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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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The Price for Saying No

 — He taught her exactly how the word 'no' can affect them both. by LuvHer8005/07/093.41

The Price of a Bracelet

 — Daughter & boyfriend fight; mom pays the price. by satinlvr_mwf09/23/053.87

The Price of A Dance

 — Husband and wife pay a high price for a night of dancing. by SafTman208/31/093.70

The Price of Honesty

 — A modest young girl adapts to her new life. by StrayBird10/19/123.26

The Price of Selfishness

 — A modest young girl is kidnapped for reasons unknown. by StrayBird09/30/124.20

The Price of the Contract

 — Woman forced to have sex to secure contract. by AStropirate08/20/114.20

The Price Of Victory Ch. 01

 — A young super-heroine battles the infamous Cassandra X. by ladyjane209906/26/134.50HOT

The Price Of Victory Ch. 02

 — Super-heroine Victory discovers the lair of Cassandra X. by ladyjane209907/04/134.43

The Price Of Victory Ch. 03

 — Superheroine Victory is captured and interrogated. by ladyjane209907/20/134.38

The Price Of Victory Ch. 04

 — The superheroine finds herself at the mercy of Diego. by ladyjane209907/26/134.65HOT

The Price Of Victory Ch. 05

 — Super-heroine Victory makes a desperate escape attempt. by ladyjane209908/07/134.49

The Price Tag Of An Addict

 — An addicts desires go too far. by back_door_girl10/24/043.68

The Priest

 — Katie is taken by her priest. by capconman12/16/043.84

The Priestess Ch. 01

 — A virgin priestess is claimed by a soldier. by poison_alice12/13/124.62HOT

The Priestess Ch. 02

 — Sophia and Elias start their journey. by poison_alice02/08/134.71HOT

The Prince

 — Royal coercion. by winktwice06/20/143.59

The Prince Ch. 01

 — A new maid is sent to clean for the Prince. by RomanticRealist10/26/114.41

The Prince Ch. 02

 — A new day dawns. by RomanticRealist10/31/114.56HOT

The Prince Ch. 03

 — His questions only lead to more questions. by RomanticRealist11/10/114.61HOT

The Prince Ch. 04

 — Both time and distance separate them. by RomanticRealist11/17/114.61HOT

The Prince Ch. 05

 — The reunion. by RomanticRealist11/18/114.57HOT

The Prince Ch. 06

 — An intimate dinner for two. by RomanticRealist12/02/114.70HOT

The Prince Ch. 07

 — Marissa's plot. Amber's pain. by RomanticRealist12/22/114.63HOT

The Prince Ch. 08

 — Amber gets what she needs. by RomanticRealist01/20/124.69HOT

The Princess and I

 — A virgin rebellious princess being captured and ravaged. by Narallae02/27/104.35

The Princess and The Black Waiter

 — How a beautiful flower was corrupted and submitted further. by Mangala07/26/114.24

The Princess and the Dragon

 — A Princess, a dragon and a castle in ruins. by Evagaylord05/22/124.05

The Princess and the Key Ch. 01

 — Kinky Coco abuses her position, not to mention her maid. by sweet_coco_milkshake01/11/093.83

The Princess Club

 — Two girls at a fantastical party are in for a surprise. by VividVictoria08/20/154.20

The Princess Club Ch. 02

 — The heiress falls prey to the hunt. by VividVictoria10/16/154.47

The Princess of Vymora Pt. 01

 — Princess Aylene is married and shipped to a foreign land. by defenestrateme07/06/164.49

The Princess of Vymora Pt. 02

 — Things take an unexpected turn. by defenestrateme07/12/164.37

The Princess of Vymora Pt. 03

 — The wedding night doesn't go as expected. by defenestrateme07/20/164.39

The Principal

 — Principal has to punish two students. by Ashson03/25/154.39

The Principal Ch. 01

 — Melanies goes to a school for women to get pregnant. by jesswills10/15/154.14

The Principal Ch. 02

 — Melanie is called back to the Principal's office for a test. by jesswills11/11/154.21

The Principal's Office

 — A young teacher becomes acquainted with her new boss. by sunshinesneezes211/12/164.41

The Principal's Wife Ch. 1

 — High school graduate takes the principal's wife. by OneHornyGuy03/02/023.83

The Principal's Wife Ch. 2

 — Bob returns for more. by OneHornyGuy03/30/024.26

The Principal's Wife Ch. 3

 — Bob returns & help himself to babysitter too. by OneHornyGuy04/29/024.15

The Principal's Wife Pt. 01

 — Mrs. Caroline Lambert finds herself in detention! by LorenzoMarks03/17/174.40

The Principal's Wife Pt. 02

 — A reversal of roles. by LorenzoMarks04/27/174.37

The Principal's Wife Pt. 03

 — Caroline is introduced to a painful stationery fetish! by LorenzoMarks01/26/184.33

The Prisoner Exhibition Model 03

 — Artist strips her model in front of exhibition guests. by MelanieK02/05/054.58HOT

The Prisoner Of Desire

 — His lust can not be restrained... Fortunately, she can be. by TwistedMisery05/15/144.73HOT

The Prisoner Within

 — The brutality and sensuality of a women's prison by smallncute06/17/084.31

The Prisoner, The Slave

 — Two men kidnap & enslave an innocent woman by Uptown4706/09/083.81

The Privacy of a Crowded Train

 — A commuter has a sexual encounter with a stranger. by llambert01/14/164.10

The Prize

 — A victorious gladiator claims his reward. by thirstformisery08/24/174.19

The Prize Ch. 01

 — A pirate fights a captive for rights to her body. by CharmingVixen04/07/044.50HOT

The Prize Ch. 05

 — Rogue's patience expires; he offers a relentless punishment. by CharmingVixen08/22/064.64HOT

The Prize Ch. 08

 — What else to do with a slave, but fuck her? by CharmingVixen08/22/084.68HOT

The Professional

 — He specializes in fulfilling a certain fantasy. by zeke8110/16/073.88

The Professional Ch. 05

 — Here Comes the Judge! by Heironymous10/29/124.52HOT

The Professor

 — Breaking in of a college coed. by ToiYer04/19/073.93

The Professor's Gambit

 — Professor blackmails his student into sexual slavery. by Black_Hat_Lee10/23/114.52HOT

The Professor's Lesson

 — Female college professor confronts the football team. by DontScream08/22/104.36

The Progression

 — A couple's progression... by minorbother01/28/183.59

The Project Guide Pt. 02

 — Mr Sawant my college professor takes me places. by neha_d_angel06/11/174.07

The Promise

 — She discovers the pleasures of forced intimacy. by dark_poet4306/17/054.34

The Promise

 — Kia arrives scantily clad and Theo punishes her. by DevilKeepsTheBeat10/28/124.37

The Promise

 — An attorney is involved in a game of sex, lies and murder. by NaughtyWriter6912/13/144.07

The Promise Ch. 02

 — An attorney is involved in a game of sex, lies and murder. by NaughtyWriter6912/31/143.93

The Promotion Ch. 01

 — A wife helps her husband's advancement. by TheChameleon10/01/114.08

The Protocol

 — Beautiful woman is transformation into a sex slave. by xes4012/12/073.94

The Psychologist and the Prisoner

 — She must assess if a prisoner is fit for release. by Manwitdog02/03/074.58HOT

The Punishment

 — Wife screws a virgin as punishment. by Kayaker08/15/024.25

The Punishment

 — She submits to three strangers. by kleve08/29/034.05

The Punishment

 — Her crime was his opportunity. by kristinkat04/20/114.34

The Punishment Well-Deserved

 — A jilted lover punishes Stacy. by jimmybckl03/31/114.27

The Punter

 — The wealthy punter has his way. by MarkThyme10/27/034.28

The Puppet Master

 — Voyeur blackmails adulterous couple. by stockton1301/09/064.37

The Puppet Master Ch. 02

 — Voyeur blackmails adulterous couple. by stockton1301/25/06

The Purple Dress

 — A set of tits stir up some rough bathroom lust. by DeccaHojo05/16/143.88

The Purple Turtle Incident

 — A birthday celebration goes very wrong. by eliza mimsford12/02/054.11

The Pussy Willows

 — Wife reluctantly agrees to pay off gambling debt. by spunknwagnels05/07/024.21

The Queen

 — It's not good to fall under the lustful eye of the Queen. by happilymarried0303/09/103.77

The Queen of the House

 — Just who is the boss in this house? by molefe10/03/044.05

The Queen's New Handmaiden

 — Breaking in the Blond. by MistressKaren01/06/094.32

The Queen's Punishment

 — She crosses the king and is severely punished. by JamesMasterson06/07/183.80

The Queen's Revenge

 — Talla is tied up and treated like a dog. by AlinaX07/22/153.61

The Quiet Type

 — A scary patient plays with his nurse. by SarahConnor21010/08/104.39

The Ranch Ch. 01

 — Two men and a lost girl. by Bellie44402/28/154.42

The Ranch Ch. 02

 — Escape, Search and Rescue. by Bellie44403/03/154.66HOT

The Ranch Ch. 03

 — Katie settles in, Dom's associate arrives. by Bellie44403/06/154.73HOT

The Ranch Ch. 04

 — Cory and Katie spend time with Greg. by Bellie44403/12/154.57HOT

The Ranch Ch. 05

 — Out of the woods. by Bellie44403/19/154.68HOT

The Ranch Ch. 06

 — Comfort and Calamity. by Bellie44404/16/154.62HOT

The Ranch Ch. 07

 — Cory and Alex reunite. by Bellie44403/15/164.67HOT

The Ranch Ch. 08

 — Plotting and Pandemonium. by Bellie44407/14/174.73HOT

The Rape

 — She's caught in the park. by SpiraLCA04/28/043.61

The Rape

 — Claire finds her fantasy fulfilled in an unexpected way. by thebeautiful01/07/103.93

The Rape – As Told By Her

 — He came to her house & she wanted it. by FreeGal11/13/044.37

The Rape – As Told By Him

 — He makes her darkest fantasy a reality. by FreeBloke11/13/044.20

The Rape of a Male Slut

 — He is raped by another man and becomes his slave. by Deer_Slave12/13/064.36

The Rape of Dee

 — Dee takes one risk too many. by djonlothario07/16/153.91

The Rape of Julia

 — A fantasy rape scene between boyfriend and girlfriend. by johnkylar09/30/134.13

The Rape of Nabila, her Mother and Sister

 — A Singapore mother uses her daughters to guarantee a loan. by loveking03/01/154.48

The Rape Of Rebecca Beardsley

 — A co-worker rapes Rebecca Beardsley. by mitchawa12/14/113.99

The Rape of the Preacher's Wife

 — She is raped by two black men. by wendyw08/26/024.20

The Rape?

 — Who is the victim? by Driver09/17/044.26

The Rape? Ch. 02

 — Who is the victim? by Driver10/01/044.44

The Rape? Ch. 03

 — Chad is ambushed. by Driver10/11/044.29

The Raper Of Sweet Cherie

 — Two guys take her...but who's taking whom? by rogtom_6905/17/023.23

The Rapy

 — Therapist helps a man molest his wife. by switchboy25710/29/083.87

The Ravaged Farm Wife

 — Bored housewife taken against her will. by SlyDog96906/13/174.32

The Ravenous Wolf

 — A night in alone, at first... by Livche10/22/154.20

The Ravishing of Cindy Ch. 01

 — High school senior is taken on way to school. by secretsin01/30/034.04

The Ravishing of Cindy Ch. 02

 — Cindy is forced to satisfy an erotic fantasy. by secretsin02/06/034.31

The Ravishment of Eva Ch. 01

 — Eva ponders her promiscuity as she is fucked by a stranger. by Carnalval06/22/134.43

The Ravishment of Natalie

 — He takes what he wants by force. by CustomUsagi09/03/114.12

The Real Cure for a Migraine

 — Exchange student gets more than she bargained for. by lalilolly03/26/173.95

The Real Estate Agent

 — Couple think they're alone, but the wife has to pay. by Tony King10/25/014.29

The Real Thing

 — She needed it... by smysecret11/24/094.19

The Realisation

 — Maxime awakens, bound and blindfolded. by Maxime11/14/003.45

The Realtor

 — A realtor gets much more than a sale as she shows a house. by missadv3ntures08/30/134.27

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 01

 — Kara is captured by slave hunters. by HisPet2111/02/124.33

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 02

 — Kara's situation gets markedly worse. by HisPet2111/09/124.43

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 03

 — Kara is prepped for auction. by HisPet2111/12/124.42

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 04

 — Kara finds herself at auction. by HisPet2111/23/124.55HOT

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 05

 — Arlington introduces Kara to the balance of power. by HisPet2111/26/124.58HOT

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 06

 — A clash in perspective...Can Kara regain her calm? by HisPet2111/28/124.59HOT

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 07

 — Kara's knowledge grows, and horrifies her. by HisPet2111/29/124.53HOT

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 08

 — Arlington finds a line, and Kara crosses over. by HisPet2111/30/124.65HOT

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 09

 — Hope is utterly lost, but then rekindled. by HisPet2112/12/124.69HOT

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 10

 — The line between feigned and true submission is blurred. by HisPet2112/21/124.71HOT

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 11

 — Is there another side to Arlington? Or not? by HisPet2101/02/134.75HOT

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 12

 — The Tale of Arlington: Part V. by HisPet2101/03/134.62HOT

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 13

 — Can pleasure be used as a weapon of torment? by HisPet2101/07/134.71HOT

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 14

 — Kara makes the best of a bad situation. by HisPet2101/08/134.81HOT

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 15

 — Welcome to Bremmington. by HisPet2101/11/134.71HOT

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 16

 — Unleashing the Fire, and Fanning the Flame. by HisPet2101/18/134.76HOT

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 17

 — The Tale of Arlington: Part IA. by HisPet2102/01/134.68HOT

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 18

 — The hunt begins and Kara takes a trip down memory lane. by HisPet2102/14/134.78HOT

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 19

 — The Tale of Arlington: Part VI. by HisPet2102/27/134.73HOT

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 20

 — A glimpse from Ben's perspective. by HisPet2103/29/134.56HOT

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 21

 — Relationships grow, but danger is ever present. by HisPet2104/09/134.80HOT

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 22

 — There is no escaping the past, so why not embrace it? by HisPet2105/12/134.80HOT

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 23

 — The crew bids farewell to Greenwood. by HisPet2108/07/134.74HOT

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 24

 — Dancing with the devil. by HisPet2109/10/134.81HOT

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 25

 — The Tale of Arlington: Part IV. by HisPet2110/08/134.65HOT

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 26

 — More boy trouble. by HisPet2112/20/134.71HOT

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 27

 — Worlds Collide: Part I. by HisPet2101/09/144.80HOT

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 28

 — Worlds Collide: Part II. by HisPet2107/01/144.82HOT

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 29

 — Home Sweet Home. by HisPet2107/27/144.83HOT

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 30

 — This is War. by HisPet2110/16/164.77HOT

The Reboot Series (Trailer 01)

 — A Reboot of a scene from "Quarrelling With Kaylee" (2007) by Ali_Terayshin12/27/124.50HOT

The Rebound Train

 — Young redhead, a mysterious stranger, and a chikan train. by TiffanyNylons02/19/174.26

The Receptionist

 — Christina is dominated on Black Friday. by sweetsubmissive_8812/29/144.44

The Receptionist Ch. 02

 — Christina earns a raise. by sweetsubmissive_8801/01/154.46

The Reckoning

 — A biker's woman learns her place. by Mygypsy07/24/114.51HOT

The Reckoning

 — Put her in her place... by happywriter00701/19/164.10

The Recluse

 — Young man uses pics to take advantage of neighbor. by TV_News_Babe08/09/134.45

The Recluse: Version One

 — Jeremy takes younger woman by force. by unpublished04/06/033.95

The Red Box

 — It's a battle between good and evil. by deputy duffy08/21/033.44

The Red Chevy

 — You make her fantasy come true. by playfulyours207/21/083.69

The Red Cloak

 — When a young Red Cloak meets a Lycan for the first time... by Noxicity09/12/134.41

The Red Dress

 — He follows you into a dressing room. by KingDiamond7403/05/013.67

The Red Hat Ladies

 — A man is put in his place: between their legs. by Chazzy12301/17/083.70

The Regretful Cuckold

 — Mike regrets convincing his wife to sleep with another man. by JAnonymous12/22/154.54HOT

The Regular Ch. 01

 — A young woman is forced to submit to her cab driver. by VenusButterflies09/14/114.10

The Regular Ch. 02

 — Amanda meets Felicia, and is given her first "fare". by VenusButterflies12/04/114.20

The Regular Ch. 03

 — Amanda slips up. by VenusButterflies01/05/124.12

The Reindeer Maiden

 — A tale of heroes, witches, and virgins on a New Year's eve. by Nameless_Rose11/19/104.66HOT

The Reluctant Executive Assistant

 — She ended up doing most of her job on her back. by rxm7602/21/184.19

The Reluctant Gift

 — What do you give the man who has everything? by Tx Tall Tales01/26/114.45

The Reluctant Journey Ch. 01

 — Malia's Journey Begins. by Darlin9201/07/134.40

The Reluctant Journey Ch. 02

 — Night of captivity and a brief change of perspective. by Darlin9201/11/134.42

The Reluctant Journey Ch. 03

 — Malia learns about the manor. by Darlin9202/09/134.51HOT

The Reluctant Journey Ch. 04

 — Malia gets to know Tristan...and Cain. by Darlin9203/06/134.66HOT

The Reluctant Journey Ch. 05

 — Cain's actions have consequences. by Darlin9203/17/134.58HOT

The Reluctant Journey Ch. 06

 — Cain returns. by Darlin9204/19/134.74HOT

The Reluctant Journey Ch. 07

 — Power struggles and revelations. by Darlin9205/15/134.79HOT

The Reluctant Journey Ch. 08

 — Nice refreshing run through the woods. by Darlin9206/09/134.79HOT

The Reluctant Journey Ch. 09

 — Reunited. by Darlin9207/05/134.78HOT

The Reluctant Journey Ch. 10

 — Trials and Tribulations. by Darlin9209/02/134.80HOT

The Reluctant Journey Ch. 11

 — A race against the clock. by Darlin9209/28/134.72HOT

The Reluctant Journey Ch. 12

 — Resolutions. by Darlin9201/14/144.80HOT

The Reluctant Lover

 — Coerced into submitting she soon enjoyed it. by Bakeboss09/05/103.74

The Reluctant Model Pt. 01

 — How a young shy housewife found a new profession. by Victoriajohn12/04/164.51HOT

The Reluctant Neighbour

 — Older guy is perplexed by his young neighbour. by cerrotorre01/11/154.68HOT

The Reluctant Nudist

 — Reporter Tracey takes down more than she wanted. by volescamper04/16/133.96

The Reluctant Princess

 — An innocent girl, Prince Armen and a bronze cock. by abroadsword08/14/133.44

The Reluctant Volunteer

 — Executive gets more than she bargained for. by volescamper05/23/134.28

The Reluctant Wife Ch. 01

 — Did he marry the wrong woman? by val wrangler08/05/074.45

The Reluctant Wife Ch. 02

 — Laura returns with a tale to tell. by val wrangler08/23/074.64HOT

The Reluctant Wife Ch. 03

 — Laura reexamines her beliefs. by val wrangler09/03/074.68HOT

The Renaissance Faire

 — The perils of the girls of Omega Theta Pi. by Charles Petersunn11/04/094.67HOT

The Rent is Due

 — Renters wife pays part of the back rent, the hard way. by Rifraff12306/22/124.24

The Rent is Due Ch. 02

 — Heather pays down a bit extra. by Rifraff12306/27/124.26

The Rent Man

 — Harry Houseman collects more than just the rent. by Tony King03/14/014.24

The Repair Man

 — Rape with a Twist. by Bigrick6006/21/163.80

The Repairman

 — Sally doesn't have enough money to pay. by Tweak04/27/03

The Reporter Ch. 02

 — Girl reporter punished again. by SteveLee114609/05/134.51HOT

The Repurposement Of City Waste

 — An enterprising businessmen captures & pimps street walkers by partygirldulce05/25/153.72

The Rescue

 — She recieves a rescue from a most unlikely source. by HP_Porncraft09/29/094.11

The Rescuer

 — Security guard finds a bound and blindfolded Asian woman. by UrsaMajor6906/19/124.24

The Resort Ch. 04

 — The Resort's public performance, Megan and Jamie. by chinookwind01/18/134.63HOT

The Resort Pt. 01

 — The Odyssey of Sweet Rachel. by AlphaDrive10/03/154.65HOT

The Resort Pt. 02

 — Rachel's Odyssey Continues. by AlphaDrive10/17/154.57HOT

The Restaurant Cashier Ch. 1

 — They kidnapped her during a robbery & meant to let her go. by Stalkerman09/10/014.31

The Restaurant Cashier Ch. 2

 — Gang persuades cashier to open up a little more. by Stalkerman09/16/014.25

The Restaurant Cashier Ch. 3

 — Joannie is forced into more confessions, then the law comes... by Stalkerman10/22/014.35

The Retribution: The Complete Saga

 — A traumatic weekend in the life of a lawyer's family by JJMurray02/28/104.18

The Reunion

 — Man and woman reunite for different purposes. by HadleyFitzgerald04/09/052.40

The Reunion

 — A lonely girl is held captive, to her delight. by PolyLvr12/29/104.40

The Reverse Job Interview

 — He interviews her for job, but finds he's being evaluated. by Littl111/17/093.93

The Riddle

 — Ara, newly appointed witch poses a riddle to the traveler. by abbhi06/09/123.91

The Ride

 — Katie goes for the surprise ride of her life. by codegeek200412/29/173.80

The Ride Home

 — He takes his crush on the way home from work. by indieboy02/16/032.76

The Ride Home

 — Married man is forced to comply at a desolate gas station. by altar boy08/17/114.32

The Ride Home

 — An encounter between two strangers on the Subway. by Jumpinjetta03/01/154.76HOT

The Ride Home Pt. 01

 — Would you share a cab with a stranger? by thelaughingcat09/07/153.67

The Ride Home Pt. 02

 — Would you ride with a stranger? by thelaughingcat08/15/154.31

The Ride Home Pt. 03

 — Would you share a ride with a stranger? by thelaughingcat08/16/154.49

The Ride Home Pt. 04

 — The Final Chapter? by thelaughingcat08/18/154.15

The Right to Remain Silent

 — A cop takes home his fourth-of-July bonus. by Obzezzion07/05/163.53

The Right to Surrender

 — Female cop gives herself to rapist neighbour. by TheDarkCloud10/09/124.49

The Right to Surrender Ch. 02

 — Hot Female Cop At Mercy of Sex Offender. by TheDarkCloud06/13/134.55HOT

The Right to Surrender Ch. 03

 — Female cop's further downfall. by TheDarkCloud10/07/144.71HOT

The Right to Surrender Ch. 04

 — Chloe and Maya meet their destiny. by TheDarkCloud05/09/154.44

The Ring

 — Mother & daughter endure a nightmare during a war. by trillian05/14/013.98

The Ring

 — Submission comes hard to Diana. by Songstress07/08/104.37

The River

 — Crossing the lines of friendship, she takes what she wants. by vampgirl13711/23/134.32

The Road to Sixville

 — A Sixville prequel. (4) by temptanddestroy07/01/064.26

The Rockhard Files - Roxy Jones

 — The new adventures of Private Eye Dana Rockhard. by fearthisss09/16/174.27

The Rocking Horse

 — An after school arrangement. by magnapanda06/07/094.40

The Roofie-Queen

 — She's roofied and gang banged. Somehow she likes it. by DarknessSurroundsMe06/20/114.07

The Room

 — The final clash between the CIA and the KGB. by Writer34510/30/153.89

The Room

 — I get to enjoy the room I helped build. by imperfectionist11/14/164.46

The Room Ch. 01

 — She gets an unexpected visitor. by Brandjay903/24/144.58HOT

The Room Ch. 02

 — Can she resist his next move? by Brandjay903/28/154.61HOT

The Roomate

 — Brittany is getting a little too friendly for his comfort... by hazel2005/01/122.96

The Roommate Pt. 01

 — A college freshman gets slowly transformed by his roommate. by Adrianneanal04/16/154.30

The Roommate Pt. 02

 — After the body transformation comes a mental transformation. by Adrianneanal04/24/154.55HOT

The Roommate Pt. 03

 — Nellie reluctantly falls further into "her" transformation. by Adrianneanal05/09/154.46

The Rose Petal

 — Faceless lover on the train. by Dreamsicle10/21/034.08

The Rough Night

 — Two gang bangs in one night. by donnacooke11/14/044.36

The Royal Garden Ep. 01

 — Carefully select an appropriate seed. by ThePracticeShortStories10/09/164.46

The Royal Garden Ep. 02

 — Prepare the soil. by ThePracticeShortStories10/15/164.55HOT

The Royal Garden Ep. 03

 — Press your seed firmly into the earth. by ThePracticeShortStories10/21/164.40

The Royal Garden Ep. 04

 — Keep your seed nice and wet. by ThePracticeShortStories10/30/164.56HOT

The Royal Garden Ep. 05

 — Beautiful flowers and secret paths. by ThePracticeShortStories12/17/174.68HOT

The Ruined Wedding Day

 — A bride is attacked on her wedding day. by sexygirl7611/01/123.95

The Runaway Aristocrat

 — Decide the fate of a runaway nobel. by moonlight8402/22/124.09

The Russian Mistress Ch. 01

 — A woman meets a man she'll never forget. by fiestyyredhead08/26/114.02

The Russian Mistress Ch. 02

 — Natalia is in for another treat. by fiestyyredhead09/14/114.10

The Russian Mistress Ch. 03

 — It's not over for Natalia and Anne. by fiestyyredhead09/25/114.15

The Russian Mistress Ch. 04

 — Anne is freed but Natalia is far from freedom. by fiestyyredhead12/26/113.85

The Russian Mistress Ch. 05

 — Natalia is given a break at last. by fiestyyredhead01/05/124.20

The Russian Mistress Ch. 06

 — A home visit. by fiestyyredhead01/23/124.02

The Russkies Are...Coming.

 — Lost and afraid, she finds comfort/pain in a "fatherly" man. by naughtychanteusez06/29/074.36

The Saga of Chelsea Hart Ch. 01

 — Chelsea's journey begins. by hathor024007/29/144.08

The Saga of Chelsea Hart Ch. 02

 — Tied up and vulnerable, Chelsea's journey continues . by hathor024008/03/144.11

The Saint or the Scoundrel Ch. 01

 — A single mother and her son are trapped in extreme danger. by kaypee10/06/124.22

The Sales Clerk

 — Young sales clerk is punished for rudeness. by Explorer22212/09/064.35

The Sales Clerk Ch. 02

 — Complaining customer is punished, too. by Explorer22203/09/074.52HOT

The Sales Office

 — She's forced with a little light bondage. by Jelcon06/21/064.03

The Salesman

 — Traveling salesman assulted in hotel room. by buttboi09/29/044.31

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