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Rape ?

It's pretty close to rape but I have a feeling it's going to turn out to be the start of a beautiful relationship.

I think you are still on a LSD trip!!!

May be you are high or still in your mental help facility but how get you your stories out of there?? Your story is as always far away of reality!! Even its a fantasy it has to find oneself in reality!! Your protagonist has no choice??!! Wrong!!! First, he can divorce that slut!! A wife with such a hate to have the ability to harm and humiliate her husband is no human!!! Who will be married to a animal???!!! And the other offender will go to prison for a long long time if he informs the police!!! Therefore your story and the content of it are only laughable!! May be you as an author are also only laughable!!!


The "Super Alpha Male Wins Everything" thing gets really old, really fast. I'm glad you're back and I'm glad Troy looks to beheading to getting fucked.

Ideally, the Father would figure things out. You don't create a crime family and control a big city without knowing everything, and old habits are hard to put down. Just a thought.

It's a love/hate thing. We love to hate Torah ;)

The story is very gripping, and I very much want to see where it goes. It's a tribute to the author's skill that so many people (myself included) are empathizing so strongly with Jessa's position. Roughly four to five times every chapter, I have to remind myself that this is a non-consent story and I can't get mad when the men behave like scum. That's part of the point to non-consent after all. This story is just remarkably good at making me stop and remind myself about that. I'm definitely invested in the characters and plot, and I'm really looking forward to finishing out the tale even if it's only sexy to me in a few choice locations.

With all that said, we might have just crossed the rubicon here. Jessa's admission that she likes things a little rough may provide a path for Torah to channel his irritations in a manner that isn't harmful. Meanwhile, the possibility is there to actually see an increase in intimacy between Torah and Jessa... with lots of hot sex as a bonus. Looking forward to seeing how things evolve!

Thats the author with the sick brain and to much LSD!!! MINUS 5*!!!

That story shows us that your LSD trips a little to harsh!! I ask my self how it is possible for you to get that stories out of the mental help facilities you are in??!! Tell us the trick!!! Substantial your stories are pure crap!! They are beyond reality and therefore laughable!! Even fantasy has to orientate oneself towards reality!! That man in your story goes to the police and his slutwife and all the other offender are going to prison for a long long time! Even his staff gets sued!!! Well whats the message of your story?! Idiocy?

Authors LSD trip!!! MINUS 5*!!!

May it be that your LSD trip was to harsh?

Not complete???

Hell, it's barely begun. This was like reading "Once Upon a Time...." and that's all we get. The note to your readers told us more than the "story" did. Not nearly enough here to incite my interest in reading any more.

Happy ending?!

Please no banal happy ending, but something real to the characters and story, because it's so worth it!


No updates for a month???? I'm highly offended(dramatic voice)!!! Anyway... wonderful story as always, 5*

So this is where I cuss you out, right?

No updates for a month?!?! I'm gonna be so dramatic about this hahaha! Anyway, wonderful story... 5*

You already posted this chapter on September 20!

Why are you reposting this chapter, which you already posted it on September 20 and apparently deleted it???

He is a misogynist.

He should then stay longer to enjoy humiliating the woman. Perhaps a long slow ass fucking.

Getting more risky

is the way to go. It really amazes me that you can up the ante with every episode without it becoming boring.
Keep on the good work

This is perhaps the very best story I have read on this web site. I have my own theory as to why Marigold passed out and is bleeding. I thoroughly understand about life. It's funny how it gets in the way of doing the things we really like doing. I'm a little disappointed I'll have to wait a month or so to check my theory about Marigold's illness. You're description of Marigold's thoughts and perceptions are uncannily real. I'm hoping Nan and Dallas become a thing. Thanks for sharing your hobby.

More... Waiting for more

I am so Horny.... I want more

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