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normally your poetry

is too pared back for me to get a sense of it, which is readers fault, but this, this is some powerful thought provoking reading Senna!


You know you could charge some one with rape if don't tell you or inform you that they have an STD

Wakin'Down : as for the Needle up the Spine concept ....the

Kundalini Shakti rises up the Shushumna Nadi situated in the centre of the Spine until it merges in the Thousand petalled Lotus in the Center of the head : esoteric no?
I'll be posting an Illustrated Poem on this which I hope will clear up all doubts ' n fears !

Wakin'Down thanks for your kind words .

The second line Om Tat Sat Chit Anand translated from ancient Sanskrit would read
The Eternal State of Existence - Consciousness- Bliss !

GM , first off Thank You for liking this !!!

My earlier version had " leads to " instead of creates so would that be more alliterative ? You tell me .
& yes I am hinting at Nirvikalpa Samadhi here so this is a Meditative state or a stage achieved vide Raj-Yoga ( you know when you have stilled your Monkey Mind to absolute Thoughtlessness !)

@Wakin'Down : thank you for liking this

A space / zone of thoughtlessness / feelinglessness / emotionlessness is called Nirvikalpa Samadhi & is achieved by regular Meditation by the process called Raj-yoga : the yoga which is popular in USA is actually Hatha- Yoga or physical Yoga .

Not True

In most religions if you kill yourself you would end up in HELL and not HEAVEN.

Welcome to my life

Emptiness: That is how I feel whenever God steps on me and kicks me aside and decapitates me and then finally Microwaves me. I so much so I call it BFJ (Big Fuck Jobs). I even thought of killing myself on those times, I'm still alive because I know that is what he wants, is for me to go home early. But still I couldn't help but have thoughts of killing myself. You see to me God is simply a spoiled child and a spoiled brat. That is why I question him.

I like this too, Ash. The frequency of the "s" sound made the poem feel like a mantra.

Just a thought: repeating the poem's stanza might have inferred a meditation, which to me it could be. Also, I'm not sure there is an alternative, but I might have looked for a softer word than "create" because of the harsh "t" sound. Consider that a quibble because I like the poem.

I don't know how this hasn't been commented on yet. This says a hell of a lot more than the number of it's words. I could do with quite a bit more non-feeling myself, my friend. Great job creating a feeling of wanting that feeling of *not* feeling. It paints that picture well, and it does it quick and easy, without any excess or pointless frills. Just the core of the image and the whole picture is there. Well done indeed.

I've read this through a few times now, and I like it. I don't understand the second line, I'm afraid, but that hasn't changed the fact that I like the feel of the work as a whole. I think that says something about it, that I can like it even if I don't even know what to make of a line of it.

I fear a needle to my spine, and I think that might be a part of it. I've been threatened with a spinal tap a couple times now (I don't think my doc would call talking over the procedure *threatening* me, but it sure felt that way to me), and that part really speaks to me.


It is a sad poem.
It is a loving poem.
It shows some 'hatred' of self,
yet love for others.
It shows confusion, growth and understanding.
It is all of that, and more.
It is contorting in it's prose.
It is beauty, grace, and love.

p.s. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and writing.


to pen a tale, or write a billet doux, TK U MLJ LV NV

Thank you for...

...writing this and bringing my attention to a beautiful Japanese legend, it has made me want to read more as well as write a sonnet.

High honors and Kudos

There should be a way to honor members, like TAZZ317, for their support and encouragement to So Many Adventurous authors posting on this site. I have noticed MLJ LV NV as perhaps the most prolific "supporter" on this site. You're the man. You also have good taste in your reading choices.

I have tried, in private, to compose my visions of an erotic situation and realize how difficult it IS to pen the words worthy of entertaining anyone. I know for sure since "I am never satisfied" with my efforts when compared with those meeting Literotica editor's standards. I challenge many "anon" contributors to try writing an "improved script" for every one they slander. It ain't easy, is it?

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