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Why are you even still writing?
Your stories are complete and utter shit!!

Loved the story. I do wish you would have described how she felt with Jimmy ripped her hymen and also described how big and different each different dick felt as they slide inside her.

5 stars

This begs for a second part where he takes her arse.

Super Story

Well written...and HOT!
Thank you for sharing it...

k xo

Very intrigued!

He seems to have a sadistic nature, and I would love to see that more. Great first chapter, I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE !

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 has been submitted into the queue! It's another 4-pager. Literotica is a bit inconsistent over the weekend, so it might be a couple of days before they publish. Hopefully sooner though!

Replies to comments tomorrow. :)

Love this story. Just one negative comment if I may. Sometimes you jump from one scene to another without any obvious sign. Several times I was confused eg one minute they were at the mall buying a phone, then you jump to a new scene but I didn't know that and it interrupted the flow of my reading as I had to read back and try to figure out what was going on. However as I said at the start I love your story and look forward to each new chapter. Curious as to how it will resolve. Thank you.

Thank you

Thank you for updating exactly on Saturday like you said. Awaiting your story gives me something to hope for to pass through the hard week :)
Thank you.

This is wonderfully written - Dirty enough to arouse and having that most imortant of ingredients - HUMOUR !

I love your insight into the Male psyche.
This story has ticked all my boxes.
Well Done !

not about this story

Okay, so this isn't related to this story but it's related to the non-con category. Whatever happened to that one story about these two nations that were warring? One nation eventually won, and the main character lived in the woods for years and saved people from her country from the other nation? She was eventually captured, sold into slavery and found out to be a powerful priestess or something, and bound to a general or something named Asher. Please someone tell me if you know what I'm talking about

Hate the idea that it's going to take two months to see what happens. That's a mighty long time, and I really don't think that only 5 chapters is enough to really delve into the misadventures of our poor lass.

As for the happy ending nonsense, the story would be far more realistic if it doesn't have one. Or, at least one where the heroine escapes unscathed. Life is life and winning the war doesn't mean you don't get a few scars to remember it by.

I'd much prefer to see her daughter dragged into it. Or, maybe better, would be to have the husband become aware, but also think that she's really wanting to be treated like a cheap slut so he doesn't let her back out of what the antagonists have lined up for her. Eventually, she comes to see the lifestyle as something she deserves, accepting that she is a cheap slut meant for a lifetime of servicing men.


Loved it -- thank you. A nice balance of elements and very sexy!

Great buildup

I am as impatient as everyone, but if it takes a month for good writing, so be it.


I want to punch you! How dare you leave at a cliffhanger like this! Stingy with the story!

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