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OH MY GOD, I WANT SOO MUCH TO BE NELLIE!!! I NEED TO BE NELLIE RIGHT NOW!! Where is that formula? I NEED THAT FORMULA!!!! I don't care this is fictional, I would be anything to be given Nellie's treatment!!! Why is it that some sissies have it so easy while others like me have it so hard? This is so unfair!!!

Lovely, absolutely lovely.


There's noother words for what youdo with these characters, Myra! I am so mad at myself for not having enough time to keep up with this because it's so fucking good and I love it! Every little new nuance is so well done and I adore it. Screw the short term plot holes because this is fantastic and I love the characters and the evolving dynamics and the super hot scenes! YOU are a badass!

I just know...

...I'm REALLY liking it...

The fountain

Adam and Bell should I have gone outside and made love in the fountain that way all of his scars could be removed, she would have been the angel

As a woman who enjoys these stories

Everyone who posts negative reviews anonymously really should review their perspective on fiction. People do not write or read rape stories because they want to rape or be raped. We do it because fantasy is not reality, and sometimes letting your mind run wild is good for you,

Stop pressuring the author!

Why can't you guys just leave MillenialFox alone?

She will write when she feels like it , when all her other commitments are fulfilled. We should appreciate what we received for free, and wait graciously, patiently for another excellent chapter to come. Not shouting and demanding like a 3-year-old.

Just bear in mind that she sacrified her precious time to give us these wonderful stories.

Where have you been

Just roaming the site looking for a good story, I stumbled upon yours. Now, 3 days later, I'm sleep deprived and desperately waiting for the next chapter. I don't know what to do now. This whole thing is so well written and the plot is unfolding beautifully. Please don't stop. I need to know what happens.

while we wait

Could you add more authors and stories to you favorites for us to munch on while we wait for updates


My god this is better than any book. I love your series so much! You're a really talented writer


Waste of MY TIME!!!!!!


Sooo Fucking hooked! You are an amazing writer. And thanks for being consistent with this story. Looking forward to the coming chapters!


until you treat me like an adult. TK U MLJ LV NV


They're sooo freaking manipulative of her, bringing the litte boy into the mix, the way they're drawing her out of her shell - but also remaining creepy as fuck to the core. But I guess it's working because she's coming back to life slowly. I'm still so gutted though over Que and gosh it's so unfair. She's in such a sucky situation. Love how she's all "are you going to rape me now" and he's kind of like "erm yeah basically" hahaha. Love it. Love it alllllllllllll yum


She sounded like a good stepmother, one that actually cared.

Taught him things a scholar that could head to a professional career should know.
Taught him discipline, all to lacking in teenagers today, and worse "gasp" wanted him to learn things girls would like in a guy.

So, he has her gang raped and did so himself. All while she was insisting he get the money and things his father left him. She wasnt trying to steal them.

What I guess made this story bad wasnt the writing, it was the main character.
The guy deserves to spend a good long time in prison.

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