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such are the Laws of Thermodynamics dear Ash

"Let the squiggle while they may,
They only last but half a day"

some nice things here

more a verse novel than a poem as quite long a read

the world

over, here they use garages

Warm regards

I am sorry that I was not here to celebrate your first poem with you, Tazz. You may remember that I was moved to write an open letter to Anonymous when I was here on Lit some years ago. I wish you well with this! Thumb your nose at everyone while you do your thing! I will keep returning to click five stars for you!

Thank you!

Thank you, Tazz! This is an extremely pleasant surprise.



to Cinnamon Swan, of Jamicia. TK U MLJ LV NV

Erectus , as usual you are dead on target ......

but the percepshun' here in South Asia is Putin's doin' all the heavy liftin' while Obama seems soft on ISIS ?!

Don`t quit your day job

trump and merkel? well ok....

yes you have tagged it dear Ash, the upsetting thing about the Syrian question is that the migration is getting all the press and the Isis war crime atrocities seem not to find there way into the media very often. There is a murder binge going on in the mid east that makes the Nazi look merciful. We are going to need a war crimes tribunal eventual but unlike the Nazis who kept excellent death records, the Isis do not and witnesses will be non existent. Find me another planet where we don't have to cry ourselves to sleep.

Such a gentle, steadfast, warm-hearted affirmation -- it creates a mood of cosmic serenity.

I know the feeling....

In recent years a very and dear friend of mine or so I thought have decided to brek up our friendship, so much for friendship, right? In the matter of fact as I was reading it was imagining about the end of that chapter of my life. And all I needed to do is to replace the name Jill with his.

A tribut to a very dear and near friend......

A tribut to a very near and dear (former) friend of mine. He is the very in bodyment of every word(s) in these two poems. I Miss him

I Miss you Dinver Demtruck my man, Wished I havn't fucked it up;(

you are such a tool

How the hell did you, no where the hell did you two meet? Because you are such a ducking tool. After hearing him say all of that I would have told him to go fuck himself


He can, but wouldn't help us. The only one he helps is himself. Don't fool yourself, and besides it's a hell much more funner for him to just sit back watch on his fat ducking ass!!()

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