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Thank you

Thanks so much for the feedback everyone! I am working on chapter 2 and it should be out in a week or so. I did a little research for this story, but I am by no means an expert on iron age Northern Europe, so if you notice any particularly glaring anachronisms feel free to let me know and I'll try to avoid them in future installments. Cheers!

Erotic storytelling and novel twists!

Have to say, didn't see that coming. Will Alley get some of her own medicine now? Your stories rock. Please write more soon!!!


More please! Bring the girls together & fuck them!

Its a flashback.

When Donna (mom) was 18 her father took her virginity. The start of the story was reffering to Lisa (daughter) being 18.

How about some reading comprehension.


I absolutely loved this!! Definitely worth the read

Like it

Great non-con story. That bitch certainly got what was coming to her. Like it

Loved the story!

I want to make her beg some more. I can be a lot nastier than either the combined
Chase, Niki and Daniel or you. Leave your note here for me

Good start... keep going!

Appreciate the nod to George VI – his collection of stories are top notch. Corresponded some with him many years ago when he was still active… creative guy.
And I’m glad you are picking up the torch in a similar vein. Please keep writing!


You have a writing gift to capture great moments. You have to write more chapters

A depressing start, but already turning into another great story!

Well Written

Such a tale of a girl finding what she really is

To all readers

I'm sorry about what I said - you're right, it's wrong, and I didn't mean that question. It's just that I never anticipated how much strife my story would cause, and I was taken aback. The thing is, I manipulated my story a little after the first complaint, and you'll see what I mean once Chapter Seven is out. That might be close to a week, so please have patience. :) Once again, I apologize.

Mmmmm, you don''t know what you're talking about

If this story was uploaded earlier this year, then it was done without my permission and is plagiarized. Please provide a link and I will report it and prove that I'm the original poster of this story.

I uploaded this story some 16 years ago. I am tidying up the grammar, spelling and punctuation of some of my old stories and reposting them, as well as adding some new.

The fact you are even pointing out such a thing, just proves what a loser you it?

@anon - whoa...

Is correct. Art was talking and laughing with group of co-workers about how boss had Van so drunk she did not know where she was.
Not sure why husband did not find his wife, Van, before helping Art take his home. I certainly would have
especially seeing condition of Art's wife.
If Art had come clean, rape might have been prevented. The fact that he didn't and then stalled the husband means Art also loses nut in dark alley one night. Husband waits a year or so then ''behold a pale horse...''
Then one by one the ''minions'' who helped get Van drunk and most likely helped carry her into rape room lose theirs.
Sad Van will find out what happened through office gossip and minions' slurs.
Husband has acted exactly the correct way and needs to be prepared to be very supportive.

hmmm didn't like my comment

like i said yesterday in my comment. This is a stolen story from earlier this year. Why delete my comment. Oh that's right cause you don't want anyone knowing your a nothing writer... got it

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