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Non-Erotic Stories

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 — Tragedy follows love. by Charmed2672602/03/043.62

Sandy Ch. 04

 — I meet her roommate, end up with my hands on two breasts. by leBonhomme10/17/124.60HOT

Sandy Tobias

 — Life was good until she was murdered and her secret was out. by thornapple03/27/124.19

Sandy's Story

 — Inside a loveless marriage. by mustanger7up10/20/043.71

Sandy, The Unwelcome Visitor

 — Story about the Jersey Shore. by johncarpenter6301/20/134.67

Santa Anonymous

 — A coming-of-age Christmas memoir. by oregon_gal11/21/054.67HOT


 — A girl, a funeral, and a fox with bad ideas. by Firebrain12/22/104.64HOTEditor's Pick

Sara Kate

 — The story of a young homeless mother. by KayceeBare6905/18/023.94

Sarah's Child

 — They were on the way out the door when... by Charmed2672601/08/034.31

Sarah's Games Ch. 06

 — Denouement. by suggestiveness05/18/064.32

Sarah's Savior

 — Her love saves her from a stranger in the night. by BBWcanBsexy202/15/084.35

Saturday Night Special

 — Old racers never die, they just drive that way. by TxRad02/12/084.63HOT

Savage Beauty

 — Melacynthe tells of her vampiric embrace. by Melacynthe09/17/023.67

Saving for Christmas

 — Reaping the rewards of self-less sacrifice. by olivias12/14/104.76HOT

Saving Maria

 — A man on the run with a girl he has just saved by Bandit108/02/044.75HOT

Savior on the Storm

 — You heard about the midnight rambler? by Tom Mandy08/04/023.75

Say You're Sorry

 — He wants another shot. To say he's sorry. by MaddieJCarter07/30/123.99

Saying Goodbye

 — A chance encounter between two lost souls. by Heathen Hemmingway11/04/094.78HOT

Scare Fair Ch. 01

 — Jack finds an object in a haunted house. by nicolax08/13/114.30

Scare Fair Ch. 02

 — Jack find out what the device can do. by nicolax08/18/114.45


 — Greed gets what it deserves. by steve w06/10/044.60HOT

Scars and Fingerprints

 — How it feels to be hurt by someone. by secretme03/28/083.93

Scary Stories

 — Survivors tale of a frightening alien abduction. by al_Ussa05/03/102.89

Scene One From a Novella

 — This is the serenade of lunacy. by LiamSheckler12/22/044.57

Scene Two from a Novella

 — There's no mercy in the American night. by LiamSheckler04/06/053.67

School and Mall

 — Pass it on, notes at school and mall. by Spencerfiction01/19/153.92

School and Mall Ch. 02

 — Pass it on, extended. How far would you go for love? by Spencerfiction01/27/154.29

Sea State Six

 — A day in life of my job as a Navy guy. by dirtyjoe6912/26/064.27

Sea's Reckoning

 — A short piece with the siokoy king from HTTYT in it. by SkinandSin12/28/154.57

Seasonal Affection Disorder

 — When an old flame calls, will it just be another heartbreak? by ItalicSquirrels04/08/083.96


 — A tragic coupling of such potential. by a_moonbeam09/07/083.50

Seattle Slave

 — A million women just like her. by bassbelly05/18/084.32

Second Chance

 — Using the Christmas spirit to try to get it right. by sr71plt12/06/084.51HOT

Second Chance? Ch. 01

 — A second chance on love. by elphaba6906/25/143.65

Second Chances Ch. 01

 — She vanished, they meet up again, will it last. by maturemadness203/31/114.32

Second Chances Retribution

 — Past catches up with you. by geopri7103/03/143.18

Second Chances Won't Leave us Alone

 — INTERRACIAL: Southern Boy meets City Girl. by Channi705/07/124.16

Second Christmas Tree

 — One can never have too many Christmas trees. by sr71plt12/06/084.52HOT

Second Honeymoon

 — Double the Christmas Spirit. by sr71plt12/04/084.54HOT

Second Sight

 — In each ending, there is a beginning. by sr71plt12/07/084.69HOT

Second Sister

 — Christmas angels in time of need. by sr71plt12/05/084.40

Secrets in the Dark

 — Maureen jumps out of frying pan & into fire. by scorpiosting08/22/044.25

Secrets of Apple Grove Ch. 02

 — The investigations continue. by WifeWatchman06/30/154.81HOT

Secrets of Apple Grove Ch. 04

 — Solution, and of course shocking ending twists. by WifeWatchman07/04/154.81HOT

Secrets of the Home Pt. 01

 — Wizardess learns her old home harbors a secret. by Ltirashin04/11/084.69HOT

Seducer or Seduced

 — Before making a pass be sure you want her. by egabrag01/10/143.78

Seducing Jennifer Pt. 33

 — Escape from hotel, Dreams, and a Story by jacktar4806/04/144.41

Seeing the Police

 — Authentic, autobiographical, schizotypal and brutally honest. by ellynei09/02/094.17

Seeking Twilight Ch. 01

 — A murder mystery with vampires. by daj857709/04/054.33

Seeking Twilight Ch. 02

 — Day 2 - Monday, May 23. by daj857709/05/054.50

Seeking Twilight Ch. 03

 — Politics, the police, the press, and a new predator. by daj857710/14/054.75

Seen On National TV

 — A marriage proposal on American Ninja Warrior. by trigudis06/11/173.91

Selective Breeding

 — Married woman has affair with blind man that sees. by Abraxis09/13/043.76

Self Reflection

 — I've been seeing this Gemini for three months now... by Navaura12/26/123.67

Selling a Painting

 — It seemed so simple but she had other ideas. by erinsisle01/29/144.45

SemiBroken Eggshells

 — Vincent takes off only to have friends find him years later. by TwitchyScene07/02/102.71

Semper Fidelis Ch. 01

 — The Team investigates an attack upon a U.S. Marine. by WifeWatchman07/15/164.84HOT

Semper Fidelis Ch. 02

 — Continuing the investigation. Withstanding the Crucible. by WifeWatchman07/18/164.77HOT

Semper Fidelis Ch. 03

 — Conclusion. Honor defended, honor maintained. by WifeWatchman07/20/164.87HOT

Senatorial Secrets Ch. 02

 — Meet the Scholastic Family. by RedHairedandFriendly09/26/064.39

Senatorial Secrets Ch. 11

 — Shots fired. Who lives, who dies, lives are changed forever. by RedHairedandFriendly02/08/074.72HOT

Senatorial Secrets Ch. 12

 — The final chapter: where do they go from here? by RedHairedandFriendly02/17/074.59HOT

Senior High School Girls Snatched

 — Sally and Ned go hunting after girls and abductors. by Egmont040911/21/094.59HOT

Separating Factors

 — Wife drops a bombshell on her husband. by curious2c01/11/073.89

September 11th

 — That happened on my vacation. by hamburger7310/14/094.18

Seraphim and Theorem

 — Christmas with angels and demons and Hope. by ABSTRUSE11/21/054.88HOT

Serena's Goodbye

 — She lost the love of her life. by LilReena05/07/033.00

Sergeant Riley

 — IRA shooter taps this nice man. by JCSTREET05/23/044.52HOT

Series of Events

 — Suddenly survival was an issue. by magmaman12/29/064.59HOT

Seriously Inconvenienced Ch. 03

 — Strange doings in the County, and a fiery crash... by WifeWatchman11/23/144.78HOT

Seriously Inconvenienced Ch. 05

 — The explosive conclusion. by WifeWatchman11/27/144.83HOT

Seven Days

 — A funeral brings an eternal surprise to one mourner. by Shamus12107410/28/043.74

Seven Year Wife

 — He was planning to buy a wife, but.... by PAPATOAD02/03/10

Sex Panthers

 — A non-erotic story. by MrGeno8610/28/162.83

Sex Panthers Ch. 02

 — The Sex Panthers get lost at their local Wal-Mart. by MrGeno8612/02/163.50

Sex Writer Symposium: 05

 — Harsh Pacific Fishing Ship. by PenningFreer01/13/105.00

Sexy Slave Ch. 02

 — Slave gets marked as property. by getdatdickinme11/06/143.59

Shackled and Confused Ch. 04

 — Pierre captivity seems endless. by Butterflies51208/11/133.00

Shades of Darkness

 — A woman inherits a haunted house. by LunaLover02/07/084.50

Shades of Dorian Gray

 — A present day look at Oscar Wilde's classic tale. by ktfa111/27/10


 — The worst that could happen was about to begin. by Manomatul01/29/022.67


 — Just an old stone house. by magmaman05/25/054.20


 — How a Nightshadow is born. by The_Nightshadow04/03/094.67

Shall I Have Stars?

 — The final exit of an actress. by JohnFranks09/10/064.47


 — A true story from my time living in a homeless shelter. by mojo_cat07/14/084.00

Sharon Einstein Ch. 02

 — Sharon Einstein and Toy Euler chat. by Taunus02/16/113.33

She Deserves It!

 — The cost of one man's vengeance. by Nigel Debonnaire11/05/05

She Likes It When The Lights Are On

 — For three days he had not touched his bride. by mintabal323903/30/063.72

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

 — They fall in love. They Marry. They Divorce. What next? by maninconn11/28/164.42

She Made Me Tea

 — She doesn't mind her husband's lover. by submissive kelly01/31/023.63

She Never Knew How to Tell Him

 — She never knew how to tell him all that he needed to know. by Dani_Blade10/19/123.50

She Stole Him From Me

 — A girl hates her step-mother for an unusual reason. by zeke8105/03/093.86

She Told Me She Had Super Powers

 — He didn't believe her. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER01/18/07HOT

She Walked Away

 — A romantic night that wasn't. by rthnck12/30/083.89

She was Right

 — It's cheaper to keep her. by qhml101/05/174.76HOT

She's a Good Mother

 — An invitation to a party. by NickyFaulkes03/28/094.13

Shedding Spite

 — How one event changed the direction of my life. by torchthebitch06/21/094.34

Sheila Ch. 01

 — A man is hunted for what he has created. by Pars00102/10/184.61HOT

Sheila Ch. 02

 — A man is hunted for what he has created. by Pars00102/15/184.71HOT

Sheila Ch. 03

 — A man is hunted for what he has created. by Pars00102/20/184.68HOT

Sheila Ch. 04

 — A man is hunted for what he has created. by Pars00102/26/184.74HOT

Sheila Ch. 05

 — A man is hunted for what he has created. by Pars00103/02/184.71HOT

Sheila Ch. 06

 — A man is hunted for what he has created. by Pars00103/03/184.72HOT

Sheila Ch. 07

 — A man is hunted for what he has created. by Pars00103/07/184.61HOT

Sheila Ch. 08

 — A man is hunted for what he has created. by Pars00103/20/184.76HOT

Sheila Ch. 09

 — A man is hunted for what he has created. by Pars00103/23/184.59HOT

Sheila Ch. 10

 — A man is hunted for what he has created. by Pars00104/15/184.46

Shell Fish Me

 — Immigrants are easy, Americans are hard. by HuckPilgrim03/01/183.60

Shepard and Veetor

 — A mass effect love story. by kissesdownlow03/30/144.50

Shoot to Kill: Reflections on Vodka

 — He hears a strange sound in the night. by JCSTREET05/27/044.11

Shooting at the UNO Grill

 — Older couple is targeted. Bad mistake!! by JapleinViera06/11/104.66HOT

Shooting Match

 — An excerpt from a much longer story dealing with shooting. by maadmaax05/11/094.42

Shop Talk

 — What convenience store clerks talk about during quiet time. by Charlotte Moliere09/05/023.00

Short Order Troll

 — A whimsical homage to SweetWitch's "The Troll Hunter." by MarshAlien03/20/074.58HOT

Short Story

 — Lady broken down along the road. by KrazieKat6902/24/183.94

Shortcut Home

 — There is nothing I wouldn't give not to have seen it. by geronimo_appleby10/06/113.74

Shrink Wrapped

 — Kellie is injected by her college prof and begins to shrink. by MarciaRH05/23/134.38

Shut Up And Drive! Ch. 02

 — Further encounters of Ted and Estelle. by Denham_Forrest09/23/144.72HOT


 — Things are off, and nothing is as it seems. by MrPezman07/12/143.55

Shyam, Savita Bhabi & Kajal Ch. 07

 — Kajal gets married. by indian_exec200007/28/054.52HOT

Silent Dancing

 — The human spirit somehow survives. by steve w04/21/044.64HOT

Silent Snapshot

 — They meet once again. by pawsx2407/29/163.75

Silent Sorrows

 — Chilling look the future of women in America. by UTOutdoorGirl04/30/044.32

Silver Angels

 — A Christmas story. by qhml112/01/124.82HOT

Silverfish Ch. 02

 — The investigation continues. by WifeWatchman05/29/154.78HOT

Silverfish Ch. 03

 — Solution. Traps and snares by both sides. by WifeWatchman05/31/154.77HOT

Sin Whispered Love

 — Adam has no memory, but that doesn't stop him from living. by JulietteLaBelle02/23/123.65

Sin Whispered Love Ch. 02

 — It didn't take Adam long to forget. by JulietteLaBelle02/28/124.50

Sin Whispered Love Ch. 03

 — Adam hated waiting. by JulietteLaBelle02/29/123.67

Sin Whispered Love Ch. 04

 — Adam noticed the peace as it seeped into his bones. by JulietteLaBelle03/01/123.00

Sindie and Ashley

 — A human woman is in love with a vampire. by Dracede05/06/114.23

Sindie and Ashley Ch. 02

 — A human woman is in love with a vampire. by Dracede12/07/114.50HOT

Sindie and Ashley Ch. 03

 — A woman falls in love with a vampire. by Dracede08/31/144.25

Sinful Addictions Ch. 01

 — Sasha's world is about to be turned upside down. by trueunseelie12/21/084.21

Sinful Addictions Ch. 02-03

 — Sasha's world is about to be turned upside down. by trueunseelie01/02/094.50


 — I watched as they died, and it was all your fault. by Dani_Blade10/19/123.50

Sister Karen

 — A hard-ass sister extracts terrible revenge. by Egmont Grigor07/15/084.53HOT

Sisters Ch. 01

 — It sets the scene for adventures to come. by espeteroh06/13/054.48

Sitting in the Cafe

 — He is in a cafe having coffee when a woman walks in. by KittyWinkle01/10/084.15

Sitting in the Rain

 — I wonder how much longer she will let me be out here. by Dani_Blade10/23/123.41

Six Degrees Ch. 02

 — The Team rallies around one of their own. by WifeWatchman06/29/164.85HOT

Six Degrees Ch. 04

 — Baby born; threats countered; a witness is called in a trial. by WifeWatchman07/03/164.85HOT

Six Degrees Ch. 05

 — Conclusion. A warning delivered. by WifeWatchman07/05/164.84HOT

SixX Candles

 — She goes on a self-exploration and studies her own body. by mithragoddess06/20/054.60

Sketch Comedy

 — Demon Pi Part 10 by ZackOShea11/24/114.71HOT

Skimming off the Top Ch. 01

 — A tale of kidnapping, love and laundering. by Alexis66109/16/064.31

Skimming off the Top Ch. 02

 — More of the story. by Alexis66109/17/064.25

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