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Very hot

Very sexy and satisfying non-consent story.

Youve got three more already lined up!

Absolutely loved this so far. Actually read it twice! Please hurry with the next ones, you know roughly what they will be about since we have a schedule! Looking forward to seeing all three brothers develop as characters

Get Fucked!!

You read the Title???

Read MY story

Based on an actual event: "SLAVE GOES TO THE MOVIES."


I have to say this is hands down one of the best stories I've read here on literotica!!! I bow to you sir. I pray that you run with this and continue on so that we all can see where they go together. Thank you a billion

Loved it

I loved it. Can't wait to see what she does to him.

Complete as it is, move on to the next story

I don't think you need to write a sequel. The story is complete as it is. If you are tempted to write one, it should be after George is grown up and on to college, with no other child for them to raise. The ghost of the night with Barry can rear its head then and Millie would have to be creative in getting David to let her play and, being the good wife, have him find pleasure in their new adventure. Before then, it would only destroy the marriage and complicate the child's upbringing.

It is good but.

I do hope your not under the opinion that anyone can be "trained" to enjoy being treated like a animal or that anyone can enjoy pain with there pleasure. Both of those things require someone to be wired a certain way and if Lily isn't she is never going to want those things. She will begrudgingly accept them because she is afraid of punishment but she never love pet play or be a masochist.

Don't Stop Now

Please keep the story going, I would like to see more. AS LONG , as there is a Happy Ending for the Hero and Heroin.

This story just makes me feel sorry for spider007

Obviously a retard, obviously no meaningful sex life. Umm, yes an intelligent boss would film himself committing felonies. and a wife would allow herself to be raped over and over again because she doesn't want to tell her husband?? There are dozens of posts with this plot... GROW UP LOSERS! NO, people don't do this crap, never have, never will.

continue story

it is a good story , please continue the story please .


...that was pretty bad.

2 stars

This was a very stupid story. I thought part way in the story he get loose and get his vengence and leave his wife. No man who is normal would stay married to that women,

I used to be made to jack off in front of the girls in my gang of friends but they never put on a show for me or touched me. Just me jacking for their amusement. 4yourpleasureiam

This is sexy as hell!

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