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I wish you would add someone into this story who can actually stand up to troy, there doesnt seem to be much non consent/reluctance, everyone just submits pretty much straight away! but this is still a great story.

Yes! You're back and better than ever. Thank you for continuing the story. It's a fantastically told story. Cheers to you.

I would have liked to have seen a link between the end of the last chapter, when Maeve was left bound and the beginning of this one, rather than the skip to a few weeks later.
Having said that, you continue to keep me entranced by the events in your story and by your writing style, I am eager to know what happens next...chapter 14 soon please!!!


hope the next installment is in the pipeline

I wonder

whether you could just as easily reverse the social positions of the participants. eg you could have a wimpy civil servant and his wife sitting like this couple on an aeroplane all righteous and demure when a hairy protester comes and sits next to the wife of the civil servant. The civil servant works in the department of employment, say; the protester has been protesting about jobs. He then proceeds to seduce the wife right under the civil servant's nose, as in the story here. In England this would be the more likely story I think! Dick sizes aren't apportioned according to whether you are a civil servant or a protester, however! Not the other way round, either....

But I guess one of the points this author is making is about the power and the sexual turnon associated with that of the government agent.


I Love this story, More Please!


Thank you thank you thank you for gracing us with your presence.

Everything about this chapter is golden.

I can't wait for this part of the series, ugh god damn.

I just found and read through all the chapters up to this one in one sitting. Great plot, great characters, and great writing. Looking forward to seeing what's next!

love this style!

This and the hell in your eyes are my favurites by you, please male more sgoties similar to these! The whole feisty young girl paired with a dominant older guy and great chemistry is a really good mix, yes its a bit cliche but you pull it off well. And by no means is the jell im your eyes cliche, that series is amazing :)

Good story. We were drawn into a similar situation late in life. We were both in our 60s, in our neighbourhood the oldest couple. Invited to Gary and Marees place. My wife, Lorraine, tall, still a good figure, black dress, rather tight. We entered, Maree welcomed us, we walked through, there were 10 people there, only knew Gary, Maree, there daughter Natalie. The rest were guys more Garys age 40ish, a few drinks, Lorraine drank more than usual. Maree and Lorraine talked and then said to Gary, show Lorraine our upstairs room. They left, I sat with Maree and Natalie, after about 15 minutes, Maree said want to see the room as well. Sure, we went upstairs, come in here, we went into a smallish room, I looked out through a glass window, not more than a metre away from me, my wife was on her knees, no clothes, her breasts swinging as she was being fucked hard by Gary. I went to go out, the door was locked, what, calm down, just listen. Lorraine and I talked about Gary's little group, she wanted to see what it would be like but guessed you might object. I watched as Gary pulled away and then noticed the other guys, all naked as the next one stepped up and pushed into her just used pussy. They will all fuck her, she has agreed to that. Don't worry, they are all clean, as number 2 pulled away to be replaced by number 3. What, the other part of the agreement is well, Natalie. 23 year old Natalie walked into the room, in sheer pantyhose your wife told me about your likes . Number 3 pulled out, Number 4 stepped up, Natalie bent down and took his very large cock in her mouth, big isn't he, as Maree undid my pants, I was hard, Natalie shifted from his cock to my wife, running her tongue up my wifes pussy then stopping at her anus, licking, tonguing her as I heard my wife oh yes. Maree said this is for you, as Natalie grabbed lube and put a big blob on the head of his cock. She then moved and lay on the table, her legs open, the pantyhose slit, grabbing my wifes head guiding it between her legs, holding it there as big cock number 4 mounted my wife and pushed into her, I watched as her anus opened and his cock slid up into her ass and began anally fucking her. Marees mouth closed around my cock as I watched my wife, head held down by Natalie as number 4 anally took my wife. My cum shot into Marees warm mouth, her hand around my cock, milking me as number 4 shot deep into my wifes bottom as Natalie cried out wrapping her legs around my wifes head. Number 4 pulled out, cum squirted from my wifes open bottom as she shook violently when he pulled his cock from her. She collapsed, they turned her on her back, number 5 stepped up and just pushed hard into her pussy, Maree gave me a glass of water and a blue tablet, you will need this as Natalie sat on my wifes face, my wifes tongue rimming her anus and pussy. Gary moved over, his cock hard, Natalie moved away,number 5 pulled out, lifting my wife so Gary could lay flat, Lorraine straddled him and sank down on his cock, number 5 didn't hesitate and centred his cock and pushed into her bottom. Natalie entered our room as I watched their cocks move in and out of her holes,Big cock moved to her mouth, also moving back and forward. Maree again sucked my hardening cock as Natalie knelt on a raised platform, shes yours. I moved behind, pushing my cock into her wet pussy, oh so good, then Maree said go on, you know you want to, fuck her tight ass, I looked at Maree, go on, but if you do they have Lorraine for the rest of the night, your wife for a 23 year olds tight ass, I looked up, Lorraine was now sitting on Garys cock, watching me as I moved my cock up and entered Natalies oh so tight ass, my wife shaking her head no but it was too late as my cock was engulfed and milked by a warmth and tightness I had not felt for a long time. I pulled back, sitting down. I looked into the room, A table was wheeled out, in the middle a huge cock shaped dildo at least 2 foot long and a foot round. It was shiny with lube, they had lifted my wife and positioned it at her pussy, I heard the scream, watching her face as the head entered her, as they pushed her down onto it as a curtain was drawn across the window, her screams getting less to be replaced by silence.We were theirs.

I hate...

that you killed off Que!!!! He was the only good guy in this story... Damn, damn, damn!!!
It's a fine piece of writing though and a very good story... it rivals some of the finest Sci-Fi I've ever read (and in my 72 years, that's a lot of reading)... Keep up the good work, but try not to kill off Sovereign, the Commander, Arden and of course last but not least, Sigil!!!!!


Will you do other chapters for the other stories like a week and dirty circumstances


More of this!! More more please

Thanks for reading...

And thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

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