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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Mrs. D Hour 01

 — She learns a lesson. by BLACKMAILER04/09/054.53HOT

Mrs. Green Ch. 6

 — Role playing as a hooker gets her into real trouble. by denny906/06/014.39

Mrs. Halston's Will

 — Boyfriends and husbands beware. All submit to her will. by OnlyaFantasy08/25/083.97

Mrs. Johnson Gets a Job

 — Money was tight and 'friend' gave her a job lead. by Just Plain Bob12/16/094.09

Mrs. O'Malley's Golden Juices Ch. 11

 — Piss-loving GILF teams with granny to dominate mother & son. by milfleglover02/23/154.38

Mrs. O'Malley's Golden Juices Ch. 17

 — The continuing saga of sexy domme and personal piss slave. by milfleglover05/04/164.38

Mrs. Robbin's Blackmail

 — Young lovers get caught and blackmailed. by Darkforeboding11/30/113.90

Mrs. Rogers' Neighborhood

 — Married woman meets three cable repair men. by PogueMahone02/08/064.42

Mrs. Sami's Classroom

 — A hung classmate falls asleep. Lust ensues. by milkshakeonesie12/20/143.55

Mrs. Suzanne Hawthorn

 — A chance meeting allows Billy to blackmail an older woman. by MisfitToy09/30/104.43

Mrs. Suzanne Hawthorn Ch. 02

 — Billy's blackmail scheme forces Suzanne's compliance. by MisfitToy10/14/104.51HOT

Mrs. Suzanne Hawthorn Ch. 03

 — Mrs. Hawthorn fights back, but he shows her who's the boss. by MisfitToy10/25/104.58HOT

Mrs. Taylor Made

 — A mature wife and mother encounters one of her son's friends. by PogueMahone05/21/114.30

Ms D Sees The Doctor

 — Not her regular check-up. by mjar6507/30/074.28

Ms Matthew Knows

 — He doesn't realise Ms Matthews knows. by Barry C02/26/063.87

Ms. Kupala's Mistake

 — A teacher lets her student get the upper hand. by SheCalledItSavagery04/24/154.38

Ms. Kupala's Mistake Ch. 02: The Follow-Up

 — Chris makes a house call to continue Ms Kupala's domination. by SheCalledItSavagery05/08/154.63HOT

Ms. Marca Ch. 41

 — At 18, she was ready to do the guy next door. by Ms. Marca04/04/023.69

Ms. US Marshall

 — When transporting a prisoner goes wrong. by MissVixenn04/21/094.39


 — Getting bogged on a muddy road. by Ashson04/16/164.46

Mugged at the Mall

 — He got jumped at the Mall. by Ashson05/14/164.18

Mum! You Whore 01

 — Fiona forced to reveal her slutty side. by MILowner06/05/144.36

Mum! You Whore 02

 — Alice continues to witness Fiona's slutty behaviour. by MILowner06/25/144.41

Mum! You Whore 03

 — Fiona moves on to James and Alice submits to Nigel. by MILowner07/03/144.33

Mum! You Whore 04

 — Fiona sucks the same teen cock that fucked her daughter. by MILowner09/12/144.49

Mum! You Whore 05

 — Fiona's mouth put to use in the college car park. by MILowner09/13/144.43

Mum! You Whore 06

 — Fiona begins a very hard weekend. by MILowner10/23/144.49

Mum! You Whore 07

 — Fiona's hard weekend at the hands of 3 college boys continue. by MILowner12/02/144.47

Mum! You Whore 08

 — Alice finds out I control her mother & I take both together. by MILowner12/03/144.32


 — She plays her music far too loudly. by Ashson10/08/154.40

Muslim Neighbor

 — A white boy is obsessed with the Muslim girl next door. by Psicko02/17/132.75

My (Former) Best Friend's Wife

 — He forces her to submit when his friend leaves. by Other_Peoples_Wives02/04/073.59

My 18th Surprise

 — Jenny gets a treat from two strangers on her 18th birthday. by AngieGS04/14/124.16

My 3rd Week as a Lesbian Cum Slave

 — Audra continues her training and Mistress changes the game. by broken147703/27/144.17

My Abduction

 — Her day at the park goes wrong. by IrishRose121506/15/044.17

My Abduction

 — Girl opens up for two men. by Sparksnfire05/19/104.31

My Abduction

 — If someone had planned this like I thought... by FindingRhapsody02/10/144.27

My Abduction Ch. 02

 — The noises that filled my ears were muddled. by FindingRhapsody02/16/144.54HOT

My Abduction Ch. 03

 — Young tease gets anal. by Sparksnfire06/16/103.88

My Abstaining Wife

 — Unsexed husband decides to take his wife...or so she planned. by ChaseQ11/05/044.27

My Abuser

 — He abused her, and it was the best sex she ever had. by Adhra01/19/064.11

My Affair With Jim - 1980

 — He proved he was in more ways than one. by kaye4u09/27/054.35

My Affliction

 — He has grown up plotting sexual revenge against women. by WestCoast2203/15/092.71

My Ali Ch. 01

 — Will is in love with Ali, he will do anything to have her. by Alyssa704/24/124.10

My Alter Ego...

 — Model's alter ego has weakness for sex. by Black_Lace_Vixen05/10/034.31

My Ambulance Ride

 — Male nurse gets tied down by female EMTs. by oraldave3910/24/054.21

My Angel

 — Roleplay fantasy about being taken and dominated. by ghost031103/14/104.15

My Arrogance Got Me Blacked

 — I never consented - well, not at first. by qualitywheat01/11/124.41

My Asian Sex Doll

 — Horny guy plays with sleeping Asian beauty. by casquetero09/05/114.16

My Assistant, My Slut

 — A teasing assistant gets what she deserves. by kinkyolddude05/17/164.01NEW

My Assistant, My Slut Pt. 02

 — Mary Ann has a tough lunch. by kinkyolddude05/19/164.15NEW

My Attack

 — Woman is taken in the men's room. by Valerie_P07/11/034.01

My Audition

 — Starlet gives her all for the part. by dr_dover12/07/014.26

My Baby's Surprise

 — She has her fantasy fulfilled. by PenanceS08/30/033.39

My Babysitter

 — Pouting teen is taught a lesson. by pj01/21/01

My Beautiful Wife

 — Dream turns into a nightmare by Omega1207/24/033.40

My Beloved Jenna Goes Bonkers On Me

 — A mostly-straight but also bi guy has perceptive GF. by GoddamnitJenna06/26/144.29

My Beloved Jenna Goes Bonkers On Me Ch. 02

 — A mostly-straight also bi buy has perceptive GF. by GoddamnitJenna07/02/144.47

My Best Friend

 — Lost bet leads man to the unthinkable. by Cynthia_D12/08/064.17

My Best Friend Tom

 — My wife fucks my best friend while I am forced to watch. by wefucalot12/08/123.11

My Best Friend's Brother Ch. 01

 — Jade could never do that to her best friend, could she? by miss_gretchen10/09/073.80

My Best Friend's Dad

 — He ravishes his daughter's best friend after babysitting. by zealandgal08/23/063.54

My Best Friend's Father Ch. 06

 — The tragic ending. by LolaScott06/12/044.46

My Best Friend's Husband

 — A virgin gets taken by a married couple. by SabrinaPink12/18/104.02

My Best Friend's Husband Ch. 02

 — Morning brings a new adventure. by SabrinaPink12/30/104.19

My Best Friend's Mother

 — Young black man enjoys his friend's drunk mom. by blackzilla9902/21/014.24

My Best Friend's New Girlfriend

 — I meet my friend's new girlfriend, and discover her secret. by scotjock101/21/133.86

My Best Friend's New Girlfriend Ch. 02

 — James blackmails Sandra into degradation. by scotjock102/05/133.90

My Best Friend's New Girlfriend Ch. 03

 — James and Sandra pretend that nothing is going on. by scotjock104/07/134.32

My Best Friend's New Girlfriend Ch. 04

 — With blue balls, James goes searching for Sandra. by scotjock110/28/134.38

My Best Friend, The Tease

 — Tim is sick of being best friend's backup boyfriend. by Lotus Flower10/26/034.37

My Best Friends Warm Wife

 — A pregnant wife is taken advantage of. by ForceFull03/14/073.96

My Big Mistake

 — Guy messes with the wrong girls. by daltexguy6908/08/033.42

My BIG, PHAT AZZ Summer Pt. 02

 — Synopsis: 80s era taboo affair with my mom's best friend. by mondotoken05/01/134.32

My BIG, PHAT AZZ Summer Pt. 03

 — The first part of this series can be found in Matures. by mondotoken05/09/134.46

My BIG, PHAT AZZ Summer Pt. 04

 — 80s era taboo affair with mom's best friend and her daughter. by mondotoken05/18/134.41

My BIG, PHAT AZZ Summer Pt. 05

 — The Conclusion of Volume One. by mondotoken06/23/134.37

My Biggest Fan in the UK

 — I meet a reader and have my way with her and her girlfriend. by Upskirt_fan08/15/114.31

My Birthday - A Fantasy

 — This birthday will never be forgotten. by Sugarsprinkles08/01/034.04

My Birthday Present to Myself

 — I take the office flirt as my birthday present. by ShyMagpie05/08/143.82

My Bitch Apprentice

 — New apprentice gets a lesson in submission. by theslutmaster06/08/014.15

My Boner Against The World Ch. 01

 — The Fourth installment in the "My Boner" series. by JeffreyFreemont01/14/134.14

My Boner Stops Time Ch. 01

 — This is a squel to "My Boner Turns me invisible". by JeffreyFreemont06/10/124.21

My Boner Turns Me Invisible Ch. 05

 — A sexually frustrated high school student turns invisible. by JeffreyFreemont06/06/124.20

My Boss Took My Wife

 — Henry Meyers' teasing wife gets comeuppance. by jparker201/10/053.76

My Boyfriend's Dick

 — An afternoon of an exciting fuck. by sexywrites2209/06/113.69

My Brilliant Idea

 — Man rapes co-worker's wife, with approval. by Stiffy10/17/004.40

My Broken China Doll

 — He made me take her innocence, so I killed him. by OnlyShadow8903/02/083.69

My Brother-in-Law's Whore Ch. 01

 — Young woman submits to her sister's man. by SpankerSam01/19/014.46

My Brothers Friend

 — Brandi has a little confidence boost. by Niki_Love02/18/043.65

My Camping Trip Ch. 02

 — A dream reality or the past? by RazorTalon198405/09/043.19

My Cheatin' Ass

 — Getting caught by the wife does not for a good night make. by sharon_sharin_sex05/06/083.25

My Cheating Slut-Wife

 — Casey agrees to her punishment. by English Bob12/22/014.21

My Co-worker's Wife

 — Jason's obsession with his co-worker's wife goes too far. by Keiryn04/08/144.08

My Coed, Now

 — A college studen takes the ass he wants. by RyFerrel05/27/094.09

My Coworker the Bitch

 — Beth took every chance to make him look bad. by GQ1NYC08/29/014.04

My Crotch Sniffing Dog

 — My dog sniffs out ovulating women for me to rape. by sourdough99902/14/113.70

My Dark Haired Beauty

 — Overcome with lust for an exotic stranger. by litguylosangeles06/15/054.20

My Dark Truth, Mary's Gang Rape

 — Prank calls turn into something more terrifying. by sxykitn2play09/07/023.98

My Darling Niki

 — New neighbor changes the life course for a married couple. by 8teenholes07/15/123.99

My Darling Niki Ch. 02

 — Things progress with the new neighbor. by 8teenholes12/21/124.27

My Daughter's Sun Tan

 — Reluctant daughter gets taken by lust filled father. by idkwhattodo2105/31/15

My Daughter, The Prostitute

 — Father makes a shocking discovery. by stu471102/28/044.06

My Deal with the Devil

 — In the beginning... by billwells102/12/164.06

My Debut

 — Filming a dark scene, wanting it to end. by Brandie6908/05/124.23

My Descent

 — Rough treatment begins her descent into perversion. by friskycharlene02/16/064.13

My Devious Plan

 — Kidnapped, teased and raped? by NoahBody12/17/094.42

My Dirty Little Cum Slut

 — Girlfriend gets forced to take his cock - and loves it. by Alxinwonderland05/30/094.19

My Dirty Little Girl

 — Christine's fantasy is to be taken and used. by NiteWriter07/31/014.14

My Dirty Little Pervert

 — She transforms her innocent friend into her sex toy. by Deathia06/22/123.56

My Dirty Little Tale

 — Recounting in first person of a missed chance. by jackosprey02/07/122.82

My Dream Cowgirl

 — He takes her in his imagination, or was it real? by Sircharles01/19/013.88

My Dream Lover, or Is It?

 — I get fucked by someone while I sleep. by chitrashi02/12/114.11

My Dream Lover, or Is It? Ch. 03

 — Stepfather tames unwilling step-daughter. by chitrashi12/02/113.98

My Drunk Sister

 — When sister gets drunk & sassy, brother gets even. by millennium_bard09/17/044.06

My Drunken Wife

 — Drunk wife ass-fucked. by varun03/31/103.78

My Editor

 — Stern editor teaches college professor a lesson. by omniavincet04/04/053.97

My Eighteenth

 — A young woman has a birthday surprise. by Ashson08/14/144.33

My Evil Neighbor

 — Sometimes it's better if you don't know your neighbor. by Omega1205/22/083.33

My Ex Ch. 1

 — A night of many firsts. by shylittleslut09/26/064.28

My Ex Wife

 — Her first anal sex. by yoolman69ers08/08/103.03

My Ex-Girlfriend's Dream

 —  by ryndalek05/15/142.05

My Ex-Wife Mends Her Ways Pt. 01

 — Mike's big-breasted ex gets a lesson in respect. by TheJess07/01/143.74

My Ex-Wife Mends Her Ways Pt. 02

 — Mike's big-breasted ex requires a further lesson in respect. by TheJess07/31/143.38

My Ex’s Mom

 — I broke up because of her mom,.. by midnightdeathwriter07/19/114.29

My Experience

 — A personal story. by jailbate06/25/133.56

My Faceless Friend

 — She's a private dancer for a peeping tom. by icebaby10/13/024.24

My Fallen Angel

 — Malice and Lies. The mistake is believing in them. by sacrificedangel02/28/084.46

My Family's Nudist Colony? Ch. 11

 — Blackmailed in to sex. by regularguy1302/05/104.39

My Fantasy

 — She's taken by a stranger. by lick_my_clit_6908/05/034.31

My Fantasy

 — A story about what I want to happen to me. by bindme02/23/134.15

My Fantasy Realized

 — Young woman is taught a lesson about fantasies. by goddessmother11/06/073.90

My Favorite

 — A teacher is raped and learns to love it. by Bitchslapper12/22/033.95

My Favorite Doctor (Now)

 — Doctor is actually her lover's wife. by janice442906701/06/024.35

My Favorite Prodigy Ch. 01

 — She had no idea what she was getting into. by gohan848408/02/104.12

My Favorite Prodigy Ch. 02

 — There's always one more surprise. by gohan848408/05/104.20

My Favorite Sitter

 — He sees his former sitter and decides to have some fun. by claimdenied06/26/063.22

My First Acupuncturist Visit

 — A man receives unorthodox treatments for lower back pain. by HugeFan10/10/154.35

My First Apartment

 —  Coeds forced into sex after a drunken evening. by cutecoed0510/09/053.76

My First Big Tits

 — It's nice when big tits run in the family. by Fields of grass08/24/054.42

My First Big Tits Ch. 02

 — Annika is shared. by Fields of grass09/13/054.46

My First Day as a Lesbian Cum Slave

 — Audra is abducted, bound, and forced to orgasm for mistress. by broken147703/19/144.32

My First Gang Bang...& Rape

 — She shares a rough experience. by sweet throat(f)06/16/013.87

My First Hardcore Scene

 — I'm awoken to a violent sexual experience. by starbug197912/17/103.24

My First Love

 — A guy takes pays no heed to the nervousness of a virgin. by splishysplashy12/10/113.47

My First Mom

 — I sneak into my friend's mom's room at night... by sixpackabs110/02/133.92

My First Submission to Sex

 — A family member uses his strength to overcome her. by against_my_will05/15/113.29

My Fishing Hole...

 — One man feeds his desire for underground fetish tapes. by vicdamize02/22/013.90

My Forced Gang Bang

 — Husband watches my gang bang so I act like a whore. by rosasayer11/23/144.09

My Formative Sexual Years Ch. 04

 — How a young woman experiences extreme sex. by sammican105/16/084.01

My Fuck Stud

 — What's a girl to do when her one-night stand lets her down? by HornyKat01/25/074.30

My Gang Rape

 — She's always fantasized about it. by hornyviking03/03/033.71

My Geek Slavegirl

 — A nurse lusts after a teenage geek, and has his way with her. by Gentlemanrelish01/12/164.51HOT

My Girl

 — Drew's flirting girlfriend gets it. by PrincessErin02/21/083.77

My Girl Bonnie

 — A little of everything, including oral, anal, nonconsent, and threesome. by bigdonhabs06/16/124.01

My Girl Rachel

 — Danger on the Net. by BlueEyed5ftAngel09/26/043.98

My Girlfriend's Mom

 — He ravishes his girlfriend's mother. by pendergast08/29/054.12

My God Of Dreams

 — Part 2 of My God of the Wind. by LilyNightingale01/17/164.59HOT

My God of the Wind

 — God of the Wind teaches me to ride a horse... by LilyNightingale12/04/154.14

My Good Girl

 — Pleasing her Dom with her ass. by Yourstohave01/25/084.17

My Good Girl

 — Chris and Ally take their online relationship to real life. by NaughtyGlitter12/07/143.47

My Haunted House

 — On Halloween, all can be surprised. by gunslingereddie209/15/104.19

My Hen Party

 — Sophie's hen party nightmare. by sophiewilliams04/27/123.46

My Historical Adventure

 — Detention with my geography teacher. by Bandgeek131302/25/153.62

My Holiday Vacation Ch. 03

 — She's held hostage in her own room. by lonelyssbbw09/17/053.44

My Homeless Daddy

 — Virgin gets taken by a dirty, old pervert. by AngelicLove12/31/143.35

My Horny Aunt Sally

 — He's taken by his aunt and her friends. by eddie11-1106/09/013.73

My Hospital Is My Prison

 — A young doctor is taken by force. by ZombieGirl19302/11/143.91

My Hot Neighbor, Peggy

 — Fixing her furnace and other things. by bigdonhabs03/11/103.95

My Hot New Boyfriend

 — How she got her hot new boyfriend. by AuthorLee08/18/063.86

My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 05

 — Katie's blackmailed. by Freddyj88101/13/084.41

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