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As an American Veteran

I will gladly defend your right to live in peace where ever you choose.


Maybe you should go back to school and learn some basic writing skills.

I go where I please, so fuck Trump and fuck you !

I go where I please ! So fuck Trump and fuck you !!!

On behalf of The United States of America

We decline your offer to emigrate to America. Please remain where you are. You will have no better luck here.

Thanks a lot

I totally appreciate all the nice feedback and comments guys...@exfireman...for the love, yeah ton of thanks, love your work too; @tazz317...well, hope all the pieces fit in your story, dig a plot or're the better writer anyway...;@Orangesandapples...your story on the other hand has so much feeling and emotions that it's easy to lose yourself into your characters...; @HaydenDLinder...gee! kind words aren't wasted...I hope I got half of your skill with such great ideas...I might take it to heart though....

chase em

@tazz317...mix em, down em...then lose the end

nice comments

glad that you guys took an interest in my work...Thanks @tazz317...I was breathless...
@exfireman...yeah, I got away though not unscathed...I guess that's the way it always win some, you lose some


but only for the brave, foolhardy and lost, TK U MLJ LV NV

lovely and romantic

i enjoyed this - thank you

super poetry

but hauntingly sad.

5 stars

Wow such an emotional and powerful poem

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