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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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All Tied Up & No Where To Go

 — Au pair is used by her boss. by Christie05278005/28/024.29

All Tied Up with No Way Out

 — A story of a reluctant girl and a persistant guy. by Ladylustalot04/09/113.83

All Tied Up...Sort Of

 — Au pairs' English adventure continues. by Christie05278006/04/024.07

All Too Rushed

 — Hurried soccer mom gets a surprise. by Kahuna3606/28/033.69

All You Have To Do Is Ask

 — She doesn't really want it. You give it to her anyway. by Bgorr00604/21/084.35

Allen Learns a Hard Lesson

 — Clare & Diana lure cousin into shower, then drain him dry. by EnCarta07/26/064.14

Allen's New Apartment Ch. 01

 — A male boarder is converted to a sex slave. by JamesLacy11/26/014.50HOT

Allen's New Apartment Ch. 02

 — The new sex slave learns submission and service. by JamesLacy11/30/014.55HOT

Allen's New Apartment Ch. 03

 — Allen discovers the Bench serves more than justice. by JamesLacy07/12/024.52HOT

Alleyway Porn

 — Amateur Dominant stumbles into the porn industry. by kinoman03/07/054.07

Allie T - Valentine Virgin Violated

 — Teen loses her virginity to the wrong guy. by scouries02/06/094.13

Allie's New Life Ch. 02

 — Small town girl awakens sexually. by Dawnsdelight09/25/044.30

Allie's New Life Ch. 03

 — The continuation of her sexual awaking. by Dawnsdelight09/27/044.17

Allie's Troll Trick

 — Erwin's desire for Allie leads him to some rough fucking. by Rectitude11/27/123.87

Allison Gets Used

 — Her boyfriend isn't the nice guy he seemed to be. by rphj10/16/103.50

Allison's Schoolgirl Adventures Ch. 3

 — Allison goes to boarding school to learn new lessons by CherryLicious10/06/044.20

Allison's Study Session

 — She knew she was studying, but not how much she'd learn. by gothicgoddess08/08/053.78


 — To keep her from leaving him, he did the unthinkable. by edrider7312/14/132.88

Ally's "Unwilling"

 — Jack takes Ally for his slave. by PhoenixGreen08/31/094.47

Ally's Ordeal

 — Things get hot, when she is left alone with her stepfather by Lirielle06/10/133.98

Allyah's Date

 — Allyah Edges goes on a date and ends up with cum in her ass. by Whale6708/13/16

Almost Out of Africa

 — American woman is strip searched at African airport. by Mark Once08/22/054.05

Almost Rape

 — Guy isn't sure how serious his friend is about her fantasies. by brassfish05/22/143.64

Almost Ravished in a Bathroom

 — Is it cheating? BBW takes married man on toilet. by edmead03/29/084.19


 — She's blackmailed into sex with a stranger. by DuPain09/04/084.25

Alone at Home

 — Lisa gets a work out from a rapist. by binder38us02/09/043.76

Alone at Last

 — Taking ALL of his ex-wife. by Xwifestalker05/23/084.23

Alone at Night

 — Stranger bounds & uses her in her bed. by bama_mama01/28/054.10

Alone At The Airport

 — A rough encounter in a deserted airport. by luv_to_run7108/15/063.92

Alone at the Bar

 — A tease finds herself alone in a bar she can't handle. by AshenGrey08/29/083.89

Alone Ch. 02

 — She's blackmailed into having sex with a stranger. by DuPain09/05/084.44

Alone Ch. 03

 — Her seducer reveals himself at last! by DuPain09/03/084.48

Alone in the Country Ch. 01

 — A woman alone has her life changed in an unusal way. by crystalstone02/01/104.33

Alone in the Country Ch. 02

 — A woman alone gets revenge. by crystalstone02/02/104.43

Alone in the Country Ch. 03

 — A woman alone gets her happy ending. by crystalstone02/03/104.59HOT

Alone In The Garage...

 — She's captured and forced to please him. by LadysMan02/24/034.22

Alone in the Shower

 — Ella thinks she's alone. by britishknight01/29/133.68

Alone In The Woods

 — You act out an erotic fantasy. by innocencebroken07/05/074.28

Alone in the Woods

 — 2 against 1 in the woods. Merry Christmas. by xxxArtemisDawnxxx11/26/124.03

Alpha Chronicles Ch. 01

 — Anthony is teased at work and takes control of situation. by Slaaneth05/16/144.66HOT

Alpha Chronicles Ch. 02

 — Anthony's sister's friend pushes him, and he responds. by Slaaneth08/22/144.68HOT

Alpha Chronicles Ch. 03

 — Anthony helps out his mother's friend. by Slaaneth09/01/144.70HOT

Alpha Chronicles Ch. 04

 — Anthony gets to address some unfinished business from work. by Slaaneth10/19/144.66HOT

Alpha Male

 — Ravish, pillage and burn. by TonyDowse12/19/063.98

Altavie Brown Wins This Round

 — If I knew what I wanted, I'd force you to give it to me. by altavie01/02/113.86

Altena's Impregnation - Version 01

 — A goddess-like being is ravaged. by avenger197511/01/113.16

Alternative Discipline

 — A teacher helps a student get what she wants... by Nyaeve07/15/164.15

Alternative Sentencing

 — Female offender serves sentence at local home. by Clausimotto05/02/053.76

Always Hungry For More

 — David forces Mila to satisfy his appetite. by urbanlove03/16/124.00

Always Mine

 — Man forces his wife back into lover's life. by Margin Walker06/12/044.03

Always Read the Fine Print Pt. 01

 — She unknowingly signs away her life. by asyncronous12/15/153.68

Always Watching...

 — Longtime girlfriend cheats on boyfriend, pays the price. by 8Seconds03/27/064.23

Always Watching... Ch. 02

 — The story continues. by 8Seconds03/29/064.55HOT

Always Watching... Ch. 03

 — The best friends go further. by 8Seconds05/15/064.10


 — Girl is framed then used sexually. by jackie_em03/02/173.86

Alycia, Alcohol, and Abandonment

 — A drunk sophomore is seduced by two older men in a dive bar. by writingwhilewet12/17/164.49

Am I A Bad Husband?

 — Sleepwalking can be sexy. by Wifetheif07/20/134.19

Amanda Blackmail Blow Job

 — Amanda's past indiscretions return to haunt her. by fireplacelady12310/29/053.84

Amanda Ch. 01

 — Gorgeous teenager has incomprehensible desires. by callmQ6706/11/054.46

Amanda Ch. 01

 — Teenage girl owned by older man. by makemelucky2402/12/133.37

Amanda Ch. 02

 — Lovely Amanda's sexual awakening continues. by callmQ6706/18/054.54HOT

Amanda Ch. 03

 — The debauching of sexy Amanda is completed. by callmQ6708/12/054.69HOT

Amanda Ch. 04

 — Amanda's reputation at school is wrecked in a day. by callmQ6701/05/064.49

Amanda Ch. 06

 — Amanda and her mother pay a visit to the clinic. by callmQ6706/11/064.34

Amanda Gets Raped

 — Virgin 18 yr gets raped in all 3 holes. by apemermoud07/31/133.59

Amanda Pays the Price

 — College freshman gets in a bad situation. by PAS05/17/014.29

Amanda Pays the Rent Ch. 01

 — A young breastfeeding mother must submit. by BeepBeeps02/02/123.86

Amanda Simmons, FBI-Petey

 — Petey assesses Amanda's abilities beyond dancing. by Howard_Galt06/14/124.53HOT

Amanda's Career Change

 — She gets a new career, and the perks are incredible! by wicked cravings07/24/034.30

Amanda's Fantasy

 — He helps her fulfill her secret fantasy. by damonX11/12/094.28

Amanda's Fantasy

 — A dark fantasy. by FetidFlowers06/21/124.05

Amanda's Journey into Submission Ch. 03

 — Young exec meets her blackmailer. by bigrock47603/28/104.26

Amanda's Used On Her Day Off

 — Amanda lets a stranger into her front room. by fireplacelady12311/01/053.79

Amaris Adara

 — A model at ComicCon makes his teenage fantasies come true. by ZTV2507/05/164.10

Amateur Model

 — What money and an old man made her do. by ellynei12/15/084.38

Amateur Night at the Blue Nile

 — Welcome to the Blue Nile. Anything might happen. by Jaymal07/04/124.53HOT

Amateur Photographers

 — A teacher succumbs to student's creative explorations by Jacol03/19/124.03

Amazing Friends

 — Looks can be truly deceiving by Lusty Redhead03/03/034.26

Amazing Grace

 — A prosecutor is terrorized by the man she wrongly convicted. by Jayded_Lust12/12/164.76HOT


 — Strange things happen deep in the jungle. by Ashson01/13/144.09

Amazon Bertha and Her Subs

 — Disgusting fat black femme dom uses a submissive white couple.. by fastbreakplayer03/24/113.85

Amazon Tamed Ch. 01

 — An arrogant blond is dominated. by Dazzle107/17/114.06

Amazon Tamed Ch. 02

 — Paula takes over Greta's training by Dazzle107/18/114.21

Amazon Tamed Ch. 03

 — New roles defined. by Dazzle107/26/114.38

Amazon Tamed Ch. 04

 — Keith doms Paula and Greta. by Dazzle107/27/114.13

Amazon Tamed Ch. 05

 — This Amazon takes charge. by Dazzle107/29/114.41


 — An aspiring pop star's dark descent into anal masochism. by Embers_X02/20/173.37

Amber Butterfly Ch. 09

 — Johnson worms his way back into Amber's life. by Longshadow03/28/124.57HOT

Amber Calls The Shots

 — Cruel girl exploits her beauty. by hobrigef01/21/113.34

Amber Owns Sunita

 — Stepmom Regrets Getting Drunk. by TheDarkCloud09/18/123.97

Amber's Debasement Ch. 01

 — Amber is forced into shameful degradation. by SeXine09/23/044.35

Amber's Debasement Ch. 02

 — Amber's shame continues as she tastes cum. by SeXine01/30/054.35

Amber's New Job Ch. 03

 — A friend asks Amber to help tame a recalcitrant male. by MaryAnderson10/29/144.48

Amber's Revenge

 — Amber teases and tortures for Derek not going to the prom. by Daman21205/31/083.47

Ambien Rape

 — Sleep aid drug used to take wife's friend. by priv8life03/05/093.93

Ambient Dreams Ch. 01

 — A young woman is molested in her sleep...and enjoys it! by captainamerica1102/16/114.22

Ambulance Nurse

 — There was a crunch as a the driver... by sirparadisio10/21/153.19


 — She met him online. by lonny3711/30/064.00


 — Her honeymoon has more adventure than planned. by Rolph3511/22/093.93

Amelia's Answered Ad

 — A May-December encounter goes wrong...and then right. by AaronLSubZero03/24/173.93NEW

American Girl

 — Gangbanged by her classmates. Dominated by the homeowner. by HuckPilgrim06/18/144.19

American Pickers: Peggy 01

 — A team terrorizes women. by knightfantasies02/24/113.99

American Pickers: Peggy 02

 — A team continues to abuse a trapped woman. by knightfantasies03/02/114.01

American Pickers: Peggy 03

 — Final chapter, now a mom and daughter are abused. by knightfantasies03/08/114.10

Amethyst Deflowered

 — Sheltered virgin is taken against her will. by alpineshoodrat05/07/04

Amethyst Deflowered Ch. 02

 — Her attacker returns for more. by alpineshoodrat05/08/04

Amethyst Deflowered the Conclusion

 — She finally sees her attacker for what he is by alpineshoodrat05/09/04

Amie Gets Taken

 — A girl is taken by 2 men. by misslolalaurent05/30/123.51

Amish No More Ch. 01

 — Divorced man kidnaps an innocent Amish woman. by beagle969001/19/094.41

Amish No More Ch. 02

 — Approximately 5 months have passed. by beagle969005/01/094.71HOT

Amish No More Ch. 04

 — Martha is slowly brought under his thumb. by beagle969011/09/134.60HOT

Amish No More Ch. 05

 — Martha discovers her sexuality under Michael's firm hand. by beagle969006/21/144.67HOT

Amisha's Taking

 — Hot Indian-American girl gets followed and fucked by a stranger. by zeus2103/06/134.23

Amity's Vow

 — Historical erotica set in early middle ages. by bradley_stoke06/06/043.69


 — Religious Strife. by BrazenFellow04/15/113.33


 — Where did they find those cartridges? by Ashson02/25/164.46


 — Man tries a new drug on a woman. by Ashson04/01/144.11

Amnesia Ch. 01

 — Is he really my husband? by SylviaG12/21/084.10

Amnesia Ch. 02

 — Was I really the slut my husband said I was? by SylviaG12/22/084.28

Amnesia Ch. 03

 — Sex takes a hold on me, and a shock about the fire. by SylviaG12/25/084.38

Amnesia Ch. 04

 — Photos of me with another man on Harry's laptop. by SylviaG12/26/084.52HOT

Amnesia Ch. 05

 — I get touched up on a bus, and visit my ex lover's flat. by SylviaG12/29/084.11

Amnesia Ch. 06

 — The window cleaner, and why I don't have a wedding ring. by SylviaG12/30/084.32

Amnesia Ch. 07

 — Teasing my husband and my soon to be lover. by SylviaG12/31/084.44

Amnesia Ch. 08

 — Another visit to the police, and two men get what they want. by SylviaG01/01/094.24

Amnesia Ch. 09

 — I finally find the truth. by SylviaG01/03/094.12

Amnesia Ch. 10

 — A second ending. by SylviaG01/04/094.14


 — A would be mugger and her guy get more than planned. by RogueProfile01/11/06

Amy & the Pillow Case Rapist

 — Amy becomes a rapist's property. by binder38us02/23/043.90

Amy & the Stranger

 — She finds a man lurking in her closet. by HotLilSexKitten01/17/013.96

Amy & The Stranger

 — Amy pays off a poker bet. by actor4710/19/014.02

Amy and the English Teacher

 — An eighteen-year-old teacher's pet pleases her instructor. by ttboi12/04/133.80

Amy Ch. 01

 — Playful strip poker goes wrong. by Nice_Guy_Done_Last06/05/063.91

Amy Ch. 01

 — Amy teases the wrong man. by bjoeplayer08/25/104.09

Amy Ch. 04

 — Nathan savors Amy's sleeping body. by shagsbeard07/09/054.35

Amy Lives Out Her Fantasies...

 — Amy's Revenge. by LuvAGoodPegging02/14/074.18

Amy Lynn The Story

 — I tell part of my story so far... by amy_lynn11/07/114.16

Amy Lynn The Story Ch. 02

 — My story continues. by amy_lynn11/10/114.20

Amy Met Kelli on Tumblr Ch. 01

 — Adventures of Two Asian Sluts. by kkelli12/14/114.31

Amy Met Kelli on Tumblr Ch. 03-04

 — Advantures of Two Asian Sluts. by kkelli12/21/114.09

Amy Met Kelli on Tumblr Ch. 05-06

 — Adventures of two Asian whores. by kkelli12/26/114.02

Amy Met Kelli on Tumblr Ch. 07-08

 — Adventures of two Asian whores. by kkelli12/30/114.33

Amy Met Kelli on Tumblr Ch. 09-10

 — Adventures of Two Asian Whores. by kkelli01/16/124.25

Amy Met Kelli on Tumblr Ch. 11-12

 — Adventures of Two Asian Whores. by kkelli01/25/124.35

Amy Met Kelli on Tumblr Ch. 13-14

 — The Adventures of Two Asian Whores. by kkelli01/29/124.22

Amy Met Kelli on Tumblr Ch. 15-16

 — The Adventures of Two Asian Whores. by kkelli02/02/124.17

Amy Met Kelli on Tumblr Ch. 17-18

 — The adventures of two Asian whores. by kkelli02/07/124.44

Amy Met Kelli on Tumblr Ch. 19-20

 — The Adventures of Two Asian Whores. by kkelli02/14/124.31

Amy Moves In

 — Nicky's friend Amy gets caught by the landlord. by ProfTiny02/10/134.26

Amy Sells Her Soul

 — Amy, with the help of a friend, tries to make ends meet. by amy_lynn12/06/114.12

Amy Wakes Up

 — Amy gets drunk and her cousin pays the price by InnerStrength02/18/143.05

Amy's Abduction

 — Amy is kidnapped from the Institute. by ufpe11/29/113.83

Amy's Affair - Continued

 — Horny Asian MILF continues her torrid affair. by Nightwork101/23/143.98

Amy's Discipline Lessons

 — Amy's stay at a college prep school. by DocSexaday09/27/134.37

Amy's First Camping Trip

 — Her trip turns out not as she expected. by fireman_200008/24/094.35

Amy's Humiliation

 — Former girlfriend is sexually humiliated. by bandanna107/01/034.04

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