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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

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The Curse Ch. 02

 — The end. by devle12/14/034.36

The Damage Deposit

 — How far will Deidre go to get her perfect house? by bkwa1507/16/144.24

The Dance

 — She purchases reluctant gay boy's services. by His Angel11/13/044.37

The Dance

 — Lady lawyer gets more than bargained for. by 32B_minus06/22/094.08

The Dance of Liberty

 — Ulterior motives turn lovers into enemies, and vice versa. by EverAnderson10/11/113.40

The Dancing Concubine

 — Demanding master inspires passion. by hereforseduction02/28/124.27

The Dancing Queen

 — Faithful young wife is gangbanged in front of her husband. by PPatrick04/05/114.11

The Dare

 — Streaking through the mall leads Rose on ride of debauchery. by SpicyPepper06/27/084.41

The Dark Game

 — Blackmail story. by Andrew196804/18/174.30

The Dark in Your Blue Eyes

 — Sold into a sex ring, she meets the gaze of a blue-eyed man. by silverangel62106/24/144.47

The Dark Nights

 — Callie meets a dark stranger at night on her way home. by TexasAngel2801/17/023.11

The Dark Stranger Visits

 — Susan finally meets the dashing El Toro. by Skibum12/08/004.27Editor's Pick

The Darker Side

 — Was she really attacked by two strangers? by vhornybimale08/11/084.41

The Darker Side of Jake

 — EMT has his way with demanding gold digger by Newkinkstories05/22/174.11

The Darkest Defiance Ch. 01

 — Running from demons. by UtterlyUndone09/03/144.68HOT

The Darkness Revealed

 — A cock-teasing wife is forced and fucked like never before. by WriteOnward4504/01/114.18

The Darkness Within

 — His wife won't give him what he wants. by shanksteel10/18/024.34

The Darkness Within Ch. 01

 — She gives in to her dark fantasy. by americandemon05/21/04HOT

The Darkness Within Ch. 02

 — Lori gets exactly what she's been fantasizing about. by americandemon06/14/04HOT

The Date

 — A taste of the wild side. by billwells108/08/143.88

The Date

 — A date goes wrong or was that the plan all along? by writingdirty02/15/184.37NEW

The Daughter

 — Fiancé's daughter makes him cum during their first meeting. by LrseFauc03/15/124.37

The Day After

 — What she did with her present when I wasn't there. by mikeyrag12/06/113.36

The Day after Tommy Dean

 — Ginnie comes back to the hollow for (much) more. by 4glory610/18/174.52HOT

The Day At The Mall

 — Girls experience stolen passion. by sweetie_sultry_sub07/25/034.57HOT

The Day Before Finals

 — Coed is taken. by Rain_maker_girl08/07/053.87

The Day I Became a Monster

 — I lost my morals when I found she had none. Now she is mine. by sub_Mistress07/12/154.33

The Day I Became a Monster Pt. 02

 — I have my slave, now what do I do with you? by sub_Mistress07/17/154.21

The Day I Became a Monster Pt. 03

 — Still the first week enjoying his new slave. by sub_Mistress07/28/154.27

The Day I Met Him

 — Hell comes in many forms. by yrcatrin07/13/084.06

The Day I Met the Football Team

 — I meet the football team for an interview, but it goes wrong. by emilymasters05/06/154.06

The Day I Was Raped

 — Cheerleader learns to love her attacker. by Julia764211/13/003.20

The Day The Nympho Got Enough

 — Lusty lady takes on too much. by Svanah05/08/054.11

The Day Time Stood Still

 — Fantasy of control. by skipshoops12/17/034.07

The Day Time Stood Still Ch. 02

 — The fantasy takes an anal turn. by skipshoops01/13/044.12

The Day We Did Janey

 — She came home from college right into our trap. by ClodiaP11/27/154.03

The Day We Did Janey Ch. 02

 — "What can I do to her that hurts like a kick in the balls?" by ClodiaP12/02/154.15

The Day We Did Janey Ch. 03

 — Janey at last is fucked and wants to see Debbie reamed. by ClodiaP12/07/153.92

The Deal

 — A kidnapping, with a hidden motive. by adie_e10/03/034.05

The Deal

 — A twisted tale of sex and intrigue. by csmsmith11/28/054.45

The Deal

 — She must submit to being with him one last time. by savannadavidson07/18/154.19

The Deal

 — Wife becomes a slave to husband to pay off her credit cards. by onedreamer5611/03/154.11

The Deal Pt. 01

 — Blackmail of a Married Mother by her Son's friend. by sweetank02/08/184.20

The Death of Innocence Ch. 01

 — An innocent 18 year old girl is forced into depravity. by Kodasa02/15/133.47

The Death of Innocence Ch. 02

 — Part 2 of Laura's story. Plot twists abound. by Kodasa06/29/133.30

The Death of Innocence Ch. 03

 — And the plot spirals further ^_^ by Kodasa06/30/133.23

The Death of Innocence Ch. 04

 — Read to find out. by Kodasa07/01/133.54

The Debt

 — Girl discovers sexual pleasure when she's sold. by dr_mabeuse10/22/024.63HOT

The Debt

 — There was only one way to pay him back. by JayneGrey01/15/144.09

The Debt Ch. 02

 — She's confronted by the Doctor. by dr_mabeuse10/29/024.62HOT

The Debt Collector Ch. 01

 — Girl has to repay hubby's debt. by littlemuffy12/26/024.52HOT

The Debt Collector Ch. 02

 — She agrees to a deal, but gets much more. by littlemuffy12/27/024.37

The Debutante’s Fall

 — A wealthy socialite confesses a degrading experience. by HuckPilgrim05/28/144.49

The Decision

 — Wife makes a choice on Valentines Day. by DG Hear01/24/114.40

The Decorators

 — A mother and daughter get more than just the walls painted. by Fantasymaster08/20/073.73

The Decoy

 — Someone has to distract the guards. by mindandmight07/14/024.45

The Deepest Cut

 — My hairdresser surprises me. by hotfunpen303/28/143.70

The Deflowered Rose

 — Lord of the Manor exercises his power over a peasant girl! by Brandybeebee04/04/144.11

The Degradation of Violet

 — Brutal teacher degrades his schoolgirl charges. by skuulgirl8206/10/144.05

The Degrading of Trina Ch. 01

 — An experimental slut enters the wrong bar. by Jaymal09/11/084.41

The Delivery

 — Fed-Ex man delivers more than a package. by LadyDarcy03/16/014.24

The Demanding Duke

 — Defiant girl tests landowner's patience. by Young At Heart11/13/004.19

The Demise of Billy Deacon

 — A story of calculated revenge. by Bazzza04/05/084.43

The Demon's Disciple Ch. 01

 — Alice wants revenge, Max wants Alice. Deals with demons. by BobbyZeus07/30/154.57HOT

The Demon's Disciple Ch. 02

 — Alice and Max's torment concludes, as the plot thickens. by BobbyZeus01/19/164.59HOT

The Demonstration

 — Marissa has to take part in a humiliating demonstration. by DaDudist01/05/183.82

The Dental Plan Ch. 01

 — A married man is drugged and used by dentists. by SEVERUSMAX11/09/164.23

The Deposit

 — A wardrobe malfunction changes her life. by Ameaner01/09/114.50HOT

The Desire Principle Ch. 04

 — Jake wants a fantasy, but gets more than he bargained for. by timelessembrace04/15/084.28

The Desires of the Heart

 — A girl's obsession for vengeance against her sis' attackers. by Ikay07/17/104.04

The Desperate Miss Richard

 — A hot young professor will do anything to keep her secret... by AnnabelleVega05/24/174.34

The Desperator

 — Warped inventor's machine makes her beg for it. by curiousjen08/12/044.14

The Detective: Lucky or Unlucky?

 — A cop gets a lot more than he bargained for. by CumulusRex103/11/154.39

The Device

 — What do women want? What the device tells them. by perv723402/28/134.41

The Devil and Mrs. Claus

 — Beelzebub seeks to cuckold Father Christmas! by CharlesMarkwell11/12/114.55HOT

The Devil Knows Best

 — Fantasy comes to life at the perfect time. by Heybrowtf07/22/143.55

The Devil Wears Nada

 — Wife's sexy fashion boss makes her life miserable. by TheTalkMan04/13/114.37

The Devil's Bargain

 — He plays a game of seduction and trickery. by wishfulthinking12/22/054.46Contest Winner

The Devil's Bargain Ch. 02

 — She is helpless to resist his game of seduction and trickery. by wishfulthinking04/21/154.71HOT

The Devil's Inheritance Ch. 01

 — He claims what is rightfully his. by sushi_taco07/29/104.50HOT

The Devil's Inheritance Ch. 02

 — The Seduction of Sophia Latwicke. by sushi_taco08/12/104.70HOT

The Devil's Inheritance Ch. 03

 — Moments apart can be very hard. by sushi_taco08/26/104.70HOT

The Devil's Inheritance Ch. 04

 — The Violin. by sushi_taco09/10/104.76HOT

The Devil's Inheritance Ch. 05

 — The Confession. by sushi_taco09/23/104.79HOT

The Devil's Inheritance Ch. 06

 — The Return to Ashford. by sushi_taco10/13/104.80HOT

The Diamond Club

 — Her consent wasn't asked, but she gave it anyway. by qualitywheat11/24/114.46

The Diary of a Personal Assistant

 — She has a rough encounter with her new boss. by sexandthecity7709/09/124.03

The Diary of a Personal Assistant Ch. 02

 — Dawn has another encounter with her new boss. by sexandthecity7710/08/124.33

The Digressions of Daphnie Ch. 01

 — The Induction - Forced into the sex industry. by Control_Master02/20/114.13

The Digressions of Daphnie Ch. 01

 — The Induction. by Control_Master_09/04/114.11

The Digressions of Daphnie Ch. 02

 — The Elevator Surprise. by Control_Master_09/05/114.06

The Digressions of Daphnie Ch. 03

 — The Beauty Transformation. by Control_Master_10/28/114.00

The Dinner Guest

 — Gabby gets grabbed for some forced sex. by Onyxthrust07/17/133.78

The Dinner Party

 — Black tie event turns darkly deviant. by tulsa196709/05/073.98

The Dinner Party Ch. 01

 — Tiffy's hubby makes a bad career move. by james dean10/03/044.37

The Dinner Party Ch. 02

 — Tiffy's night just gets worse. by james dean10/21/044.33

The Dinner Party Ch. 03

 — The end of the evening. by james dean10/27/044.30

The Director of Buenos-Aries

 — Hot busty tourist becomes star of a back street porn flick. by FINC07/06/064.36

The Director of Buenos-Aries Ch. 02

 — Ravished to the verge of insanity in South American slum. by FINC07/24/064.40

The Director of Buenos-Aries Ch. 03

 — She's forced into electro-shock sex video. by FINC08/10/064.37

The Director: Birth of an Addict

 — First time cheating, with an old flame. by dramatic108/16/154.34

The Directors

 — Forced to perform sexually for an interactive audience. by bbonz12/19/134.31

The Directors Ch. 02

 — Forced to have sex and be filmed, they get even. by bbonz03/30/144.24

The Dirty Games We Play

 — Allie headed down the highway to an erotic night. by nimblebimbo08/05/054.09

The Dirty Movie

 — Karen watches a movie with Mr. Pfar ... and his sons. by KarenTriolist03/09/064.08

The Dirty Old Man

 — Surprise, surprise. by Just Plain Bob07/08/054.25

The Dirty Trick

 — My boyfriend tricked me into rape by a room of strangers. by vickyluv02/24/123.60

The Divorcee and the Yard Boy Ch. 13

 — She's blackmailed by Greg. Or at least she pretends to be. by SpartanWitherby08/09/114.80HOT

The Docile Vampire Princess

 — The princess of Noc is taken, but why? by laceydetails12/25/134.29

The Doctor

 — Routine check-up is anything but. by BreadWinner104209/10/102.91

The Doctor Ch. 01

 — A routine medical examination turns out different. by maudecardy07/03/094.19

The Doctor Is In

 — Med student develops remarkable enlarging serum. by AnonFineDay11/05/003.43

The Doctor Is In

 — Mature woman assaulted in a hospital. by woolywombat04/05/044.17

The Doctor Is In

 — Female doctor gives male prisoner an exam to remember. by LecherousLady04/21/134.03

The Doctor is Sin

 — Unorthodox if effective treatment for anorgasmic wife. by ZaneJ09/24/104.33

The Doctor Took Advantage

 — My wife's doctor took advantage of my pregnant wife. by heavy7driver05/09/143.40

The Doctor Will See You Now Ch. 01

 — A doctor takes advantage of his virginal patient. by warpedmuser04/26/164.46

The Doctor Will See You Now Ch. 02

 — A doctor takes advantage of his virginal patient. by warpedmuser06/24/164.52HOT

The Doctor Will See You: Ch. 01

 — A routine visit to the doctors turns naughty. by Sunsetsmile08/06/143.98

The Doctor's Family

 — Doctor gives his wife and daughters to colleagues. by lytledyck203/20/113.78

The Doll Collector Ch. 01

 — An antiques dealer meets a wealthy, mysterious recluse. by xelliebabex08/11/134.25

The Domination and Degradation of the Ice Queen Bk. 01

 — The Rocky Ascent of the Ice Queen; Julie sees mom's affair; is gangbanged. by readyforprimetime02/09/174.12

The Dominator

 — He kidnaps teen to dominate her. by usm1carbine03/03/014.14

The Door

 — Taking what he knows she wishes she could give. by Angelic_Imp03/23/094.33

The Door Shut Behind Me

 — Seven minutes in heaven with her best friends crush. by ladyjane209906/12/134.11

The Doorbell Rang Ch. 01

 — Woman's nerdy mailman is a diamond in the rough. by pentopaper01/08/104.37

The Dorm

 — Naomi is found by a stranger in her dorm room. by tonyofhousestark09/22/164.04

The Downfall Ch. 01

 — None consensual Transformation. by SheerBlackStockings07/13/153.76

The Downfall Ch. 02

 — Nonconsensual manhood removal. by SheerBlackStockings07/15/153.76

The Downfall Ch. 03

 — Male conversion. by SheerBlackStockings07/17/154.14

The Downfall of Arya Pt. 01

 — Arya is raped and filmed in her own home. by MentallyScrewed04/11/153.67

The Downfall of Emily Ann Pt. 02

 — Anal penetration with Officer Thompson. by MaggieSparrow12/02/174.30

The Downfall of Mrs. King Ch. 01

 — Daughters boyfriend blackmails stuck up surrey housewife by A Cracker Slut01/31/034.47

The Downfall of Mrs. King Ch. 02

 — Stuck up Surrey housewife learns what is to be owned by A Cracker Slut02/23/034.58HOT

The Downfall of Thomas and Jane

 — The tale of the moral destruction of a good Christian couple. by saturnaliat11/23/164.13

The Downfall of Vonda

 — The tale of Gwenivere's past. by LadyRoscoe07/15/05

The Dragon's Den

 — A story of a girl who is forced to fuck by a dragon. by RedPandaPrincess01/31/153.78

The Dragons Breath

 — Black athlete rapes Asian cheerleader at keg party. by blackzilla9911/22/024.24

The Drayden University Cheerleaders

 — The freshmen get hazed, and Dani finds out she likes it. by rifkinraf02/15/174.55HOT

The Drayden University Cheerleaders Ch. 02

 — Dani starts her first week of servitude. by rifkinraf04/05/174.56HOT

The Dream

 — You slip into her bedroom & take her. by An80sAngel10/15/004.16

The Dream

 — Fantasy turns into reality for a LIT couple. by _kyrie_08/26/083.42

The Dream

 — I had a dream about my love. So I wrote it down. by forgotten_dream12/06/083.60

The Dream

 — They say the subconscious hides your true desires. by somelikeithard05/04/164.07

The Dream House

 — Girl gets stranded with builders at her new house. by Victoriajohn08/23/054.60HOT

The Dreamer

 — A girl finds herself living in other peoples dreams of her. by underbar01/28/133.90

The Dressing Room

 — The day she got more than she bargained for. by the_bragis04/10/024.22

The Dressing Room: Bred in the Mall

 — Rough and forceful teen creampie sex in a dressing room. by AveryBrazen11/07/134.59HOT

The Driving Examiner Ch. 04-07

 — 20-year-old is taken after a driving exam mistake. by OzArrian01/06/094.15

The Driving Examiner Ch. 08

 — More of Charelle's violation during her driving exam. by OzArrian01/11/094.25

The Droplet Lover

 — Two girls learn the mysteries and joys of droplets. by DGA200001/01/154.19

The Ducal Pet

 — A village woman becomes the Duke's new slave. by MidnightLove12302/23/124.29

The Ducal Pet Ch. 02

 — The duke and his guest play with the pet. by MidnightLove12306/19/124.16

The Duchess and the Highwaymen

 — A lost duchess finds peril in a dark wood. by Brie_de_Jour11/04/174.46

The Duel

 — Forced sex within an unhealthy relationship. by Kann_sein05/16/143.96

The Dungeon Ch. 1

 — Patty gets waylaid on a walk. by BasilDD02/27/024.01

The Dungeon Ch. 2

 — Patty's torment continues. by BasilDD03/04/024.36

The Dungeon Ch. 3

 — The conclusion to Patty's tale. by BasilDD03/01/024.24

The Dungeon Master Ch. 01

 — "We both know there is no such thing as slaves and Masters!" by _kyrie_05/17/084.17

The Dungeon Master Ch. 02

 — Elayna's capture. by _kyrie_05/30/084.18

The Dungeon Master Ch. 03

 — Elayna awakens. by _kyrie_06/03/084.16

The Dungeon Master Ch. 04

 — Master Begins. by _kyrie_06/04/084.36

The Dungeon Master Ch. 05

 — Elayna's first training session. by _kyrie_06/26/084.30

The Dutchess

 — Highwayman decides to have the Duchess as well. by usm1carbine06/17/013.94

The E-Mail

 — An Indian girl mails her boyfriend about her consensual rape. by vaishali_k05/31/123.76

The Eagle's Nest Pt. 02

 — Captive's March. by Ingrid11B11/18/174.38

The Eagle's Nest Pt. 03

 — A non-con story. by Ingrid11B11/19/174.49

The Ease Of It All

 — No one notices anyone in the suburbs. But he noticed her. by CuriousThroat210/23/133.93

The Easter Bunny

 — Basketball players enjoy an Easter treat. by likebadfun03/24/083.38

The Eavesdropper

 — Caught in the cookie jar. by billwells107/16/144.05

The Echo of Fear

 — Virgin Alicia is taken in a parking garage. by Ellisyn01/17/014.08

The Eden Conferance Ch. 01

 — A story about religion, a young girl and original sin. by Carole_n_Nice09/09/144.35

The Eden Conferance Ch. 02

 — Story of religion, a young girl, incest, and love. by Carole_n_Nice09/12/144.19

The Eden Conferance Ch. 03

 — A religious girl gets humiliated, spanked and redeemed. by Carole_n_Nice09/16/144.31

The Edge of Consent

 — “Wear your best earrings, nicest necklace. Nothing else." by LadyCypris09/15/134.05

The Edge of Consent

 — A model gets more than she bargained for in the big city. by Littlerack01/20/153.84

The Education of a Whore

 — Young Victorian gentleman and his whore. by monique197107/30/064.11

The Education of Amy

 — Stranger forces frigid couple into threeway. by xerox6907/21/044.35

The Education of Holly Fogg

 — She finds herself in a sex slave contract. by chiefprodder09/16/034.11

The Education of Mira

 — Seductive stranger holds proud virgin captive. by romanticwench07/26/034.43

The Electric Game

 — Tied up overnight, forced to orgasm again and again. by Skampilot09/24/163.35

The Electrician

 — A man can no longer wait for the woman he works for. by IvoryOrchid01/09/07

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