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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Lechku and Nechku: Darkscape

 — Elizabeth's dream is violated by a foreign presence. by pinkgothic11/10/084.00

Lee Ann Ch. 01

 — She discovers a submissive side. by StoryTeller0705/30/124.52HOT

Lee Ann Ch. 02

 — Becoming a slave. by StoryTeller0706/13/124.37

LeeLee's Attaker

 —  by SecretWhore9401/17/133.59


 — The 19 y.o. Leena is trapped in the Internet Cybersex Prison. by Taunus11/14/113.53


 — Leena gets anal. by Taunus11/14/113.57


 — Chris finally gets her wish to whip Leena. by Taunus11/18/114.16


 — Leena bonds with Oleg; Chris wants to whip her. by Taunus11/18/114.17


 — Chris Manages to Whip Leena. by Taunus11/20/114.05


 — Leena recovers and goes on the Game Grid. by Taunus11/25/113.75


 — An Overview of the Internet Cybersex Prison. by Taunus11/28/114.00

Left Alone

 — After being left alone she's forced to please you. by porter8309/11/053.66

Left Behind

 — Young woman falls asleep while at a party. by Ashson01/27/154.06

Legal Research/Hot Sex - Who Knew?!

 — Mr. Northwestern & Miss Gorgeous Bottom's library adventure. by Yourstohave12/14/074.20

Legally Binding

 — She does what it takes to get her family inheritance. by FINC04/02/044.30

Legend of Reshmir

 — An elf in an Amazon Village. by ironmaiden1302/05/153.93

Leggy MILF Lauren's Oral Slave

 — Sexy 53 year old fitness babe takes young man prisoner. by kandor04/29/163.88

Legs Wide Open

 — Nonconsensual sex remembered fondly. by Sarahbean09/21/063.68


 — She's surprised in the shower. by MythicaleLement12/17/093.47

Lena Ch. 04

 — Lena gets gang-banged while Chad watches. by Buzzboy08/30/053.93


 — When the West was really wild. by DuckieRhode09/14/063.90

Lesbian Cum Slave Final Exam Ch. 01

 — 3 weeks later, Audra has to apply all she has learned. by broken147707/27/144.32

Lesbian Cum Slave Final Exam Ch. 02

 — Audra gets her orgasm and wishes she hadn't. by broken147707/28/144.52HOT

Lesbian Cum Slave Final Exam Ch. 03

 — Audra endures even more at the hands of her cruel mistress. by broken147711/01/144.49

Lesbian Cum Slave's New Challenge

 — Audra faces a new challenge at the bidding of Mistress. by broken147703/22/154.18

Lesbian Does Football Team

 — She takes them on to raise money to be with her lover. by BanditBoy06/15/013.95

Lesbian Force

 — Taken by force by women in the ladies room. by johnnyviper09/06/144.01

Lesbian Nonconsensual

 — Agressive wymyn rape young woman. by RedJill02/12/074.17

Lesson Learned

 — Cock teasing cheerleader learns a lesson...the hard way! by Theusual6901/13/034.15

Lesson Learned

 — A young man gets revenge on his step-sister. by CianPerrel10/02/123.98

Lesson Plan

 — Miss Caldwell has a lesson plan to solve everybody's problem. by alextasy10/17/164.57HOT

Lesson Two For Lily

 — Lily's boss isn't finished with her yet. by Lily08/14/044.45

Lessons for the Teacher

 — Young teacher learns her submissive nature. by Whispers_of_Eros09/12/034.55HOT

Lessons from Daddy Ch. 01

 — Daddy teaches his little girl a lesson or two. by barbarah7101/01/164.07

Lessons from Daddy Ch. 02

 — Daddy teaches his little girl about cocks. by barbarah7104/05/164.21

Lessons from Daddy Ch. 03

 — Daddy discovers a slut. by barbarah7105/22/163.82

Lessons from Daddy Ch. 04

 — Daddy takes his slut. by barbarah7110/02/164.00

Lessons From Professor

 — The sexiest experience of her life. by sexiibaby04/05/084.12

Lessons from the Emperor

 — A power drunk Emperor has revenge on virgin lovers. by Jeffbaby05/16/103.55

Lessons from the Emperor Ch. 02

 — Two virgins are deflowered at the hands of the Emperor. by Jeffbaby05/23/103.19

Lessons from the Emperor Ch. 03

 — Lara continues her education. by Jeffbaby06/02/103.87

Lessons Learned

 — He's raped by an older man. by stilltrying05/11/033.96

Let the Music Play Ch. 01

 — All Lacy wanted to do was sing... by Foreboding01/09/124.02

Let the Music Play Ch. 02

 — Lacy is losing herself in lust... by Foreboding01/10/124.33

Let's Be Nudists

 — Two young women visit a nudist camp. by Ashson03/31/133.61

Let's Do It

 — Older sister finds herself on the receiving end. by JOCA06/01/014.17

Let's Go Hiking

 — Two young woman go on a hiking holiday. by Ashson09/24/133.94

Let's Just Call it Rape

 — A little role play....on the dark side. by dansemajik02/02/044.13

Let's Make a Deal

 — Why can't their threesome be win-win-win? by edrider7304/16/143.68

Letter to a Stranger Ch. 01

 — A couples game makes her a stranger's toy. by NCnakedadventure08/24/094.03

Letter to a Stranger: The Club

 — Little game wherein stranger is pleasantly surprised. by wannabyour09/01/054.26

Letter to a Stranger: The Hotel

 — A party is given in Clair's honor. by wannabyour09/03/054.28

Letter to the Artist Ch. 01

 — A cold and insolent socialite meets her match. by 1rndm109/19/104.73HOT

Letters to Home

 — Sarah's life goes into freefall. by Cromagnonman04/13/113.93

Letting Hyde Out

 — The Darker Side Ensnares a Beautiful MILF. by Wifetheif01/20/164.33

Levels of Control Ch. 01

 — Insurance investigator is given a lethal aphrodisiac. by RamonaE10/25/084.08

Levels of Control Ch. 02

 — Investigator fights the effects of a lethal aphrodisiac. by RamonaE10/29/084.13

Levels of Control Ch. 03

 — Two victims of a lethal aphrodisiac seek comfort. by RamonaE11/06/084.38

Levels of Control Ch. 04

 — Two women fatally drugged make a choice. by RamonaE11/19/083.71

Levels of Transition

 — A woman learns surrender. by tantrickmagick04/05/073.74

Lexie vs Teacher

 — Lexie is introduced to sex in a rather unconventional way. by squirtlekiwi0504/17/103.96

LEZ Be Lovers

 — The new sister at a lesbian sorority house has a man. by Krosis07/09/163.80

Lezzie Pet Games

 — The games continue. by Belarus02/26/114.40

Li Ming

 — Chinese girl becomes an older man's toy. by Nicola_Italia108/24/043.88


 — What's under her prim and proper exterior? by rgraham66604/10/064.67HOT

Librarian Lolita Part 1

 — sexy librarian latina is held captive by luscioushoney6908/13/024.09

Librarians Can Change

 — I search for mature ladies who need to be convinced. by LorenzoAbajos09/19/144.12

Library Humiliation

 — Collette is humiliated at school. by klipthealien10/21/164.27

Library Work

 — Jean slakes her frustrations with Laura. by hoededoe1103/20/053.89

Life as an Adult Day 01

 — Jennifer is kidnapped on her birthday. by Zenkci10/11/103.62

Life Can Have Interesting Twists 01

 — Brenda gets abused by strangers. by goolwaman1701/13/144.01

Life Can Have Interesting Twists 02

 — Brenda learns about her new life. by goolwaman1701/14/143.90

Life Can Have Interesting Twists 03

 — Brenda starts here new life. by goolwaman1701/21/144.12

Life Can Have Interesting Twists 04

 — It was eight weeks since Brenda had met with her first customer. by goolwaman1701/22/144.52HOT

Life Changes Ch. 12

 — Life changes suddenly for a married couple. by deadeye_7611/12/104.49

Life Changes Ch. 13

 — Just some light Saturday afternoon playing. by deadeye_7603/15/114.57HOT

Life in the Fast Lane

 — M/M/M/f Non-Consensual Gangbang. by alina7811/20/154.02

Life Is But A Dream

 — Alone on a rainy night, a very sex starved woman is taken. by FrenchieDivine04/01/143.74

Life is Rough, Then it Gets Rougher

 — Dan and Elizabeth make up. by Elizabethr23712/15/163.26

Life of a Sex Addict

 — Jenna meets up with a regular. by fiestyyredhead03/29/123.88

Life Sentence Ch. 01

 — A girl rescued from slavery tells her tale. by MVPrimetime07/07/104.34

Life Sentence Ch. 02

 — slave girl tells of her seduction and enslavement. by MVPrimetime10/17/104.42

Life Sentence Ch. 03

 — naive girl is further corrupted, abused and enslaved. by MVPrimetime11/04/104.51HOT

Life Sentence Ch. 04

 — Enslaved girl is sold to increasingly brutal owners. by MVPrimetime11/11/104.38

Life Sentence Ch. 05

 — Things develop for enslaved girl and reluctant master by MVPrimetime11/25/104.52HOT

Life Sentence Ch. 06

 — Reluctant master is maltreated and rebels. by MVPrimetime12/18/104.51HOT

Life Sentence Ch. 07

 — Reluctant slave owner acquires wealth and more girls. by MVPrimetime01/22/114.71HOT

Life Without Context

 — My name is Cali, and these are some of my memorable moments. by Fyrewyre04/12/11

Life's Hard Lessons

 — Man breaks out of prison to have his revenge on ex wife. by bamadude5506/07/084.02

Life's Hard Lessons Ch. 02

 — The tide is turned on Johnny. by bamadude5510/07/104.19

Life's Lessons

 — Being overpowered bare by a lover can be erotic. by wife2hotblk01/15/093.10

Life's Not Fair

 — Hot wife cuckolds her disabled husband. by hobrigef03/16/093.46

Lifeguard Stripped

 — Girls render rude guy helpless & enact revenge. by jjunior1706/18/024.25


 — A woman is volunteered for a unique product demonstration. by Monocle12/27/094.38


 — An encounter... a lift. by InTheMargins02/03/163.79

Light and Dark Ch. 01

 — Iris meets a hot new student, but appearances can deceive. by OliviaLaVue11/24/154.50HOT

Light and Dark Ch. 02

 — Ash can't have her yet, so he looks for a distraction. by OliviaLaVue06/20/164.58HOT

Light and Dark Ch. 03

 — Iris falls deeper down the rabbit hole. by OliviaLaVue07/07/164.56HOT

Light and Dark Ch. 04

 — Ash makes Iris feel good, then finds out who she really is. by OliviaLaVue08/03/164.74HOT

Lighthouse Tour

 — Sexy guide makes lighthouse tour memorable. by longlegs04/03/013.95

Lights Out For Cherie

 — Wife and best friend cheat. It's revenge, baby! by tightwaddd10/31/034.09

Lights Out!

 — She comes home and the lights are out. by Lonely101/01/014.10

Lights! Cameral! Action! Take 02

 — Elaine reluctantly auditions for Double Dare Adult Films. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER07/17/083.87

Like A Virgin

 — He takes her to new level after discovering her secret. by Chicklet03/07/034.33

Like It Has The Antidote Ch. 04

 — Carla shows her dark side, with surprising results. by nust8ofmind05/28/044.50HOT

Like It or Not

 — She is controlled in every way. by rapeamaiden05/10/114.05

Like It or Not Ch. 02

 — Controlled in every way times three. by rapeamaiden05/26/114.19

Like It or Not!

 — Sexy co-worker had to have him, whether he liked it or not. by jeffsgrl106/22/104.15

Like Mother, Like Daughter

 — Maureen watches her daughter getting turned into a slave. by jacobmerriweather12/09/164.53HOT

Lil Jodie

 — Cheerleader pays her boyfriends debts. by frost122603/28/093.71

Lil Jodie Ch. 04

 — A new playmate and a dark sercet. by frost122605/13/094.51HOT

Lil's Visit

 — A shared ravishment fantasy. by Robin_G12/19/124.19

Lilac Vengance

 — A man takes his anger out on an overbearing woman. by Alainn07/09/093.68

Lilly Ch. 01

 — Lilly meets the Head Master and Is Punished. by Nox66109/03/094.29

Lilly Ch. 04

 — Lilly gets arrested. by Nox66109/22/094.04

Lilly's Wicked Dream

 — An online encounter turns into something much more for Lilly by Proximus03/02/174.22

Lily Grows Up

 — Now that she's a grown girl, Daddy's punishments change. by LilyO08/29/124.16

Lily's Blackmail Ch. 01

 — A young teacher is blackmailed by her student. by xyteachyx02/29/123.77

Lily's First Lesson

 — Boss blackmails his secretary. by Lily08/10/044.35

Lily's Lesson Continues

 — Phone call from boss, & a stranger intrudes. by Lily08/16/044.48

Lily's Seattle Lesson

 — Part 4 of Lily's story under Mr. Logan's control. by Lily08/23/044.48

Lily's Seattle Lesson Continues

 — Mr. Logan and Sam introduce Lily to Kylie. by Lily09/22/044.52HOT

LimeWire Girl

 — An illegal downloader gets down. by SikFuk09/30/084.25

Limo Lust

 — A couple get taken for a ride on their anniversary. by Mistress Maria11/09/014.34

Limo Taxi

 — Don't talk to strangers, and don't get in their limos. by bruce_chaos12/26/063.77

Lina and Vicky

 — A webcam girl gets surprised by a regular customer. by Tolstushki04/15/103.82

Linda Ch. 01

 — Young bride offers herself as payment. by NiteWriter10/07/024.38

Linda Ch. 01

 — The blackmailing of a wife. by LindaTuls08/15/074.34

Linda Ch. 02

 — Linda discovers her desire to be a dirty whore. by NiteWriter10/09/024.58HOT

Linda Ch. 02

 — A very difficult day. by LindaTuls08/16/074.54HOT

Linda Ch. 03

 — Rough punishment & filthy acts arouse Linda even more. by NiteWriter10/09/024.48

Linda Ch. 04

 — Linda's cravings are satisfied by a gangbang in a men's room. by NiteWriter10/13/024.48

Linda Exposed to the Boys

 — Linda is humiliated by the Principal in front of her student. by Linda5906/02/094.36

Linda Leaves

 — Linda, upset at Tom, wants to leave the relationship. by carl_a11/13/113.99

Linda's Big Day

 — She gives her husband what he wants. by carl_a05/02/044.07

Linda's Folly

 — A wife's escapade of regret.and remorse. by buddhaearl05/05/09

Linda's Hawaii Double Ravishment

 — Party turns violent. by Johnsexlife11/08/083.08

Linda's Ordeal Ch. 01

 — Linda walks into terror. by StoryCrafter09/03/114.14

Linda's Story Ch. 03

 — Linda learns more of what it means to be a whore. by hoyden01/14/054.63HOT

Linda's Suprise Visitor

 — Newly divorced she discovers the big city dangers. by Johnsexlife11/10/083.89

Linda's Surprise

 — Linda gets a unwelcome visit. by the mixer02/18/054.23

Linda's Teacher Evaluation

 — Linda is taken to task by the Principal. by Linda5905/04/094.49

Lindsay Makes Friends

 — She is tied and lost and has no where to go. by hurlieGirl02/09/074.13

Lindsay's Turn Ch. 03

 — Part 2 of the prequel to the current lindsay series. by johnnydrama12/19/114.35

Lindsey's Job Ch. 01

 — What to do when she's a MILF and you have to fire her. by Xchef06/17/104.35

Lindsey's Job Ch. 04

 — Things get messy when Lindsey's Husband shows up. by Xchef07/15/104.04

Lindsey's Job Ch. 05

 — Lindesy's husband get his and Lindesy gets hers. by Xchef07/16/104.26

Lindsey's Job Ch. 08

 — Chris finally gets his. by Xchef12/19/114.35

Lindsi's Mistake

 — Lindsi angers Master of the house. by prncsskairi07/01/073.70

Lindy's Lesson

 — The taking of a rich bitch. by Sadie2611/18/024.25

Lingerie Hostess With The Mostest

 — The party after the party. by satinlvr_mwf11/29/034.14

Liquid Bullets

 — A security guard is put through a deadly sexual gauntlet. by kromen02/26/114.38

Liquid Bullets Ch. 02

 — Det. Almond tracks down the last femme fatale. by kromen03/16/124.41

Lis'a Dogging Debut

 — Abused by her new boss, then mouth fucked in the car park. by AlphaBeatHer07/03/114.08

Lisa and the Cheetah Cheerstars

 — A nervous rookie joins the sexiest squad in the league. by SexObjex01/10/173.55

Lisa Ch. 01

 — Lisa learns the horrors of war. by Bohemund05/08/073.94

Lisa Ch. 02: Consequences

 — Lisa suffers the consequences of having tried to escape by JadenL04/02/144.71HOT

Lisa Ch. 03: Learning

 — Lisa (Jessica) gets the first taste of freedom, will it last by JadenL04/03/144.75HOT

Lisa Ch. 04: Reminded Of Her Place

 — Lisa (Jessica) is reminded of her place. by JadenL04/05/144.71HOT

Lisa Ch. 05a: Only Human

 — Lisa (Jessica) learns that she's only human by JadenL04/10/144.77HOT

Lisa Ch. 05b: Only Human cont

 — Lisa (Jessica) learns that she's only human cont by JadenL04/11/144.77HOT

Lisa Ch. 06: Changes

 — Tensions coming to a head force Lisa and the men into change by JadenL04/27/144.75HOT

Lisa Cums Home

 — 19-year-old wife is taken reluctantly as husband watches. by yellowhammer12404/24/144.30

Lisa Does What She Has to Do

 — Hard-up student finds a way to pay the rent. by robertjohn07/05/123.79

Lisa Does What She Has to Do Ch. 02

 — How Lisa came to use her body to pay her rent. by robertjohn07/28/124.06

Lisa Gets Dominated by Her Daughter

 — A daughter proves dominating and controlling to her mother. by dawn195802/01/144.18

Lisa Gets Hers

 — Bitchy behavior has consequences. by freefall3208/01/113.99

Lisa Is Drugged And Raped

 — The young wife is set up for a night of unwilling sex. by nit2gether06/16/154.10

Lisa Joins The Army

 — Lisa goes for an interview - and is taken advantage of. by cumwhore_lisa04/26/113.83

Lisa Learns a lesson

 — Housewife breaks the rules and must be taught a lesson. by quietsouthernqt11/26/093.17

Lisa Learns Her Place Ch. 01

 — A white businessman dominates his female Asian co-worker. by Ling0012/17/114.01

Lisa Learns Her Place Ch. 02

 — The nightmare continues as Brad tightens his control. by Ling0012/18/114.16

Lisa Learns How to Pass Pt. 01

 — Lisa finds out how hard it is to pass this class. by shrtskrt09/25/144.12

Lisa Searched

 — She's searched by security. by jock5412/18/073.69

Lisa Services Her Landlord

 — Lisa services her landlord for the first of many times. by robertjohn01/10/134.10

Lisa Trades Sex to Get on the Road

 — The young wife has only known kind and gentle sex untill now. by nit2gether03/24/154.35

Lisa's Lust

 — Desperate horny housewife gets help from her brother-in-law. by busty_fucker12/05/074.50HOT

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