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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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 — The boss's wife gets what's coming. by dan_tofuk05/21/094.33

PayBack Ch. 02

 — Will continues to use the two girls but wants more. by Comshaw02/22/044.58HOT

Payback Ch. 02

 — The Next Day: former high school football players exact revenge on teacher. by boogieman1046911/02/124.20

PayBack Ch. 03

 — The girl's mom's show Will what they can do. by Comshaw03/03/044.66HOT

PayBack Ch. 04

 — Will introduces another player. by Comshaw04/11/044.69HOT

PayBack Ch. 05

 — Mistake helps Will add to his harem. by Comshaw05/19/044.69HOT

Payback For a Tease Bitch Ch. 01

 — Ashley gets her payback for being a tease bitch. by SuperEagle11612/26/113.64

Payback from a Bitch

 — Bitchy neighbor owns beautiful blond neighbor. by HeathRowinOhio02/01/054.43

Payback in the Bedroom Ch. 01

 — Soldier gets revenge by taking officer's wife. by pentopaper03/07/104.70HOT

Payback Time

 — Ex returns for payback. by biterbit09/09/033.46

Payback's A Bitch

 — Thugs visit Stuart and his wife. by PAS01/31/014.10

Payback's a Bitch

 — A reversal of roles. by alan5502/17/103.92

Payback's a Bitch

 — She once humiliated him and now it's his turn. by Bakeboss05/18/103.89

Payback: The Beginning

 — Will discovers who trashed his house. by Comshaw01/17/044.58HOT

Paybacks Are A Bitch

 — Administrator for unscrupulous company gets enslaved. by WolfSpirit02/01/023.96

Paybacks are a Bitch

 — She gets sweet revenge on her blackmailing neighbor. by imojen66610/25/074.18

Paybacks are a Bitch

 — Women of a church are used. by MisG02/16/183.68

Paying a Debt

 — Man bets his girlfriend and loses. by Minxly04/08/053.89

Paying a Debt

 — A girl calls an old girlfriend for financial help. by ClarenceDarrow01/16/154.19

Paying a Debt Ch. 02

 — Katie's ordeal continues as she meets her new owner. by ClarenceDarrow01/28/154.47

Paying a Debt Ch. 03

 — Emily returns to the story. by ClarenceDarrow02/10/154.52HOT

Paying a Debt Ch. 04

 — The girls meet their new Mistress. by ClarenceDarrow02/27/154.56HOT

Paying a Debt Ch. 05

 — Katie and Emily continue their slave training. by ClarenceDarrow03/22/154.52HOT

Paying a Debt Ch. 06

 — Emily's sister to the rescue. by ClarenceDarrow04/18/154.25

Paying a Debt Ch. 07

 — Mikey and Carrie get their revenge. by ClarenceDarrow05/09/154.21

Paying Back Beth's Loans

 — Beth's offered a new payment plan to continue her education. by dpingjessie08/03/174.22

Paying For A Horny Hen Night

 — Rachel's wedding morning forced infidelity. by TheDarkCloud11/17/093.86

Paying for College

 — High School senior gets unexpected offer to pay for college. by BlondNDesirable11/08/124.47

Paying for Dinner

 — She doesn't exactly do the dishes to pay for her meal. by emilyxx12/22/054.05

Paying For Passage Ch. 01-02

 — Young woman is forced to entertain the ship's crew by Allanon_the_Druid02/10/034.53HOT

Paying For Passage Ch. 03

 — Life as a pirate's slave continues. by Allanon_the_Druid07/25/034.50HOT

Paying For the Home

 — Alicia will do anything to keep her home. by AngieGS03/18/143.82

Paying For the Home Ch. 02

 — Alicia continues to submit, in order to keep her home. by AngieGS03/23/144.06

Paying in Installments

 — Girlfriend ends up paying a debt in installments. by pullatrainforme12/09/123.62

Paying Lord Belfour

 — She must pay him back. by zatfiggrrl06/28/134.37

Paying Lord Belfour Ch. 02

 — She must continue to pay him back. by zatfiggrrl07/05/134.38

Paying the Bill...

 — A contractor teaches a woman a lesson in paying what's due. by Peterspleasures06/12/113.98

Paying the Debt Ch. 01

 — An unusual method of recovering outstanding debt. by Menderman10/14/054.34

Paying the Debt Ch. 02

 — Debt recovery leads to poker games with wife as chips. by Menderman10/20/054.57HOT

Paying the Landlord

 — Helen has to pay the rent, one way or another. by Craig8807/31/063.69

Paying the Landlord Ch. 02

 — Mr. Allen needs more payment, & brings a friend. by Craig8808/05/064.13

Paying the Landlord Ch. 03

 — Mr. Allen takes Helen out to see friends. by Craig8808/11/064.00

Paying the Landlord Ch. 04

 — Word of Helen's debauchery spreads. by Craig8808/14/064.04

Paying the Landlord Ch. 05

 — Helen loves the big cock. by Craig8808/15/064.21

Paying the Landlord Ch. 06

 — Helen gets taken somewhere public. by Craig8808/29/064.20

Paying the Landlord Ch. 07

 — Helen experiences some pain. by Craig8809/27/064.16

Paying the Plumber

 — Man to Man. by DRobbie0603/08/174.15

Paying the Price

 — You learn how to pay the price. by stephen_sin09/21/063.93

Paying the Price of Success

 — She sold her innocence for a Cello, now she must pay. by abroadsword12/30/103.86

Paying the Rent

 — Katie has to pay the rent some how. by livvy_uk08/16/094.01

Paying Up

 — Dead beat puts his tongue to work. by psoother08/09/114.08

Paying Up Ch. 02

 — Pussy slave. by psoother12/26/113.47


 — Usually the pay is $15 an hour... by Supah_Bi04/19/084.22

Payment in Full

 — Claire pays for her fathers gambling debts by walkstar10/18/024.31

Payment in Full Ch. 02

 — Claire has to pay again this time for her sister. by walkstar12/09/024.42

Payment in Kind

 — Pretty wife becomes the payment for husband's debts. by p_p_man03/05/014.02

Payment in Kind Ch. 01

 — She wants to save her husband; he wants retribution. by meameretrix08/07/083.48

Payment Rendered

 — Britney stared at the picture on her phone. by Politari11/25/134.31

PC Baker

 — Sexy student is caught, arrested and banged to rights. by greenmouse07/13/124.37

PC Gone Mad Ch. 01

 — Sally finds following government guidelines a real mouthful. by seth_perm08/12/074.53HOT

PC Gone Mad Ch. 02

 — Sally and Rachel plan an exit strategy. by seth_perm11/10/074.72HOT

PC Gone Mad Ch. 03

 — Sally & Rachel face further indignity. by seth_perm04/18/084.67HOT

Peach Ch. 01

 — Traveler blackmails a woman. by LenNeal06/13/113.71

Peach Final

 — Traveler blackmails woman into sex. by LenNeal07/06/113.77

Peanut Butter Sandwich

 — Kidnapped walking out from the club. by Jusdaguy12/10/124.07


 — She's abducted into the bizarre fantasies of pedestrian. by oolala08/16/054.11

Peeping Tom

 — They caught him. by psoother05/21/053.69

Peeping Tom

 — Man watches a young woman. by MiddiMedici01/15/083.29

Peeping Tom Ch. 02

 — In their backyard. by psoother05/30/053.55

Peer Pressure - Melissa

 — College coed experiences wild sexual awakening. by VirtualScott05/30/114.27

Peg's Morning Surprise

 — A nasty stranger in her kitchen. by grgor01/04/074.04

Pegged by My Goddess

 — I learn to embrace chastity. by cockteezer05/04/174.10

Peggy Gets What She Deserves

 — David decides to give Peggy what she needs. by Alistair06/11/023.59

Peggy Is Taken By Surprise

 — Stalker's lust leads to wild sex. by jt302/19/044.05

Peggy Team Mom

 — Peggy meets her match. by rbob05/19/034.34

Peggy Team Mom Ch. 02

 — Peggy continues her training. by rbob06/13/034.41

Peggy's Intrusion

 — Sleeping woman taken by surprise. by Dangela Carr09/15/034.06

Peggy's Motel Ordeal

 — Cruel thieves want more than cash. by pixandwords06/08/034.26

Peggy's Real Life Confessions Ch. 03

 — The early days, continued - more than I had planned for! by Peggy4603/13/084.11

Peggy's Story

 — Peggy is forced to be a slut to save her family. by Forrest_Hump08/10/094.13

Pelvic Endeavors

 — A pelvic exam gone wild. by Shuvani05/02/044.29

Pelvic Exam

 — You and your naughty nurse do an unethical pelvic exam. by switchypet07/13/084.30

Penalty for Shoplifting

 — Two women get caught and punished. by Danman4501/21/094.40


 — You thought you'd paid enough already. by DuckLover09/26/103.67

Penance - A Fantasy

 — A slut accepts her punishment. by Notmyown12/01/153.80

Penance Ch. 02

 — Mike follows Karen to the shower, forcing her to submit. by DuckLover01/12/113.91

Penelope's Naughty Daddy

 — Dentist daddy takes advantage of sleeping daughter. by hereiamto05/06/123.93

Penny & The Cougar Ch. 01

 — He makes a wrong assumption. by ex_riter03/28/12

Penny's Revenge

 — Mad girl takes revenge on the world. by RapeMeister07/23/053.29

Penny's Tale Ch. 01-02

 — A young girl falls victim to obsessive lust. by Fantasymaster08/12/024.04

Penny's Tale Ch. 03-04

 — She is sorely used. by Fantasymaster03/29/054.13

Penny's Tales - Story 01

 — Master goes away, leaving His friend in charge. by _penny_03/13/134.04

Peregrine Paradise

 — Middle aged woman seeks career change as stripper. by MsVixen41612/25/064.24


 — She's late to a party, luckily. by girldark01/07/024.06


 — A tale of love and betrayal. by onemadvagabond01/09/113.67

Perfect Cheat

 — He takes revenge on cheating wife. by Cat501/27/054.33

Perfect Night

 — After the perfect night, Michael makes his move. by PlainJane1203/27/124.27

Perfect Night Ch. 02

 — Michael tries again. by PlainJane1204/23/124.56HOT

Perfect Night Ch. 03

 — Michael finally gets his girl. by PlainJane1204/29/124.56HOT

Perfect Present

 — The websites he watched told her what he wanted. by edrider7302/16/143.14

Perfectionist Me

 — A leather belt to seduce my breath away... by sleazyegg08/28/143.69

Performance Review

 — Sasha has to give her body to keep her job. by Daisy_Dean08/04/174.13

Perhaps One Step Too Far

 — Reserved lady passes the point of no return with her boss. by OntarioCavegirl05/01/113.85

Perils of Paula

 — Her big mouth gets her in trouble with a girlfriend's lover. by walterio05/14/124.57HOT

Perils of Pauline Conrad: Shut Up and Listen

 — Another Pauline with a Twist. by Pagon05/21/054.22

Perils of the Last Jungle

 — Jungle Goddess vs Bullheaded Tribe. by justtheone03/23/184.13

Perpetual Exploitations Ch. 01

 — College Girl is blackmailed into service. by gracesnowpaw11/09/163.98

Perpetual Exploitations Ch. 02

 — College Girl is blackmailed into service. by gracesnowpaw11/13/164.18

Perpetual Exploitations Ch. 03

 — College Girl is blackmailed into service. by gracesnowpaw11/22/164.00

Perpetual Exploitations Ch. 04

 — College Girl is blackmailed into service. by gracesnowpaw11/24/164.50HOT

Perpetual Exploitations Ch. 05

 — College Girl is blackmailed into service. by gracesnowpaw11/27/164.05

Perpetual Exploitations Ch. 06

 — College Girl is blackmailed into service. by gracesnowpaw01/28/174.28

Perpetual Exploitations Ch. 07

 — College Girl is blackmailed into service. by gracesnowpaw02/03/174.59HOT

Perpetual Exploitations Ch. 08

 — College girl is blackmailed into service. by gracesnowpaw03/18/174.46

Perpetual Exploitations Ch. 09

 — College girl is blackmailed into service. by gracesnowpaw04/07/174.45

Perpetual Exploitations Ch. 10

 — College girl is blackmailed into service. by gracesnowpaw04/27/174.50HOT

Perpetual Exploitations Ch. 11

 — College girl is blackmailed into service. by gracesnowpaw05/10/174.43

Perpetual Exploitations Ch. 12

 — College girl is blackmailed into service. by gracesnowpaw05/19/174.43

Perpetual Exploitations Ch. 13

 — A college girl is blackmailed into service. by gracesnowpaw05/26/174.77HOT

Perqs of Being KGB Chief

 — A tale of one of Lavrentiy Beria's evil abductions. by JMaxwell6904/06/113.62

Persecuting the Prosecutor

 — I hate going to court. by Hoselvr616401/01/143.67

Persephome's Humiliation Ch. 01

 — An erotic fable. by prometheusfire05/06/093.80

Persephome's Humiliation Ch. 02

 — Erotic fable. by prometheusfire05/07/093.95

Persephome's Humiliation Ch. 03

 — Erotic fable. by prometheusfire05/08/093.43


 — Samantha discovers she cannot hide from her stalker. by JBEdwards07/13/173.51

Perspective - Revisited

 — Brian's torment of Samantha continues. by JBEdwards08/16/173.65


 — Two sides of the same coin. by grgy5609/21/164.41

Persuading Amy

 — He has to lie to get inside her. by pineseedling12/17/083.98

Persuading His Teacher

 — Ethan decides to show Ms Smith he isn't just her student. by Saucy_Minx_12/20/17


 — Sometimes persuasion is needed for sex. by R. Richard03/02/044.20

Perversion in Paradise

 — She's deceived, used, and abused; can she turn the tables? by KeikoAlvarez10/27/164.25

Perversions and Transgressions

 — He watches his girlfriend taken in her sleep. by Over Stimulated07/18/054.49

Perversions and Transgressions Ch. 02

 — Plan to have her taken in her sleep goes blissfully amiss. by Over Stimulated11/01/054.46

Perversions and Transgressions Ch. 03

 — Watches her taken in her drugged sleep. by Over Stimulated01/22/094.56HOT

Perversions and Transgressions Ch. 04

 — He watches her being taken at her most vulnerable. by Over Stimulated04/21/104.64HOT

Perversions and Transgressions Ch. 05

 — An engagement and a night of celebration take a twist. by Over Stimulated04/01/124.65HOT

Perversions and Transgressions Ch. 06

 — He hears a proposition and watches her with new friends. by Over Stimulated07/21/124.63HOT

Perversions and Transgressions Ch. 07

 — He plans with a friend to watch her drugged and taken. by Over Stimulated03/03/144.49

Perversions and Transgressions Ch. 08

 — After years he watches her taken by friends in her sleep. by Over Stimulated12/05/154.50HOT

Pervert 2000 Ep. 01

 — It should have been a normal day for Lauren. by GoodMorning10/28/084.36

Pervert 2000 Ep. 02

 — Things start getting rough between Lauren and Sam. by GoodMorning11/04/083.85

Perverted Old Men Ch. 2

 — She meet his nephew Henry. by bospup01/09/02

Perverted Old Men Ch. 3

 — She earns a raise. by bospup01/18/02

Perverted Old Men Ch. 4

 — Henry, his girlfriend, and her. by bospup01/19/02

Perverted Parents Evening

 — Miss Duncan gets a thorough 'examination'. by TheDarkCloud05/20/083.71

Pet Girl Detective Ch. 01

 — Angela is trapped. by StoryTeller0710/13/114.29

Pet Girl Detective Ch. 02

 — Forced into a cage. by StoryTeller0711/26/124.41

Pet Teacher

 — High school senior makes a sexual pet of English teacher. by mmumbles09/12/013.88

Pet's First Night Out Ch. 01

 — Being the main attraction was not as she expected! by sola_naceae11/20/143.91

Pet-play/Slave Breeding Farm

 — Alessandra begins her journey on the farm. by Andrewsgirl77712/11/174.19

Pete's Road House

 — Young wife discovers her sensual nature. by Miltone09/06/014.02

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