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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Waiting For This

 — Latoya gets more than she asked for. by the_black_male11/17/074.18

Waiting For You

 — Who is waiting in the shadows of your home? by lustybard03/20/044.40


 — Bikers assault tired waitress. by Rico & Ron11/14/004.00


 — New waitress has to please two men. by condy03/26/093.57


 — You must work hard for a decent tip. by Ashson06/30/164.29

Waitress Slut

 — A man kidnaps a waitress and turns on her submissive side. by innocentmaria12/29/123.82

Wake and Break

 — I wake up bound, then shared by two guys. by ukesnot503/11/153.52

Wake Up!

 — Woman inadvertently overindulges in fantasy. by sack_lunches03/28/034.33

Wake Up, Bitch

 — Natasha becomes Angel's new sex slave and whore. by sexysluttything09/02/123.71

Wake Up, Bitch Ch. 02

 — After a night out Angel comes back with a friend. by sexysluttything09/25/123.73

Wake-Up Call

 — She never expected to wake up to that. by auraya07/16/124.00

Waking Becky

 — Young woman wakes to her own desire. by Throckmorton01/01/054.38

Waking Her Submission

 — Waking up a nurse's submissive side. by Tech_Director05/20/154.34

Waking Her Submission Pt. 02

 — Shawna obeys and returns to learn more. by Tech_Director05/22/154.40

Waking Her Submission Pt. 03

 — Shawna accepts an invitation to dinner and her new life. by Tech_Director06/07/154.39

Wale of a Tail Ch. 02

 — Jennifer is faced with a choice. by BasilBasset02/20/093.57

Wale of a Tail Ch. 03

 — Jennifer is tested. by BasilBasset02/21/094.12

Walk In the Park

 — Young woman has an interesting encounter. by Ashson04/22/144.03

Walk of Shame

 — He takes his enemy's sister. by untilmorning12/23/094.15

Walking By

 — An erotic kidnap story. by Mastergreg08/23/154.21

Walking Home

 — Her rape fantasy comes true by PrincessKiwi03/01/093.75

Walking Home From School

 — Lydia gets a ride from someone who knows how naughty she is. by DevilKeepsTheBeat10/24/124.07

Walking into the Wrong Cabin Ch. 01

 — Sara enters the cabin of a crazed man. by Obsessive_john07/03/083.68

Walking into the Wrong Cabin Ch. 02

 — Sara's experiences in John's cabin ends. by Obsessive_john08/15/083.58

Walking into Trouble

 — Mark and Abby get more than they bargained for. by Minxly01/05/053.75

Walking the Wrong Way?

 — Could the wrong way be the right one after all? by LastoftheGentlemen06/24/164.10


 — Sexual exploration and the modern workplace. by DarlingVivacia07/05/082.77

Wally Wants One Not for Sale

 — Wally wants the madam, not a girl, at the Aloha Spa. by EllenMelville03/18/174.22

Wana'be Model

 — An ordinary housewife is tricked into making a porn video. by Victoriajohn10/24/044.59HOT

Wanda - A Surprise Visitor

 — She's taken by a black man in her own home. by BlackZ0610/12/074.05

Wanda's Intro to Submission

 — Lonely woman succumbs to her submissive desires. by shysubx11/02/084.23

Wanda's Story Ch. 11

 — Wanda is taken. by rpwilbur11/06/044.21

Wanna Dance?

 — Night club girl's entertains a crowd. by mista_saxman08/28/054.03

Wannabe Crime Fighter Ch. 06

 — Tiffany's search for Sarah leads to debauchery. by BMB05/11/064.35

Want a Lift

 — He offered a lift to a hiker - with a proviso. by Ashson04/21/184.33

Want To Bet (Again)?

 — He keeps losing...and they learn more about each other... by Us_Two4play12/10/15

Wanted and Unwanted Touches

 — Angie's attacker shows her how to feel good. by blackstallion2110/17/094.02

Wanting What You Got

 — A track coach has his way with an athlete. by never_again08/25/094.26

War Ain't Always Hell

 — She tries to get her husband out of the brig. by ustbfamous04/07/103.85

War Time Humiliation Ch. 01

 — The degradation of an 'English Rose'. by TheDarkCloud01/12/064.35

War Time Humiliation Ch. 02

 — Things get worse for Victoria, the Comfort Prisoner. by TheDarkCloud05/29/064.39

War Time Humiliation Ch. 03

 — The end of the road for our English Rose. by TheDarkCloud06/21/074.36

War Zone

 — Being killed isn't the only danger in a war zone. by BadPenny198112/10/124.27


 — Teaser gets her comeuppance in the warehouse. by Higgy07/15/013.84

Warehouse Work Ch. 01

 — Young woman starts working in a male-dominated environment. by Ihaveadirtymind07/13/124.02

Warehouse Work Ch. 02

 — She goes to her boss for help. by Ihaveadirtymind08/17/124.08

Warming Therapy

 — A passerby attempts to offer first aid to a girl in trouble. by llambert02/19/164.08

Was I Raped?

 — Horny, fat, ugly chick takes male friends. by Hornyman69WithU04/16/073.12

Was I Raped?

 — Married businessman finds an unusual stress relief. by eviltwin5204/17/164.31

Was Intruder Unwelcome

 — A burglar takes the wife but was she unwilling? by rupanita11/12/074.03

Was it a Dream?

 — She watched you make love to her as she slept. by beeveee10/21/054.12

Was it Consensual?

 — Blind date leads to forced sex in hotel room & memory loss. by japacumslut10/27/094.24

Was It Ravishment or Great Sex

 — He wants a sexy professor. by capt1308/16/063.58

Was It Ravishment or Something Else?

 — He had abused her against her will--hadn't he? by Dinsmore01/16/064.65HOT

Was It Ravishment?

 — Camping trip turns out unexpectedly. by lonny3704/25/054.26

Was It?

 — Couple takes rough sex to a new level. by Warlock141508/08/033.97

Wash My Sins Away

 — A spanking saves her soul. by naughtychanteusez05/02/073.88

Washington: The Wife's Story

 — Our use from my wife's viewpoint. by oralguy8201/23/133.88

Waste Not

 — He wanted her whether she wanted it or not. by DireLilith01/07/09

Wasted Opportunity

 — College geek takes his chance with a hot girl while asleep. by candel02/17/12

Watch the Movie, Whore

 — Following a stranger into a movie theatre. by asbyatt04/14/094.22

Watch What You Wish For! Ch. 02

 — Did he get his wish? by Eyelevel123402/02/054.33


 — Wife pays price for stubborn attitude. by djonlothario07/17/154.01


 — Watching, plotting and taking. by Enygma5511/06/143.89

Watching a Friend's House

 — She never thought this could happen in one night. by BlueHeart5505/18/093.89

Watching My Wife Ch. 05

 — His wife's journey into hardcore modelling ends. by Woody Woodwood09/08/054.07

Watching No More

 — I have been watching you, now the watching stops. by filthfromfingers09/09/084.02

Watching Sarah

 — He eavesdropping on brother as he takes his girlfriend. by Shadowcatcher01/11/054.44

Watching You Wait

 — You wait for your husband but are surprised instead. by biiigboy3710/04/094.09


 — She gives up control when drugged and kidnapped. by ZinniaX02/10/094.25

Waterfall Ch. 02

 — She completely submits, and is taken by Master and slaves. by ZinniaX03/04/094.51HOT

Wax On, Wax Off

 — I went in for waxing and got creamed. by badgirlfoundout10/11/154.03

Waxworks Homage

 — Inspired by the whipping scene in the movie Waxworks. by astuffedshirt_perv07/26/094.35

Wayward Youth: Lust in the Hood Ch. 01

 — A young man's downward spiral into depravity. by Truien04/12/174.17

Wayward Youth: Lust in the Hood Ch. 02

 — Perversion and then redemption. by Truien04/19/174.69HOT

We Have This Problem

 — Young ladies with a problem seek a solution. by Ashson05/22/184.40

We Need to Make Up

 — A young man tries to convince his lover to come back to him. by LMFranklin2005/17/134.21

We Rule the School Ch. 01

 — Two freshmen plan to dominate their new college. by TheWorldSpins08/01/134.40

We Rule the School Ch. 02

 — Alpha Delta's new maids are a hit. by TheWorldSpins08/07/134.35

We Rule the School Ch. 03

 — Simon's plans for domination unfold. by TheWorldSpins09/06/134.52HOT

We Submit

 — Wife and I both taken by friend. by creamspice09/24/124.32

We Take Turns with Amy

 — They have fun with taboo role-playing. by Boxlicker10108/07/034.13

We'll Take Mom as Downpayment

 — Son owes a debt and mom ends up paying. by DontScream05/13/104.31

We've Been Watching You

 — Rebecca falls into an unexpected trap. by 1984slut198401/14/104.03

We've Been Watching You Ch. 02

 — Rebecca's ordeal continues. by 1984slut198401/19/104.24

We've Been Watching You Ch. 03

 — Rebecca's hell comes to a conclusion by 1984slut198401/23/104.13

Wealth & Power: Vegas Adventure

 — Wealthy older man enjoys spring break in Vegas. by carlosbot06/21/164.05

Wearing The Other Shoe

 — She teaches him what no means. by pappy191810/08/033.99

Webcam Blackmail

 — Glen makes an interesting discovery while surfing the web. by illicit_writer01/07/164.27

Webcam Blackmail Ch. 02

 — Glen looks to take the blackmail to another level. by illicit_writer01/11/164.58HOT

Webcam Blackmail Ch. 03

 — Glen ups the ante. by illicit_writer01/13/164.66HOT

Webcam Blackmail Ch. 04

 — What will Glen decide for the final hurdle? by illicit_writer01/16/164.74HOT

Wedda & Kecho

 — Groom-to-be is seduced by his cousin-in-law. by snfl_grl01/26/054.24

Wedding Bell Blues

 — Bride is forced at the reception. by satinlvr_mwf02/27/043.62

Wedding bell blues

 — Man is used, robbed and left at the church by vystra10/28/043.58

Wedding Day

 — Wedding day taken by force. by WriterDude12/23/063.83

Wedding Day

 — A bride gets used in a bathroom at her wedding. by damonX07/18/104.39

Wedding Gift

 — Lara gets surprise from her soon-to-be brother-in-law. by PixiePuck04/22/063.92

Wedding Night

 — Couple has their marriage consummated for them. by usm1carbine02/19/014.22

Wedding Night of Sanchi

 — Wedding Night. by blue_all10/20/123.25

Wedding Night Rape

 — Young newlyweds have an unwanted adventure. by tripleflip10/31/024.15

Wednesday Night

 — A waitress learns a lesson in hospitality. by jacobmerriweather09/12/154.38

Wee Lassie

 — How a gullible wife was coerced into sex. by Victoriajohn04/15/124.58HOT

Weekend at the Lodge Ch. 01

 — Meeting the girls - intimately. by quimmaster02/17/084.12

Weekend at the Lodge Ch. 02

 — Starting to enjoy the girls. by quimmaster02/24/084.29

Weekend at the Lodge Ch. 03

 — Breaking the bitch and establishing who's in charge. by quimmaster03/03/084.45

Weekend at the Lodge Ch. 04

 — Sharing the girls and having to punish one. by quimmaster04/02/084.53HOT

Weekend at the Lodge Ch. 05

 — Judy's ass and Sandy's quim are taken for the first time. by quimmaster04/20/084.46

Weekend at the Lodge Ch. 06

 — Bedding everyone down for the night. by quimmaster07/12/084.56HOT

Weekend at the Lodge Ch. 07

 — Humiliation, ass fucking and a love sandwich. by quimmaster08/14/084.39

Weekend at the Lodge Ch. 08

 — More ass fucking and another twist. by quimmaster08/30/084.50HOT

Weekend at the Lodge Ch. 09

 — Defiance and a creative, painful punishment. by quimmaster10/08/084.37

Weekend at the Lodge Ch. 10

 — More victims arrive to be enjoyed. by quimmaster11/16/084.47

Weekend at the Lodge Ch. 11

 — Abusing Debbie, enjoying Geri and the others. by quimmaster11/22/084.65HOT

Weekend at the Lodge Ch. 12

 — Marilyn enjoyed, Debbie abused, and Geri violated. by quimmaster11/28/084.61HOT

Weekend at the Spa

 — Nora catches up with her high school bully at the spa. by RavishedDoe04/08/134.27

Weekend Away Ch. 02

 — A romantic weekend turns into something devious. by Wants2benaughty11/08/144.13

Weekend Away Ch. 03

 — Romantic weekend turns into something devious. by Wants2benaughty11/10/144.00

Weekend Away Ch. 04

 — A romantic weekend turns into something devious. by Wants2benaughty11/13/144.12

Weekend Business, Baby

 — Horny businessman sneakily knocks up hot drunk girl. by tittany07/12/104.14

Weekend by the Lake Ch. 03

 — A young couple, the inn keeper and the gardeners. by MattCoolomon03/16/124.31

Weekend Camping

 — A girl alone in the woods.....or is she? by mrlnbt03/08/113.52

Weekend Camping Ch. 02

 — The fun continues. by mrlnbt04/22/113.51

Weekend Nightmare

 — Canadian girl is surprised by intruder. by Canadianangel04/18/044.23

Weekend Pet Ch. 7

 — Linda is used for pleasure in a park at night. by Scarcrow04/01/024.45

Weekend Twists

 — A wife finds herself the main attraction for six strangers. by Sexualkatzchen06/30/124.17

Weight Loss is Hard Work

 — A man struggles with a BBW who has to lose weight. by evilbread34101/24/173.62

Weight Loss is Hard Work Ch. 02

 — Man tries to help a BBW lose weight and gets squashed. by evilbread34103/30/174.35

Weightless Captivity

 — Playing hooky from work leads to trouble. by sexysmartgirl6910/02/083.61

Welcome Home

 — Tired man comes home to a dark house. by tmj05/01/013.78

Welcome Home

 — Mom's boyfriend has his way with me. by pinkangelb07/02/124.04

Welcome Home Ch. 02

 — Robert is obsessed with his sister's new breasts. by SuperSonicSix06/30/064.19

Welcome Home, Fuck-Toy

 — A small, vulnerable woman, forced to leave her life for good. by Aquilaa06/07/173.54

Welcome Home, Soldier

 — A wounded soldier returns from war. by Cinnamon200606/18/064.17

Welcome to College

 — She's welcomed by being blackmailed for her virgin asshole. by LOAnnie211/04/104.44

Welcome To Her Nightmare

 — She is taken by two men. by mstrspusi01/08/043.17

Welcome to Jail Sky!

 — Sky gets a rousing welcome to Jail. by sexy_mama_0907/17/114.16

Welcome to the Neighborhood

 — Couple is introduced to new neighbors, intimately. by TinyStringBikini11/28/024.32

Welcome to the Neighbourhood

 — Young couple move into a rough area. by Ashson12/23/124.16

Welcome Wagon

 — New bride is welcomed to the neighbourhood. by Ashson09/18/173.94

Welcoming the Neighbor Next Door

 — New neighbor takes a housewarming gift. by Yanglee3004/10/183.93

Welcum to the Company!

 — Boss' bitchy wife eats up new member (literally). by tonysnow12/27/073.60

Well Used Pussy

 — Wife is forced to become a Hot Wife. by wifelvrman07/12/143.31

Well, I *Wasn't* Expecting This...

 — Super-quick type up of a forced impregnation fantasy I had. by NoirPur10/13/103.88

Well-Bred Family Ch. 02

 — The family's initiation ordeal. by MLG5212/17/104.30

Well-Bred Family Ch. 03

 — The breeding routines begin - Day 1 by MLG5201/11/114.38


 — Wendy is not needy, she is submissive. by bas669912/18/153.87

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