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I really liked this GP. It conjures up all sorts of images about a father's relationship with his children.

oh ...ouch

Wow, that was maddeningly sad... But very good.

perhaps to forward

but I'd replace prickly skin with, well you guessed it

oh my God

was that you in the elevator? as usual we all look forward (away from the fart) to see what splendid new poem you have devised. Please do not stop, writing--the farts maybe? a big fan (no pun intended)

I recognise the inspiration of de la Mare as well...

There are also echoes - intentional or not - of the bitter sorrow of Dickens' Miss Havisham.

Having said that, your verse has a loveliness and poignancy of its own.

It's a new year

Unfortnally some of the old year will come along for the ride some of us can no more shake it than we would a zipper on the very same over coat (sorry to break anyones festive mood), but on the birght side we can all hope for all of that like we would a joyouse Winter Holiday and a happy and joyouse Christmas Day.


What the fuck are you on????????????? How the hell is that a beautifual world?????????????? I wish I could literally reach throughthe computer and bitch slap the shit out of your ass!!!!!!!!!!!

You should be proud of what or who you are (really)

Join the club I'm the same way but eventually I learned to accpt myself as well.

Mormon Nuts?

They way I understand it, I'm surprised that "MORMONS" aren't like that since that they are so stuck up. That they have their heads so far up their own ass's that they think that they can just snap a finger and get any one to join or to return, the ones that are lucky to have made a mistake of joining and correct that mistake by either leaving or by not being a reguler church member.

To sum it up....

I think you might be talking about "Faith" plain and simple, after all isn't "Faith" is something that you can not see but believe in?


Really excllent questions..... Something for all of us to think about it. But I think the answer is unfortunally a selfish one for most of us. I'v noticed that in this world it is all about me me me me me me. This world is quckly sinking into hell and taking the rest of us along for the ride that we don't want.

Hidden evil resides in us all

We all can escape I'm talking more than just ending yourself. we just need to find that other way. Hell take a look at me for example, I used to be so dark and twisted I propally should have been hospitalized, but in resanet years I have literally changed I'm no longer dark or twisted anymore.

Farts And Zarts

My farts are world famous
I blend the most awful stench in my bowels
I discharge signature blends at special venues.

public transportation
where a line of people wait
are my farting fields.

I evacuate buildings
I evacuate cities
with my farts.

People rush for fresh air
ask for help
pray god to live.

I fart on purpose
sometimes I kill people with my farts
like chemical weapons
I use them for mass killings.

magnum cum loudly - too cute by half
but all in good fun

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