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Keep on truckin'. Looking forward to the next installment.

Last line triggered a poignant chuckle, if there is such a thing

Your Very good

I read them need to write your stories...


Glass Slippers

I'm prowling bare foot. The slippers were tossed but my arches and back still ache.


11 HOURS & 59 MINUTES PER CYCLE, tk u mlj lv nv


Good suggestion about adding PM. I debated it for a while actually, but went with the less is more approach. Thanks for commenting.

I've worn those same kind of glass slippers before...

... the ones that are beautiful, but remind you that the pain ain't worth it, and you should take them off before you lose even more fragments of yourself.


I might have add "PM" to 2:10 just to add to the line a little with a sparingly used rhyme in the poem.

Nicely done in an economical understated way! I wish I had written it.

I know how you feel. There's no more empathy in the world. Especially our country. Which is becoming ,"not ours". anymore.


...should feel very humble and loved


and over medicine-ized. TK U MLJ LV NV


"bent double"-'dulce et decorum est' is the poem?
- Shrey123

Good riddance

Hard to believe that you would have a typo in such a short poem. "Blue flowed dress" not blue flowered dress? Such a stupid and insignificant poem. 1 star. Good luck with your next name.

reasonable man


Exists in my work. Though it might seem stream of consciousness, and a big part of it is, I try to add form and construct after the thoughts are penned. I think there are more nuggets of truth in works that follow a single incident and/or thought. But that's just me. Thank you for following. By the way, seeing a blue jay is a special message from the universe. The blue jay tells us to listen to our inner selves and be honest and forthright. He's also a warning that if you don't, shit might get bad. FYI.

Another smart one, KC. The sentences, however tenuous the links, make the piece work for me.

Your poems, and those of susansnow, remind me of a debate I had with an accomplished Literotica poet, 1201, who doesn't visit anymore, about stream of consciousness. He saw it as much more disparate and jumping all over the place and never really reaching a conclusion. Perhaps it's the storyteller in me, but I like some coherence in the narrative as if it's moving in some direction(such as Alabama) even if it takes some other...... Oh, I just saw a blue jay out my window😄

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