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Non-Erotic Stories

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In the Words of Poets

 — I heard you have older books, from before the Revolution. by Decayed Angel10/12/064.22

In-laws from the Planet Stupid

 — Never underestimate how brain dead people can be. by moreandmore07/18/184.52HOT

Incendium SoA Ep. 01

 — The end of the vampires' reign begins with a golden rogue. by Shainin10/25/184.18

Incendium SoA Ep. 02

 — A cyborg bounty hunter tracks the stolen Enforcer carrier. by Shainin11/14/184.38

Independent Missionary

 — Saul Paul receives a letter. by Todd-'o'-Vision12/25/014.40

Industrial Accident

 — Amanda is there for The Kid. by neutrona08/19/094.70HOT

Infernos of Love

 — The sick world of a love-hate relationship. by IxchelLechuga03/16/024.67

Info About the Earth You Never Knew

 — Here are some informative facts about Earth and Earth Day. by SuperHeroRalph04/13/113.86


 — Her new tattoo becomes sentient. by SinisterLittleGoth06/20/123.54


 — Aileen and her first Tattoo. by Original_SinApple12/17/113.83


 — A young girl's innocence affects a father. by WFEATHER06/04/064.40


 — A Family torn apart and patched together. by HunterShambles06/28/154.00

Innocent Lesbians

 — Two innocent lesbians turn south like two lovebirds. by kurlykayaker2304/06/074.09

Inside Out

 — Love can be found in the most inhospitable places. by charlottebraddon04/07/173.12

Interlude Ch. 09

 — Laura's secrets revealed. by WifeWatchman01/30/144.76HOT

Internal Affairs Ch. 01

 — Fall out from doing the right thing. crime story. by MysteryWriter08/07/144.52HOT

Internal Affairs Ch. 02

 — Every good deed is punished. by MysteryWriter08/08/144.62HOT

Internal Affairs Ch. 03

 — The continuing story of a junkie cop. by MysteryWriter08/10/144.57HOT

Internal Affairs Ch. 04

 — Welcome home. by MysteryWriter08/11/144.60HOT

Internal Affairs Ch. 05

 — The morning after the morning before. by MysteryWriter08/12/144.61HOT

Internal Affairs Ch. 06

 — Tiny house gets wired. by MysteryWriter08/14/144.64HOT

Internal Affairs Ch. 07

 — Roger takes Hillary to dinner. by MysteryWriter08/16/144.60HOT

Internal Affairs Ch. 08

 — The end is here. by MysteryWriter08/19/144.64HOT

Internal Affairs Ch. 09

 — Starting over. by MysteryWriter09/12/144.61HOT

Internal Affairs Ch. 10

 — A new name but the same old shit. by MysteryWriter09/18/144.58HOT

Internal Affairs Ch. 11

 — Settling in. by MysteryWriter09/23/144.69HOT

Internal Affairs Ch. 12

 — Gotya. by MysteryWriter09/25/144.65HOT

Internal Affairs Ch. 13

 — A new old case. by MysteryWriter09/28/144.63HOT

Internal Affairs Ch. 14

 — Everyone is looking for something. by MysteryWriter10/03/144.49

Internal Affairs Ch. 15

 — The end of the chase. by MysteryWriter10/20/144.62HOT

International Incident Ch. 01

 — Judge kidnaps the daughter of his wife's rapist. by SEVERUSMAX11/15/043.97

International Relations

 — The beginning. by Ninjafish03/19/124.14

International Relations Ch. 04

 — Evening function - prelude. by Ninjafish03/21/124.67

Interregnum Ch. 00: Prologue

 — So, you wish to hear my story of Odo, the half-orc? by Sexinati10/08/164.12

Interview at a Parisian Restaurant

 — Talking with the darkness. by rgraham66601/23/084.63HOT

Into the City

 — A surreal, observatory expedition into the metropolis. by SadisticFucker01/10/033.83

Into the Dark

 — For that matter, who was I? by DimensionDiver02/09/163.68

Into the Dark Pt. 02

 — A fantasy story. by DimensionDiver02/28/164.50HOT

Into the Dark Pt. 03

 — A fantasy story. by DimensionDiver07/26/164.56

Into the Darkness Ch. 03

 — Paul finds himself. by nightstalker196010/18/073.97

Into the Storm

 — Continuation from Gun Sight. by TRIAX09/04/094.47

Intro to My World

 — The world creation where all my stories take place. by ExtremisticSwitch08/16/154.25

Introducing Thomas Brown Ep. 3

 — Is Thomas Brown losing his mind? by Sadici12/21/013.11


 — I was fucking terrified. by patientlee10/02/144.20


 — The Life and Times of an Invulnerable Man. by Samuelx10/28/082.40


 — A sci-fi tale of fated lovers. by WFEATHER10/28/064.28

Is It Ever Enough?

 — Son's Question On Love. by Walk8606/27/184.20

Is It Safe? Ch. 01

 — The adventures of a lucid dreamer. by daddy195008/08/174.14

Is It Safe? Ch. 02

 — Sam discovers the reason. by daddy195008/09/174.33

Is It Safe? Ch. 03

 — Adam's search for lucid dreams continues. by daddy195008/10/174.17

Is It Safe? Ch. 04

 — Sam meets Brad. by daddy195008/11/174.50

Is That Life?

 — Journal entry follows a typical day. by CornishBabe03/10/084.25

Is The Past Prologue?

 — Did she, or didn't she? by Tonyjoe09/06/054.16

Is The Third Time a Charm?

 — After two failed marriages, should he try again? by DG Hear01/26/064.80HOT


 — The sound of a heart breaking. by caspai01/03/033.42

It Festers

 — Strange dream gets stranger when she wakes up. by Tydeus06/08/023.38

It Happened One Night

 — Virgin Annie's night starts out sour but ends pretty sweet. by ExoticaEroticaInsidaya04/11/154.24

It Is; It Isn't

 — You want to deny it... by d4rk4ngel02/15/064.50HOT

It Takes a Strong Man

 — We acquire the strength we have overcome. by radk08/28/124.29

It Was an English Lady Bright.

 — Based on Sir Walter Scott's medieval love poem. by hotturkey03/29/094.90HOT

It Was Her Shoes

 — And a frantic pursuit ensued. by gene_ericson10/28/084.29

It was Only on Stun! Ch. 01

 — The Accidental Bodyguard; Lose 1 client, gain another. by RC_of_Doom07/18/124.55HOT

It was Only on Stun! Ch. 02

 — Getting hired. Meet the bosses. by RC_of_Doom07/29/124.64HOT

It was Only on Stun! Ch. 03

 — First Contact with the love of his life. by RC_of_Doom08/12/124.49

It Wasn't My Fault Ch. 02

 — It still wasn't his fault, so he kicked some ass. by MattblackUK03/08/134.35

It'll All be Over by Christmas

 — A betrayed soldier seeks revenge. by Moondrift07/03/074.28

It's a Rock

 — Two scientists discover a meteorite. by Sean Renaud02/16/143.44

It's a Shit Life

 — Existence from a bowel's eye view. by Shamus12107412/17/043.85

It's a Terrible Life

 — A man wants a wonderful life but lives a terrible life. by andtheend11/23/103.96

It's a Wonderful Life 1.5

 — Beautiful woman gets attitude adjustment from an angel. by ninefe2dg11/26/074.33

It's About Time

 — He goes to a party and meets a former love. by Tony15503/03/064.73HOT

It's Flu Season Again

 — Damn I have the flu. by dirtyjoe6912/20/064.22

It's Just a Business Transaction Ch. 01

 — Aida comes to America. by Mythrana03/04/054.47

It's Just a Business Transaction Ch. 02

 — Alexander William Jefferson. by Mythrana03/05/054.61HOT

It's Not Chaos

 — Math man battles with chaos & confusion... & wins. by butterfly_lies06/02/044.00

Jack and Diane Ch. 01

 — A man's hand is forced, and he must move on. by torchthebitch10/16/074.43

Jack and Diane Ch. 02-04

 — Looking back and moving on. by torchthebitch11/18/074.48

Jack and Diane Ch. 08-10

 — So you think it's amicable? by torchthebitch04/20/084.57HOT

Jack and Diane Ch. 11-14

 — Let me down easy. by torchthebitch08/14/084.56HOT

Jack and Diane Ch. 15-18

 — The first part of the new ending. by torchthebitch11/09/094.62HOT

Jack and Diane Ch. 19-21

 — The story of Jack and Diane comes to an end. by torchthebitch11/10/094.48

Jack and Jill

 — A story about the awakening of Priapus and Venus. by Historynut04/12/084.17

Jack Was Having a Very Bad Day

 — Jack takes back his neighborhood. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER07/31/074.21

Jackie Pilgrim

 — Recollections of a Kentish idyll. by laplappapillon12/18/094.00

Jacob's Christmas

 — Old man reviews his life & contemplates the unthinkable. by alonzo1412/13/034.70HOT


 — Daughter makes a decision. by Taea Creations05/03/044.32

Jade McQueen

 — A tale of love, addiction, and friendship. by quinnhemmingway01/31/024.33Editor's Pick


 — Not a love story. by Bigdenverman06/13/113.17

January 1971 in Detroit

 — Just a little look at how things might have happened. by MysteryWriter10/06/044.36

Jasmine's Nightmare

 — Her best friends were in trouble & she couldn't help. by LonelyMuse09/17/023.67

Jason and Zoe

 — A tale of love, betrayal and revenge by PostScriptor04/23/144.40

Jax and the Brown Eyed Girl

 — An actress is saved from a drug lord. by JayCuck08/22/144.81HOT

Jax Brightsteel: Sword for Hire

 — The start of an adventure of an sell sword. by schreckdog05/05/144.36

Jayalakshmi : First Love

 — She taught me the joy of loving. by andhravadoo10/10/154.46


 — You think you know someone but... by Dillinger06/01/012.94

Jeff Leaves the Farm

 — A somewhat goofy guy improves and makes it in the city. by EgmontGrigor201101/01/124.59HOT

Jeff's Cloud 9

 — A fated meeting. by Lou Davidson10/26/022.33

Jenn Again

 — Things evolve with Jenn the co-worker. by WhitePython12/24/084.17


 — After getting dumped, a woman gets a chance at payback. by blackash0104/02/153.87


 — A Love Story. by madengineer307/11/133.96

Jeremy the Germ

 — (non-adult Thriller) Planetary Crime Fighter. by Ben_A_Vanguarde02/13/124.12

Jeremy's Mother

 — An introspective view of a middle-aged man. by ~Horse~02/17/06

Jesus Speaks Galician

 — Reluctant caregiver finds Christmas in Galicia. by olivias11/10/164.72HOT

Jesus Stole My Girlfriend

 — Everyone has had a bad roommate experience. by spoonbender12/18/023.31

Jewel Thief

 — A romance witha little larceny. by wildsweetone09/21/023.90

Jimmy Six-Fingers

 — A twist in the tale of life. by Trinetra04/07/064.30

Jimmy's Girl Friend

 — (Flash Fiction) Seeing is believing. Isn't it? by Ben_A_Vanguarde11/24/103.80

Jingle Bells ....

 — Sometimes the bells don't sing. by quietpoly12/15/023.00


 — A day when you can't do what you want. by PaxtontheMeek02/06/053.67

Jocularity at the Office

 — Office cohorts discuss lawyers & politics. by Buster Hymen01/08/024.14

John Smith's Space Diary

 — His first taste of life in space comes as a shock. by ROS_LOMBOT05/13/014.49

John Steadman, A Forest Ranger

 — Forest ranger and a college friend reunite. by Skip1934a04/02/074.74HOT

Joining Forces

 — When demon hunter corners prey, a new alliance is born. by Hibbidyhai09/08/074.47

Joseki's Journey's

 — The final chapter. by Joseki Ko09/19/055.00

Joseki's Journey's SOLD!

 — A slave is sold to the Tavern. by Joseki Ko11/19/083.55

Joseki's Journeys: Fighter Practice

 — Fighter Practice in cyber space. by Joseki Ko07/28/044.75

Joseki's Journeys: Sword Brother

 — Life in Gor. by Joseki Ko09/20/044.45

Joseki's Journeys: Sword Brother Ch. 02

 — Life in Gor. by Joseki Ko09/21/045.00

Joseki's Journeys: Sword Brother Ch. 03

 — Zia meets her new master. by Joseki Ko09/23/043.50

Joseki's Journeys: Sword Brother Ch. 04

 — Red Hawk visits the tavern in Gor. by Joseki Ko09/23/042.50

Joseki's Journeys: Sword Brother Ch. 05

 — Life in Gor. by Joseki Ko09/24/045.00

Journal of Chief Irons

 — Diary reveals mystery involving corrupt police chief. by kingquib03/28/054.00

Journey of a Naive Lily White Woman

 — She realizes her passion for a Black Dom. by blckmasterwhiteslave03/16/093.56

Joy in the Glitter

 — Have you ever cried over spilt milk? by wife2hotblk01/14/104.41


 — She uses tarot to decide if she should end her own life. by Nameless_Rose08/21/103.94

Judgement Day

 — She knows her soul is pure; the demon wants proof. by LexiRoseLexi10/25/122.86

Julie's Ride Home

 — Is a mysterious country girl all she seems? by PaxNurgle07/27/174.36


 — All she wanted was freedom. by Dani_Blade12/05/123.79

Junkyard's Hammer

 — The stupid shall be punished. by torp09/22/033.79

Jupiter, You're Only a Star

 — I remember him so well. by Aborted_Wonderland10/28/074.40

Just a Dance

 — A college student dances with an attractive stranger. by emari10/27/133.95

Just a Few Words of Encouragement.

 — A bit of confidence is all he needs. by RubenR01/19/184.69HOT

Just a Letter

 — A soldier's letter home to his wife in Dec. 1965. by SEANACHIE01/01/084.54HOT

Just a Matter of Time

 — Was there a loose end? by magmaman09/14/104.51HOT

Just a Matter of Time Ch. 02

 — It was simply the job. by magmaman09/20/104.28

Just A Simple Trip

 — ...then it got complicated. by magichandslee01/16/044.48

Just a Sin Away from Hell

 —  In music he found what he could never have gotten at home. by MSTarot09/26/134.69HOT

Just a Story Ch. 03

 — Conclusion; pranks, elections, and intrigue. by WifeWatchman01/26/174.83HOT

Just Another Night

 — It starts at the Pink Poodle. by minutes2memories10/18/073.80

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