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This was just beyond horrible

Why the fuck did you think for even a second that the world needed this story.

Probably here first

Regarding the most recent comment: Story was posted here in 2000, and the entire series between 2000 and 2001.

Some details

Just for clarification, I do intend to actually refine this story. It is fairly barebones right now and I do plan to flesh the bones out (lol).

You're a fucking idiot who would be doing the world a favour

If you never wrote smother story.
He beat his wife's pussy with a riding crop but it didn't do any damage? Your ignorance is appalling. I don't care that he beat her; but unless she has a magical pussy, the crop would have shredded her. Try explaining that to the doctor when they would have had to do reconstructive surgery you asshat.

Holy fuck. I hate your story so much, I need to hit the punching bag.

Loving it

I think it's time for him to get some payback though

So glad this is back...

...and i'm curious about the mystery girl now as well! Great chapter, keep up the amazing work!

The story was much better before this chapter... we were supposed to see them have a threesome, with the wife giving consent for Alisha to fuck her husband, but instead we got stuff about feeding piss to her? What a shame.


I read the story of this Ginger on another site...

Diary of a madman ....

who seems to be well endowed with excellent manners despite penchant for involuntary carnal relations with vulnerable women who were hitherto now completely ignorant of how ripe they were to fall under his control. Loved the humor.

Full marks * * * * *


nothing in the story told us the race of the movers...

Nice I cant wait for an update. And I was wondering about BTBB I'm def going to buy it!

Excellent Read

I thought this story was really good. I hope you keep writing stories like this one, they're a real turn on.

Rape Is Never Sexy

No matter how much you make it appear that the wife was enjoying the gangbang, it was without her consent. Therefore the wife had been raped/sodomized three times by hubby's three friends. These are serious felony crimes guaranteed to land each man in jail doing hard time for 5 to 10 years, followed by several years of supervised probation or parole and the rest of their lives on the National Sex Offender Registry. Serious consequences for one night of deviant sex fun with their buddy's wife.

Burn Vicar Burn

I know that it is fiction! But The fact that the wife and the vicar in bed asleep after fucking NO RAPE NO FORCE NO FORGIVENESS . SHE is a slut-bitch. The Vicar is doing what all clergy men are DIRTY OLD MEN. BURN BOTH!

More Chapters Please!!

Don't listen to the current negative comments. It's pretty obvious the comments were left by the same person. Great story. I'm anxiously waiting for the next chapter. Can't wait for him to get his revenge.

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