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good working of the topic

keep exploring and you'll find men adoring

Nice wordplay!

Well written and relevant...


Tsk! Tsk! What a cynical view of such a great novel :( :( Good poem, though :) :)

Prof. Gav

thanks Ash! Yeah it is about long ago wild living in the med ;-)

Nicely buffeted

Great imagery: I felt lost in the crowd, buffeted by people, and then released onto cool crisp sheets. Playful and sensual at the same time. Very enjoyable!

Fun wordplay!

Lovely wordplay, laced with alliteration. Plenty to crow about. ;)

That said, I stumbled a bit on the following:
"Grudges grown old need
a mutual meal..." - your intent was a bit opaque to me, and possibly driven more by the near-rhymes and parallels to what followed than by the needs of clarity. The image that finally settled in my own mind was of two crones or grumpy old men sitting and sniping at each other. Not sure if I'm anywhere near your mark.

each of these could easily stand alone

but as GM stated the juxtaposition of the centre is a kick in the teeth, it almost make a mockery of the other two professions with its humanity.

you are so skilled in writing vivid imagery that the story leaps from the pages the veracity of what you are saying underscored by your ability to write clear and crisp. The poetics is in the imagery as opposed to in the tricks of the trade so to speak, using good fundamentals and good writing to hit the reader with the emotional context of each of the three stanzas

clever writing

Imagination from 3 sources nicely tied together. The irony of the first and third with the most worthy second sandwiched between them made the poem more than a mere catalogue of making faces. Subtle, it's one of your best IMO.

Beautiful poem

I want to be a banshee


did not portray a trick or treat, TK U MLJ LV NV


I love this. It's a journey of a poem with a cool blue jazz soundtrack. I hope to read more from you!

Very smart; colorful; invites for more than a casual one-time reading.

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