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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Abduction Ch. 01

 — She finds out captivity does not suit her. by BearFetish08/09/074.31

Abduction Ch. 02

 — A young woman learns new rules about her captivity. by BearFetish08/10/074.18

Abduction Chicken

 — Story of an abduction and non consent role play. by fallstaffer09/07/154.12

Abduction Fantasy

 — You know it's coming, and are scared to death. by burnedhouse03/30/013.98

Abduction No. 01

 — Young woman is snatched off the street. by chris 4401/25/063.92

Abduction No. 02

 — Tina reaches her destination, and learns her fate. by chris 4402/18/064.27

Abduction No. 03

 — Young woman to be trained as a sex toy. by chris 4402/24/064.34

Abduction No. 04

 — Tina's training gets under way. by chris 4403/07/064.48

Abduction No. 05

 — Tina learns the meaning of pain. by chris 4403/28/064.42

Abduction No. 06

 — Tina's response to her situation begins to worry her. by chris 4404/15/064.49

Abduction No. 07

 — Tina must undergo her promised punishment. by chris 4405/09/064.45

Abduction No. 08

 — Tina's parents learn of their daughter's fate. by chris 4406/05/064.62HOT

Abduction No. 09

 — Tina's captors discuss her future. by chris 4408/09/064.19

Abduction Of Passion Ch. 1

 — Ashley is taken & seduced by a handsome millionaire. by erotica14309/13/013.66

Abduction of Steph Ch. 01

 — Steph is taken to be pleasured. by OldDog09/03/054.48

Abduction of Steph Ch. 02

 — Steph's pleasure treatments begin. by OldDog12/30/054.53HOT

Abduction of Steph Ch. 03

 — Steph's sexual education is completed by OldDog03/16/064.25

Abduction of the Pig

 — The treat her like an animal. by Submissive_Oinker11/04/093.54

Abduction of the Pig Ch. 02

 — The Continuing Adventures of Serena the Pig by Submissive_Oinker11/09/093.56

Abduction Secrets

 — She's abducted and given a lesson in herself. by Caoimhe05/15/073.67

Abduction Seduction

 — You grab her on the side of the road. by ShadyDaisy03/29/073.87

Abigail at the Boar's Head

 — She's the victim of a brutal gangbang. by The_Mercyslayer11/17/103.89

About the Author

 — Author casts her memory back... by HootergirlMisty06/27/014.31

About To Be Fired

 — Caught AWOL leads to consequences. by quimmaster12/26/024.38

Abrupt Awakening

 — Guy wakes up horny and decides to fuck awake his girl. by Plaice12/01/124.14

Absolute Terror

 — She's kidnapped for his sexual pleasure. by Debbie07/25/014.35

Absolute Terror 2

 — He takes her for His pleasure. by Debbie08/27/014.40

Absolution for Gretta MacClain

 — He finds his justice by teaching her a lesson. by KillerMuffin11/26/014.60HOTEditor's Pick

Absolution For Sister Angel

 — Missionary nun is taken by a biker gang. by jon.hayworth01/11/023.98

Abuse and Revenge

 — A wife's story of abuse and her ultimate revenge. by westcoastjohn06/30/144.14


 — Christine is taken by muscular stranger. by BeautyInDarkness02/07/012.12

Abused and Cuckolded

 — Vacationers suffer at the hands of local men. by maxmaypo05/17/144.25

Abused at the Spa Ch. 02

 — The trap is sprung and the fun begins. by quimmaster12/30/054.03

Abused at the Spa Ch. 03

 — The girls are stripped and punished. by quimmaster01/28/064.30

Abused at the Spa Ch. 04

 — The girls are really abused again and again. by quimmaster02/08/064.36

Abused at the Spa Ch. 05

 — A deal is struck to ravish the women. by quimmaster04/16/064.40

Abused at Work by My Evil Boss

 — A secretary is ambushed by her boss' brutal ass treatment. by sydneydom12/11/123.95

Abused by Her Boyfriends Ch. 01

 — She tells of the humiliations she suffered in college. by a_random_user03/08/114.08

Abused While Drunk

 — Short story of interracial sex at a music festival. by rich052410/24/084.07

Abusing my Cousin's Girlfriend

 — Dress like a Biker Chick - get fucked like one. by livdnsouth11/08/093.16

Abusing Violet

 — Superior lady is taught a lesson. by geronimo_appleby02/27/054.26

Academic Decisions

 — Brainy girl loses virginity to teacher. by dark_mistress12/13/023.59

Accidental Hazing Ch. 01

 — Jason accidentally hazes two coeds. by EuphoricCinder04/06/144.74HOT

Accidental Lecher

 — Be careful what you wish for. by Hatsuda04/10/104.50HOT

Accidental Rape

 — Baby-sitter taken in error. by Ashson04/04/144.22

Accidentally Seduced

 — Ashley submits to her boyfriend's dad's strong advances. by lovelyelle05/20/113.85

Accidents Happen Ch. 04

 — Her tragic 1st time story. by regularguy1312/06/094.31

Accosted at the Lake

 — She went for her own pleasure and ended up with more. by limiwa01/25/064.12

Accounting for Forgetfulness Ch. 01

 — Michael gets punished by his bookkeeper for forgetfulness. by grass_hopper9912/21/123.89


 — An alleged witch is at the mercy of a howling mob. by PerilEyes10/24/113.68

Accused Ch. 02

 — Betty's motives against Mary are revealed. by PerilEyes01/16/123.73

Aces High

 — Bitter rivalries use a twisted game of strip poker. by lustfuldesires01/02/113.26

Aces Win

 — It's not whether you win or lose but how you play the game. by lindiana05/26/063.14

Achara's Curse

 — An embarrassing affliction. by justtheone09/02/153.77


 — He gets his revenge. by Velvety08/13/033.61

Aching For Violation Ch. 01

 — A girl gets help to release her forbidden desire. by americandemon05/29/08HOT

Aching For Violation Ch. 02

 — Katy pays for level two. by americandemon06/12/08

Aching For Violation Ch. 03

 — The final level. by americandemon02/21/10HOT


 — Her fantasy could end with her death. by secondskin12/22/023.90

Act It Out

 — Young woman offers to help a struggling author. by Ashson03/31/154.42

Acting on Impulse

 — The result of acting on impulse. by Victoriajohn11/28/044.47

Action in the Theatre

 — This action movie leaves me really worked over. by LadySherotica07/22/134.62HOT

Action Picture

 — A moviegoer is taken by surprise by two young studs. by Pussyrider06/10/074.19

Acts of Contrition

 — Amy's wayward ways at boarding school get her into trouble. by Selena_Kitt01/01/094.17

Actuary vs Redhead

 — Redhead has a quarrel with an Actuary. by Ashson03/23/154.55HOT

Ada's Need

 — Ada learns the difference between fantasy and real need. by 2BBred03/05/124.02

Adam Loses Himself In M.V. Ch. 03

 — Adam finds a new conquest who has been over-served. by Philcollins8704/21/084.34

Adam's Best Friend

 — A business trip leaves his girlfriend with his best friend. by D_Lynn05/18/134.38


 — Professional woman once again lets her lust take over. by kurious01/18/064.24

Addicted Ch. 02

 — Her journey through the depths of her need. by kurious01/31/064.62HOT

Addicted Ch. 03

 — The six guys take the slut home. by kurious03/05/064.30


 — A man is forced to deal with his big boob addiction. by evilbread66604/27/164.42

Adeeana's Mate Ch. 01

 — She's forced to acknowledge her true mate. by tis_mina09/22/034.55HOT

Adele's Night Out

 — Adele is roughly taken after a night out. by Ug10/28/044.08

Adina's Journey

 — Young widow and school teacher is reawakened to sex. by quietheron11/08/104.15

Adina's Journey Ch. 02

 — School teacher blackmailed by vice principal...she likes it by quietheron11/09/103.79

Adina's Journey Ch. 03

 — Brian's plans take Adina farther than she'd imagined. by quietheron11/12/104.16

Adina's Journey Ch. 04

 — Brian's seduction culminates in anal sex. by quietheron11/16/104.43

Admit It

 — Little does she know he brings some guys home from work. by Philomela08/05/103.92

Adrian's Conquest

 — Adrian doesn't allow her to go back on their agreement... by HisAboveAllOthers04/28/163.75

Adriana Love

 — Adriana gives herself up to save her dad's job. by kara_love06/06/114.23

Adriana Love Ch. 02

 — Adriana gets her jar full of cum to save her dad's job. by kara_love10/28/124.57HOT

Adriana Love Ch. 03

 — Her dad's boss visits her house. by kara_love05/18/134.26

Adriana Love Ch. 04

 — Another day where Adriana gets abused. by kara_love05/20/134.30

Adriana Love Ch. 05

 — Her dad gives into his lust, and so do strangers and Bob. by kara_love05/23/134.27

Adriana Love Ch. 06

 — Just an episode of Adriana and Bob. by kara_love09/23/134.47

Adrienne's Ravagement

 — Be careful what you fantasize about. by genesisir01/12/094.26


 — She overcomes fears to give him what he wants. by SexySadie42003/06/134.52HOT

Adventures of a Oil Rig Slut Ch. 01

 — A woman working on an oil rig works her way up in the field. by oilrigslut02/12/123.43

Adventures of a Oil Rig Slut Ch. 02

 — A woman working on an oil rig works her way up in the field. by oilrigslut02/17/124.26

Adventures of an Office Sub

 — A married lawyer explores her submissive side. by shyofficesub01/13/144.43

Adventures of an Office Sub Ch. 02

 — Mr. Thomas sends Anna to a meeting. by shyofficesub02/25/144.29

Adventures of an Office Sub Ch. 03

 — Anna's adventures cum to an end. by shyofficesub10/06/154.34

Adventures of Cassandra Ash

 — Has she finally met her match? by zildjian04/24/023.94

Adventures of Charlotte Ch. 01

 — She is taken by pirates and a handsomely ruthless Captain. by QueenofDesire06/16/09

Adventures of Charlotte Ch. 02

 — She is passed over to the First Mate for training. by QueenofDesire07/24/09

Adventures of Missy Ch. 01

 — Petite Thai woman Missy meets Big Bill. by lilrobbie11/14/114.14

Adventures of Missy Ch. 02

 — The plane ride. by lilrobbie11/15/114.12

Adventures of Missy Ch. 03

 — Home at last. by lilrobbie11/16/114.29

Adventures of Missy Ch. 04

 — Bill continues to dominate Missy. by lilrobbie11/16/114.28

Adventures of Missy Ch. 05

 — Bill and Missy continue to make plans. by lilrobbie11/20/114.06

Adventures of Missy Ch. 06

 — Tony, Alexandra and the Doctor. by lilrobbie11/21/114.29

Adventures of Missy Ch. 07

 — Missy's father returns, Billa nd Missy get married. by lilrobbie11/22/114.06

Adventures of Missy Ch. 08

 — Alexandra takes control. by lilrobbie11/23/114.52HOT

Adventures of Sarah Ch. 01

 — Young teacher gets sub assignment. by teachgirl198003/20/073.85

Adventures of Sarah Ch. 03

 — Tyshawn "meets" Karen. by teachgirl198004/02/073.94

Adventures of Sarah Ch. 04

 — Hank's plan begins, Sarah sees her first trouble. by teachgirl198004/12/074.06

Adventures of Sarah Ch. 05

 — Karen and Sarah get in deep trouble. by teachgirl198004/13/074.49

Adventures of Sarah Ch. 06

 — Sarah and Karen take more "action". by teachgirl198004/23/074.35

Adventures of Teachergirl Ch. 01

 — 23 year old teacher always finds herself in peril. by jenny_teachergirl08/08/044.32

Adventures of Wiley Coyote Ch. 10

 — The fat fingers rudely prodded her front and back. by wiley437711/06/09

Adventurous Outing Ch. 03

 — Kimmy is taken by surprise in her apartment. by Broadvue01/05/164.20


 — Two MPs take a female Taliban jihadist into custody. by DevisPixi03/11/153.62

Afraid of the Dark?

 — To dream or not to dream.... by LittleMissFixIt11/11/123.72

African Honeymoon

 — The honeymoon did not go as planned. by CuckoldDesires02/23/134.07

African Skye

 — Skye finds being kidnapped far sexier than she imagined. by KnottLynnHardey03/24/144.43

African Slave Queen

 — Over confident media babe upsets one dictator too many. by FINC09/08/044.47

African Slave Queen: The Series Ch. 01

 — The dictator's son gets his revenge. by FINC08/11/054.48

African Slave Queen: The Series Ch. 02

 — General's daughter enjoys herself with captive babe. by FINC02/11/064.44

African Slave Queen: The Series End

 — Captive reporter is married in a carnival of humiliation. by FINC01/18/074.33

Afroza Gets Punished

 — She teases, she cons, she steals - and gets caught. by PAS12/26/054.39

After Class

 — Olivia is rude in Mr.Scott's class. He teaches her a lesson. by Mikhaila9903/03/163.63

After Class Ch. 01

 — She teases him during lecture, so he punishes her after. by PaperStreetSoapCo05/09/084.28

After Class Ch. 02

 — Things escalate. She knows what's coming. by Kayla4205/20/144.28

After Dark

 — He decided to visit the old woman next door. by atkins10/18/053.71

After Dinner Break-In

 — The Thomas' house is broken into and Tammy used. by hornygranny10/02/064.19

After Dinner Treat

 — Young wife is Chairman's after dinner treat. by shaunreagh08/29/104.30

After Hours

 — A store manager gives in to his desires to dominate. by Sensual_Caveman12/22/023.77

After Hours

 — Barmaid gets a nasty surprise. by Extreme Bohunk08/13/053.96

After Hours

 — Being taken after a long day at work. by Aie08/22/123.88

After Hours

 — A woman exits a bar and is entered by fuzzydino06/24/143.72

After Hours

 — She's the new boss and he doesn't like working under a woman. by eatmebeatme05/01/143.58

After Hours

 — Sandra's ravished in the dark by a mystery man. by Sugary_Comfort07/26/144.08

After Hours Alicia Ch. 05

 — It's the day after the gangbang and she runs into trouble... by NewAgeErotica06/17/144.51HOT

After Hours Alicia Ch. 09

 — Someone from Tommy's past pays them a visit... by NewAgeErotica08/15/144.51HOT

After Hours Alicia Ch. 12

 — Alicia deals with the man outside the car... by NewAgeErotica11/19/144.24

After Hours Alicia Ch. 14

 — Alicia and Tommy go to meet Mark... by NewAgeErotica02/04/154.55HOT

After Hours Alicia Ch. 15

 — Alicia and Tommy clash with severe consequences... by NewAgeErotica04/23/154.45

After Hours Call In

 — Wife is called in to handle an after hours problem at work, by LT196301/18/144.10

After Hours Ch. 01

 — Boss gets adventurous with two reluctant employees. by SexKittn09/18/044.31

After Hours Ch. 01

 — I work in a restaurant as an assistant manager. by shawnsgrl2204/08/103.19

After Hours Ch. 01

 — Katie gets kidnapped. by Rhosyn10/06/123.37

After Hours Ch. 02

 — Security guards take advantage of the situation. by SexKittn01/19/054.06

After Hours Ch. 02

 — Joey had asked for some time off that next week. by shawnsgrl2204/09/103.59

After Hours Ch. 03

 — Joey finished up the kitchen. by shawnsgrl2204/10/103.94

After Hours Surprise Party

 — Girl gets caught at the club after hours by a gang. by ladyfreak04/11/123.90

After Marriage!

 — Sex after marriage? Why even wait by angylfyre02/26/023.08

After Office Hours

 — Reema's taken by many men. by Pussylover3611/05/004.01

After School Activities

 — A young man spends his afternoons in kinky bondage. by ZTV2507/17/153.97

After School Adventures Ch. 08

 — When the school bell rings, the rules change. by Slash_Raptor04/12/123.55

After School Project Ch. 01

 — Student & teacher work on a special project after school. by Dreamthiev05/19/074.45

After School Project Ch. 02

 — Judith begins to enjoy Ren's control. by Dreamthiev06/22/074.62HOT

After School Project Ch. 03

 — Ren plays with Judith again at school. by Dreamthiev10/21/084.62HOT

After School Surprise Ch. 01

 — Teacher gets blackmailed by her student. by PAS07/06/064.25

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