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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Careful Who You Meet on the Subway

 — June has an encounter with you on the subway. by hopedrmz03/09/083.61


 — You're getting careless, I can hear you coming. by Diagnosis_Suicide10/08/094.29


 — Young lady takes care of her charge. by Christie05278006/23/044.19

Caribbean Cruise Nightmare Ch. 01

 — Married couple hits trouble on the high seas. by robertpenn03/09/044.32

Caribbean Cruise Nightmare Ch. 02

 — The next day brings more adventures. by robertpenn03/15/044.31

Caribbean Cruise Nightmare Ch. 03

 — The couple is taken to an island. by robertpenn03/16/044.37

Caribbean Tales: Sweet Agony in Kingston

 — A Jamaican woman is coerced into a series of encounters. by AlwaysHungry10/02/124.19


 — Her night of celebration turns into much more. by sexyfreak1107/18/114.52HOT

Carissa's Ass

 — Husband takes reluctant wife's anal virginity. by saggittarius02410/14/094.19

Carjacking: A Love Story

 — She decides she wants him. by A. Amalgam05/03/044.51HOT

Carl Catches a Tiger by the Toe!

 — Tiger Chin tries to sneak out on her bill, is caught, by mastertjd11/03/113.04

Carlotta's Captivity

 — Carlotta's alternative to cartel vengeance. by Evil_Teddy_Bear11/03/124.38

Carlotta's Captivity Pt. 02

 — Carlotta's punishment continues. by Evil_Teddy_Bear11/06/124.24

Carlotta's Captivity Pt. 03

 — Carlotta's punishment continues. by Evil_Teddy_Bear11/13/124.52HOT

Carlotta's Captivity Pt. 04

 — Carlotta's captivity finally ends. by Evil_Teddy_Bear11/17/124.54HOT

Carlotta's Rival

 — A young wife finds that some games go way back. by Wifetheif07/22/153.44

Carly in New York

 — Award-winning teacher spends day in New York. by teachgirl198001/26/074.44

Carly in New York

 — An award-winning teacher is welcomed to NYC. by teachgirl10/16/054.54HOT

Carly's Mistake Ch. 01

 — Carly gets taken in the forest. by millie11111/27/073.54

Carly's Mistake Ch. 02

 — Carly likes being taken. by millie11112/04/074.05

Carmen's Late Arrival

 — Samuel Dazstrinoff is very conflicted about his late student. by Azures05/30/134.31

Carmen's Past Ch. 01

 — A girl who is tormented by memories of her past. by cute_n_chubby02/28/144.41

Carmen, the MILF

 — His friend pursues his mother, as he watches. Will she? by rxm7609/29/154.45

Carnal Knowledge Ch. 01-02

 — The Earl forces his governess to receive lessons in sex. by Emmeline04/15/144.52HOT

Carnal Knowledge Ch. 03

 — The Earl forces his governess to receive lessons in sex. by Emmeline05/07/144.68HOT

Carnal Knowledge Ch. 04

 — The Earl forces his governess to receive lessons in sex. by Emmeline06/28/144.69HOT

Carnal Knowledge Ch. 05-06

 — The Earl forces his governess to receive lessons in sex. by Emmeline10/01/144.71HOT

Carnal Knowledge Ch. 07

 — The Earl forces his governess to receive lessons in sex. by Emmeline11/04/144.71HOT

Carnal Knowledge Ch. 08

 — The Earl forces his governess to receive lessons in sex. by Emmeline12/09/144.77HOT

Carnal Knowledge Ch. 09-10

 — The Earl forces his governess to receive lessons in sex. by Emmeline01/24/154.83HOT

Carnal Knowledge Ch. 11-12

 — The Earl forces his governess to receive lessons in sex. by Emmeline05/09/154.84HOT

Carnal Knowledge Ch. 13-14

 — The Earl forces his governess to receive lessons in sex. by Emmeline09/23/154.77HOT

Carnal Theft

 — He takes her, or so he thinks. by Overlord_of_Evil08/27/003.71


 — Two girls have an unexpected experience in Rio. by Ashson11/25/124.23


 — Teens learn about aggressive sex in small town carnival. by LaJan02/06/024.22


 — Waking up in a strange place with company. by selena_kyle11/29/133.98

Carny Fun

 — Being stood up at the carnival has an unexpected result. by JamieRed10/01/094.45

Carny Fun Ch. 02

 — Her "fun" as a carnival sex slave continues. by JamieRed02/26/104.29

Carny Fun Ch. 03

 — Her involuntary carny "ride" continues. by JamieRed04/21/104.33

Carny Fun Ch. 04

 — Her carny "ride" streams live, with unexpected results. by JamieRed01/26/114.33

Carol's Change

 — She was a prim wife that morning. by toddhavesome04/15/034.09

Carol's School Tales Ch. 02

 — Someone knows about Becky at her old school. by SylviaG02/06/084.28

Carol's School Tales Ch. 05

 — Jim, Sean, Zack, Becky, and Carol. by SylviaG02/11/084.29

Carol's School Tales Ch. 10

 — Carol is blackmailed by the bus driver. by SylviaG02/19/084.22

Carol's School Tales Ch. 13

 — Carol and Sean nearly get caught by her husband. by SylviaG02/23/084.30

Carol's School Tales Ch. 15

 — Carol's final day. Three exams and countless cocks. by SylviaG02/26/084.41

Caroline Gets a Tattoo

 — Submissive girl gets a tattoo. by Kinkykille7610/13/073.84

Caroline in "The Bike"

 — Gorgeous artist is abducted whilst on a solo bike ride. by sfor07/08/063.98

Caroline in "The Pool"

 — Beautiful Artist is caught alone by the pool. by sfor06/19/063.99

Caroline's Mom Ch. 13

 — Sheila joins a threesome with Rachel and Alan. by heryankee08/21/034.56HOT

Caroline, My Hot Sister-In-Law

 — Rob has fun with his drunken sister-in-law. by rk24game03/05/063.39

Carols Forfeit

 — She has to pay the penatly for losing the game. by potkettle07/31/073.57

Carolyn Blushes

 — Mark sets his sights on his roommate's shy girlfriend. by jackwritesdirty11/13/084.38

Carpe Carnis

 — Small town Sam finds herself in a big league slave ring. by Shadowine01/21/154.13

Carpe Carnis Ch. 02

 — Small town Sam finds herself in a big league slave ring. by Shadowine01/30/154.51HOT

Carpe Demi

 — Frustrated husband blackmails the nanny. by Jaymal02/08/084.52HOT

Carpet Cleaners

 — A girl sleeps through a lot. by teachgirl198008/24/104.46

Carpet Cleaners Ch. 02

 — Young woman sleeps again with a friend this time. by teachgirl198007/23/124.65HOT


 — It would never happen. It had never even crossed their minds by Zrnko_Pisku11/03/123.77

Carried Away

 — Her boyfriend sells her to his cousin. by Lilacs06/12/083.52

Carried Away

 — He takes advantage of a girl who has just been raped. by oaky10/03/123.28

Casanova Redux Ch. 13

 — Cassia faces consequences. by velvetpie02/22/054.26

Case #802120 Ch. 04

 — Forced lesbian sex while awaiting trial. by slave80212008/17/054.30

Case of Frustrated Analyst Ch. 01

 — A probing study of the analytical method. by itsoktolust06/12/034.41

Case of the Black Widow Ch. 05

 — Solution; case solved, but at a huge price. by WifeWatchman04/28/144.82HOT

Case of the Executed Evangelist Ch. 04

 — Solution; Mrs. Oldeeds gets her due; shocking ending twists. by WifeWatchman10/27/134.71HOT

Case of the Murdered Lovers Ch. 05

 — Rape investigation, and revenge served upon a narc. by WifeWatchman09/08/134.65HOT

Case of the Parole Officer Ch. 02

 — The Team uncovers sexual activity among crimes committed. by WifeWatchman09/10/154.56HOT

Case of the Parole Officer Ch. 03

 — Solution to a convoluted case. by WifeWatchman09/12/154.68HOT

Casey's Ordeal: Public Orgasm Panic

 — Girl is forced to orgasm in public. by Aspire2Provide03/09/124.23

Casino Debt

 — She's progressively humiliated by casino manager. by mcfbridge01/30/044.57HOT

Casino Plot Ch. 01

 — The plot begins. by mcfbridge01/14/054.47

Casino Plot Ch. 02

 — The trap is sprung. by mcfbridge01/24/054.67HOT

Casino Plot Ch. 03

 — The first price is paid. by mcfbridge02/12/054.70HOT

Casino Plot Ch. 04

 — Ruth had a bad feeling. by mcfbridge03/18/054.76HOT

Casino Plot Ch. 05

 — The games begin. by mcfbridge05/25/054.71HOT

Casino Plot Ch. 06

 — The games continue. by mcfbridge05/04/064.75HOT

Casino Plot Ch. 07

 — The Third Game. by mcfbridge03/17/084.77HOT

Casino Plot Ch. 08

 — A Day at the Races. by mcfbridge04/20/144.84HOT

Casino Plot Ch. 09

 — Time for Gitte to get it in the end. by mcfbridge03/22/154.81HOT

Casino Setup Ch. 01

 — Sequel to Casino Debt. by mcfbridge02/05/044.31

Casino Setup Ch. 02

 — Sequel to Casino Debt. by mcfbridge02/10/044.42

Casino Setup Ch. 03

 — Emly & Connie calm down, then... by mcfbridge02/14/044.47

Casino Setup Ch. 04

 — Connie & Emily seek a solution. by mcfbridge02/20/044.46

Casino Setup Ch. 05

 — Emily and Connie under even more pressure. by mcfbridge02/26/044.50HOT

Casino Setup Ch. 06

 — A spanking good time. by mcfbridge03/05/044.64HOT

Casino Setup Ch. 07

 — It's every woman for herself. by mcfbridge03/09/044.49

Casino Setup Ch. 08

 — Revenge is a dish best served smart. by mcfbridge03/14/044.59HOT

Casino Setup Ch. 09

 — Who needs the Olympics? by mcfbridge03/19/044.60HOT

Casino Setup Ch. 10

 — Emily's Choice. by mcfbridge03/25/044.56HOT

Cassandra Learns Her Lesson

 — She learns why she shouldn't flirt too much. by devilinusall01/21/034.25

Cassie Gets Arrested

 — Sexy hitchhiker gets arrested. by SexyChele05/15/024.38

Cassie is His

 — Cassie learns that being oblivious isn't a good thing. by BlueEyes36D04/23/104.00

Cassie is His Ch. 02

 — Sam makes good on his promise. by BlueEyes36D05/04/104.36

Cassie's College Years Ch. 03

 — Cassie is taken by men in her dorm. by irishlovr8308/16/094.20

Cassie's College Years Ch. 05

 — Cassie becomes a total slut. by irishlovr8312/20/104.12

Cassie's Fall

 — Sequel to 'Catfight': Cassie and Andrea battle once again. by freejack12/31/124.74HOT

Cassie's Life Turned Right Around

 — It was a blackmail worth suffering for. by qualitywheat06/21/124.37

Cassie's Lustful Life Ch. 01

 — Legal assistant leads a wild life. by usm1carbine04/13/014.18

Cassie's Lustful Life Ch. 02

 — Legal assistant is punished. by usm1carbine04/14/014.12

Cassie's Lustful Life Ch. 03

 — Legal assistant loses her direction. by usm1carbine04/15/014.45

Cassie's Lustful Life Ch. 07

 — Legal assistant's vacation gets wild. by usm1carbine04/23/014.34

Cassie's Lustful Life Ch. 09

 — She orders pizza and gets so much more. by usm1carbine04/25/014.09

Cassie's Sister

 — Nikki decides to take Cassie's boyfriend. by stu19104/20/074.20

Cassie's Unexpected Summer Job

 — Cassie seeks a summer job and gets one, but it was unexpected. by mastertjd10/28/112.87


 — Two rivals are castaway on an island. by hemo10105/09/082.95

Castaways of New Purgatory Ch. 01

 — The Church maroons troublesome women on an island. by RamonaE01/03/133.98

Castaways of New Purgatory Ch. 02

 — PI marooned a tropical island filled with other naked women. by RamonaE01/06/134.34

Castaways of New Purgatory Ch. 03

 — Karen meets another castaway. by RamonaE01/14/134.15

Castaways of New Purgatory Ch. 04

 — Private eye, marooned naked, meets the island's leader. by RamonaE02/06/134.19

Castaways: Retribution

 — Helen returns for revenge. by hemo10105/14/083.94

Casting Chair

 — The pretty woman pays a high price for a Hollywood career. by Boxlicker10106/26/093.91

Casting Chair Too

 — The handsome young actor will have to earn his contract. by Boxlicker10108/27/093.64

Casting Kate

 — Innocent wanabee seeks to do well in audition. by shaunreagh08/12/074.40

Castle Busenstien

 — Kidnap & debauchery at the castle. by FINC04/16/044.18

Castle Busenstien Ch. 02

 — Married couples are broken into servitude. by FINC11/02/044.15

Castle Busenstien Ch. 03

 — The master race heir takes what he wants. by FINC11/03/044.13

Castle Busenstien Ch. 04

 — Busty reader gets high seas kidnap & humiliation. by FINC11/18/044.26

Castle Hotel

 — Young businesswoman is an accidental tease. by Lyralu12/22/114.23

Castle of Slaves

 — A new world awaits inside the castle walls. by nkniemi01/08/093.65

Castles, Kings & Wondrous Things Ch. 05

 — What happens to the abandoned. by ptm09/14/104.03

Casual Friday

 — New hire finds out how casual Friday can be. by Ashson09/11/154.32

Casual Friday...Exploited

 — Asshole of boss gets just desserts from 5 determined women. by Stephen7Redo06/22/124.37

Cat Burglar

 — She's surprised - & taken - by a stranger in her house. by tarantula91109/17/054.58HOT

Cat House

 — Two girls work for a cat house in Nevada. by Asianlove09/20/024.19

Cat O'Nine Tails

 — A virgin loses everything on a pirate ship. by nancygibson12/21/054.39

Catamite Ch. 01

 — Annette chooses a prisoner from the jail. by Miss_Pearl12/31/123.10

Catch & Release

 — 'Intelligent criminal' makes a mistake. by Patrick Flanagan02/16/024.38

Catch & Release Ch. 02

 — Our guy gets out the bait & tackle... by Patrick Flanagan07/26/024.47

Catching Intruders After School

 — Coach finds two girls playing in the boys' lockers. by caitscherry04/19/074.33

Catching Karen Ch. 01

 — Eighteen year old boys catch and use a blonde milf. by baybabe3608/10/113.78

Catching Karen Ch. 02

 — Eighteen-year-old boys catch and use a blonde milf. by baybabe3608/27/113.93

Catching My Dream Girl

 — He carries a torch for childhood rival, then attacks her. by AverageBear03/30/124.50HOT

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