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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Whore 94 Ch. 05

 — She is dressed and used as a whore by fronker09/22/044.66HOT

Whore 94 Ch. 06

 — She is registered as a whore. by fronker10/06/044.68HOT

Whore 94 Ch. 07

 — She presents herself to her boss. by fronker11/04/044.66HOT

Whore 94 Ch. 08

 — She needs to be trained to be a good whore. by fronker11/21/044.52HOT

Whore 94 Ch. 09

 — She is introduced to her new life. by fronker12/11/044.62HOT

Whore 94 Ch. 10

 — She performs for her first John. by fronker01/06/054.60HOT

Whore 94 Ch. 11

 — She's put to work. by fronker03/07/054.13

Whore 94 Ch. 12

 — She has her audition. by fronker05/10/054.32

Whore for a Night

 — What happens when good girl leaves her panties at home. by Broken_Psyche09/29/074.01

Whores Next Door

 — Newlywed husband is seduced by black strippers. by DarkBetrayal02/08/074.24

Whoring the Dark Damsel Ch. 08

 — She's exposed before the seediest Gotham villains. by BlackDarwin03/18/013.98

Whoring to Survive

 — A Jewish family try to survive the war. by fannyrat03/23/164.53HOT

Whoring to Survive Ch. 02

 — A Jewish family try to survive the war. by fannyrat04/08/164.64HOT

Whose Is It?

 — Haughty Selainne gets taken. by the_black_male03/12/093.72

Whose Wife Is She Ch. 02

 — A wonderful honeymoon - well, maybe not. by Omega1205/01/042.99

Why Fight?

 — They'll bring you to me, one way or another. by silly_simpleton02/18/103.15

Why I Love My Job Ch. 01

 — I capture a new secretary and teach her the rules by HandsInTheDark04/06/154.52HOT

Why I Love My Job Ch. 02

 — The party. by HandsInTheDark04/07/154.62HOT

Why I Love My Job Ch. 03

 — Holdem for high stakes by HandsInTheDark04/08/154.68HOT

Why I Love My Job Ch. 04

 — My secretary's new collar. by HandsInTheDark04/09/154.70HOT

Why I Love My Job Ch. 05

 — A forced bisexual experience for the secretary. by HandsInTheDark04/10/154.70HOT

Why I Love My Job Ch. 06

 — A firm lesson in Corporate Core Values. by HandsInTheDark04/13/154.67HOT

Why I Love My Job Ch. 07

 — Girlfriends and slaves. by HandsInTheDark04/15/154.77HOT

Why I Love My Job Ch. 08

 — Lovers and Heroes. by HandsInTheDark04/23/154.77HOT

Why I Missed the Prom

 — Would be prom queen is taken for a ride. by DeFlowered06/04/034.01

Why me?

 — How did she catch his eye? by MINKX01/22/063.90

Why Me? Ch. 01

 — Abducted as she leaves work late. by greysequoia08/27/104.26

Why me? Ch. 02

 — Pretty sweet good girl what she gonna do? by MINKX01/30/064.23

Why Me? Ch. 02-03

 — She is punished. by greysequoia08/28/104.20

Why me? Ch. 03

 — She should have worried more about those keys. by MINKX04/10/064.54HOT

Why Me? Ch. 04

 — She is used for their pleasure. by greysequoia08/29/104.35

Why Me? Ch. 05

 — She struggles with her own nature. by greysequoia08/31/104.32

Why Me? Ch. 06

 — She is used again. by greysequoia09/01/104.58HOT

Why Me? Ch. 07

 — She is punished again. by greysequoia09/02/104.47

Why Me? Ch. 08

 — They make her perform. by greysequoia09/03/104.50HOT

Why Me? Ch. 09

 — She learns more about her fate. by greysequoia09/06/104.51HOT

Why Me? Ch. 10

 — Escape! by greysequoia09/07/104.62HOT

Why Me? Ch. 11

 — Her training begins. by greysequoia09/07/104.49

Why Me? Ch. 12

 — She is punished again. by greysequoia09/10/104.52HOT

Why Me? Ch. 13

 — She has a visitor. by greysequoia09/11/104.41

Why Me? Ch. 14

 — She has her first real lesson. by greysequoia09/18/104.53HOT

Why Me? Ch. 15

 — More punishment and lessons. by greysequoia10/03/104.53HOT

Why Me? Ch. 16

 — She goes to class. by greysequoia11/14/104.68HOT

Why Not

 — The taking of a reluctant lover. by 1gearhead09/14/083.95

Why Not

 — Sleeping Sister in Law. by WadeWilson8804/02/153.99

Why She Wears Heels When Shopping

 — A story about a woman that took a shortcut home. by notsogentle07/03/163.49


 — My F I L was my saviour, and also my blackmailer. by qualitywheat02/28/124.51HOT

Wicked Game Ch. 01

 — The Invitees. by velvetpie05/28/044.22

Wicked Game Ch. 12

 — Checkpoint. by velvetpie06/11/044.61HOT

Wicked Stepsister

 — Amber drugs her step-sister and her boyfriend. by en_extase01/16/094.63HOT

Wicked Witch of the Office

 — Sometimes vengence IS a total solution. by Hatsuda12/11/094.45

Wife and Sisters Get Spanked

 — Fed up husband punishes wife and her sisters. by TheRealFlash12/08/164.26

Wife Blindfolded

 — He lets another man take her while bound and blindfolded. by Over Stimulated08/01/154.62HOT

Wife Captivated

 — Wife is taken in more ways than one. by Gamma_Unchained04/15/133.30

Wife Deborah Is Taken By The Boss

 — Wife gets husband out of trouble. by wifelvrman06/10/074.05

Wife Deborah Is Taken By The Boss Ch. 02

 — Wife forced to have sex to keep his job. by wifelvrman06/12/074.24

Wife Deborah Is Taken By The Boss Ch. 03

 — Deborah is pimped; husband forced to watch & clean her up. by wifelvrman06/30/074.33

Wife Deborah Is Taken By The Boss Ch. 04

 — She is prostituted at a motel. by wifelvrman07/15/074.21

Wife Deborah Is Taken By The Boss Ch. 05

 — Deborah, now a whore, services company and another boss. by wifelvrman08/13/074.31

Wife Deborah Is Taken By The Boss Ch. 06

 — Deborah services the men at the company at their pleasure. by wifelvrman08/14/074.15

Wife Deborah Is Taken By The Boss Ch. 07

 — Deborah is given to men and women. by wifelvrman09/03/074.31

Wife Deborah Is Taken By The Boss Ch. 08

 — Deborah "pulls the train". by wifelvrman09/07/074.21

Wife Deborah Is Taken By The Boss Ch. 09

 — Deborah initiated at lesbian club, becomes street whore. by wifelvrman09/28/074.20

Wife Deborah Is Taken By The Boss Ch. 10

 — Innocent wife is now a full prostitute. by wifelvrman11/20/074.05

Wife Enslaved Ch. 01

 — Mistaken for a slave. by StoryTeller0709/27/154.25

Wife Enslaved Ch. 02

 — Recovering his wife. by StoryTeller0710/08/154.51HOT

Wife Enslaved Ch. 03

 — Settling in as a slave. by StoryTeller0701/01/164.33

Wife Enslaved Ch. 04

 — Riana returns to her husband. by StoryTeller0703/21/174.45

Wife Enslaved Ch. 05

 — Riana is sold. by StoryTeller0705/24/174.39

Wife Exposed - First Time

 — Fulfilling a fantasy, for the first time... by MortonH02/02/164.19

Wife Forced

 — Wife lives out her husband's rough fantasy. by Sean Renaud08/12/053.97

Wife Forced to be a Whore

 — Wife forced to be a whore. by aliveinpr03/19/173.78

Wife Forced To Keep A Customer Happy

 — Sara is tied to a bed and used. by easydescent12/12/12

Wife Gets Wasted at a Tailgate

 — Bitchy wife drinks too much and gets taken advantage of. by jankyman05/06/173.12

Wife Helps the Carpet Installers

 — Wife shares a fantasy with her husband. Or is it? by TuWatchu05/09/104.36

Wife Home Alone

 — Cindi is visted by her stalker. by binder38us03/10/044.12

Wife in Common Ch. 01

 — British-Indian girl reluctantly submits to inspection. by SarahsHooters01/04/173.87

Wife in Lingerie for Friend

 — When a husband admits a shortcoming, a friend makes a plan. by Magna1201/31/154.18

Wife in Lingerie for Friend Pt. 02

 — He returns to finish his work, only to be surprised himself. by Magna1202/03/153.98

Wife in Lingerie for Friend Pt. 03

 — The tables turned on me, but I'm not complaining. by Magna1202/27/154.19

Wife Is Blackmailed

 — Wife's secret life is discovered by friend. by hotwife2k12/07/054.23

Wife Is Blackmailed Ch. 02

 — Friend continues blackmail. by hotwife2k01/25/064.23

Wife Is Blackmailed Ch. 03

 — Mary Oliver, wife and mom, blackmail continued. by hotwife2k07/05/064.19

Wife is Taken and Fucked at Party

 —  Sweet little Wife is taken in front of her husband. by Tabbisfull11/23/103.96

Wife Loses Pride at Casino Ch. 02

 — Her hubby was a jerk, whoring her out, and pays for it. by JRob03/31/124.43

Wife Meets The New Boss

 — New boss coerces wife into sex to save hubby's job. by sexualsuspect02/08/074.31

Wife Meets The New Boss Ch. 02

 — Boss takes employee's wife for a ride. by sexualsuspect02/15/074.51HOT

Wife Meets The New Boss Ch. 03

 — Adrianna falls under the control of her husband's boss. by sexualsuspect02/10/154.41

Wife Meets The New Boss Ch. 04

 — Adrianna rebels but is brought back into line. by sexualsuspect02/13/154.34

Wife Of The Party Ch. 01

 — Voyeur husband tricks his wife into a gangbang. by R L Whitcomb06/13/034.54HOT

Wife Of The Party Ch. 02

 — Stacy treats her husband to another adventure. by R L Whitcomb06/13/034.45

Wife Pays Default to a Loan

 — Wife allows terms of payment to be delivered. by eddiejo02/05/143.62

Wife Punished in the Shed

 — Scene-causing wife learns lesson from husband. by budsrus08/23/053.45

Wife Put in Place

 — Frustrated and dominating young Indian wife put in place. by rkdog01/19/174.16

Wife Rides on NYC Subway

 — Crowded NYC subway forces wife to accept predicament. by robhope12309/04/063.10

Wife Ruined

 — Chris is forced to leave as his wife enjoys black cock. by cukydreams07/28/093.72

Wife Submits to Hubby's Humiliation

 — Wife forced to humiliate herself for cash. by JRob02/04/174.11

Wife Submitted By Intruder

 — Her weekend away goes from terror to erotic fantasy. by NAUGHTYPENPAL202/01/124.29

Wife Substitute

 — Forced to serve married men as a wife substitute. by sissycuntwhore12/29/123.20

Wife Swapping: Let's Try It! Ch. 03-04

 — What happened to Jill? by DG Hear09/20/054.37

Wife Swapping: Let's Try It! Ch. 05

 — Revenge and afterthoughts. by DG Hear09/21/054.49

Wife Taken Against Her Will

 — Friendly night of pool goes awry for wife. by sexysaffron104/04/06

Wife Taken on the Subway

 — Wife has anonymous sex on Subway. by storiemax06/08/094.21

Wife Tammy Ch. 01

 — Conservative wife is taken by pool man. by Loansum11/23/084.43

Wife Tammy Ch. 02

 — Paul is back for round two. by Loansum11/26/084.51HOT

Wife Tammy Ch. 04

 — Jimmy gets what he wants from Tammy. by Loansum08/20/094.54HOT

Wife Tammy Ch. 06

 — Her depravity continues. by Loansum03/30/114.65HOT

Wife Tammy Ch. 08

 — She comes to grips with her desperate needs. by Loansum07/13/124.55HOT

Wife Tammy Ch. 09 Pt. 02

 — Tammy's day continues with the son. by Loansum07/31/154.60HOT

Wife Totally Trained Ch. 01

 — Wife becomes a total cum slut after affair. by roissy975311/18/154.16

Wife Totally Trained Ch. 02

 — Jane is now taken for training in the back of his car. by roissy975311/19/154.27

Wife Totally Trained Ch. 03

 — Jane is trained to be a 3-hole whore and more. by roissy975311/24/154.47

Wife Totally Trained Ch. 04

 — Jane is trained in her own home. by roissy975304/01/164.41

Wife Totally Trained Ch. 05

 — Jane is now lent to two cruel strangers for further training. by roissy975304/02/164.23

Wife Wager: Episode 01

 — Participants wager their wife on TV for a cool million. by quale11/23/094.27

Wife Wearing a Schoolgirl Skirt

 — Husband's friends like the way she's dressed. by Sally Tart03/13/064.44

Wife's Best Friend

 — Husband forces wife's best friend into submitting to him. by mrmark8303/09/183.56

Wife's Black Photo Enslavement

 — She went for a gift for her husband but fell into a trap! by dr13bone04/24/154.23

Wife's Cum Swallowing Sissy Ch. 01

 — Becoming Sue's sissy husband. by surferharry02/20/183.96

Wife's Cum Swallowing Sissy Ch. 02

 — Sue is training me to become her husband. by surferharry02/23/183.82

Wife's Cum Swallowing Sissy Ch. 03

 — First day back to work. by surferharry03/01/183.78

Wife's Devotion

 — Where infidelity may lead to. by Fandom06/10/092.51

Wife's Little Secret

 — Bikers take advantage of another man's woman at concert. by coops18102/22/074.20

Wife's Lover Forced To Suck Cock

 — Wife watches as her lover is forced to suck hubby's cock. by BillyBones05/24/083.93

Wife's Revenge Ch. 01

 — Wife and another woman force themselves on husband. by synn1412/08/104.18

Wife's Shameful Discovery

 — Black men assist stranded couple to get back home. by coops18110/26/074.44

Wife's Solicitation

 — ...with husband watching. by Momstheboss02/23/134.42

Wife's Work Friends Pt. 01

 — Banging the wife's friends. by WadeWilson8804/09/154.25

Wifes Big Surprise!

 — He found her kinky side. by CyrusMann12/07/054.51HOT

Wifey Learns Her Lesson

 — Bratty wife taken in hand by a friend. by classynsensual03/04/144.40

Wild Child Ch. 05

 — An old lover tries to come between Tristan and Faye. by fabledfaerie05/19/123.76

Wild College Days Ch. 06

 — When drunk strangers find Liz naked, things get out of hand. by Lionheart7203/08/104.38

Wild College Nights Ch. 04

 — Professor Ashton's party. by Lionheart7212/29/104.19

Wild Geese

 — From 'Cardboard Hero'. by ShelbyMorgen07/01/073.44

Wild Time in the Wilderness

 — Sara tries to fight off rapists. by MaryAnn67803/13/083.92


 — Photographer goes to a lonely beach to shoot wildlife. by Ashson08/11/154.26

Will Power Ch. 01

 — A spoiled girl is betrayed and forced into submission. by Zero_Infinite12/04/144.35

Will Power Ch. 02

 — Elina is further broken in to her new life as a ponygirl. by Zero_Infinite08/11/154.42

William Starting College Ch. 01

 — Hugely hung stud's first week at school. by Svengaard02/01/113.87

Willing Mistake

 — A Wife finds herself carried away. by BP197811/02/174.13

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 45

 — A college chum of Joe's Happens by; Val is doubled. by Paris Waterman11/28/104.17


 — Boyfriend is reluctant to seduce her. by Ashson07/01/144.00

Wimpass Sub Ch. 02

 — Steve and his wife are blackmailed. by RipRespon11/12/134.15

Wimpass Sub Ch. 03

 — Steve endures watching other men satisfy his wife by RipRespon11/13/134.22

Wimpass Sub Ch. 05

 — Steve is subjected to the worst humiliation ever. by RipRespon03/02/154.20

Win/Win Situation

 — Escaped prisoner has his way with her. by jazm4903/17/04HOT

Winds Of Change

 — Kal's exgirlfriend wants him to "stay" awhile longer. by rydia5711/11/043.86

Wine and the Moon

 — A reluctant visitor to a bar has a strange end to the night. by Bandini9204/26/173.53


 — Something which came out from a dream. by Lady Wysteria08/23/03

Winner Takes All: Round 01

 — Frank enters a high-stakes tournament. by CoreyStreber04/30/164.60HOT

Winner Takes All: Round 02

 — Frank's story continues in round 2. by CoreyStreber06/17/174.75HOT

Winning Naiantara

 — Naintara's body gets owned. by dugong01/27/173.73

Winning Naintara's boobs

 — Owning a pair of boobs for a day! by dugong01/11/163.69

Winston Ridge Academy -- September

 — The first year of teaching is filled with new experiences. by Widow_C02/22/133.90

Winter Formal – By Her

 — A sorority girl gets what she deserves after a party. by soroitygirltaken10/09/093.87

Winter Formal video

 — A video of Bri's performace and further instructions arrive. by soroitygirltaken01/10/104.06

Winter Formal ? By Him

 — Bri, the sorority girl, got what she deserved teasing men. by soroitygirltaken10/06/093.98

Winter Roads Lead To Hard Sex

 — Cheri finds help in more ways than one on a snowy road. by cherise97camaro12/20/163.99

Winter Warming Booth

 — Ona gets far more than a quick warm up. by beast511/19/103.97

Wirtman Gets It in the End

 — The unworthy receive power beyond imagination. by shy_geek06/22/163.94

Wish You Knew Pt. 01

 — Senior cheerleader and an anonymous text message. by asyncronous09/26/163.91

Wishes Do Come True

 — Man enjoys his ex-wife. by atruesag04/16/064.16

Wishful Thinking Ch. 1

 — Todd reached bottom, again, when he met Angelica. by CND04/05/024.57HOT

Wishful Thinking Ch. 2

 — Todd gets a late night call from Angelica. by CND04/06/024.66HOT

Wishful Thinking Ch. 3

 — Angelica invites Todd to a special place. by CND08/20/024.25

Witch Hunt Fantasy

 — Female witch tricks man into submitting. by Queen of Kink08/23/034.54HOT

Witch's Curse: Bitch Becomes a Slut

 — A rich diva bitch is cursed and turned into a bimbo slut. by silkstockingslover10/05/124.67HOT

Witches Brew Ch. 03

 — A lonely hiker falls into the clutches of a seductive witch. by reneelove08/29/154.18

With a Flash of Lightning

 — Lightning strikes woman trying on bra. by bigwilliestyle03/28/054.07

With a Twist

 — Against his will, or not? by theloonie01/13/053.91

With Friends Like These...?

 — Revenge is a dish served to two hot wives. by dr13bone08/09/124.06

With Interest Ch. 1

 — Penelope begins to repay her loan, in rather novel terms. by Jazz E.05/07/024.60HOT

With Interest Ch. 2

 — Penelope lets herself go & learns new skills. by Jazz E.05/08/024.64HOT

With Interest Ch. 3

 — Penelope accumulates experiences in her first year. by Jazz E.05/09/024.71HOT

With Interest Ch. 4

 — After bad experience, Penelope reaches new heights. by Jazz E.05/10/024.71HOT

With Interest Ch. 5

 — Penelope finally fulfills her financial obligation. by Jazz E.05/11/024.70HOT

With Strings Attached Ch. 12 Pt. 02

 — The conclusion of New Year's Eve. by maxout0910/03/124.74HOT

With Strings Attached Ch. 13

 — Alice is taken by a girl at school. by maxout0901/16/134.45

Without Her Consent or Knowledge Ch. 1

 — Woman on the beach is drugged & used. by Italian Voyeur09/03/024.23

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