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You Can Preach To Me

 —  by Solar Dragon06/20/025.00

You Can Take Him

 —  by Goodiegoodie8802/21/164.33

You can tell

 —  by SweetOblivion03/02/135.00

You Can't Fight It

 —  by susansnow10/19/155.00

You Cannot Fuck About

 —  by pelegrino04/02/14

You Captured My Heart

 —  by wildtiger05/18/063.00

You Changed My World

 —  by babylovesman08/07/024.00

You changed my world

 —  by Annora12/12/045.00

You Cheated on Me.

 —  by CoCoNiy10107/12/164.71

You Cut Me

 —  by oregon_gal11/10/055.00

You Dig S & M?

 —  by KikahCornelius09/18/16

You Don't Get...

 —  by MINKX07/16/073.60

You Don't Know

 —  by Nickel_Mouse03/11/034.00

You don't know me

 —  by rose butterfly07/12/053.67

You Don't Know Me

 —  by GemGemLoves04/03/103.00

You don't know who I am.

 —  by BarbraNovac07/10/084.60

you dont know me

 —  by steve porter11/06/034.25

You dream land

 —  by Redrosesx03/10/035.00

You Failed To Protect Me

 —  by Curiouswife07/25/075.00

You Forgot...

 —  by LoreLai10/02/054.67HOT

You gave me a life

 —  by JimandGarysgirl12/16/123.00

You Gave Yourself

 —  by LorenzoAbajos10/25/144.50

You got me

 —  by babysayeah03/04/035.00

You have awakened

 —  by rose butterfly07/10/054.50

You have never noticed me

 —  by MollyDolly02/29/085.00

You Inspire Me

 —  by rose butterfly10/30/09

You Just Found Out

 —  by FedoraVixen04/23/09

You Just Left

 —  by Cinderpanda07/29/08

you keep reminding me

 —  by steve porter09/07/034.00

You Knew Our Names

 —  by BohRhap02/01/124.00

You know

 —  by SavgeWolf01/11/034.00

You Know Who You Are

 —  by susansnow12/23/134.00

You Know, I had a Thought…

 —  by Johnboy906/28/091.00

You left

 —  by LiLgirlwithaMind12/05/05

You Left...

 —  by RedHairedandFriendly10/17/054.60

You like me don't you?

 —  by steveleenow10/10/023.00

You Listen

 —  by dreamsweet09/21/045.00

You make it work

 —  by Midnitesyn07/24/054.33

You Make Me

 —  by ALSCOTSMAN03/18/033.50

you make me

 —  by SeattleRain01/28/044.14

You Make Me Feel

 —  by theoncomingstorm05/20/144.50

You Make My Day.

 —  by jes_da_man02/11/115.00

You Mean Alot To Me

 —  by Suzi09/23/023.67

You Might As Well Know

 —  by templeminded02/26/073.83

You Move Me

 —  by Exhalingblissfully01/08/174.50

You must really love me

 —  by chieffreak05/07/143.00

You Need No Cheering Up?

 —  by MyOpinion01/22/035.00

You Never Hugged Me

 —  by sack10/19/054.56

You Never Know

 —  by Soul Siren06/03/043.00

You Never Will

 —  by zell1986198608/11/15

You passed me by

 —  by Sex The Drug04/12/024.25

You Promised

 —  by Seeker n Finder12/12/044.75

You Raped Me!

 —  by ramonathompson10/11/062.00

You Remain in Me

 — Poem for Joel by AlotLikePsyche08/15/174.75

You said

 —  by lit'miss06/01/054.50

You said that

 —  by likethecity06/29/145.00

You Said You Hated Cooking

 —  by foehn01/25/054.89

You Said You Were Impressed

 —  by lionshell05/09/073.00

You Said You Would

 —  by Cinderpanda08/09/08

You Say

 —  by wildcat1971_200006/30/064.33

You Say

 —  by wildtiger11/02/055.00

You Say (lyrics)

 —  by Savannah Skye05/28/055.00

You say I am salvagable

 —  by friend4011/29/133.33

You say you love me

 —  by a_silent_love02/22/095.00

You See Before You

 —  by sex_fiend66611/11/055.00

You See, He's My Dad

 —  by sack09/03/074.67

You Should Be So Lucky

 —  by sandspike08/21/055.00

You skip to Dessert

 —  by annaswirls11/12/064.00

You Smiled

 —  by Fantazies05/14/07

You Smiled

 —  by Phxray5407/08/113.50

You Stupid Fucking Bug

 —  by ~hellbaby~07/28/054.40

You Suck

 — Greedy little bastard. by Wordmate04/26/185.00

You Take It Back

 —  by GBRADICAL12/18/07

You Taught Me

 —  by gvmethestars09/17/024.50

You Tell Me You Love Me

 —  by druuna07/26/053.67

You Think I'm Worthless

 —  by druuna05/28/055.00

You Think You Know

 —  by Cleardiamond11/19/10

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