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I'm glad you liked my story! It's one of my fondest memories. Favorite me so you can keep up with upcoming stories.

Dumb storyline.

I'm all for forced, submission, bimbo, just about everything you used here. The only problem is, none of it feels even remotely realistic.
That a guy who has a wife who's sole purpose for marriage is her sexuality, and looksb, would kick her out for showing off the body he's proud to display is moronic. In reality he'd probably laugh at the neighboring prudes for being so bugged about it.
That 3 normal moms would just randomly rape someone in their backyard is the dumbest scenario. Had there been a bit of real buildup and or serious back and forths, still not believable.
The fact that she didnt immediately scream for help, dumb.
That she wouldnt immediately go to the cops, dumb.
This is either written by a 12 year old masturbating while writing it, some creepy weirdo that doesnt understand even the most basic of psychology, or some 40 year old prude housewife that hates women that look better than her and fantasizes that something like this would happen to any younger, better looking women than herself.


Kiss her you fool!

At last we found the meaning of the title. Thanks.

One change

He should have kept to the original plan and freed him of his dick.

Confsung As SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It doesn't read as a Nonconsent Reluctance Story it reads more as a Typical Transsexuals Crossdresser Story YOU RACIST FUCK


As a former jarhead, I think you should verify the spelling of the various surrounding bases. The mis- identification harms the credibility of your main character.

Thank you

Thank you very much for the comment. I am definitely male but the fantasy was not one of mine, it was my wife's

Literary viagra

What a brilliant scintillating story. Are you male or female? I felt the heat and sweat of the Market and the roughness of the hands. Great erotic writing.


PLEASE call my husband and make a deal!


He drags the knife down the front and cuts it off....cuts what off? Her blouse...her bra...her nipples...what the fuck does he cut off? I couldn't and wouldn't read any over what the heck you have written and see if it makes any sense before you proceed!!!


Your writing has come a long way.

Next Part

Please oh please write the next part of this story........


"She suddenly realized that she'd walked into an adult theatre by mistake."

How does anyone - ANYONE - walk into an adult theatre by mistake?

I hope you still have several more chapters in you about David and Lauren. I love reading about these two. I was so excited that a new chapter was added. Keep going!

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