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I feel like marissa is being misunderstood she's just trying to look out for her friend the best way she knows how. Keep up the good work. Love it.

Needing next chapter!

Loving this story! Keep the chapters coming!

Maybe I'll become an architect!

Uhhhhhh, this makes me want to screw up at work so my coworkers will be pissed off and teach me to be better at my job by turning me into their personal slut! The whole picture of the steamy hot job site and three pissed black studs taking me roughly and anyway they desire has me stroking my clit through my shorts!
Loved it!



Rape is bad.

Love the Suspense

How's that old saying go, "Been there, done that, got the bruises to prove it." Can totally relate to the story and the build up is so true. I think the Principals do it deliberately; so that they not only scare you on the outside with the brutal paddle, but on the inside from all the worked up tension. Still I can't help but feel that Beverly's next visit will again be bend over the desk for five more swats ;-)

Please continue

I'm so anxious to see what comes next! Love this story!

More soon please

God this is not please post more asap
~ Horny Little Kitten

Nice find

Such a great story 2 happen upon. I feel tho that there could b more sex scenes but those might b on the way. I like the feet fetish and the panties. Dont fully agree with bod mod but to each their own. As others have stated I 2 would like 2 c Bridget's pubs perma removed and her ceremonially tied to her mother. Hope this story goes on 4 awhile.


Disturbing, creative, and in the end, very sweet. Great job, Thanks, Randi.

Can't wait

I can't wait till the next chapter, to see what happens to dee, and with Kinsey and caleb


I was rudely awakened to a totally different Lace than I had visualized. As soon as you gave that short description and increased the degree of his accent and colloquialisms, my visual changed completely. It was interesting to acknowledge that to myself. It shows, what a wonderful gift you have in your writing. Your words create specific images for the reader...some not so attractive!

I take back what I said in a previous comment about Lace. Looking forward to what comes next.

More please!

Don't listen to the haters, this story is GREAT!! Please update more!!

Thank you

Your comments have both cheered and inspired me. I will go back to Linda some time, because I think that she has hidden depths and more to offer. However I think that a shorter outing might be a little easier for my next one.

Mixed feelings

I like this story for the most part but the brothers are being jerks to her and I hope she calls them on it. Luke confuses me. One second he's angry at the treatment she received from her father and the next he's the cause of her cowering. I don't know how telling her that he's a sadist, he likes her tears, and he wants to make her scream is supposed to help her get over the abuse she's already experienced. She needs a break from all of the bullying and punishment. Being experienced trainers they should see that. She's already broken... If they don't cool it she'll shatter completely.

Great story, loved it!!

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