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Please, please, please write some more

I absolutely love this story. I've read it so many times. It got me into sounding. So please write some more.

Good start!!

As the second comenter noted, there are some improvements that could be made, but the fact that you put this out there is a fucking big deal, and I hope you give yourself credit for that. And please continue writing.

Great to Read You Again!

With Jean Involved; Your Story Gets Better and Nastier for Charlotte's Pleasure and Humiliation!

Dear Anon - - -,

From your comment about prison, I can tell you are not well connected in the legal professions. Where's the Proof? Oh, right, it all washed down the drain.

One Question

I loved the story and look forward to reading the rest but I was just wondering how rich exactly is the main character. You said he just got 7 figures in the bank, so why is he still working at a hotel?

Another pearl from rxm76!

This must have a sequel where Tim is voluntarily cuckolded

Suspension of disbelief

I could do it till the end with the cops "saving the day", then it just went too unrealistic, sorry. My experience with cops is arrest everyone, process, let the innocent ones off (more or less).

As for an epilogue from the poor husband pov, that would help, as in "cops realized they had the wrong guy, but the bad guys ran off with my wife", and now "looking for revenge or finding new girls to cuckold me"

Not good

The video works both ways. He has it. Blackmail is a crime. I-phones that record conversations are everywhere. You don't think he's going to jail? Badly thought out.

That last line... Totally makes it.
Nicely done

Hymens for dummies

The hymen is at the mouth if the vagina, not a finger deep in it. It is not a continuous sheet, more a fringe. Look it up in Wikipedia.

Wrong category

Should be in I&T or E&V, not RNC.

enjoyed the story

enjoyed the story but it was too short. I think it would of been much better if it was longer with a bigger story line. But all in all it was a good story.

Wrong category

Should be under I&T not RNC.

Finally! A strong, independent woman whose true to her nature and doesn't cave in 😱

Dying for the Next Chapter

Please continue with this story! Its one of my favorites so far. Beautifully written.

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