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Nice Story

Thanks for posting this story, it is quite realistic. A vulture investor related a similar story to me several years ago. He said that many agents will do this too, do not know if this is true, he says it is true. Thank you again, nice job.

Love this story!!

I am thoroughly engrossed in this story!!! Well thought out plot and characters and beautifully written story!

MORE! I'm obsessed!!

Loved it.

Loved part 1 and 2 of this series. Please post more stories like these.


This is a very erotic story. I could almost visualise the characters and their actions. The anal play was an extra turn-on. You write well BeastMan. Expecting more stories like the ones in this series from you. Thank you.


It's a decent story, all of them have been so far... But the CONSTANT use of the words "little girl parts" grosses me out each time. It's VERY pedophilic. She's not a virgin but can't refer to her anatomy as ANYTHING ELSE than "little girl parts"? There are a million terms for the vagina and all the different parts of the vagina. Learn to use them and I'd change all of my ratings from 2 stars to 4 or 5.

it was good, you just need to reread it before you post. there were a lot of mistakes.


Garbage! Another 1 star. I was going to rate all your stories 1 star in one sitting, but they are such vile misogynistic pieces of offal that I have to stop, put Visine in my eyes and flush my mind with some bubblegum for the brain movie like Die Hard, or The Dirty Dozen to remove the stench of your writing from my mind!

Then I can steel myself after a few days to dip my mind into the cesspool of your thoughts and look at a few more until I complete my task of rating everything you've written1 star.

Hot!! Loved his dominating character, an awesome build up and attention to detail, and I love that you named her Rachel btw. There has to be more to this story. Can't wait!

Loved loved loved it can't wait for part 3!

Agree with other comments

I applaud your efforts and continued creativity, the series is awesome. But for me the last 2 chapters have been questionable, not my style and I found myself not prepared to read the whole thing once the pattern of behaviour had been established. Don't take negative responses wrong, we comment because we enjoy the series, unfortunately you can't write to everyones taste all the time and in a series this big that will be a frequent occurance.
I'm looking forward to your upcoming efforts.

I loved it. The description of the sensations is what I am ALWAYS looking for.

she is the reason we

beat women to death, they deserve it, this is a perfect picture of the modern western woman.....the reason the world will end. how is jack the bad guy? she left she abused her i say this is the true nature of women, no woman loves her woman gives a dam about a mans pain. The reason you bash it to watch it die.....woman bash marriages. well told well done, mankind will reach for the tars and leave women here on earth to rot in there stain. and yes it is just a story, like ever time they say "i love you" hahaha

Loved it

Loved this story, loved every bit of it on soooo many levels.

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