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great story, well written

I used my cockometer to guage this story, and given that the angle of the dangle, determines the heat of the meat, I'd say you took the gauge to it's most dangerous point, therefore I applaud your effort, and thank you for yet another rock hard boner, lol.


The intensified connection between them is really cool! Mila better start running haha


Mila IS the freaking bomb! The submissive in me wants her to stay and be in love with Asher and all but its so much more interesting this way!!!

Another 5*

Do you think the nasty Anonies stay up late at night just spreading their snarky BS? How sad their lives must be. Malls are stressful and overwhelming for many of us; I'm impressed with her resiliency.

The fuck?

Maybe let people know this is a snuff and horror story? Wrong section, dude.
Also, I don't know what strip clubs you've worked in, lmao. Maybe a dingy shithole in the middle of nowhere would do something like this (killing people), but not even the shitholes near Mexico are like that. I would know: I used to dance in them. Not realistic in the least.


for content and effort and to say fuck you in your ass dear annony

Good story.

Thanks for an enjoyable read. Look forward to reading more.

I hope there's more!


have to be a mistake. TK U MLJ LV NV.......and if??????


Is that the end? Please continue the story, give it a short epilogue or something.

Love where this is going

Everything I love:, stockings, knickers, mature woman forced to have sex!

Nicely done!

I really liked this story! It had just enough detail to get me invested in Helen's situation, without so much that it was delaying any gratification. Most of the erotic scenes in stories from this genre usually either read too quickly, or much too slowly, but you struck the perfect balance here! And the pirate talk actually helped to bring life to the characters for me, so I enjoyed it. Bravo!

Great story

Yes, i liked reading it. All the time my cock was rock hard and i felt as if I was fucking Kayla. Keep up the good work....

so im clear on this

This billionaire member of the sex industry is also on the school board and can get students exoelled for moral turpitude? What the fuck? The sex jobs would leep her from ever being there in the first place.


Sometimes a wife's gotta do what a wife's gotta do! It was not the wife's fault, it was her karma.

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