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You Told Me

 —  by Alexis66103/15/065.00

You Took Away My Cup

 —  by babylovesman09/15/025.00

You touched my soul

 —  by Annora11/09/044.75

You vs. Me

 — I was taken by you. by ISiSiNThESkY08/27/165.00

You Were

 —  by H'venlee03/22/034.75

You were here

 —  by chocolateandroses01/18/065.00

You were my angel

 —  by rose butterfly04/27/075.00

You Were So Last Year

 —  by goliathtamer07/25/075.00

You will know when

 —  by satnamscott04/06/055.00

You Will Miss Me When I'm Gone

 —  by n_sue08/16/054.64HOT

You Won For Now

 —  by wildtiger11/02/05

You Won't

 —  by wilderness02/22/044.14

You Won't Either Ever

 —  by susansnow05/16/165.00

You would think

 —  by cavu18209/17/073.50

You'll never feel for me

 — A poem if unrequited love by Knitepoet09/22/171.00

You'll Never Know

 —  by Exakta6603/03/105.00

You'll Never Know It

 —  by Storm6209/29/114.50

You'll Nevery Know

 —  by wetkitten02/05/024.00

You'll remember

 —  by HottieKatie02/07/162.50

You'll Understand

 —  by Sir_Nathan02/26/054.74HOT

You're a Lady

 — Romantic thoughts of a very special lady by OG4U06/29/174.65HOT

You're annoying me

 —  by SoTiredOfMDB08/31/032.00

you're in the America now

 —  by seannelson04/19/135.00

You're Like A Child

 —  by ramonathompson06/20/072.00

You're Lonely I'm Lonely

 —  by cowboypoet02/09/065.00

you're mine

 —  by indian_domme09/05/024.80

you're my blue heaven

 —  by E-Nymph07/16/025.00

You're My Heart!

 —  by Uncle Pervey06/27/044.00

You're My Valentine!

 —  by Uncle Pervey08/01/045.00

You're No God

 —  by ramonathompson04/17/08

You're On Your Own Again

 —  by Dj_Maximus08/09/024.50

You're So Paranoid

 —  by ramonathompson06/20/073.50

You're so vain

 —  by GreenEyedFox12/01/155.00

You're Still Sleeping

 —  by Chicklet03/09/035.00

You, Too Innocent

 —  by smithpeter08/17/02


 —  by ramonathompson08/28/081.00

Young at Heart

 —  by tungtied2u06/27/044.00

Young Jonny Depp

 —  by Jack_Samuel01/23/09

Young Love

 —  by mangafucker04/09/095.00

Young Love

 —  by susansnow09/06/135.00

young man from Poole

 —  by here_cums_kate01/03/074.50

Young Woman

 —  by wife2hotblk01/22/093.00

Younger days

 —  by JCSTREET05/20/044.00

Your Attention Please

 —  by twisted_anjel02/18/043.00

your love.

 —  by robertpaullocke01/15/09

Your "friend"

 —  by fridayam01/08/115.00

Your Angel

 —  by Jimsbaby08/08/134.00

Your Answer Is Tonight

 —  by ramonathompson11/07/085.00

Your Arms

 —  by sandoula02/16/044.00

Your Arms

 —  by MnRider12/05/055.00

Your Back

 —  by Savannah Skye03/11/074.33

Your Back Gate

 —  by SunrockSin06/15/065.00

Your Blind

 —  by TMV05/26/064.20

Your Breath

 —  by susansnow04/01/134.00

Your Butterfly

 —  by abaddonbubbles06/05/072.00

Your Cousin

 —  by susansnow07/20/14

Your Demons

 —  by Wants2benaughty11/06/144.40

Your desires

 —  by lilraindrops04/03/064.75

Your Dirty Laundry

 —  by oregon_gal06/09/064.33

Your Distant Touch

 —  by kinkrichard04/25/08

Your Dracaena

 — An experience of emotion in a sexual awakening. by Roisin1505/31/185.00

Your Dreams Are Mine Now

 —  by avinash199710/02/163.00

Your Dreams Be True

 —  by MyOpinion01/16/034.00

Your effect on me

 —  by rose butterfly05/11/073.25

Your Essence

 —  by 7thsonoferos06/03/03

Your Exotic Candies

 —  by Toward A Word09/30/035.00

Your Eyes

 —  by dcpoet4406/26/045.00

Your Eyes

 —  by lipsofanangel02/20/074.20

Your Eyes, The Poem

 —  by Exakta6609/28/095.00

Your Face

 —  by MaverickMan12/08/044.68HOT

Your fate

 —  by mistressbriane03/21/132.50

Your Girl

 —  by logophile08/23/054.81HOT

Your Government Knows Magick

 —  by Blake4d11/12/105.00

Your Heart

 —  by wildtiger10/28/044.60

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