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What a brave little man you are.


anxiously waiting the next chapter.

Thanks for the up front warning.

I was able to avoid reading any of this.


Pussy more like it

good question

Good question. Presumably this "Shadowcatcher" (Shadowplagiarist would be a more appropriate name) saved a copy of the original story!? Try messaging him/her.

Horah! Bravo! Encore! Standing ovation from me for that exit, although a bit long on the monologue for reality, but if you can run fast, why not? (And yes, skeptics - it's possible. I've seen some hefty girls run helluva fast.).

You had me angry, horny and feeling vindicated all on this one page! Oh boy. I loved it when they started getting bitchy after she reminded them of the age-difference. Also when she assumed the job of spraypainter and flooded Tom's pie-hole. Nicking the t-shirt was a fabulous touch.

And here comes the flack: whaddayamean rotund girls aren't dude-magnets? I've lost more than a few adorable dick-transporters to my softer sisters and I'm hot (vanity - why the hell not - it's fun). And those boys still greet me as if they can't really see me. It's just "Hi, have you seen so-and-so...". (Thanx a lot, you abandoning pricks!) Okay, rapid fire burst over.

Thanx for great story!
Ps thanks for the 4-way. Oh, thank you. Oh boy...

Excellent story. I've actually red it several times over. Please follow up with this milf story.

Hehehe, entertaining! Fast-forward ninteen years, his drop dead gorgeous daughter is a red headed little nymphomaniac for her daddy and his cock, and he is about to find out! Momma is going to get some stiff competition ;)


I could honestly say the same thing right back at you. And I will. You're one of the (very) few authors I actively seek out here. As for the other thing, I'll reply in the immortal words of The Terminator--"I'LL BE BACK." Haha. In the meantime, please take care.

Please continue.

I really hope you'll come back. One of the best stories I've read here.

What a horrible story

Why wouldn't his Dad just take a baseball bat to his head and throw him out? He wants to be a man? Let him support himself. Stupid story.
No stars because even giving this drivel one star would be an insult to the star.

solid piece

hope you'll take us farther into the story

I hope you will write more

I love your style. This and the clinical trials are exceptionally hot. Please write more!


The plot holes are enormous. Luckily it's fiction so the 'suspension of disbelief' rule is in effect but still unbelievable. Well written story from a grammar, spelling, and organizational view that a segment of the blood thirsty crowd will like. To be fair, I'm not scoring this based on the disclaimers in the beginning of the story.

I feel really bad for them... I really want to see them escape...

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