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To HisPet21 and the comment below mine...

I am in serious awe for HisPet21's writing and once I fall in love with the author's writing, I will always be a fan. However, I do think that nobody would blame you that you disconnected with the story and will not be finishing it - and it is fair to let your fans know so.

If not for anything else, you show them the final respect of answering their comments and closing the chapter (so to say) for people to stop checking for updates and committing to the story. It also gives a small opening for those others, who might take on a challenge of finishing your story because they feel inspired by it. I am no writer, but I would imagine that no decent writer would attempt to finish another one's story without having a green light that the authors himself will not be continuing it.

I tend to be optimistic - HisPet21 will come back and is safe and well. If not, I do hope to stumble upon this story in Paperback one day. But I will be checking in for updates for the foreseeable future, just in case...


Not a story of interest due to a graphic error - Valentine's Day on February 12? What country is this story based within?

Chap 3

There seriously needs to be a chapter 3. I saw mention of a chapter 3. Where is it?


Spell check worked... but wrong words... otherwise enjoyed it

I hope for a new chapter. I like your twist very much, it was very clever.

A beautiful love story between a dad and his slut daughter


You're absolutely right, she makes no sense at all- she's an utter idiot. After all the things he did, she's a fool for listening to him.


I like how Alexander has murdered and raped but it's the cheating that people find a problem. Not a dig, just found it funny.

The first two chapters were amazing, but didn't like this one at all. Why did you have to put a doctor? I'd prefer if it was just Olivia deepening her relationship with Pete.

Is it odd...

Is it odd that I think her running after him at the last second, and cuddling is oddly romantic? It's like I really want them to be in a relationship now!!! A kinky one! Hope a get a fourth chapter soon, because I'm really looking forward to it!

That sucked!

Zack is just a F&@*#ing dawg.

And why would she trust him blindly?

It made/makes no sense. This whole convoluted mess makes no sense.

Why would he not say no?

Get up and leave. What's she going to do? Beat him up? Seems unlikely. Not good. Not good at all.
1 star.


Write the sequel of how he gets the daughter too.


Come a nurse she would know that she should immediately call the police and get a rape kit done at a different hospital. This guy left DNA all over her and if she's quick enough, blood tests would allow them to identify the drug used on her. Not a poorly written story, despite the subject matter...but I call BS on the ending.

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