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Non-Erotic Stories

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"Be Back by Dusk"

 — A short scary story. by LolitaJacobs06/30/183.45

"Blank Paper"

 — Before World War II American agents track a spy. by Rugrat6008/18/174.47

"Will You Be My Valetine Day Date?"

 — Man picks a woman a McDonald's as his Valentine's Day date. by SusanJillParker01/23/154.33

'Dad Are You My Father?'

 — Darling daughter has a doubt. by egabrag11/25/134.11

...Of the End of D

 — ...with heavy heart and last revelations, the story ends. by aka_Mike08/01/174.64HOT

...Of the Life of D

 — Explaining the madness through the looking glass. by aka_Mike05/20/164.34


 — A day in the life. by JinSun12/31/162.75

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

 — The first EMS call of a fire fighter is recalled. by KaereniSister07/28/174.47

1,001 Nights: Prologue 01

 — Sara decides to write a book. by sensualwriter06/01/063.69

1,001 Nights: Prologue 02

 — Sara tells her roommate about her plan. by sensualwriter06/02/063.69

10 Years Ago... a Sad Anniversary

 — Follow-on to "That Awful Moment". by GrandPaM05/20/164.66HOT

10,000 Strokes

 — A curse is broken. by 5thRing07/04/174.68HOT

10:00 O'Clock News

 — A couple watches the news before bed. by TexasFarmBoy06/08/133.71

180 Days in Montauk Ch. 02 - Betrayal in Montauk

 — Siobhan protects her loved ones. by Bebop308/18/184.73HOT


 — Young woman's personal reflection of the past year. by A M Miller01/04/02


 — Mary's Story: A Lifetime of Love. by BeachMomma09/21/134.52HOT

3 for Poe

 — 3 shorts marking the horror master's 7 Oct death anniversary. by sr71plt10/06/113.77

34 and Okay

 — Dysfunction turned okay. by petitelove02/08/054.43

750-1,000 Word Custom Story Store

 — Freddie opens a custom story store. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER12/12/083.54

750-1,000 Word Mind Control Story

 — Jason hypnotizes Kathy to strip in front of his friends. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER12/13/083.97

750-1000 Word Exhibitionist/Voyeur

 — Bostonfictionwriter is open for business. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER12/13/083.92

8 Hours

 — Rembering when I said goodbye to you. by OnlyByMoonlight01/29/104.66HOT

9-11 Perspectives

 — Two family member searching for closure. by wife2hotblk09/11/094.21

A Bad Day All Around

 — A really bad day. by vet4201/26/083.85

A Band of Brigands Ch. 1

 — We meet the Band of Brigands. by All by myself04/06/033.50

A Band of Brigands Ch. 2

 — They make a decision by All by myself04/08/034.00

A Bard's Tale

 — The life and death of a drunken bard. by Jester7278302/14/023.67

A Beautiful Black Wedding

 — Black King Finds his beautiful Black Queen. by Samuelx05/22/102.66

A Beautiful Night

 — He wanted to take Janelle to a club. by seannelson11/18/042.45

A Beautiful Secret Ch. 01

 — Charity & Rob meet for the first time. by InnerDarkness06/14/033.60

A Beautiful World Of Tomorrow

 — A beautiful world of tomorrow. by Samuelx09/28/092.54

A Birthday Gift...

 — An Ogre's story of love, the true fairy tale. by stiffNDN05/15/154.50HOT

A Bisexual Arab Man in America

 — Bisexual Arab man meets Irish Catholic woman. by Samuelx09/17/112.58

A Bisexual Black Man's World

 — Young bisexual black man looks at his world. by Samuelx03/29/092.42

A Bisexual Jock And His Tomboy

 — Life, love and friendship in a tough world. by Samuelx07/02/063.60

A bit of History

 — Computer repairman tells a story. by dudewithapen08/22/083.85

A Bit of Worry, a Lot of Pain...

 — Young man copes with diagnosis of his sickness. by emptyness12/18/024.16

A Black Gay Couple's Family

 — Two black gay men form a family. by Samuelx03/10/093.18

A Black Love Chronicle

 — Haitian-American's search for love in North America. by Samuelx08/13/101.67

A Black Man Rules The World

 — Fatherhood changes a black man's life. by Samuelx03/21/091.93

A Black Man's Paradise

 — Black man discovers Paradise in North America. by Samuelx05/28/102.52

A Black Man's World

 — A young man looks at life in America. by Samuelx08/26/091.86

A Black Woman Rejects Feminism

 — Black woman chooses Black love over Feminist hate. by Samuelx03/13/091.97

A Black Woman's Love Is A Prize

 — Black man fights to earn Black woman's love. by Samuelx05/18/102.50

A Black Woman's Power

 — White servant discovers extent of Black women's power. by Samuelx06/02/093.06

A Brief History

 — A potted history of me. by Wkd_Macey02/06/184.50HOT

A Brother's Love

 — Lena awakes from her coma. by ethereal_dancer09/13/064.44

A Brother's Love Ch. 02

 — How it all began. by ethereal_dancer03/02/074.63HOT

A Butterfly with Bite

 — Down but not out, Camilla comes back with a bang. by Egmont040905/02/094.64HOTContest Winner

A Camel's Heart

 — Adventures in the Sahara. by cddweller09/14/044.10

A Case of Revenge Ch. 03

 — Eleanor Burke makes her move! by WifeWatchman06/09/144.71HOT

A Cautionary Tale

 — Just another of those confusing stories. by The Wanderer02/20/073.98

A Cautionary Tale

 — Emotional blackmail can kill. by madengineer304/16/114.12

A Celebration of Black Power

 — Black male and black female students unite. by Samuelx04/12/091.13

A Chance Encounter... or Was It?

 — But all is not what it seems. by memorable_event08/23/144.79HOT

A Chance Meeting

 — The dark elf wizard, Khalirius, meets his long-dead son. by Saint7902/08/15

A Chance Meeting

 — A meeting with a runaway rich girl. by sanjeev9811/05/153.88

A Change in the Status Quo

 — Things cannot continue as they are. by Occamspiledriver01/15/124.26

A Change In The Status Quo Revisit

 — Chuck get's a lot of time to think things out. by northlander02/26/124.53HOT

A Changing Life Ch. 01

 — Times are tough. by jab1302/26/144.23

A Changing Life Ch. 02

 — Dreams are reality. by jab1306/30/144.33

A Chat

 — Lesbian cop teaches virgin guy about love and women. by Captain Midnight01/25/06

A Child's Punishment

 — He couldn't forgive his mother. by thecelt10/03/074.21

A Christmas For Carol

 — She lost everything because of one man. by Erotica_Writings11/18/044.54HOT

A Christmas Homecoming

 — A Small Christmas Miracle. by sexykitten12301/09/144.43

A Christmas Mystery

 — What really happened in that clearing that Christmas Eve by Jeff_Thomas12/24/134.55HOT

A Cliched Valentine's Massacre

 — Nothing could compare to that day. by Squeaky3706/12/063.92

A Continuing Relation of the Advent

 — Into bondage: Our heroine's adventure continues. by raven510/12/023.33

A Conversation Overheard

 — The title says it all about this short story. by Denham_Forrest01/26/104.36

A Conversion

 — Holy roller receives a special revelation. by CervanServidor06/24/063.17

A Country Vicar

 — Life as a country vicar. by MattblackUK06/14/133.93

A Coward's Redemption

 — A self-confessed wimp confronts his demons. by trigudis03/05/174.28

A Cut below the Rest

 — Self harming. by spitzharder06/02/163.40

A Daisy in the Rain

 — A mysterious girl and her story. by Indian_Princess02/23/164.00

A Dark and Stormy Night

 — Small actions always grow, both good and bad. by JayDiver09/27/174.84HOT

A Dark Hobby

 — Prosecutor discovers a dark hobby at night. by Samuelx10/30/083.53

A Dark Spot on the Sun

 — ...the new territory could have been the back of the moon. by SunrockSin02/11/084.00

A Date with Fate (Jessie's Girl)

 — Jessie Townsend meets the world's sweetest girl by accident. by Smokey12507/10/144.70HOT

A Day at the Beach

 — What is really important. by msnomer6811/20/034.07

A Day In A Black Man's Life

 — An ordinary Haitian-American daily life in Canada. by Samuelx08/02/121.87

A Day In A Black Man's Life Ch. 02

 — The challenges a Haitian man faces in Ottawa. by Samuelx08/10/121.82

A Day in Life

 — A story of faith. by misstoy_10102/27/044.31

A Day in Life

 — It was supposed to be just another fall Sunday. by GrandPaM12/03/144.02

A Day in the Life Ch. 01

 — Two aspiring reporters follow the Iron Crowbar for a day. by WifeWatchman12/18/154.71HOT

A Day in the Life Ch. 02

 — Solution to the case; cops and doughnuts; a bad man acts. by WifeWatchman12/22/154.70HOT

A Day in the Life of a Sociopath

 — An ordinary day in the life of a bad guy in Ottawa. by Samuelx06/14/122.50

A Day in the Life of Me

 — An encounter with an ex at work. by elphaba6905/11/132.75

A Day in the Mind of Sean L Nelson

 — Goodwill, pregnant lesbians, and Richard III. by seannelson02/22/054.23

A Day in the Park

 — A day in the park turns romantic. by TheWolfNose04/07/134.00

A Day's Work

 — Marc's mercenary regiment lands & a fire fight ensues. by TRIAX06/29/084.28

A Death in Montauk

 — Justice, Grief and Love. by Bebop301/25/194.76HOT

A Defender of Men

 — The strange tale of a young college man. by Samuelx11/17/083.11

A Demon's Monologue

 — A demon talks about humans & their concept of evil. by ErosinaScarlett09/15/164.85HOT

A Different Curse

 — Do you know how to break this curse. by TheDevilmademedoit09/04/134.14

A Different Kind of Pain

 — The man in black ponders his future. by Heathen Hemmingway09/23/134.69HOT

A Difficult Childhood

 — As difficult as childhood can be, adulthood has to be better. by Scott_Middles02/27/144.08

A Double Scoop of Revenge

 — Revenge wasn't the best way it was the only way. by Bakeboss09/02/104.19

A Dreaded Homecoming

 — Daughter is bringing home a guy called Elam who paints. by EgmontGrigor201112/09/114.40

A Drink with the Deacon

 — A new deacon in a new time. by MysteryWriter09/14/144.62HOT

A Duet

 — Al prepares for his mission, but he won't be going alone. by Nightmare8703/13/094.29

A Dusty Memory

 — Cloud discovers a photo of her and the mother she lost. by AerosmithChick7108/16/023.82

A Fable

 — A tale of politics in a far away land. by REDWAVE06/16/023.36

A Face in the Crowd

 — Mission: Possible? by dizzylia03/31/074.38

A Family Christmas

 — Mr Lloyd's surprise Christmas. by kms198711/13/124.12

A Family Memory

 — A special story told to me about my family. by DG Hear01/21/144.70HOT

A Family of Men in America

 — The daily lives of a Family of Men. by Samuelx10/30/072.75

A Farmer Wife's Christmas

 — Only one thing that could make this Christmas. by Jenny _S11/18/034.43

A Father's Love Story

 — Young man makes a difficult choice. by bigcarl79608/20/124.44

A Few Notes from Mindy

 — Some random musings to help you understand my story. by mindyrose04/17/154.79HOT

A Few Thoughts From Melissa

 — A few thoughts on the terrible tragedy. by Mndom09/24/014.08

A Field Guide to Scars

 — On the importance of scars. by tennmac09/16/084.86HOTContest WinnerEditor's Pick

A Film that Changed America

 — Middle America learns to love deep throat. by Bakeboss11/18/093.80

A Final Farewell

 — A lovers' parting. by Kheftling10/26/113.81

A Fitting Demise

 — She loses more than she planned. by L_G_DARROW09/27/074.28

A Flash of Green

 — Through tragedies comes love. by muirmadra10/23/084.75HOT

A Fragile Light

 — Beginnings of love at the midnight service. by eliotmoore12/24/093.83

A Friend in Need

 — A friend in need is a friend in trouble. by Edge2310/07/063.97

A Fundamental Constant

 — Faustus credits a femme fatale with a find. by Taunus05/26/112.00

A Gardener's Touch

 — A soldier finds his true destiny. by BurntRedstone04/05/164.86HOTContest Winner

A Gift

 — An unexpected pleasure. by fantasywriter12/19/114.00

A Girl With A Secret

 — I fell for a girl that wasn't all she seemed. by Robard10/29/073.84

A Glimpse Inside

 — Depression affects a romantic relationship. by blackdove5512/04/133.96

A Guy Who Wanted Too Much

 — Hayden's vision for a dark-eyed beauty crumbles. by Egmont Grigor02/22/094.27

A Haitian On Canada Day

 — Adventures of a bisexual Haitian immigrant in Ontario. by Samuelx07/05/121.00

A Halloween Inspired Editorial

 — A newspaper answers a letter from Virginia. by Egmont Grigor10/04/064.57HOT

A Hanukkah Gift

 — A German soldier helps a Jewish girl escape the Gestapo. by PrivateRickmers11/12/114.18

A Happy Ending

 — Mother takes extreme steps to defend her daughter. by janets8200108/19/064.73HOT

A Hard Decision

 — The modern realities of small businesses. by madengineer307/11/134.43

A Head Full of Hair

 — Be careful what you wish for. by rgraham66607/27/054.09

A Heartfelt Apology

 — Something to ponder. by PDumbledore03/15/043.92

A Hero's Story Ch. 01-03

 — A hero is chosen. by Kento09/03/044.30

A Hero's Story Ch. 04-05

 — His quest begins. by Kento09/04/044.06

A Hideous Power

 — An evil man messes with the wrong neighbor. by madengineer303/19/124.40

A Home Away From The Home I Knew

 — A voyager journeys to an undiscovered planet. by Cheltenham07/27/103.56

A Home Invasion

 — The kidnappers' plan goes bad. by JapleinViera11/08/124.58HOT

A House of Men

 — One woman and five men, what couldn't go wrong? by kassandral03/16/044.14

A House of Men Ch. 02

 — More adventures in Holly's House, by kassandral03/27/044.16

A House of Men Ch. 03

 — Man Six and a restaurant. by kassandral04/07/044.73HOT

A House of Men Ch. 04

 — The saga continues. by kassandral05/19/044.40

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