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Non-Erotic Stories

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Lonely Rhodes Ch. 05

 — The conclusion by PaulStevens08/01/104.76HOT

Long Boats In Time

 — In the province, you either were a fisherman or you left. by jthserra03/18/044.33

Long Haul

 — Carl loved Alice, but she loved Dougie. Carl left town. by Spencerfiction01/08/154.18

Looks Can Be Deceiving

 — Boyfriend learns a secret with a twist. by ZenLuv08/04/103.97


 — Writer's funny attempts at dating a lovely coworker. by musiclover62801/30/023.72

Losing the House but Winning Mom 07

 — Angelo Mozilo, Countrywide Bank, helps Jennifer buy a house. by SusanJillParker11/04/154.34

Lost in a Lonely World - Epilogue

 — The letter that we never got to read - till now! by dangerouslydead08/25/104.18

Love and Poverty on Distant Worlds Ch. 01

 — A sci-fi drama. by AnotherWannabe09/19/114.57HOT

Love and Poverty on Distant Worlds Ch. 02

 — John is forced to survive in an alien culture. by AnotherWannabe06/18/124.38

Love and Snow

 — Angels ponder the meaning of love. by ABSTRUSE11/30/064.79HOTContest Winner

Love and Truth

 — Was she telling him the truth? by DG Hear12/26/064.26

Love At First Email

 — Romantic story of how they met. by cum_loving2208/01/104.90HOT

Love at First Sight

 — A little boy and girl meet on the first day of school. by bigcarl79604/04/154.29

Love Busters

 — He catches cheating spouses. by Bakeboss01/25/104.01

Love Conquers All

 — Fate brings a man and woman to a turning point. by Prizmatic06/07/094.38

Love Conquers All

 — Two lonely people find joy. by madengineer307/31/124.17

Love is in The Air

 — Two best friends share a night that lasts forever. by wtdgirl103/04/073.43

Love Is: To Be Together, Always

 — The love of an elderly couple transcends. by englander196107/15/044.84HOT

Love Lost

 — An honest story about unrequited love. by The_Dork_Knight02/11/113.94

Love Me

 — A submissive's thoughts. by storywritingsub12/06/044.08

Love On The Side

 — A young woman deals with small town values. by espeteroh04/14/054.39

Love Reins

 — In the face of the warm evening, a storm brewed. by Morgaine LaFay11/05/014.46

Love Unrequited

 — A disastrous office party leads to something unexpected. by sunny5523501/15/104.33

Love Unspoken, Love Unbroken

 — College professor looks back at his last day of high school. by fardreamer02/24/044.67HOTEditor's Pick

Love, True Love

 — Bedridden old woman tries to teach a young couple. by Joesephus01/31/064.87HOT


 — She learns the hazards of falling in love. by wildsweetone02/21/024.16

Loving Cindy

 — Lee and Cindy grew up alone and together. by JakeRivers05/29/074.55HOT

Lucifer: The Real Story?

 — A different take on the story of the War in Heaven. by werebare04/17/054.00


 — Jed fights with his wife then almost cheats. by JakeRivers06/18/074.35


 — An end to memories. by clarkcrow04/16/134.84HOT

Lucy Deluca

 — Lucy has an addiction: killing. by illusiverose02/09/124.27

Lullaby for a Teenager

 — A letter to the child I lost, the child I never knew I had. by TansyGentianFlowers05/14/094.66HOT

Luminescent Ch. 01-02

 — A slave cursed to become a naga at night gets a new master. by Luminescentdragon06/19/064.61HOT


 — Hitman Tres finds the dark side of the drug scene. by FedoraJoe03/23/014.00

Lyin' Eyes Ch. 05

 — Mark can't accept Laura's excuses. by Longhorn__0708/29/054.41

Lyin' Eyes Ch. 06

 — Laura's story. by Longhorn__0708/30/054.31

Lyin' Eyes Ch. 07

 — Mark & Laura agree on what future holds for them. by Longhorn__0708/31/054.45


 — Remembering a Friend. by Tony15507/21/094.84HOT

Lynn and Bobby Ch. 05

 — Bill returns and Bobby finally gets even. by LynnGKS01/27/104.30

Macie's Revenge

 — Macie took on her captors and dealt her own sense of justice. by TRIAX08/18/084.12

Mad Women

 — The truth about women at last. by Samuelx08/30/082.40

Mad World

 — The life and times of a twisted genius. by Samuelx08/03/083.00

Maddie's Curse

 — Would this year's Valentine's Day be an improvement? by rachlou01/26/084.51HOT

Magdalene House

 — A somewhat erotic thriller. by fisherman12/14/034.75

Maggie and Greg

 — A boring life has five minutes of TERROR by MysteryWriter08/04/144.43

Maggie May - Jake Rivers

 — A woman finds redemption after 10 years of selling herself by JakeRivers11/26/074.66HOT

Maggie's Gift

 — She heals his soul. by _Lynn_11/20/094.71HOTContest Winner


 — Vengeance was a game they liked to play. by LonelyMuse09/09/024.40

Magical Moments

 — Even Santa needed a reason to smile. by _Lynn_11/10/154.50HOT


 — Group of Puritan Pagans get payback. by CyerraMyste11/23/063.89

Magnum Opus

 — Coming Soon to a Theater Near you. by Rumpleteazer08/11/09

Majgen Appendix 001

 — Appendix for 'Majgen'. by ellynei05/27/084.31

Majgen Ch. 001

 — Science fiction, book size. by ellynei05/03/08HOT

Majgen Ch. 002

 — Femaron Braygen -- memories of a pet. by ellynei05/07/08HOT

Majgen Ch. 003

 — Science fiction, book size. by ellynei05/15/08HOT

Majgen Ch. 004

 — Science fiction, book size. by ellynei05/20/08HOT

Majgen Ch. 005

 — Science fiction, book size. by ellynei05/27/08HOT

Majgen Ch. 006

 — Science fiction, book size. by ellynei06/04/08HOT

Majgen Ch. 007

 — Science fiction, book size. by ellynei06/12/08HOT

Majgen Ch. 008

 — Science fiction, book size. by ellynei06/18/08HOT

Majgen Ch. 009

 — Science fiction, book size. by ellynei07/09/08HOT

Majgen Ch. 010

 — Science fiction, book size. by ellynei07/10/08HOT

Majgen Ch. 011

 — Science fiction, book size. by ellynei07/15/08HOT

Majgen Ch. 013

 — Science fiction, book size. by ellynei07/23/08HOT

Majgen Ch. 014

 — Science fiction, book size. by ellynei07/30/08HOT

Majgen Ch. 015

 — Science fiction, book size. by ellynei08/06/08HOT

Majgen Ch. 016

 — Alive. by ellynei09/24/08HOT

Majgen Ch. 017

 — Home. by ellynei09/29/08HOT

Majgen Ch. 018

 — Lovers. by ellynei10/04/08HOT

Majgen Ch. 019

 — Love and Legends. by ellynei10/11/08HOT

Make Me a Channel of Your Peace

 — Who is the stranger at the back of the crowd at the funeral? by Nephylim12/01/124.75HOT

Making a Choice

 — A teenager has a tough decision to make. by Alexand Morgan11/24/054.57HOT

Making Choices for Life

 — Alex goes off to college. by Alexand Morgan12/24/054.66HOT

Making Room for Christmas

 — Charlotte and Brenda stranded in the snow at Christmas. by olivias12/24/114.17

Malachi's Task

 — Opening the doors to enlightenment. by Ygraine11/25/064.86


 — A complicated but loving mother/daughter relationship. by DevilOrAngel04/13/093.95

Man of My Dreams Ch. 01

 — A teenager falls in love for the first time. by Jaysce05/20/033.38

Man-Eater of Myanmar

 — A giant man-eating fish stalks the Irrawaddy. by al_Ussa12/31/104.00


 — Truth revealed, with odd help. by Harold Masters09/18/033.43

Mandy's Letter To Santa Claus

 — One night of kindness. by Erotica_Writings11/25/044.86HOT

Manipulating Moments

 — The mist settled across the pond like a cottony blanket... by jthserra07/21/042.50


 — The future of Man? by Britease04/08/154.06

Maran's Hiding

 — Even if she was out of the gang; others didn't want her gone. by D_Marx07/25/123.92

March Lady Friends

 — A month of challenges in and around The Big E. by alligatorhunt06/03/055.00

Marriage Of Convenience

 — His marriage of convenience is no longer convenient. by The Wanderer05/08/074.47

Martha Finally Cheats Too Often

 — She's not as smart as she thinks. by FinishTheDamnStory09/30/144.24

Marvin Leaves the City

 — A disgruntled absentee owner decides to live on the ranch. by EgmontGrigor201101/01/124.45

Mary Catherine

 — A young woman with many internal and external conflicts. by espeteroh02/06/103.86

Mary Irene McDonaldson

 — Some people called her the cat lady, I called her Hot Flashes. by PTBzzzz10/12/114.45

Mary Lewis Saw It First

 — A visitation begins on the eve of Halloween. by Egmont Grigor10/07/064.19


 — Childhood friends re-united. by Manny_Kanblo08/15/093.14

Mary's First Day of Kindergarten

 — A new teacher's horrifying first day. by 100 Angry Bananas07/19/043.91

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