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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Maid, Princess, Slave Ch. 01

 — A princess in love finds herself kidnapped and ravished. by ForcedIntoSlavery06/06/093.40

Maidens and Drakels Ch. 01

 — Two noble girls are sold as slaves in an aerial world. by magicsplash06/21/134.59HOT

Maidens and Drakels Ch. 02

 — Two noble girls are sold as slaves in an aerial world. by magicsplash07/29/134.50HOT

Maidens and Drakels Ch. 03

 — Two noble girls are sold as slaves in an aerial world. by magicsplash12/08/134.62HOT

Mail Clerk with Oral Duties

 — What he had to do to keep his job. by psoother06/09/053.71

Mail Clerk with Oral Duties Week 02

 — New women have been added. by psoother06/15/054.37

mailing the Boss's Wife Ch. 02

 — Employee takes blackmail to the next level with boss's wife. by BlkMailFun11/10/093.95

Mailroom Girls

 — Office demotes pretty execs to mailroom girls who work naked. by cambridgecaine10/02/143.55

Make Her Break Her: Rachelle

 — Adult actress is forced into first interracial scene. by DarcusKnight07/07/164.19

Make Me

 — More than a schoolgirl's taunt. by FantasyXY03/01/184.23

Make Me a Woman Daddy

 — Was she dreaming or did it really happen? by SweetcheeksSt03/04/033.83

Making a Baby

 — He's ready to make a baby...whether she wants to, or not. by MaddieJCarter07/30/124.27

Making a Devil out of Me

 — She blackmails a reluctant man. by en_extase10/21/064.73HOT

Making A Devil Out Of Me

 — Teenage cheerleader type waitress black mails a family guy. by cowboy10907/20/113.69

Making a Perfect Mate Pt. 01

 — Warrior wins a woman that he will turn into his. by TheKassar05/26/153.76

Making a Woman of Him Ch. 03

 — Chester gets a lesson in cleaning. by ElRoylk02/21/144.45

Making a Woman of Him Ch. 04

 — Chester’s journey to womanhood begins by ElRoylk02/22/144.32

Making a Woman of Him Ch. 05

 — Chester helps the women with their health homework by ElRoylk02/23/144.40

Making a Woman of Him Ch. 06

 — Yvette leads Chester further on his journey to womanhood by ElRoylk02/24/144.55HOT

Making a Woman of Him Ch. 07

 — Yvette continues Chester on his path to womanhood. by ElRoylk02/25/144.30

Making a Woman of Him Ch. 08

 — Chester is forced to suffer Roxie's deep throat. by ElRoylk02/26/144.44

Making a Woman of Him Ch. 09

 — Chester witnesses Catherine's secret life. by ElRoylk02/26/144.30

Making a Woman of Him Ch. 13

 — Roxie reveals Chester’s true nature by ElRoylk03/06/144.23

Making a Woman of Him Ch. 14

 — Roxie helps Chester accept his need for domination by ElRoylk03/07/144.47

Making a Woman of Him Ch. 15

 — In which Yvette is offered an option. by ElRoylk03/08/144.25

Making a Woman of McKenzie

 — McKenzie is tied up and taken (unwillingly?). by whoruwhoami12/24/083.92

Making Danielle Cum

 — Danielle is forced to cum. by Powerone03/04/034.12

Making Her a Hooker

 — Tony was a pimp. Marie was an innocent eighteen. by Scorpio4409/23/084.37

Making Him Proud Ch. 01

 — His girlfriend goes too far trying to be a good hostess. by GreenEyesNTexas03/24/123.99

Making Him See Things My Way

 — She forces herself onto her son, eventually he enjoys. by Berryismine01/09/124.46

Making Law Review

 — A summer intern has a painful experience. by Magicien11/02/024.01

Making Mandy Mine

 — An obsession and conquest. by Dabean01/02/143.92

Making Master Z's Whore

 — Wealthy man takes a rain-soaked young woman. by Cindersglasslipper10/09/064.31

Making Movies

 — A casting couch story. by jumpingbill07/28/104.15

Making My Aunt Mine Pt. 01

 — Blackmailing my aunt to fuck me. by TKstories08/28/173.64

Making My Aunt Mine Pt. 02

 — Edward makes aunt Vivian his cum bucket. by TKstories09/20/173.87

Making of a Cumslut

 — I discover my wife has a secret slutty side. by pennyd199205/25/173.76

Making of a Cumslut Pt. 02

 — Mel and Matt's story continues... by pennyd199206/18/174.39

Making of a Doctor

 — Extra work helped her finance her studies. by smita2202/25/104.00

Making Out With The Land Lord

 — The story of me making out with the land lord. by CHARLEY4U208/11/104.10

Making Out: A Base Too Far

 — Lovers finally have sex. by Jill_P08/23/154.43

Making Out: The Rest of the Weekend

 — Jeanette continues to submit. by Jill_P09/19/154.33

Making Rent: Bruce and Family

 — A man has to pay his rent somehow. by Sean Renaud06/11/094.12

Making Restitution to the Auditor

 — To avoid prison, she submits to auditor. by xxxgretchen04/13/064.02

Making Scents Ch. 03

 — Carol learns what she wants the hard way. by Boratus09/18/054.43

Making Sweet Music

 — Superhero erotica. by Tara2105/18/104.27

Making Teacher Mine Ch. 01

 — Student uses a hot young teacher's secret against her. by centrum100003/03/114.54HOT

Making the Beast with Two Backs

 — She catches them and gets revenge! by ForkedBeard01/30/143.44

Making the Chef Pay Ch. 01

 — Disgruntled employee holds Cleo for two days. by Powerone02/12/034.45

Making The Grade

 — Senior girl must submit to avoid failing class. by LindsayO09/07/014.15

Making the Grade

 — Bad grades? Trade your girlfriend for better ones. by J.Q. Hack01/27/064.50HOT

Making the Grade

 — Jenny learns what it takes to get a higher education. by bandito_slim06/15/063.69

Making the Grade

 — How far will she go for a better grade? by poisonedapple712/06/154.29

Making the Grade Ch. 02

 — Teacher takes advantage of desperate student. by Reardon110/14/164.43

Making the Grade Ch. 1

 — Lola confronts her teacher, & gets the night of her life. by cancerstick09/08/014.21

Making The Grade Ch. 2

 — High school senior Hilary is taken again. by LindsayO09/09/014.30

Making the Sale

 — She sells herself to make her commission. by JEM196606/16/154.28

Making the Soccer Team

 — Emily tries to make the soccer team. by collegeperv1111/08/143.86

Making Troy A Man Ch. 01

 — A young gay man is found out, and sent to his Aunt's farm. by RabbitPrince11/06/134.06

Making Troy A Man Ch. 02

 — Troy's stay on his Aunt's farm continues. by RabbitPrince11/20/134.14

Making Troy A Man Ch. 03

 — Troy continues life on the farm, and thinks of escape. by RabbitPrince07/18/174.35

Making Troy A Man Ch. 04

 — Troy's further misadventures with his cousins. by RabbitPrince08/09/174.48

Making Troy A Man Ch. 05

 — Troy crossdresses and dances for his aunt and cousins. by RabbitPrince08/15/174.40

Making Use of the Fairchilds

 — Teacher and her daughters are taken by colleague. by Asphalt02/29/123.99

Malicious Intent

 — A burglary? A rape? Or a role-play fantasy? by DaftBrit01/24/093.90

Mall Adventure

 — Aimee is taught a hard lesson. by Funlite2x03/17/093.47

Mall Gangbang

 — Virgin gets publicly gangbanged. by kuraikage04/13/092.96

Mall Kidnapping

 — A day shopping turns into a nightmare. by davef01/05/034.18

Mall Parking Lot

 — Slut uniforms let a guy find love. by prevacker01/10/173.36

Mall Security

 — A mall security guard takes extra liberties with a customer. by jeffness02/14/073.96

Mall Sodomy

 — Desperate men take a coed's ass in a mall. by LOAnnie203/07/094.31

Mall Trip

 — Naive little thing meets a predator next door. by jerratica04/29/054.33

Mallory's Abduction

 — 18 year-old is taken from parking garage. by vampireprincess198202/12/133.66


 — Caught girl-watching results in a unique punishment. by ZTVFemdomtales03/09/163.80

Malware Policy Discipline Ch. 01

 — Kirsten gets malware and pays the price to keep her job. by beshakis01/18/114.20

Man in Van

 — He gives her a ride in exchange for... by sxs158204/15/024.21

Man of Her Affairs

 — A Regency tale of an indepenant, unchaperoned Lady. by lepetiterose01/13/114.71HOT

Man of Her Affairs Ch. 02

 — Charlotte fights for her independence. by lepetiterose01/26/114.76HOT

Man of the House

 — While Dad's Away, I'm the Man of the House. by bound06301/05/143.55

Man's Dominating Erection Is Taken

 — A dominating man is cured by a taste of his own medicine. by lady2810/09/123.07

Mandy and Her Girls

 — Thirty years from now family is blackmailed. by carocbriton08/27/154.02

Mandy's Lesson

 — A fantasy brought to life. by Goldie Munro08/26/034.26

Mandy's Lucky Night

 — Sequel to Kyle's Lucky Night. Someone was not fully asleep. by babyred9906/29/164.42

Mandy's Online Master Ch. 12

 — Mandy puts the leather hood back on. by kurious04/10/054.45

Mandy's Online Master Ch. 13

 — The movie scenes degenerate. by kurious09/16/054.33

Mandy's Revenge

 — Mandy degrades and dominates ex-boyfriend's lover. by iceblock01/18/083.90

Mandy's Sorority Initiation Ch. 01

 — A pledge and her roommate get more than they bargained for by AlexisMontage10/13/133.59

Mandy's Sorority Initiation Ch. 02

 — A pledge and her roommate get more than they bargained for by AlexisMontage10/14/133.96

Mandy's Sorority Initiation Ch. 03

 — A pledge and her roommate get more than they bargained for. by AlexisMontage10/15/133.88

Mandy's Sorority Initiation Ch. 04

 — The girls are prepared for their new life. by AlexisMontage10/22/133.85

Mandy's Sorority Initiation Ch. 05

 — It gets real at the warehouse. by AlexisMontage10/23/134.23

Mango Madness

 — FemDom while stranded on a desert island. by Fabric8r06/07/153.16

Manhandled Ch. 02

 — He's not the man she expected. by spidermonkey82503/28/174.31

Manipulated Male Ch. 01: The Neighbour

 — He makes a mistake...she makes him pay. by Wordy_1s02/23/164.20

Manipulated Male Ch. 01: The Neighbour 02

 — He makes more mistakes...and she makes him pay more. by Wordy_1s08/11/163.92

Manipulated Male Ch. 02: Colleague

 — He is blackmailed and humiliated. by Wordy_1s02/24/16

Manipulated Male Ch. 03: Auditor

 — She had her own way of 'Auditing' his returns. by Wordy_1s03/01/164.47

Manipulated Powerless

 — Girl is dominated by her boyfriend. by Redlilly03/26/013.18

Mano a Mano

 — A big hand isn't so grand for the little lady. by edrider7301/23/142.89

Manolo's Gift

 — The young exchange student takes me one late night. by equs6401/09/104.22

Many Men One After Another

 — Wife's Fantasy of being Gangbanged against her will. by japacumslut04/18/104.04

Marathon Runner

 — Young woman jumped while running. by Ashson03/25/153.92

Marcia's Maid Ch. 01

 — Marcia's new male lodger is 'maid' up. by kittenjay08/01/114.49

Marcie's Mother-in-Law

 — Marcie is stunned to find that she has two clitorises! by RavenSSS03/04/103.89

Marcus Aurellius

 — Centurion takes lovely maiden after fierce battle. by Paolo Labico11/12/004.44Contest Winner

Mardi Gras Madness

 — Tourist flashes too much. by Dangela Carr03/05/043.78

Mardre's First

 — Being released of the sacred bonds of duty. by Masters_Lily07/14/104.00


 — A bad day at the office. by StoryTeller0705/01/104.43


 — Poor Maria gets ravaged. by JessiDD11/10/113.55

Maria Admirer: Maria Works the Club

 — Maria descent into sluthood. by A Cracker Slut08/17/024.44

Maria and Daniela

 — Sexy tennis girls practice for a match together. by Nicole_8910/19/064.25

Maria Ch. 01

 — Snoopy female reporter gets in over her head. by Tim Smith10/26/034.39

Maria Ch. 01

 — She is having an exhausting day in her new job. by Scandman01/01/143.82

Maria Ch. 02

 — Snoopy female reporter visits the R & D department. by Tim Smith11/06/034.59HOT

Maria Ch. 02

 — A bad weekend at home. by StoryTeller0708/12/104.46

Maria Ch. 02

 — After some persuasion she is ready to work by Scandman01/16/144.24

Maria Ch. 03

 — More than a ride for Maria. by Tim Smith12/22/034.51HOT

Maria Ch. 03

 — She submits to her young blackmailer. by StoryTeller0709/11/104.44

Maria Ch. 03

 — Maria experiences the first night with Phil. by Scandman03/21/143.72

Maria Ch. 04

 — Maria becomes a couple's toy and meets their black trainer. by Tim Smith12/24/034.56HOT

Maria Ch. 04

 — She is lewdly shown off to his friend. by StoryTeller0711/23/104.39

Maria Ch. 1

 — Maria learns that her bosses silence has a price. by Lee_206108/03/014.18

Maria Ch. 2

 — Maria gives in to her master completely . by Lee_206108/04/014.34

Maria of House Marcellus Ch. 01

 — Maria has been sold as a slave to a wealthy Roman family. by omyen09/19/093.86

Maria of House Marcellus Ch. 02

 — Gaius meets a maidservant at dusk. by omyen09/26/094.00

Maria of House Marcellus Ch. 03

 — She realises the extent of her enslavement. by omyen10/01/093.72

Maria of House Marcellus Ch. 04

 — Gaius finishes what he has begun. by omyen10/30/093.84

Maria Remembers

 — Maria awakens bruised and broken. by DivineFeminine09/01/072.73

Maria's Folly

 — Maria is trained to be his slut. by TiberiusPrime02/03/074.22

Maria's Life Goes Bad

 — A young woman is ravished by two crooked cops. by jamboman04/03/094.29

Maria's Life Goes Bad Ch. 02

 — Maria has to comply with her boss' wishes. by jamboman07/04/094.55HOT

Maria's Life Goes Bad Ch. 03

 — Maria is shared by a brother and sister. by jamboman07/21/094.56HOT

Maria's Surprise Visitor

 — Surprise visit by an ex-lover. by KairaVanBoukoul11/08/103.90

Maria's Surprise Visitor Ch. 02

 — He's not done with her just yet. by KairaVanBoukoul11/25/104.13

Maria: The Birthday Treat!

 — She is used to satisfy two old cocks. by LEATBT01/27/084.45

Marianne's Encounter

 — Lonely woman is kidnapped & ravished - and enjoys it. by DevilDoc505/25/093.25

Marie Loved to Go on a Hike

 — Unexpected encounter with three hunters . by Longwalk10/27/123.98

Marie Walks into an Apartment

 — Barking "don't look at me," Marie held his face in a pillow. by away44303/30/184.32

Marie's Seduction

 — Wife falls prey to husband's predatory boss. by jack_straw01/15/054.14

Marie's Senior Year Pt. 01

 — Marie's Senior class registration takes an unexpected turn. by chipmocha04/12/174.27

Marie's The Boss

 — Martin is forced to obey his Female Boss. by Minxly01/10/053.71

Marilyn & Robert: The Beginning

 — Is it rape if you enjoy it? by Cheri Lynn05/02/023.85

Marina's Fantasy

 — Mother and daughter are taken against their will. by saston07/08/064.25

Marion's Way

 — This prosecutor is on the receiving end for a change. by levibreaks10/11/114.00


 — Housewife gets taken at construction site. by redpilldad05/05/174.12

Marissa Awakens

 — A case of mistaken identity lands Marissa in danger. by mikado200504/28/093.91

Marium Aasan Telecom Bitch Ch. 02

 — Marium Joins the Company and Acts Like a Real Bitch by haramakhrama01/22/114.13

Mark & Demi Join Intimate Club

 — Initiation with a forced rollercoaster-ride of orgasms. by dutchpantyraider12/18/084.04

Mark & Tracy Ch. 03

 — After Mark leaves, Tracy is taken captive by stranger. by redtease6912/04/043.36

Mark and Friends

 — Mark forces his top employee to have sex. by tinman69s01/14/084.41


 — A girl's twisted tale of her capture. by starky6007/17/042.83

Marla and Me

 — The undoing of a conservative wife. by MarlasMan08/13/113.72

Marly's First Convention

 — Married woman away from home for the first time by WildeDream08/05/064.22

Marooned on Gronk

 — Crashed NASA heroine becomes sex slave. by FINC08/12/044.24

Marooned on Gronk Ch. 03

 — The alien lord finaly gets his sex slaves. by FINC01/04/054.39

Marriage Breakdown

 — Betrayed by a wife after a short marriage. by XXXerxes3708/20/091.92

Marriage Counselor

 — Dr. Lacey Evans lives two lives. Tonight they meet. by dr_mabeuse03/02/134.70HOT

Marriage Made in Heaven or Hell

 — Her domination of submissive husband. by Omega1202/17/053.18

Marriage of the Fae Ch. 01

 — A ritual gone wrong leads to an unwanted bond. by HibouBleuMD01/20/164.74HOT

Marriage of the Fae Ch. 02

 — A ritual gone wrong leads to an unwanted bond. by HibouBleuMD07/04/164.81HOT

Marriage of the Fae Ch. 03

 — After a revealing meeting, consequences are deliberated. by HibouBleuMD07/14/164.78HOT

Marriage of the Fae Ch. 04

 — Sex, drugs, and brave new vows. by HibouBleuMD03/14/184.85HOT

Married Cocksuckers: The Other Honeymoon

 — Honeymooners gets robbed & more in Miami. by quutoo01/27/074.39

Married Man for an Office Slut

 — Finding a married man to sleep with is hard. by officeslut01/15/123.93

Married Woman's Online Life

 — She's blackmailed into acts she only imagined. by durham_maggie09/11/053.72

Married, Loving Stacy

 — Stacy moves a step further in her marriage. by black saphire09/20/054.34

Married, Loving Stacy Ch. 02

 — Stacy confesses to Bob. by black saphire10/04/053.85

Marsha Works Overtime

 — Forced into sex by her boss, she finds pleasure. by Boxlicker10106/06/044.45

Marte's New Set of Challenges 03

 — Marte and friends continue Terra's torture. by storytyme07/11/124.40

Marte's New Set of Challenges 05

 — Marte and her boyfriend instructed during sex. by storytyme08/01/124.61HOT

Martha's Ransom

 — Kidnap and sexual abuse of Daughter to extract ransom. by Puppygirl05/11/044.13

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