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Non-Erotic Stories

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Reluctant Hero

 — Hero? Hell, I'm no hero. I just saw him in the water. by jthserra02/19/043.68

Remember The Magic

 — "There is always magic in the air at Christmas." by kandie12/06/074.24

Remember To Scream

 — You don't recall trauma--you re-live it... by wrdonway02/27/134.81HOT


 — It was a Saturday morning and it was raining. I usually got. by MendonFishers12/12/124.69HOT

Remembering Eighteen

 — It was too hot in that dress... by YDB9506/04/153.88

Remembering Johnny

 — A childhood friend lives forever. by Jimmie Blakesong08/25/034.45

Remembering Sammy 1963-1998

 — Wisdom from the young. by Awful Arthur01/12/054.78HOT


 — In loving memory of someone very special. by Purr_Alaina05/16/094.83HOT

Remembrance of Forever: Teaser

 — Teaser for Part 2 of the city of darkness. by Revczar01/31/023.00

Remembrances Of Sweden

 — My grandfather left Sweden for the U.S.A. by seannelson11/25/093.60


 — Ghost hunt gone terribly wrong. by LunarKitten09/19/034.41

Rene Completes His Schooling

 — There is more to schooling than the three R's. by mintabal323910/20/073.09

Replacing Cupid

 — He must choose between revenge or continuing Cupid's work. by IvyWillcox02/02/164.58HOT

Requiem for a Hero

 — Coping with the loss of a WWII Veteran. by jlennongrrl06/17/024.74HOT


 — A rescuer's kindness & compassion leads to an ironic end. by MungoParkIII11/30/073.15

Rescuing Rachel

 — Will love conquer corruption before Miles can get to Rachel? by MaxErotic01/27/143.90

Restless Ch. 01

 — Adam has been through a rough patch in life and he's tired... by OrionRyter10/15/143.69


 — She finds her spirit in a Dickens-style journey. by ABSTRUSE11/24/044.82HOTContest Winner

Resurrection of Crazy Jane Pt. 07-Epilogue

 — We look 10 years into the future. by GonzoJournalist12/25/153.92


 — He returns to their place. by heryankee11/30/014.19


 — They returned and could have changed everything. by Ts Jack07/15/034.89


 — A trip back home brings peace. by poeta0901/10/104.25

Return of the Superior Men

 — A superior breed of man returns to the world. by Samuelx10/02/083.14

Return to Skyrim

 — A stranger has arrived at the Braidwood Inn... by ViperVenom02/15/153.95

Reunion Ch. 01

 — College student runs into her high school crush a year later. by CollegicHeart02/22/054.67HOT


 — Reunited after 14 years of no contact. by kylovers8611/27/033.90


 — An eternity of love. by rkm1012/06/084.65HOT


 — Two cyber lovers find love again. by illusiverose02/01/124.40


 — This is a extremely vicious take on the 'good' guys. by Elaynea09/19/103.89

Revenge Inc. Noel

 — Noel wants revenge, Harold and Judith, a weekend away? by H20wader06/15/064.38

Revenge of the Pothead Ch. 01

 — A man imprisoned for dope use is released from prison. by SEVERUSMAX03/05/064.45

Revenge Served Cold

 — Don't ever mess with today's women. by tonyjosie107/14/064.46

Revenge, Inc. Danny Jenkins

 — Son needs special help. by H20wader05/05/064.55HOT


 — Mixed blessings in a young woman. by bassbelly06/01/084.08

Rhubarb & Horseshit

 — A scarecrow's tale. by solus04/07/044.08

Ride No More

 — The sun keeps him company. by LesLumens08/24/104.30

Riding On the Edge of the Storm

 — A woman envisions her lost love in the midst of a storm. by Midnight Angel02/13/034.71


 — Clay, become dust, sifts through my toes. by chocolateandroses10/13/064.33

Rise of the Necromancer Pt. 01

 — A story set in Golarion, the campaign world of Pathfinder by Kot_Carson01/07/134.38

Rise to Power Ch. 02

 — Earh's new #1 couple talk to a few select reporters. by vic_elor10/05/064.25

Risky Business

 — He took a risk for charity. by Radames02/25/074.08

Rite Of Passage

 — A woman's rebirth & a priest's struggle to find meaning. by crysede01/15/024.57

River Song

 — A dark look at eternity. by robertreams04/19/134.80HOT


 — He pursues his dream of dirtbike racing. by Nightwork105/09/114.52HOT

Rixie Godwight Ch. 01

 — Rixie looks back at her past and forward to her lover. by CommunistCrab06/19/144.25

Road Rage

 — A young woman gets pushed too far and pushes back. by Littlerack01/22/154.28

Roll Me Away

 — How an online love should have been. by Aradia Zayn07/28/023.75

Rolling Thunder

 — 3rd BCT in action under Major Abner Espinosa. by TRIAX08/14/084.00

Rollins Hates Cops

 — Disgraced Ex-Cop fights back. by MysteryWriter08/22/144.59HOT

Romance on Ice

 — Young hockey star meets his match at camp try-out. by Hockey_knight06/28/054.51HOT

Room 255

 — I needed to give my father a Christmas card. by sack12/01/084.60HOT

Rosco & Louise Ch. 01

 — Man falls in love with his new neighbour. by europeantom12/03/054.68HOT

Rough and Ready

 — He found a replacement for the wife that left. by PAPATOAD05/16/09

Rough Cut Ch. 01

 — Sammi likes art - Ian likes money. by A.W. Root03/23/124.00

Rough Cut Ch. 02

 — Ian hits a bump in the road. by A.W. Root03/27/123.94

Rough Cut Ch. 03

 — Sammi crosses swords with the Dean. by A.W. Root04/17/124.39

Rough Cut Ch. 04

 — Rick moves to protect Sammi. by A.W. Root04/23/124.15

Rough Cut Ch. 05

 — Ian has a problem - Sammi & Debra win. by A.W. Root05/02/124.20

Rough Cut Ch. 06

 — The plot thickens as Sammi goes undercover. by A.W. Root05/17/124.29

Rough Cut Ch. 07

 — The Rest of the Story. by A.W. Root06/03/124.13

Rowen Cairn Ch. 01

 — Unexpected reacquaintancing between two distant people. by Tiber197809/05/094.41

Rowen Cairn Ch. 04

 — A villian is revealed, and her wrath knows no bounds. by Tiber197809/12/094.56

Rowen Cairn Ch. 05

 — The dust clears and everyone starts to wake up. by Tiber197809/15/095.00

Rowen Cairn Ch. 08

 — "Rowen Cairn, meet Avenger." by Tiber197809/24/095.00

Rowen Cairn Ch. 09

 — Rowen and the captain have it out. by Tiber197809/27/095.00

Rowen Cairn Ch. 11

 — "Idris? Is that you...?" by Tiber197811/07/095.00

Rowen Cairn Ch. 12

 — Rowen escapes, but where is Idris? by Tiber197811/20/095.00

Rowen Cairn Ch. 13

 — Rowen spoke to the projection of this man. by Tiber197811/21/094.60

Rowen Cairn Ch. 14

 — The Ulratians wage war against Astaria. by Tiber197801/10/104.60

Royal Justice

 — A letter to the King of Heinous acts. by Joseki Ko01/29/044.11

RP House Wife of an Assassin

 — An old little journal entry from life with my RP ex. by MadameLust12/10/133.67

Rude Ones

 — The Navajo call us Anasazi or ancient enemy. by jthserra03/15/044.70HOT

Rule Number Eleven

 — The others, they don't believe in dreams. by Mysti Fox01/11/124.27

Rules of Marriage Ch. 04

 — My response to thecelt. by allforall12/04/053.87

Run of Luck

 — Everything turns to Gold. by magmaman10/10/054.38Editor's Pick

Run of Luck Ch. 02

 — It's not so fine when all is Gold. by magmaman10/20/054.46

Runaway Pt. 01

 — Tonight's the night. by RXRoxane03/06/153.93

Running On Empty

 — A Passion for the Pace. by MSTarot03/17/134.39

Running the Border

 — A sci-fi dogfighting adventure. by level11010/11/054.88

Russian Roulette Ch. 02

 — Conclusion of this short police drama story. by WifeWatchman08/11/134.69HOT

Rusted Nails and Lost Memories

 — The man in black ponders the reason for his name. by Heathen Hemmingway11/14/094.69HOT

Rusty Knife Ch. 02

 — Rusty meets his Angel. by MissBri01/25/064.29

S&P: Your Papa's a Pig

 — Woman is harassed by vengeful Internet predator. by Captain Midnight08/13/044.55HOT

Sacked Without Notice

 — Sex and work shouldn't be mixed so don't do it. by MitchFraell02/06/153.84


 — He gives his life for her. by SGTPhoenix09/12/063.91


 — Love found and lost. by White_Knight66602/18/054.25


 — A twisted fairytale of innocence, love & betrayal. by sadsorrowe01/28/023.67

Saggy Tits

 — Daphne's indifference attracts a mega-rich writer. by Egmont Grigor03/25/073.88

Saint Michael

 — A saint or a sinner. by miedsal01/08/12

Salt Peter, Or How I Learned To...

 — The flights of fancy of a great leader. by alternateroot06/03/012.67


 — A young man is taught a lesson by an older woman. by Ilbfita06/14/074.14

Sam's Short Dark Tale

 — Never cross a ballerina. by PacoFear11/05/084.54HOT

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