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Really moving

I love the ambiguousness of it. As much as I understand it the poem talks of love in such a way as to allow space for a reader of any sexuality or gender to relate to the searching, longing voice of the poem's narrator. It has a nice rambling feel also which accentuated the emotions of the writing. It reminded me in a small way of a Robert Burns poem I'm struggling to place.


erotica : 5-ed !!!

Nice - just waiting for peregrine chow


So beautiful, simple but elegant


but no reason for the loss, TK U MLJ LV NV

To be rated so highly....

this poem was a complete and utter DISAPPOINTMENT. The end rhymes are weak, the content is shallow and I know pre-K children who write better than this. You CAN do better!!!!!

Thanks Tazz - never went that way but I believe strap-ons were extra


as her sister Peggy,,,,,TK U MLJ LV NV

Thanks gm, this is from a while back, if I was to pick a singer I'd choose Tina Turner but also need a tunesmith.

Quite an anthem! The rhyme and repeated stanzas I thought worked well. It's exactly what I would expect Big Sue to sing.


Simply beautiful. I loved it.

Nice and Light

Would love to hear you read this. Great work.

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