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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Ransom Demand Ch. 02

 — Kristina has more toys to use on Hope. by Powerone03/10/044.50HOT

Ransomware Degradation Ch. 01

 — Business woman forced to become a web slut. by DarkVader06/01/174.23

Ransomware Degradation Ch. 02

 — Margie Pays the Price for Non-Cooperation. by DarkVader06/02/174.30

Ransomware Degradation Ch. 03

 — Margie forced to sign away legal rights to naked photos. by DarkVader06/03/174.37


 — She's taken by a stranger, or is she? by Openandready10/08/023.67

Rape Fantasy

 — Prudish boyfriend gets his fantasy fulfilled, more or less. by litpervgrrl05/14/054.36

Rape Fantasy

 — Submissive wife has a fantasy fulfilled by three men. by doc04807/08/044.29

Rape Fantasy Goes Wrong

 — Wife's birthday treat backfires in a wonderful way. by joelafayette06/27/144.09

Rape Gang Ch. 1

 — Young woman introduced to her new 'friends'. by TheBeavMan05/12/013.97

Rape Me

 — Is it every woman's fantasy? by powderpinkangel06/15/034.32

Rape Me

 — Trying to help a friend in need. by Shimmergirl04/29/08

Rape Me Again

 — My heart is darkness, a darkness that will swallow you whole. by cowboy10909/08/163.89

Rape Me, Please Rape Me

 — Shy mouse reads literotica & desires more. by Steelhand10/11/02

Rape of a Heart

 — Foolish is the Drow who loves. by DireLilith04/14/07

Rape of a Milf College Student

 — MILF gets more than she bargains for after a late class. by Bondagecouple111/23/113.82

Rape of Sister-in-law

 — Indian man takes her in a fit of lust. by sam856408/02/043.44

Rape of the Lock Ch. 2

 — She getsraped in front of Mum. by belab08/16/023.67

Rape of the Lock Ch. 3

 — She might as well enjoy it. by belab08/16/023.76

Rape of Uptight WDC Couple

 — Carol & Johnathan find themselves at mercy of hillbillies. by subFLmale07/24/024.26

Rape on Ford Road

 — A woman's rural walk is interrupted by strangers. by mattwatt4306/19/103.89

Rape Without Fear

 — Hitting her he threw her to the bed. by Ds Padawan11/23/053.31


 — What begins in reluctance ends in mutual pleasure. by Itz_Fine_White_Wine08/19/043.82


 — She is kidnapped. by fungurrl08/17/043.58

Raped at Home

 — Mark can't take any more of Maria's teasing. by luckygirlie09/26/063.42

Raped at Home

 — You return home to not so empty house. by niteowl200305/13/073.72

Raped But Yet Enjoyed Later

 — I was ravished by a taxi driver and his two friends. by gayatrisaha0004/30/112.79

Raped by invitation

 — Late night, wine, and the internet are a dangerous combo by Zaftigress05/16/164.16

Raped by My Boyfriend's Best Friend

 — Sexy Kiiya gets raped on the night of her birthday party. by kiiya_the_asian_slut06/23/174.19

Raped in the Dark

 — Sara is attacked in a dark room. by jaroslav11/17/023.69


 — Young woman has a really bad day. by Christie05278001/20/033.99

Raped! Again...

 — Young woman and her sister have another bad day. by Christie05278001/24/034.36

Raped! Again...and Again

 — The sisters become willing acomplices by Christie05278002/13/034.33


 — A man and six females. by Christie05278003/02/034.58HOT

Raped!...Breeding Time

 — A Man and six beauties all alone for the winter. by Christie05278004/06/034.30

Raped!...Converting Beth

 — Sixth installment of the series. Four down, two to go! by Christie05278004/09/034.50HOT

Raped!...Dinner & Desserts

 — Christmas Eve dinner is interesting. by Christie05278004/28/034.42

Raped!...Karen's Lust

 — Karen tries 'safe sex' with the man of the house. by Christie05278006/19/034.41

Raped!...The Final Chapter

 — Rebekah joins the family. by Christie05278009/22/034.44


 — Was it my boyfriend or not? by Jabeebee08/19/044.15


 — Or was it rape? by Isabella_1978_UK09/28/17

RapeGang Ch. 2

 — Christina is tested to see if she will 'fit in'. by TheBeavMan06/22/014.12

Rapey Saturday

 — Everything's bigger in Texas (especially on Game Day)... by KasWolfling11/07/174.16

Raping Chay

 — Teacher is fed up with cockteasing daughter. by tempted_teacher05/03/044.35

Raping Heidi

 — Heidi was not really raped, was she? by SimonLeBonMot03/26/134.25

Raping Helena

 — She pays off her husband's gambling debt. by E.Z.Riter08/01/024.17

Raping Karen

 — She asked for it. by Shroud2102/16/124.07

Raping Lucy

 — Bully boss taught a lesson. by sofox08/17/05

Raping Nikki

 — They play a rough game. by HornyBiBaby0301/08/053.87

Raping The Office Tease Ch. 1

 — Busty redhead is taught a lesson. by NiteWriter03/09/013.99

Raping The Office Tease Ch. 2

 — John continues molesting busty Sue. by NiteWriter03/10/014.21

Raping The Reluctant Office Girl

 — A flirty girl at the office gets exactly what she wanted. by Shroud2102/20/124.18

Rapist, Husband, Lover

 — He takes what his wife won't give him. by lomar209/01/024.31

Rashidah It Begins

 — Singaporean Malay Woman descends further. by Nuckchorris11/30/163.62


 — An old-fashioned pirate space. by WindupAtheist02/13/014.34Editor's Pick

Ratchets and Clamps

 — Young couple are forced to perform their own piercings. by thor_pf07/25/123.83

Ravage Me

 — Out of control boyfriend loses it. by Bruno102710/02/044.28

Ravage Me Too

 — This time, her roommate tries to tame him. by Bruno102710/28/044.46


 — Stranger forces her to commit slutty acts. by rugbydrill05/29/014.11


 — College cutie is taken by force. by SEX_VAMPYRE09/01/013.27


 — She picks up a rough stranger. by bethanneishere06/05/043.87

Ravaged In My Dorm

 — It becomes a lustful first-time experience. by brie2009/10/033.99

Ravaging Fantasy - Brent's Tale

 — Ravaging Amy is beyond fun. by amischiefmaker11/19/174.27

Ravaging Nikki Pt. 01

 — Nikki takes a wrong turn down an alley. by Lionheart7201/22/164.32

Ravaging Nikki Pt. 02

 — Nikki's boss sees the picture from the alley. by Lionheart7201/23/164.44

Ravaging Nikki Pt. 03

 — The man from the alley finds Nikki again. by Lionheart7204/27/164.48

Ravaging Nikki Pt. 04

 — Nikki meets the man from alley one more time. by Lionheart7206/16/164.60HOT

Ravashing a Cocktease

 — Sexy vixen get hers. by quimmaster01/16/054.20

Raven's New Life

 — Raven becomes a sex servant for a rich lord. by January8511/01/134.22


 — She dreams of his need for her. by Sugarsprinkles12/20/033.52

Ravished at the River

 — Beautiful day on the river turns bad. by Sara69212/17/094.04

Ravished by Older Men

 — Teenage girl gets ravished by older men at dorm party. by Kmaf04/11/124.05

Ravished by Rasterfarian Relay Runners

 — Sprinter runs into rough sex. by Tiberius5812/24/074.00

Ravished Girl Gets Revenge

 — Wassaulting others. by SkyeDawn198901/21/103.34

Ravished Wench

 — Edain is forced by a stranger in her stable. by jara_jacobus03/01/073.94


 — She didn't ask for it but did she want it? by SeverianOSTP04/02/093.58

Ravishing a Red Head

 — Hot violent sex; she did ask for it! by Selena Down07/13/083.94

Ravishing Jenny

 — Big brother gets tired of Jenny's teasing. by ehlanna11/26/034.00

Ravishing Marie

 — A married woman is raped in her bed & has orgasms. by Itascan11/25/164.18

Ravishing My Girlfriend's Mom

 — Lisa's Mom shares Lisa's rape fantasies. by Dracthyus05/02/054.42

Ravishing My Girlfriend's Mom Ch. 02

 — Lisa's Mom enjoys bondage and anal, just like her daughter. by Dracthyus10/29/054.52HOT

Ravishing Renee

 — Renee confronts the jerk who impregnated her best friend. by Daphne12301/30/184.49


 — She is followed and taken. by sex_loving_slave01/28/09

Ravishment at Dusk

 — Two black men use white slut on the street. by sweetnpetite10/10/054.11

Ravishment of a Cyber Slave Ch. 01

 — She finds herself in a way she only dreamed of. by MasterPatrick12/24/053.09

RavMe Ch. 01

 — A thriller about contracted ravishers. by torquedtales10/03/063.84

RavMe Ch. 02

 — Kelly's fantasy-roleplay ravisher returns. by torquedtales10/26/064.22

RavMe Ch. 03-04

 — Will our heroine finally fall prey to organized ravishers? by torquedtales03/04/074.39

RavMe Ch. 05-06

 — Kelly gets totally mindfucked. by torquedtales05/04/074.24

Raw Mommy

 — Son finds his mother tied to a table after recent use. by andromon02/13/132.99

Raya's New Neighbor

 — You never know who's watching you. by insane0illusions07/12/073.91

Reaching the Limit

 — How much milk can her breasts hold before she gives in? by RamonaE11/16/094.25

Read Me a Story...

 — Two Literotica authors enjoy their story together. by Tess_Stevens10/15/084.11

Reader Request: Wrecked by Police

 — Katie's works out a deal with the cops . . . sort of. by dpingjessie11/28/174.37

Reading with Tess

 — He shows her his works of erotica. by domtopman04/13/074.37

Ready or Not (Here I Come) Ch. 1

 — The first time he took her. by romaerotica06/24/024.36

Ready or Not (Here I Come) Ch. 2

 — Innocence is no excuse. by romaerotica06/25/024.44

Ready or Not (Here I Come) Ch. 3

 — The bedroom was her cage. by romaerotica07/01/024.43

Real Dreams

 — Girl from future ravishes man repeatedly in his sleep. by FurLove11/10/053.92

Real Fantasy For A Long Time

 — Unwanted group sex at first...then became a turn on. by bjhandy7309/06/093.63

Real Heartbreakers

 — A blackmail fantasy inspired by the movie Heartbrakers. by roblondon207/03/144.28

Real Life (or) Just Fantasy

 — Caught in a slide, no sympathy. by ILienBagby03/23/123.08

Really Just Desserts

 — Husband gets even with lesbian wife for being sent to prison. by Evil_Teddy_Bear05/18/104.40

Really Just Desserts Day 02

 — Revenge on a wife and her Lesbian lover. by Evil_Teddy_Bear06/06/104.41

Really Just Desserts Day 03

 — Wife and Lesbian lover punished for framing husband. by Evil_Teddy_Bear06/26/104.41

Really Just Desserts Day 04

 — Punishment of wife and lesbian lover continues. by Evil_Teddy_Bear07/20/104.48

Really Just Desserts Day 05

 — Final: end of revenge on ex-wife & lesbian lover. by Evil_Teddy_Bear07/25/104.42

Reaping What He Has Sown Pt. 01

 — A father wakes to find himself inside the body his daughter. by Threndle03/02/164.02

Reaping What He Has Sown Pt. 02

 — He finds himself vulnernable in the body of his daughter. by Threndle03/14/164.28

Reaping What He Has Sown Pt. 03

 — Dad & daughter have a heartfelt talk, then go shoe shopping. by Threndle03/25/164.15

Rear Ended

 — Fender bender bends her to new possibilities. by erossmantic10/05/074.43

Rear Ended

 — A car accident leads to a taste of medicine. by 4eyedbrit12/06/084.07

Reasonable Grounds

 — Rachel is cuffed then searched, violated and humiliated. by MissMeek01/26/093.56


 — Rich woman is blackmailed for sex. by teniellejd02/12/034.08

Rebecca Encounters Japan

 — Rebecca visits Japan and gets more than she wanted. by maxmaypo12/11/133.97

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