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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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One Afternoon In The Country

 — Bored CIA agent's attention turns to captive. by quinn rogan06/23/014.47

One Bad Patient

 — He abuses pretty dental assistant and her brother. by PAS02/17/044.48

One Bad Thing After Another Ch. 01

 — Today is just not Annie's day. by Larzaius03/06/133.49

One Bad Thing After Another Ch. 02

 — Today is just not Annie's day. by Larzaius03/13/133.81

One Bad Thing After Another Ch. 03

 — Today is just not Annie's day. by Larzaius04/17/133.84

One Beautiful Day

 — Guy gets a slave for a day. by Simon_Magus10/04/012.72

One Blade of Grass

 — She was no desert rose. by Hypoxia04/14/143.45

One Cage to Another Pt. 01

 — Wizard meets faery, binds her and abuses tits. by CuriousBeauty03/31/154.28

One Cage to Another Pt. 02

 — Kiernan introduces himself, Amara has her first orgasm. by CuriousBeauty04/02/154.38

One Cage to Another Pt. 03

 — Plans change, and a faery is anally violated. by CuriousBeauty04/03/154.21

One Cage to Another Pt. 04

 — Kiernan gains power, Amara loses her freedom. by CuriousBeauty04/09/154.65HOT

One Cage to Another Pt. 05

 — Bad behavior leads to a hard paddling. by CuriousBeauty04/10/154.22

One Cage to Another Pt. 06

 — Kiernan finds out that he made a dangerous mistake. by CuriousBeauty04/15/154.42

One Cage to Another Pt. 07

 — A conversation, some assassins, and a bad plan. by CuriousBeauty04/18/154.44

One Crazy Year with Crazy Girl Pt. 02

 — Mike devises a fitting punishment for Nichole. by lovetoreadXXX1603/12/154.31

One Dark Night Deserves Another Ch. 01

 — Heather wasn't taking no for an answer. by the_real_enchantment12/16/104.06

One Dark Night Deserves Another Ch. 02

 — Heather's roomate finds out. by the_real_enchantment12/20/104.30

One Drunken Night

 — Christine gets drunk, & John gets Christine. by Ug10/16/044.37

One Drunken Night

 — I was a bad friend. by Darkness00706/04/103.97

One Evil Stepmother

 — Using her seductive charms, she manipulates his will. by OnlyaFantasy03/14/093.82

One Flew Over The Cockoo Nest

 — A nightshift nurse discovers the dangers of mental illness. by drtman4011/30/114.23

One For The Road Ch. 1

 — Vanessa picks the wrong road to speed on. by Bob Peale11/28/013.94

One For The Road Ch. 2

 — Rank has its privileges. by Bob Peale11/29/014.42

One Friday Nightmare Ch. 02

 — Danger returns. by katye4308/01/123.62

One Good Man (Complete)

 — A faithful husband but can he resist? by temptanddestroy06/11/064.00

One Hell of a Summer Ch. 01

 — Laura offers to fuck her way out of trouble. by quimmaster10/07/094.17

One Hell of a Summer Ch. 02

 — Laura submits her body to stay out of jail. by quimmaster10/11/094.45

One Hell of a Summer Ch. 03

 — I continue to enjoy Laura and she redeems herself. by quimmaster10/16/094.40

One Hell of a Summer Ch. 04

 — Laura begins to learn what it means to be a sex slave. by quimmaster10/24/094.52HOT

One Hell of a Summer Ch. 05

 — Enjoying Laura - but what about Alicia? by quimmaster10/30/094.56HOT

One Hell of a Summer Ch. 06

 — Laura serves while she convinces Alicia. by quimmaster11/05/094.36

One Hell of a Summer Ch. 07

 — Alicia submits her body to be my sex slave. by quimmaster11/11/094.62HOT

One Hell of a Summer Ch. 08

 — Alicia provides ultimate pleasure and rides my cock. by quimmaster11/17/094.64HOT

One Hell of a Wedding Night

 — Rob looks for more than a bride bang on his wedding day. by rk24game02/06/063.53

One Hot Summer Night

 — Redhead is taken by a mysterious intruder. by redhotandready12/02/014.04

One Lonely Night

 — Natalie's night with a book becomes more, or not? by E_Nomale11/26/083.88

One Long Night

 — Yes, it can be sexy... if you use the right verbs. by AutarkisV4201/04/104.24

One Long Night

 — It's not her boyfriend who came home... by Willow_crystal869805/03/153.73

One Man's Journal Ch. 01

 — Brandon writes about his ex in his journal. by Poetoxicology08/10/123.66

One Night

 — A woman is taken and abused by a stranger. by GirlWithBoots04/04/113.85

One Night Ch. 08

 — The fictional chronicle of life with the man I love. by TheDarkAngel1306/26/114.67

One Night To Remember...

 — A surprise waits for her on the bus stop. by omnitsu01/17/073.93

One of the Guys

 — Tomboy finds out friends want more than friendship. by LansaraStar04/01/023.60

One of the Guys Ch. 02

 — Lana's story continues; she loses her cherry. by LansaraStar07/10/084.16

One Path Taken

 — Taken taking the path home. by grgy5604/17/074.06

One Perfect Man

 — Dominant discovers her need to be controlled. by LiliesLaughing10/11/073.19

One Question Too Many

 — Investigative journalist Terri London wants an "inside look". by Joe_Doe_Stories05/10/063.96

One Question Too Many Redux

 — Investigative journalist gets her inside look...sorta. by TheDougler8008/11/114.17

One Slave Isn't Enough Ch. 01

 — Her first day isn't easy. by fiestyyredhead02/20/123.99

One Slave Isn't Enough Ch. 02

 — Alyssa has a training session with Jennifer. by fiestyyredhead02/27/123.92

One Slave Isn't Enough Ch. 03

 — Can Alyssa handle so much in one day? by fiestyyredhead08/16/124.20

One Stormy Night

 — Her awakening at the hands of a stranger. by The Duchess Diara03/17/044.22

One Summer Night Ch. 2

 — Amanda & Paul are caught by kinky police officers. by Regardless0104/07/013.94

One Tease Too Many

 — She teases the wrong guy and is taught a lesson. by writeonmylips03/14/143.85

One Thing Leads to Another

 — Girl embarrasses guy with tiny dick. by KarlMartinK02/14/054.51HOT

One Thing Leads to Another Ch. 02

 — Humiliation of guy with small dick continues. by KarlMartinK08/16/054.61HOT

One Thing Leads to Another Ch. 04

 — Sarah takes advantage of small cock. by KarlMartinK06/06/074.42

One Thing Leads to Another Ch. 06

 — Small-cocked man gets revenge on girl who abused him. by KarlMartinK09/24/104.49

One Time Only

 — 18 year old step daughter receives brutal teaching. by ryancolter4507/22/023.57

One Too Many Mistakes

 — Slutwife caught too many times pays the penalty. by maggie200208/02/024.19

One True Master Ch. 01

 — Kidnapped by pirates, she must learn to obey. by Nique11606/05/133.76

One True Master Ch. 02

 — Kidnapped by pirates, she must learn to obey. by Nique11606/12/134.22

One True Master Ch. 03

 — Kidnapped by pirates, she must learn to obey. by Nique11607/01/134.09

One True Master Ch. 04

 — Kidnapped by pirates, she must learn to obey. by Nique11607/16/134.37

One Week of Slut Pt. 03: Tuesday

 — My day as a slutty saleswoman. by NatalieH01/07/144.60HOT

One Wish

 — An odd little visitor gives John one wish. by English Bob08/02/013.77

One-Night Stand with the Archangel Ch. 02

 — Prostitute's day of lovers. by IrresistibleBeauty07/26/034.58HOT

Online Fantasy

 — My online Master forces me to tell my fantasy of rape. by icefantasygirl04/29/153.32

Online Teaser

 — A little online chatting turns fun. by sxysheliq2plus202/02/033.73

Only a Dream...

 — Dream or Reality? Waking to bf's husband's fat cock. by fcuktoy4u11/03/133.97

Only a Fool

 — You have only yourself to blame if you are raped. by Ashson04/09/143.91

Only What You Desire

 — Gus gives her three hours of difficult time. by gushogan03/19/053.92


 — A slut becomes a whore. by bassbelly08/29/074.08

Oops! Ch. 02

 — The international whore. by bassbelly09/12/074.42

Oops, Party Wife Got Knocked Up

 — Husband plays a trick on this wife. by Sally Tart05/29/054.37


 — Or was it the tenth floor...? by GeorgeKnows11/21/09


 — Vikki forces her new cuckold slave boy to suck cock. by dthrnd08/23/133.74

Open House

 — Sexy lady realtor is taken by a psychopath. by Mistress Maria01/09/024.09

Open House: By Appointment Only

 — Realtor gets more than she bargained for. Much more... by nell_fenwick06/06/094.15

Open Window

 — Shy Plain Jane is noticed by someone with dark intentions. by MorbidlyBeautiful02/13/064.14

Opening Caitlin

 — He should have done this years ago. by LadyLeigh05/06/054.42

Opening Caitlin Ch. 02

 — Her husband sends her on a scavenger hunt. by LadyLeigh05/21/054.55HOT

Opening New Doors

 — Kathy forces Kyle into some new adventures. by frostydk36909/04/134.33

Opening the Cabinet

 — A babysitter and her friend pay the price. by hoededoe1212/05/064.45

Opening the Cabinet Ch. 02

 — The further adventures of Bethany and Lissy. by hoededoe1205/12/074.48

Opening Up Letting Go Ch. 04

 — The agreement is binding. by GrumpyGamby04/18/104.21


 — A disagreement between lovers allows for new encounters. by Lord_Tom_Byron09/11/093.56

Oral Employment

 — Jenny finds work in a motel room. by CamScorp10/26/114.15

Oral Fixation Ch. 02

 — Jennifer is used by a neighbor. by DarkArchitect12/02/104.08


 — A little game of foreplay for both predator and prey. by SashaHaze05/14/143.67

Ordeal of a Bound Venus

 — Dominant rapist breaks her will by Zombiefish12/17/033.88

Ordeal of the Mother

 — As requested, a follow up story to Ordeal of the Bound Venus. by Zombiefish01/15/044.22

Ordeal of the Office Girl

 — She's raped by dominant wife and her husband. by Zombiefish12/02/034.09

Orgasm Inhibitor

 — Five men force her not to cum. by fahqd_up04/22/024.22

Orgasm Torture

 — She's 'interrogated' by orgasm torture. by P_V08/03/044.26

Orgasm Torture Ch. 02

 — Young woman's continued 'trial' by orgasm. by P_V08/07/044.54HOT

Orgasm Torture Ch. 03

 — Sara's 'torture' continues. by P_V08/09/044.39

Orgasm Torture Ch. 04

 — Sara's interrogation by orgasm continues. by P_V08/21/044.42

Orgasm Torture Ch. 05

 — Sara undergoes still more horrible orgasm torture. by P_V08/25/044.47

Orgasm Torture Ch. 06

 — Sara's torture starts getting juicy. by P_V04/12/024.47

Orgasm Torture Ch. 07

 — Sara isn't complaining about her "torture". by P_V02/07/054.53HOT

Orgasm Torture Ch. 08

 — Sara's torture by way of orgasms continues. by P_V12/15/074.53HOT

Oruale and the Saxons Ch. 01

 — She forcefully loses her three virginities. by movies_maidens_n_manmeat01/14/054.36

Oruale and the Saxons Ch. 06

 — Captured, she is forced to total anal-oral surrender. by movies_maidens_n_manmeat08/10/054.48

Other Mother's Boys

 — Teenage twins are dominated by older ladies. by Minxly02/01/054.11

Our Corruption

 — Married couple drawn into world of depravity by neighbours. by Married_Man_6305/24/154.22

Our Daughter's Friend

 — I never imagined anything like this. by toomuchinmyhead10/08/114.39

Our Daughter's Friend Ch. 02

 — They are compelled to see her again. by toomuchinmyhead01/07/124.26

Our Daughter's Friend Ch. 03

 — She makes them perform for an audience. by toomuchinmyhead01/15/124.40

Our Daughter's Friend Ch. 04

 — Going home, they embrace their roles. by toomuchinmyhead01/18/124.26

Our Past Comes Back to Haunt Us

 — Family is tormented by robbers in a dress shop. by chathudson12/29/053.78

Our Torment Continues

 — Family is blackmailed into making a porno movie. by chathudson12/28/053.71

Out Cold

 — He takes advantage of passed out friend. by tvr06/17/013.80

Out Cold, On A Summer Night

 — Older guy rescues two girls from college party. by Shadowcatcher10/25/024.27

Out for a Run

 — Curiosity killed the cat. by Pablojr201/27/153.36

Out of Bounds: Forced to Score

 — Star striker of the women's soccer team. by NiccoloBenoit10/07/123.74

Out Of Nowhere

 — A friend finally breaks his way through the friend-zone. by LipsHipsAndToes08/28/134.36

Out of the Darkness

 — 18 virgin lost on the streets of 1920s London is attacked. by littlebondagegirl03/11/093.58

Out of the Stones Pt. 1

 — A sexual murder mystery. by wilsoncairns08/26/024.08

Outdoor Concert Anal Rape

 — A girl is mercilessly ass raped at an outdoor festival. by sydneydom04/29/153.82

Outdoors Training Ch. 01

 — A fuckslut's training begins. by sunshine7108/07/074.14


 — 19th Century woman crosses paths with dangerous outlaw. by Constriction12/15/143.91

Outrageous Bet

 — A man bets his wife, and loses. by Rambler03/04/024.45

Over a Barrel

 — Unexpected entertainment at the company Halloween party. by JosephWrites10/16/124.19

Over Her Head

 — College coed gets in over her head in a dangerous game. by SexDynamo12/03/144.25

Over The Edge, Into The Woods

 — A young man takes an older woman by surprise. by BookkeeperLover06/24/084.30

Over-Tipped Hooter Girl

 — Sometimes, customers are just too demanding!! by HootergirlMisty07/15/013.64

Overcome Ch. 01

 — Uncle Frank takes obedient Trinity out of boarding school. by DesertLust02/21/084.47

Overcome Ch. 02

 — Trinity submits to the art of cocksucking. by DesertLust02/22/084.41

Overcome Ch. 03

 — Trinity submits to two men and learns more. by DesertLust02/23/084.52HOT

Overcome Ch. 04

 — Trinity submits even more to two men and an audience. by DesertLust02/27/084.47

Overcome Ch. 05

 — Her Master reveals more -- Trinity must submit. by DesertLust02/28/084.45

Overcome Ch. 06

 — The boys aren't finished with Trinity in the park. by DesertLust03/11/084.37

Overcome Ch. 07

 — The boys find Trinity can help improve their grades. by DesertLust03/12/084.48

Overcome Ch. 09

 — Trinity is taken to a casino for high rolling submission. by DesertLust04/19/084.54HOT

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