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Don't forget the humiliation

This was a great part, but remember that Gloria gets off on humiliation - she even recognizes this and almost seems to be coming to accept it. Brooke seems to get excited by being just a little dominant (and just the sexual situation in general). The first part was nice and lovey, but it needs to get back that D/s humil edge.

I'd like to see Brooke open up a bit and really start to push Gloria - make her submit, humiliate herself, make her say and admit things, maybe on video. These two seem conscious enough about privacy to not let that get out, but it would likely make Gloria hot out of her mind.

And maybe he, now having shed the uncertainty about how Brooke would react, begins to establish himself as a mild dominant with her. Nothing approaching what he does to Gloria, but just that he's not timid and uncertain around her all the time.

I'll also throw my vote in for additional chapters after 10. See how the relationships develop, etc. in the following weeks, then a chapter or two into college. I disagree with others that said that it was unrealistic for a virgin to get involved in this. I've known virgins who were extremely turned on by situations like this, just had never actually had the stomach to get into one themselves. Since he had already prepared the way, I can see her coming along. I do agree with the other anonymous that it would be nice to see them develop their setup to where Mr Mills learns of it, but must tolerate it.

Read a very hot story or two of a submissive woman made to begin to control her husband and prepare him for exposing a side affair that he has been conditioned to accept. I'd love to see your take on it.

Great work. Looking forward to more.

PS: Be sure to add a cuckquean tag to this

Yes please

I would enjoy a real life style like this ...... Being trained and kept....

Missing cuckquean tag

Good story. Don't forget the 'cuckquean' tag.


I've been pretty busy lately (surprising, I know). I've got the chapter written, and I've proofed maybe 1/3 if it. If I can find the time, it could be out in a couple weeks (or less). However, I'll guess a month to be a little more conservative.

Thanks for the continued support!

Looooved this so much! Great story, very dark & sexy, loved your characters, I want to know more about them! Your works are some of my favorite on this site. :)

Just Wait,Cunt!

A few weeks later,Nick ties the cunt up and invites 10 big-dicked Jig-A-Boos to gangbang the shit out of his soon to be ex-girlfriend.
He makes sure to video all the action and after posting it on You Tube,e-mails it to everyone on her contact list. (Her Mom,Dad,Grandparents,and other family members get the deluxe edition with close-ups and slow motion of the "money shots".)
As an extra bonus,the twat ends up giving birth to Jig-A-Boo triplets 9 months later!

What a Shock!

I was reading along, noticing the differences, then BAM... WHAT?? DAMN!! Didn't like it, of course... But after a bit, I thought of, possibly, the look on your face as you crafted that... Slightly Demonic, shit-eatin grin... Had to Snicker... Was glad I had read everything else U had posted FIRST... OR I would have been somewhat apprehensive every time waiting for the Hammer to fall...

It's obvious who Esteban is....

He's the governor's illegitimate son. I love this wonderful story. Although, I think it's more romance than non-con. It waivers between romance and reluctance. I can not wait for the next chapter. Such a fabulous novella.


who likes this shit? kidnapping and physical violence? when do the cops show up and hopefully kill these assholes?

hole shit!

wish i could find a book store like that. i know i would have spoken, just for the fun of it

I agree about the editor

good story but the way you kept slipping from first person into third person (often times in the same sentence) detracted from the tale for me... its a great effort though so dont be discouraged...

please finish

Loved this yarn!
Do you have any other stories in the "pipeline"?

Awesome stuff

Sorry posted earlier but it seems to have vanished. Wonderful stuff as usual, it did seem more violent but stretching your style in different directions is good! Didn't expect her to go down to the scrubs, any consideration to have her lose to weaker or those 'beneath her' to add to the humiliation? Mess her up for a bit, but not too long. I like how she bounces back. Keep on!


A first!!! This one was so fucking hot I got a legitimate hardon. Tiny girl used like that, oh my.

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