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Isis : for a self confessed bratty spankee, you really got spunky pluck !!!

Your self respect & self lacerating honesty stand out in this poem : i fived !!!


if only between a man and a woman---- according to Leonard Cohen. TK U MLJ LV NV


on Only a Title and Author and 1 commenter, TK U MLJ LV NV

I feel ya

I read this and cried... for both of us.

"Break another little piece of my heart now baby..."
~ Janis Joplin, Faith Hill

Nice thought

Never happen: the world is too far gone into technology to go back now. Only our age group... well, your age group, I'm only 29 ;-) ... appreciates the thought

Very deep

Loved the poem, sounds like you were in a sad moment when you wrote it.

thank you ,

Dem ! what a lovely compliment : 5-ed .


Is "Choices and sacrifices part 10 "EVER happening? !?!?!

Hope to read more of your stuff.

Got your email. No, I've always gone by greenmountaineer, but as I was reading it, the thought occurred to me you might be poking some fun because your style is strikingly similar to susansnow whose last poem, not long ago, was a metaphorical suicide.

So I'm thinking: Could KikahCornelius be a reincarnation? I suppose I'll never know. Anyway, I liked the poem.

Todays Women Is Tomrrows Whores......

I find that offensive and I'm a male.

You seem to have forgotten that some of those 'Women' are there Sisters, Moms, and future girl friends and wives. NOT ALL 'Women' are future Whores.

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