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Non-Erotic Stories

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Skimming off the Top Ch. 03

 — They continue. by Alexis66109/25/064.50HOT

Skimming off the Top Ch. 04

 — A little more. by Alexis66111/08/064.20

Skimming off the Top Ch. 05

 — And a little more. by Alexis66111/09/064.50

Skinny Dipping With a Friend Pt. 01

 — The beginning of a new friendship. by flyby2nyte11/04/144.18

Skool Daze

 — A horror story - possibly ? by Spiritfist10/03/103.00

Sky Pilot

 — A short flight changes a life. by magmaman08/06/084.52HOT

Slave Georgina's Weekly Routine

 — The humdrum existence of a lifestyle slave. by Slave_Georgina12/16/154.50HOT

Sledding In A Cemetery

 — A tragedy. by pasalich11/20/074.53HOT

Sleeping with the Enemy

 — Chapter 2 in my attempt to turn Sexual Healing into a novel. by Exakta6601/30/114.71HOT

Sleepless Nights

 — A man struggles to get some sleep. by QuietlyMakingNoise09/01/023.64

Sleepwalking in San Diego

 — It's better to be pissed off than pissed on. by torp10/27/024.69HOT

Slender Man Ch. 01

 — Don figures out the Federal Facility; a new villain appears. by WifeWatchman05/14/174.82HOT

Slender Man Ch. 02

 — More Slender Man sightings and abductions vex the Team. by WifeWatchman05/16/174.86HOT

Sligo and the Singer

 — I couldn't believe what I was hearing. by coaster207/16/084.45

Slit Wrists

 — Lost love followed by inspiration through mass suicide. by Manomatul01/22/024.33

Slow But Certain

 — Two husbands and two wives. by viridia05/14/104.40

Small Confessions

 — He asked her out last night. by Stag of Oberon06/10/043.03Editor's Pick

Smart Men Vs Evil Women

 — One genius take on the war of the sexes. by Samuelx10/26/082.33


 — Imagine what it would be like to hold her... by dusty05/31/014.48

Smoke Rings

 — Hell hath no fury... by kween_akasha07/02/013.07

Snaggletooth and the Copper Lollies

 — A young man's wondrous discoveries. by Bakeboss09/29/114.33


 — These Family photos mean a lot to us. by HunterShambles08/27/154.44


 — Death is just around the corner. by Zeb_Carter11/16/07

Sniper Ch. 02

 — A short about another sniper. by Zeb_Carter03/11/08


 — Sometimes winning IS everything. by Outlaw12/07/054.29

Snow Field

 — Eternal love can exist. by bcmmnd11/23/083.62

Snow of Steel, Rain of Blood Ch. 01

 — Children of War. by philosopherwarrior12/14/064.50HOT

Snow of Steel, Rain of Blood Ch. 02

 — Hunter and Prey. by philosopherwarrior12/17/064.89

Snow of Steel, Rain of Blood Ch. 03

 — To walk and talk. by philosopherwarrior01/11/074.78

Snow White Ch. 02

 — The continuation of Snow White. by Moonchilde08/09/084.58HOT

Snow Wolf

 — Indian shape-shifter seduces a new love. by ScottishChieftan09/07/034.47


 — Jonah & Bethany come to terms with her cancer diagnosis. by barabajagal00104/15/124.77HOT

So Far From Yesterday

 — Things got worse when he was mistaken for a felon. by thornapple06/20/114.72HOT

So Smart

 — The worlds smartest and most sophisticated Car. by TxRad12/28/104.17

So You're Gonna Fuckin Die

 — A manual for those near death. by ak15067251112/26/033.63

Soccer Mom

 — The finest profession this country offers. by bassbelly05/08/083.94

Sociopath versus Psychopath

 — The ultimate battle of the sexes begins. by Samuelx10/29/073.00

Softly, She Treads Ch. 01

 — Shipwrecked man and a wild woman. by XyJonah01/19/074.55HOT

Softly, She Treads Ch. 02

 — Hester learns more of his companion. by XyJonah01/20/074.44

Softly, She Treads Ch. 03

 — Hester prepares his escape from the island. by XyJonah01/21/074.60HOT

Softly, She Treads Ch. 04

 — Hester accepts his destiny. by XyJonah01/22/074.64HOT


 — Sensual dancer submits to steamy vibe of salsa club. by cookiefoot11/23/063.60

Soldier's Coming Home

 — Wife waits for soldier husband to return. by Strict_Gorean02/06/044.74HOT

Solo HMT Adventures #01

 — Bike thieves are in for a surprise with this hero's intro. by sjmhmttep07/04/123.74

Solo HMT Adventures #02

 — HMT rescues a new friend from bullies. by sjmhmttep07/05/123.50

Solo HMT Adventures #03

 — HMT is on the run, but from who and why? by sjmhmttep07/06/124.00

Solo HMT Adventures #04

 — HMT visits a friend to ask for help. by sjmhmttep07/07/123.75

Solo HMT Adventures #05

 — HMT & Friend try to get to police, will they make it? by sjmhmttep07/08/123.70

Solo HMT Adventures #06

 — HMT tries to relax at a beach, but finds trouble instead. by sjmhmttep07/09/123.71

Solo HMT Adventures #07

 — HMT takes on the Cobra Strikes Gang to rescue a woman. by sjmhmttep07/10/123.09

Soloman Butcher's Photograph

 — A family snapshot in 1890s Nebraska. by J G Parkes05/24/064.58HOT

Solstices Obscurity "Nightfall" Ch. 04

 — War, and joyous memories it brings of freedom. by Unrequited_Evil03/24/153.00

Somali Queen In Ottawa Ch. 13

 — Somali Hijabi gets dumped by Haitian boyfriend. by Samuelx10/27/142.00

Somali Queen In Ottawa Ch. 14

 — Haitian man laments loss of Somali Hijabi girlfriend. by Samuelx10/28/141.80

Some Days are Diamonds

 — Jim makes some sad discoveries and some glad ones. by Foneman10/31/064.49

Some Debts Can't Be Repaid

 — The Man in Black returns. by Heathen Hemmingway08/18/124.60HOT

Some Dummy To Love

 — Ex-con finds Liberty. by Abraxis08/10/044.00

Someone's Death

 — Indifference. by Donick08/19/023.80

Someone's Hero

 — A teacher relates a terrifying experience by Master_Vassago05/22/034.54HOT

Something For a Rainy Day

 — Always being prepared. by RichardGerald01/02/154.61HOT

Something New

 — Moll closes the book on SPAIN. by moll65doll02/11/064.50

Sometimes I Wish

 — Earthworm contemplates life. by dirtyjoe6907/24/064.50HOT

Sometimes It's Just Not Worth It...

 — She just wasn't worth worrying about really. by BrisbaneBorn09/19/054.41

Sometimes It's Just Not Worth It... Ch. 02

 — Sometimes, she's not worth it. by BrisbaneBorn09/29/054.46

Sometimes It's Just Not Worth It... Ch. 03

 — It was a long road, but in the end it was all worth it. by BrisbaneBorn09/22/164.17

Sometimes Miracles Happen

 — A man, a dog and a miracle. by vet4211/03/064.34

Sometimes Questions

 — A stranger rides in on a lobo dun. by OwensDarlin10/31/094.66HOTEditor's Pick

Sometimes We Fight Back...

 — She doesn't want to marry him. by Svenskaflicka04/20/044.44

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Ch. 01

 — Susan's asked to leave Hannah's spare bedroom in Hershey, PA. by SusanJillParker08/22/13HOT

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Ch. 02

 — Susan ponders moving to Kansas to live with an older man. by SusanJillParker08/23/13HOT

Son of the Devil

 — Black college man with powers discovers his origins. by Samuelx10/20/082.50

Son of the Minotaur Ch. 01

 — Nice guy discovers he's son of a famous serial rapist. by MrPessimist09/17/05HOT

Son of the Mountains

 — Abandoning home is harder than he thought. by PulpWyatt04/14/184.41

Songs for the Soul Ch. 01

 — Fern's story. by youdonwannaknow06/19/074.38

Songs for the Soul Ch. 03

 — Brighter than sunshine. by youdonwannaknow08/10/074.50HOT

Sophia Blew's Safehouse Adventures

 — An account of Sofia & her days at the Safehouse. by Elizabeth Pride06/10/023.17

Sore Feet

 — An unlikely encounter changes her night. by hotti11/10/084.56HOTEditor's Pick

Sorry I Never Called

 — Peter tries to reconnect with April after her accident. by CbltRanger09/06/134.40

Soul Brother Goes Corporate

 — Adventures of an educated black man in corporate America. by Samuelx03/13/132.43

Soul Cakes

 — Allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger. by SamScribble10/06/164.69HOT

Soul mates

 — Sometimes you don’t know what you’ve got, ‘till it’s gone. by PTBzzzz10/01/124.14

Soul of Evil

 — What if Evil had a soul? What if it escaped? by SweetSexySwitch12/22/114.43

SoulStar Pt. 01

 — Eric Soul sets out to take back his Fiancee. by BeautyBeast07/17/124.62HOT

SoulStar: The Beginning

 — The Prelude to the SoulStar series. by BeautyBeast07/17/124.34

Sound Business Advice

 — I asked for advice, and she gave it to me. Now what? by PostScriptor09/30/094.59HOT

Soup and a Smile

 — An exhausted doctor is cared for by the local healer. by Ygraine11/26/064.76HOT

Southpark's Kyle Literotica Lesson

 — Some reflections upon Literotica and what it taught me. by RacheleRFranz08/29/114.00

Space Cowboys

 — Kurt, a novice GM, runs his first role-playing game. by Kassiana12/23/044.50

Space Diary Year 2

 — John hires his first crew hands. by ROS_LOMBOT01/26/024.83HOT

Space Diary Year 3

 — John gets lovesick. by ROS_LOMBOT01/27/024.41

Sparking Ch. 06

 — Their POV: actions and consquences. by Rubnesque01/09/074.57HOT

Sparrow & Tulip

 — The book that begins the universe of Arboreal and MC. by Latenight_Pondering03/14/174.84HOT

Sparrow & Tulip Pt. 02

 — Theo's discoveries continue. by Latenight_Pondering03/19/174.87HOT

Sparrow & Tulip Pt. 03

 — Theo triggers some big changes. by Latenight_Pondering03/27/174.90HOT


 — Lovers have a unique conversation. by Native Alien12/06/023.70

Spending V in the Neighborhood of G

 — Jimmy was a piano player but who was this dark-haired lady? by MSTarot02/06/174.65HOT

Spiel Mit Mir?

 — Play with me and lose. by Colinthedog04/03/144.46

Spirit Ch. 00

 — Meet Steven "Shadow" MacGraw. Look into Paganism. by sjmhmttep07/04/124.00

Spirit Ch. 01

 — A man in prison reflects on how he got there. by sjmhmttep07/05/124.44

Spirit Ch. 02

 — Steven takes a night off & preforms a wiccan cermony. by sjmhmttep07/06/124.67

Spirit Ch. 03

 — Jason comes home under house arrest & thinks. by sjmhmttep07/07/123.75

Spirit Ch. 04

 — Steven astral travels & gets a cryptic warning. by sjmhmttep07/08/124.67

Spirit Ch. 05

 — A deadly swarm of black widow spiders attack a park. by sjmhmttep07/09/123.33

Spirit Ch. 06

 — New murders are happening along the highways. by sjmhmttep07/10/124.33

Spirit Ch. 07

 — Both Steven & Jason Wake up & start their day. by sjmhmttep07/11/124.00

Spirit Ch. 08

 — Police investigate the new highway murder crime scenes. by sjmhmttep07/12/125.00

Spirit Ch. 09

 — Steven gets a new assignment. by sjmhmttep07/13/124.00

Spirit of Christmas

 — Keeping the spirit of Christmas moving. by olivias12/20/104.72HOT


 — A plot driven 'epic'. by Stauker07/19/17

SpitFire Ch. 01: Ghost

 — Future alt verse, starts slow-ish. by Stauker12/27/174.17

Spotlights Ch. 04

 — Business deals are proposed. by infiniteocean12/08/094.85HOT

Spring Runneys

 — He doesn't take crap, but self defense has its price. by luvpsy05/21/054.24

Squad Weapons

 — He sees IRA tap a Loyalist player--recalls old lovers. by JCSTREET05/19/044.17

Stacked Deck Ch. 01

 — Paranormal detective agency tries to stop a killer. by JPhantym08/19/074.71HOT

Stacked Deck Ch. 02

 — Things turn deadly for the DarkWalk team. by JPhantym09/17/074.82HOT

Stacked Deck Ch. 03

 — The countdown has begun. by JPhantym12/07/074.50

Stacy & the Angel

 — An angelic administrative fantasy. by Handley_Page10/29/124.31

Stage Fright

 — Artistic horror for the visual mind - without gore. by CrownofJules07/19/114.00


 — Mind Games. by rkm1001/29/094.33


 — A non-erotic story. by RobertVance05/04/164.51HOT

Stalker Story Ch. 01

 — elves, mashante, magic and romance, who needs more? by bbgrlbksmith03/10/114.08

Stalker Story Ch. 02

 — Continuation of stalker story. by bbgrlbksmith03/11/113.88

Stan's Parlay

 — James has a very unusual visitor. by rexfelis08/25/023.62

Starseed Dreams

 — Angel's recognition of the dream after the dream fading. by 7doftheg712/14/165.00

Starting Over

 — Searching for the stars, but settling for simplicity. by REGade01/03/104.56HOT

Starting Over: A Love Story

 — Double standards and a childhood sweetheart. by DG Hear11/17/054.81HOT

State v Private

 — Author's take on schools in Tanzania, based on her trip. by CornishBabe03/04/084.00


 — Everything isn't what it seems. by theonlinestalker06/12/092.60

Status Ch. 00: Intro

 — Desperation often leads to Foolishness. by TheDragonsMaiden04/17/164.33

Stay-at-Home Mom Goes Out

 — She really needs to get out more. by RedHairedandFriendly04/04/063.29

Stealing Black Men From Black Women

 — Wealthy white woman steals black woman's boyfriend. by Samuelx10/21/082.44

Stella Disarmed

 — I came to my destination, the home of Miss Stella Murray. by xxPAPERBACKWRITERxx08/29/133.74

Stephen King Drives a Brown Jeep

 — Fainting spell causes bizarre dream. by VanessaCarolyn01/22/024.00

Stepping Stones

 — The author's path to womanhood. by Brandii09/18/063.89

Stepping Stones Ch. 00

 — Prologue: a glimpse. by lemuwah06/08/123.38

Stigmata Martydom Ch. 01

 — The beginning of a journey to a new world. by Tarone_Lover09/20/114.17

Stigmata Martydom Ch. 02

 — Enter Henry. by Tarone_Lover09/25/114.40

Stigmata Martydom Ch. 03

 — Benjamin tracks down the healer, and gets a shock. by Tarone_Lover09/29/114.17


 — They all waited. by Shopgirl2106/05/093.84

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