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Painful -- you don't deserve to feel like this

There is no good reason to cause a man to treat you like that. Your pain is so evident and so real. He was a fool for treating you like that. He never deserved you and will never find anyone better or even as good as you. I am so sorry for your pain.

So beautiful. 💜

I've read it several times:

You've left words out that would have completed the image required.
You've put words in that destroyed the entire picture you attempted to make.
For example: "You are more than even I,
Despite my vivid dreams.
Where does (Know how to win.) fit in. It totally ruins the ending of the poem.

There is nothing here

There is no meter, there is no rhyme. The second stanza makes no sense at all and doesn't belong in this poem.

you might like this

It reminds of the lyrics from the song Suil a ruin

I wish I was on yonder hill
'tis there I'd sit and cry my fill,
And every tear would turn a mill,

Beautiful and frightening!

A beautiful prose poem with many deeply felt images and meanings, And quite frightening with its mention of grenade and machete. You have really mastered stream of consciousness.

Best wishes,.
Robertodavo a.k.a Robert Davidson.

I Awake Every Morning Feeling, LOVED!

Hallo Bree!

You should write more poetry, because "I awake" is a beautiful poem, and very well written,,, yes!

So it's 5-Stars, all the way! 😍

Gay Kat.

Beautiful 5 star poem

Your poem embodies the true meaning of love.
Just perfect , loved this .
Thank you

Lovely Feeling

Heart to heart; women in love. Thank you for sharing this.

True love is truly divine!?

Seems almost a prayer for a god among men and a very personally dedicated one at that!? Best of luck in your quest and may it be less than eternal!

Fine imagery

I especially like your last three images.

Tazz is an Idiot

Tazz is a moron. Why would you write a poem for him? He can't write worth a damn, (see his works) and leaves absolutely idiotic feedback on people's stories and poems, that make no sense whatsoever. A complete waste here on Literotica.


how diffusion creates miracles TK U MLJ LV NV

Stumbled upon this

Made me want to cry. Not much does that.
Thanx 5*

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