guy gets it on with older woman. by nick_linnear200309/19/034.16

The Scent of a Rose

 — His experience with an old grandmotherly neighbor. by atkins01/19/024.50HOT

The Scent of Candles Ch. 2

 — The continuing story of a man, his girl & her aunt. by SpankerSam06/20/014.53HOT

The Scent of Candles!

 — Visit to girlfriend's Aunt turns erotic. by SpankerSam01/26/014.53HOT

The School Mistress

 — How will the head deal with a claim of pupil-teacher sex? by Pussyrider04/09/074.48

The School Secretary

 — Sparks fly between cocky student & office lady. by bluefox0710/28/064.59HOT

The Scottish Artist

 — Renee enjoys phone play with a man 20 years her senior. by ReneeJames05/14/124.44

The Scoutmaster's Wife Ch. 01

 — Proper lady gets intimate with young workout pal. by iowascout9008/05/044.70HOT

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