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I can't believe this is your first work, it's absolutely fantastic!! Please continue with this story. This honestly has potential to be a hall of famer so please please continue!!!!

Editing, speed, ? Dream state

The editing of this was poor. Please if you are going to post something for the public to read, know the difference between your and you're. Also to, too, and two are important. This story jumped around from meeting to ridiculousness so quick I can only assume in the next segment we are going to learn the narrator is dreaming.

This is great

Omg you should make more i love the story so much already please continue

very good

I hope there is a part two coming. Maybe the son finds out and watches.


WOW. That was a great story it’s so hot for he got what he deserved and the added lesbian part of the story.
I would love to be the model.

I agree

I would say Ms.Bandy has used her evil side more recently and I haven't really enjoyed it much I only like the part in the shower, I like how she teased him and showing Ms. Bandys evil side really just turned me off

She squeezes his balls?

He slaps the crap out of her and walks out. You must be a woman. No real man lets someone squeeze his balls as described. No one.

Love the shifts and chracter development!

I was ready to despise Nicolas to the end-but clearly there's more than what meets the eye here.

Astrid is a firecracker- and I love how Tystan and Thora have a semblance of a loving relationship despite its origins and how it parallels with Eira and Nicolas' bond.
I love Eira's spiritedness -and am glad she is reawakening her true powers slowly but surely.

Certainly didn't expect Nicolas's little story at the end-and while he did commit many sins,I can see why he hated Eira's father.
Seems they've both made up.

Lets see how this will end.

There's life in the old dog yet!

Good to see you, Bambigirl44, i thought you had left us. If you're out of ideas, how about creating a short halloween story? It's a good excuse to have Mandy dressed in something scandalous, to be preyed upon by some old cock

Good but

Please please continue your other stories. I love them both

Great story

Really erotic and intense story, excellent atmosphere and great attention to details. It really aroused me. Keep up the good work, you are talented. Looking forward to reading more.


What a fabulous series! I loved where it took us, making me daydream, fantasize, yearn. I was wet and throbbing, winding up playing with myself and orgasming picturing it all. Thank you for sharing, I greedily wish there were more.

Great start

Great style, I can't wait to read next chapterS

That was a delcious appetizer - I'm ready for the next course

quite nice, compact, interesting, and exciting. you've kind of taking her down to the basement, it's time to dig deeper.

please consider continuing her journey.

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