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An Auntie I'd Like To Fuck Ch. 03

 — Paul and his aunt pick up an older couple and discover much. by fuzzyb208/30/134.60HOT

An Austrian in Alabama

 — Two older folks from different cultures get it on. by AlwaysHungry08/21/124.30

An Average Love Story Ch. 01

 — Lonely woman finds love with a lonely young man. by thehumpman07/13/064.48

An Average Love Story Ch. 02

 — They ponder, they decide; Scott deals with her ex. by thehumpman07/19/064.46

An Average Love Story Ch. 03

 — Telling Scott's parents. by thehumpman07/23/064.53HOT

An Average Love Story Ch. 04

 — What would summer be without a trip to the drive in? by thehumpman08/03/064.46

An Earful of Rain

 — A woman knows. by hickoryfarmer07/27/094.07

An Earthday to Remember

 — An aging officer finds himself with a hot little coed. by Master_Vassago04/06/034.55HOT

An Elderly Husband For A Young Girl

 — I do not understand and asked him to explain. by damotchka06/19/133.32

An Encounter

 — College guy enjoys his roommate's mom. by faceinpus03/06/054.26

An End To Loneliness

 — Mature woman seeks to escape her self-imposed loneliness. by LonelyMom11/11/074.66HOT

An English Matron

 — The rise and fall of an affair with an older woman. by phobosuk11/29/124.36

An English Matron Ch. 02

 — She starts to take control. by phobosuk12/05/124.36

An English Matron Ch. 03

 — The balance is restored but I'm still ensnared by her. by phobosuk12/14/124.53HOT

An English Matron Ch. 04

 — Two old ladies! by phobosuk01/08/134.49

An Erotic Encounter with Victoria

 — Younger black man enjoys one night stand with mature blonde. by ParkerWyatt03/30/174.33

An Erotic Grotesque

 — 62, she dressed like 17 and fucked like a whore. by istanbulnoir05/17/074.35

An Evening to Remember

 — Mature wife breaks out of her tight world - big time. by MySin04/29/153.96

An Extended Weekend

 — Married couple rediscover love, romance and sex. by keithswest11/18/064.20

An Eye for An Eye Ch. 01

 — Daughter brings her man home to Mom. by Stardog Champion07/19/064.43

An Eye Full

 — A surprise for an expected guest. by hickoryfarmer01/19/084.40

An Eye on the Housekeeper Ch. 01

 — Video business up & comer needs domestic help. by Conan_T_Barbarian11/19/044.39

An Eye on the Housekeeper Ch. 02

 — Peter's saga continues. by Conan_T_Barbarian11/20/044.45

An Eye on the Housekeeper Ch. 03

 — The conclusion of Peter's saga. by Conan_T_Barbarian11/21/044.56HOT

An Indian Widow's Choice

 — An East Indian widow's new life abroad. by Devaro07/26/033.46

An Indian Widow's Choice Ch. 02-03

 — The start of Indian widow's new life. by Devaro08/03/034.02

An Indian Widow's Choice Ch. 04

 — Monee and her employer. by Devaro08/10/034.22

An Indian Widow's Choice Ch. 05

 — Monee makes a decision. by Devaro08/14/034.09

An Indian Widow's Choice Ch. 06

 — Steve finally takes Monee. by Devaro08/18/034.28

An Indian Widow's Choice Ch. 07

 — Monee's thoughts after their first night. by Devaro08/21/034.06

An Indian Widow's Choice Ch. 08

 — A new day, a new life. by Devaro08/29/034.15

An Indian Widow's Choice Ch. 09

 — Monee found out something. by Devaro09/04/034.07

An Indian Widow's Choice Ch. 10

 — Monee's transformation. by Devaro11/20/034.12

An Indian Widow's Choice Ch. 11

 — Steve's plan unfolding on Monee. by Devaro11/26/034.08

An Indian Widow's Choice Ch. 12

 — Monee has a new friend. by Devaro09/08/044.06

An Intense Weekend in Our Motorhome

 — Married couple enjoy semi-public sex by sparktj06/22/144.48

An Internet Encounter

 — Violet meets up with a man from she met on the internet. by goddess_J08/01/084.25

An Invitation to View

 — Mum's friend models corset and seduces him. by nortythorts01/21/134.42

An Irish Girl

 — The motorcycle was a problem. by SierraSprite01/16/164.37

An Island Alone

 — A mature woman discovers herself after a shipwreck. by RomanCEisdead202/10/154.36

An Observant Housesitter

 — Retired gent watches the cats and the girl next door. by Madabouthair05/16/154.56HOT

An Ocean Apart

 — Woman finds fulfillment and love. by 2lips4u01/24/054.54HOT

An Offer He Couldn't Refuse

 — Events bring out not altogether forgotten feelings. by coldamaranthine02/26/064.45

An Office Complex -- Amour

 — Divorced people become friends, then lovers. by keithswest12/10/063.87

An Officer and A Gentleman

 — A mature officer falls hard for a nurse 26 years his junior. by BabyBubot104/01/154.25

An Old Codger

 — Youth meets Age in a Dance Hall. by AWesTexUn12/23/014.55HOT

An Old Head Ch. 21

 — I love mature women. by Colintall07/01/164.35

An Old Head Ch. 24

 — Brandon meets Stella. by Colintall07/11/164.42

An Old Head Ch. 28

 — Ian and Linda and Jeff. by Colintall07/19/164.39

An Old Head Ch. 30

 — A bit more fun at the farm. by Colintall07/27/164.39

An Old Love Story

 — Some old folks find magic again. by PolyLvr12/12/094.48

An Old Man and a Movie

 — Mr. Renner had his eye on her. by lovelyladyfaire01/09/144.38

An Old Man's Christmas Wish

 — Layla spends the holiday with her older neighbor. by lovelyladyfaire12/25/134.46

An Old Man's Fancy

 — What did young Karen have up her sleeve? by furryfan04/24/104.61HOT

An Old Man's Words Ch. 01

 — Words can be a turn on. by Dead Poet11/12/024.38

An Old Woman's Rebirth

 — A pensioner finds that she is still desirable. by Pussymad4201/13/164.57HOT

An Older & Wiser Man For Me

 — Older man shows divorcée a thing or two about romance. by one_susie_q02/02/024.59HOTContest Winner

An Older Gentleman

 — A genteel gentleman and a lady meet. by Ed061310/26/074.55HOT

An Older Man

 — A young woman imagines an older man loving her. by prevacker01/03/074.22

An Older Man's Poolside Delight

 — He fulfills his teenaged girl fantasy. by hardguy5009/02/014.30

An Older Woman

 — A young man lusts for an older woman. by NemesisGB08/11/013.66

An Older Woman On A Bench

 — A crazy, older woman strikes up a conversation with a guy. by Sexual_Thoughts07/16/13

An Uncomfortable Customer

 — Masseur takes anger out on his customer's daughter, Sarah. by mind_sex11/14/104.28

An Unexpected Encounter

 — He finds what he's looking for in surprising place. by osusweetguy04/20/034.41

An Unexpected Love

 — Teacher and student find love in an unexpected way. by barr12312/29/114.38

An Unexpected Love Ch. 02

 — Kate and Neil know it's more. by barr12301/23/124.57HOT

An Unexpected Meeting

 — Mature guy meets younger lady with unexpected rewards. by iraussieguy03/03/094.67HOT

An Unexpected Visitor

 — Snowed in with an Old Man. by lovelyladyfaire01/02/144.55HOT

An Unforgettable Teacher

 — Arab language tutoring turns into a sensual affair. by ilovebigandmature12/01/014.26

An Unlikely Affair Ch. 01

 — An unlikely relationship between a professor and her student. by BengaliMother04/06/174.62HOT

An Unlikely Pairing

 — A young academic finds depth in an older woman. by egmontgrigor201004/22/104.34

An Unlikely Reunion 25 Years Later

 — Two seniors meeting rekindles memories of a 5 year affair. by walterio04/13/164.50HOT

An Unlikely Reunion 25 Years Later Ch. 02

 — Two days together recalling the past and acting it out. by walterio04/29/164.35

Anal Pleasure In Nature

 — Middle-aged woman finds a naked boy in the forest. by Succulentcock06/02/014.10

Analogue Lovers

 — A deep love of the past brings two people together. by komrad115609/30/164.62HOT

Anatomy of a Crush

 — Collegiate flirting turns to more. by Keos10/04/084.02

Anatomy Teacher

 — In a session after school, he learns about her female body. by Boxlicker10103/19/124.38

Anchoring Out Ch. 03

 — Lorry and Robert Love. by Arabsemen01/10/144.26

Anchoring Out Ch. 04

 — Lorry, Robert and I finally cum together to by Arabsemen01/15/144.30

And Here's To You Mrs. Robinson Ch. 01

 — Erotic MILF memories make a boy a man. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER02/12/083.65

And Here's To You Mrs. Robinson Ch. 02

 — Erotic MILF memories make a boy a man. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER02/12/084.26

And Here's To You Mrs. Robinson Ch. 03

 — Erotic MILF memories make a boy a man. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER02/14/084.30

And I'll Get a Pole

 — Hot Mom's summer night fishing lands her a big one. by RejectReality08/31/124.60HOT

And Mother Makes Three

 — Sex with his girlfriend's mother. by Whitesocks11/23/084.54HOT

And She's Only 18!

 — Neighbor's coed daughter is absolutely fantastic. by bruce4901/17/084.16

And She's Only 18! Ch. 02

 — Daughter's neighbor's girl's Mum. by bruce4901/22/084.27

And That's the Rub

 — A Young man seduces his older boss. by linkznut02/20/034.54HOT

And Then She Was Gone

 — 20-year-old asks neighbour to take her virginity. by aprguy11/17/074.74HOT

Andrea & Sir James

 — A tale of sexual debauchery. by neolithic_one07/12/054.37

Andrea & Sir James Ch. 02

 — Jack hears Andrea's story and enjoys oral sex. by neolithic_one07/22/054.39

Andrea & Sir James Ch. 03

 — The initiation of young Clara at her party. by neolithic_one08/11/054.35

Andrea & Sir James Ch. 04

 — Having Andrea while participating in group sex. by neolithic_one09/08/054.45

Andrea, The Brown-Skinned Beauty

 — Black man has erotic encounter with a woman from his past. by ParkerWyatt02/10/174.64HOT

Andrew's Story

 — My secret personal shopper. by lovelyladyfaire05/17/144.49

Andy Gets Some Ch. 1

 — Andy and his high school teacher get it going. by KauKau06/15/012.92

Angel Lake

 — Friend's mom bends over at lake. by Teneskel08/22/094.42

Angel of Mercy, My Young Valentine

 — Older man dies with a smile on his face on Valentine's Day. by SuperHeroRalph01/27/11HOT


 — Older folks get together for sex & fun. by elderberry06/30/044.57HOT


 — Shared fantasies become reality. by Harper204/26/164.38

Angela Ch. 02

 — Horny older lady keeps on with her young guy. by geronimo_appleby12/06/044.48

Angela's Choice

 — He helps an older woman reawaken her desires. by highclassic01/14/174.74HOT

Angela's Choice Ch. 02

 — Older woman wonders - can life imitate art? by highclassic03/19/174.62HOT

Angela's Service

 — Young woman in need of money sells favors in a retirement home. by davion230801/28/094.47

Angela's Service Ch. 02

 — A young woman showers for money. by davion230802/18/094.54HOT

Angela's Service Ch. 03

 — Angela discovers new techniques. by davion230807/20/094.52HOT

Angela's Way Ch. 01

 — Angela gets even. by Lustin Kink06/22/054.48

Angry Fuck

 — Sex tapes have a way of persuading legal issues. by johnnieblue4410/12/104.36

Animal Instinct Ch. 05

 — The lunch lady and the nerd. by riverboy02/24/154.58HOT


 — A long friendship is finally fulfilled. by IgneousRocks11/26/164.45

Anita Ch. 02

 — A mature Anita (aka Annie) takes the lead. by IgneousRocks12/23/164.38

Anita Ch. 03

 — Michael is entertained and separately so is Annie. by IgneousRocks12/30/163.93

Anita Welcomes Michael

 — She welcomes her son-in-law happily to the family. by Rogue2506/08/114.44

Anita Welcomes Michael Ch. 02

 — Anita wants time alone with Michael. by Rogue2511/17/114.41

Anita Welcomes Michael Ch. 03

 — Anita's neighbor wants to welcome Michael too. by Rogue2511/23/114.36

Anita Welcomes Michael Ch. 04

 — Anita gives an oral reminder. by Rogue2505/17/124.46

Anita's Friend

 — Lonely widow finds a friend. by Starlight04/13/024.55HOT

Anja Enjoys

 — Mum gets taken by daughter's boyfriend. by anja102/07/074.14

Ann and Chris' Cuckold Lover, Brad

 — Ann transforms herself from senior citizen to diva. by SusanJillParker02/05/154.37

Ann Ch. 01

 — Young black doctor gets blowjob from teasing white wife. by 99_percent_oral06/03/094.23

Ann Ch. 03

 — Ann finds a new suck buddy. by 99_percent_oral06/27/094.47

Ann Ch. 04

 — Ann throws Allen a farewell party. by 99_percent_oral07/01/094.15

Ann Goes to the Chatroom

 — Virgin male gets more then he bargain for. by lilguy06/22/033.62

Ann's Interlude!

 — How she prostituted herself. Interlude between parts 2 and 3. by dannydr0008/09/163.81

Ann's Surprise From Santa Ch. 3

 — Ann's adventures continue & now more join in. by Hitchhiker06/02/024.64HOT

Anna and Louisa Meet

 — 18-year-old girls get it on for 50-year-old men. by infinitee6902/22/054.34

Anna Ch. 01

 — 50-year-old math teacher awakens slut in student. by infinitee6901/24/054.21

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