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Maryanne's First Kiss

 — A magical evening and a first kiss from a special boy. by Dinsmore01/30/064.88HOT

Maryland My Maryland

 — A response to an anonymous comment about Maryland. by carvohi02/20/144.53HOT

Masculinity in American Colleges

 — America's young men speak out. by Samuelx11/09/072.43

Mastering the Game

 — She makes a bet on a game of pool. by devilinusall01/30/033.50


 — A woman learns what beauty means. by DiscoDiva09/21/044.50HOT

Matilda the Stone Fairy

 — A young fairy learns the terrible consequences of her anger. by A_I_Bloom06/07/154.40

Matter of Choice Ch. 02

 — The Wilson Twins. by magmaman09/27/054.62HOT

Mattress Shop

 — Something amiss. by doggydolph01/29/113.14

Max's Nightmare

 — He wanted to help so badly, but the odds were against him by LonelyMuse09/16/022.86

Maxine's New Life Ch. 01

 — Story about a middle-aged woman starting live all over. by carniegirl10/29/11HOT

Maxine's New Life Ch. 02

 — More Maxine. by carniegirl10/30/11

Maxine's New Life Ch. 03

 — Maxine's new job. by carniegirl10/31/11

Maxine's New Life Ch. 04

 — On the road with Maxine. by carniegirl11/01/11

Maxine's New Life Ch. 05

 — Max and Marty on the road on the bikes. by carniegirl10/23/11

Maxine's New Life Ch. 06

 — Maxine's new life. by carniegirl10/27/11

Maxine's New Life Ch. 07

 — Maxine in bed with the Russians. by carniegirl10/31/11

Maxine's New Life Ch. 08

 — Maxine goes to a party. by carniegirl11/02/11

Maxine's New Life Ch. 09

 — More Maxine. by carniegirl11/03/11HOT

Maxine's New Life Ch. 10

 — Maxine and the gunny get close. by carniegirl11/05/11

Maxine's New Life Ch. 11

 — Doing what she does. by carniegirl11/08/11

Maxine's New Life Ch. 12

 — Just being Maxine. by carniegirl11/09/11

Maxine's New Life Ch. 13

 — More of the same. by carniegirl11/11/11

Maxine's New Life Ch. 13a

 — Inserting stuff missed. by carniegirl11/17/11

Maxine's New Life Ch. 14

 — Just another bit of maxine's new life. by carniegirl11/12/11

Maxine's New Life Ch. 15

 — Pirates and other bad guys. by carniegirl11/13/11

Maxine's New Life Ch. 16

 — Closing our the episode. by carniegirl11/17/11

May There Be a Road

 — Life's roads, taken and, lead you to where you are now. by Jeff_Thomas12/11/164.63HOT

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

 — Dangers lurks one day out on the river. by magmaman02/10/064.61HOT

Me, Myself and I

 — Portions of a life. by proverbialasshole04/04/174.62HOT

Mea Culpa

 — There is a difference between understanding and knowing. by Sean Renaud06/30/093.33


 — A reminder of summer in the middle of winter. by WFEATHER02/04/094.53HOT


 — Dramatic struggle no one knew about on a beautiful day. by Arma08/30/053.83

Medium Girl Ch. 01-02

 — I see dead people. by elphaba6909/22/124.54HOT

Meet The Haitian Goddess

 — Arrogant Haitian-American meets tough Haitian tomboy. by Samuelx03/15/111.75

Meet The Haitian Goddess Deux

 — Haitian-American stud handles Haitian tomboy. by Samuelx03/16/111.11

Meet the Haitian Goddess Trois

 — Haitian tomboy defies macho Haitian-American. by Samuelx03/26/111.00

Memories in the Sea

 — Man tries to cope when all else is lost. by Darknesscomes2712/20/034.00

Memories of My Return to Belfast

 — A bitter remembrance. by Jenny_Jackson02/24/08

Men at Work

 — How real men get through the everyday. by Samuelx12/10/071.71

Men From Mars, Women From Venus

 — Otherwise entitled; Men are from Mars, Women are Bitches. by JulesC09/01/05

Men's Colleges in America

 — The adventures of a college football player. by Samuelx10/18/072.60

Men's Rights Activism in America

 — A Feminist learns the error of her ways. by Samuelx10/23/072.16

Men's Rights Activist in America

 — The adventures of a male activist in America. by Samuelx12/06/081.00

Men's Rights Activist in College

 — Athletic director sticks up for college men. by Samuelx08/01/072.17

Men's Rights Champions

 — Black male genius defends college men's rights. by Samuelx01/11/091.60

Men's Rights: Why I Fight

 — The life and times of a Men's Rights Activist. by Samuelx08/26/083.30


 — A terrifying dream of the devil. by owenlystrup202008/23/024.20


 — A Thracian girl gets captured by Gothic invaders. by RhoderDX03/14/153.76

Merit Badge

 — An overnight campout on Halloween. by The_Technician10/13/114.25

Message From The Deacon

 — After the service, dinner. by MysteryWriter09/16/044.54HOT

Messed Up Molly

 — A man learns more than he wants to about a co-worker. by FamiliarEnough08/18/12

Miami Heat Ch. 03

 — Sean and Áine get closer. by GaelicLover10/29/104.42

Michael and Elizabeth: An Ending

 — End to open story. by mikoli576301/06/163.90

Micro Wave Man Ch. 00

 — Meet Dr. Spy, an evil genius bent on world domination. by sjmhmttep07/04/123.38

Micro Wave Man Ch. 01

 — Mark Surrender is about to get blown away. by sjmhmttep07/05/123.62

Micro Wave Man Ch. 02

 — Dr. Spy gives Tyrone a job to do. by sjmhmttep07/06/124.40

Micro Wave Man Ch. 03

 — Mark Surrender awakens to find he now has super powers. by sjmhmttep07/07/124.12

Micro Wave Man Ch. 04

 — Tyrone visits his mom in the nursing home before doing task. by sjmhmttep07/08/122.82

Micro Wave Man Ch. 05

 — Mark deals with his new powers, and meets a girl. by sjmhmttep07/09/123.90

Micro Wave Man Ch. 06

 — Punk Rocker & Battle Dog steal stuff & get new powers. by sjmhmttep07/10/124.25

Micro Wave Man Ch. 08

 — Punk Rocker vs. Dr. Spy. by sjmhmttep07/12/123.33


 — Adventure of a window washer. by WFEATHER08/02/084.30

Midas: Retouched

 — He learns about the sin of Greed the hard way. by ceres_andraste01/13/083.75Editor's Pick

Midnight City Ch. 01

 — City nights, City lights, and a new case for Don and Cindy. by WifeWatchman01/28/174.79HOT

Midnight City Ch. 03

 — Solution; Crowbars rule the Night in the sparkling City... by WifeWatchman02/04/174.86HOT

Midnight Train To Nowhere Ch. 01

 — Two strangers meet on a West-bound train. by Heathen Hemmingway08/31/124.50HOT

Midnight Train To Nowhere Ch. 03

 — The Kid catches a train. by Heathen Hemmingway09/03/124.71HOT

Midnight Train To Nowhere Ch. 04

 — The Kid meets The Man in Black. by Heathen Hemmingway09/05/124.83HOT

Milacik - After Thoughts

 — Remembering is bittersweet, but better than the alternative by NotReallySure05/05/133.53

Millie's Smile

 — Motivational story about catatonic patient & Santa. by NiteRidder06/15/024.80HOT


 — A fictional biography of a contented man. by IgneousRocks07/07/164.27

Mind the Myrtle

 — Veggies get violent with farmer. by baby girl05/13/044.43

mindsc@pe Ch. 01

 — Jayce discovers the advantages of being shot in the head. by shmagiggywokka03/09/144.35

mindsc@pe Ch. 05

 — Jayce visits a psych, opening his mind to her criticism by shmagiggywokka03/13/144.58HOT

Minerva Ch. 01 of 10

 — Another Wanderer wander through improbability. by Denham_Forrest12/26/104.57HOT

Minerva Ch. 02 of 10

 — Another Wanderer wander through improbability by Denham_Forrest12/27/104.57HOT

Minerva Ch. 03 of 10

 — Another Wanderer wander through improbability. by Denham_Forrest12/28/104.62HOT

Minerva Ch. 04 of 10

 — Another Wanderer wander through improbability. by Denham_Forrest12/30/104.59HOT

Minerva Ch. 05 of 10

 — Another Wanderer wander through improbability. by Denham_Forrest12/31/104.67HOT

Minerva Ch. 06 of 10

 — Another Wanderer wander through improbability. by Denham_Forrest01/02/114.62HOT

Minerva Ch. 07 of 10

 — Another Wanderer wander through improbability. by Denham_Forrest01/03/114.65HOT

Minerva Ch. 08 of 10

 — Another Wanderer wander through improbability. by Denham_Forrest01/06/114.62HOT

Minerva Ch. 09 of 10

 — Another Wanderer wander through improbability. by Denham_Forrest01/07/114.73HOT

Minerva Ch. 10 of 10

 — Another Wanderer wander through improbability. by Denham_Forrest01/08/114.75HOT

Minimal Damage

 — Confessional. by susansnow11/26/152.71

Minorities Rule Tomorrow's America

 — Blacks, Asians & Latinos replace WASP regime. by Samuelx04/16/091.71


 — A friendship ends bitterly. by Mistress_Woulf03/31/053.75

Miranda McMullen

 — A slightly unconventional love story. by quinnhemmingway01/20/023.25

Miridian Ch. 01

 — Laura goes to the forbidden sea, and is marked. by Madam_X09/03/124.21

Mirror Mirror

 — Two deaths, a farm house, and fear. by thornapple11/13/084.86HOT

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

 — Mirror sold at garage sale has a story behind it. by Justtoold12/03/153.68

Miscarriage of Hope

 — Warning - not a light read, even for non-erotic. by wife2hotblk10/24/093.03

Miss Emma’s Christmas Party

 — A special Christmas Party. by rpault12/17/163.96

Miss Kitty

 — She only wanted snacks from the 7-Eleven. by sourdough99908/07/104.64HOT

Mistress and Commander Ch. 04

 — Hard Her Service, Poor Her Payment by estragon03/04/114.47

Molly and Jess

 — A young girl's heart opens at the sight of female beauty. by kurlykayaker2305/15/064.20

Mom Named Barbie Ch. 01

 — Family Destruction, Devastation and Reconnection. by PegasusRyder09/28/164.20

Moment of the Deer

 — Shocked from lethargy to understanding Christmas. by olivias12/09/104.62HOT


 — One day in the life of a girl. by Selena_Kitt02/17/063.96

Money, Money, Money

 — A chance for redemption in a Vegas casino by Arkontheroof11/24/034.47

Monk & Natalie Ch. 03

 — The last tale of Monk & Natalie. by ericthebard06/30/044.35


 — A tale of space age mining. by bassbelly09/23/074.00

Morality and Immortality Ch. 01

 — The Experiment. by CounterCulture110/11/084.19

More Than Words Ch. 01

 — Code, Honor, Discipline. by fgmntfmgnshn08/03/124.70HOT

More Than Words Ch. 02

 — An Unbreakable Vow. by fgmntfmgnshn09/20/124.82HOT

More Than Words Ch. 03

 — Full Circle. by fgmntfmgnshn10/20/124.76HOT

More to Life

 — Vacation. by Kozure Okami02/09/124.22

Morning After and Beyond Ch. 03

 — What could possibly happen next. by elphaba6901/28/133.67

Moth Ch. 001

 — The crone. by ellynei08/14/104.42

Moth Ch. 002

 — Young wings. by ellynei08/15/104.44

Moth Ch. 003

 — The plague. by ellynei08/16/104.51HOT

Moth Ch. 004

 — Alone. by ellynei08/17/104.61HOT

Moth Ch. 005

 — Fall. by ellynei08/18/104.61HOT

Moth Ch. 006

 — Fall's end. by ellynei08/19/104.83HOT

Moth Ch. 007

 — Winter. by ellynei08/20/104.70HOT

Moth Ch. 008

 — Spring. by ellynei08/21/104.63HOT

Moth Ch. 009

 — Fights. by ellynei08/22/104.75HOT

Moth Ch. 010

 — Silk. by ellynei08/23/104.70HOT

Moth Ch. 011

 — Kokata. by ellynei08/24/104.80HOT

Moth Ch. 012

 — Shivers. by ellynei08/26/104.82HOT

Moth Ch. 013

 — Termites. by ellynei08/27/104.80HOT

Moth Ch. 014

 — Homes. by ellynei08/28/104.77HOT

Moth Ch. 017

 — To worry. by ellynei08/31/104.54HOT

Moth Ch. 018

 — Evelin. by ellynei09/01/104.76HOT

Moth Ch. 019

 — Seeking. by ellynei09/02/104.71HOT

Moth Ch. 020

 — Kuruma. by ellynei09/03/104.62HOT

Moth Ch. 021

 — Ways to find. by ellynei09/04/104.58HOT

Moth Ch. 022

 — Making relations. by ellynei09/05/104.72HOT

Moth Ch. 023

 — Firecraft. by ellynei09/08/104.61HOT

Moth Ch. 024

 — Seers. by ellynei09/09/104.67HOT

Moth Ch. 026

 — Sight. by ellynei09/10/104.53HOT

Moth Ch. 029

 — It and Death. by ellynei09/13/104.78HOT

Moth Ch. 030

 — Early. by ellynei09/14/104.68HOT

Moth Ch. 031

 — Day too soon. by ellynei09/15/104.53HOT

Moth Ch. 032

 — Blood and allies. by ellynei09/16/104.64HOT

Moth Ch. 033

 — Its man. by ellynei09/17/104.63HOT

Moth Ch. 034

 — Outstanding courage. by ellynei09/19/104.70HOT

Moth Ch. 035

 — The spiders. by ellynei09/19/104.61HOT

Moth Ch. 037

 — Traps. by ellynei09/21/104.63HOT

Moth Ch. 038

 — Cold. by ellynei09/22/104.67HOT

Moth Ch. 039

 — Bad. by ellynei09/23/104.57HOT

Moth Ch. 040

 — The plan. by ellynei09/24/104.60HOT

Moth Ch. 041

 — The fool's fool. by ellynei09/25/104.84HOT

Moth Ch. 042

 — HELpLEssEs. by ellynei09/26/104.74HOT

Moth Ch. 043

 — The ends. by ellynei09/27/104.85HOT


 — Attempting to put a mother's thoughts into words. by Ellisyn01/27/024.25

Mother of Pearl

 — A child learns her true identity. by adrianhayter06/14/074.20

Mother Was a Smoker

 — Mother was cheating. She deserted us to become a whore by MitchFraell05/07/144.04

Mr. and Mrs. America

 — Do you want what you get, or get what you want? by jezzaz11/18/154.66HOT

Mr. Mom Goes Surfing

 — A flaky dad loses his job and stays home to raise his boys. by maninconn03/02/164.54HOT

Mr. Music Please

 — Exceedingly silly superheroes battle the forces of evil. by ReverendAnimal06/19/103.33

Mrs. Winslow's Daughter

 — Hell hath no fury like the mother of a murder victim. by MysteryWriter08/19/144.68HOT

Ms. Lockley's School for Unloved Girls Ch. 01

 — Where do the unloved 18-year-olds get sent? by Ianthe10/31/063.96


 — She has grown up. by WFEATHER02/26/093.47

Murder in Magnolia

 — Death and corruption a small Georgia town. by Maximillian_Excaliber07/04/084.65HOT

Musings and Ramblings

 — A bartender's career progression and musings. by easylivin10/18/073.60

Mustang GT

 — Still the best bang for the buck. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER12/11/073.39

My 6-Month Thailand Sojourn

 — Author tells of his time in Thailand. by seannelson12/04/063.72

My Angel Mission

 — Mother's love protects her child, even after death. by English Lady05/08/054.78HOT

My Best Friend

 — A journey for two beautiful hearts. by bugsss07/24/023.75

My Best Friend's Boyfriend Ch. 03

 — The Kreepy Krawl. by IceFaerie05/29/044.50HOT

My Boner Against The World Ch. 02

 — The Fourth installment in the "My Boner" Series. by JeffreyFreemont01/21/134.34

My Brother, Phil

 — It couldn't be true, could it? by GToast01/02/113.99

My Brown Dog

 — A man is locked in a mall/bomb shelter-but something's wrong. by GeneralBethlehem06/08/094.35

My Career on the Line

 — Pastor seen leaving a brothel. by Cromagnonman06/23/084.71HOT

My Christmas Angel

 — A struggling student finds comfort with his teacher. by LostInTheDark12/02/104.32

My Darkness...

 — Feelings and thoughts of one wounded very badly. by Mystic_Unicorn12/07/074.60HOT

My Dilemma

 — Divorce or not? That is the question. by DG Hear02/07/064.29

My Encounter with Morris Ch. 01

 — Addict gets a visit from someone who knows. by jazzysoul05/04/074.67

My Encounter with Morris Ch. 02

 — Addict meets up with visitor again for a final time. by jazzysoul05/05/074.20

My Favorite Color is Blue

 — Reality of a one-sided relationship surfaces. by meko07/02/054.00

My First Boyfriend

 — What romance is to a 10 year old. by Goldeniangel05/19/054.07

My First Male Friend

 — She learns to truly care for someone. by Jaysce05/31/033.57

My First Trip to Africa

 — Non-Erotic, non-fiction account of my time in Tanzania. by CornishBabe01/11/084.00

My First Wife The Doctor

 — It went all to hell, but in the end, I did well. by chilleywilley09/15/104.65HOT

My Gal Sal

 — My girfriend marries someone else. Now she needs my help. by DG Hear07/27/064.65HOT

My Health - 1780

 — A dictated story of Love. by Zeke50303/17/163.90

My Heart Belongs to the Sea

 — Isabelle makes a bargain with the unlikeliest of creatures. by Frenemy5407/17/123.94

My Hidden Talent

 — A stoner finally realizes his destiny. by Bakeboss02/17/103.27

My High Price Paid to Write Erotica

 — Susan's lost friends & family for writing incestuous erotica. by SusanJillParker11/18/12HOT

My Introduction

 — This is the into to my future stories. by mytruestory09/05/124.31

My Irish Holiday

 — An American soldier visits his Irish cousins in 1919. by SEANACHIE08/31/074.22

My Life in a Year Ch. 01

 — Dylan on his first morning at his first stop - DC. by Alexis66102/27/064.62HOT

My Life in a Year Ch. 02

 — Dylan gets to know Stephanie a little better. by Alexis66103/08/064.82HOT

My Life in a Year Ch. 03

 — Dylan and Stephanie get closer - tonight's the night. by Alexis66104/18/064.76HOT

My Life in a Year: Prolouge Ch. 01

 — A year on the road leads Dylan to many sexual adventures. by Alexis66102/06/064.68HOT

My Life in a Year: Prolouge Ch. 02

 — A year on the road leads Dylan to many sexual adventures. by Alexis66102/06/064.40

My Lisa

 — The price we pay for love. by Hopeless101/01/064.20

My Loving Husband

 — May December romances are always the best. by adamgunn06/30/134.53HOT

My Michelle Ch. 04

 — Have you ever had a woman worth killing over? by Azrael55607/13/094.57HOT

My New Pet Ch. 01

 — A distraught owner receives a new type of pet. by keziahhoots11/26/143.81

My New Wife

 — I lost her on our honeymoon. by 62_goo01/10/152.54

My Night had a Soundtrack

 — A non-erotic story. by cnhemingway07/20/154.29

My Parents' Married Life

 — An account of Indian couple's life by their son. by BrianCaster04/29/112.64

My Passion for Mustang GTs Ch. 01

 — Not all about erotica, Susan writes her passion for cars. by SusanJillParker04/26/13HOT

My Passion for Mustang GTs Ch. 03

 — Car buff stuff for car buffs, Susan loves Mustang GTs. by SusanJillParker05/09/134.22

My Passion for Mustang GTs Ch. 04

 — Not all about erotica, Susan writes her passion for cars. by SusanJillParker05/12/134.36

My Perfect Birthday

 — Perfect doesn't mean smooth. by fannyanny06/03/054.44

My Prison

 — More healing. by rschadd02/06/074.50HOT

My Problem

 — No matter what I do I can lose the man I love. by Daiquiri Girl02/08/064.21

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