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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Toni's Torment

 — She is forced to sleep with her husbands bosses. by robertpenn08/04/024.42

Toni's Torment Ch. 2

 — The other owner has his way with her. by robertpenn08/09/024.46

Toni's Torment Ch. 3

 — She thinks she's done and tries to leave. by robertpenn08/17/024.47

Toni's Torment Ch. 4

 — The next morning. by robertpenn08/19/024.38

Toni's Torment Ch. 5

 — There is more for her to do. by robertpenn08/27/024.36

Toni's Torment Ch. 6

 — One last thing to do and she's free. by robertpenn10/27/024.36


 — Woman is ravaged at the sea by an unknown man. by Sam_Temptress05/26/013.80


 — Intrigued by mystery, she finally gets what she desires. by mi6300m03/31/043.94


 — Usually, you kiss her when she comes in. by j_x_rose04/26/093.41

Tonight It's Your Turn

 — She gets a ride home with the wrong guy. by Svenskaflicka09/09/034.12


 — The last virgin is the winner and time is up. by Ashson02/22/134.26


 — She went looking for a scoop and found so much more. by ropebound06/10/133.82

Tony Surprises Alicia

 — Alicia's dream becomes a reality when Tony breaks in. by Ice_Tease12/01/094.30

Tony Turns 18

 — Tony has a fun 18th birthday. by amy_lynn09/22/054.06

Too Bad

 — You need a blow job. by ValhallaValkyrie11/24/133.63

Too Close to the Flame

 — Her edgy fun leads to more than she and hubby expected. by kluckett108/06/134.19

Too Drunk To Say No

 — How she was taken without her consent, right? by julieshining04/14/053.68

Too Far Far Away Ch. 02

 — Princess Angelica takes on a task from a gnomish wizard. by zaxxon07/30/114.57HOT

Too Far Gone

 — Way more than she bargained for. by sevendaniels08/26/023.82

Too Much Flirting

 — She tries out flirting, but he takes it too far. by mollyisme204/20/044.20


 — Sweet Madeleine is taken in front of her husband. by Never-more09/07/023.73

Took My Wife

 — I was so horny watching my wife getting fucked. by horeyasfuck02/19/123.62

Took What wasn't for Taking...

 — Ella Ross has been a tease to Kai's cock for three years. by insane196902/06/183.89

Tools of the Trade

 — Jenny is on her own with two horny workmen. by Indigirl02/17/124.35

Top Of Her Class

 — She needs help and her professor has it. by jimhim12/02/103.33


 — Story of a courtesan in 17th century Japan. by Old.Lady.Sofia06/16/054.38

Tora Pt. 05

 — Sayoko taken in the castle hallway. by Old.Lady.Sofia07/15/054.49

Tora Pt. 06

 — Sayoko in barbaric Gor. by Old.Lady.Sofia07/29/054.63HOT

Tormented by the Babysitter Ch. 01

 — Karen's online experiments get her in trouble. by koala01186009109/25/094.51HOT

Tormented by the Babysitter Ch. 02

 — Shopping, and then clubbing. by koala01186009112/10/094.68HOT

Tormented by the Babysitter Ch. 03

 — Things get tougher for Karen. by koala01186009102/22/104.64HOT

Tormented by the Babysitter Ch. 04

 — The final chapter. by koala01186009103/06/114.47

Tormented Teacher Ch. 1

 — Teacher learns new lesson at hands of her students. by Humble04/24/024.19

Tormented Teacher Ch. 2

 — Carol goes to wrestling practice. by Humble04/26/024.49

Tormented Teacher Ch. 4

 — Carol learns to play with girls. by Humble04/30/024.53HOT

Tormented Teacher Ch. 5

 — Carol tries adults. by Humble05/11/024.48

Tormenting the Boss

 — Gene's torture continues while Tia watches. by V.Rich09/11/024.51HOT

Torn Down

 — The kidnapping and breaking of Becky. by Deathwalker2602/01/113.70

Torn Down Ch. 02

 — Becky is brought down even further. by Deathwalker2606/16/123.77

Torn Paige - Picture Day

 — Feeling intimate... by Lycanic08/18/174.50HOT

Torn Paige Day 01

 — The start of a journey. by Lycanic11/06/114.00

Torn Paige Day 02

 — Taking her first steps... by Lycanic11/07/114.22

Torn Paige Day 03

 — Still moving.. by Lycanic11/08/114.24

Torn Paige Day 04

 — The trap is sprung. by Lycanic11/09/114.33

Torn Paige Day 05

 — Her servitude begins... by Lycanic12/02/114.16

Torn Paige Day 06

 — A dirty chore. by Lycanic12/06/114.36

Torn Paige Day 07

 — A happy day.....? by Lycanic12/24/114.50HOT

Torn Paige Day 08

 — She's losing control. by Lycanic06/08/124.64HOT

Torn Paige Day 09

 — The relationship changes. by Lycanic09/27/124.61HOT

Torn Paige Day 10

 — Getting Comfy? by Lycanic07/07/134.33

Torpedo Taming Ch. 01

 — A young lady with E-cup breasts is kidnapped by a tit lover. by ALittleMinx05/01/154.26

Torture and Torment

 — He ravishes his sexy friend. by darkdave02/17/063.45

Torture Gift

 — A morning of terror, or fantasy? by CherryCummins11/21/054.07

Tortured Aristocrat Ch. 01

 — A snobbish young domme receives vengence from an ex. by Horati0Baccus03/22/094.26

Tortured on a Canoe Trip Ch. 01

 — He's captured and tortured by naked women. by macbuzz08/05/033.91

Tortured Passion

 — She tries to leave you. by devle01/06/044.40

Total Career Wipeout Ch. 01

 — University students compete on sexy gameshow. by ArbagastLives03/25/144.50HOT

Total Career Wipeout Ch. 02

 — Reflections on a sexy television quiz show. by ArbagastLives03/26/144.00

Total Control of Her Man

 — Mary was bored. by exquisitelifetime07/21/113.64

Tothshore's Trial

 — A Mafia Boss Savors Victory. by RefinedPrankster06/11/164.43

Tothshore's Trial Ch. 02

 — Tothshore discovers what she'll do for family. by RefinedPrankster06/21/164.25


 — A sequel to Tales from a Far Country. by freddie_clegg12/12/134.75HOT

Touchdown Ch. 02

 — Jennifer's story continues. by freddie_clegg01/17/144.82HOT

Touchdown Ch. 03-06

 — Blowout Prevention. by freddie_clegg05/14/144.33

Touchdown Ch. 07-14

 — Jenny's story continues following her escape from captivity. by freddie_clegg09/20/173.50

Tough Love

 — Cindy's first lesson about love. by lil^pearl07/28/044.31

Tough Love

 — A reluctant photographer recruits hot, young models. by HuckPilgrim12/02/144.55HOT

Tough Week At Work Ch. 01

 — She suffers to keep her job. by ravv_man12/30/033.82

Tour of Washington D.C. Continues

 — More for me and my wife. by oralguy8212/25/124.11

Tourist Trap

 — A train tour across Europe & Asia is a front for slavers. by ZTVFemdomtales02/09/163.74

Tow Truck Torment

 — Stranded woman accepts ride from wrong men. by George VI06/05/044.25

Toxic MILF Ch. 02

 — Girlfriend's mother makes him a big surprise. by feliciacosmina05/02/103.98

Toxic Oz Ch01

 — Tourist hottie spends her vacation with horny freak family by FINC09/12/094.22


 — She went in for a tattoo but got more than she bargained for. by drrtygrl07/16/143.81

Toy Box

 — Thief finds a woman's toy box. Play ensues. by whispersofasexualnature04/29/174.32

Toy Box: The Flipside

 — The same story as Toy Box but from the thief's perspective. by whispersofasexualnature08/15/174.35

Toy For The Prince

 — Prince takes interest in American filmographer. by secretaddict07/29/06

Toy For The Prince Ch. 02

 — He takes her ass now. by secretaddict08/08/06

Toy For The Prince Ch. 03

 — She is branded and bound. by secretaddict08/22/06

Toy For The Prince Ch. 04

 — Cock worship, bukkake and anal. by secretaddict09/03/06

Toy Hostage

 — A wife receives an awakening. by Wudaddy02/13/074.15

Toy Store

 — Adult store employee helps lady with her purchases. by Stump10/20/004.00

Toy Store

 — Toy stores aren't just for kids, not this kind at least. by AmberRoseThompson11/15/112.66

Toy Story

 — Young woman gets taken advantage of after she made a mistake. by CanisLupus06/29/174.38

Toy with Me

 — A woman is used for an unusual reward. by fluid_fiction12/30/103.86

Toya Ch. 01

 — Raiders attack Toya's village. by The DM03/29/063.78

Tracey's Indulgence

 — Prim accountant gives in to her desires and pays the price. by jenny_smith8101/09/063.97

Traci and Judy at the Party

 — Young women are used by partygoers. by eroslit08/05/023.96

Traci Cools Off

 — She is joined in the shower after a jog. by eroslit08/09/024.18

Traci Gets Off Work

 — Traci is taken in the parking lot after work. by eroslit09/06/023.70

Traci Goes Home

 — Traci just wants a quiet weekend at home. by eroslit09/18/024.33

Traci Is Hazed in College

 — Traci joins the cross-country team after her initiation. by eroslit09/08/024.36

Traci's Day at the Races

 — Traci and family are captured, subjected to day of fun. by eroslit08/11/024.34

Traci's Orientation

 — Her college orientation becomes a study in sex. by eroslit08/06/024.16

Traci's Revenge

 — Traci's had it with men, & Steve benefits. by eroslit12/19/024.39

Traci's Summer Vacation

 — Her sunbathing is interrupted by unexpected guest. by eroslit08/01/024.36


 — Stuck behind a tractor is not an excuse for rudeness. by Ashson10/29/154.55HOT

Tracy and the Intern

 — A young intern takes advantage of his older co-worker. by PogueMahone05/12/114.47

Tracy and the Plumber

 — Young plumber takes advantage of a married woman. by PogueMahone08/23/054.41

Tracy Goes to the Principal's

 — Mother submits to high school Principal's lust. by PogueMahone04/11/054.45

Tracy Goes to the Principal's Ch. 02

 — Mrs. Willows is enjoyed by the school principal. by PogueMahone05/05/054.62HOT

Tracy Goes to the Principal's Ch. 03

 — Mr. Cash visits Tracy at home one afternoon. by PogueMahone05/10/054.65HOT

Tracy Goes to the Principal's Ch. 04

 — Mr. Cash visits Tracy for their "wedding". by PogueMahone06/08/054.53HOT

Tracy's First

 — Tracy's day at the beach has an unexpected start. by Ashson11/03/124.14

Tracy's Ordeal

 — Tracy is betrayed by one of her teachers. by SlaveSlutTracy10/14/164.31

Tracy's Ordeal Ch. 02

 — Tracy learns her fate. by SlaveSlutTracy10/17/164.42

Trading Places Pt. 01

 — Man switches bodies with wife, then suffers brutal treatment. by Alaisiagae11/19/174.53HOT

Trading Places Pt. 02

 — Trapped in his wife's body, lessons in submission began. by Alaisiagae11/22/174.62HOT

Trading Places Pt. 03

 — Allie explores her masculinity and motives. by Alaisiagae12/09/174.57HOT

Trading Places Pt. 04

 — Frank comes to terms with being a submissive woman. by Alaisiagae12/10/174.56HOT

Trading Places Pt. 05

 — At long last, Allie and Frank come face-to-face. by Alaisiagae12/12/174.60HOT

Trading Places Pt. 06

 — Allie gets some of her own medicine. by Alaisiagae12/17/174.72HOT

Trading Places Pt. 07

 — Body swapping is confusing and life altering. by Alaisiagae12/19/174.74HOT

Trading Places Pt. 08

 — All good and bad things end. by Alaisiagae12/20/174.53HOT

Trading the Southern Belle

 — 1802 A Southren Belle learns about the slave trade. by missdreamer03/29/093.50

Traffic Fine

 — On the way to dinner she learns to obey the law. by starbellybrat04/18/054.45

Traffic Jam

 — She is taken and punished for being a teasing slut. by Sugar810/25/114.14

Traffic Stop

 — A young couple have a run in with the law. by RoughLove11/19/103.81

Traffic Violation

 — She pays exquisitely for speeding. by 2nd Fiddle06/14/033.88

Traffic Violations

 — Jennifer went to pay for her summonses. by KimNomad04/16/074.47


 — Man has a hard time after his wife dies. by Executive10102/01/084.21

Trailer Trash

 — Billy Joe fucks Sally Mae and then her momma. by Erlikkhan07/17/124.52HOT

Train Adventures Ch. 02

 — Her boss catches her. by CTrei12/20/044.06

Train Girl

 — Setsuko loses her innocence on a subway train. by huntsman2911/17/134.53HOT

Train My Throat

 — Strapon Dominatrix coerces fem neighbor to give BJ. by AnisNincompoop07/14/073.78

Train Ride

 — Who is using who in this scenario? by Twisted_Mistress06/24/124.31

Train Ride

 — The train rumbled along with its steadfast slowness... by DelectablyDominant03/18/163.35

Train Riding in the Wrong State

 — Trina is seen where she isn't supposed to be and is caught. by redlippedsub06/01/174.29


 — Mistress sends a new slave to an unknown Master. by Ebenezer103/31/153.26

Trained to Please Ch. 01

 — Young man is trained for 'service'. by Prurientoral09/04/064.48

Trained Up North

 — He navigates slave life in the women's city of Snefolk. by PulpWyatt03/25/143.93

Training A Proper Wife

 — A conservative wife is handed over to be trained. by Shroud2102/16/124.39

Training Ch. 01

 — She didn't expect what her new husband had planned for her. by turtle_writes08/07/074.52HOT

Training Ch. 01

 — A girl teases her co-worker a little too much. by K_Mattanthas08/26/104.20

Training Ch. 02

 — The honeymoon in London turns to intense sex-slave training. by turtle_writes10/06/074.62HOT

Training Ch. 03

 — Her sex slave training becomes more intense. by turtle_writes06/03/084.67HOTContest Winner

Training Ch. 04

 — They return home, and her training steps up. by turtle_writes03/15/104.69HOT

Training Ch. 05

 — Another doctor's visit and a new form of training. by turtle_writes06/02/104.67HOT

Training Ch. 06

 — Her training becomes more humiliating. by turtle_writes11/08/104.66HOT

Training Ch. 07

 — Her training is nearly over. by turtle_writes01/28/114.71HOT

Training Ch. 08

 — A special day marks the end of her training. by turtle_writes05/30/114.65HOT

Training Day

 — War girl is used. by atomic_x09/16/053.49

Training Day Ch. 01

 — Destitute, Melissa begs for help. by kbo6907/18/07

Training Day Fun

 — Thanks to a special glass of juice a good girl turns bad. by darkoverlord611/17/174.49

Training Day: Rebekah

 — Senior gets revenge on popular girl. by TorrentialVortex05/22/13

Training Day: Rebekah Ch. 02

 — Rebekah's first client is rough, can she handle it? by TorrentialVortex05/27/13

Training Day: Rebekah's Escape?

 — Rebekah tries to escape and finds there is more to this farm. by TorrentialVortex06/18/13

Training Hard Ch. 01

 — Rich business man teaches his new slut how to take a cock. by lombax09/26/122.38

Training Mom

 — A wild daughter takes control of her mom. by StoryTeller0708/14/074.11

Training Rebecca

 — Rebecca gets a notice from the IRS. by simplysizzling06/23/054.42

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