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Likely infertility after treatment

Based on the balls placement in her uterus she will more than likely miscarriage any future pregnancies she has with the ball in. Especially with it vibrating and shocking her.

Oh goooosh

Im absolutely dying here.

Hey, hey, hey! The pucker-face was a nice touch. I was still thinking of all the things one could stick up there and combine with wiggs, hats, ties and whatever when you did the beer and creampie thing. Thank you. For once, oh beloved scrotum, for once a heterosexual prank included a photo of a dude's arse with what looks like a creampie. Even if it's just a story - not that anybody should do that to another person in real life - it still feels like a punch for a punch - considering. And the beer - but please don't make her chicken out of showing him the film. Now that's more a 'Jackass' moment.
The gloves were funny - 'donno where that's been'. I hope you're keeping the part where they utilize him to break their virginities and then ride him like a bronco pony for later. Next chapter please - so he can have his revenge and then she can answer on that too!

This sucks

Youre a wonderful writer. But I just really don't like trish, how she is presented. Incredibly weak. She keeps being in denial and putting up petty useless fights. How unappealing and frustrating to read. The more I analyze Trish's character the more I realize how absolutely stupid and moronic she is. I don't see Jordan's appeal in her at all.

12.5.2016 Anonymous

It's not everyone's cup of tea and I definitely understand that! If you're looking for more traditional romances I would suggest Tricked with a Treat (my favorite standalone I've ever written) and Venus School of Sex (if you are okay with menage). You might also like Wanna Bet, Lady Maid, Sarah's Private Dick, or Slave For a Week. Honestly, even if you were going to try non-con, I would have sent you to Submission, Gentleman's maid, or Marriage Training, because they're lighter non-con than this. Taken by the Wolf & the Viking are meant to be mindfucks; I would call them "dark romances" because well... they're freaking dark lol. =) I hope you find something you enjoy!

Males- the sophisticated sex!

"It fogs their mind a little. They can't take their eyes off it."
I've never known a man who didn't scan every skirt in the room, hoping to get a glimpse at Heaven's Gate!
Well done puppy play. Keep it up.

Lovely story, once more

Apparently, Master Martin wants to appease and please the Ivans. And he has his slave personnel to perform that task.

So it never ocurred to him to lock his door?

Kinda dumb. And if he's awake why not just slap a couple of them? Barring that, what are their parents going to say when he tells them what his sister did to him? And there's no way in hell he wakes up and doesn't know what happened to his ass? I mean really??? Is anyone really that stupid?

They were finished.

She went Mike Tyson on him and bit his ear off. He needed the ambulance to save his life. The Police thought very little of his activities. Done.

Not clear why she stays

What she should be doing is taking a baseball bat to his balls. But she plays the damsel in distress yet she isn't.

She went straight into the garage

Grabbed a couple of tools and removed the belt (its a toy). Then she phoned the Police and had him arrested for assault, battery and spousal abuse. She kept all the marital assets since he was in prison. The end.

Love it!!

I don't usually comment but I LOVE this story (and taken by the wolf) I wouldn't mind shorter chapters if it meant more frequent updates. I think your doing a pretty good job and I'm really enjoying it so far. And I applaud you for writing so well while balancing a "real" book, a social life, and a job.

Irony battles sarcasm

Three seems to have a similar state of mind as Julie.
Walk of the Baby Hippopotamus: I loved so much reading this!

There's Still Hope

Obviously, Dick_Spanker is not here to pander to his fans. This is some dark shit happening to Alison. Bruised and beaten tits? More bruises and humilation to come? That is some God Awful Dick Wilting Shit. Bobby is still dumber than the back of a spoon. I suppose that is comforting in an obstuse way. But are the days when Alison and Bobby spend their time in sexual bliss gone forever? Surely, Alison is missing the good old days now and Bobby must be longing for blow jobs on tap again. I am hoping all this Dick Wilting Shit is just a build up for getting those two crazy kids back together again. I guess we'll have to wait until sometime this summer or next to see.

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