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Stay away from our men ! Lol just kidding.
I love this series, it's splendidly written and has a real structure to it. Hilariously, what little is written on the female character(s) is better handled than half of what's on TV or porn hub. I commend the writer for that. Reading this was a particular treat because just as we were all getting used to D is drugged, fucked, rinse repeat - he/she switched it up on us. Rather well too.

I like the premise; wish I'd thought of it.

Magical creatures like Sirens and Harpies reflect the ancient and eternal tension between men and women. Exploring those creatures in fiction is a great way to explore male/female relationships in general.

I do think you could clean up your writing a bit. There were a few typos and grammatical errors here and there. Also, I'd be wary of frequent changes in perspective (the hero and his captive). I do this myself for sure, but try to keep it to a minimum.

Keep writing!


A little far too wild,but I have seen this kind of play . But not as wild as this.

Thank you!

Although there's not a lot of action in it, the chapter was well written and I liked it.
Can't wait for the next chapter.

PS Don't listen to the Anon 1 dickhead.

Very engaging story

but I'm searching hard for some of Rorik's redeeming factors. Right now, I hate him almost as much as she does. We've got to see another side to him than cruel and sadistic, otherwise, the story just becomes torture to read. I do like Sienna's fight though and right now, I'm cheering for her and hoping she takes down some of his men and escapes while he's away.

Ultimately, I would hope for them to find a way to be together, but not with Rorik like this...

Because people who make sex tapes are ostracized

And unwanted. Yep, that's exactly what happened to Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus, R. Kelly and every one else who made one. And holy fuck, Gawker was sued into bankruptcy by Hulk Hogan for damn near the same thing and you seriously expect us to accept that she would succumb to blackmail and be kicked out? FFS, the Duke a university student wasn't kicked out and she made porn.

You're a fucking halfwit who shouldn't be writing stories if you can't even figure out that the person who would be most affected by this wasn't your simpering "victim" but her nemesis. Had you done that. Had you actually turns the tables so that the blackmailer was the one who suffered then maybe, just maybe it would have been enjoyable but no. You had to go and fuck it up because you're using this as some kind of bullshit therapy.

Fuck you.

Loved it. Sequel please!

Well written. Would love to see a sequel with her setting up her friend.

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Great chapter still.

While I don't think that the pacing is off, I do think that we are experiencing the temporary frustration of being in the eye of the storm. We know things are going to hit the fan at any moment and the waiting is enough to drive a person insane. It feels like the last few chapters have been waiting, rather than progressing. If anything has been added to the storyline, I can't tell what it was. However, I still have enjoyed these chapters almost as much as the rest.

I disagree with some of the PPs in that I want them to be together in the end. What they've done to J is horrific but I don't think she's just experiencing Stockholm syndrome. She is just as twisted as they are and I think they complete and fulfill her in a way she has never experienced before. I think she belongs with them. But to be with them, they all have to get over the fact that they kidnapped her. She won't be happy if she kills them, even if she is vindicated. She won't be happy if they go to prison. The only way to ensure her own happiness is to find a way to be with them. My solution is for the boys to let her go and then either court her properly or let her come back to them. Then they all get their HEA.

Looking forward to seeing what you do to finish this up!

Beautifully done.

The Spartan words and customs were a bit confusing in the beginning, like I had missed a chapter of backstory, but the characters shone through. I had tears in my eyes for Kieran and now I have hope for him. I'm definitely looking forward to more.

I actually liked this-

The end felt a bit rushed but that was good imo, not surprised that this is rape because of the tags soooooooo idk what yall were expecting

This Is No Ending! Is Gillian Not The "Heroine"?

Please continue this story. Otherwise, it makes no sense. Another thing, you have got to wise up the heroine character and also make her talk and tell us her thoughts in detail. How did she rise to Commander with such as weak will(she was perfectly willing to not think of a and lack of street smarts, or any other smarts (or smart thoughts) while facing the lowest of the lowest of criminals? An immediate response to the immediate frame with a a counter frame was at least supposed to be thought by her. Her responses were at all times passive and almost lacking emotion.

Still, sexy tale with interesting passages. The "obligatory" lesbian turn was good but again, no character inner turmoil about going lesbian with her tormentor? Keep writing!

So depressing!

Maybe Alex will steal her and run off with her?


Can you contact me? Regarding Mini
Hope to hear from you!

I am certainly broken

Absolutely impossible not to hate ... and swallow completely- please don’t stop !!

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