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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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Silver or Steel

 — Abducted novice finds pleasure in the hands of slavemaster. by Cryptica05/07/034.34

Silvia's Tale

 — Silvia meets a stranger in an elevator. by pervinplainpackage12/21/103.53

Sily Gets a Job

 — A Silky Adventure. by OneSilky11/09/104.35

Simon and Becky Ch. 04

 — Becky tells Simon of her ravishment dream. by Otazel03/24/074.58HOT

Simon Says

 — Simon says 'raise your hand.' Justin says 'touch your clit'. by sbhammer07/05/154.21

Simon Says So

 — He wants a blowjob. by MaliceNBandarland03/30/094.06

Simon Says So Ch. 02

 — First he wanted a blow job. Now he wants more. by MaliceNBandarland03/22/104.04


 — An ordinary night at work turns violent for Simone. by Tessa_Kealey04/05/134.33

SImone's Wet Dream

 — Sucking and fucking my sleeping Simone. by peebudy07/21/103.92

Simply a Package

 — Her husband told her online shopping would be trouble! by TeasePleaseHer06/22/113.64

Simply Irresistible

 — Potion makes man highly desirable to women. by chatbug09/12/023.82

Simran Discovers New Horizons Ch. 05

 — Simran baits her mother and sisters into submission. by dan5712/12/114.12

Simran Discovers New Horizons Ch. 06

 — The training of Simran's mother as Josh's slave. by dan5712/21/114.33

Simran Discovers New Horizons Ch. 07

 — Sheela enjoys watching Aruna's enslavement. by dan5712/27/114.11

Singapore Valentine

 — Blond man enjoys lovely Asian. by smoothlibra02/10/053.32

Singing Marie

 — Marie gets taken by her neighbor. by Belakunn12/13/073.02

Single Mom's Incest

 — Single Mom drugged and used by her son and his gang. by eiram10/04/143.97

Sinja: The Erotic Chambermaid

 — Medieval debauchery, forced oral submission. by dirtislave807/11/063.97


 — Stripper's encounter with her uncle turns tragic. by Vinny Smith06/25/052.12

Sinnndy Gets Banged

 — Night out turns wild & scary. by sinnndy04/23/013.85

Sins of a Sinner Ch. 01

 — Mark forces Paula to pay off her debt. by MisfitToy01/05/094.48

Sins of a Sinner Ch. 02

 — Paula thinks she is clear from Mark. by MisfitToy01/16/094.43

Sins of a Sinner Ch. 03

 — Paula's degradation and humiliation continues. by MisfitToy01/19/094.53HOT

Sins of a Sinner Ch. 04

 — Paula tastes more humiliation. by MisfitToy01/24/094.44

Sins of a Sinner Ch. 05

 — Paula's sins continue. by MisfitToy01/30/094.55HOT

Sins of a Sinner Ch. 06

 — Paula reluctantly decends into depravity. by MisfitToy02/14/094.66HOT

Sins of a Sinner Ch. 07

 — The conclusion to the Mark & Paula saga. by MisfitToy03/06/094.22

Sins of a Supervisor

 — Sexy blonde is punished by her bosses. by Syncere6902/24/12

Sins of the Child

 — A young mother is taught some discipline. by Ashson03/25/144.26

Sins of the Father

 — A single father has been harboring incestuous feelings. by KitsuneKira10/10/134.12

Sins of the Flesh

 — A young nun asks for counsel and vastly changes her role. by urban_legend55507/08/134.41

Sir Galahad the Chaste

 — Arthur's finest knight falls, spectacularly. by exegete09/28/133.13

Sir Render's Sibling Rivalry Ch. 05

 — Buying goods. by yghrt03/21/16

Siren Ch. 01

 — Fate comes calling on the high seas. by Eliya03/18/174.68HOT

Siren Ch. 02-03

 — Kenna wakes up aboard the pirate ship. by Eliya03/27/174.73HOT

Siren Ch. 04

 — Kenna has a secret to be uncovered. by Eliya04/17/174.71HOT

Siren Ch. 05

 — Entertaining the pirate captain. by Eliya04/27/174.81HOTNEW

Sis's Friend Carrie

 — Brother ravishes his sister's friend. by story_lein07/29/053.89

Sis-in-Law Pays the Price

 — Now she wants help? Nothings for free. by Tx Tall Tales11/08/084.54HOT


 — She comes to her sister's assistance. by Ashson03/31/164.24

Sister in Law Ch. 01

 — The harriden is taught a lesson. by StoryTeller0705/16/094.04

Sister Mary Learns a Lesson

 — Sister Mary Joseph learns a lesson she'll never forget. by SexxxyCuriosity12/23/074.34

Sister Monica

 — Josh seduces his professor, who also happens to be a nun. by ms72vt04/27/094.51HOT

Sister Oatlash

 — Nymphomaniac Nun is on a Mission from God. by The Mutt09/15/053.94

Sister Problems and Table Tennis

 — Mary and her sister play strip table tennis. by CWNiess03/22/174.65HOT

Sister's Shadow II

 — Jill is determined to get out from under her sister. by Couture12/20/114.44

Sister-in-Law's Penalty

 — His sister-in-law is rude to him. by Ashson03/16/174.33

Sister’s Revenge

 — She attempts to avenge her sister. by speednutz08/08/054.11


 — When he hurt her, he had to answer to her sorority. by edrider7302/12/143.57

Sitter Surprised

 — A baby-sitter is taken on the job. by Azurablue03/18/07

Sitting Around

 — Somehow I started spanking her, and we both liked it. by cerection07/26/094.11


 — Bruce gets what he wants. by nAwT09/13/073.87

Situations Ch. 02

 — The delivery. by nAwT01/01/084.14

Six Month Sentence For One Mistake

 — Judy gives her goodies to a man she wronged. by Erotypist03/22/083.72

Six Months to Live Ch. 01

 — Dying man wants to out with a bang. by DG Hear10/25/054.33

Six Months to Live Ch. 02

 — Husband goes out filling sex fantasies. by DG Hear10/27/054.20

Sixville Below

 — A mutually reluctant romance. (3) by temptanddestroy06/17/064.45Editor's Pick

Sixville's Finest

 — He's corrupted. by temptanddestroy11/18/064.30

Size Does Matter Ch. 01

 — He was a nerd, but his size definitely changed my mind. by MeredithEighty803/26/174.29

Size Does Matter Ch. 02

 — He wanted to share that magnificent cock with other women. by MeredithEighty804/12/173.94

Size: Is It Important?

 — Black man & white woman put on a public show. by capt1309/14/063.92

Ski Mask

 — Forced sex, Marriage, Role playing, Husband takes over wife. by ObsidianWolf12/31/153.96

Ski Mask Ch. 02

 — Forced sex, husband obsessed with wife, controlling husband. by ObsidianWolf03/23/163.81

Ski Tahoe Nude

 — Prank trip leads to exhibition and swinging, little skiing. by LitEroCat12/25/15

Ski Trip Got Away From Me Ch. 03

 — The next two hours and then some. by Schwamy04/24/124.02


 — Young wife gets a skiing lesson. by Ashson06/19/144.20

Skin to Skin

 — Black woman... with a skin head... 'nuff said! by MimiRose02/19/134.43

Skin to Skin Ch. 02

 — Down in the creepy, dark place is where Chloe is sent. by MimiRose04/11/134.65HOT

Skin to Skin Ch. 03

 — The Dream Life... by MimiRose05/02/134.59HOT

Skin to Skin Ch. 04

 — Four steps backwards. by MimiRose01/08/144.76HOT

Skinny Dippers

 — A young woman gets separated from her friends. by Ashson04/08/144.07

Skinny Dipping

 — 3 MILFs go skinny dipping and 7 guys plus one son finds them. by Thecsm09/17/144.38


 — A voracious saboteur in a woman's world. by PulpWyatt11/12/143.30


 — The Fate of Christina. by frog709/29/123.12


 — A virgin slave is deflowered. by Ashson01/19/143.35

Slave Academy Ch. 01

 — Girl is kidnapped and trained as a slave. by HippieSlut04/09/094.44

Slave Academy Ch. 02

 — Girl continues her training at a school for slaves. by HippieSlut04/15/094.42

Slave Academy Ch. 03

 — Girl's training continues; she tries to escape. by HippieSlut04/30/094.48

Slave Academy Ch. 04

 — Recapture: escaped slave finds a cop - but is it a rescue? by HippieSlut01/25/104.48

Slave Academy Ch. 05

 — Slave trainee is taught her lesson...and learns another. by HippieSlut01/31/104.53HOT

Slave Academy Ch. 06

 — Slave is tried out by a potential buyer. by HippieSlut02/03/104.47

Slave Academy Ch. 07

 — Auction Catalog: The Slavemaster's Report. by HippieSlut02/09/104.38

Slave Academy Ch. 08

 — Slave finishes her training and is sold at auction. by HippieSlut04/20/104.49

Slave Boy

 — She finally pushes him too far. by Anirbas10/10/073.47

Slave Ch. 01

 — Naive young woman finds herself sold as a slave. by Thring09/15/074.23

Slave Ch. 02

 — Naive young woman starts her life as a slave. by Thring10/19/074.42

Slave Ch. 02

 — The Fate of Christina. by frog710/05/123.95

Slave Ch. 03

 — Naive young woman continues her life as a slave. by Thring05/12/084.41

Slave Ch. 04

 — Naive young woman is taught to be a slave. by Thring07/03/084.38

Slave Ch. 05

 — Naive young woman becomes a slave. by Thring10/30/094.38

Slave Ch. 06

 — A slave is used and learns. by Thring11/12/094.27

Slave for a Day

 — Rena and Robert make a bet and Rena loses. by blakenight12/03/134.53HOT

Slave for the Cell

 — She is forced to pleasure her captors. by gwrit5910/09/074.04

Slave Girl Ch. 06a

 — Continuation of the virgin bride as a slave. by XXXerxes3705/05/053.50

Slave Girl Cursed to Obey Pt. 01

 — An innocent woman is cursed to obey any depraved command. by RobertFrownyJr03/07/174.13

Slave Girl.

 — She wakes up and is now the slave of a man who fucks her. by dumbcumbucket06/10/113.36

Slave Girls of Earth Ch. 01

 — Submissive Sci-Fi Adventures. by Rutabaga7212/14/164.33

Slave Girls of Earth Ch. 02

 — Submissive women and the planet that loves them. by Rutabaga7203/16/174.33

Slave Jemma Ch. 01

 — Taken for pleasure, offered a new life, does she submit? by curiouspet6902/26/154.18

Slave Jemma Ch. 02

 — Her training continues, she complies (for now). by curiouspet6903/03/154.37

Slave Jemma Ch. 03

 — Jemma rebels. by curiouspet6903/06/154.33

Slave Night

 — A lost bet turns into a sexy night. by Allsmiles01306/18/123.35

Slave Princess

 — A runaway Princess is returned home a changed girl. by Nymphadora7308/29/144.11

Slave Ship Sodomy

 — Midshipman Reynolds takes his pick. by Intercontinental07/18/083.86

Slave Trainer Ch. 1

 — Bill teaches his slave obedience. by Tom Donner04/30/023.09

Slave Whore Ch. 01

 — Husband finds way to punish his wife & his slave. by Xandri Fowke11/08/044.03

Slave Wife

 — Husband takes job in Alaska and lives in isolated cabin. by tsar710/02/113.57

Slavery Contract

 — Contract of Slavery and Ownership Deed. by CoupleInExile02/10/153.89

Slavery in the Future

 — P.O.W.s are sentenced to slavery on the planet of Hikkodef. by 13245609/10/012.02

Slaves of the Desert Compound 01

 — A female slave learns humility. by FrankHarris107/25/134.12

Slaves of the Desert Compound 02

 — A slave licks her wounds. by FrankHarris107/26/134.13

Slaves of the Desert Compound 03

 — A slave instructs a new arrival. by FrankHarris107/30/134.08

Slaves of the Desert Compound 04

 — Philip's initial training. by FrankHarris107/31/133.99

Slaves of the Desert Compound 05

 — Two loving instructors address a new slave. by FrankHarris108/01/134.20

Slaves of the Desert Compound 06

 — Philip enjoys some quality time with a newbie. by FrankHarris108/02/133.78

Slaves of the Desert Compound 08

 — A slave loses her anal virginity before an audience. by FrankHarris108/04/134.25

Slaves of the Desert Compound 09

 — Two Slaves are Reproved in Public. by FrankHarris107/28/134.22

Slaves of the Desert Compound 12

 — A young slave is punished, then doubly penetrated by FrankHarris108/13/134.16

Slaves of the Desert Compound 13

 — Two female slaves are subjected to painful correction. by FrankHarris108/12/134.27

Slaves of the Desert Compound 14

 — Submission training for two female slaves continues. by FrankHarris108/24/134.00

Slaves of the Desert Compound 15

 — A young slave is spanked, probed anally, humiliated. by FrankHarris112/12/133.88

Slaves of the Desert Compound 16

 — Two bed slaves are trained and tormented. by FrankHarris109/24/144.32

Slaves of the Desert Compound 17

 — A young slave is whipped and triple penetrated. by FrankHarris110/12/144.28

Slaves of the Spartan Kingdom Ch. 01

 — The second day as the Princess' slave. by perl1005/10/094.19

Slaves of the Spartan Kingdom Ch. 02

 — The sorority president's slave. by perl1005/14/094.29

Slaves of the Spartan Kingdom Ch. 03

 — The Professor’s Slave. by perl1005/17/094.33

Slaves of the Spartan Kingdom Ch. 04

 — Are you a slave? by perl1007/10/094.12

Slaves of the Spartan Kingdom Ch. 05

 — The Princess' Slave. by perl1007/11/093.33

Slaves of Xi Ling

 — Shanghai - kidnap - Femdom - historical (1905). by MissClearmont10/14/114.33

Sleep Sex

 —  by EveAnna05/26/114.03

Sleeping Beauty

 — Young lady is overcome in an alley. by dusty06/01/013.38

Sleeping Beauty

 — Three college guys fondle female classmate. by dietsprite06/08/033.21

Sleeping Beauty

 — Enjoying another man's sleeping wife. by CelticFringe01/29/074.23

Sleeping Beauty

 — Gary takes advantage of Cariahnnah while she's passed out. by ltarrats07/22/074.18

Sleeping Beauty

 — An unexpected midnight encounter. by EmKarski09/04/083.96

Sleeping Beauty

 — A sleeping beauty is ravaged. by evilone09/17/093.76

Sleeping Beauty

 — Woman uses her ex's precious princess for revenge. by meteorryder03/04/163.86

Sleeping Beauty & The Forest

 — He finds delectable goodie in the forest. by Windstalker03/30/044.51HOT

Sleeping Betty

 — He takes advantage of sleeping co-worker in the backseat. by ladydrace02/15/084.25

Sleeping DP

 — Her first venture into DP. by Acronym8708/12/153.83

Sleeping John Doe

 — A patient receives the ultimate gift from a nurse who cares. by Thumper_Harder10/29/154.27

Sleeping Martin

 — Will he wake up while she touches him? by SerenityKMoon03/12/154.14

Sleeping Slut

 — You're used by a stranger in your bedroom by spankmaster_z02/24/093.78

Sleeping Wife

 — Wife awakens to find she is aroused. by prevacker11/24/153.86

Sleeping With The Enemy

 — Niki makes a deal to save her brother. by nakedpeach05/15/064.32

Slick - A Post Apocalypse Tale Pt. 01

 — A wife and daughter are abducted by Rhythm_N_Ooze03/14/124.52HOT

Slick - A Post Apocalypse Tale Pt. 02

 — A short history of Slick. by Rhythm_N_Ooze08/02/124.45

Slim Pickins'

 — His fiancee was taken by a group of young men. by CarsonCobra06/21/154.12

Slimeball Gets Payback

 — These women had enough of boss's sexual harassment. by Queen_of_Dairy02/07/022.96

Slippery Melanie

 — Bathtub - beach - trouble. by Naxos04/21/072.81

Sloppy Seconds

 — Busboy fucks a woman after watching her get fucked. by KristinW06/23/133.85

Slow and Painful Ch. 01

 — Long term, hard-core, non-consensual enslavement. by raymondhadley12305/09/153.65

Slow and Painful Ch. 02

 — Chastity Enthusiast. by raymondhadley12305/10/153.88

Slow and Painful Ch. 03

 — Cum Aficionado. by raymondhadley12305/12/153.92

Slow and Painful Ch. 04

 — Speech Therapy. by raymondhadley12305/13/154.11

Slow and Painful Ch. 05

 — Getting Dressed. by raymondhadley12305/14/153.82

Slow and Painful Ch. 06

 — Cheer Practice. by raymondhadley12305/15/153.82

Slow and Painful Ch. 07

 — How to Love. by raymondhadley12305/16/154.09

Slow and Painful Ch. 08

 — Study Session. by raymondhadley12305/17/153.87

Slow Train to Florence

 — Kate is taken by 3 men on a train. by Loansum08/21/114.09

Slut 46 Ch. 01

 — The story of a college girl blackmailed into sexual slavery. by literoticawriting08/20/154.43

Slut 46 Ch. 02

 — A college girl blackmailed into sexual slavery. by literoticawriting11/04/154.47

Slut Gets Caught On Her Way Home

 — Drunken girl eats pussy then gets caught. by Touch_Me_Eat_Me07/31/114.16

Slut Next Door

 — All that teasing, now she's in for the fucking of her life. by SluttyBabyGirl4u12/29/093.50

Slut Sera is Born

 — A drunk driving slut discovers the wonder of BBC. by Derek91803/15/174.37

Slut Trap

 — A greedy tease is captured and prepared. by desirelit05/13/104.17

Slut Trap Ch, 02

 — A captured slut is trained for her new owner. by desirelit05/17/104.12

Slut Wife - A Woman Scorned

 — A husband punished and cuckolded. by policywank10/27/164.23

Slut-isfied on the Highway

 — Indian wife unwillingly gets wet, at different levels. by OnlineSlut12/19/133.01


 — Not your normal fairytale. by FINC03/14/064.17

Slutty Babysitter

 — He turns a teasing babysitter into a slut. by oliver04/06/033.92

Slutty Stepmom Takes It...

 — Son teaches new mom a lesson in manners. by SexWriter12/10/033.41

Slutty Sue's Sex Experiment

 — Slutty Sue gets gang banged. by raidernation2507/03/143.74

SlutWife's Seduction Recorded Ch. 01

 — Loyal wife falls prey to sexual predators. by DkGy02/10/134.17

SlutWife's Seduction Recorded Ch. 02

 — Loyal wife falls prey to sexual predators. by DkGy02/11/134.33

Small Girls Get Big Things

 — Policemen make a visit to your house. by *Midnight* ~*Magic*~05/21/013.70

Small Man in the Valley

 — Small penis humiliation on the wrong side of the tracks. by ChristopherDB05/09/153.58

Small Talk

 — Silence is not an option. by Potato1107/20/143.34

Small Town Secrets Ch. 03

 — A showdown at dawn in small town Texas. by Tara_Neale10/02/144.58HOT

Small Town Secrets Ch. 04

 — High noon is fast approaching...who wins this show down? by Tara_Neale10/17/144.75HOT

Small Town Secrets Ch. 05

 — The war ends... by Tara_Neale12/12/144.70HOT

Smart but Stupid

 — College girl lets her guard down and gets fucked. by darlingguy207/10/063.07

Smita My Bitch Ch. 01

 — Job security has a price. by varunv76509/03/043.92

Smoke & Mirrors

 — The shift foreman takes Rachel in the ladies room. by Parris10/06/014.30

Smoking Has Its Risks

 — Heather is locked out of the house when having a smoke. by surrealerotic06/17/063.89

Smoking Has Its Risks Ch. 02

 — Heather is kidnapped by four guys. by surrealerotic07/01/064.15

Smoking Has Its Risks Ch. 03

 — Heather's plan for sexual revenge unfolds. by surrealerotic08/03/064.26

Smuggling Ch. 01

 — She is detained against her will - or is she? by Pattie100704/23/054.15

Snapped: At School

 — Andre has pushed his teacher too far. by Templar_Writer02/18/163.93

Snapped: Maid

 — Angelica is trying to do her job, her boss is difficult. by Templar_Writer02/11/163.96


 — Quick quiet walk home from work and she was snatched. by stickivicki01/22/172.74

Snatchin Snatch Ch. 2

 — Tony and John share two waitresses by mmumbles11/23/013.13

Sneak Attack

 — She fantasizes about rough sex, and gets it. by Nooge04/26/023.96

Snow White at the Frat Party

 — Freshman goes to her first frat party. by CourtneyC03/09/173.82

Snow White, or Sleeping Beauty?

 — Revenge never tasted so sweet. by CianPerrel10/01/124.13

Snowball's Chance

 — Bleak winter choices for a young noblewoman. by sr71plt11/15/074.43


 — Unable to leave by Czar9610/31/104.51HOT

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