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very hot!

Thank you for a lovely orgasm :)

My only issue is that she would have been pouring the sleeping drug into her lungs, not her stomach

Loved it!

I love this story because my name is Chris and I have an older sister who I'd love to fuck!

But did the migraine come back?

After all, she did go back into the sunlight, and that's when it can get really bad.


Why was this never finished?!

really enjoy this series so far. particularly since it's a win-win situation.

***** (5 stars) An excellent non-consent/reluctance story, short & sweet, no unnecessary tangents... The wife is a keeper!!!

I outright LOVE stories based on friend-fucks-wife scenarios! This one met all my expectations...

The_Dolphin managed successfully to tell us a very erotic story on about half a page! This story was meant to be an MFM erotic fantasy where the husband and wife live happily ever after because they love each other. Excellent job! You hit the nail on the head with this syory. Bravissimo!

This is going to be the 106th comment, which means that many people were touched by this story. (Almost 1.3 million views! Almost 800 favorites!)

In case anybody skipped the title line, i will reiterate:

people author said it is a fantasy and put it in non consent

sooo it is not a true story of course she did not say yes it could not be non consent then. why complain when it was clearly stated? i love this fantasy

absolute genius

wishing you the best. it was great.


This was great! Keep writing!


I'm surprised by people complaining about non consensual sex in the non consent section. I thought it was actually really hot, unlike a lot of stories where it becomes ok because the woman begins to like it so the man is saved from the rapist status. This is actually nonconsent and very well written, perfectly fitting the genre. Look forward to the next installment


Another outstanding story, love that Mary is beginning to get into group sex thing. I wonder what Gerry will think?

soo badd

why don't you try though?

I need more!!!!

Is this really just a 3 part series??? This is my favorite thing in Literotica!!!!! I need more Mark and Alicia!!!!!! The writing and the seduction was so good!!

we love jack.

Where's the next chapter??? When is it releasing? I sure must say you're a great writer. You should publish your stuff. You'll be rewarded for sure! Great job. Keep it up.

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