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Together, Forever! Ch. 11

 — Victoria's jealousy gets the best of her. by simply_cyn08/15/044.67HOT

Together, Forever! Ch. 12

 — Victoria jumps to conclusions & makes a mistake. by simply_cyn08/17/044.37

Together, Forever! Ch. 13

 — The final chapter of Victoria and Colin's romance. by simply_cyn08/18/044.46

Tom and Sandy Ch. 01

 — Tom his boss explore their fantasies. by Tom_and_Sandy06/13/084.68HOT

Tom and Sandy Ch. 02

 — Sandy has an intimate dinner with Tom. by Tom_and_Sandy07/27/084.66HOT

Tom and Sandy Ch. 03

 — Tom and Sandy consummate their union. by Tom_and_Sandy07/28/084.79HOT

Tom's Gran

 — Mother's Friend is attracted to her Son. by Jack110708/29/184.24

Tom's Treats Ch. 01

 — The nursing home's treats for spouses. by Libertine05/02/044.63HOT

Tom's Treats Ch. 02

 — Offer from a Sister of Mercy can't be refused. by Libertine05/07/044.63HOT

Tom's Treats Ch. 03

 — Tom entertains the nurses at a staff meeting. by Libertine05/12/044.67HOT

Tom's Treats Ch. 04

 — Sunday: a.m Cecilia & Lena; p.m Birgit. by Libertine05/16/044.69HOT


 — It really does get better with experience. by ungaro01/09/144.52HOT

Tommy Finds a Lovely Woman

 — An older guy and woman heat up in camper van. by egmontgrigor201004/28/104.53HOT

Tommy Has a Babysitter

 — His sixth grade teacher returns. by Charles Petersunn01/27/084.62HOT

Tommy Mack

 — He was just starting out. She was starting a new life. by SamScribble07/06/134.65HOT

Tommy's Lost Virginity

 — Debbie gives Tommy his heart's desire. by Tender8609/27/084.44

Tommy's Neighbourhood Ch. 02

 — He gains confidence working out with Busty Teach. by TheTitLover04/11/104.66HOT

Tommy's Neighbourhood Ch. 03

 — Tommy's big titted cumslut principal. by TheTitLover08/05/124.66HOT

Tommy's Neighbourhood Ch. 04

 — His neighbour has her forceful way with him. by TheTitLover09/07/124.48

Tommy's Neighbourhood Ch. 05

 — Busty secretary is a little screwy, but a great screw. by TheTitLover10/28/124.71HOT

Tommy's Neighbourhood Ch. 06

 — Tommy gets inside the heavy hootered valley girl. by TheTitLover12/26/124.71HOT

Tony's Dad

 — She tries the son, prefers the father. by CountessCHarlow12/03/144.05

Too Close for Comfort

 — A fantasy about a neighbour becomes reality. by Whitesocks07/13/084.64HOT

Too Good to be True

 — A chance encounter leads to more. by Cromagnonman05/12/074.25

Too Late

 — Drunk girl has an encounter with a stranger after a break-up. by erotowriter06/26/084.04

Too Long

 — A widow and her son's best friend. by phoster_price09/13/064.38

Too Long Without

 — Zack wasn't getting any from his wife so he found another. by dante73910/23/103.93

Too Much of a Gentleman

 — Reserved husband becomes bold with help of young woman. by abigailx0011/22/094.68HOT

Too Much Sun

 — His wife is laid up so he meets new friends. by chris4chat01/13/184.20

Too Shy All Over Again

 — 55+ and ED, suddenly cocks interest him, but he's shy. by InnerGold01/19/113.72

Top of the Popsies Ch. 01

 — Wealthy man reflects on his top ten conquests. by pandsal09/08/064.61HOT

Topaz Virgin

 — Young women plan a trip of sexual awakening. by DiamondVirgin04/07/083.71

Topless in Sicily

 — She meets older male cyberfriend face to face. by MelanieK06/16/054.34


 — Bad weather and betrayal bring two lovers together. by komrad115609/10/164.76HOT

Touching My Virgin Pussy

 — Desiring much older men, my first masturbation experience. by Touch_Me_Eat_Me05/09/133.94

Tourist Courting

 — Every five years, another reunion. by 2Xwidderwoman07/21/084.42


 — Learning about other cultures can be fun indeed. by Ann Douglas05/28/194.71HOT


 — Car trouble brings love a widowed woman. by komrad115608/09/184.74HOT

Toxic Neighbor

 — Vicky deals with her angry neighbor. by feliciacosmina03/13/114.19

Toy Boy Extraaordinaire

 — The age gap means nothing. by alexcarr06/17/134.06

Toy Boy Joy

 — I'd had it up to here with George. by alexcarr11/19/113.89

Trading Favours with Debbie

 — Manager manipulates/is manipulated by an older woman. by phobosuk09/25/124.17

Trading in For an Older Model

 — A young man in a bad marriage finds true love in older woman. by scanner73808/16/144.69HOT

Trail Cam Surprise

 — Neighbor girl caught in the act on trail cam. by oraldave3911/08/124.34

Trailer Trash Pt. 01

 — Merilee sells herself to a brother and sister. by slimpic1108/16/174.31

Trailer Trash Pt. 02

 — Merilee starts her sexual training with the Woolsey's. by slimpic1108/17/174.61HOT

Trailer Trash Pt. 03

 — The Woolsey's have me take two large penises. by slimpic1108/18/174.66HOT

Trailer Trash Pt. 05

 — Jake becomes my dominant. by slimpic1108/20/174.64HOT

Trailer Trash Pt. 06

 — Jake takes over my life. by slimpic1108/22/174.72HOT

Trailer Trash Pt. 08

 — Cherry and Merilee find out what the other has been doing. by slimpic1108/24/174.80HOT

Train Journey to a Fucking Day

 — Usual boring train journey to work leads to an fucking day. by MaxineAshley04/29/184.02

Train To Anal Town

 — You have hot sex in a sleeper car. by ListenHere12/19/063.80

Training A Fuck Buddy

 — A 50 year old white woman fucks her black neighbor. by j_w8404/10/124.08

Training a Young Stud Ch. 2

 — Randy learns more about how to please her. by Joy Houston05/30/014.24

Training a Young Stud Ch. 4

 — Trapped in a blizzard with Randy & Betty. by Joy Houston05/31/014.42

Training Ch. 01

 — Young man learns about sex from sexy neighbor. by bonnietaylor11/20/104.46

Training Ch. 02

 — Both of them cum this time. by bonnietaylor11/21/104.54HOT

Training Ch. 03

 — Today she would show him what foreplay was all about. by bonnietaylor11/25/104.46

Training Ch. 04

 — Bobby learns to eat pussy and is rewarded. by bonnietaylor12/03/104.50HOT

Training Ch. 05

 — Bobby is tied, blindfolder and fucked. by bonnietaylor12/07/104.50HOT

Training Ch. 07

 — Bobby and his mom fuck the day away. by bonnietaylor12/18/104.43

Training Ch. 08

 — Dhea's background and plan. by bonnietaylor12/26/104.38

Training Ch. 09

 — Bobby meets Dhea and makes her cum. by bonnietaylor01/03/114.36

Training Ch. 10

 — Bobby and Dhea both cum hard. by bonnietaylor01/07/114.38

Training Ch. 11

 — Dhea gets Bobby's cum 4 times by bonnietaylor01/16/114.37

Training Ch. 13

 — The women decide how to share Bobby for the month. by bonnietaylor01/29/114.35

Training Ch. 17

 — Bobby stays with Dhea but thinks of his mom masturbating. by bonnietaylor03/10/114.35

Training Ch. 19

 — Bonnie has a new lover, Dgea visits the doctor and gets exam. by bonnietaylor03/22/114.30

Training Ch. 22

 — Bonnie seduced Bobby to get his mother involved with them. by bonnietaylor04/12/114.31

Training Ch. 24

 — The new man in Jane's cunt while her son watches them fuck. by bonnietaylor04/23/114.35

Training My Young Stud Ch. 2

 — Joy's best friend Betty wants in on the action. by Joy Houston05/28/014.39


 — Older guy rescues young girl. by Grey Eagle 28611/21/054.62HOT

Transformation to Aggression

 — Ejaculating Wendy becomes aggressive in her old age. by vulvalvotary08/07/024.62HOT


 — He'd never made her cry before. by SimonBrooke05/06/064.59HOT

Transition from Teasing Ch. 01

 — No teasing, very pleasing. by ExoMani04/12/074.55HOT

Trapped in Amber

 — Older man meets a young woman on a stormy night. by Joe F.04/05/054.71HOT

Trashy Women

 — In a pissy mood I meet a young slut. by oldbob6806/13/174.17

Travel Log

 — Young man retraces his Grandfather's travel route. by RakenHoe01/20/014.32

Traveling with Charlie

 — As an older man I find romance with a whore. by oldbob6806/04/174.69HOT

Travelling with Sheila

 — This trip with Sheila would be one I'd remember forever. by James23200305/25/104.42

Trial Membership

 — Cassandra joins a new gym. by f1racer2204/03/14HOT

Tribeca Encounter Ch. 01

 — The secret seduction of a willing neighborhood MILF. by jbhnyc03/22/124.01

Tribeca Encounter Ch. 02

 — Things get interesting as I take charge. by jbhnyc03/23/124.38

Tribunal Tales: Gordon

 — Dirty old perv gets his hands on new girl. by nightspy8107/14/164.07

Tricia Gets to Ride First Class

 — Young lady is befriended by a nice man at the airport. by tribalsurf10/18/064.25

Tricked Then Treated

 — Teen boy can't resist the temptation of his boss's wife by JackKing12/01/034.61HOT

Trimming the Trimmer

 — Middle aged Jeri has to find out if she can still turn heads. by humantouch07/27/124.51HOT

Trip To Park Proves Fruitful

 — Blonde is welcome diversion from work. by satyr_13200302/29/044.55HOT


 — An older woman takes a young man on a voyage of discovery. by Harper202/15/174.60HOT

Trish and the Blue Hawk

 — A busty housewife screws the nasty, old neighbor. by mariaposa3410/05/174.44

Trish and Tom

 — Two Coworkers rekindle their affair. by slipperywords04/21/103.94

Trivial Pursuit

 — A handsome widower finds love with a beautiful young teacher. by komrad115604/02/164.79HOT

Trophy Wife's Trophy

 — Mrs. Harrington gets mounted in the stables. by ISawYourMommy04/17/054.68HOT

Trouble for Toby Pt. 04

 — Toby services the gay Gym Mistress's partner. by Croony07/31/174.46

Troy the Boy Toy

 — An older woman has a younger man. by cynter12/28/034.02

True Desire

 — One night, as I lie in bed, the silhouette of a tall man. by amelia_2207/29/103.92

Truly Irresistible

 — He learns the true meaning of irresistible... by SecondCircle03/02/144.68HOT

Truth Stranger Than Fiction

 — A tale of office fun. by privateone1207/26/124.25

Trying Hard to Get Caught

 — Confession or a man who lusts for an older co-worker. by friscoflyer04/11/083.47

Tryst with my Angel's Daughter

 — Doing my lover's daughter. by kenya_tree12/05/124.47

Tub Tug

 — His daughter's friend surprises him in the bathtub. by insatiableboi05/25/184.44

Tucker Fuller's Modern Life Ch. 01

 — Mrs. Aziani and the naughty lawnmower get groovy. by bluefox0710/28/064.68HOT

Tucker's Studio Ch. 01

 — City Diner. by riverboy12/13/154.77HOT

Tucker's Studio Ch. 02

 — Molly. by riverboy12/20/154.79HOT

Tucker's Studio Ch. 08

 — The Silver Fox by riverboy01/31/164.84HOT

Tucker's Studio Ch. 11

 — Ginger Returns. by riverboy02/21/164.77HOT

Tucker's Studio Ch. 14

 — The Church Lady. by riverboy03/14/164.70HOT

Tuesday at the Mall

 — He meets someone special. by tlc14311/05/114.33

Tuesday Cowgirl

 — Meeting another Ladies' Club member. by tlc14311/12/114.34

Tuesday's Child

 — A pas de deux becomes divertissement. by velvetpie07/02/044.58HOT

Tuition Time

 — Teacher and former student, meet later in life. by Stephen7Redo07/08/074.52HOT

Tuition Time Ch. 02

 — Teacher, former student, & the other older women. by Stephen7Redo07/18/074.67HOT

Tuition Time Ch. 03

 — Ms. Mathews and David begin their 'homework'. by Stephen7Redo07/26/074.72HOT

Tuition Time Ch. 04

 — Ms. Mathews and young David awake to a new beginning. by Stephen7Redo07/28/074.77HOT

Tuition Time Ch. 07

 — Reese, David and Mac In the Bedroom; young stud older ladies. by Stephen7Redo01/08/084.61HOT

Tuition Time Ch. 08

 — A woman and her young lover + one, the second morning after. by Stephen7Redo01/08/084.63HOT

Tumultuous Times At St.Thomas Ch. 01

 — Manny is asked to see the Principal. by Deadly Joker09/07/034.62HOT

Tuning Her Piano

 — At least that's what I thought I was there to do. by SamScribble11/21/174.39

Turkish Holiday Ch. 01

 — Woman seeks revenge - & an end to her sexual frustration. by A_Satori10/19/084.52HOT

Turn of the Wheel

 — Grasping for just one more turn of the wheel. by sr71plt03/02/174.23

Turnabout Therapy

 — Married man receives and provides some special therapy. by robertjones11/29/093.87


 — Nothing but sex. by TwystedLittleMe01/11/054.24

Turned Tables!

 — Young black man used by rich older white woman. by SpankerSam06/08/064.60HOT

Turning Fifty

 — Divorced woman learns a valuable lesson. by maggie200207/19/024.35

Turning Fifty Ch. 2

 — Maggie goes to the ballpark and hits a homerun by maggie200207/26/024.46

Turning Point

 — Another day in Wilda's wild ride. by WildaRaven05/24/064.44

Turning the Tables

 — Younger woman is seduced by older night club owner. by Linebacker5608/06/074.35

Tuscany Ch. 01

 — Mature woman's descent into submission. by evals2206/21/124.35

Tuscany Ch. 02

 — Mature woman coming to grips with her sub side. by evals2206/23/124.53HOT

Tuscany Ch. 03

 — Mature woman and her submission in Italy. by evals2206/23/124.31

Tuscany Ch. 04

 — Mature women's self discovery. by evals2206/26/124.43


 — Craig is about to flunk algebra. Enter his sexy tutor. by trigudis07/31/184.48


 — Fate brings a man to the right place at the right time. by komrad115607/26/164.80HOT

Tutoring Jean

 — Tutoring becomes love between different generations. by marybethf10/28/064.54HOT

Tutoring Mia

 — Forbidden fruit was never so sweet. by slyn12/13/083.97

TV Viewing

 — Lisa watches TV; Henry watches Lisa. by sophistikat04/20/064.34

Twas the Night Before Christmas

 — A little unexpected event on Christmas. by Drbic01/02/074.07

Twenty Seven Years Later

 — Sequel to my first story Teacher's Pet. by dalton1407/14/134.60HOT


 — She preferred older men. by DireLilith06/10/07

Twilight Passion

 — A mature look at sexual pleasure. by EverWolf05/20/054.10

Twilight Romance

 — Two older lovers meet. by Twilightlove03/03/164.41

Twins and the Boyfriend's Father

 — Angry Rachel and her twin have fun with her boyfriend's dad. by The_Red_Duke07/22/144.61HOT

Twisted Love

 — Love triangle. by 50shadesofblues01/30/143.08

Two Cocks Are Better Than One

 — A mature couple finds a male model and a fuckbuddy. by tirreno1204/03/154.52HOT

Two Cocks for Lynne Ch. 04

 — Unbeknown to Lynne, her old gardener plants his big root! by LEATBT05/25/174.55HOT

Two Day Break

 — Hurt - Introspection - Out of character escapism. by terravista05/31/194.43

Two Days After We Met

 — He wants her just as bad as she wants him. by sandd_bound11/25/053.95

Two Days After We Met Ch. 02

 — The rest of the night. by sandd_bound12/28/054.41

Two Days in the Park

 — In praise of older women - again! by ChelseaBoy10/14/074.19

Two Fifty-Somethings

 — After mailing her package, Linda shows her gratitude. by 50something211/15/044.66HOT

Two for One

 — Wilda's adventure continues. by WildaRaven08/03/054.47

Two for One

 — Two shorts: Lovin' at the office; Sex on the floor. by Alexis66105/06/064.06

Two for One

 — She was running for her life and ran into a new one. by QueueWriter06/26/194.57HOT

Two for One Ch. 02

 — Wilda has her first threesome. by WildaRaven08/05/054.55HOT

Two for One Ch. 02

 — Ana hatches a plan. by QueueWriter06/29/194.68HOT

Two is Better than One

 — He explores two sexy older women. by CollegeGuy4OlderF04/17/024.31

Two MILF Crazy Weekend

 — 2 MILFs hook up with 2 college studs. by Thecsm06/26/164.25

Two MILF’s for Valentine’s Day

 — Lou encounters 2 neglected milfs and enjoys Valentine's Day. by guytoearth01/24/144.58HOT

Two Months of Fun

 — A woman, hired to kidnap a husband. by MistyRivers10/04/083.19

Two Queen Size Beds

 — Two rational women in an insane moment. by hickoryfarmer11/25/094.15

Two Strangers at a Bus Station

 — Woman and child are rescued by man and she thanks him. by klagatoman01/05/104.26

Two Strangers One Sailboat Equal Seduction Ch. 5

 — The resolution of instant attraction. by Salsa10505/25/014.18

Two Strangers One Sailboat Equals Seduction Ch. 1

 — 'Her' & 'His' versions of the day. by Salsa10505/21/014.09

Two Strangers One Sailboat Equals Seduction Ch. 2

 — More of couple's day at sea. by Salsa10505/22/014.16

Two Strangers One Sailboat Equals Seduction Ch. 3

 — Couple's sexy day continues. by Salsa10505/23/014.19

Two Strangers One Sailboat Equals Seduction Ch. 4

 — They meet at the dock. by Salsa10505/24/014.11

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