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Please update it soon

Oh my...

Oh my... *waving frantically with a fan* Wow!
Can this story be found as a book? It needs to be printed and published. That is all I have to say.

Fan from Finland

The Last Tritan is an amazing story and I truly envy your imagination! I'm so glad I didn't find your story until just a week ago so I've been able to read the whole story in its entirety without having to wait for a new chapter. (Impatience is my middle name...) I really hope you get this baby published - I'll be sure to buy a copy!

Please add another chapter to this story

Please continue this story. I want to read more.

Amazing story

Please continue and finish your story! Your fans are eagerly waiting!!! I would even send money to have the finished story emailed to my account so I can just know what happens!!!

Did some small edits on the story

Now it's all Mark in there, thanks for pointing it out. It made me edit some other things as well. Thanks for the feedback. Also, I don't think there will be a chapter 2.

That is as soon as it get updated, which shouldn't be too long.

Epically stupid!

You clearly didn't think this through. No one is stupid enough to shove their dick into an unwilling mouth. Think about it. Kyle shoves his dick in and what happens? James bites it off. Kyle is now lying on the ground in agony with no other concern than the pain and not bleeding to death. This story was just plain bad.

Where's the story?

This was more like an opening paragraph. And not a good one.

Continue Please!

Please continue this story. I want to know what happen next in this story.

My fave

I love your stories. Yes there is a common thread. But this is my favorite.I only wish that Jess had bigger breasts and were filled with milk before she got pregnant. Anyway ignore these idiots who don't like your stories. I love the genre the betrayal the humiliation all of it. I just want the battle between the Clines and Crow to happen. It doesnt even have to be sexy. Make a whole novel. It would be great.


You deserve every glowing comment you will be getting for this remarkable, compelling take. The erotic tension you created between Mila and Asher was present from the very beginning and never wavered!.

I truly enjoyed every single word, even when it seemed the story wasn't progressing, I still devoured it. I will be enjoying the reread every bit as much, more so because I will be able to keep going from chapter to chapter.

Thank you so much for sharing this story here. If and when you do publish this story for sale, I will buy it because you deserve to be compensated for your hard work in putting your imagination, and dirty mind, to text so we insatiable readers might partake.

Very hot

Please continue :)

I wonder if she's writing in her spare time but isn't posting because she wants to publish once she's done.

Either way I'm not checking back again.

I must say, I'm not as happy with this one...

Not that it isn't a well-written story... Just it A) ended too soon; B) I dislike traitorous individuals ending up with the upper-hand; and C) you've left me with the feeling there's not much hope for her - while that doesn't make for a bad story per se, I've enjoyed the way your stories SORT of work out...

What can I say, you've been typecasted by yourself...

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