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the sense of self lost in the command

the non erotic tag takes this to dark places for my mind

Still and beautiful

I lack the words...

lovely poem, Pel!!!

'shadows keep dancing....the again are gone'......----
an immortal line!!!5-ed , of course.

No, but

There is a happy ending,
you survived it all.
23 years is a helluva fall.
What did you gain?
Instead of the loss.

You see yet
But soon you will.
How you strong you are.
Time will tell.

Been there

I enjoyed this....... the impression I got: the whole dialog of this poem was as though it came out in a rush. Like a small child trying to explain something BEFORE anyone reacts. Nicely done.

I know this song, I know this dance.

I feel this, but then again, I too, lost someone dear. One step at a time, I know you've heard. Recall her fondly, as I do mine. The pain will lessen though it takes time. Best wishes Redice.


Gave me a chuckle. I needed one today. Thanks for posting it.

hmmmm.... I beg to differ on the "non-erotic"

Ellen, it's lovely, but mis-categorized - those last 5 lines? Erotic as hell! The whole poem, for that matter, is sexy as sin, despite its light touch. Who you trying to fool, girl?

Reply to Pelegrino

Actually, my understanding is that Ostara was a pagan goddess. But all the different religions have an interest in springtime and they seem to have cross-pollinated.

Very nice and powerfully expressed.
I find well operating correspondence between these three and the three sonnets of Saudade. I find the meaning here being the essence to the sonnets, but of all three perhaps the last is my best, cause it gives me hope again and space to move. (the first two gave me a sense of abandonment to fate). This is a quick take, I need to think more about the relationships, and I may do so by returning to the sonnets (as obviously they have a lot more sonic qualities for me) and try to work through them with music.
I did not know that Ostara can be related to Easter ( I thought it was a completely Jewish concept and could relate it only to the biblical personality of Esther), but I live and learn…

thanks, 5ved

very evocative imagery in all three and radiant expression of feeling, capturing the saudade spirit.
Nice rhyming schemes also, Bravo!


all the way to the bottom. TK U MLJ LV NV

This is smart, Ellen, as so many of your poems are.

The reader is left with a question: Was this desirable or not? For those so inclined, yes; for those not, no. That's a wide range. Any poem that encompasses that is a good poem IMO.

It does, however, present a parodox: Lit asks you to ID a submission as either erotic or non-erotic when, in fact it can be either according to the reader's need.

Great poem

Brings me back to when I was younger and could think of some adventure to dream about just before falling asleep and them be able to live the adventure in my dreams. That was so much fun. Sounds like it's time for me to try that again - wish me luck!


are the most often let off the hook, TK U MLJ LV NV

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