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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Gangster Captive Ch. 5

 — Sam and Frank collect their Grand Prize. by Jigs07/12/014.64HOT

Garage Gang Rape

 — Claire gets into trouble when she can't pay her repair bill. by Slut4Use06/19/064.35

Garbage Dump Virgin

 — Chinese virgin is raped and gangbanged. by NiteWriter10/15/034.16


 — Someone was stealing his plants. by Ashson08/16/154.48

Gargarean Group Ch. 01

 — David endures an intimate interview. by kc_crozetti06/17/154.39

Gargarean Group Ch. 02

 — David gets a physical and meets his sponsor. by kc_crozetti07/03/154.61HOT

Gargarean Group Ch. 03

 — David is presented to the Group. by kc_crozetti08/02/154.64HOT

Gargarean Group Ch. 04

 — David's turnaround. by kc_crozetti08/23/154.57HOT

Gargarean Group Ch. 05

 — David's Cock-Tail Party. by kc_crozetti10/18/154.69HOT

Gargarean Group Ch. 06

 — David entertains a birthday party. by kc_crozetti12/20/154.77HOT

Gargarean Group Ch. 07

 — David does some live modeling. by kc_crozetti02/25/164.74HOT

Gas Light on and No Money

 — A non-consent story. by Desiremore4u12/27/164.11

Gas Station Clerk

 — Woman goes into gas station and forgot money to pay for gas. by Jezuzkrist12/14/133.90

Gas Station Hammering

 — Bound babe is served up to customers. by FINC09/03/054.22

Gate Crashers

 — Young women gatecrash a sex party. by Ashson03/02/144.14

Gathering Storm Ch. 05

 — Is it the calm before the storm? by Many Feathers06/07/104.68HOT

Gating: A Woman's View

 — Taking the full of herself woman. by takeheraway01/22/063.84

Gazing Into The Fire

 — Can a woman explore her own rape fantasy? by blackzilla9911/22/024.23


 — At night he watched, waiting for the time. by glamorous_bitch05/10/034.52HOT

Geek's Revenge Ch. 08

 — Coop makes an extravagent purchase. by Creamer09/06/094.71HOT

Gemma Ch. 01

 — Sunbathing in the park has an unexpected consequence. by EdmundDorf08/29/133.93

Gemma Ch. 02

 — Complaining to neighbours leads to a nasty surprise. by EdmundDorf08/30/133.83

Gemma's Big Adventure

 — Her threesome with husband and his ex is just the start. by EdmundDorf10/05/113.84

Gentle as a Lamb

 — Horny cop receives retribution by a woman. by Zequenta08/20/093.43

Gently, Firmly

 — Laura’s reluctance to share is overcum by a one-night stand. by ElRoylk08/17/114.34

Geoffrey's Game

 — Famous Women are the prize. by Softly10/15/014.33

George's Torment

 — Forced to listen to wife's ordeal on the phone. by RachWebster04/08/083.99

Georgine's Seduction

 — Husband wants wife fucked by BBC and to join fun. by readyforprimetime02/02/174.17

Geri's World Ch. 02

 — Geri gets blackmailed by a coworker and pays the price. by ahipdude12/12/123.98

Gerry's Treat

 — Gerry get's what he always wanted, The Treat. by 2cool4u6908/29/122.89

Get Along

 — Janessa's white co-workers don't appreciate her. by devylishlydivine07/27/074.12

Get Off Me

 — Woman gets her boyfriend to pretend to rape her. by exquisitelifetime09/17/123.46

Getting A Tan

 — Sunbathing is hazardous to your virtue. by Ashson12/07/154.18

Getting Ahead

 — Cock-sucking student surprises her teacher. by SlightlyDivine11/08/084.30

Getting Along

 — Janessa's not appreciated by her white male co-workers. by devylishlydivine07/29/073.86

Getting Angry Getting Ass

 — Ex-girlfriend goes to far and gets it in the ass. by n2anal7808/29/054.40

Getting Caught

 — Police officer takes advantage of situation. by naugwife04/15/083.90

Getting Caught

 — Cheating has consequences. by jyobosayeopark11/02/144.10

Getting Caught Ch. 01

 — first time non consent lesbian story by verysubslut07/23/034.25

Getting Caught Ch. 02

 — Lesbian tale continues. by verysubslut09/07/034.15

Getting Caught Ch. 02

 — Intentions are revealed, a plan is formed. by jyobosayeopark11/07/144.45

Getting Caught Ch. 03

 — She has guests to service. by verysubslut12/18/034.18

Getting Caught Ch. 04

 — Her time with Mistress continues. by verysubslut01/10/044.46

Getting Changed

 — Young woman gets changed at the beach. by Ashson06/27/144.06

Getting Down & Physical Ch. 3

 — Prissy Priscilla is punished. by Andrew Ryan11/30/013.80

Getting Euchred

 — High-stakes card game leads to sexual adventure for guests. by peterotica24706/20/153.82

Getting Even

 — Tables are turned on office bitch. by MidnightDream11/04/044.42

Getting Even

 — He uses his wife's racial prejudiced to get even. by zipp209/24/074.07

Getting Even

 — Getting even for seven wasted years in Jail. by abroadsword05/25/104.03

Getting Even (The Sequel)

 — Tammy makes Susan pay for breaking their agreement. by MidnightDream12/12/054.57HOT

Getting Even The Hard Way

 — Cheating leads to gay humiliation. by localsub106/17/133.96

Getting Even with Eve

 — She framed him, & now he gets even. by PAS09/12/034.35

Getting Even with Gemma and Jane

 — Mistake at work puts worker at the mercy of her boss. by MrPinkerton03/26/084.31

Getting Even with Gemma and Jane Ch. 02

 — Jack turns his attention to the older sister. by MrPinkerton04/10/084.41

Getting Even with Gemma and Jane Ch. 03

 — Jack humiliates Gemma still further. by MrPinkerton04/24/084.45

Getting Filled by My Work Colleague

 — Feisty work colleague and cock tease gets taught her lesson. by Differential09/01/154.14

Getting Frisked

 — I'm taught a lesson after stealing at the beach. by hereiam1303/22/174.18

Getting High At Work

 — Smoking pot at work when you think you're alone. by SassyRed105/16/104.35

Getting Inside of Heather

 — A coin's magic traps a pimp inside one of his girls minds. by thebigbadbrad09/15/113.83

Getting Linda Pregnant

 — Former cruise partner wants to get pregnant. by LaPatitMort09/03/064.29

Getting One Past The Goalie

 — He impregnates young wife while she sleeps. by Akito0101/22/064.13

Getting Out of a DUI

 — She trades favors for making DUI go away. by RobynG12/28/154.34

Getting Over Their Exes, and More

 — Two Asian girls seduce a guy at a strip club-but get more... by writingn00b11/24/114.37

Getting Over, Getting Under

 — The best way to get over your ex, is to get under him. by sexywrites2211/20/113.41

Getting the Grade

 — A young grad student earns her grade the hard way. by saxmandan301/08/144.16

Getting the Promotion

 — Woman tries to influence the hiring manager to score a promo. by stickyfate11/06/144.16

Getting to Know Emily

 — Rick has his way with hot employee Emily. by jclancy302/24/034.04

Getting To Know Jamie

 — Jack has way with passed out coworker on business trip. by jclancy309/24/024.03

Getting to Know My Neighbor Ch. 05

 — She dares to visit; her brother knows, and wants a favor. by archilochus10/01/104.28

Getting To Know My Neighbour

 — Neighbour home alone gets to have sex. by The Spaz11/08/044.48

Getting To Know My Neighbour Ch. 02

 — He drives her crazy. by The Spaz12/19/044.50HOT

Getting To Know My Neighbour Ch. 03

 — She's primed for a new experience. by The Spaz01/16/054.31

Getting To Know My Neighbour Ch. 04

 — She experiences a whole new dimension. by The Spaz01/31/054.60HOT

Getting To Know My Neighbour Ch. 05

 — It's bath time. by The Spaz02/26/054.57HOT

Getting to Know You

 — He decided to make a closer acquaintance. by Ashson12/05/164.43

Getting to Know Your Neighbors

 — He gets everything he wanted, when he takes it. by bluegasoverredart04/22/054.43

Getting What I Want

 — Be Careful Who You Anger. by Pentegenarian06/06/164.27

Getting What I Wanted

 — Wife lives gang-bang fantasy. by Dayna Jo10/16/004.14

Getting What You Want

 — She always gets what she wants. by devle12/24/034.57HOT

GG's, Like in Maggie Ch. 01

 — A large-breasted model targets her plastic surgeon's husband. by TheTalkMan02/13/174.59HOT

GG's, Like in Maggie Ch. 02

 — Maggie is dying to show the married man her big, fake tits. by TheTalkMan02/16/174.71HOT

GG's, Like in Maggie Ch. 03

 — Maggie stalks Andrew, hoping to wear the married man down. by TheTalkMan02/20/174.73HOT

GG's, Like in Maggie Ch. 04

 — Maggie proudly showcases her hot, naked body for Andrew. by TheTalkMan02/23/174.81HOT

GG's, Like in Maggie Ch. 05

 — Andrew just cheated on his wife with a total slut. Now what? by TheTalkMan02/26/174.68HOT

Ghetto Fairy Tales Ch. 1

 — A young Black woman must make a choice. by blackzilla9909/23/014.31

Ghetto Fairy Tales Ch. 2

 — He drugs then takes the girl next door. by blackzilla9910/26/014.34

Ghetto Fairy Tales Ch. 3

 — Black drug dealer takes older White woman. by blackzilla9911/13/024.62HOT

Ghetto Fever

 — A white wife gets abused in the ghetto - and loves it. by Bakers_dozen11/21/164.37

Ghoulish Needs

 — Only on Halloween can they experience pleasures of the flesh. by Blayde10/15/014.18

Gibby Jane

 — Father-in-law initiates daughter in law into family. by Nicola_Italia102/09/043.97

Gibby Jane Ch. 02

 — Gibby becomes father-in-law's sex toy. by Nicola_Italia105/16/044.19

Gibby Jane Ch. 03

 — Gibby's humiliation is complete. by Nicola_Italia105/17/044.28

Gift Money

 — Landlord gets tenant to pay in a different way. by gorgeousmika03/21/034.16

Gift to a Neighbour

 — Young man trusts his female friend too much. by Ebenezer103/05/153.46

Gift Wrapped Threesome Ch. 03

 — Jane again makes 3! by emu_p03/27/044.47

GILFS Most Delightfully Devious

 — Best friends take separate turns on a victim. by milfleglover09/05/114.49

GILFS Most Delightfully Devious Ch. 02

 — Sexy 60-somethings continue their naughty ways. by milfleglover05/18/144.48

GILFS Most Delightfully Devious Ch. 03

 — Continuing tale of old friends tormenting a man. by milfleglover01/29/154.56HOT

GILFS Most Delightfully Devious Ch. 05

 — When the cat's away, the GILFs still play – with him. by milfleglover10/13/154.56HOT

GILFS Most Delightfully Devious Ch. 06

 — Sultry seniors take their sexy show on the road. by milfleglover04/10/164.58HOT

GILFS Most Delightfully Devious Ch. 07

 — Susan works sexy massaging skills on friend's hubby! by milfleglover05/30/164.43

Gillian's Descent

 — A career cop's transformation into a whore. by TheDarkCloud12/07/054.33

Gillian's Descent Ch. 02

 — Female Cop has to work in a brothel. by TheDarkCloud01/17/064.47

Gillian's Descent Ch. 03

 — Top female cop now walks the streets. by TheDarkCloud02/08/064.39

Gillian's Descent Ch. 04

 — The slut meets her tormentors in a jail cell. by TheDarkCloud03/05/064.33

Gillian's Descent Ch. 05

 — Female cop's time behind bars commences. by TheDarkCloud04/23/064.14

Gillian's Descent Ch. 06

 — Female Cop reaches the bottom of the barrel. by TheDarkCloud06/14/064.25

Gillian's Tale Ch. 01

 — She moves in with her mother and learns her secret. by point0311/25/093.89

Gillian's Tale Ch. 02

 — Gillian learns more secrets and submits to her fate. by point0312/02/094.00

Gillian's Tale Ch. 03

 — Forced to pay for board & lodgings. by point0312/02/094.12

Gimme a Ride... On That Dick Ch. 01

 — Why split the gas bill when oral is so much easier? by 630washington10/29/143.78

Gina Loved to Get Massages

 — Gina is raped in a dream, or is it? by thinkmanthink03/01/043.49

Gina's Abduction Ch. 01

 — A story about Gina's abduction, training & sale. by nadia87708/24/143.65

Gina's Abduction Ch. 02

 — A story about Gina’s abduction, training & sale by nadia87708/26/144.03

Gina's Abduction Ch. 03

 — A story about Gina's abduction, training & sale. by nadia87708/30/143.98

Gina's Abduction Ch. 04

 — A story about Gina’s abduction, training & sale. by nadia87708/31/144.16

Gina's Abduction Ch. 05

 — A story about Gina's abduction, training & sale. by nadia87709/03/144.20

Ginger Faces the East

 — Ginger wrestles two Japanese schoolgirls. by StoneKidman10/15/143.72

Ginger Goes Back To Jobbing

 — Ginger gets her butt kicked in the ring for money. by StoneKidman10/14/144.37

Ginger Moves Overseas Ch. 01

 — Ginger takes on a new job and loses control. by GingerVye02/27/133.92

Ginger Moves Overseas Ch. 02

 — Ginger tries to take back control from Søren. by GingerVye03/04/134.27

Ginger Moves Overseas Ch. 03

 — Slutty Ginger Gets Caught in the Park. by GingerVye03/05/134.12

Ginger Moves Overseas Ch. 04

 — Søren sets a trap for Ginger at his estate. by GingerVye03/05/133.91

Ginger Moves Overseas Ch. 05

 — Ginger dreams of cock. by GingerVye03/12/134.31

Ginger Moves Overseas Ch. 06

 — The night of the party. by GingerVye03/13/134.41

Ginger Moves Overseas Ch. 07

 — Hot sex ensues. by GingerVye03/14/134.57HOT

Ginger Moves Overseas Ch. 08

 — Søren fucks Ginger's throat in the back yard. by GingerVye03/15/134.35

Ginger Moves Overseas Ch. 09

 — Ginger rebels. by GingerVye03/25/134.66HOT

Ginger Moves Overseas Ch. 10

 — Things get steamy. by GingerVye03/27/134.45

Ginger Moves Overseas Ch. 11

 — Ginger runs away. by GingerVye04/10/134.50HOT

Ginger Moves Overseas Ch. 12

 — Ginger meets the school Provost. by GingerVye05/19/134.08

Ginger Moves Overseas Ch. 13

 — Ginger learns there are consequences to being a slut. by GingerVye06/05/134.38

Ginger's Training Ch. 1

 — Ginger gets training from The Master. by vgrey12/27/004.31

Ginger's Training Ch. 10

 — Ginger begins her enslavement on the island. by vgrey09/14/024.40

Ginger's Training Ch. 2

 — The Master continues training Ginger. by vgrey12/29/004.44

Ginger's Training Ch. 3

 — Things get tougher for Ginger. by vgrey02/21/014.30

Ginger's Training Ch. 4

 — Ginger remembers her abduction. by vgrey02/22/014.14

Ginger's Training Ch. 5

 — The Master takes Ginger in the shower. by vgrey02/23/014.40

Ginger's Training Ch. 6

 — Beautiful starlet is taken at audition. by vgrey02/24/014.14

Ginger's Training Ch. 7

 — A kinky reunion with Ginger's agent. by vgrey03/07/014.35

Ginger's Training Ch. 8

 — Pam proves to be a stern mistress. by vgrey07/22/014.43

Ginger's Training Ch. 9

 — Ginger awakens to sinister world of sexual servitude. by vgrey05/24/024.23

Gino Takes Me

 — Shy girl gets more than dinner. by angelx60207/23/054.18

Girl Friend Takes Control

 — Phone relationship graduates to dicey first meeting. by nikkis05/31/09

Girl Gang

 — How many men will they take before Marge catches them? by margo_x_x06/16/023.76

Girl Gets a Full Load

 — Sex fun at work. by Martin196609/06/083.62

Girl Goes Native

 — A hot girl in a land with evil spirits. What could go wrong? by regularguy1310/03/164.48

Girl Like Me

 — A girl like me would always be waiting. by MadisonBerlin02/03/114.13

Girl Next Door

 — Newlywed neighbour is taken in a fit of insane lust. by FINC03/04/063.87

Girl on a Bus

 — A man has a special surprise for the young girl on the bus. by lukefantasist01/13/163.61

Girl on a Raft

 — A chance for revenge against a bitch queen. by Ashson04/26/134.26

Girl's Night In

 — A woman gets a lot more than expected with a new friend. by EscribeDominus01/04/174.31

Girl's Night Out

 — Robin & Janet get more than they bargained for. by usm1carbine02/12/014.26

Girl's Unexpected Old Man Encounter

 — An old man on the street fucks a young woman. by Touch_Me_Eat_Me02/10/134.01

Girlfriend's Drunk Roommate

 — He makes move on half-Japanese lady. by tida5508/27/044.17

Girls Abducted

 — Beautiful brunette and redhead get kidnapped. by gaggedKitty2301/20/134.03

Girls Abducted Ch. 02

 — A sex-crazed madman holds six captives. by gaggedKitty2302/12/144.01

Girls Abducted Ch. 03

 — Crazed man sexually enslaves a hot young blonde. by gaggedKitty2302/22/144.32

Girls Abducted Ch. 04

 — Sex-crazed man remembers how he broke in six slaves. by gaggedKitty2302/23/144.24

Girls Abducted Ch. 05

 — Sex-crazed man finishes tormenting his third slave couple. by gaggedKitty2303/04/144.27

Girls Are Great

 — Another fantasy, gals have a few good ideas. by Xesevoli05/29/034.31

Girls Behaving Badly

 — Melissa and Jo have fun at work. by hobrigef12/26/093.44

Girls Camp! Day 03

 — Teen girls just wanna have fun. by mind_sex03/25/114.41

Girls Can Be Cruel

 — Miranda and Ruth are hot and they know it! by hobrigef11/14/113.71

Girls in Charge

 — Martin & John are dominated by female colleagues. by Minxly01/21/053.93

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