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sweet beautiful girl...

I wish I could hold you every night until I take away your pain...

I cried!

Tears still spilling ..

The deeper meaning

Very nice Ellen, but I think some may have missed your clues on the dissimilarities between the two lovers. His size, maybe the differences in age - "sex makes no sense."

"Spooned together like tableware" - differences in body types, like a knife and fork, with the tines possibly spread apart.

I loved the visuals I believe your words painted.



Simple and beautiful.


forgetting them, TK U MLJ LV NV


so says the mouse as she "sharpens" her blade

touchy stars! not Your very best work, honestly. always a good read, but this one has a sense of .................agitation???
tight hugs and a kiss on Your cheek for this piece. Editing is Your specialty.

13 makes for a dime a dozen, **************.

I had never read any poems by any authors, but now I will try your other three. This one is outstanding. I am still chuckling.


RIP DRB, 20 August, 2018. We miss you, dear.


to explore and explode, TK U MLJ LV NV


Well said my friend

Tenderness In Loss

You are so right, when that delicious tension is broken you can't unring the bell. I could feel the longing in these words. Well done.

This poem seemed a bit unloved...

... but maybe it's because the eroticism is only there by implication. Nothing explicit needed and I liked that.

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