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Mind Control Stories

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The Hitchhiker

 — Dixie finds a demented doctor on the road. by X-Bard01/25/014.25

The Hive Ch. 01

 — Sex addict gets mind fucked by hypnotherapist. by NoJo10/25/164.64HOT

The Hive Ch. 02

 — Claudia ruins, Rich gets poor, Joe pisses on women. by NoJo10/27/164.58HOT

The Hive Ch. 03

 — Cat isn't the innocent she appears to be. by NoJo11/02/164.60HOT

The Hive Ch. 04

 — Rich escapes from the Hive. by NoJo11/04/164.56HOT

The Hive Ch. 05

 — The conclusion, with a happy ending. by NoJo11/07/164.81HOT

The Homecoming Queen

 — Jason hypnotizes sexy popular girl. by Bones Malone10/20/004.15

The Homecoming Queen Ch. 2

 — Ryan gets a shot at hypnotized dream girl. by Bones Malone01/14/014.23

The Homecoming Queen Ch. 3

 — Ryan lets the cat out of the bag. by Bones Malone01/21/013.93

The Horn

 — Kerri discovers legendary horn and its power. by Colleen Thomas03/12/064.59HOT

The Hot Adventures of Jack Ch. 01-02

 — Jack gets the ability to control others. by James_Black00109/14/123.91

The Hot Adventures of Jack Ch. 03

 — Discoveries - Jack finds out more about what has happened. by James_Black00109/21/123.99

The Hypnosis King

 — Wife & her friend are enjoyed while under hypnosis. by jkendale02/13/054.42

The Hypnotic DJ

 — He takes control of eighteen-year-old Jessica. by PsychoMantis02/03/01

The Hypnotist

 — Jim & Heather see a hypnotist. by magicrub06/05/063.81

The Hypnotist

 — A non believer is converted. by partyfairy02/05/074.28

The Hypnotist

 — Horny husbands get their wives under their spell. by Slickman07/25/074.52HOT

The Hypnotist

 — Controling the one that would control. by hrshie4008/06/083.96

The Hypnotist Ch. 01

 — Jack recalls the beginning. by scfasd01/08/134.24

The Hypnotist’s Assistants

 — Couple are unwilling participants in a hypnotist's show. by frogintexas04/03/074.46

The Idol-istic Story

 — He had the idol but she wanted him anyways. by idolman08/11/024.19

The Impenetrable Blackness of Windows

 — A girl on a train has to submit to a detailed examination. by Drmaxc05/12/134.48

The Induction

 — Really all that you need to do is to relax. by KCRU06/01/153.42

The Induction for Ladies

 — For the eyes of female readers only. by KCRU06/05/153.95

The Inheritance Ch. 01

 — Chapter 1. by Thane6301/14/174.23

The Inner Message! Ch. 1

 — Neighbor gives her CDs with subliminal messages in them. by SpankerSam08/31/014.49

The Institute Stories Set 01

 — Mind controllers are the key to human survival. by elsol04/15/054.48

The Institute Stories Set 02

 — A town shows signs of recovering from the Event. by elsol05/03/054.56HOT

The Institute Stories Set 03

 — A gift received, an Operative killed, a secret revealed. by elsol05/25/054.54HOT

The Institute Stories Set 04

 — Jason's returns from the wilderness. by elsol06/23/054.67HOT

The Interview

 — A desperate unemployed girl meets her new boss. by moonmystic01/16/123.54

The Interview

 — Executive Kent interviews Slutti for an assistant position. by Carcosa12/14/123.85

The Invasion

 — Large man-like creatures invade Earth taking Human Females. by AlphaDrive10/29/154.16

The Island of Depravity Ch. 01

 — A lusty serial in the tradition of the 1930s pulps. by centurea11/20/164.30

The Island of Depravity Ch. 02

 — A lusty serial in the tradition of the 1930s pulps. by centurea01/01/174.37

The Island of Depravity Ch. 03

 — A lusty serial in the tradition of the 1930s pulps. by centurea02/11/174.38

The Island of Depravity Ch. 04

 — A lusty serial in the tradition of the 1920s pulps. by centurea03/05/174.28

The Island of Depravity Ch. 05

 — A lusty serial in the tradition of the 1930s pulps. by centurea03/13/174.46

The Itch

 — Erica's mysterious itch leads to much more. by AMOWAT04/06/034.43

The Joker

 — Two women make a bet about a stage hypnotist. by JukeboxEMCSA05/14/114.37

The Kind of Girl I Could Love

 — A replacement Girl tries to figure out what went wrong. by JukeboxEMCSA12/03/164.08

The King's Creed Ch.01

 — The first chapter of the direct sequel to Jonathan Creed. by Noble_Truth02/28/144.61HOT

The Last Cigarette

 — Psychological thriller. by NoJo07/18/144.16

The Lesser Evil Ch. 02

 — The more she learns, the more she's fucked. by bbonz110/06/114.35

The Lesser Evil Ch. 03

 — She finds the source and is ravaged by the discovery. by bbonz110/07/114.36

The LIAR and the WITCH Bk. 01-03

 — Randy's wife is turned into a futanari when he cheats. by charlesplingham10/26/164.68HOT

The Liberation of Jane

 — A local girl takes advantage of a foreigner on holiday. by thewatchman02/03/173.45

The Librarian

 — She loves her new job and the perks she gets when she reads. by JELB_4212/17/063.79

The Librarian Ch. 02

 — Michelle tries out the young studs. by JELB_4212/27/064.11

The Librarian Ch. 03

 — Michelle has fun at a park with young stud. by JELB_4201/03/074.03

The Lieutenant's Adventure Ch. 02

 — Monica's night takes another confusing turn by SamuraiSword08/22/064.51HOT

The Link

 — University student discovers an unusual talent. by anonsipen06/13/034.09

The List

 — 33 steps to follow to conclusion. by anselsgirl10/20/083.68

The Little Princess

 — Taking care of a right little spoilt brat. by Bob_611/02/154.25

The Long and Winding Road

 — The path to hypnosis can be quite pleasant. by JukeboxEMCSA08/13/122.71

The Long Road Goodbye

 — A midnight road trip. An eager new slave. A dead end. by malsagulo07/04/164.49

The Look

 — Bill looks at a woman in the Waiting Room. by EncryptedOne01/10/123.91

The Loser Ch. 01

 — A born loser discovers the key to the mind. by Lucifer_Carroll05/13/044.55HOT

The Loser Ch. 02

 — Jack continues his exploration with a bad teacher. by Lucifer_Carroll05/19/044.56HOT

The Loser Ch. 03

 — Jack is starting to lose control of his evil side. by Lucifer_Carroll05/20/044.40

The Lust Bus

 — Regulars on a city bus are overcome by the scent of a woman. by charlesplingham12/04/164.54HOT

The Magic Box Ch. 01

 — Finding the device. by grahamsaint03/23/164.38

The Magic Box Ch. 02

 — More use of the device. by grahamsaint03/24/164.31

The Magic Box Ch. 03

 — My day with my in laws. by grahamsaint04/01/164.32

The Making of Mara

 — Alabama woman loses inhibitions. by Mpulse11/24/074.39

The Making of Mara Ch. 02

 — Family. by Mpulse12/01/074.49

The Making of Mara Ch. 03

 — Alabama babe loses control. by Mpulse12/19/074.41

The Making of Mara Ch. 04

 — Bad sister. by Mpulse01/02/084.36

The Making of Mara Ch. 05

 — Give it up little sister; who is in control? by Mpulse05/14/084.36

The Making of Mara Ch. 06

 — Creating a monster. by Mpulse05/22/084.52HOT

The Maleman

 — Wife of unfaithful mailman gets her revenge. by mc_ellen11/06/023.69

The Market

 — A man visits a very selective market. by chriselena07/03/154.21

The Market - Section Red

 — Two men have a contest... by chriselena05/31/163.79

The Market Ch. 02

 — Home from the market. Tone is very different from P1 by chriselena07/06/154.61HOT

The Market Ch. 03: Back to the Market

 — He returns to get his purchase modified. Back to P1's tone. by chriselena07/09/154.69HOT

The Marquis, Freud, and a Shrink

 — Alex finds truth in the Marquis de Sade, Freud, and a shrink. by DionysusReturns01/30/094.15

The Master Program Ch. 01

 — University student discovers the Master Program. by Varun198707/24/124.32

The Master Program Ch. 02

 — Stephen tests the program out on someone else. by Varun198707/24/124.47

The Master Program Ch. 03

 — Stephen's girlfriend finds a girlfriend. by Varun198710/16/124.40

The Master Program Ch. 04

 — Stephen plans to scale things up. by Varun198711/10/124.27

The Master Program Ch. 05

 — Stephen decides to modify his friend. by Varun198711/15/124.45

The Master Program Ch. 06

 — Stephen shares his program with Michael. by Varun198712/12/124.63HOT

The Master Program Ch. 07

 — Stephen finds himself in a worsening situation. by Varun198706/02/134.29

The Master Program Ch. 08

 — The search for Parz continues... by Varun198708/05/134.31

The Master Program Ch. 09

 — Stephen makes his final choice. by Varun198708/06/134.18

The Matter of the Mind Ch. 01

 — Mind Control thru technology; he takes back control. by Barber_o_Saville11/07/084.43

The Matter of the Mind Ch. 02

 — Revised chapter 2 - went in a different direction. by Barber_o_Saville11/13/084.41

The Matter of the Mind Ch. 03

 — The slaves are punished and denied. by Barber_o_Saville12/10/114.34

The Maze Ch. 01

 — The Interview. by agreymoon10/02/134.15

The Meek Shall Inherit

 — 18-year-old geek is endowed with special powers. by dejectedgeek09/07/044.68HOT

The Mentalist

 — Evening is more than Alandra had bargained for. by crimson_skye08/07/014.33

The Mentalist

 — I can really read your thoughts, here's why. by DG Hear10/21/144.46

The Metamorphosis of Lady Barbara...Ch. 1

 — Frigid woman in her forties learns about sex. by alexis_elizabeth04/25/013.16

The Metamorphosis of Lady Barbara...Ch. 2

 — She comes under Mrs. Indira Luvalingum's control. by alexis_elizabeth05/01/014.17

The Meteor Ch. 01

 — A Meteor fragment with parasites lands in a small town. by chinookwind09/07/124.29

The Meteor Ch. 02

 — An underground club uses the colony for its entertainment. by chinookwind09/17/124.36

The Meteor Ch. 03

 — The colony provides nightly pleasures and companionship. by chinookwind09/25/124.62HOT

The Milking Machine

 — His new girlfriend plays for keeps. by jeb2212/20/084.33

The Mind Doctor Ch. 1

 — Female Dr. performs hypnotic experiments. by Dingy_Jo10/09/004.01

The Mind Doctor Ch. 2

 — Doctor helps Paul; he helps horny women. by Dingy_Jo10/09/004.21

The Mind Doctor Ch. 3

 — Research assistant requests hypnotic therapy. by Dingy_Jo10/09/004.28

The Mind Doctor Ch. 4

 — Doctor helps sexually exhausted tennis pro. by Dingy_Jo10/09/004.15

The Mind Doctor Ch. 5

 — Doctor's patients help each other. by Dingy_Jo10/09/004.38

The Mind is Flat

 — Or is it? A tale from the dark side. by Tara_Neale11/19/143.80

The Mind Reader

 — Losing my mind or was he real. by RiskyGirl01/31/124.47

The Misogynist Ch. 01

 — What happens when a nice girl falls prey to a really evil man. by carvohi08/13/104.08

The Misogynist Ch. 02

 — Innocent women is slowly being seduced by a cruel man. by carvohi08/20/104.28

The Misogynist Ch. 03

 — Sadistic man seduces and abuses innocent young woman. by carvohi08/28/104.28

The Misogynist Ch. 04

 — Sadistic man seduces naive girl while true love is idle. by carvohi09/02/104.26

The Misogynist Ch. 05

 — Misguided Cheryl on a terrible trail of degradation. by carvohi09/07/104.21

The Missing Half

 — The Missing Half. by pagetwotwotwo04/15/124.44

The Missing Half Ch. 02

 — A mad scientist releases a virus on his home planet. by pagetwotwotwo05/06/124.14

The Mistress' Mistress

 — She should be more careful. by Falcinator07/27/074.36

The Mysterious Touch

 — Ty's whole life changes with a touch. by RichPastries10/03/154.42

The Mysterious Touch Ch. 02

 — Ty gets the history on his powers & then tests their limit. by RichPastries10/07/154.49

The Mysterious Touch Ch. 03

 — Ty uses his power to make a better working environment. by RichPastries10/08/154.57HOT

The Mysterious Touch Ch. 04

 — Ty tells his best friend about his new power. by RichPastries10/10/154.53HOT

The Mysterious Touch Ch. 05

 — Ty meets the new girl at work and actually falls for her. by RichPastries10/14/154.51HOT

The Mysterious Touch Ch. 06

 — Ty gets out of a traffic ticket and comes to a realization. by RichPastries10/16/154.46

The Mysterious Touch Ch. 07

 — Ty takes his powers on vacation. by RichPastries10/21/154.65HOT

The Mysterious Touch Ch. 08

 — Ty gets an idea to give Lisa her wish. by RichPastries10/28/154.62HOT

The Mysterious Touch Ch. 09

 — Ty and Lisa get fancy on their way to the 'party'. by RichPastries10/31/154.60HOT

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 01

 — Nancy receives a call from Aunt Eloise. by Ameaner09/30/164.23

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 02

 — The local flavour samples Bess. by Ameaner10/03/164.39

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 03

 — George attracts an admirer. by Ameaner10/04/164.52HOT

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 04

 — Nancy surprises herself, George wakes up. by Ameaner10/05/164.44

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 05

 — Pedaling for pleasure. by Ameaner10/07/164.74HOT

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 06

 — Bess takes George to the boutique. by Ameaner10/08/164.55HOT

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 07

 — Nancy explores the basement. by Ameaner10/09/164.53HOT

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 08

 — Bess and George explore under each others' skirts. by Ameaner10/11/164.75HOT

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 09

 — Nancy wades even deeper and finds she enjoys it. by Ameaner10/12/164.56HOT

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 10

 — Nancy and George get a little naughty. by Ameaner10/13/164.71HOT

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 11

 — Bess learns a new skill. by Ameaner10/14/164.61HOT

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 12

 — Nancy takes George to the basement. by Ameaner10/15/164.77HOT

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 13

 — Jailhouse rock. by Ameaner10/16/164.68HOT

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 14

 — George gets what she wants. by Ameaner10/18/164.76HOT

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 15

 — Topless shoppers get twenty percent off. by Ameaner10/19/164.68HOT

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 16

 — Events reach a turning point. by Ameaner10/20/164.57HOT

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 17

 — George sees a different side to Nancy. by Ameaner10/21/164.81HOT

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 18

 — An awkward morning and an opportunity for Eloise. by Ameaner10/22/164.59HOT

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 19

 — A day of family fun at Annabelle's Boutique. by Ameaner10/23/164.81HOT

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 20

 — Nancy and Eloise visit the Colonel. by Ameaner10/25/164.65HOT

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 21

 — Things are changing for George by Ameaner10/26/164.50HOT

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 22

 — Eloise trades Nancy for a history lesson from the Colonel. by Ameaner10/27/164.77HOT

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 23

 — Bess and George get some Candy. by Ameaner10/28/164.85HOT

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 24

 — Nancy takes Eloise to the boutique. by Ameaner10/29/164.67HOT

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 25

 — Bess gains more information on Susan Quinn. by Ameaner10/30/164.65HOT

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 26

 — The consequences of trespassing are reparations. by Ameaner10/31/164.80HOT

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 27

 — Reverend Muren gives in. by Ameaner11/01/164.66HOT

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 28

 — Eloise, Nancy and George make more reparations. by Ameaner11/02/164.75HOT

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 29

 — Nancy takes Eloise to the basement. by Ameaner11/03/164.83HOT

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 30

 — Bess and Candy continue to wallow. by Ameaner11/04/164.79HOT

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 31

 — Nancy, Eloise and the cousins settle down for a talk. by Ameaner11/06/164.84HOT

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 32

 — Eloise finds Susan. by Ameaner11/08/164.71HOT

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 33

 — Life after high school. by Ameaner11/09/164.72HOT

The Naked Truth

 — Charlene finds she has a naked twin - doesn't everybody? by archibael12/02/064.53HOT

The Narc

 — A young female officer goes undercover. by Couture06/02/124.36

The Neighbor Ch. 04

 — Tom resists, so Taylor turns to trance. by jeb2201/08/094.61HOT

The Neighbor Ch. 05

 — Tom learns the truth. by jeb2205/01/094.38

The Nerd

 — A nerd is suduced into lesbianism through hypnosis. by Couture10/29/124.54HOT

The New Girl

 — The Lab hires a new assistant to help Erin out. by Norm_dePlume12/28/164.13

The New Porn Star

 — A mind control story. by BabyILoveSex04/02/162.57

The New Teacher

 — The stress of the job interview made easier. by shannonkelly08/13/164.30

The Next Induction

 — Only read if you want my words to compel and hypnotise. by KCRU06/04/153.24

The Next Phase

 — Control freak finds different ways to amuse himself. by techsan06/07/064.00

The Night Weaver Pt. 01

 — What if your counselor could force you to change? by Joy_Fuel10/23/144.37

The Nosy Housewife & The Last...

 — Housewife spies on her new neighbors & is reprogrammed. by Stormbringer08/31/014.26

The Notebook Ch. 01

 — Special book takes her to places she never dreamed. by BlondNDesirable02/16/144.55HOT

The Notebook Ch. 02

 — Bethany opens the book a second time. by BlondNDesirable02/17/144.74HOT

The Nude Gun

 — An 18 year old male get possession of an alien weapon. by Absolutelywickedthoughts06/16/154.62HOT

The Nude Gun Ch. 02

 — Teenager with alien ray gun takes advantage. by Absolutelywickedthoughts07/03/154.66HOT

The Nude Gun Ch. 03

 — Joe enjoys the benefits and selects more targets. by Absolutelywickedthoughts07/13/154.76HOT

The Nude Gun Ch. 04

 — Joe is tricked and things began to heat up. by Absolutelywickedthoughts08/11/154.75HOT

The Nude Gun Ch. 05

 — Joe continues to grow & meets up with the Feds. by Absolutelywickedthoughts11/03/154.75HOT

The Nude Gun Ch. 06

 — Joe goes to a training camp & things become clearer. by Absolutelywickedthoughts01/14/164.75HOT

The Nude Gun Ch. 07

 — Joe is surprised and gets busy. by Absolutelywickedthoughts04/29/164.75HOT

The Nude Gun Ch. 08

 — Joe & Cassie work together & surprises abound. by Absolutelywickedthoughts06/14/164.80HOT

The Nude Gun Ch. 09

 — Nancy finally talks to Joe, Scott hits the trifecta. by Absolutelywickedthoughts10/30/164.76HOT

The Nude Gun Ch. 10

 — Matt brings the recruits together & the threat is reveal. by Absolutelywickedthoughts11/26/164.69HOT

The Nurse

 — Nurse is puzzled over her actions - and reactions. by techsan04/04/054.17

The Nutty Chocolatier

 — Life is like a box of chocolates… by sagethorns01/28/124.44

The Oasis

 — The unexpected effect of the sun on man crossing the desert. by MrMikelobe195208/04/044.12

The Omega Drug Ch. 01

 — A story of complete conquest. by hastalavista10/03/073.97

The Onyx Ring Ch. 04

 — Got a problem Mr. Harris? by Mpulse05/01/084.25

The Onyx Ring Ch. 05

 — 2....4....6....8....Who do we appreciate? by Mpulse05/06/084.24

The Onyx Ring Ch. 06

 — Will the cheerleader submit? by Mpulse05/07/084.35

The Ornament

 — An unusual Christmas ornament seduces a group of roommates. by TinyBeth11/30/124.34

The Other End of the Stick Ch. 01

 — BBW submits to an enigmatic visiting scholar. by Elenriel12/18/154.42

The Oyster Shucker

 — I had to admire how well she shucked the oysters. by Middleagepoet11/04/094.14

The Palmist Ch. 01

 — David gets dumped in humiliating fashion. by PeterOmez07/22/163.79

The Palmist Ch. 02

 — A palm reader prescribes orgasm denial? by PeterOmez07/24/164.03

The Palmist Ch. 03

 — David cums without Lila's authorization. Uh oh. by PeterOmez07/26/164.14

The Palmist Ch. 04

 — Cup o' depression, or, David sees a new side of Lila. by PeterOmez07/28/164.00

The Palmist Ch. 05

 — I will not say OK. I will say yes ma'am and yes sir. by PeterOmez07/30/163.74

The Palmist Ch. 06

 — David becomes Derek and Megan's little bitch boy. by PeterOmez08/02/163.54

The Password

 — Beauty and the Geek. by dronez10/07/133.88

The Patron and the Saint

 — Two mind controllers go on a date. by taxandtithe08/28/154.75HOT

The Pendulum's Promise

 — Olivia's only escape is in surrender. by JukeboxEMCSA12/12/154.10

The Perfect Gift

 — Necklace makes her need to submit to her husband. by phredpharkas04/25/064.60HOT

The Perfect Sex Robot Ch. 02

 — She blabkmailed him into her remote control slave. by gmikeisbad05/24/113.91

The Perfect Sex Robot Ch. 07

 — The last day at work solves an office mystery. Meet Rose. by gmikeisbad08/09/124.09

The Perversion of the Bodyswappers

 — Sandra is confused to watch herself having sex with someone by king_wesley01/21/104.34

The Pet Trainer

 — Getting his pet under control. by FrancisMacomber07/18/134.32

The Phantom's Return

 — Jamie is conned into seeing the Phantom again. by theladycroft03/14/064.69HOT

The Phone Call

 — John gets a mesmerizing phone call. by jeb2206/11/104.06

The Photoshoot Pt. 01

 — A Dancer and her haughty mother hypnotised by photographer. by dominant_male06/04/164.40

The Photoshoot Pt. 02

 — Danielle experiences some uncontrollable urges the next day. by dominant_male06/30/164.51HOT

The Photoshoot Pt. 03

 — Susan is taught to appreciate diversity in the photo studio. by dominant_male07/07/164.59HOT

The Phrase that Pays

 — A magic phrase is found leading to unexpected results. by dr13bone02/19/123.81

The Phychologist: The Beginning

 — He finds an Aphrodisiac and a Mystery. by Kesser04/19/054.57HOT

The Phycologist: The Experiment

 — The aphrodisiac works, the mystery remains. by Kesser05/20/054.51HOT

The Pied Piper

 — The Pied Piper pays a visit to the Deep South. by Selena_Kitt04/13/064.06

The Pink Ring

 — James gets lucky with Courtney. by mike480602/13/044.13

The Pleasure of being Emily Pt. 01

 — A mysterious creature assimilates Emily, but it's not over. by IAmControl12/27/154.21

The Pocket Watch Ch.01

 — Jacks new pocket watch gives him all the fun he can handle. by baxternz10/15/144.54HOT

The Pocket Watch Ch.02

 — Jack has more fun with his pocket watch. by baxternz10/30/144.62HOT

The Police Woman

 — A strange man stirs up a police station with bimbos. by lustache6902/02/154.32

The Pool Ch. 01

 — John goes for a job interview that takes an unexpected turn. by mastermindofchicks02/03/124.01

The Pool Ch. 02

 — Amy is abused, and John becomes friendly with Brad. by mastermindofchicks02/22/123.69

The Potent Phrase Pt. 01

 — A gift from an old man begins to change my life. by EscargotDriver07/19/164.51HOT

The Potent Phrase Pt. 02

 — My first attempts at using the gift. by EscargotDriver07/21/164.68HOT

The Potent Phrase Pt. 03

 — I try to have a productive, relaxing day. by EscargotDriver07/28/164.57HOT

The Potent Phrase Pt. 04

 — Fun in the gym leads to a fun night out. by EscargotDriver08/09/164.70HOT

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